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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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down the community college of philadelphia. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program. with jim gardner. the attack was savage. a transgender woman assaulted by five or six men along the 1300 lock of wingohocking and logan in philadelphia. beaten and shot in the back of the tonight lawmen are asking the question was this a random
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robbery or a hate crime? it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest in the probe into an execution-style murder. the latest from "action news" reporter chad pradelli at police headquarters tonight. chad? >> truly a disturbing crime. at this point investigators are still trying to piece together the clues. they have no suspects and are asking for the public's help. investigators say that kiesha jenkins was dropped off at this park in wingohocking around 2:30 a.m. a group of males followed her into the park and began beating her. >> was assaulted by five or six unidentified males. during that assault, one of the males pulled out a gun, and while the victim was on the ground, shot the victim twice. >> the police have not been able to locate the driver who dropped off jenkins. and it's unclear why she was in the area. police say she lives in north philadelphia, her family lives in south philadelphia.
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neighbors say the park is well known for prostitution and is an angle that sources say police are pursuing. >> at night it is usually guys dressed up by woman walking up and down in the park. >> the motive is still under investigation. police don't believe she knew her attackers. they searched for surveillance cameras, so far no images or video released. >> right now we don't have any motive, it is potentially a hate crime, a robbery, we really don't know. >> advocates for the transgender community say it is a growing problem. the director of the office of a >> it is time to do the work beforehand. look left and right and know we have to stand up with and for
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our transgender and non-conforming individuals. >> a woman who anticipated the phone at the jenkins home had what no comment. live outside of police headquarters, chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, chad. tonight philadelphia police are using dogs to search for a gun at the community college of philadelphia. so far they found nothing and are pay pa-- are apparently givg up the search. the college went into lockdown amid reports that the teenager pulled a gun on another student outside of a ccp building. given the recent threat there would be violence on a philadelphia area college campus, police and economics of the ckrfrjc community took it seriously. >> a lock down, the teacher turns off the light and we stay by the wall. >> and we looked over and they
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were bringing the guy down. and they had his hood up and head down. we were over the balcony looking at him. >> no charges filed against anybody at this point and it's not clear that any will be. police are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol were behind this mess in prospect park. officials say that kyle husher of ridley township sped away from police at 6:30 this morning, jumped a curb, and ended up hitting parked cars. this is video of him taken into court today. an investigation underway after a women's body found in delaware on sunset boulevard across from the new castle county airport. investigators believe that somebody dumped the body there. police are still working to identify the victim and how she died. investigators found broken glass and possible blood spots 30 feet
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from where the body was discovered. in mercer county police investigating the body of a woman found in a park. the woman appears to have been in her 40s. police say it is unclear how she died but they are death appears to have been a homicide. the use of d.n.a. has in many ways revolutionized law enforcement, and bucks county is now revolutionizing access to d.n.a. evidence. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has that story. bucks county officials say it is the first of its kind, a countywide local d.n.a. database. >> it is not a gun, a taser or a weapon it is a q-tip. >> d.n.a. used in law enforcement is nothing new, but the county system is. this could become the normal. tests fedexed to a lab in
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virginia and results in 30 days. >> it can take us 9 to 18 months to get d.n.a. results back. and that is not acceptable. >> the authorities gave this new program, and all 40 of the police departments are connected. this system linked crimes committed in municipals in minutes, key in exonerating men and women, too. and take the case of dougherty burglarizing homes two days apart. >> the individual arrested may 12 is the same individual committing the burglary in buckingham. >> and ironically they may have nabbed him in one crime but it cleared him in a second case involving a string of burglaries. they link this man who was in the database for a stolen vehicle charge. across the country convicted felon d.n.a. is stored, that is also the case in pennsylvania and new jersey for some sex offenders. some states police can take
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d.n.a. from a person arrested for a serious crime even if not charged. and the cost is $600,000 per year bucks county splitting the bill with the municipalities. and annie mccormick for channel "action news." police in upper providence township continue to investigate traffic tragedy. two killed when the vehicle went into the water the victims were lauren magargal and clinton berger. and the driver and another passenger escaped. and the drive was trying to turn around and backed on to an embankment and flipped into the water. they are trying to determine if there should be criminal charges. funeral arrangements set for the late civil right leader,
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journalist and former president of the philadelphia naacp. he died over the weekend at the age of 65. a viewing will be held next tuesday, october 13th at the funeral home at 12th and brown. the next day a celebration of life service at the baptist church at 12th and cecil b. moore. drivers in chester county celebrating the reopening of the bridge in schuylkill township. it came early, seven weeks ahead of schedule. the span over the pickering creek connects phoenixville and valley forge. in april the construction cut off one side from the other, and some said the detour turned the 5-minute trip into a long ordeal. and "action news" morning team always keeps you informed on construction detours like that and other traffic troubles for the a.m. rush hour. they are on starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning with the very
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latest. the second casino plan for philadelphia has won another hand with the city and is moving a step closer to reality. after the developer made some changes to the project, the philadelphia planning commission today approved the master plan for the live hotel and casino. the two million square foot facility build at the stadium sports complex north of citizens bank park. the next phase needs zoning approval from city council and for the pennsylvania supreme court to uphold the gambling license. and tom wolf revamped the budget proposal making concessions, but republicans in harrisburg say it still won't pass. and wolf's tax hike is down. he dropped the proposal to increase the sales tax and
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admitted support for cigarette taxes. they stay the tax plan will close the deficit adding $400 million for basic education. and tens of thousands additional pennsylvanians are registered to vote thanks to the online system. following the medicine light deadline last night the secretary of state announced 32,428 people used the system. more than 20,000 of them were new to register. and the others used it to update. it is one of 25 states allowing online registration. more than 2,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in philadelphia for the forbes under 30 summit. monica lewinsky is one of the featured speakers today, there to discuss her new campaign to end cyber bullying. the summit is held at the pennsylvania convention center and ends tomorrow. still to come on "action news" tonight, details of a new lawsuit filed against bill co y
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cosby. meet lady luck. this michigan woman tells her story so you he won $320 million in the powerball jackpot. and two devices never produced in its history. are they enough to sway away from going. and the first above average day this month. and more on the mild conditions. stick around in the accuweather forecast. wroo and a brian dawkins video going viral. and the debut for the sixers' newest star when "action news" continues tonight.
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the death toll continues to rise in the carolinas. at least 17 people have died from the record rainfall. and there are still concerns about dams bursting. at least 800 people are in shelters and more could be forced from their homes in the next two days. the governor is warning they are still not out of danger.
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>> just because the sun is out, looking at downstreams, waters and other areas that will be affected. >> many roads and bridges are closed and 1300 numbers of the national guard are called in for repears. and they are searching for missing members of the cargo ship, the el faro. and the ntsb is looking into exactly what happened. the agency is working to recover the ship's data recorder. it should have started out pings but the experts have not heard anything yet. the ship lost power thursday in rough seas churned by hurricane . and a former model accusing that bill cosby sexually assaulted her. she claims she was drugged at
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the playboy mansion and when she woke up cosby was biting her toe and she was 18 at the time. and they are looking into the claims, and the list includes 40 women accusing cosby of sexual misconduct. and a changing trend as hospitals are encouraging breastfeeding. and there is an increase in the number of hospitals helping the women start breastfeeding an hour after birth. and roughly 90% provide education and teaching techniques. overall about 8 in 10 u.s. babies breastfeed at least briefly. however medical organizations recommend the benefits from doing it for at least the first six months. america's newly minted multi manage merle. julie leach on lunch break realizing she won the $310
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million jackpot. >> having a bad night at work. might as well check my numbers while i am setting at lunch. and i didn't believe it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple of other co-workers and couldn't believe it. >> and the former fiberglass factory supervisor of 23 years add no equal manies of quitting right away. and about $140 million after taxes and plans to buy a house and help her children and grandchildren. and she jokes if her partner of 36 years wants to get married now he has to sign a prenup. and windows unveiling. and the surprise announcement is the first laptop by microsoft. the screen can detach from the keyboard working on its own as a tablet.
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calling it the surface book. and microsoft revealed two high-end phones that can plug into a dock and power a full windows desk top set-up with keyboard, mouse and monitor. let's not get bogged down in details. cranberry picking season in full swing. october is peak time for picking. dutchtown farms, crews are making seven days a week after being shaken from the vines of the deep red berries float to the surface and caught by a boom. and pushed to a loader before cleaned and process. and the second biggest grower in the state, the machinery increases yield by 25%. where will the bounty go? the next stop, your thanksgiving table. and can we believe we are already talking about thanksgiving. >> it doesn't really feel like
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it. today 75, and tomorrow just as warm. and stormtracker live showing we have dry conditions tonight. welcome after the rainy, cloudy school weekend. the actions cam on the campus of drexel university taking a look at the drexel dragon tonight of the weather not so scary mild. 66 in philadelphia down from a high of 75, 5 degrees above normal. allentown and reading 60. millville 55. trenton 62. and wilmington 60. compare the temperatures with 24 hours ago, we're 8 degrees warmer in philadelphia, 12 degrees warmer in allentown. 10 degrees warmer in reading. part of the reason why last night we had completely clear skies, tonight we are dealing with some broken cirrus clouds from the west. when you get the cloud cover it acts as a blanket, and you can't get the radiational cooling. and that keeps only of the sun
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captured from the day close to the ground. tonight not as cool as last night. last night a lot of suburbs in the 40's. and 59 in center city, and last night in philadelphia dropped down to 52 degrees. so your forecast for school tomorrow, we're looking at loads of is unshine. for the bus stop in the morning a good idea to have a jacket and sweater, 63 degrees. at noon, 71 degrees. when the kid head home mild up to 76 degrees. enjoy the day tomorrow. lots of sunshine and a few clouds here and there. that's 6 degrees above average. wednesday night this front slips through. it comes through dry, a little bit of cloud cover. behind that another area of high pressure builds in thursday, bringing us a lot more sunshine. temperatures drop a little bit. 72 degrees. and that warm front moves through early friday. bringing temperatures back into the upper 70s. but that cold front also bringing us a round of rain on friday night.
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and temperatures dropping down into the 60's for the weekend. this warm weather will not be lasting for the weekend. so the exclusive accuweather forecast. loads of sunshine and 6 degrees above average. thursday behind the front temperatures drop but still 72 degrees. good amount of sunshine. friday we start the day with sunshine and by the afternoon and evening you need the umbrella. futuretracker showing not looking at widespread avenue rain. generally a light rain event along the i-95 corridor, areas south and east. just around 1/3 of an inch of rain. could be heavier in the northwest suburbs up to 3/4 inch. and the bulk falling on friday night and clearing out on saturday. so saturday, looking pretty good. morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. temple homecoming game, perfect football weather, 66 degrees.
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sunday more sunshine nudging it up to 68 degrees for the eagles' game. and monday columbus day and the flyers home opener. and a nice day, 74 degrees. and thursday, lots of sunshine with a high of 72. really the only fly in the ointment with the forecast is the showers on friday, but they are out of here in time for the weekend. students showed off musical talents in university city. ♪ >> the drummers and other local artists performed at the big hurrah live. and the concert raises money nor live connections. and that program provides free music education for kids across the city. and the outdoor lifestyle company just completed its clean-up. picking up trash along the schuylkill river. since 2010 the company says it
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removed more than 250,000 pounds of trash from oceans and waterways in this area. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:30 -- 11:35 after "action news." >> look what we did in the name of entertainment of the royals have made a video cheering you on for your appearance on this showle tonight. >> shut up. >> let's go. everyone is counting on you to get the best interview ever.
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eagles continue to work on trying to make it work. >> they have a lot of work yet to do, jim. the eagles don't just need a win, they need a win and reason to feel good about themselves. so far both as elusive as a unicorn. the birds are banged up a lot of key players on the side including maxwell, peters, kendricks and johnson. despite the slow start and reports of the season over the eagles still believe. >> what excuse can we come up with? nothing. we can't come up with no excuses. we have to come out and fin to work like we have been doing. we know how the game will go. the ball will bounce our way as long as we continue to stay, you know, we see the lie -- light at the end of the tunnel. >> given one or two plays we are
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3-1. and i think the way it is portrayed, i think everyone here understand we are real little close and i think that is universal in the locker room right now. basketball, one preseason game does not determine your fate, at least we hope not. against the wizards. jahlil okafor the top pick looks like the real deal. playing 17 months but 12 points on 6-10 shooting. two rebounds and never does make it to the free-throw line. he does look good in transition and the sixers trail by 2 at the break. okafor commits three turnovers. 23 turnovers as a team for the sixers. john wall here in the third quarter the sixers out scored by 20 points in the period. they are stumped 129-95. a 34-point defeat. still ahead, hear why playing at home gives temple some pause. and brian dawkins made another video that has gone viral.
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>> baseball's postseason has begun. the yankees and astros in a wild card and the loser goes home and this ball is gone. good game. gomez jacks one out in the fourth inning the astros losing 92 games last season, on to the american league divisional series 3-0 victory. temple is 4-0! the owls are facing tulane saturday. a home game. the first in over a month. the coach says home games can have their challenges. >> our kids like to go on the
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ro road, be with each other, sequester and focus on the game. at home there are more distractions but the end of the game the energy our crowd and family and friends brings, it helps you play and helps you in tight ballgames. finally tonight, the former eagles' great brian dawkins giving the motivational speech. >> i am telling you, they don't respect us. they don't respect us. but that don't matter because guess what you can do when you don't get respect? you can take it! we're going to go out and take it. so when i count to three, we're going to take it on three. one, two, three -- >> take it! >> i don't know if chip kelly has dawkins's number or maybe access to youtube or dvr. >> and we miss his presence on the sidelines. >> missing a lot of things.
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delaware county with a brand new image. destination delta. the slogan unveiled at the launch party in drexel hill. they are making the change to promote all of delaware county. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." his guests are eric stonestreet, rose mciver and music from jewel. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i've jim gardner. good night. ♪
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- eric stonestreet. from "izombie," rose mciver. and music from jewel. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stop right there. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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