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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  October 7, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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october 7. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us along with dave murphy and karen rogers. >> we're off to a nice start across the region. looks like we have some high clouds but probably not thick enough to knock out the sun early on. as we roll through the day it will be a sun with occasional clouds mix. very comfortable out there with light winds. temperatures are a little cool to start out, 61 degrees in philadelphia. the mid-50's in allentown and trenton. upper 50's in reading and wilmington, 52 in millville, 59 in sea isle city. as we head out to catch school bus looks like it will stay on the cool side. temperatures probably in the upper 50's between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock but with light winds and that sun starting to break through really not too bad. and as we roll into the school day and the workday it gets even better. by 8 o'clock we may slip back down the 59 but then 70 degrees by noon. and by 3 o'clock, 75 with a nice high today of 76 degrees, probably around 3:30 or 4:00 and we may still be holding onto the 70-degree mark at 6 o'clock. so a gorgeous day ahead. another nice one tomorrow and then, karen, we'll be on the
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lookout for some friday afternoon rain. all that's ahead in the seven day. >> all right, well, for now we've got dry nice morning commute. looking live here in delaware county, this is i-95 approaching the blue route. the construction here is cleared. no problems. and we're seeing traffic move okay in both directions right now. northeast extension northbound we had an accident here blocking the left lane. it's just cleared so now traffic moving better as you head approaching lansdale. and the crews have left the scene. they were out here doing some work on the northeast extension southbound near quakertown. so that construction is cleared. traffic is squeezing by. we do have it restricted because of crews out here on the ramp connecting the turnpike with fort washington so expect a little bit of slowing using those ramps and they're still out here blocking two left lanes here in camden. this is 676 both ways just north of route 42 and the crews will be out there hard at work until 6 o'clock. matt. >> thank you, karen. philadelphia's lgbt community is coping and angered by tragedy. detectives are still trying to determine who killed a
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transgender woman and if her identity was the reason behind the murder. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live outside police headquarters to update the case. eva. >> reporter: matt, a transgender woman was beaten and shot to death in a logan park this morning. authorities are trying to figure out exactly what happened. around 2:30 yesterday morning police say keisha jenkins was dropped off at this park at 13th and wingohocking. "action news" learned a group of males followed her into the park and began beating her. >> was assaulted by five or six unidentified males. during that assault, one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. >> reporter: police are looking for the driver who dropped off jenkins as they try to figure out why slaw in the area. police say she lived in north philadelphia, her family in south philadelphia. neighbors say the park is well known for prostitution. >> at night it's usually guys dressed up like women walking up and down old york road and
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in the park. >> reporter: the motive is still not clear. police are searching the area for surveillance cameras. >> right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it's potentially a hate crime, if it was a robbery. we really don't know. >> reporter: now, there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. if you have any information you're asked to call philadelphia police. at police headquarters, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." erin. >> all right, eva, thank you so much. developing overnight philadelphia police are looking for the driver who slammed into a septa bus and a parked car before running away. the action cam was on the scene just before 1:00 a.m. on roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. witnesses said the red suv came out of nowhere striking the two other vehicles. medics checked out some of the septa passengers at the scene. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. from our delaware news room police are still working to identify a woman whose body was found near the new castle county airport. investigators believe someone
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dumped her there. someone discovered the remains yesterday in a parking lot on the 100 block of sunset boulevard. police don't know yet how exactly she died. but shards of broken glass and possible bloodstains were spotted about 30 feet away from where the body was found. >> a former model has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against bill cosby. chloe goins claims cosby drugged her at the playboy mansion in 2008. she says when she woke up she was naked and cosby was biting her toe. she was 18 at the time. the los angeles district attorney is reviewing goins' accusations. lawyers who filed her lawsuit included a list of 40 women who have publically accused cosby of sexual misconduct. >> 5:34 now. happening today, the statehouse is expected to vote on pennsylvania governor tom wolf's modified tax plan. wolf's proposed income tax hike would jump half a point to 3.5 percent -- 3.57 percent, rather. he has dropped his proposal to increase the state sales tax
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and wants to cut property taxes for seniors and the the disabled. wolf says his tax plan will close the deficit and add about $400 million for basic education. republicans don't expect it to pass. >> archbishop charles chaput estimates nearly 900,000 people attended the papal mass last movement he mentioned the number in his weekly column yesterday. it is the first time the archdiocese of philadelphia has put out a public estimate on the number of people who filled the ben franklin pack way on september 27th. the homeless advocacy group project home will hold a ceremony today to close the knotted grotto at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. tens of thousands visited the grotto before and during the papal visit and pope francis himself stopped by to bless the project. it is covered with almost 150,000 knots on which people wrote their struggles, prayers and intentions. >> so many people saying last weekend they were so glad the
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weather held out. >> right. >> for the papal visit and more like what we were getting now as opposed to last weekend. >> no kidding. we did just dodge the bullet by about 24 hours but things are great this morning. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we're dry and sky6 taking a look at the great outdoors and they are pretty great this morning. a little bit cool with temperatures in the 50's in a lot of suburbs, philadelphia sitting close to 60 degrees but winds are light and the numbers are really going pick up before too much longer. your temperature 61 officially at the airport in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest at just 6 miles per hour. not all that strong. satellite shows you some high clouds but these are high and thin enough where i think some sun will get through early on and as we roll through the day we're looking at a mix of sun with some occasional clouds popping up. 67 degrees by 11 o'clock, though, so once we get rid of that cool start we really do zoom pretty quickly with temperatures and then by 2 o'clock, we're up to 74. in fact we're going to spend most of the afternoon in the mid 70's today. how do you like a high of 76 degrees? we'll probably hit that around 3 3:30 or
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4 o'clock. 74 degrees in allentown, 75 down the road in reading. 73 in trenton, 74 is your high in wilmington and 73 in millville. down along the shore, a little bit cooler next to that cool ocean water but still pretty pleasant and then tomorrow high pressure still in control in the east and we'll get a high of 73, a little bit cooler despite the fact that we have more sunshine. that's because there will be a bit more of a northerly flow. on friday we have a warm front-cold front combination. most of the moisture with this is actually going to pass us by to the north but there will be just enough in store for us where on friday afternoon and friday night there will be a little bit of light rain around. not great timing if you have plans to be out on friday night but at least it's not a torrential downpour. 76 degrees is today's high. nice and warm. get out and enjoy it this afternoon if you can. and then tomorrow another nice one, lots of sunshine, pleasant, still highs around 73 degrees. not bad. overnight lows of course are in the 50's because it is
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october. and then saturday -- or i should say on friday warm ahead of this rain. we'll get some sun early. that will help bump our number up to about 79 for a high but then the clouds will increase and rain will start to move in at some point during the afternoon and probably continue into the night. we're not looking at heavy rain. probably only about a quarter inch in most spots overall. and the best news of all, it does look like it's out of here in time for saturday. we have a busy saturday. clouds to sun on saturday, a cooler high of 66 degrees. i'll be the honorary chair of the parkinson's walk to starch out parkinson's that's what they call it on saturday morning by the art museum. thereafter i might head down to the temple homecoming at lincoln financial field because temple football four and oh doing great this year and they got tulane so a nice day for all of that. and then sunday cool but still pretty nice with a high of 68 for the eagles next home contest. hopeful al victory there and on monday sunny and nice. if you're headed down to the first home flyers game of the season and you want to do some
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tailgating in the parking lot ahead of time you'll have great weather for that. >> sounds good. >> thanks so much david. >> yes. >> 5:38 now. still ahead on "action news," even though it has stopped raining, south carolina residents are still dealing with the aftermath of massive flooding. >> a surging gop presidential candidate is being criticized for his comments on gun control. karen. >> looking live right now bucks county, i-95, this is at 413, the overnight construction here is clear. traffic is moving nicely. no problems right here. we'll take you to exton chester county coming up. >> a former eagles player's pep talk is going viral. details when "action news" continues. ññ
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this wednesday morning. 5:42 now. 60 degrees. taking a look at the platt bridge. no signs of the sun yet but the sun will be out today and a nice high of 76. doesn't some that sounds lovely. >> it does. let's turn to karen rogers for a look at traffic on this wednesday. >> good morning. we've got a little bit of late running construction. let's take a live look and see what's happening. this is in exton chester county. crews look like they're starting to pick up the cones. it was scheduled to clear at 5:00 a.m. this is route 100 at sunrise boulevard. northbound we've got the left lane blocked so watch for slowing out here. they're still out there hard at work. we saw them backing up.
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they might be picking up the cones but still out there exton chester county. we've got some good news if you're in schuylkill township chester county and you wish you could use the route 23 bridge. it has reopened. this is your first morning commute with it. it's been closed since last april. normally about 20,000 people a day take this and an important bridge it connects valley forge with phoenixville an lot of people have been stuck without this. they opened it seven weeks early so that's good news. take it first morning commute that valley forge road is reopened, the route 23 construction has cleared the area. let's go to your commuter traffic report with the waze app. we haven't seen too many problems out there this morning. i know a popular route as we're doing our suburban traffic report is people taking from washington township, new jersey, into philadelphia. and you can look at your routes right here with the black horse pike, a 28 minute ride if you were to hop on 55 and then take 42, it's a 35 minute ride and just staying on 42 actually current al 45 minute ride so go ahead and take the black horse pike. we know there's lots of lights but it's early yet and you seem to be traveling pretty
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good in that area. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia. 56 in allentown. 52 in millville. a lot of these areas were in the 40's in the past couple of mornings so temperatures right now about 10 degrees above what they were yesterday morning so not quite as chilly. we've got a really nice afternoon ahead and mild, too, a high of 76, a warm afternoon with sun and clouds. matt and erin. >> thank you, karen. death toll continues to rise in the carolinas. at least 17 people have died from the record rainfall and there are still concerns about dams bursting. crews were working overnight to try and block a hole in a canal before more evacuations are necessary. if the water level falls below the intake valve in the canal, officials warn there will be less than a day's supply of water for around 375,000 customers in columbia, south carolina. new this morning, the justice department will give 6,000 federal prisoners an early release. it happens later this month and will be the largest
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one-time release ever. it comes as the obama administration tries relieve overcrowding and ease long sentences given to nonviolent drug offenders. most prisoners will be placed in halfway houses or home confinement to make sure they are supervised. >> gun control continues to be a hot topic on the campaign trail. gop contender ben carson is standing by his comments that have come under fire. the retired neurosurgeon said he would have called on the victims of last week's shooting victims in oregon to fight back. carson said if he had a child in kindergarten he would feel comfortable as a teacher or other official on campus were trained to have a weapon. on a much lighter note democratic frontrunner hillary clinton wants her republican rivals to be clear about her track record. so much so, she has sent the top 14 candidates a copy of her book hard choices. it details her time as secretary of state. clinton joked to a crowd in iowa there are so many gop
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candidates they could start a book club. >> and this is new. a 10-year-old in california says a show of school spirit got her suspended. jasmine foster was sent home on monday because she put blue highlights in her hair. blue is the school color. according to the student handbook it is also a distraction. >> a lot of other kids have done it but it hadn't been an issue. it's not distracting in my opinion. >> i think it's pretty unfair that they're making me change it and not letting me have it how i want. >> foster's mother says she can't afford to take jasmine back to the salon right away to fix the streaks. the principal has worked out a deal to allow jasmine return to school with the highlights temporarily. >> glad they worked it out. 5:46. prepayment pep talk is going viral. >> a man's attempt to evade police leads him right into the ocean. david. >> all right, guys, we're off to a somewhat cool start so we're dressing the kids with a
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jacket but this afternoon definitely t-shirt weather. they might even want to change into shorts after school. i'll have your day planner forecast and we'll check out area numbers across the region coming up next.
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dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents. >> news helicopters hovered over an unusual chase in australia. the man being chased drove hits suv into the ocean. the sport utility vehicle couldn't handle the surf. the man climbed out of it as it was swamped by the waves. two officers dove in after him and took him into custody. >> maybe he thought he bought the aqua feature. >> how could that end well? bad idea. let's take you outside. this is conshohocken, the blue
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route past the schuylkill. we are clear. we are dry. thank you, david. looking good so far this morning. we do have an accident investigation going on here in montgomery county, though. 663, that's lay field road is currently blocked between king's road and kutztown roads. use twine as your alternate. and with mass transit patco back to normal. it will run on a special schedule again later tonight and a special schedule all day tomorrow and friday, dave. >> cool but pretty comfortable out there this morning, karen, light winds. 57 degrees in pottstown, 54 in quakertown, 55 in saint davids. still holding 61 degrees in center city. then across the river in south jersey, a lot of mid-50's close to the delaware river, cinnaminson and glassboro at 55. 55 woodbine. 57 avenue hon. 53 in dover delaware. if you have plans to run errands you can do it pretty much any time of the day and be fine. a little cool by 9:00, 61 degrees. by noon we'll be up to 70. 75 by 3 o'clock and a high today of 76 degrees, sun mixing with clouds, that 76
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probably hits around 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. light winds and really comfortable for this time of year. erin and matt. >> david thank you so much. an arizona mom says she was scolded by an american airlines flight attendant while trying to purge breast milk. mariana hahnemann says she went into the bathroom and warned passengers in line that she was purging and would be awhile. the flight attendant knocked and hahnemann explained what she was doing. she says the flight attendant then ordered her to open the door while exposed. american says it's apologized and says women are allowed to feed or pump at any of their facilities seats or in lavatories. >> a michigan woman doesn't have to work another day in her life. she won the $310 million powerball jackpot. julie leach picked up her check yesterday. she bought the ticket a week ago on her way to an overnight shift at a fiberglass factory. the next day, during her lunch break, she checked the numbers. >> having a really bad night
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at work. thought, well, i might as well check my numbers while i'm sitting here waiting for my lunch. i didn't believe it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple other coworkers and just couldn't believe it. >> so she quit her job that day. leach has taken the lurch sum which is about $140 million after taxes. she plans to buy a house and help her children and grandchildren and she joked that if her partner of 36 years wants to get married now, he will have to sign a prenup. [laughter] >> 5:52. new this morning, our sister network espn is reporting a member of the new york giants is on the bench for the rest of the season because of mrsa. tight end daniel fells was reportedly being treater for chronic ankle condition when it was discovered he has the serious bacterial infection. the team doesn't believe any other players have mrsa but as a precaution, the team has disinfect its locker room and all training and meeting areas. >> the eagles might want to call their former star safety
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and get him in for a pep talk because what brian dawkins said to the texas a & m football team really made a difference. >> right now i'm telling you from -- i'm telling you, they don't respect us. they don't respect us. but that don't matter because guess what you can do when you don't get respect? you can take it. we don' going to go out and take it. >> aggies beat mississippi 30 to 17 so here is our plea to coach chip kelly. please call b. dawk and find him a podium and a microphone.
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>> police in glenolden township are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol were behind this mess in prospect park. officials say kyle husher of ridley township sped away from police yesterday morning. he jumped a curb, sideswiped a taxi, then hit a pedestrian and slammed into a line of parked cars. this is exclusive video of husher being taken to court later that day. >> pennsylvania's auditor general says the state's department of education is failing students and taxpayer taxpayers. usual jean depasquale says the state board education has failed to update the master plan for basic education since 1999. they relied on retired employees to fill critical positions. the report also identified 814 academically challenged
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schools based on performance scores. majority of those schools did not get additional assistance. state education secretary pedro rivera responded and said his department generally agrees with the audit's findings. you can find a list of these poor performing schools, many of which are in our area on >> 5:57 now. new this morning, forbes has recognized a young west philadelphia native for her work in medicine. kia williams received a $500,000 grand prize in the magazine's social entrepreneurs competition. she received a check at the forbes under 30 summit going on now in center city. williams is 29 years old and the co-founderrer of sirum the online platform that provides life saving medication to low income. >> clever name. work on a broken water main. >> a way you can brous the
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best tweets all with one simple click. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday october 7th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and here's what's happening. >> could the murder of a transgender woman be labeled a hate crime? we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> shocking new details emerge about the mother of the man accused of gunning down nine people on a college campus out west. >> several lanes of a philadelphia road is still shut down after a water main break washed it outer. >> we have an update on your weather and traffic with david and karen. gong to you. >> a little cool to start out but with light winds pretty comfortable and of course there's nothing cool about this afternoon than where temperatures are going. we'll start y


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