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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday october 7th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and here's what's happening. >> could the murder of a transgender woman be labeled a hate crime? we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> shocking new details emerge about the mother of the man accused of gunning down nine people on a college campus out west. >> several lanes of a philadelphia road is still shut down after a water main break washed it outer. >> we have an update on your weather and traffic with david and karen. gong to you. >> a little cool to start out but with light winds pretty comfortable and of course there's nothing cool about this afternoon than where temperatures are going. we'll start you with satellite.
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there's a little high cloud cover. i know it looks bad but as i look up above the terrace i can see the moon and a couple of planets showing through those high thin clouds and i think we'll get some sunshine early on. temperatures are a bit on the cool side. 60 degrees in philadelphia. up to 58 in allentown. 56 in trenton. 59 in wilmington and 60 in sea isle city. and as we roll through the day, it is going to be a warm afternoon. by 8 o'clock we'll probably still be in the upper 50's but by noon up to 70 and by 3 o'clock, 75 with a high today of 76 probably around 3:30 or 4:00 and still holding onto something around the neighborhood of 70 by 6 o'clock. karen we do have another nice one tomorrow and then rain possible on friday. i'll have that story and the weekend call coming up from accuweather in that seven-day. >> all right, dave. well, it's had you ever been day. let's get this day going. looking live on 95 at cottman. a little building southbound volume here and at girard but the overnight construction is clear, no big problems on i-95 so so far so good as you head towards center city. here's a live look at the vine
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street expressway approaching the schuylkill. maybe a little slow at times westbound approaching the schuylkill but not too bad just yet. in pennsburg montgomery county we've got 663 blocked. this road blocked because of an accident investigation. stick to route 29 if you're trying to travel between king's and kutztown roads. also on the pennsylvania turnpike traffic is just squeezing by because construction partially blocking these ramps connecting the pennsylvania turnpike with fort washington. live on the ben franklin bridge, here we go, trying to come into the city, no delay just yet. looking pretty good. eastbound we do have the ongoing construction blocking the right lane but that's the only problem looking live on the ben and some construction crews out here in cumberland county on 55 northbound and southbound just past route 49. matt and erin. >> thank you, karen. the search continues for the men who beat and shot a transgender woman to death. whether this will be considered a hate crime is still under investigation. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live in front of police headquarters with the latest on this story. eva. >> reporter: matt, a transgender woman is beaten and shot to death by a group
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of men in a logan park. this morning police are trying to figure out why the men attacked her. >> right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it's potentially a hate crime, if it was a robbery. we really don't know. >> reporter: what we do know, around 2:30 yesterday morning police say keisha jenkins was dropped off at this park at 13th and wingohocking. "action news" has learned that a group of males followed her into the park and began beating her. >> assaulted by five or six unidentified males. during there assault one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. >> reporter: police are looking for the driver who dropped off jenkins as they try to figure out why she was in the area. police say she lived in north philadelphia, her family in south philadelphia. neighbors say the park is well known for prostitution. >> at night it's usually guys dressed up like women walking up and down old york road and
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in the park. >> reporter: police are searching the area for surveillance cameras. so far no images or video have been released. now, there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and a conviction. if you have any information, you're asked to call philadelphia police. at police headquarters, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." erin. >> thanks, ev eva. an early morning car fire in yeadon, delaware county is under investigation. crews were called out around 4:00 this morning on chester avenue near duncan after neighbors awoke to popping sounds. that was the sound of the flames. no one was hurt and the fire was brought under control quickly but the cause of the blaze has not yet been determined. >> this is new. crews have shut down roads due to a water main break in the frankford section of the city. the action cam was there as crews work on the broken main. it happened at 1:00 a.m. on frankford avenue near harrison street. the leak caused the road to buckle. the southbound lanes are closed while the water department crews work to repair the main.
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there are no reports of service interruptions. >> a 17-year-old is still in custody after a gun scare that caused a lockdown at community college of philadelphia. but there's still no sign of a gun. it all started yesterday with a dispute between the teen and a student in front of ccp. the 17-year-old then allegedly pulled a gun and fled into a campus building. this prompted a lockdown while police looked for the suspect. the lockdown ended and classes are set to resume on a normal schedule today. turning to business, the nation's capitol is considering the country's most generous paid leave policy and gamblers could have another place to play in philadelphia. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you erin. let's start with stocks. a mixed day for stocks as the s & p 500 snapped a five session winning streak. right now futures pointing to a higher open. report on consumer credit due out later today.
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washington, d.c. considering what would be the country's most generous paid leave policy. it would provide up to 16 weeks of paid leave per year for significant family or medical issues. in any d.c. are resident or employee of a d.c. based private company would be eligible. the bill has been introduced to local lawmakers but the legislative process could take months. philadelphia a step closer to getting its seconds casino. the city planning commission okayed this master plan for the casino after zoning changes were made. called live hotel and casino, it's a $500 million project in south philadelphia. now it still needs final gaming approval from the state's gaming control board. twitter has a new feature called moments end tended to pull together tweets pictures and videos on a top pick or story. moments will give users information on news or sports or entertainment events taken from the vast amount of data that flows through twitter daily. moments is accessible by clicking the lightning bolt bar signal or the top bar of a
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platform's web version. that's your latest from nasdaq. back to you. >> maribel i thought that was to shock me. glad i know what it's really for. just to give myself a jolt to wake myself up. >> you got to find something else. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows that you there is no rain out there and as we take a look outside we've got beautiful conditions across not only philadelphia but also down in wilmington where sky6 is live right now. tranquil water as the winds are light and, yeah, it's a little cool to start out but, hey, you can take these numbers when you consider where we're going later on. 58 degrees in allentown, again winds light. 56 in trenton. 60 in philadelphia. close to that in wilmington. 52 in millville and 60 on the nose in cape may. satellite shows you that there is some high cloud cover around this morning but as i mentioned a moment ago you can see the moon through it and you'll be able to see the sun through it a lin late little bir on. later on we might even get some breaks in this and see more of a sun and clouds mix.
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74 is today's high in the lehigh valley. sun mixing with some of those high clouds very pleasant conditions up north today and down the shore a little cooler, 68 degrees next to that cool ocean water. but sun mixing with some high clouds and still pretty nice for your afternoon stroll on the boards. and in philadelphia, 76 degrees is your high today. how about that? sun mixing with some high clouds, nice and warm. might be a few cumulus popping up later in the day. winds are going to be light out of the northwest at five to 10 miles per hour. so, not only is it unseasonably warm for several hours this afternoon but the winds are also aiding and abetting that nice feel, not ripping through the region all that strongly. 59 degrees by 8 o'clock so still cool early. but by 11 o'clock you're up to 67. that's pretty comfortable. then we'll spend the afternoon, most of it anyway, in the mid 70's with that high of 76 probably around 3:30, 4 o'clock this afternoon. then tomorrow high pressure is still in control. we have a feature coming at us from the west that might trigger some high clouds later in the day but generally speaking we're going to go for a sunny day. 73 is the high.
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a little cooler than today but still not bad. and then on friday, that's when this warm front-cold front combination starts to sweep through the region. the bulk of the precipitation from this will miss us to the north buts on friday afternoon and friday night there is the chance of at least some light rain popping through. it does not look like it is going to amount to all that much. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today beautiful. 76 degrees, sun mixing with clouds, nice and warm. and then tomorrow, sunny and pleasant with a high of 73. friday we actually have a shot at 79 in the first half of the day with sunshine. but as the front comes through we will see that cloud cover increasing and then some light rain arriving during the afternoon and staying with us friday night. not great timing if you have plans to go out to dinner and a movie but an umbrella and you'll be fine it's not heavy rain. looks like it's over in time for saturday now. saturday probably will start out cloudy but wind up with some sun. cooler a high of 66 and great weather for the temple university's homecoming game i think i'm going to head down there after i get finished with the walk to snap out
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parkinson's this morning by the art museum. sunday cool and nice for the eagle, 68 degrees. in case you're planning on tailgating before the flyers home opener on monday that's also a good day, 72 degrees and a fair amount of sunshine there. >> hockey night in philadelphia. >> yeah, how about. >> thanks, david. 6:10 now. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the chilling similarities between the oregon school shooter and the mastermind of the sandy hook massacre. >> friendly rivalry or not, a new jersey priest faces charges for what he reportedly did to a young cowboys fan. karen. >> we have some late running construction here in exton, chester county on route 100 north at sunrise boulevard. it has just cleared so traffic here moving a lot better. we're getting word of a new accident its a multi-vehicle accident. i'm going to get the latest details head to the big board and be right back with that. >> and that jetson's robot rosie remember her? a company is working on a real rosie that will hail you a cab. >> that's worth the investment. >> that is next in tech bites.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. 6:13. halfway through the week. you are taking a live look through our temple university cam. pretty shot of center city there with all the lights out. where is the sun, though? it is going to be a nice day. get out the shorts and tanks,
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right. >> later on i promise. right now we're in our. >> uniform. >> you get to enjoy the day later on. for now you're trying to get to work. look how traffic is really backing up kind of right before our eyes and this is a new accident coming in, a multi-vehicle accident. we're hearing three vehicles involved. looking live on the roosevelt boulevard this is southbound past broad street. the accident blocking the left lane. we've got police, emergency workers. looks like penndot on the scene. i'm seeing someone kind of walk around right here so certainly be careful as they're all out here blocking the left lane and you can see how everyone is kind of jamming as they come upon it, see the accident and got to get to the right so expect some slowing coming down from ninth street if you're traveling on the boulevard southbound a slow go, a multi-vehicle accident happening right there and here's an accident investigation going none montgomery county. and they've shut down 663. that's layfield road and it's shut down between king's and kutztown roads so use route 29 as your alternate to avoid the
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investigative crews out there on the scene. in bedminster bucks county construction going on route 113 bedminster road is closed and it's going to be from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both today and tomorrow. it's happening for about a week now we've been watching this. the construction crews are out there. stick to elephant road as your alternate to get around the problem with that one. one more issue here in cherry hill, camden county. we've got old orchard road going to close between high gate lane and thorn hill road for construction from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. so you know that's going to be a busy time for that to be shut down. cropwell road gets you around that. if you're on twitter don't forget to use the hashtag 6abc traffic. i'll give you the latest details. you let me know how your commute is going. as far as the weather we don't have any problems affecting your commute. we're dry this morning. 60 degrees right now in philadelphia, 58 in allentown. 52 in millville. not quite as chilly as it was yesterday morning and the morning before we were in the low 40's and some spots as much as 13 degrees milder than it was yesterday. 12 degrees milder in wilmington and nine in philadelphia. we've got a nice day ahead
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with a high of 76. pretty warm for this time of year. matt and erin. >> indeed. thank you karen. we have new information this morning on the mass shooting at umpqua community college in oregon. it has an eerie parallel to the 2012 sandy hook massacre in connecticut. both shooters lived solitary lives with mother whose shared their fascination with firearms. and both of the moms amassed weapons and took their sons to shoot, ranges. oregon authorities say chris harper mercer and his mother owned 13 weapons despite his mental health issues. the coast guard searched all flight for survivors from that missing cargo ship el faro and the ntsb has started its investigation into what happened to it. right now the agency is working to recover the ship's data recorder. it should have started sending out pings but experts have not heard anything yet. the ship lost power last week in rough seas churned up by hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members, 28 of them americans, were on board. >> new on "action news," a north jersey priest is accused
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of pointing a musket at an eight-year-old over a football rivalry. the reverend kevin carter entered his not guilty plea yesterday in hackensack. carter an avid new york giants fan and the boy who roots for the dallas cowboys were talking about football shortly before the incident. the musket was never loaded but prosecutors say whether you're joking or not, you just cannot point a gun at someone. >> happening today, philadelphia police will honor a hero for his sacrifice. they will dedicate a plaque at the 22nd district for sergeant robert wilson, iii. wilson lost his life back in march during a shootout with would be robbers at the game stop store on north broad street. wilson had gone to the store for a security check and to buy his son a game. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the accused killers. >> time now is 6:17. new at 6:00 a customer stages a sneak attack on a robbery suspect before he gets away. david. >> all right, guys, we are loading up the kids with a jacket this morning because it's a little bit on the cool side but this afternoon t-shirts will work just fine.
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we'll have your day planner forecast coming up next plus a look at the airport for those of you traveling. >> and also coming up new in health check the doctor who says video games are getting a bad rap. first up, tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites linked in will pay up. >> the site will pay $13 million to settle a class action lawsuit over spam. the ad connections feature sent messages to everyone on users' e-mail contact list and then two follow-ups. >> affected users could receive up to $1,500. >> microsoft unveiled its new laptop called a surface book. >> it features a detachable keyboard available for preorder. >> microsoft also unveiled a new fitness tracker called band two. it goes on sale at the end of this month. and what do you get when you combine a smartphone with a mini robot? you perhaps get robo hiem. >> it looks like a child's toy. it can make calls, send e-mails and play music. i'm still waiting for the one
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that cooks dinner and does the laundry. >> that's what you have a husband for. those are your tech bites. and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. trick or treat!s) (door bell rings again) (announcer) this halloween, whether you want a little fun or full-on festive, petsmart will help you celebrate your way - with costumes, toys & treats. therbottle of tropicana pure oranges squepremium.o each and absolutely no space for
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added sugar, water, or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning.
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>> video games that put you into the action could boost your brain power. psychology professor shawn green says brain scans show the so-called first person games can improve your perception and critical thinking. green says the need to make quick accurate decisions and identify targets help build new pathways in the brain. games have been criticized for being violent gut green says the new generation of less violent games are emerging. >> nice to see them. i try to play with my son. i can't. i had to start young and work on it and let's take a look right now, the roosevelt boulevard under broad street look how jammed traffic is southbound past broad street a multi-vehicle accident blocking the left lane. penndot is on the scene assist, so you can see you're jammed already approaching ninth street to past broad street live right here on the boulevard jammed up traffic. switching over to delaware
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county, this is i-95 approaching highland avenue. no real big delay just yet between the delaware state line and the airport headed to the airport so far still good dave. >> on the big board all good, too. little cool to starter out. in the 50's karen in some neighborhoods by 9 o'clock in philadelphia 61 and by noon 70 and this afternoon really looks nice, 75 degrees by 3 o'clock. we'll get a high of 76 around 3:30 or 4 o'clock and then 70 by 6 o'clock. sun mixing with a few clouds, winds are light today, warm and really comfortable later this afternoon. and at the airport it's all green aircraft at the big board and no signs of rain in any of our commonly traveled destinations. matt. >> the eagles don't just need a win they need a win an reason to feel good about themselves. they face the saints. a group of key players stood along the sidelines during practice yesterday including byron maxwell jason peters and lane johnson. despite the one and three start and some fans already seeing this season as a total loss the eagles still believe they can turn things around.
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the sixers opened up their preseason slate against the wizards. jahlil okafor the sixers top pick this year looks like the real deal. onlthe wizards thumped the sixes 129 to 95. >> up next, a customers takes a robbery suspect by surprise inside a sandwich shop. >> eva pilgrim is following the investigation into a transgender woman's murder. >> reporter: yeah, a transgender woman was beaten and shot to death by a group of men. this morning police are trying to find those men. we'll have the latest coming up. >> ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪
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what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> researchers working in indonesia discovered a new species of mal mal. they call it a hog nosed rat. you can see the rat features a large flat pink nose similar to a pig's. it has extremely large ears, a small mouth and long white front teeth. the hog nosed rat is about the size of a normal rat. this is new a customer stood up to a robber at a subway in oregon. this is surveillance from the holdup in portland on sunday. a customer in the hat tackles the robber who was in the hood dee. a fistfight ensues. cash then flies everywhere as the brawl spills out into the street. the robber eventually got away. the customer was about to -- was able to recover about $40. >> also new at 6:00, one man's
6:27 am
anniversary gift won't earn him any points with his wife. the couple was supposed to go on a trip but their boat got stuck on a sand barge just a few feet out to sea. this happened at coronado beach near san diego yesterday. to his credit the husband ended up swimming to shore for help. the wife took it all in stride telling rescuers it's okay, at least we're safe. now i need an upgrade. >> very understanding. 6:27. meteorologist, david murphy has sun and 70's in the seven-day and that's next. >> a new lawsuit just filed against bill cosby includes disturbing details of alleged sexual misconduct and a criminal case isn't out of the question. >> ♪ people of the coffee-drinking world,
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dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents. >> developing overnight, an suv slams into a septa bus and a parked car and then the driver flees on foot. >> detectives are still
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sorting out the details of a deadly ambush on a transgender woman in a philadelphia park. they are trying to determine if it was a hate crime. >> and new this morning, the archdiocese of philadelphia offers its estimate of the attendance on the parkway for the papal mass. good morning everyone, 6:30 on this wednesday, october 7th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. we have david and karen with weather and traffic good morning. >> we have some high clouds but there are some breaks. you're going to see some pink pretty soon on the horizon over in the east and there will be some sun getting through this early cloud cover. and later in the day look for a mix of sun with some clouds around. it's going to be a good looking day and we're starting out a little cool. 60 degrees in philadelphia. but those winds that you see coming down out of the north are very, very light in the middle single digits, up to five, 6 miles per hour in most cases so really not bad. 58 in allentown, 60 in sea isle city. as we roll through the day you're not going to have to roll through much of it before it starts to get warm. by 8 o'clock, 59 but by noon,
6:31 am
we're up to 70. been 3 o'clock, 75 with a high of 76 this afternoon at about 3:30 or 4 o'clock so a really nice afternoon building. looks like we got another nice one for you tomorrow and then some rain arrives on friday. does that get out of here in time for the weekend? i'll answer those questions in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. what you got karen. >> i got a big accident, a multi-vehicle accident. looking live on the roosevelt boulevard this is southbound past broad street. we've got three vehicles involved. we see penndot and now it looks like we see a tow truck on the zone. it's all blocking the left lane right here and even though penndot has their arrow board look how jammed up everybody is as they try to get over to the right. southbound traffic jamming on the boulevard approaching ninth street to past broad. instead take hunting park avenue to avoid the multi-vehicle accident out there right now. here's a live look at i-95 here at projecting cottman. that's southbound traffic standing still literally at the moment. but as you head towards center city pretty jammed approaching academy to cottman and from past the betsy ross bridge to girard. the overnight construction is cleared there.
6:32 am
you see a 28 minute ride and now we can see it's moving here. i-95 southbound. our accident investigation is cleared here in montgomery county. so 663 has reopened. that's right near king's road so look for better condition right there. let's step into new jersey. this is wait looks like on 42. that's your northbound traffic here at creek road and we can see some construction out there blocking the right lane on 55. that's 55 northbound here approaching garden road. here on 42 we can see a 14 minute ride northbound, a 12 minute ride southbound. not too bad just yet. just a couple vehicles off to the side there, matt and erin. >> thank you, karen. philadelphia's lgbt community is coping with and angered by tragedy. detectives are still trying to determine who killed a transgender woman and if her identity was the reason behind the murder. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live outside police headquarters to update the case. eva. >> reporter: matt, a transgender woman was beaten and shot to death in a logan park this morning. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened.
6:33 am
around 2:30 yesterday morning police say keisha jenkins was dropped off at this park at 13th and wingohocking. "action news" has learned that a group of males followed her into the park and began beating her. >> was assaulted by five or six unidentified males. during that assault, one of the males pulled out a gun and while the victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. >> reporter: police are looking for the driver who dropped off jenkins as they tried to figure out why she was in the area. police say she lived in north philadelphia, her family in south philadelphia. neighbors say the park is well known for prostitution. >> at night it's usually guys dressed up like women walking up and down old york road and in the park. >> reporter: the motive is not clear. police are searching the area for surveillance cameras. >> right now we don't have any motive. we don't know if it's potentially a hate crime, if it was a robbery. we really don't know. >> reporter: now, there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and a
6:34 am
conviction. if you have any information, you're asked to contact philadelphia police. here at police headquarters, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." erin. >> okay, thanks so much. eva. developing overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the driver who slammed into a septa bus and a parked car before running away. the action cam was on the scene just before 1:00 a.m. on roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. witnesses said a red suv came out of nowhere striking the two other vehicles. medics checked out some of the septa passengers at the scene. no serious injuries were reported. from our delaware news room police are still working to identify a woman whose body was found near the new castle county airport. investigators believe someone dumped her there. a person discovered the remains yesterday in a parking lot on the 100 block of sunset boulevard. police don't know yet how she died. shards of broken glass and possible bloodstains were spotted about 30 feet away from where her body was found. >> a former model has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against
6:35 am
bill cosby. chloe goins claims cosby drugged her at the playboy planks in 2008. she says when she woke up she was naked and cosby was biting her toe. she was 18 at the time. the los angeles district attorney is reviewing goins' accusations. lawyers who filed the lawsuit include add list of 40 women who have publically accused cosby of sexual misconduct. >> happening today, the statehouse is expected to vote on pennsylvania governor tom wolf's modified tax plan. wolf's proposed income tax hike would jump half a point to 3.57 percent. he has dropped his proposal to increase the state sales tax and wants to cut property taxes for seniors and the disabled. wolf says his tax plan will close the deficit and add about $400 million for basic education. republicans don't expect it to pass. >> archbishop charles chaput estimates nearly 900,000 people attended the papal mass last month. he mentioned the number in his weekly column yesterday.
6:36 am
it is the first time the archdiocese of philadelphia has put out a public estimate on the number of people who filled the ben franklin parkway on september 27th. >> nice stretch of weather, all that rain and flooding is behind us. >> no kidding. lots of curb on the way today mixing with a few clouds but it's going to be a really pretty warm day. pretty warm actually, too. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry as we head outside, we got sky6 and you can see the clouds overhead but there are some holes in the clouds and as that sun gets up above them they'll start to poke through and probably evaporate a little bit. temperatures down to 60 degrees in philadelphia. your dewpoint at 53. doesn't feel humid out there. winds light north-northwest 5 miles per hour. not very strong. which adds to the comfortable feel this morning. it's a little cool but kind of refreshing as you step outside and not, you know, shoulder huncher like we're probably going get over the next few weeks. as we take a look at the cloud cover probably looks worse than it is. most of this is going to break up and allow for at least some
6:37 am
holes in the clouds this morning and throughout the day we're probably looking at fairly bright conditions with some occasional clouds. and you could see how the numbers improve. 59 by 8 o'clock but 67 by 11 o'clock. that's a pretty good number and then 74 degrees by 2 o'clock and we're going to spend the majority of the afternoon in the mid 70's. at least for several hours. a high of 76 at 3:30 or 4 o'clock. hopefully you can get out and enjoy some of this during the afternoon hours. 74 in allentown, 75 in reading, 73 in trenton, 74 in wilmington. these are your afternoon highs. 73 in millville. down the shore a little cooler, 68 in ac, about 70 in cape may. but still pretty pleasant. then tomorrow we stay in pretty good territory. we've got high pressure still in control. lots of sunshine. 73 is your high. not quite as warm but still pretty comfortable. and there's a warm front out to our west that might start to throw a few high clouds in as the day goes on tomorrow. particularly late in the day. and then this warm front-cold front combination will come in for friday. now, the bulk of the rain associated with that will miss
6:38 am
us to the north but we are looking at some light rain developing in the afternoon on friday and probably continuing into friday night. so, umbrellas if you're planning on dinner and a movie on friday. 76 degrees nice and warm. thursday sunny and pleasant 73. warm on friday with a high of 79 with some sun early in the day and then the numbers will start to ease back as we go through the afternoon and evening with the clouds getting thicker and that light rain building in. you got friday night football, your local high school maybe playing, umbrella probably a good idea or a poncho but it doesn't look like a real heavy driving rain. then on saturday clouds in the morning, giving way to some sun, 66 degrees is the high. tell mes homecoming game at lincoln financial field, ahead of that we'll have the walk to stamp out parkinson's. i'm going to do the walk and then probably the temple game and then sunday cool but nice, 68 degrees for the eagles game and if you want to tailgate ahead of the flyers home opener on monday, great weather for that. >> yes, i do. >> good.
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[laughter] >> thank you david. time right now is 6:38. flood concerns continue for the carolinas. up next brand new video of the rush to reinforce dams and canals on the brink of bursting. >> later a former eagle flyers up some college football players. maybe he can do the same for chip kelly and the birds. karen. >> we have a new accident in a bad spot on i-95 southbound. it involves a tractor-trailer. details on this and more on the backup coming up. >> and a student who lost her school i.d. is no longer sleepless in new york city thanks to an oscar winning actor. >> wow.
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>> 6:41. backup alert here with karen rogers. >> looking live at i-95. this is an accident involving a tractor-trailer. i-95 southbound just past academy road as you're trying to head towards center city, we've got the two right lanes blocked with this. so, two lanes blocked on i-95. you know we're seeing the backup. you can see how traffic kind of snakes around herely then you're jammed as require right behind this accident scene. you've got to get over to the left lane right now. we've got emergency crews on the scene. at this point we're jammed southbound approaching academy to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard and you can see the trail of headlights as everyone kind of snakes through this nasty accident causing a very slow go and you see some of those speeds here on the big picture, 21 miles an hour near that area, 16 miles an hour near girard. so, i-95 southbound some extra heavy delays and we also have this accident on the boulevard its a multi-vehicle accident causing problems there. we could go back to our camera window and show you this. so, this is the roosevelt
6:43 am
boulevard southbound. the accident involving three vehicles here just past broad street so really jammed up southbound and again this one blocking the left lane. we've got penndot here and i saw a tow truck earlier. looks like one of the vehicles has left so we're watching the left lane being blocked so southbound traffic jams approaching ninth street to past broad on the roosevelt boulevard. might want to stick to hunting park avenue instead. and the other big accident is on i-95 so two accidents on a major roadway here causing problems. one of the other issues and this is good news, for the first time in a long time you're able to take the route 23 bridge. it has been affecting people so badly because you couldn't get between phoenixville and valley forge very easily here with valley forge road being shut down in that area of schuylkill township chester county. they opened it seven weeks early but it's been closed since last april so it's been causing problems. normally 20,000 people a day take this bridge so this is the first morning commute you can take the bridge. let's look at the temperatures as you're headed out the door. no weather-related problems. it's not quite as chilly as it had been.
6:44 am
60 degrees right now in philadelphia. for the most part you're in the 50's through much of the area. 58 in allentown, 52 in mel millville. temperatures a good nine to 13 degrees warmer than they were yesterday morning and the afternoon is going to be nice, bright and mild. 76 for your high. pretty good for this time of year. matt and erin. >> thank you karen. the death toll continues to rise in the carolinas. at least 17 people have died from the record rainfall and there are still concerns about dams bursting. this is new video from columbia south carolina where the national guard dropped sand bags and continued repairing a hole in a canal. if the water level falls below the intake valve in the canal officials warn there will be less than a day's supply of water for around 375,000 customers. a north charleston woman went into labor while her home was surrounded by waist high flood waters. she was one of the hundreds of people who needed to be rescued. firefighters took her by canoe to the hospital on sunday. after nine hours of labor, she
6:45 am
gave birth to a healthy 9-pound baby boy. the family hopes to take baby elijah home today by car, not canoe. and this is new. the justice department will give 6,000 federal prisoners an early release. it happens later this month and will be the largest one lifetime release ever. it comes as the obama administration tries to relieve overcrowding and ease long sentences given to nonviolent drug offenders. most of the prisoners will be placed in halfway houses or home confinement to make sure they are supervised. >> gun control continues to be a hot topic on the campaign trail. gop contender ben carson is standing by his comment that has come under some criticism. the retired neurosurgeon said he would have called on the victims of last week's shooting rampage in oregon to fight back. carson also said if he had a child in kindergarten feel comfortable if a teacher or other official on campus were trained have a weapon. on a much lighter note democratic frontrunner hillary
6:46 am
clinton wants her republican rivals to be clear about her track record so much so she has sent the top 14 candidates a copy of her book hard choices. it details her time as secretary of state. clinton joked to a crowd in iowa there are so many gop candidates, they could start a book club. >> 6:46. and a live preview of "good morning america" is next. also, luck is about to change for a girl named lauren. she lost her school i.d. and a celebrity has found it. david. >> isn't that nice? hey, we are putting kids in jackets this morning 'cause it is a little bit cool. not all that windy, though. not really that was uncomfortable. temperatures in the 50's up to about 60. this afternoon how about t-shirts? that will do. you'll get your day planner forecast in a couple of minutes. >> ♪ for life...
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6:49 am
>> lauren and you lost your student i.d. tom happenings want to hear from you. he reached out to the fordham university student on twitter after locating the missing card. earlier this year someone found tom hanks lost credit card in new york and that man returned it so it seems now the actor is paying it forwar forward. >> it's what you would expect from tom hanks. >> he's a good guy. we have been talking about big accidents on 95, on the roosevelt boulevard. why not the schuylkill? we have an accident here that's new on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at the vine street expressway. it was blocking a lane. though just kind of pushed it off to the gore point. you still see police on the scene with this one so watch for this. the schuylkill has been
6:50 am
jamming eastbound from the boulevard to approaching the vine with this accident now mostly off to the side right here. switching your camera view to delaware county, i-95 approaching highland avenue, that's northbound traffic as you head towards the blue route. really jammed here past 452 to the blue route, dave. >> little cool out there this morning but with light winds it's pretty comfortable and of course these numbers are going to be changing over the next couple hours in a big way. 58 degrees in pottstown, 55 in coatesville, 55 in quakertown. 71 in center city. not too bad there. 55 in cinnaminson and glad borrow and woodbine. 56 in avalon. upper 50's in hockessin. mid-50's in dover delaware. not a bad day to get stuff done. 61 degrees with sun mixing with high clouds by 9 o'clock. by noon 70. and 75 by 3 o'clock. light winds i was the way. all the way. nice and warm this afternoon erin and matt. >> thanks so much. time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach joins us live
6:51 am
with a preview of what is coming up. hey, amy. >> hey, good morning, matt and erin. great to be with you both. coming up next here on "good morning america" breaking overnight russian smugglers stuck. trying to sell nuclear material leading to a dramatic takedown overseas. they thought they were meeting with isis radicals. brian ross has all the details on that. then the race for president. gop hopeful ben carson making waves with his comments about last week's shooting in oregon and guns in the classroom. our team is tracking the pennsylvania nine iowa. plus the retrial of that california mother of three accused of killing her husban husband. her fate could be decide as early as today. dan abrams here to weigh in on the trial. "gma" on the money. how to slash your dental bills. more than one in five americans do not plan to see the dentist in the next 12 months. half of them saying cost is the number one reason so we're going the tell you how we helped one woman save thousands of dollars. count on us to get you to the
6:52 am
dentist chair. >> make our appointment now. thank you aim my. we'll see you in a bit. well, the eagles may want to call their former star safety and get him in for a pep talk. what brian dawkins said to the a and m texas football team made a difference. >> i'm telling you. they don't respect us. they don't respect us. but that don't matter because guess what you can do when you don't get respect? you can take it. listen, we don' going to go outd take it. when i count to three, we're going take at this time. one, two, three. >> take it. >> the aggies beat mississippi state over the weekend 30 to 17. here's our plea to chip kelly. please call b. dawk and find him a podium and a microphone. >> new this morning, forbes has recognized a young west philadelphia native for her work in medicine. kay williams received a
6:53 am
$500,000 grand prize in the magazine's social entrepreneurs competition. she received the check at the forbes under 30 summit going on now in center city. williams is 29 years old and the cofounder of sirum. the on line platform provides lifesaving medications to low income patients. >> ♪ for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim
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>> top stories now. police are looking for five or six men who were involved in the beating and shooting death of a transgender woman in a park in the city's logan section. the attack on keisha jenkins happened early yesterday shortly after she was dropped off at that park. suv driver smashed into a septa bus an parked car and then ran off on foot. witnesses say the suv came out of nowhere. there were no serious injuries reported. >> want to take you back to this accident scene on i-95 southbound past academy. see it's involving a tractor-trailer they just pushed it off to the shoulder but you're still jammed at this point from past woodhaven to past academy and from the betsy ross bridge to girard. the other accident we're following here on the boulevard cleared. it was multi-vehicle accident but still pretty jammed here from third street to past broad, dave. >> all right, karen. starting out a little cloudy but we'll wind up with a fair amount of sunshine. 60 degrees currently in philadelphia winding up in the 70's for most of the afternoon. by 3 o'clock 75. today's high 76 around 3:30.
6:57 am
if you can manage to sneak out of the office and get a little walk in this afternoon, good idea. >> or if you work early you can enjoy your afternoon. [laughter] >> for karen rogers dave murphy erin o'hearn tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. good morning america is next. head to facebook twitter and when we're not on the air. >> ♪
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, nuclear threat. a major takedown. russian smugglers preparing to sell nuclear material to isis. undercover agents offered enough radioactive material to make a dirty bomb capable of contaminating several city streets. brian ross is here with the latest. happening now, on the attack, republican presidential hopeful ben carson feels the heat for comments on gun control. >> i would say, hey, guy, everybody attack him. >> and the new push to draft joe biden as polls show the vice president may stand a better chance to win than hillary clinton. crime waves. take a look at this. a police chase ending in here. the cornered suspect driving into the ocean. the attempted getaway turning into a water rescue. ♪ take this job and shove it and meet the winner of that


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