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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> good afternoon. in the news this noon, police are still searching for at suspects and motive in the murder of transgender woman at a local park.
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>> and philadelphia police honor the sergeant that gave his life to save others during an armed robbery. >> and the big story on "action news" this noon is second school scare in as many days in philadelphia. and this morning, martin luther king high school was put on lockdown after police received a tip that a student may have a gun. the student was taken into custody and no weapon was actually found. the community college of philadelphia also reopened today after a 17-year-old boy allegedly threatened someone with a gun yesterday. "action news" reporter john john rawlins is live on the ccp campus with more on both incidents that left thousands of students on edge. john. sarah, it's interesting. educators, parents, even place will tell you, they'll volunteer in fact they're anxious about what is going on in society as well as what happened here with the ccp yesterday. and what happened in germantown this morning at martin luther king. the 1100 student mlk high
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school was locked down 8:52. students inside stayed inside arriving students stayed out. >> when i got here it was like come here you can't go in the building we were on lockdown i could not figure out why. i didn't understand. >> the concern police had a tip a student enrolled here might have a stolen handgun to be among circumstance islation of teens than was never a threat made. >> no allegation of any threats against any person or school or anything. the lockdown was put in place buzz the student was identified as being a member of martin king student community. >> the student a juvenile was located and taken into custody fern rock transportation cente center. no gun was found. there apparently while registered to attend mlk school officials say he has not attended class there's this year. and after the lockdown at least one parent decided to come and get her son out of school for at least the day. earlier the chief inspector implied given recent events it
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was understand able that parents and educators are on edge. >> no such thing as false alarm in today's day and time. we luckily found out this incident did not pan out to be a student with a weapon. but we'll still do the right thing and place our schools in lockdown and get our resources together and start an investigation. >> and that's exactly what's going on right now. an investigation. the lockdown at mlk was lift aid short time after that student was picked up at the fern rock center and the investigation continues. that he stolen gun is out there somewhere. back here to ccp classes are back in session today and administration is beginning the first of well i guess two public meeting, town hall meeting dubbed as where student and staff and administrators can get together and talk about security going forward. live in center city, john john rawlins, "channel 6 action news." >> john, thank you. police identified the woman found dead in hamilton township
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yesterday and investigators determined that 38-year-old jessica persik's death was a homicide and her pod question was discovered in the park after 9 yesterday morning and police are not yet saying how exactly she was killed. >> detectives are looking for a group of men wanted in connection with a murder in logan section of philadelphia. investigators say a transgender woman as was beaten and shot to death early yesterday morning. 22-year-old kiesha jenkins was attacked after dropped off 13 and wingohocken streets and police are pursuing leads and don't know the mostive. >> we don't know who is responsible for. it and the last update i got was we were not even certain if this had anything to do with the individuals being transgender or was this a robbery or argument. we don't know right now. but as more information welcomes available we'll fossae long and if anybody knows anything they should give us a call.
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>> there is a 20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. and parents wanted for unpaid child support were arrested during early morning raid in montgomery county. sheriff office went outlooking for 35 us is picture is brought to the courthouse in norristown to face a joj. more forced from their homes by threat of flooding in south caroline a rivers rising and some residents were told to leave immediately because of weakened dam near their homes and could be breached at any time. elizabeth heard live now in columbia, south carolina, and the daichinger is not over, elizabeth. >> sarah, good afternoon to you here in south carolina it's all about recovery and repai repairing. take a look behind mech the national guard is dropping sandbags. this is a canal. the main water supply the source of water supply for area residents that was breached monday.
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this morning more evacuations near another compromised dam in columbia, south carolina. so far, we're told at least 11 dam have failed in the state and flooding remains a major concern with several rivers at or near flood stage and expected to continue raising through the weekend. >> it was coming in through the kitchen wall and bathroom walls and bedroom walls and living rooming walls because it was up over the sandbags we put on the door and it just kept rising:00 a.m. with the area main source of water the columbia breached and the national guard is using helicopters transporting heavy equipment and weighing thousands of pounds to try to stabilize the water levels on the canal. >> i have three children at home we don't have anything to flush toilets or take showers. >> wednesday morning 40,000 homes were out bringing water. for many residents finally able to return home, they found was
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utter devastation. >> at least some of my stuff will be saved. i don't know that some of these other people are going to be able to salvage anything. >> and this afternoon again with authorities concerned about more flooding, crews here are essentially work around the clock to make the necessary repairs and protect the residents. that is the latest live from columbia, south carolina, elizabeth herr. "channel 6 action news". >> thank few are that report. accuweather is tracking warm conditions here in the weather forecast. sky6hd us the view outside. we have a minimum of sun and clouds and light wind in wilmington this afternoon. overall not a bad day. meteorologist david murphy is outside with the latest conditions, hey, david. >> rick, not bad out here now. we've been waiting all morning long to get the sun out from behind the clouds and we're transitioning to partly sunny skies i'm seeing a lot of blue around. take a look at satellite. assuming we can melt the clouds
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away and punch holes in the cloud cover you see it rolling down over central pennsylvania and we should get up to mid 70s and maybe upper 70s in couple spots. either way above average day and nice. right now 67 in philadelphia and most of the area in the 6 60s. 69 degrees. almost 7058en town and 6 wilmington and trenton and 69 reading and cooler down at the shore in sea isle city next to the cool ocean temperature. winds not a factor today too. we'll be a bit above average with temperatures and the sky continuing to improve and it feels pretty good because you're not dealing with a blus blustery wind. that 13 mile an hour reading in millville is as strong as you'll see it today. high of 76. if it clouds up more maybe we stop, 74, 75, edger way we're above the average high of 70 and nice little day on top. 56 overnight low that's a bit above average tonight too although cool and check out the
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unsunset, 6:34, getting earlier and earlier a sign of the season. when we step inside a nice one for you tomorrow and rain possible friday and more changes for the weekend. a lot to talk about in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. david. tom wolf revamped his proposal and it could go for a vote today. proposed income tax hike is down half point and dropped proposal to increase state sale tax and remove support for cigarette tax it's will close the definite and add $400 million for basic education. it still won't pass. >> this morning's closing ceremony officially brought an end to knotted grotto of saint peters and paul basilica. 1.4 million dollars were donate todd francis fundch the money will impact lives of hungry and homeless in philadelphia and
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camden. and the knots themselves will have a new life and be insulation for a new building for the hospitalless. >> and these knots will keep many people warm for many years to come. >> steps of thousands of people visited the grot owe and the holy father stopped by to police it covered in 150 thousand knots people wrote struggles, prayers and intentions. >> and there's more on "action news" at noon. fire sparks inside a historic church in chicago and investigators believe they know how to startd f buxt i catches criminals trying to sale radioactive material to terrorist. coming up at 12:30 when "action material to terrorist. coming up at 12:30 when "action news" continues
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>> a church built near a 100 years ago went up in flames no one was hurt when shrine christ of king church went up. a shelter next door had to be evacuated. fire fight werz are called to the scene with extra equipment. it appears to be accidental and they believe it as related to
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renovations being done ot historic building. >> federal investigators are hoping to recover the data record from cargo shipel faro. a team from ntsb is in jacksonville beginning their investigation now and working to determine why the ship's captain, crew and owners failed to sale it into -- decided to sale it into hurricane joaquin. meanwhile search crews have not given up hope. they're looking for any survivors. yesterday they released these pictures of debris that they discovered. >> online post from mother of gunman that opened fire in oregon community college shedding new lights on his mental state. investigators say christopher harper mercer's mother laurel mercer said he was struggling with mental illness and allowed him to have guns and said he struggled with autism. officials state post did not indicate any concerns that he could become violent. >> and the justice department will give early release to
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6,000 federal inmates and obama administration is trying to ease overcrowding on long distances under non violent drug offenders e. many will be placed in halfway houses or home confinement. first wave willing released next month. >> the michigan woman that won $310 million powerball jackpot quit her job meetly when she learned of new found wealth. 50-year-old julie leach was factory supervisor for 23 years. she was on lunch break and realized her numbers matched u up. >> i was having a bad night at work i said i might as well check my numbers while i'm sitting wait are for lunch. i didn't believe. it i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple other co-workers and just couldn't believe it. >> leach opted for lump sum payout of $140 million after taxes and the money will go towards a new house she says and support for her children
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and grand children and told her partner of 36 years he will need to sign a prenup if they ever decide to get married. >> she's not mess ago rounds there. >> still to come on "action news" -- >> that's right. >> up next volkswagen will talk with recalls. >> a mammogram to catch cancer earlier will become available to local woman at no extra cos cost. details when we come right cost. details when we come right back.
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>> volkswagen will start recalling cars from the emission scanned until swraen. the chief executive says it plans to affect all afeked vehicles by next year. up to 11 million vehicles contained software used to cheat emissions tests and a software update should repair the problem. some could use new parts. >> "healthcheck" at noon pennsylvania women that get 3d mammograms can no longer be charged extra for them. first lady francis wolf announced high tech mammograms will be covered by insurance under existing state law and need to be provided by additional cost. 3d mammograms can detect cancerous legions smaller or hidden in breast tissue and that louz doctors to catch breast cancer earlier. >> the "action news" team working on stories for tonight at 4:00. >> hey, guys, today is big
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talkers at 4. one day a virginia child was happily attending kindergarten and next day out. we'll tell you what her birthday it to do with her abrupt exit and coming up in today's show this breast cancer patient says her disease does not define her and her post chemo look doesn't represent her. that's why she wanted to use a past photo for her new driver's license and the problem nbling nbling dmv told her no and humiliation didn't stop there. details to change the state policy coming up at 4. take us with you on the go if you have not downloaded the free 6abc news app. and see you guys at four. >> see you then alicia. thank you. accuweather coming up when we thank you. accuweather coming up when we come right back
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>> various schools throughout the delaware valley taking part in international walk to school day today. among then cheltenham elementary school montgomery countsy entire school body and members of the police department joined for a brisk walk this morning. school officials emphasized physical activity and pedestrian safety afterwards. events to mark international walk to school day are held in 50 states and 40 country around the world. >> david here with a check of the accu weather forecast. this morning we're waiting to see sunshine breaking out. >> we were and it's breaking out across the region. looks nice. in fact if we look on sky6 cape may you see the sun coming down on the beach. there it is. you can see all that sunshine. and really looking good across the region. radar nice and dry. and some of you dealing with some clouds out there. obviously in some places it's breaking into the sun which is nice. temperatures 67 and more sun we can squeeze out the faster the
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numbers rise. dew point 51. bindz winds out of north 9 miles an hour. most of us are in the 60s. most areas popping up into the 7 0s. airport, atlantic city, allentown, reading and 68 wilmington and trenton and millville and you're not far away there as well. showing you a fair amount of cloud cover and breaks and holes in udz clouds across the corridor and sunny skies developing. mixture of sun and clouds in the afternoon. should be a pleasant afternoon, high of 74. maybe a couple degrees shy of that if we can't squeeze out a lot of sunshine. nonetheless it's comfortable. down the shore cooler next to cool ocean water 68 the high. still a stroll along the boardwalk. wind will not be strong. cool but nice conditions with that sun and clouds mix. and in philadelphia we'll go for high of 76. sun mixing with clouds and warm
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afternoon. several hours any way will feel good. wind north west 5 to 10 mimes app our on average and not strong wind wise and mainly clear and cool diving town to 56. that's off the average low. cool tonight, worsened. winds familiaring back on mainly clear skies. we have an evening commute to worry about and there's not much worry at all looking at partly sunny skies overall and 72 by 5:30, and by -- numbers have a tendency to drop. thursday, lots of surprise, high pressure more in control another day that features not a lot of wind. we'll ease back on high temperature. 73 because of change of direction and wind and late in day there could be high clouds streaking in on account of this next system which is barreling in our direction friday. this say warm front, cold
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front, low pressure combination below and most of the stayedest rain will probably miss us north. as we get into friday afternoon and friday night there's a chance of at least some light rain beginning to develop and maybe a thunderstorm mixed in. and here's future tracker 6 covering early look at friday an you can see afternoon and evening do look a little damp. whether or not this rain get out of here early to mid evening i can't quite vouch for that yet but it looks like it's done later friday night and will be gone in time for weekend. 76 today's high. your exclusive accuweather 7-day. nice and warm, 73, sunny and pleasant tomorrow and zooming to 79 early in the day on friday with front coming in driving rain in it will cool us down and that continues into at least earl lawyer part of the evening and saturday behind that front cooler with high of 66. but clouds give way to sun. it's dry. and it's looking good for the parkinsons walk next to the art museum in the morning and i'll be hosting that saturday morning and then how about we all run over and see those
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temple owls play. fair amount of sunshine there and if you want to do a little partying in the packing lot before the plyers home on opening go for it. >> he man marcus came out with hits holiday gift giving mag deep for shopping ranging from $10 to 400,000 and pricey ones are two day motorcycle ride along the california coast with keeanu grieves and that gifts you 150,000 ar sip bourbon at a kentucky >> new poll numbers show doneal trump and hillary rodham clinton with a solid leaf in key swing states including pennsylvania. >> plus nor to run the hours
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long police chase that ended with suspect driving his car into the ocean. with suspect driving his car into the ocean. those stories and more next
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>> hello again here are stories we're following for you "action news" at 12:30 now. another school scare in city of philadelphia and report of armed student that forced
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police to lock done a germantown high school this morning. we have the latest and murder investigations underway in philadelphia logan section of a transgepder woman beaten and shot in the back. >> and a hero remembered the permanent dedication to philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii officially unveiled today. >> and now details. yet another school scare in philadelphia put a ice high school on lockdown this mornin morning. martin luther king high school was shut down before 9 this morning after police received a it a student had a gun. officials said no overt threat was made but the lockdown was initiated out of abundance of caution. >> no allegation of any that's again any person or school or anything the lockdown was nut mraws because the student was identified as being a member of martin king student community. the student in questio


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