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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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brain storming session what's worked, didn't work, what needs to be done. as you say, before any of that could be discussed we had another incident this time to the north of us at martin luther king high school. >> although the student never entererd school grounds we placed a school on lockdown as a precaution. >> the 1100 student school was ordered locked down shortly before 9:00 this morning the reason a young man registered as a student and has not attended class here this year was thought to be in possession of a stolen handgun. lockdown was quickly lifted after police took the juvenile into custody at the fern rock transportation center an a gun was not found. chief inspector carl holmes said there was never a specific threat. >> there was no allegation of any threats against any person or school or anything. >> still, a confusing and anxious morning for parents, stacey charles decided to take her child out of school for the day. >> we're out. we're just out. it's no if, and/or buts about it. >> at the community college of
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philadelphia classes resumed following the lockdown. at the town hall meeting the president announced the former students detailed for police for allege allegedly having a gun was released. >> it's my understanding the prosecutor decided to not to press charges there was not enough evidence to press charges against him. >> beginning monday students will have to not just show but swipe ids to enter buildings and the system would flag those not currently enrolled. while other security issues were also discussed both in practice and theory up to and including the possible use of metal detectors sometime down the road that was debated and talked about today. i have more on that when we're back at 6:00. live in center city, john rawlins, "channel 6 action news," ryan. >> john, thanks very much. from the delaware newsroom today a fire forced everyone out of legislative hall today in dover. it started before 2:30 this afternoon. firefighters say they saw smoke coming from the top floor of that building. and crews found flames in the third floor penthouse and attic areas. polir
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in the logan section they say the killing was likely not a hate crime. wheel think track down the person responsible they're learning about the victim today. david, you have brand new information here. brian being the police were saying that they have not entirely ruled it out yet. but they say it's very unlikely that this was a hate crime. instead, they believe kiesha jenkin was killed during a robbery. >> i believe five or six males saw the victim and thought she had money and went and assaulted her and ultimately killed her. we believe it was a robbery. >> 22-year-old kiesha jenkins was jumped after getting out of a car. she was beaten to the ground and shot twice in the back. the police and neighbors say that section of hunting park is popular with transgender prostitutes. jenkins was arrested for
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prostitution last year. and police sources say jenkins was known around the park as high earner and they believe that made the vick testimony a target. >> high-risk behavior and pep that behave in that activity are more at risk to have something happen to them. >> he grew up stefan jenkins in south philadelphia and he started living a double life a couple years ago. stefan by day and kiesha by night. they say they don't know what kiesha was doing in the park at 2:30, tuesday morning. they just remember a funny, out spoken, welcoming soul who inspired others to be the themselves. the police have witnesses. but they need more to come forward. >> we believe people out there know what happened. we need them to contact homicide unit to make an arrest quickly. >> reporter: jenkins grandmother tells me he left her house dressed as stefan around 9:30 monday night. she says he told her he was going to be on the tv news and would be famous.
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they never math ibd it would be like this. live at police headquarters, david henry, "channel 6 action news," alicia. >> david, thank you. pennsylvania state house is debating governor tom wolf modified budget today. wolf's new tax plan races billions of dollars to close the budget gap. republicans don't expect to to pass. the deadline for a new state budget expired more than three months ago. time for a first check of the accuweather forecast. started cloudy today and turned out beautiful. >> nice looking week. let's go outside to meteorologist adam joseph with a check of the forever cast. feeling like fall and loving the sun when it comes out. >> with the sun the temperatures worked above normal this afternoon. feels pleasant out there. look at latest numbers in philadelphia. sitting at 74. 75 wilmington and 73 reading and the shore, last place to kind of rid themselves of cloud cover trying to recover from upper 60s to around 70 with
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light breeze. there's clouds from early this morning and clouds began to break up and as you can see within the last couple hours really evaporating in the moisture middle part of atmosphere. we're good to go here this evening and in fact it's a perfect evening if you want to hit a local playground, sunny and mild, light breeze. 5:00, temperatures at 73 and at 6:00 temperatures sliping a couple degrees to around 71. in that full accuweather forecast the 70s hanging on rest of the week and it will be wet end to week before temperatures slide over the upcoming weekend. i'll let you know how much rain to expect alicia and how cool the temps get saturday and sunday in the accuweather forecast. >> adam, thank you. it was a bittersweet today outside the basilica of saints peterer and paul as a beautiful public art display closed with interfaith policing the work of project h.o.m.e spent the past few weeks helping people find
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peace, hope and healing. it's about to have a grand new life and purpose. >> this was really a catalyst that brought people to prayer. to pray for each other and to share knots and struggles. >> more than 150,000 handwritten prayers, problems, intentions, tied with grace and hope at this very special public art installation. just outside the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> at some way i wish the grot owe could stay here. >> as taken down with care it does so with blessing of pope francis that made a special stop to pray for every burden and special wish. >> our prayers and hopes were answers and pope francis came here and blessed all of our knots and struggles. >> the knotted grot owe was a nod to one of pope frances favorite better oak paintings mary undoer of knots and message we need each other and our faith to loosen the knots that bind us. >> when he was young this was
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'de vacation that moved him. >> today is hardly end for knotted grot owe more like a beginning. physical structure itself the dome will have a new home at the brand new francis house of peace opening at 8 and arch in a few weeks. >> for people to go out and find peace and have time to reflect. >> and all of these intentions will be saved and used as insulation for a brand new project h.o.m.e facility on north broad street next year. >> these knots will keep many people warm for many years to come. and they'll be some glass so people can still read and pray for some of the knots too. >> beautiful use for that and today sister mary scolian from project h.o.m.e making an announce the the city francis fund in honor of the pope's visit to philadelphia raised $ $1.4 million. money that little help local people in need who are struggl struggling with hunger, homelessness, and poverty.
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brian. all right. alicia. thank you very much. we have breaking news out of north jersey now this is video from wabc helicopter there in north jersey showing incredible and huge tanker fire which is unfolding right now in carny new jersey on new jersey turnpike. carpe is norm of new york west of jersey city. this intention fire has several lanes northbound side shut down right now obviously well north of us. but if you talk about shut down anywhere on the new jersey turnpike bound to have ripple effects and ramifications. well, south of there as well. we'll continue to monitor this developing story. breaking news in carney, new jersey as "action news" continues today. but in the meantime, actor richard gere is coming back to philadelphia. but this time, it is not to film or promote a movie. instead, he'll accept the liberty medal on behalf of his life long from the dalai lama. the constitutional center made
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that announcement today. he had to cancel because of health. gear and several others will accept the 27 liberty medal in his place. october 26, tickets are free and limited and will be available starting on friday. and it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. let's get over to matt pellman. we're talking about the tanker fire in north jersey. but you mentioned, brian. >> got situations here as well matt in the "action news" traffic center keeping his eye on that. >> we always have situation ooz let's put the car in gear and get going on this wednesday afternoon, brian, alicia, this is 95. we're going slowly in both directions as you can see near allegheny avenue the northbound delay a little bit worse. it's almost a half hour from the vine through this point up to woodhaven. if there was no afternoon dela delay, which i know is hard to imagine, if there was not one the number would be 14 minutes. not this afternoon. heavy traffic 95. heavy traffic on schuylkill. have a crash on the off ramp from 76 westbound to university. that's off to the side. not really causing extra
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slowing there. and stevie wonder is in concert in south philadelphia tonight at 8:00. so going to see extra people headed for wells faring" center and if you're out and about in east coshun chester county watch for a crash route that's west chester pike chester hollow road and one along 352 to the south that cleared out. crash in cherry hill township shutting down king george road this afternoon between kingston and elkins road douglass drive an alternate. not bad so far. slowing on southbound side of 295 in normal busy spot and newcastle crash church man's road near airport road. let's grab the ipad commuter report hump day you. happy hump day. if you use ramp to connect schuylkill with route 1 roosevelt getting word of on jeingts on those ramps. watch for that and of course plenty of stand still traffic 76 it sale. we'll check it again brian and alicia coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you my friend. see you then. still ahead the news continues.
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more trouble in south carolina today and the problem forcing a new round of evacuations from the flooded region. >> and plus a group of russians selling terls through isis in order to make a sdirty bomb. the fbi says it's not just fear anymore. details on the scary thoughts they say they may stop from becoming a reality. >> and it's a landmark on the water front south philadelphia. one group says it could be gone bit end of the month. what they say will keep it to bit end of the month. what they say will keep it to float when we come
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>> police identified a woman found dead in hamilton township mercer county detectives say jessica prusik was victim of a homicide. somebody called and alerted them to her body in the park yesterday morning. police have not said how she was killed. nora muchanic is following this investigation and will have the late nest a live report coming up at 5:00.
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we also learn the name of a delaware woman found dead in a newcastle parking lot yesterda yesterday. police say the body of 2 23-year-old kimberly quaid from dover was discovered on a road between bjs wholesale club and newcastle farmers market. cause of death remains under investigation. police in easton euro broke up criminal rings tie todd russia trying to sell radioactive material. investigators say this have been working with fbi to catch men selling cesium and uranium. they have stocked at least four plots in the last five years and some sellers were specifically looking to do business with isis. >> setting a dirty bomb off in very dense area the legal of contamination could really be a big deal if nothing else have economic standpoint. >> now dirty bomb would not necessarily lead to mass casualties when it exploded and
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instead would contaminate the area with radioactivity for years. >> a robber walked away with a stack of cash from a center citibank today. the suspect was cap tawrd on security cameras at the rep bank on 1600 block of walnut street. he handed teller a note demanding money and put it in his backpack and walked out. now the fbi and philadelphia police consider him arld and dangerous. there may be a reward leading to his capture. >> the flooding in south carolina continues to get worse today as rising rivers overflow their banks. even though the days of devastating rains are over rivers are at historic levels. in southeastern part of that state the black river is 3 feet higher than ever recorded and when it overflowed it flooded town of king street. >> never experienced anything like this we're just going through it now hoping and praying god watches over us. >> now, at least 17 people died in the flooding. near columbia families are
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picking through soggy belongings and trying to salvage anything they can and more people being evacuated today near the beaver dam. officials say that dam could breach at any moment. >> to business now anheuser bush sweet end its offer to sab miller still not enough to get the deal done. they offered 104 billion to buy rival. but sab miller rejected that saying it's substantially under values the company. potential merger would create the biggest beer company in the world with 31% of global beer market. by comparison the second largest would be heinekin at 9 9%. analysts say regulators would likely force combined done sell off some of the brands in order to complete any potential deal. now, to a look at closing numbers on wall street and stocks looking good today. dow jones picking up 12 points all green arrows here with nasdaq gaining 43 points and s&p 500 closing 16 points up on
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the day. and united auto workers union could go on strike tonight against fiat chrysler the union gave the company a strike notice yesterday. and in a letter posted on the web site it says it will end its contract with the fiat chrysler 11:59 tonight the union rejected tentative agreement last week. members want to change the pay structure as well as get a more specific guarantee of new vehicles for u.s. factoryes. both sides say talks are ongoing. >> historic cruise ship docked in south philadelphia could be sold for scrap metal by end of this month. the group trying to save the ss united states say expenses have become unsustainable they don't get infusion of cash that ship will go to scrap heap end of october and non profit ss united states conserve answery wants to urn it theship into a museum and they need more than 60,000 each month to keep their
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plan float. >> time you fo r for a check of the accuweather forecast. the sun finally game and peaked out today. >> yes. >> getting nice and sunny. >> adam said it would happen and indeed it did. he's standing by live on what we can expect next, adam. >> those temperatures skyrocketing this afternoon. taking a live look out at sky6 lake wall pal pack. bright blue sky and watt airport color developing in the poconos and also some of the boats they've got shrink wrap on already. you know that means winter is not far away. but doesn't feel like it whatsoever. 71 in lehigh valley right now. 73 reading. 74 philadelphia. wilmington 75. at the shore the last location to find of pop that sun back out so trying to boost temperatures cape may 68 and beach haven sitting at 71. high temperature so far today pretty warm. across much of country, st. louis, 74. cincinnati, ohio valley,
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tennessee valley, in the 80s now. memphis 86 near 90 new orleans and down the pike in raleigh coming in at 80 for a high today. as we look at satellite we had a lot of cloud cover early on today. you may have thought where is the sun. it comes back from northwest to south and east. high pressure trying to come i in. there's a weak fronts just north near binghamton and that front slides through tonight and it really will not bring anything more than a couple clouds. this evening we have rocket lawn of over in virginia at nassau wallops and it will lift off in the air and it's a sounding rocket between 7 and 9. there's no specific time. it's in a two hour window. i'll be visible 2 to 4 minutes after launch and look into southern horizon. clear sky. what you will see is not so much of a trail but you may see a cloud 130 miles in air that takes on blue, green or reddish tint. something you may want to check
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out f are you on naws asight you may want to see when they launch it. stars tonight, comfortable, 55 on boardwalk. not bad and tomorrow, as we look at lunchtime, clouds and sunshine, temperatures overall in the 60s and as we get to afternoon tomorrow, clouds will try to win out especially south and east because of wind trying to wrap in off the water. overall splashes of sun and temperatures once again going into the low 70s for most. your four day at four forecast sun and cloud tomorrow. stepping down behind the front tonight and showers developing friday afternoon right now tenth to quarter of inch on average. not a lot of rain. enough to get the roadways wet for evening rush friday and it's 79 warm de agrees and breezy cooler behind saturday at 66. very pleasant and sunny and as we go back to 70 on sunday and then we'll turn warmer as we get to next week that 7 day in the next half hour. >> perfect.
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>> adam, thanks very much. still ahead, leaders in one south jersey town announce a new program to help battle drug addiction in tractor-trailer community. >> and coming up 4:0 she was abducted, beaten and then left in a cemetery. today the case against the people responsible dime today the case against the people responsible dime unexpected ending.
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>> police officers from south jersey were honored today for saving lives using narcan to reverse heroin overdoses. officers accept add wards during the ceremony. the county addiction task force announced the first of its kind initiative in new jersey called operation save a life and it will pay for drug treatment for addicts revived by narcan it will benefit 50 people with support of county funds and community grants. >> montgomery county sheriff's office cracked down on dead beat parents overnight. the action cam was in
4:26 pm
norristown as officers led defendants into court before 7:00 this morning and they rounded up 11 people although targeting 35. this morning's raids went all over county including lansdale, lower merion and abington. >> and getting a job after college can be a pretty stressful and daunting task and today students at rutgers camden campus got a little help. school annual fall career day was held in multi-purpose room and representatives from more than 60 companies there were there to meets with students and it provided them an opportunity to network and hand resumes. >> cheltenham elementary school got exercise in today. police department led them on i walk around the building tonight to celebrate international walk to school day. students stretched before the walk and had healthy snack afterwards and learned about the importance of being active. >> like a little group yoga. >> nice day to get out there and do walking.
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>> no question. >> beautiful day out there. >> much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" including live report on murder case against legendary former pro wrestler why jim jury super fly snuka waived his preliminary hearing today. >> and one day this virginia child was happily attending kindergarten and next out. what her birthday had to do with abrupt exit. that's coming up in big with abrupt exit. that's coming up in big talkers.
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>> she says her disease does not de type her and her current look should not define her. >> i don't want a picture of my seevl sick for the next four years. >> but that's exactly what this breast cancer patient got. why the new jersey motorcycle commission would not let her use a past photo and what she's doing now to protect other patients from future humiliation. >> and these little girls only met this past weekend and their bond already goes deeper than friendship. the reason, they're actually sisters separated as embryos. we'll detail the unorthodox adoption ahead. >> and we begin here at 4:30 in lehigh valley where former pro wrestler is engaged in battle
4:30 pm
of his life. and this is how many of us remember wwe legend jimmy super fly snuka. this is how he looked today to walk into a courtroom fighting for his freedom instead of a belt. live ininen town with the latest on his murder case, walter. >> brian, during today's hearing jim jury snuka defense team waived his preliminary hearing in exchange for transcripts of grand jury testimony that resulted in charges filed against the former pro wrestler. super fly as he was known was in court today and now 72-year-old suspect did not look well. jimmy super fly snuka arrived at lehigh county courthouse arriving frail and gaunt and wearing a suit that looked a few sizes too big. despite appearances the former pro wrestler is looking for ward to have his day in court. >> he's not dreading this trial he's looking forward to clearing his name and i expect he will be found innocent of
4:31 pm
all charges. >> snuk ais charged with third degree murder and involuntary slaughter in result of his death of his girlfriend in 198 1983. after cleared of criminal charges 32 years ago a grand jury looked at the case in 2013 in light of new evidence. and evidence that includes super fly's recent autobiography where he describes his behavior in 198 as a little crazy due primarily to use of alcohol, steroids and cocaine. in the end the grand jury investigation ales jim jury snuka repeatedly assaulted argentina inside the george washington motor lodge and left her in the room to die. snuka defense team says the death was an accident she hid her dead during horseplay and authority where notified and client was innocent. >> when this case as their owely investigated by the daes office this da's office they decided there was no crime committed. 0 years does not change that.
4:32 pm
>> snuka who has stomach cancer did under go radiation and kill do chemotherapy. his arraignment should begin next month and trial after the new year coming up. reporting from allentown, walter perez, "channel 6 action news," brian. >> walter, thanks very much. and two men that kidnapped and tortured a center city squul write store employee could spend the rest of their lives behind bars. the two pleaded guilty to all charges in federal court today. authorities say shaheed. beauty and another man kyree gay abducted a 53-year-old woman as she left her job jeweler's row in april and the woman was beaten and shocked with a stun gun in order to get the code to store safe. the trio dumped her at a cemetery when she could not provide it. bouy and shaheed face life in prison and gay pled guilty and is cooperating with prosecutor
4:33 pm
prosecutors. >> if you plan to take the new jersey turnpike tonight you should expect hefty delays because of this inferno still burning near mile marker 110 carney and i a tanker caught fire sending flames and mrumz of black smoke high into the sky. police closed two lanes of turnpike as firefighters battle the blaze burning near carney just near newark. we're waiting to hear details on injuries an a cause. philadelphia police are looking for a driver that crashed into a septa bus early this morning and then took off. it happened roosevelt boulevard in feltonville before 1 a.m. and witnesses say suv slammed into bus and parked car and then fled the scene. medics were called to evaluate the passengers on the bus and nobody was transported. >> student at abington high school got a real life civics lesson today. the action cam was there as dozens of people swore their oaths as new american citizens this morning and right there to
4:34 pm
watch students from abington civics and government class. of course it was more than a teachable moment it was memorable for this group of new americans whose friend and family were on hand ton congratulate them on this huge accomplishment in their lives. >> so wonderful. >> yeah. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast we like what we see. >> yeah and it will repeat itself again tomorrow and change friday and over the weekend. but it's not a big deal coming at the end of the weekend xing as we look right now live on sky6 from philadelphia international airport overlooking center city sky line and 95. smooth sailing winds out of the north 8 miles an hour and lots of sunshine and warm temperature 77 degrees and honeybrook, chester county, hard to find a cloud here. 73. dew point 51 the norm westerly winds 10 miles an hour and pressure 30 on the nose and cape may down the shore is the last location to break out into that full sunshine. and 68 degrees. dew point nice at 59. winds out of north, northwest
4:35 pm
at 7 and with that ocean coming in at 65 degrees. there's changes going to the 7 day forecast to iron it all out for you coming up in a bit with the-day guys. >> adam, thank you. >> thanks adam. >> five north philadelphia families will become homeowners thanks in part to a big donation. think of america presented habitat for humanity with $50u,000 grant this morning and houses are under construction at the very moment. one will be ready by end of month and other four should be completed by end of year. now along with the big check, big volunteers donated time today helping to build the homes called hope village. >> grammy nominated singer kathy nrej provided entertainment at this celebration of diversity today in center city. the group phl diversity recognized leaders that bring multi-cultural meeting and conventions to philadelphia and honorees included mayor nutter and former governor ed rendell
4:36 pm
he spoke of how philadelphia beat out other committees to host the democratic national convention last year. >> people were treat toyed afree lunchtime concert at rutgers camden campus today. ♪ how is that for it relatching. performed as part of concert series presented by department of fine arts. these free shows will continue with a different musician every wednesday through december 2. >> and one of cape may, new jersey, historic homes is all decked out for halloween and ready to give you a look insid inside. check it out. the cherry house in the 60 0 block of hughes street is giving private tours at a home. ten people at a time cannot only see the decorations but also learn about the home's rich history and mid-atlantic center for arts and humanitys is sponsoring the event. >> and still ahead on wednesday afternoon misdemeanor a true medical mystery what doctors
4:37 pm
are saying about a 1-year-old girl that sneezings 12,000 time every day. >> wow. >> wow. >> plus talk about a crime waff a suspect decides to try it luck going off roading when cornered by police. we bet you can guess how this ends up. >> meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4 continues next.
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>> breaking news chopper6hd a nasty crash two people injured and this crash happening 4:00 this afternoon norway com and charter streets in northeast philadelphia. police say the two vehicles collided and you can see from the video two people from aria torresdale. you can see the black truck there really colliding into the
4:40 pm
car. no word on extend of injuries and following breaking news this afternoon. and we have a melth alert this afternoon and flu shots. it's that time of year when everybody is getting them and patients in one new jersey clinic were recently alarmed to find out how one nurse administered that vaccine. monica malpass live in the newsroom with somewhat startl startling details on this monica. >> that's right brian officials di cover a nurse giving vax eachs was actually reusing the same syringe between patients if you can imagine total wellness was alerted the nurse they contracted to administer the shots to employees of pharmaceutical company failed to follow proper medical procedures. ali gorman will explain what the nurse did and risk that comes with it and also how those affect ready now being helped. we'll have that story for new "healthcheck" and apparent mix-up with after- school235 facility left two toddler
4:41 pm
brothers walking home alone for several blocks. they're age three and four. sarah bloomquist will be live with that story. we'll have that and much more coming up on "action news" at 5. alicia. >> monica thank you workers at oregon sun way are praising hero today and we are not talking about a sandwich. take a look at man in blas baseball cap inching to another person at the counts are you see that man avid jones punch the other guy from behind starting all ought brawlch the man in hooded sweatshirt was robbing sandwich shop. after exchanging a few blows jones manages to scare the suspect away chasing him out of the door and stolen cash in hand. jones was able to recover $40 from the robber before he lost him. >> to australia and suspected car thief that didn't know when to call it quits. instead of surrendering to police when realizing he had no place to run check it out the bandit decided to drive into
4:42 pm
the ocean. the suspect did not by the way get away. if you can believe it. instead police officers were forced to rescue him from the roof of the sinking suv and ending the two hour chase peacefully but we cannot say brilliantly on the part of guy that drove into the ocean. >> good plan there sir. >> on "healthcheck" at 4 doctors trying owe get to bottom of medical mystery in texas. get this the patient a 12-year-old girl that cannot stop sneezing [ sneezing ]. >> we did not loop that. that sound is becoming painfu painfully familiar to caityln thornily the 7th grader averaging 20 sneezings per minute for the last three weeks. she has seen six doctors so far and none knows exactly what is causing this and sense the problem developed she had to stop going to classes. >> this has taken a huge toll on my life.
4:43 pm
and i want nothing more than for this to end. i just want it to be gone for good. >> oh, my-, doctors ruled out allergies or virus. some are referring to her condition as atic possibly triggered by something in her brain. >> poor thing i hope they figure that out soon. >> new jersey womb says gating a new driver's license has turned into emotional fight for humility and dignity. you see, joanne of neptune city is undergoing chemotherapy for stage two breast cancer and it's taken a toll on her owe motion alley and physically so she asked the motorcycle commission if she could use her old photo with long blonde hai hair. hair that she has now lost because of chemo. she was told no the rules are rules you have to take a new picture. then she had to beg to wear a scarf over her head for new photo she was forced to take. >> i don't want to have a picture of myself sick for the
4:44 pm
next four years. i started to cry. and i'm crying in the picture. >> the managers say they're following state law and that everyone must get a new picture every eight years. she is now fighting to change that policy. >> and this is 5-year-old aminah during lamb a kindergartner in virginia. she was a kindergartner until kicked out. not because she didn't make the grade but because she didn't make the birthday cutoff. >> we noticed the man's birthday is not until the end of month and she was not able to start school and we're going to withdrawal her today. >> that was the callle durhams received after aminah and si siblees were on way to school. she missed cutoff for a month but was already in school for a month before they figured it out. mom says she provided birth certificate and the school says there's nothing they can do now. leaving a now dispointed little
4:45 pm
girl that has to now wait until next year to get back on the bus and back to class. and finally, a most beautiful story out of ohio. two biological sisters separated as embryos are reunited. 10-year-old jamie is daughter of allison and only to binozi who got pregnant using ivf and decided to give their unused embryos up for adoption. the joseph family was also having trouble conceiving and had their baby girl piper, who is now 9 years old, louising one of those adopted embryos. and two miracle babies connected by biology not birth sharing a special bond. >> they have an snabt kx you would never know that they did not know each other for the first ten years or nine years. >> we do act like sisters. we do argue sometimes. >> yeah. >> and big yeah there right. the josephs say they're eterna
4:46 pm
eternally grateful to binazis and urge every couple with frozen embryos they are not going to use to consider giving them up for adoption. two sisters shareing a unique story. >> incredible that sibling sglond greater than -- >> ten years lightser you manage to argue. >> you got it. >> alicia, thank you very much. let's get a check on the roads. matt pellman at the traffic september were an update for us this arrange. >> no arguing with the weather this afternoon. it's certainly beautiful. bright sunshine is giving sun glare delays in the normal spots like along 95 delco and southbound lanes backing up from this point ridley park on down towards 320 and 95 through great northeast normal afternoon delays speeds in teens and normal delays on schuylkill and crash on off ramp to university avenue. it's off to the side not causing extra heavy delay. having trouble with traffic lights in kensington armingo and york they're flashing.
4:47 pm
there take it easy if you head through that intersection and as we showed you from chopper6hd have a crash in northeast philadelphia along charter at norway com road couple vehicles involved and injuries as well and comly road and roosevelt route 1 would be better than charter and norway com we're watching a crash in doylestown 611 righton road by the uno pizzeria grill and dwayne road by doylestown pizzeria they know where all of them are. watch for a crash as well east coshun west chester pike chester hollow road and east follow field to avoid along west chester road at callon road and a house fire along 8th avenue near bridge street. one more accident aidentify areed harm ha any road luther drive. we'll check it again brian and alicia in the next half hour. >> your pizza knowledge is second to none. >> he's a wealth of only the most important information. >> that's it. >> adam joseph after the
4:48 pm
>> adam joseph after the exclusive accuweather 67 day forecast coming up exclusive accuweather 67 day people of the coffee-drinking world,
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sxwlv all right now meteorologist adam joseph and winning weather streak continues. >> that is does 70s around here and sticks around a couple days before they slide a little over the weekend. action cam the perfect place to be down the shore and cape may you can see in the back bays beautiful blue sky above and this weekend although it will be cool the warm will cooperate. if you know someone with a boat ask them to head on out to the on waters of the sea this saturday and surprised. as we look at double scan radar around the region all is quiet despite clouds in the front end of day today and now nothing but sunshine. as they mentioned 70s back after a cool month and temperatures running close to 4 degrees below normal for the month so far highs in 50s and 6
4:51 pm
owes up until yesterday when when he hit 7 a. so far 7 todaych the normal is 70. we were well below the normal and finally kicking back above. look agent nuns 69 quakertown and 7 1 warrington and st. st. david 79 and martins creek 70, 72 and hockessin delaware 72. trying to play catchup at the shore with cloud cover that departed later than areas inland around 66 to 68. there's a cold front north syracuse, burlington, right on u.s. canadian border passing through overnight overall comes through dry. a couple clouds overnight and stars are really going to win out and comfortable. temperatures above normal this time of year at night. 49 suburbs to around 6 in center city with wind shifting out of another and high pressure anchored in new
4:52 pm
england tomorrow and that sends easterly wind. we have on shore wind here for thursday at the shore. partly sunny, still above norm at 7 degrees and then this next system comes through and has a little more energy with it and little more juice so to speak in afternoon showers develop with temperature very warm at 79 degrees. for tomorrow we start around 57 at 8:00 and again we see cloud cover at times and temperature climbing to 70 degrees and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast warm on friday and maybe a touch humid ahead of front with showers developing and maybe quick heavy downpour in the afternoon and behind it breezy and cooler on saturday and 66 degrees with morning clouds. and then on sunday for eagles at the linc, 1:00 kickoff, 54 for kickoff and beautiful second half of weekend with full sunshine and very warm and bright ghoen up to 74 degrees and staying warm tuesday of 70
4:53 pm
and not bad on wednesday, 68 with sun and clouds. only one wet day and really not the whole day friday just a few hours in the afternoon otherwise looking good as we set up third week of october. >> second. >> second. >> it's on the second. >> and columbus day parade coming up this sunday. >> will be a good day for it. >> appreciate the good weather. >> will be a good day for it. >> appreciate the good weather. why are teens sorng yaitsed for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim
4:54 pm
they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
4:55 pm
>> teens and social media if you wonder this they border own addiction hundreds allowed cnn to see social media feeds and saying yes they're pretty much addicted to following each other. numbers over a six-month
4:56 pm
period. 13 years commented or posted more than 87,000 times on instagram. nearly 26,000 times on twitter and 12,000 times on facebook. one third of them saying they check social media more than 25 times a day on typical weekend. so, why do they do it? well 80% say they're bored. 71% say they want to connect with friends. 61% say they want to see if their posts are getting likes and comment and 21% want to make sure no one is saying mean things about them. cnn says most critical finding is almost all of the parents of those teens 94% say they underestimated the amount of fighting that happens on social media. the take away, teens benefit from parents who monitor social media activities because it can help them ease stress it did cause and then it's important for parents to remind kids counting likes and keeping score is not healthy.
4:57 pm
brian there was a bright spot. 40% said it actually made them feel good and it can be a good way to feel supported for positive leadership. so, interesting numbers. yeah it can ab diction. >> certainly can be. one to watch. alicia thank you very much. that will do it for "action news" at 4. sharee williamsen alicia vitareli, and adam joseph, i'm brian taff hope to see you 10:00 tonight. "action news" at 5 coming up next. kling
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> loved ones after a woman found murdered in hamilton township are in shock top the body of a victim was found yesterday add a park and no one seems to know how this could have happened. wednesday night aunt big store by dr. on "action news" is the investigation into the murder of a 38-year-old wife and mother. >> new jersey core spend spond enter nora muchanic nor liver where the victim's body was found. you have the full story nora. >> monica, who killed jessica prusik and why and police and detectives are trying it figure out and investigate this murder. authorities are not sharing
5:00 pm
many details about the ill kil killing and those close to her are desperate to find out what happened. >> she was a good person. and she doesn't deserve this. she deposit deserve this at al all. she didn't. >> mary hernandez is be side herself with dpreev afterlering the body found in hamilton yesterday was best friend and someone she's known since middle school. 38-year-old jessica a wife and mother who hernandez says has two biological children and five step children. >> she was a good person and good mom and good friend. she was a good wife. >> hernandez tied a note and lillys to a piling at the park in honor of her friend. littleryes were her favorite flower. prusik's body was discovered tuesday morning in weeded area near spring lake an autopsy determined her damage a homicide. but mercer county prosecutors office will not say how she was killed. it's unnerving for those that freak wentz the park. >> i take him here all the time


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