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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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many details about the ill killing and those close to her are desperate to find out what happened. >> she was a good person. and she doesn't deserve this. she deposit deserve this at al all. she didn't. >> mary hernandez is be side herself with dpreev afterlering the body found in hamilton yesterday was best friend and someone she's known since middle school. 38-year-old jessica a wife and mother who hernandez says has two biological children and five step children. >> she was a good person and good mom and good friend. she was a good wife. >> hernandez tied a note and lillys to a piling at the park in honor of her friend. littleryes were her favorite flower. prusik's body was discovered tuesday morning in weeded area near spring lake an autopsy determined her damage a homicide. but mercer county prosecutors office will not say how she was killed. it's unnerving for those that freak wentz the park. >> i take him here all the time and i had no clue this was
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where they found the body. i thought it was on the other side of the lake. finding out something happened so close to my dad's house i hate it. >> prusik say they moved into a house hollywood avenue a month ago and nobody would comment today. >> i feel so bad i'm almost in tears this is our neighborhood and i love the neighborhood. >> while police search for killer mary hernandez is remembering her friend as rock of her family who took care of her husband as he battled cancer. >> i wish i knew something. i don't know anything. >> the investigation is continuing. anyone with information is asked to call police. live in hamilton township i'm nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news." >> monica. >> mank you, nora. >> we're learning more about the victim of yesterday's early morning murder in philadelphia's logan section. kiesha jenkins was attacked 2:30 yesterday morning after
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getting out of a car. kiesha was beaten to the ground and shot twice in the back. according to family the victim led a double life. stefan by day and kiesha by night. neighbors near the crime scene told "action news" the area is popular for transgender prostitutes. she was a high earner and they believe they targeted her for cash not because of hate crime. >> a student is in custody after a gun square locked down a philadelphia high school this morning. police got a it a student at the martin luther king high school in west oak lane may have had a stolen handgun. officials said a specific threat was never made and lockdown was done out of abundance of caution. chopper 6 was over the fern rock transportation septemberer where the student was taken into custody without a gun. today's scare of course came one day after a lockdown at the community college of philadelphia and the person detained in that case was released without charges. >> to south carolina now where a threat of flooding remains in
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place. swalen rivers from the historic weekend land fall are making their way to atlantic. "abc news" reporter elizabeth herr is there where they're preparing for at around of flooding. >> monica good evening to you. officials say there could be more evacuations here in the next 4 hours. knowing this crews are scattered throughout the area here reinforcing canals and dams already compromised. >> and the rain may be gone. but south carolina is still reeling. >> this is not over yet but we need to continue our prayers. >> prayers for residents including those in town of king street where after the weekends deluge who man that i that lost so much are being warned to prepare for more evacuations and flooding. >> i never experienced anything like this. i hope and pray god watches over us. >> meanwhile in charleston this new mom is counting her lucky stars she was rescued in a
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canoe and taken to the hospital to deliver her baby boy. >> i was happy and scared at the same time i won't have another kid for about another 40 years. >> in the capital city of columbia crews are work around the clock filling sink holes and building rock dams and dropping sandbags to stabilize and repair the breached canals and dams and this as authorit authorities continue to closely monitor several rivers at or near flood stage and still rising. with some 400 roads and bridges already closed. >> this is a situation where if that road is closed it's closed because we're trying to protect you. it's closed because we're trying to do this for safety. police don't make us for that reason have to come back here and tell you the fatality numbers have gone up. >> well here at the columbia canal we're told sandbagging will continue until all 750 bags each weighing a ton are all in place. this as it turns out is one of
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two areas of immediate concerns for officials today. that is the latest live in columbia south carolina i'm elizabeth herr "channel 6 action news." >> thank you elizabeth. coastguard plans to end its search for sunken cargo ship at sunset. on route from florida to puerto rico when hit by hurricane joaquin. according to officials the shi ship's captain planned to steer around the storm by an unexplained engine failure that left the ship adrift. 33 people were on board at the time. so far no survivors have been sglound pack here philadelphia police honored a hero for his sacrifice today. a plaque honoring sergeant robert wilson the third was sded indicated outside the 22 district. he was killed in gun battle with robbers inside of gamestop last march. wilson's best friend and fellow officer michael rivera was overcome with emotion when he spoke at today's ceremony. >> he gives me the courage to be funny and on my heart and
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share with you the legend of a man he was in the end we got each other at the hardest times. >> wilson is survived by his grandmother and two sons. what appears to be a terrible accident after school mix-up left two siblings walking several problems auto loan and the children's father was stunned when his little 3-year-old and 4-year-old boys showed up at the front door alone. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is here with the story. things are unclear about this. >> reporter: yeah, monica. it in unclear exactly what happened here monday afternoon the school district is investigating. we know these two little boys brothers age 3 and 4 walked home alone at a time they were supposed to be at after school daycare. you better believe their
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parents want answers. >> i fwrawkd myself. >> 4-year-old testify inwhitehead is a brave little boy monday after school he held his brother's hand tightly and the two walked home alone from school more than half a mile crossing busy streets along the way. >> how did you know the red lights and green lights. >> the red means stop and green means go. >> kevin senior was shocked when the door bell rang and they were on the door step. >> they said to me daddy we walked home. i looked left being, i looked right and looking all around to see did they really walk home? by themselves. >> the boys attend the pre k program worcester elementary after school they get picked up by church daycare. when that employee arrived for pickup the boys were nor to be found on school property. >> it was a mix-up. i'm wondering why how did they lose a 3 and 4-year-old. >> turns out the whitehead boys got in line with boys and girls
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club kids and left with that group. what happened next in unclear. the boys and girls club says its employee brought the kids back to the school. the district says by this time school employees had called police. they war frantically looking for the children and never saw them come back to the school. >> when you brought my kids back did you take my kids inside the school. did you take them to the principle? >> the next anyone can account for the kids they were on the door step of their own home problems away. luckily safe and sound. >> this should not happen at all. this should not happen. >> and now initially the boys and girls club told us that their employee may have been watching the other children in the group and could only walk the whitehead boys back so far. they said there was investigation and they were checking for surveillance and they since backed off that initial statement and only emphasized that the boys are not members of their club. and the school district says it is strengthening policies and procedures while its own investigation is underway. live in german toub.
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i'm sarah bloomquist, "channel 6 action news". >> wow, all right. thank you, sarah. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. >> all right. let's go live to matt pellman and "action news" traffic center what is going on tonight. >> hi, happy hump day to you rick and monica. we've seen worst afternoons. do not fear. there's plenty of traffic between the roosevelt and montgomery drive. delays in both directions. still nasty crash that injured a few people in northeast philadelphia along charter road at yorcum road stick with calmly and the boulevard. in bristol, bucks county, across the river there's one in burlington high street at 9th street and willingboro along 130 van skiber parkway watch for a wreck there. had a csh earlier this afternoon cherry hill. past route 70. they got to pushed to left shoulder. speeds looking like 6 miles an hour south of 3 on 25 and we
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have emergency roadwork in couple spots on route 3 in pal my ray southbound off the tacony palmyra grim and second is in per lynn southbound 7 right lane also blocked there and magnolia for the wawa watch for a crash eavesham avenue. warwick road. >> we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you, matt. >> folk in mercer country were alerted the flu shot they got may be wrongly administered. awe a nurse reused same sir inonly multiple patients. >> lots of season shine. mild temperatures. i'm tracking showers on the wa way. i'll have details on timing in the accuweather forecast. rick. >> cecily. that and more when "action news" at 5 continues any momen moment. news" at 5 continues any momen moment. stay with us
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ññ >> today the camden county free holder board announced operation save a life.
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to help with the road owe to recover question provides detox and treatment services to anyone who has survived an overdose leaders say it's the first program of its kind in the country and will start next month. a number of first responders were hon odd for using the drug nacan to save lives of overdosed patients. >> a flu shot clinic continues in bellmar camden country. you can head to bellmar fire hall lewis lane until 6:0 and flu shots are recommended for everyone of course and especially for those in high risk categories like senior citizens, pregnant women and those chronically ill. once again camden county residents can get a flu shot bellmar fire hall until 6:0 tonight. >> speaking of "healthcheck" and 60 people in mercer county are on alert saying a nurse that gave flew shots were reusing same syringe between patients. >> obviously this is not protocol. ki show you a little of what
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was happening. the nurse was changing the needle and using same syringe and concern is if flood from one patients got into the syringe it could be passed to another patient. >> right. >> so those people will now be tested. >> three blood tests were offered at the west windsor trp senior center to dozens of employ ooz at suka pharmaceuticals. total wellness was alerted a nurse they contracted to administer flu shots to employees of pharmaceutical company failed to follow proper medical procedures. it is reported that needles were changed between patients ander is inth was refused mutt pl times and new jersey department of health say risk for infection is low and out after bund answer of caution they and cdc recommend testing for hepatitis b and c and hiv. >> and the department says the majority of employees affected have been contacted. and they're working to notify
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all 67 who could be at risk. total wellness is working with the health department. a statement from president reads we take full responsibility and sincerest apologies go out to those affected by this terrible even event. >> something like this is extremely rare. one way to make sure it doesn't happen to you is to watch the nurse as they prepare your flu shot. you want to make sure they're use ago new needle. new syringe and alcohol swab and it should not scare other people from getting a flu shot. it's your best protection against the flu. department of nursing is looking in this and that nurse no longer works for total wellness. >> thank you, ali. students in new jersey celebrated a week of respect and today's lesson was respecting their own body. ♪ 500 students hit the blacktop for heart pumping workout and
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learned about staying in shape with call stenics and races all led gi gym teachers and having fun. >> salvation army marking 150 years of service to those in need around the blobe and charity held a luncheon at the crystal tea room toll honor the work the sharty fixed over the last year. some from the he nonbaptist tabernacle church received awards for their work and they can make donations through a awards for their work and they can make donations through a text message.
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>> new a fordable energy he firnt homes are ready for families to move into in north philadelphia. city leaders made the official ribbon cutting opening happening today. the ten unit development was once a vacant lot here at 16 and master and the next space will have city park with rain guard epz and storm water management. designers spent the day transferring part of chinatown and interactive design passenger way. starting tomorrow the four day design philadelphia festival will kickoff here and they have a sneak peek in 1100 block of
5:21 pm
pearl it includes passenger event and hundreds aof event around the city as well. a creative play by architects, design aernz artists it's free. >> college students in camden were putting best foot forward along with resumes and dozens arrived on campus today this was annual fall career day at rutgers camden and more than 60 employers turned out to meet with students and discuss possible job and internship opportunities including business and marketing and today's jab fair became an annual event every fall on campus. >> sounds cool. all right. up next at 5 that accuweather forecast whipping checked. >> and sky6hd at the jersey shore it's a nice evening in atlantic city. meteorologist cecily tynan will have details from accuweather meteorologist cecily tynan will have details from accuweather when we come right back
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time for accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan is standing by with a nice picture behind you of the ben franklin bridge and. >> you know the weather is nice when rick williams does not complain. >> i want to hear the forecast first. >> you may complain afterwards. >> exactly. >> it will not stay quite this beautiful. live on sky6 looking at the ben franklin bridge and blue skies and sun sheen we wake up with clouds this morning and high pressure brings us sunshine and
5:25 pm
yet another unseasonably warm day. 75 for philadelphia and right at 70 normal high this time of year. definitely warm side. wilmington 75. allentown 70. millville 7. trenton 72 and cape may currently little cooler 68. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing clouds this morning sending out very quickly -- thinking out very quickly. we have a broad area of high pressure that is diving down from canada and we'll keep our skies clear today and bring us more sunshine tomorrow. this is really great timing because tonight 7:07 to 7:12 look to southeast virginia look south and that's rocket launch from wells island virginia. launch window is on until 9:00. if there's already delays it's scheduled for 7:07. will be visible 2 to 4 minute after launch and you'll see red, blue and green lights and sky conditions are spectacular.
5:26 pm
hopefully i'll have video of pictures poblingted on my facebook page later on tonight. the call from accuweather for tonight lots of stars comfortably cool. 56 in philadelphia. allentown dropping into the 40 40s. 49 degrees. reading 50. trenton 5. millville 51 and cape may 56 degrees. the next time we'll need umbrellas will be friday. friday afternoon and friday evening future tracker showing a cold front moving in around 4bg and line of showers maybe a rumble of thunder and continuing to friday night. good news is it's out of here in time for saturday morning. clouds getting way to afternoon sun sheen and cooler behind that front. five-day at five showing tomorrow nice day mixture of sun and clouds not as warm today mild side 673 and on friday a head of cold front temperatures spike near 80. 79 in philadelphia. increasing clouds. showers in afternoon and evening. and saturday dries out breezy and cooler for any football games. 66 degrees. sunday for eagles game looking
5:27 pm
really nice. 70. and monday is holiday. columbus day. also flyers home-opener. so if you tailgate it's going to be beautiful. 74. bright sunshine. how long can we keep beautiful weather next week we'll have that answer in the 7 day forecast. >> not much to complain about. >> not really no it could be cool saturday. >> always something. >> thank you cecily. >> all right. and there's much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5. delaware detectives announced new details of a woman's pod yeah that was found in a newcastle parking lot. >> and dozens of parents are hauled away in handcuff in montgomery countsy and we'll explain why. >> time may be hundred running out for a piece of history along the delaware river. >> those storyyes and more when "action news" comes right >> those storyyes and more when "action news" comes right back
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>> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. philadelphia leaders are taking a bold approach trying to fix a philadelphia school district constant cash flow problems and we're live with details. and employees at delaware legislative hall are forced out
5:30 pm
by a fast-moving fire and fbi is now keeping a very close eye on a growing trend in middle east. weapons grade nuclear material sold on black market to extremist groups. >> and now the details. philadelphia city leaders and school officials announced ambitious plan to get city schools back on track following years of deep budget cuts and widespread layoffs. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live outside school administration building in spring garden with more on today's announce itment. vern. >> rick being some are calling it historic day. for many years now considerable tension with city council and philadelphia school district and now it appears peace is finally at hand [ applause ]. >> it is city counsel and school district sign agreement setting up fiscal oversight board. schools opened on time september and money shortages as usual are there and now city council will have more power to
5:31 pm
monitor and have input into how the school board handles its resources and city hall has been raising taxes year after year to get the cools afloat and demanded more access to financial books and have it in exchange for council forking over 25 million right away. >> this is out of format and will provide information. significant information about the fiscal side of the operation. we're about the money. i don't want to tell dr. hite how to run the schools. >> and it's for counsel to have this information nort to make decision about revenue and think that's really important. >> but district students are in peril. caught up in partisan politics of harrisburg. budget impasse between governor wolf and republican dominated assembly has 400 million state fundz in state capital and tax increase lab to provide more. by end of month the school district will be hurting and
5:32 pm
they're nerve you us already. >> we're negotiate indicating with vendors and we're talking about individuals that we have to pay and talking about how we reduce those payments and all those things allow us to go a little longer. >> well the lay of the land in harrisburg is not good and the longer that budget impasse goes in harrisburg the more nervous philadelphia school district officials will get. live in spring garden. i'm vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you vernon. philadelphia police and fbi are now look fog ar thief that targeted septemberer city bank this morning and investigators released this these surveillance pictures taken in the first republic bank 1600 block of walnut. the suspect hand aid tell to -- note to keller for cash and it's not clear if he use aid weapon during the hite and the detectives consider him armed and dangerous. >> search is on for a driver that ran away after crashing
5:33 pm
into a septa bus and parked car early this morning this the scene along the roosevelt rising sun avenue in feltonville. witnesses told police the driver seemingly came out of nowhere and then got out and ran following the crash. and medics evaluated several passengers on the bus and fortunately no one was injured. >> we have update to a story "action news" brought to you 5:30. delaware investigators identified the woman whose body was found in middle of newcastle parking lot. kimberly quaid of dover. quite was discovered on a road between bj wholesale club and newcastle farmer market and cause of her death is under investigation tonight. >> and also from our delaware newsroom a fire forced everyone out of legislative hall today in dover and started just before 2 oovrments 30 this afternoon and firefighters say they saw smoke coming from top floor and crews found flames in thirds floor penthouse and attic areas. fire marshall said a generator
5:34 pm
in the basement and second floor caught fire. the butting was evacuated and two people were treated for smoke inhalation. him lateive hall will be closed tomorrow for cleanup. >> in montgomery county eight men and three women were taken into dust ki for allegedly failing to pay child support. they targeted suspects across the country the 11 suspect owed nearly fr 12,000 in child support for 18 children. authorities are looking for 21 other men and women delinquent. one offul's historic shifts could be headed for the scrap heap soon if more donations don't come in and ss united states conserve answery september urgent message to supporters today that it cannot mrai pay bills anymore it needs 60,000 a month additionally. they hired a broke to avoid selling shift to the metal recycleler. it is fastest ocean liner in the world and holds trans-atlantic speed record.
5:35 pm
>> now it a growing earn can overseas a thriving plaque market that sells nuclear materials to the highest bidde bidder. many experts fear middle eastern extremist groups like isis may be trying to buy the material to develop their own dirty bonds. bazi kanin more on that. >> investigators in maldov aare speaking out about a problem in their country the most recent arrest in february involving a criminal gang with ties to russia. police raid on radioactive material. this dramatic rid video released today in the tiny eastern european country of maldova near russia where investigators believe criminal games are getting their deadly good from hospital. uranium and cesium which would be used to make in dirty bomb.
5:36 pm
>> there could be few immediate tashties but lace the area with radioactive particles and could shut down an urban area and capital of the united states for years. >> fbi helped in undercover sting operations four of them in last five years. maldovan police say accused were looking for driers from extremists groups to target u.s. and spevblly islamic stat state. >> in these cases terror group were not involved and experts believe it's a matter of time before alleged something youlers reached ib staepded clients. >> there's thousands of sites and dozens ever countries that have big supplies of radioactive material. the country we're most worried about is russia. there alone there are hundreds of sites with this kind of material and it's corrupt dysfunctional government. >> because of tension with west russia pulled out of agreement to better secure nuclear
5:37 pm
materials and investigators in maldova say there's no way to know for sure how much has made its way to black market. badi, "channel 6 action news." >> as the the leaders of franch and germany are making a plea for european untie. members of the european union are tracking counsel done hey tonightry using entry so they can be september back home. more than 1,000 people ran this year sparking uj emergency. world news tonight with david muir will have more on nuclear smuggling black market and what's done to keep radio active material out of the wrong hands. watch that that tonight 6:30 following as news at 6. >> time to get a look at the traffic scene tonight. >> the low down on the slow down matt. >> we're going for three in a
5:38 pm
row with major problems during the afternoon rush on 95 looks like we did it rick and monday kaxt crash this afternoon, northbound lanes by commodore barry bridge. good news the crash is not here any more and the bad news it's slow once again and as you come northbound from 32 and head to blue route 95 delco and if you headed to the concert otherwise 95 normal slowing to great northeast and traffic at armingo and york. watch as you travel through the intersection and crash involving pedestrian in lower matureian williams at wynnewood road and also crush towamencin township i-76 north east extension causing ca slowing north on 476 but cherry hill southbound 295 past 70 cleared and however speeds in 20s coming down from route 38. monica back to you. >> thank you so much. students in atlantic county got
5:39 pm
a lesson in safety from ac electric todaych the program brought safety trailer to the mullica hill township district to keech them about expose the or downed wires. today they talked about national fire prevention week. >> still to come tonight the wild jewelry store robbery captured on surveillance. how they try to save their lives in a group of motorcycle riding thieves. >> an we'll have details at am. >> 70s are back 75 yesterday and today and normal only 70. we're tracking a cool down and some rain in that 7 day we're tracking a cool down and some rain in that 7 day forecast. >> those stories and more and jamie apody with eagles and flyers news coming up that and jamie apody with eagles and flyers news coming up that and more continues in just a momen
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>> new video of a dramatic jewelry robbery that happened in the united kingdom armed with picks axes and sledge hammers they slashed her way into the store and made off with 45 grand in lunchry watches and police tracked
5:43 pm
their get away and arrested them all of this happened in august this week they pled guilty and were sentence todd combined 37 years in prison. >> fire at a home connected to cleveland quarterback johnny manziel called suspicious the chimney is the only thing left where the house stood in smith county texas 90 miles west of dallas neighbor called 911 overnight the home collapsed 45 minutes later. officials say the home belong todd his grandfather that no one had been there for at least two days. and a canine crew is vetting the possible use of ak sell rant. >> time for sports. jamie apody is here talking about the eagles and saints come marching in sunday with 1-3 record. >> what's eagle record again. >> soym thing i think ork when the saints, come marching in♪ >> drew brees and company coming to town and guess what one of these two teams will be
5:44 pm
1-4. jason peters was out and johnson had to move to left tackle. michael kendrick among the dinged d and sam broad ford not hurt physically mont alley has to be down as well. and the eagles plaqueing tomorrow is a mess and according to fans so this is the season once filled with such hope and bradford is well aware. >> i don't think they were happy. we're not happy either. we're just as frustrated by obviously we're doing everything we can to try to get it fixed. it's obviously not fun going to half time trying to figure out how to dig ourselves out of a hole we put ourselves in. it's more fun to establish a lead early and get things done. hopefully that's something we can do on sunday. >> chip kelly is smiling and very few people happy with him right about now. in fact, i have not seen this
5:45 pm
type of anger towards the coach since andy reid. and you know chip is starting to sound a whole like big red. jeff skversky has that coming up at 6. eagles defense will have quite the challenge withdrew breeze. he's not same dominant force he used to be but he lit least wart quarterback that can move defense with his eyes. malcolm jenkins was his teammate for four nz seasons and they won a super bowl together. breeze had hi praise for the eagle safety. >> i hate todd see him g he was a big part of our team. not only just productivity but leadership perspective. he's everything you want in teammate and approach and work ethic and intensity on game day he's a competitor. >> let's get it started. i'm full of songs today♪ it's over after this puck drops on flyers season tomorrow in tampa timely it will be nhl debut of dave hax tall who brings with him beginners luck.
5:46 pm
after all the flyers had horrific starts in recent years and that has set the tone for unsuccessful season. it was a long summer having missed out on playoffs and now it's finally time for new era to begin. i don't know what to expect in terms of my own reaction and i'm not going to spend a lot of time worrying about it or thinking about it. >> there's always a rush to it and you get excited and want to see how it turns out. we feel very confident on how we'll play and what kind of team we want to be. >> guys are looking forward to putting all the stuff in the past and really starting fresh and hopefully having a great game tomorrow night. >> sixers have first big time big man in daek aids? jaleel okafor had a solid debut in nba preseason game. drained all four jumpers he drained and sixers lost to wizards 129-95 but will be fun
5:47 pm
to watch okafor and nerlens noel to play together. >> thanks you james jury. >> other news local townships are under guarantee after invasive pest found living in those areas. this is spotted lantern fly native to southeast asia and showed up in berks koptsy last fall. it has no known impacts to human health and attacks plant species native to pennsylvania. guarantee affects areas of upper hanover township and monmouth county and olney township in berks county. if you see the bug or its eggs you are asked to place them in hand sanitize to kill them and then turn them over to state officials. >> actor richard gere will help accept the national constitution center liberty medal on behalf of dalai lama. announced earlier this year. last month he was forced to cancel u.s. tour including stop in philadelphia after doctors told him he needed to rest.
5:48 pm
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dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced >> another nice day adam with the accuweather m a change possibly coming down the road. >> the evened of the week, over the weekend not a major change.
5:51 pm
rain temperatures drop a littl little. above normal right now. we can look forward to cutting number a little here or there. >> double scan radar morning clouds to afternoon sunshine and really emergencyty of the day was pleasant. the action cam taking a little vaca down the shore. a few puffy cumulous clouds this afternoon in cape may and that's calm bay water there and you know what it's a beautiful weekend overall if you head to one of your favorite shore points. take a look at almanac in philadelphia today. we started warm this morning at 59 degrees. we spiked it up to 75. 5 degrees above normal and nor near records 37 and 93 degrees. so to the north and west sitting in upper 6 0s for most part. couple low 70s hanging on coatsville, only ford, chester, warrington at 69 and south and east in upper 60s at the shore and 70 in brownsmill and 69 vineland and dover right now
5:52 pm
coming in at warm 73 degrees. and the clouds from earlier today offer the coast. ripped apart. we get a clear sky now. we're having a front to the north and west. moisture north of syracuse and vermont. this slips through dry in the overnight hours tonight, clear, comfortable, 49 suburbs and around 56 for center city tomorrow morning. and then in the afternoon high pressure to our north. high will start to end send more northeasterly wind our wa way. that pulls the number down a couple degrees to 73 and at the shore seabreeze going into effect and that number still above average under partly sunny skies and next fronts comes in with little more moisture on friday afternoon. it's cloudy and very warm. we'll be on brink of 80 friday and that afternoon rush hour especially will be a wet one couple downpours and rumle of thunder and later rainfall totals early saturday morning most will be gone saturday morning and we're looking at half an inch to three-quarters of and i of of rain.
5:53 pm
decent soaking to come in and close out the workweek. up in the lehigh valley, tomorrow, 70 degreesment partly cloudy. begun a touch cooler than today and if you head to the shore tomorrow, that seabreeze going into effect cooler there at 68 and will be clouds versus sun with wind coming in off the water and try to throw moisture our way at the shore and throw extra clouds in the sky tomorrow. and 7 tomorrow and then spike it to 79 on friday and very warm. clouds increase in morning and late afternoon showers downpour maybe even rumble of thunder and behind that breezy and cooler saturday. 66. morning clouds quicklyive physical way to sunshine. and then full sun sunday, 70. warm and bright. for the flyers home-opener. if you can tailgate outside perfect weather to grill, 74 degrees and then tuesday into wednesday we start to back it off a little bit. but still typical for this time of year really no complaints if
5:54 pm
the 7 day other than rain friday afternoon. it's out in time for weekend. >> perfect. >> thank you, adam. >> halloween is almost three weeks away and if you look to get into spooky spirit you can head to cape may, new jersey historic homes there are all decked out for the occasion. and owners of the cherry house in the 600 block of hugh street are giving tours of their private home and ten people at a time cannot only see the decorations but also learn about the house's rich history and mid-atlantic center for arts and humanitys is sponsoring those events. >> tonight's prime timeline-up here on 6abc is full of big laughs and trauma and all kicked off with new episode of the middle at 8 and followed by goldbergs 8:30 and "modern family" at 9 and blackish 9:30 and of course, 10, followed by nashville and "action news" at and of course, 10, followed by nashville and "action news" at 11
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> a new playground and park are coming to west philadelphi philadelphia. hesston lot and baker playground project hunter
5:57 pm
avenue and 55 street. the project is part of city's green city clean waters progra program. once it's done this will be a euro and basketball court and even a pool. new sidewalks and wheelchair path willing installed very nice. >> jim gardner and "action news" is standing by with these stories and more at. another gun scare prompt another lockdown in a philadelphia cool and moytive in a murder of a transgender woman. >> and knotted grot owe comes down and there's plans to give it new life at new location
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> once night the delaware valley welcomes dozens of new citizens today and germantown couple demand answers after their young sons walk home from school and but the big story on "action news" tonight is another philadelphia school put on lockdown. one day after a similar situation at the community college of philadelphia officials secured martin luther king high school in west oak lane. police had received a tip that a student was intending to bring a gun to school. meanwhile there was also much discussion at ccp today. that's where we go live to "action news" reporter john john rawlins john two days in a row two schools coping with a scare. >> and here at ccp they were
6:00 pm
doing brainstorming today about that. the administration, faculty, students, there was news out of that. i'll get to that in a moment. first as for this morning's lockdown the reason? >> martin luther king high school was ordered locked down apparently before 9 a.m. the reason a young man reng sterd as students was thoughts to be in possession of stolen handgu handgun. lockdown was quickly lifted after police took the juvenile into custody at the fern rock transportation center an a gun was not found. chief inspector carl hall ms said there was nev a specific threat. >> there was no allegation of any threats against any person or school or anything. >> community college of philadelphia today class president assumed following questioned's lockdown and the former students detailed after yesterday's search has been released. >> it's my understanding prosecutor decided not to press charges there was not enough evidence to press charges. >> the president also announced students will have to now not just show id to


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