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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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doing brainstorming today about that. the administration, faculty, students, there was news out of that. i'll get to that in a moment. first as for this morning's lockdown the reason? >> martin luther king high school was ordered locked down apparently before 9 a.m. the reason a young man reng sterd as students was thoughts to be in possession of stolen handgu handgun. lockdown was quickly lifted after police took the juvenile into custody at the fern rock transportation center an a gun was not found. chief inspector carl hall ms said there was nev a specific threat. >> there was no allegation of any threats against any person or school or anything. >> community college of philadelphia today class president assumed following questioned's lockdown and the former students detailed after yesterday's search has been released. >> it's my understanding prosecutor decided not to press charges there was not enough evidence to press charges. >> the president also announced students will have to now not just show id to enter are building but he welcome troni
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tronicily swipe it. should there be remote locking of classroom doors but would that be safe in a fire. carol stein taught english here 42 years she urnled. >> make community college a gun free zone and put signs to that effect all over the school. >> guns prohibited here and stein thinks it's time to get tough and -- >> guns are not committed in air planes and not permitted in art museums and so why in the world should guns be permitted in american schools. >> it could get to that. yeah, we have to consider the screams and to protect our citizens you talk about metal detectors and things of that sort. >> wide ranging discusses at ccp. the stolen gun at center of all that was discovered later today and in possession of three other teens police were looking at and expectation is that
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those three along with fourth young man picked up fern rock today will face charges as to how they circulated and possessioned that gun between them and they will be juvenile charges at least we can say no one took that gun and walked into a school today. live in center city, john john rawlins, "channel 6 action news." two defendants accused of kidnapping and torturing a jewelry store worker pleaded guilty today. they pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and kidnapping and attempted robbery just as their trial got underway. they will be sentenced in january. a third suspect tyrique gay pled guilty earlier in the case and authorities say the victim was beaten, bound and dumped off at a sem 25eury which she didn't know the codes to the store's safe. >> and police have identified jessica prusik as woman found dead in hamilton township mercer county yesterday and investigators ruled the death
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of 38-year-old as homicide. and they have not yet determined how she was killed. police were alert todd her body in robeling park off sewell street yesterday morning and philadelphia police learned more about the murder of 2-year-old kiesha jenkins. jenkins was beaten and shot at 13 and lindhocking logan early yesterday morning. live at police headquarters david police say this was a case of robbery. >> yeah, jim, initially there were fears this might have been a hate crime because of a gender" identity issue and now police are convinced kiesha jenkins who apparently led a double life was killed during a robbery. >> we believe five or same males so you the vick tem and thought she had machine and assaulted her and ultimately killed her. it was a robbery we believe. >> she was jumped and beaten to the ground and then shot twice
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in the back. police and neighbors say that section of hunting park is popular with transgender prostitutes and jenkins was arrested for prostitution last year and police sources say jenkins was known around the park as high earner and they believe that made her the victim of target. >> high-risk behavior and people that engage in that activity are at risk to have something bad happen to them. >> she grew up at stefan jenk ipz and started liveing a double life a couple years ago stefan by day and kiesha by night. they say they don't know what kiesha was doing in that park at 2:30, tuesday morning and they just remember a funny, out spoken, welcoming soul who inspired others to be the themselves. the police have witnesses and they need more to come forward. >> we believe that there's people out there that know what happened and we need them to contact homicide unit to make an arrest quickly. >> jenkins grandmother told me he left the house 9:30 monday night dressed as stefan and she
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said he -- he told her that grandma i'm going to be famous and going to be on tv. they never math ipd it would be like this. live at police headquarters, david henry, "channel 6 action "channel 6 action news." jim. >> thank you, david, philadelphia city council and school district and philadelphia school reform commission signed an agreement today to usher in a new era of cooperation that's what they hoped. at agreement gives council a voice in financial decision as infecting city schools in response council agreed to provide 25 million tlarz to the district. that money is in desperate need. the state budget impasse left hundreds of millions of dollars tied up in harrisburg. the philadelphia federation of teachers held a party of sorts this afternoon. educators, students and community leaders gathered at cook elementary in logan for a so-called anniversary party. they marked one year since the school reform commission cancelled their contracts.
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a commonwealth court later other ruled that decision. and teachers also rallied today against district plans to close more schools and convert some to charter schools. cook elementary is one of those schools. >> try to imagine being at home in the afternoon and answering the doorbell only to find your 3 and 4-year-old sons standing there. that's exactly what happened monday it a father in the germantown section of philadelphia. and he and his wife are demanding answers from the boy boys' school. live at wiingter elementary school "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist, sarah what kind of answers are they getting. >> reporter: jim, they do have a rough idea what happened here. they know the little boys left school with the wrong after school program and what happened after that is what is unclear. the next anybody knows the children were standing on the door step of their own home blocks and problems away. >> 4-year-old testify inwhite and little brother 3-year-old
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tebron had quite an add venture earlier this week. >> kevin holding little brother's hand tightly walked home from school a half a mile across busy germantown streets. his father was surprised to hear the doorbell ring in late afternoon. >> i come downstairs and it's my 3-year-old and my 4-year-old standing outside my door. >> alone. >> alone. >> by themselves. >> the boys attends a pre k program at wister elementary and church daycare picks them up. when she arrived monday afternoon the boys were nor to be found. >> they called my and said oh, i can't find the kids i said did you bring the kids to school she said yes i cannot find them. >> they figured out after school the kids left with children that go to boys and girls club. boys and girls club told us employees realized mistake and brought whitehead boys back to the school. by now school staff called police to look for brothers and
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nobody remembers them seeing them come back. next anyone can account for them they were on door step of their own home. kevin told us he knew exactly how to get there. >> straight and turn. >> just to straight. he knew to go straight. >> and turn and straight. >> go turn and straight. >> i'm just trying to get some type of understanding because my kids could have been hits by a car. they could have been tooken orchid napped and by the grace of god they're still here. >> now initially the boys and girls club told us their employee may have needed to supervise the other children. and perhaps could only walk the white-head boys back so far to the school. they already looking for surveillance and investigating and since changed their statement emphasizing the boys are not members of the boys and girls club and but they're glad they're safe. school district says it is changing procedures here immediately to make sure this does not happen again.
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>> live in germantown i'm sarah bloomquist "channel 6 action news" jim. >> thank you, sarah. in harrisburg today state lawmakers rotted down a proposal from tom wolf that included billions of dollars in new taxes and the plan would reduce proposed in state income tax from the state budget proposal and created new tax on natural gais from marcellus shale region he wanted to use that money to plug a deficit and tend money to schools around the state proposal defeat means the stalemate will continue. pennsylvania budget has been operating without a budget since june. meanwhile delaware county council announced 20 16 budget today and legislators say they're finalizing a budgets that includes no tax hikes and maintains crucial services for residents in the county. coming up on "action news" tonight the knotted grotto blessed by pope francis choses today. we'll tell you how the
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installation will live on at new sites and eagles look for answers to their struggling offense. ducis rogers will have that story. cecily. >> we had two beautiful warm fall days in a row. 75 yesterday and today lot of sunshine and i amtraking rain on the way. i'll have new information in the accuweather forecast. >> those story and more when the accuweather forecast. >> those story and more when "action news" cons tin tonight
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it was a civics less glon action today at abington high school. dozen he's of people officially became citizens ever the united states. the school hosted naturalization ceremony and students looked on as participants took the both of
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allegiance in the final step of becoming an american citizens. >> knotted grotto public art installation created by project home has spent the past few weeks helping people find peac peace, hope and healing and it closed with inter faith bles blessing at st. peter and paul. alicia vitareli tells us what is next for this popular prayer spot. >> bless there grotto and bless all the knots placed here. >> more than 150,000 handwritten prayers problems intengs and knots hand tied by hopeful visitors. >> this was really a catalyst that brought tem to prayer to pray for each other and share our knots and struggles. >> before it's taken down with care it does so with blessing of pope francis that mad a special stop to pray for every burden, every hope and wish. >> our prayers and hopes were answered and pope francis came here and blessed all of our knots and struggles.
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>> the knotted grolt owe a nod to one of pope francis' favorite paintings mary undoer of knots and message it bears. >> we need god's grace and we need each other to help loosen our knots this is not the end for the grotto more like a beginning. all intengs will be used as insulation for a brand new project h.o.m.e facility on north broad street next year. >> these knots will keep many people warm for many years to come. >> and the physical structure itself this dome will also find a new home at the brand new francis house of peace opening at 8 and arch in a few weeks. this city today also celebrating this news. the francis fund created in honor of pope francis visit to philadelphia raised 1.4 million dollars. >> every single penny of that money will go directly to soup kitchens and sheters and to places where women who have
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been trafficked are now housed alhealing. sister mary telling us today while there's a bit of sadness as they say bye to the beautiful structure and wishes out the basilica she hopes we won't stop helping each other and paying for each other as our city continues the leg receive pope francis and his peaceful and powerful visit to philadelphia. alicia vitareli, "channel 6 philadelphia. alicia vitareli, "channel 6 action news." for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand.
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in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. >> one and three eagles going up against one and three saint saints. >> you cannot go one and four in this league. chip kelly has a bigger problem on his hands. all this talk about players using bad technique or not executing makes it seem like it's players' fault that's a quick way to lose your locker room. it's easy to point the finger. sometimes you have to point the thumb. jeff skversky says chip is doing that. >> i have to do a better job to
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play camp and put us in bert situations. >> chip kelly blame game we heard this before. >> i have to do a little bitter job. >> chip taking lines out of andy reid play book today fitting considering only team in nfl worse than eagles on 3rd down right now is aunty reid's offense in kansas city. >> we have to do a better job there. >> eagles third do you remember issues are a big reason they're down on luck. >> a lot of that is coaching wise we have to put them in better situations and plays and spvkly me endplay calling. >> bradford back again fires and caught by foles. >> i don't think it's one issue i think it's all over the plac place. you know, we have had some miss add assignments and missed throws and drops. >> eagles quarterback sam bradford says the more he plays the more he gets reps with offense and the more comfortable he gets. he threw three touchdowns with redskins and two rare defaults. >> and it's good for a touchdown. >> teams is to respect us
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pushing the ball down the field and it's obviously something we'll try to do. we did it with some success sundays and hopefully that will back people off. >> bradford may be able to back off defense ought if eagles don't did a better job of winning games good luck getting eagles' fans to back on off. jeff skversky "channel 6 action news". >> flyers may be our best hope for a playoff performance in the next year or so. they start against lightning on the road tomorrow. dave haskell team wept-2 preseason. it's make believe. they are ready to play for rea real. >> this camp feels forever. now that game is tomorrow, we're kind of getting into it and last night i was just sitting on the couch thinking about it getting excited. >> it was nice to get going no matter where it s i think tomorrow night will begun regardless of at home or tampa
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bay and we've been off for quite a while now and it's nice to get to meaningful hockey. >> one game nationally wildcard is tonight it's cubs and pirates. sixers may not have looked good as a team jaleel okafor shined in last night's to also wizards. rookie fielded ten points or 6-10 shoting and scoredismers first points. okafor is more concerned with team play. they lost by 34. >> i started off decent and half time we got stagnant and before we knew it we were down. double dinlit points. we can compete at high level we were engaged and focused it was a learning experience and we did a better job of half time getting for used. >> youngest team in the nba and hopefully they will be excit exciteing. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in a moment
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>> lot of people love autumnal weather and this is the reason why. >> beautiful sunshine this afternoon. 75. warm side. i'll take. it stormtracker 6 live double scan. stormtracker 6 is getting a break this week. there's no rain to track at all just gorgeous and five minutes ago i got a call on twitter account for pictures of the sky tonight and dominick tweeted to this for morris field bucks county and when you look up you see blue skies not a cloud in sky after clouds this morning and cleared out nicely and
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another warm afternoon. 74 in philadelphia. down from high of 75. which is five degrees above normal and second day in a row, 75 degree weather and allentown dropped down to 69 and millville 72 and trenton 70 and cooler along the coast sea isle city currently 66. sat lie 6abc radar showing cloud cover from this morning, eroded quickly. high pressure builds down from the north and what this will do is bring us more sunshine tomorrow and clear skies tonight. tonight comfortable lots of stars 49 degrees and cooler suburbs about 56 for center city and perfect timing because we got a show in the sky. a rocket launch scheduled at 7:07 until 7:12 and that window is on until 9:00 wallace island virginia visible 2 to 4 minutes after launch and you want to look south a little after 7:00 and you'll likely see blue and
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red and green in a shot of the sky and hopefully to get any photos or video send to my facebook page. tomorrow, partly sunny. temperatures still above normal. with this high pressure northeast we'll get winds generally in that directionment northeasterly flow slightly cooler than today, 73. still a mild day. friday, temperatures spike ahead of this cold front. high 79 degrees and some areas could hit 08 and clouds up and rain rivz in the afternoon and friday night and future tracker now showing zone of heaviest rain really switching to i-95 corridor where we could get up to three-quarters inch of rain and good news it's out of hereby early saturday morning we dry out and temperatures take a dip. the forecast, beautiful day tomorrow, mixture of sun and clouds and slightly cooler than today. normal high this treatment of year is 70.
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friday we start the toi day with a little bit of sun sheen and clouds roll in and showers developing in the afternoon and evening hours. couldn't get a thunderstorm in the evening with high of 79 degrees and on saturday we dry out behind that but it is breezy and cooler with morning highs giving way to afternoon sunshine. 66 degrees. sunday back to 70 degrees. loads of sunshine for eagles game if you head to linc looking nice. kickoff temperature 64 at 1:00 by 4th quarter 69 and winds will be generally light and variable 2 to 4 miles an hour and on monday columbus day holiday for school kids is looking beautiful warm and bright. also flyers home-opener and perfect weather for tailgating 7 degrees on tuesday sunny and stays warm high of 70 and wednesday little more in form of clouds and slightly cooler high of 68. so the only fly in ointment of the forecast is saturday afternoon and saturday night otherwise looking beautiful. >> thank you, cecily.
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>> finally tonight students in montgomery county got a lesson outside of the classroom today. cheltenham elementary school students took a walk around the building to celebrate international walk to school day. cheltenham police officers joined the effort and talked to youngsters he about safe walking route and pedestrian safety. looks like they had fun too. "abc worls news" tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10 on phl17 with brian taff, sharee williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then please joins us for "action news" at 11 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, we hope and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at
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tonight, the urgent effort at this hour to keep the dams from bursting. the evacuations, the death toll rising now. 62 dams being watched. how they dropped in 400 tons of rock. breaking news in the search for 28 americans after that ship went down in the hurricane. authorities making their decision a short time ago. breaking with the president. just in. hillary clinton going against president obama on a major issue. and ben carson standing by his words on the school shooting. how he answered when asked again today. the raid caught on camera. where smugglers preparing to sell nuclear material to isis. the fbi involved and you will see it for yourself. and the new headline about families avoiding the dentist because of cost. tonight here, the two simple steps that wil


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