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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, october 8. here's what's happening. >> raging flames engulf a vacant warehouse in southwest philadelphia. we're live with firefighters who remain at the scene. disturbing details in the case of a philadelphia man charged with sexually assaulting a mentally challenged woman in south jersey. >> new laws could force bill cosby to answer questions about his past behavior. >> let's go over to david murphy with weather and karen
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rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we have high clouds here, but high pressure is clearing out the clouds and knocking down the winds. it's windsier father to the north than here. locally we have a lot of spots that are calm. show you that in a second. 60 degrees in philadelphia. these numbers are similar to this time yesterday. we slimmed into the upper 40s in allentown. low 50s in trenton. 61 in sea isle city. here the winds and interesting to see all the zeros on the map, right. there's not a lot of wind out there, where you have it's single digits. there's the slight chance of a patchy fog developing. so far so good on our traffic and weather cameras. 6:00 a.m., 57 degrees, 8:00 a.m. 58, with light winds it will not feel all that bad. this afternoon it will be bright. 60 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 68 by noon. 74 by 3:00 p.m. maybe a few high clouds digging in at times, but bright. high of 75 degrees. it helps us if i hit, come on
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back now, that button first before i do a circle. 75 degrees late in the day around 4:00 p.m. or so, just jut like yesterday. karen we dry for the morning commute. >> reporter: this is woodhaven road at the boulevard. eastbound we have the off ramp shut down with the construction. westbound they are blocking the two right lanes, looks like they are picking up the cones occupant there. watching for the construction hopefully clearing out scheduled to clear at 5:00 a.m. looking on the maps we have the fire locations in southwest philadelphia. we're seeing restrictions 71st and kingsessing avenue. stick to lindbergh boulevard an island avenue to avoid that. 422 westbound approaching limerick watch for him there. we have construction in belmawr,
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camden county. 42 southbound between 130 and 295. the ramp 295 northbound from 42 northbound blocked as well as ramp on 42 northbound between 55 and 295. working in belmawr, camden county. >> fire crews are monitoring warehouse that ignited into a three-alarm blaze last night. eva pilgrim is at the scene in southwest philadelphia with what is happening this morning. >> reporter: matt, firefighters are still here, you can see the fire truck up on the hill. this is warehouse on the 2,000 block of 71st street. a few roads are shut down just right here around the warehouse. the fire broke out after 8:30 p.m. in this warehouse 7 #st -- 71st street and
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kingsessing. 9:30 firefighters were battling a three-alarm blaze which they were able to get under control. now, back out here live, you can see the fire hydrant it's actually across the street from the warehouse. because they are running water across the street, police have the area blocked down, because firefighters are dealing with hot spots in this area. this street is at 71st and kingsessing. if you're traveling in the area you have to take a detour, just a small detour to get around it. the streets are closed to the immediate area around the warehouse. live in southwest philadelphia eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." tam. >> reporter: thank you for that. and worker at a day care center for the mentally challenged in burlington county has been arrested. it happened at the friends of cyrus day care center. william claiborne of north
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philadelphia had a client touch him in a an inappropriate manner. the victim was severely mentally challenged. "action news" spoke with neighbors shocked with the allegation also. >> oh, my goodness. that's all i could say, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: does that blow your mind? >> yes, he don't seem like that type of man. >> reporter: police believe there could more goodness, they are asking anyone with information to come forward. claiborne remains behind bars on $50,000 bail. >> homicide detectives are asking for tips to catch the five or six people involved in the killing of a transgendered williams. the murder of kiesha jenkins does not appear to be a hate crime, but a robbery, instead. she was jumped after getting out of a car on tuesday morning and was beaten and shot twice in the back.
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sources say she was known as a high earning prostitute which could have made her a target for robbers. an investigation is underway to piece together how these two little philadelphia boys ended up walking more than a half mile home from school all alone. 4-year-old curve curve -- pgh kevin: they were heading to the boys and girls club. they decided to use their knowledge of the neighborhood and traffic lights to get home safely on their own. >> it is 5:06. a legal set back for bill cosby. his lawyers were denied in throwing out a sex assault lawsuit. that means he has to answer questions under oath in a deposition tomorrow. a woman claims he molested her
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when she was 15 years old. the doubts remain sealed. a fire forced everyone out yesterday afternoon crews found flames in the third floor penthouse and attic area. a generator in the basement and on the second floor caught fire. the building was evacuated and two people were treated for smoke. let's turn to accuweather and talk about high pressure wins the game again. >> reporter: yes it does. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry. as we look outside we have sky 6 and we are looking at clear conditions over platt bridge. calm conditions, too, you don't see the cameras bouncing around much at all today. because we're looking at a lack of significant wind across the region. 60 degrees in philadelphia. down to 49 in allentown. 55 in wilmington. 51 in trenton. 61 in cape may. 51 at the airport in atlantic
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city. as we take a look at satellite it's a day for sunglasses a little bit later on, as we don't have significant cloud cover. every now and then there's high cloud cover that pops through. but nothing like yesterday when we had the high to mid level cloud cover socking us in for a good portion of the morning. look for sun in the lehigh valley today. light wind. 72 is the forecast high. down the shore, sunny and nice on the boardwalk, cooler down the shore but pleasant for your afternoon stroll on the boards. this afternoon in philadelphia, similar to yesterday, high of 75 degrees. the difference is we are starting out sunny and maintain sunny skies, pleasant conditions winds light out of the southwest at 6 to 12 miles per hour similar to yesterday maybe a little less breezy overall. 8:00 a.m., cool, 58 not a bad morning to get out there and get your jog in and by 11:00 if you got off from work or a break,
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65 degrees, this afternoon a little bit on the warm side. 73 by 2:00. 73 by 5:00 p.m. the high of 75 late in the day around 4:00 p.m. or so. tomorrow we have a cold front coming at us, ahead of it, the numbers will zoom. we may get up to 8 old degrees for an early afternoon high and then the front comes through and we get showers developing in the afternoon and evening from that front. future tracker 6 shows you even as late as 4:30 we may not have it in philadelphia, but after 2:00 p.m., this is possible and then we have on and off sprinkles and showers through the rest of the evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today, no problem, 75 degrees and sunny. tomorrow, 80 with the shower activity building in from north to south during the afternoon and evening. that's gone in time for the weekend. saturday, cooler and nice, 66 degrees, great for temple football. eagles are looking good, high of
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70. lots of sun and we continue that beat on monday, high of 74. great evening and late afternoon if you want to head down to the benjamin franklin parkway outside of the flyers home opener and maybe doing some partying and get ready for hockey. >> and meet new friends. dramatic video of a daring escape a teenager is lured by a woman into a car and decides to bail out of it while it's still moving. more on the mistaken take down of a den e tennis pro. >> reporter: we have construction blocking the left lane and we have construction on route 100. meet the man who is taking jeopardy and internet by storm. that's coming up later in the
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morning buzz.
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>> 5:13, hello everyone, taking a live look at philadelphia international airport on this thursday morning, we have guys and gals getting luggage ready for plane trips. no delays across the country at this early hour. >> it's going to be a gorgeous day, i hope it's a gorgeous commute. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day, the suburban traffic report.
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let's start out looking live exton, chester county, route 100, the overnight construction is cleared, things are looking good, i'm not seeing any problems, the crews return again tonight at 8:00. watch for that. over here staying in chester county. we've got the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between route 29 and downingtown, construction blocks the right lane, crews are out here and the ramps connecting the turnpike with fort washington, once again the construction crews are restricting traffic, you might need extra time if you're heading on those ramps. the commuter report on the waze app. if you're coming from cherry hill checking the suburban traffic report. only 15 minute ride if you take route 38. if you take the betsy ross bridge and head that way it's a 23 minute ride. the best bed is to take 38 and go the ben franklin bridge checking the waze app. we have a hint of fog.
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five miles in reading and lancaster, but and easy ten miles in philadelphia. no problems there. temperatures not too bad either, 60 degrees in philadelphia. you're in the upper 40s in allentown. 51 in reading. 52 in millville. what a day we have ahead mostly sunny skies and nice mild high, 75 degrees, a good five degrees above average for this time of the year. >> brand new video from new england shows a teenage girl's dramatic escape from an abduction attempt. the 17-year-old rolls out of the moving car. a woman loaded her in the car and started assaulting her. the teen was not seriously hurt. an argument between two neighbors turned into a brutal brawl that spilled on to a massachusetts street. one onlooker recorded the
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scuffle between the two men and the town of chelsea. the man on the bottom stabbed the man on top. the two had on going problems. one attorney said his client has mental health issues. a police officer caught on camera tackling a former tennis star used excessive force. james blake was standing outside a manhattan hotel when he was thrown on the ground and handcuffed him. police were looking for a man involved in a identity theft ring. police say he never took steps to make sure he was the man in question. the police commissioner will determine what happens after an internal investigation. the puck drops on the flyers season in tampa. hextall replaced the coach in
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the off season. the eagles might be short-handed against the saints, the injury report is full of starters. lane johnson was injured in practice and while many others did not practice at all. 1-3 eagles face 1-3 saints. and overnight agreement is reached possibly avoiding a strike at chrysler.
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>> new on "action news" a little girl couldn't wait to hug her dad interrupting a u.s. military service in colorado. it was okay. she broke away from the crowd and raced toward her daddy. it was the first time father and daughter had even each other in 8 months. they returned from southwest asia yesterday. >> doesn't that break your
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heart and reminds you of all the sack fights. the whole family. >> reporter: let's take a look outside and check the schuylkill we're fine. we've got problems coming your way. 10:00 p.m. tonight to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, the schuylkill will shut down at university avenue it's the first of five nights doing construction here, traffic exits and reenters at the 34th street on-ramp. it will cause problems when you're there in the middle of the night you're traveling you don't want the schuylkill expressway shut down. that's going to happen tonight. expect delays. we're looking at a nice day building, 60 degrees early. noon, 68. 74 by 3:00 p.m. with a high of 75 degrees we'll hit that late in the afternoon around 4:00 a.m. or so, that's similar to yesterday's high. light winds lots of sun. as we head to the airport we're hoping for all green aircraft with no major delays.
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in our most commonly traveled destinations we have that. we have no hint of rain from chicago to orlando. going on to "healthcheck," many parents are used to their children waking up in the middle of the night. some have tried melatonin, i have not tried that. many suggest it's a good choice. the problem is that there's no currently no complete research on if and how melatonin could affect puberty. doctors are too quick to push otherwise healthy children to pop pills rather than getting to the root of their sleep problems. >> the jeopardy contestant who is grabbing internet attention with his interruptions on the show. >> here's america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money, crisis
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averted at chrysler. negotiators reached a potential contract agreement averting a strike by 40,000 employees. volkswagen's u.s. chief appears before congress a grilling over the emissions cheating scandal. he will say he was told the problem would be fixed last year. a company is shipping fall foliage for 19.95. they will be treated to last for years. the guy is known for selling massachusetts snow, but only one color, white. that's america's money. >> have a great day! ask if xeljanz is right for you.
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independence blue cross. live fearless. dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. county new jersey are being told to get tested for hepatitis b and c and hiv after a nurse administered flu shots on on many different people. the new jersey board of nursing is investigating. charges are likely against a student who prompted a lockdown at martin luther king high school. police received a tip that the student was intending to bring a stolen gun to school. he was picked up by police at the fern rock transportation
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center. authorities eventually found the firearm in the possession of another student alcohol be charged awith two -- who will be charged along with two others. there was a time an unwritten code on jeopardy to treat it like golf. matt jackson stairs other contestants down. he answers questions at rapid fire. many took notice of his because of his epic slow smile during his introduction. he has a lot of fans because of his job as a paralegal. judges on the bench in washington, d.c. his mom is a u.s. district judge and his father works in the
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commerce department under george w.bush. matt jackson, boom. i like it. alex trebek i'm sure he likes it, too, it's more attention for his show. >> still ahead in the next half-hour a fight at the texas radio has police chasing two men not going very fast on horseback. >> rupert murdoch questions whether probe should be considered america's first black president. "action news" will be back. ññ >> now on "action news,"
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firefighters remain on the scene afternoon abandoned warehouse that went up in flames. >> dire warning for south carolina coastal region a surge of water is heading that way. >> fbi digs up $600,000 in cash
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from a castle california backyard. >> good morning, 5:30, october 8. let's find out what's going on in weather and traffic. we have people in the know, david and karen. >> reporter: we have a nice one today, get ready to make plans to eat lunch on a park bench. we have high pressure in control. this is pushing the strong winds north and east of us. we're looking at calm conditions across the region. 60 degrees in philadelphia. similar to yesterday's numbers, with very light winds it's more comfortable than otherwise. 49 in allentown and low 50s in trenton or reading. 60 in sea isle city at this early hour. to reinforce this idea if there's not much wind it's rarely that we show you a map like this. all zeros in lancaster, that means calm winds.


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