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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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nadir ali and desmond smith charged with savage crimes including murder. kevin brown, age 53 was shot inside his lower moreland rental home and found in his front yard mortally wounded by gunshot wound to the neck after he and his wife tried to escape invaders by jumping out of a second floor window. police arrested these two. he was killed because his 1 18-year-old daughter was breaking off abusive 3 month relationship with ali. the two suspects together asawlingted the young woman. desmond smith was trigger man that night that fired multiple shots. >> she was told if she told anyone about that event she was told by mr. ali if she told anyone about the event he would send des, desmond smith, to shoot her and her family. >> police tracked the suspects down through cellphone records and identification by members of the brown family who were
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present at the time of the murder. neighbors heard multiple shots and saw four men running from the house that night. this neighbor says kevin brown was a hardworking family man. >> where can you go that is the safer than here. >> reporter: pretty queue eight round here. >> yes, it's quiet. we were shocked. >> reporter: no bail for ali or mr. smith. obviously more arrests are expected here sometime in the offing. live in lower moreland townshi township, i'm vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> vernon, thank you . >> police say they found the man they want todd talk to in connection with a sexual assault of a temple student last week. this is surveillance video of that man that was taken just after the attack a week and a half ago. police have not told us his name and they said today they took him into custody for unrelated crime and have not actually linked him to the robbery and sexual assault of a 20-year-old student near temple campus. david henry has the latest on
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this investigation and he'll have a live report at 4:30. >> one of the men that became famous for stopping terror attack in france is now recovering from a stabbing here in the u.s.. airman spencer stone helped two friend tackle a gunman on pari paris-bound train in august. police do not believe this incident is related in any way to the fight that left him severely sdwlird morning. grainy surveillance captured several man throwing punches before stone was stabbed several times. the 23-year-old is expected to recover and police are looking for two men that plead the the scene in a toyota camary. >> pennsylvania is no closer to passing a state budget leaving schools and human services with uncertainty surrounding fundin funding. today in south philadelphia, students walked out of class and on to the streets to send the message that they had enough. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim was there. >> students skipped class to march here in the school administration building.
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they want state lawmakers and city leaders to know they care about their education and want the grown ups to do better♪ students at several schools across the city walked out of class today to make a statemen statement. >> we're not hall begans messing around. we're serious about our education. >> we're trying to let people know students around the district feel the effects. >> students from the philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts academic program and science leadership academy know they have it better than most because they attend magnet schools often able to get outside money to fund programs. >> it's sad to think of the kids that will never have the experience to take a music les lesson. >> if no one races their voice, who will. >> in harrisburg the state law makers are still in a budget stalemate. yesterday another vote, another
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impasse. the state has been operating without a budget since june 30 leaving schools waiting for funding enforcing many districts to take out loans and do without just to keep on. >> if it takes a bunch of teen aim others to remind us this is no way to run a city and no way to run a state. >> these students are marching today because they want law makers to pay attention. >> i have two more years of high school i want them to be as good as they can be and the kids that come after me to have a better high school than i ha had. >> i'm hoping they know we're still here and waiting and still not happy with the state of the district. >> the students organized toda today's rally through social media and plan to communicate with each other as they wait for state law makers to passe budge eliminate. in spring garden, eva pilgrim, channel 6abc us in. >> making their voices heard. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. few outside there and comfortable and sunny day. >> let's go outside to meteorologist adam joseph soaking in the sunshine this
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afternoon. hey, adam. >> third day in a road. third day is a charm with sunshine and temperatures well above normal. in fact in philadelphia we're sitting at 4 degrees. 73 wilmington and millville. and the lehigh valley in low 70s. beach haven 72. sea isle city a little cooler with temperature of 67. you can see wind direction out of the east, southeast and to atlantic city airport winds 9 miles an hour and wilmington 13 and less as you work away from the coastline pretty much calm, lancaster, reading, allentown and trenton. the winds pick up on friday ahead of cold front. in fact we look at that fronts. not a lot of moisture sue st. st. marie to green bay and parts of chicago and interstate 80.
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>> and tomorrow will be warmer than today. a little muggy. and we'll time those downpours and maybe rumble of thunder for you coming up brian in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam, see you soon. thank you. >> the united states congress was up ended today by announc announcement that came as complete surprise to maybe man many. kevin mccarthy viewed as next speaker of the house took his name out of contention for the title. abc live in washington today and this has created a degree of chaos in the capitol today. >> it sure has, good afternoon, brian, after surprise announcement speaker john boehner postponed the vote given republicans more time to find consensus candidate or fight it out. >> a sudden change of course for the man most republicans say they support todd become the next speaker of the house. >> i think i shocked some of uh-huh? >> majority leader kevin mccarthy withdrew minute the vote.
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>> we should put this conference first. there's something to be said for us to unite we need a fresh face. >> he said he was not the rite person facing a challenge from the same hard line conservative that forced out speaker john boehner. they announced last night they would ban together to instead support long shot candidates daniel wester and possibly blocking maccarriagey from reaching required votes in the full house. >> i think they were stunned. >> wester and the other remaining candidates, jason chafitz are shocked by his withdrawal. >> we'll have to do a lot of deep searching. >> and faces heavy criticism and commercial for hillary rodham clinton who said mccarthy comment on cable news was proof the benghazi committee is a political employ. >> well that was not help pull. >> mccarthy said there are others that could reunite the party and did not endorse the candidate. his stunned colleagues now left to reconsider who should take
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the reigns. >> we have two candidates for speaker. my guess more will jump in. >> speaker boehner has cancelled his appearance on a late night talk show and says he will stay on until the next speaker is elected n washingto washington, bazi kanani, "action news". >> let's get people home tonight. >> dlots it. >> matt pellman standing by in the "action news" traffic center that's a big responsibility matt. >> i take is seriously too. today we'll try to help. a few things to speak about here brian and alicia. typical afternoon backup along 95. looking better than this morning where we had major issues on 95 with northbound crash. this afternoon, no accidents just a whole lot of volume headed out of city through the great northeast up towards bucks koptsy. this is the scene by betsy ross bridge. plenty of volume at well lots of speeds in the teens and schuylkill and number of event out there tonight.
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which we love. extra traffic on the roadways. there's a concert at the man music center and preseason game wells fargo game 7:00 and night mark net khib allentown portions of 10 and race will be blocked off until early morning for the night market in chinatown. >> and after getting route 3 bridge over pickerring creek back on tuesday, today, we got back the raps down road covered bridge in east pike land township chester county closed since april of 2014 when a truck damaged the bridge and now prepared and reopened for afternoon commute. let's grab the ipad. commuter report on this thursday, almost friday afternoon. we're getting there. newcastle delaware getting reports of pothole in the road from user of waze app on 6th street. otherwise a few vehicles stopped on the shoulder and a little construction. you know typical afternoon far fare. we'll check again brian and
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alicia coming up in the next half hour. >> inching towards friday. >> friday eve. >> still ahead here today, volkswagen top american executive faces off with congress and problem with vws could take years to fix. >> and makeover of north broad street continues and we'll get a look at latest edition to the neighborhood and familiar faces behind it. >> and nominations are out for the rock and roll hall of fame. find out who surprise for honors this year and how you find out who surprise for honors this year and how you can decide
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. flood watters in south carolina continue to cause problems. 14 dams failed and 70 others close to breaking point. pictures have the airshow two of the dams before the break as well as after. it's got people stuck in their homes with seemingly
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insurmountable task ahead. >> how am i going to fix it, how will i get the kids to school. my cars are underwater i'm glad it is stuff and not my family. >> videos surfaced showing powers of the floodwaters. a man and mother clung to a cross outside their church monday and held on five hours until rescue cous got to them. it is expected to stay at page oar flood stage throughout weekend. >> here north broad undergoing what many consider to be a renaissance. today we got a sneak peek at the southern infused shot in the arm. robert and benjamin bynum opened south on 600 block of north broad. latest ed decision to what is comeing a booming restaurant scene. >> we feel like west broad is an exciting area. >> they're new kids on the block north broad street. south, southern fusion
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restaurant and jazz menu. >> they're great restaurants in the area now and more coming. divine lorraine is coming and to have a facility with jazz adds to the mixture of entertainment options in the area. >> in the old space steven sta star's route 6 south brings a taste of the south like classic shrimp and grits. >> everywhere from carolinas to floor to to louisiana and mississippi and even into texas. and the idea behind food part of the restaurant is repeatedly to culminate all that and share all the cultures from the sout south. >> binum prormings maying new to north broad but not to the city they own zanzabar and now bringing the vibe up north. >> philadelphia has a jazz history that for so many years has been taken ton't graved and philadelphia is in need of another venue that promotes jazz and presents jazz in a very up scale fashion. >> celebrated philadelphia
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restaurant tour mark vetri opening neighborerring ostaria and alstina next door four years ago and his team is thrilled for the new edition. >> the vibe of the neighborhood will be cooler, jazz bar, bourbon, italian pub and santoochies is opening up brin bringing south philly flavor to us. we're excited to have new neighbors in the neighborhood. >> certainly a boom there and city also investing in the area with these detective solar spires going up over the summe summer. moreland escaping and more improvements to help bridge the gap from center city to the temple university area. i'll sell you shrimp and grits looks good brian. >> it all looks good. thank you very much. volkswagen top american executive repeatedly apologized for congress for emissions scandal that has that company reeling. michael horn testified today executives in germany and united states did not know that
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diesel cars were fitted with software to cheat on emissions tests and said fixing the cars will be complex process that could take years. v swxt now facing numerous lawsuits. also dealing with recalls. while horn in evidence congress german prosecutors raided a volkswagen corporate headquarters and fiat, chrysler and united auto workers avoided strike with late night deal on a contract. the union announced that deal after midnight which was deadline set to go on strike. they sed say the agreement representatives significant gains and they said it will not discuss specifics now. union leaders will meet friday to decide whether to approve that agreement. now to a look at closing numbers. dow soaring to close over 17,000 and nasdaq up 20 points and s&p up 18 points on the da day. >> let's get a check of accuweather forecast and what
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was brian -- adam saying earlier triple crown three days of win, win, win. >> beautiful. can question stretch it out further. >> oh, no. >> done? >> done. >> tomorrow. >> back us to then. >> right do you want to hear what will happen tomorrow? no there's a cold front coming in tomorrow and chance for rain in the afternoon. then will set up for a decent weekend. we're looking at sky6 live right now in cape may. you can see the water calmed down. beautiful day to hit the stand down there temperatures in the upper 60s and near 70. this vantage point no one taking advantage of. it 73 in lehigh valley. same reading and wilmington. 74 philadelphia. millville 73 and atlantic city airport beach haven coming in low 7 0s and very light wind coming in out of the east south easterly direction. as we look wider, the front we're tracking tore tomorrow right now is between great lakes, chicago, home a. little moisture with it. most of the energy with it will
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ride with low pressure into northern new england as the cold front passes through winds surge out of south wrlly direction and that brings warmer temperatures tomorrow even a touch of humidity. but for tonight, clouds will increase very later on tonight. 53. allentown 54, 61 philadelphia, 62 cape may. not feeling bad. tonight comfortable. tomorrow for friday, it will start to feel slightly more humid. dew points will bounce back up to near 65 degrees which is on the verge of humid and with a little more humid taken moisture in atmosphere as the front comes through it will squeeze it out in form of showers and downpours. future tracker 9:00 tomorrow morning overall it's quiet. we'll see sunshine mixing with clouds and then around 4:00 we'll start to see the front moving in from north and west and we'll have some downpours and imbedded thunderstorms within. it some of the thunderstorms could be on gusty side and not tracking any severe weather for
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friday and front will be off the coast by 8:00 lingering downpours and we're starting to dry out north and west and everything is out of here with northerly wind ticking over and eroding cloud cover first thing saturday morning and at 9:00 lots of sunshine. how much rain are we expecting not a lot but a quick soaking as the front passes through in the afternoon. you can see the euro models in tenth and third of inch expected. as we look at the "4day at 4:00" forecast, dry, muggy, up to near 80. i think some thermometers bust over 80 tomorrow with afternoon round of rain or gusty thunderstorms and breezy, cooler on saturday. 66 degrees. any morning clouds will quickly give way to full sunshine and then sunny and nice here on sunday. we're going back to 07 and then warm and pleasant ob monday. high temperature similar to today of 74 degrees. when i say no, we're done, it's
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only a little bump in the roads friday and cooler saturday and back to 70s and sunshine. temporary with asterisk. >> thanks, adam. >> well typically quiet new jersey senior center regard to life today. harley davidson motorcycles rolled up much to the excitement of more than 75 seniors at life at lords senior center in penn sawken, camden county, they got to take turns ditching their walkers to a second to climb on board the hogs with a wave to their friends they were off. taking rides around the parking lot. >> that looks like fun. >> and still ahead today the nominees are announced for the rock and roll hall of fame. who made the cut and how you can decide who gets in. >> and plus we have the latest on the massive fire that ripped through a philadelphia warehouse. what we know about the damage warehouse. what we know about the damage and the injuries
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>> the fire marshall is still trying to figure out what caused a massive blaze 8:30 last night and it took 2 1/2 hours to get it under control. crews were on the scene all night and into the morning trying to make sure it didn't flame back up. warehouse was vacant and a firefighter went to the hospital with minor injuries but is already home. >> two men from new jersey are facing charges today after police say they caught them completing a drug deal in toms river and the deals with between an sext l apple white and eugene ayalla and it brought them to certified funding route 37 east and they stopped applewhite as leaving the building and found he had almost $2300 worm of heroin and i pills on him. when they went inside they found ayala. they sed say he had heroin an a gun. jefferson health may takeover aria health organization. think have a non binding letter of intent now. the deal is not a definite one
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yet. aria board says jefferson can help grow services and ensure high quality healthcare in northeast philadelphia and bucks koujtsy and this would be second recent acquisition for jefferson that took over abington in may. president and ceo of philadelphia convention and visitors bureau honored today. councilwoman tas cosurprised furgeson from a proclamation to the is they and thanked him for how he represented philadelphia to the world and his narcotic world meeting of families and furgeson staff was in on the surprise and showed up today to celebrate in his honor. >> cool stuff nam nations out for rock and roll hall of fame class and includes a few brand new names. janet jackson was nominated for the first time. so were steve miller, the cars, chicago, chaka khan and cheap trick. rap i con nwa on the ballot with deep purple and yes.
4:27 pm
fans can vote on rock and roll hall of fame web site and we posted a lincoln the brand new class will be announced in december and induction ceremony set for april. good list. >> big names. >> yes. still ahead police in south years a said two men ignored what may be the first rule of robbing a bank. make sure the branch is on. >> we have details. >> and potential break in the case of temple student raped off campus last week who police are questioning right now. and. >> i'm nydia han i have a treat for you today. how to avoid spending this halloween. saving on everything from costumes to pumpkins coming n saving on everything from costumes to pumpkins coming n up in "what's the deal
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>> hello again, 4:30, now, "action news" continues. millions of americans huvr suffering from hair loss you won't believe the results achieved without surgery. >> and selena gomez was not in rehab for alcohol or drugs she says and not there to deal with breakup for justin bieber but there for chemotherapy. inside the pop star surprising confession ahead. >> philadelphia police are looking for a woman accused of carrying out a crime with a child in tow. what investigators say she did inside juniata park furniture store. >> we begin in north philadelphia where piece are making progress in a case that
4:30 pm
shook up temle university campus. right now police are investigating a person that they wanted to talk to since a student was raped by the library last week. david henry is live at temple with what we know now. david. >> suspect was picked up overnight by u.s. marshals. so far he's not been charged with the rain. that will take physical evidence that will have to be processed and students here on the temple campus are very relieved to hear he's off the streets. >> really, for sure. >> makes you feel better. >> yeah, definitely. but still want to be cautious. >> police have been looking for this man since last monday night. that's when a temple student walking home from the like wear was walked at gun point and raped on the 1400 block of carlisle street. it happened 11:15 monday night and the person of interest was captured on video surveillance on a subway train shortly after it happened.
4:31 pm
and police believe he may have been involved in recent rash of armed robberies near the campu campus. he's held on related charge and so far, has not been charged with the rain. temple student had been on edg edge. >> it seems like it tin creased more over the past couple semesters. there's a lot more robberies and this is like really concerning because i walk to and from class alone a lot. >> most feel safe on campus and they're being extra cautious here and off campus. >> just not walking by myself at night i make sure i have a friend with me. i have pepper spray too never had to use. it i never felt unsafe until recent event. >> my mom told me to watch where i'm going or walk in groups and everything like tha that. >> well police do have a suspect in custody and it may be a while yet before he is charged with the rain. we'll have to get a warrant to collect dna samples and that will take a while to process. live on the temple campus,
4:32 pm
david henry, "channel 6 action news," brian. >> david, thank you. >> philadelphia police are trying to track down two men want the for a violent purse snatching. this is surveillance video from inside jim's variety store 3500 glock of kensington avenue. suspect are talking to the 5 56-year-old victim last saturday morning and walking out of a store. instead of leaving, police say the men waited for the women outside and few minutes later you see one of the suspects sneak up behind a woman and grab her purse knocking her around in the process and fortunately she was not seriously hurt and the crime left her without cash or access to her medicine. >> and detectives also investigating a purse theft that happened in the same area last sunday morning. this time the suspect was a woman with a child. and cameras captured the suspect walking into cassie world furniture warehouse in juniata park with large black bag and then paid a bee line for rear office where she grabbed a purse from chair and
4:33 pm
stuffed it into her bag. if you recognize the woman in this theft or either men wanted for the mugging call philadelphia police. >> fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked several porch fires in the philadelphia hunting park section. first call about a fire on the 4100 block of north 7 came in 11:30 this morning but when crews arrived they found a number of porches were on fire. fortunately it did not take long to get any of them under control and those flames did not do much damage. this is cellphone of a toddler that wound up alone at philadelphia intersection. witnesses saw the boy wearing only a diaper early this morning juniper and leaper streets. they notified police who showed up along with baby's mother. she took the child and no arrests were made. it's unclear how the boy got to that intersection all by himself and whether or not any charges will be filed. >> a south jersey man who allegedly tried to rob a bank
4:34 pm
had his crime filled by of all things bankers hours. police say michael gibson approached td branch in toms river and displayed handgun and problem is it was 5:30 bank closed and doors locked. investigators say gibson got into a van driven by cousin sigh beer gibson. police caught up with the pair a short distance away and found a gun. both men face a long list of charges. >> time for check of accuweather forecast and what we call a blib in the radar coming up. >> yes a band of downpours coming through and maybe gusty thunderstorm. it will set up for a nice weekend. >> payoff. >> yes we do. as we take a live look right now at sky6 philadelphia international airport a lot of sunshine upstairs and puffy cumulous clouds in spots. warm tem 74. dew point 53 today and jumps 10
4:35 pm
degrees tomorrow making it feel muggy on friday with southerly winds now at 8 miles an hour and you look to the south and charleston, west virginia, richmond, virginia coming in, upper 70s to near 80 and cooler north with temperatures only in 6 owes. with southerly wind our area tomorrow will come from the virginias. double scan liver radar this say front. it is measly looking and not a lot of moisture with it and as it comes through tomorrow again it will be quick hitting in the afternoon and we'll time that for you coming up and let you know how much rain to expect and those drop in temperatures for the weekend in the 7 day forecast. >> adam, thank you. see you shortly. more than 750 area business leaders came together to celebrate their accomplishments and jeb's human services hosted it. two individuals kareem chapel and shely were honored with inspiration awards and xerox and wells fargo.
4:36 pm
all proceeds fund scholarships at that social service agency. >> turns out cancer is much less common in elephants than humans and researchers are looking to find out why. the hope is it might help treat humans. rick williams is liver in the newsroom with more on this very intriguing story. >> cancer much less common in elephants than humans even though elephants have bigger bodies and many more cells. researchers think that they may have an explanation that might explain and somehow lead to 234u ways to protect people from cancer. coming up in "healthcheck" tonight at 5 ali gorman has details into the elephant's agains and also coming up tonight facebook has a way to express yourself on social media web site. it's not ready to use in the u.s. yet. we'll explain coming up tonight on "action news" at 5. until then back to the studio.
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brian will see you in a moment. >> rick, thanks, see new a bit. >> fans of long running fall tradition will be dispointed once again for second year in a row. delaware pumpkin flinging contest is cancelled. world championship pumpkin chunkin' where they would launch pumpkins with variety of homemade contraptions and organizers had to scrap plans because of problems finding insurance coverage for the event. ticket holders will now get a full refund. >> adventure aquarium in camden is getting ready for a busy weekend celebrating african peng wayne wareness. action cam was there as pengui penguins put finishing touches on their paintings and got ready for the spotlight. this weekend, there will be ping win selfie opportunities and those paintings will be on sale. all proceeds will go towards penguin research and
4:38 pm
rehabilitation. they're quite the artists. >> if you see penguins in the wild that you go to the bathroom an awful lot that could have ended differently. >> we're lucky it didn't. >> now you know. >> you learned something today. >> money saving tricks to treat your wallet peter this halloween. >> when selena gomez took time off for treatment. they blamed drugs, alcohol, and breakup with bieber turns out she was undergoing chemotherap chemotherapy. we'll explain why ahead. >> and beauty break through how doctors are using something found in all our blood to combat hair loss in a big way. remarkable results coming up. >> and meteorologist adam joseph returns with full accuweather forecast when joseph returns with full accuweather forecast when "action news" at continues mo
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♪ thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ >> a teenager dare escape from kidnapper was captured on surveillance nens connecticut. watch that dark colored sedan
4:41 pm
and passenger door on and 1 17-year-old girl rolls out on to drive way in residential neighborhoodch the girl told police she was assaulted by the driver after she was lured into the vehicle during her walk to school on monday. investigators are still searc searching for the suspect described as a middle-aged woman. fortunately the girl was not hurt. >> federal agents say they now know what happened to a large khuching of change stolen from armored truck last year. fbi just found 60,000 in cash buried in a backyard outside los angeles. they say it was part of million dollar hite that allegedly involved two drivers and two accomplices and all four were arrested and up until this week most of the money remained missing and police are looking for $300,000. "healthcheck" at 4:00 a treatment some athletes used for chronic injuries is now getting closer look for comba combating thin hair. some doctors are using platelet rich plasma or prp to regrow
4:42 pm
and thickening hair foremen and women. prp is made by spinning a person's own blood in centrifuge and then plasma injected into the scalp. this stimulates hair regrowth. >> platelets have brother factors in them and they're good at getting hair to regrow and getting hair follicles to thick. >> 'tis several treatments for results and not everyone a thickheaded of hair and no word how long it lasts. no fda approval either it the agency does not approve the process only the plasma separating machines. >> big talkser now and 2 20-year-old washington state student learns power and span of social media the hard and very hurtful way. ashley was having auto lerjic reaction to benzoyle and wanted help covering up acne. her friend posted this before and after picture.
4:43 pm
a few days later someone else shared instagram image saying i don't understand how people can do this and i can't figure out how to conceal a single pimple on my face. that post got reposted and reshared millions of times by millions of users with people writing hurtful comments about ashley from her face to her hygiene and calling make up in again ral as fraud. >> after this was posted i lost my phonefy dense and deposit like going out in public without makeup or hair done and realized that is not the person i am and people's opinions don't matter to me. >> she remind everyone to feel but full in natural skin and think twice to share an image not yours like her unone day you could turn into a meam. and how public perception can skew perceptions. selena gomez breaking silence
4:44 pm
contrary to vile rumors she was not in reab har to diction, drugs, alcohol, she was undergoing chemotherapy for lupus. her course of treatment happened to follow her split from justin bieber and rumor mill went wild. gomez locked herself away until she was confident and comfortable again and says she was publicly ripped apart for being overweight after her treatment. and she posted this picture of herself in a bikini on instagram and people writing all kind of negative comments and remind everyone of power of social media and says sometimes you can have someone else's self-esteem in your hand so handle with care and finally the disney brinses are perhaps mom some of the most recognizable animated character drawn. we see the internet reimagine them dozens of ways never like this that's ra purpose sdel, aerial, bell and poke hon tas made out of hot dogs and
4:45 pm
condiments. this was posted in article from lucky peach magazine it went viral thanks to one woman's pretty creative culinary talent. some may call it buty and the beef and others might preprefer you may like this matt, por porkahontas. >> some have a lot of creativetive. >> don't they. >> and extra time. >> they look quite delicious i would not recommend eating those though, not good. >> check on the roads. matt pellman standing by in the "action news" traffic center with update. >> i have so many good hot dog jokes. >> i know do you. >> i need to resist temptation because we have serious business cooking in king of prussia. westbound lanes of schuylkill expressway a vehicle flipped over on to its roof 15 minute ago two and overturn vehicle crash right, there penndot, police on the scene and ambulance got there pretty quickly that's off to the side and couple other vehicles involved are off to the side as
4:46 pm
well. and we're getting by in one westbound lane headed to 202 in king of prussia. that doesn't bode well. coming west of conshohocken curb expect stand still on schuylkill west through this point approaching 202 again vehicle on roof penndot backing up getting ready to hopefully up right the vehicle and tow it away. .out south of road or route 30 probably better bets. on the big picture normal delays across the board on 76 and 95 and night market in khib allentown portions of 10 and race are blocked off. crash to watch out for. along knights road between nant drive and academy road. and drain repairs in bucks county this afternoon southbound lanes of route 1 jammed solid wood born road to this point 41 where right lane blocked. stick with 95 southbound
4:47 pm
instead. to be frank we don't relish a lot of situations built we'll see if we can catch up to the delays in the next -- >> i knew you would come through, matt. >> greene genius. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with the exclusive accuweather forecast. back with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> he likes pork
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4:49 pm
>> all right. the weekend is in sight and adam joseph says it will be a pretty good one. >> a little breezy, cool, saturday, surprised looking perfect and pump in the road here tomorrow. until then a nice night to hit a playground in your local area and the action cam was at one this afternoon at hunting park you can see the kids and ina dults they allow that on there? >> yes. >> super vice. >> i'm kidding i go down the slide with jacob all the time and people are like you're a
4:50 pm
little too old but it's that much fun. >> never. >> let's look at double scan radar. all looking good this afternoon. lots of sunshine out. there few clouds. no rain on the hor" sdoon for this evening. as we look north and west warm this time of year. 72 pottstown and 72 fleetwood and 72 chester and oxford, southern chester county 74 degrees. as we look to the south, glassboro, vineland, 72 to 74 and little cooler at the shore especially right along the boardwalk where the promenade in 60s because of wind wrapping in off the ocean of 65. we look to the north and west and this is the party foul so to speak. we have a cold front sliding through here and tomorrow afternoon. most of energy with this and it's really a lack of energy. we'll lift to the north during the day tomorrow and we're not tracking really any severe weather for friday just around of downpours or even imbedded gusty thunderstorm.
4:51 pm
tonight, clouds will be on the increase. comfortable. 50s suburbs to around 61. for center city. and that front comes through during the middle and latter part of the afternoon tomorrow. so really through at least the lunchtime hour it's just warm, breezy, sun and clouds. and with temperatures nearing 80 degrees. and then the front goes off the coast early tomorrow evening then then the sun quickly returns on saturday with really strong high pressure to our west. and with a departing front and high to the west we'll have a pretty decent breeze coming in out of the northwest kicking those temperatures down to 66. and what to expect here for tomorrow afternoon, it is muggy. and it's very warm. and some scattered thunderstorms with imbedded downpours and expect about a quarter to half inch on average and there could be brief, gusty winds with a couple of those downpours. as they pass through. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 79 tomorrow. some thermometers hitting 80 with afternoon rain at times. and that is breezy, cooler on
4:52 pm
saturday of 66 degrees. and then we lose the breeze here on sunday. it's a really nice day with wall to wall sunshine of 70 and stays very warm and pleasant on monday of 74 and then sun and clouds tuesday late tuesday afternoon there could be a scattered shower with next fronts that will drop temps upper 60s wednesday and staying dry on thursday with temperatures a little bit above average up 70 degrees. so, again not a bad 7 day and we have the flyers and eagles and temple all coming this weekend early next week looking good for all this. >> and columbus day parade this weekend. >> you reminded me sunday. >> and halloween coming up making sure your budget is not scary. making sure your budget is not scary.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> the national retail
4:55 pm
federation averages the normal person will $-- don't let the numbers spook you. >> there's money saving tricks to feel more look a treat. >> halloween headquarters are hopping these days. >> people start buying costumes as early as september and as far as de kour people spend a lot of money on de kour and now time beginning of octobe october/september people spend a lot of money. >> before you buy new check your community calendars or local dot com and organize with parents at your child's school or parents you work with and look for costumes created with things in your closet. >> you will be able to walk in in that? >> before you hit the brick and morter stores check prices online. >> most customers did reserve online. they know what they want when they come into the stores. >> you can use a web site slick
4:56 pm to search for products or coupons. they have a community of million users looking for best deals possible at any given time. >> and don't forget the option secondhand and it's a great place to check for de core and costumes and you can look at posh mark and thread up. check out pintrist for diy inspirations and when it comes to halloween procrastination can payoff. the price of hershey snack size candy bars were slabd in half two days before halloween. >> here's great tips to make jackolantern last longer. clean out the inside with bleach and water and let it dry completely before carving and spread petroleum jelly on carved parts and put cardboard underneath to help it lasts longer. i'm nydia han, "channel 6
4:57 pm
action news." >> finally internet eating up this video of two guinea pigs engaging in super slug slow tug o'war the sisters gracie and susie started eating that blade of grass politely spaghetti sharing moment and as it disappeared the moment of cooperation quickly evolved to a food fight and we don't know which sibling won it doesn't matter because in the end i think frankly all of us are the winners here. >> but that's good they're like it's mine, it's mine. >> aren't they adorable. >> maybe they split the difference. >> we can scope ended amicably. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4. for sharee williams, alicia vitareli, and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join me for adam and duce us for "action news" the phl17. >> "action news" at 5 is coming up next. >> "action news" at 5 is coming up next. >> see you tonight
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
a 16-year-old young man is charged with sitting his home on fire while his parents were asleep inside. police say the evidence is
5:00 pm
clear this was no accident. the teen is now acaused of trying to kill his mother and father. thursday night the big story. on "action news" is the attempted murder charges filed against the west windsor township teen. >> new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live outside the police station at west windsor with the details. nora. >>reporter: rick, one of the neighbors here described this teenager as nicest, sweetest id kid you would ever want to meet making it puzzling why he tried to kill his parents by purpose burning the house down while they slept. this is house amal street west windsor where a 16-year-old boy allegedly set a fire 15 a.m. wednesday morning while his parents were asleep inside. detectives say the plays was intentionally started in second story bedroom using ak sell rant. >> we believe there was gasoline spread on carpets and hallway and guest bedroom and staircase leding up to the story. >> they were awakened and escaped


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