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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the teen is now acaused of trying to kill his mother and father. thursday night the big story. on "action news" is the attempted murder charges filed against the west windsor township teen. >> new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live outside the police station at west windsor with the details. nora. >>reporter: rick, one of the neighbors here described this teenager as nicest, sweetest id kid you would ever want to meet making it puzzling why he tried to kill his parents by purpose burning the house down while they slept. this is house amal street west windsor where a 16-year-old boy allegedly set a fire 15 a.m. wednesday morning while his parents were asleep inside. detectives say the plays was intentionally started in second story bedroom using ak sell rant. >> we believe there was gasoline spread on carpets and hallway and guest bedroom and staircase leding up to the story. >> they were awakened and escaped unharmedch the juvenile
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was unbeinged for at the house and fled. he was found sometime later roaming the lobby inside police headquarters. >> the juvenile walked into police headquarters and was discovered by our dispatch wandering around hall ways between here and court. >> the juvenile was taken into protective custody and facing two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated arson and other charges. >> the broadcasting of ak sell rant throughout the residence itself obviously was not just a spill. so, we have to look into the whole motive behind that. >> there's nothing clearly defined from speaking to the family at this point. but there's obviously some underlying issues that will need to be dealt with. >> the family declined to comment. damage to the home is estimated at $100,000 and today cleanup and restoration crews were on the scene removing carpets. >> this is disturbing case and our primary concern is with future of that family and juvenile in question.
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>> now teenager had a detention hearing this afternoon in juvenile court. a judge remanded him to juvenile detention center in middlesex country and ordered what's called a social -- psychosocial evaluation. live in west windsor i'm nora muchanic "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, nora. two men arrested in connection with last month's home invasion of montgomery country. these two men ali and desmont smith shot and killed 5 53-year-old kevin brown in lower moreland township. according to police abdul ali was dating brown's daughter. she accused him of sexually assaulted her in august and then attacking her in september a week later. she tried to break up. that's when abdul ali and smith rayed her father's home shooting him in the neck. officials say more arrests are expected in the case. >> one of three american heroes who helped twart a terror attack in france is hospitalized tonight after
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being stabbed outside a bar and he was stabbed multiple times. joining us live from los angeles, brandi the search for suspects continues. >> that's right, rick, no arrests have been made yet. spencer stone is in serious and stable condition right now and police say his injuries are significant. as they now look over surveillance video that appears to capture the stabbing subject laying opt ground. >> international hero, two months ago. speps other stone is now back in the hospital this time after being repeatedly stabbed and in what what peers to be a street fight captured on surveillance in his hometown of sacramento. the assault happened in popular bar area just after midnight and police say parties involved were drinking at a night club.
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>> there was conversations and then continued down the block to where the stabbing occurred. >> this altercation comes after stone and two childhood friends helped thwart a terror attack on a french train on vacation in august. >> alex came up and grabbed the gun. >> they received france's highest medal and met president obama. >> in france, stone's finer was cut off with a box cutter and had to be reattached. now after this stabbing he's recovering from significant but non life-threatening injuries. his friend alex scarlota everybody send prayers to the stone family today. now, sacramento police made it clear this attack is not related to terrorism or what happened in france. they're search fog are for two suspects that fled the scene in a car. brandy hicks. "channel 6 action news."
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>> much more on the stabbing of spencer stone on world news with david muir 6:30. >> a new campaign is bring ago tension to the impact domestic vie lebs has on the entire philadelphia area. women against abuse and along with others launched 2015 ipledge. organizers are calling on everyone toe do their part by pledging never to raise their hand in violence. >> one day after pennsylvania governor tom wolf tax plan was soundly defeated and he has no planned meeting with republican leaders and with no budget in place schools are left to fill holes in the budgets. students from schools in philadelphia left classes today to take a stand for their future and wanted to spread a clear message to lawmakers that something needs to be done. "action news" reporter john john rawlins is live in spring guard when more on the budget stalemate. john. >> hi, rick, it's rather
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rashable there's been a bitter political battle going on in harrisburg. there's cid lock. they have not had a budget since july 1. let's if you walked up and down the street behind me and asked people about real world impact you would get died stares. >> i have seen no change at all. >> i can't say i did. like he's saying, just invisible at this point. >> pennsylvania taxpayers commenting at lunch today about apparent lack of impact on most of us despite almost 100 day budget impasse in harrisburg and state offices operating and state workers paid and schools on and look closer, at this point, things are fraying for some. philadelphia schools had to borrow more than 250 million to replace 400 million owed by state and as austerity move it's delaying payments to members. still borrowed money could run out end of month. >> we're getting nervous by end of this month and we're going to have to take other measures.
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>> catholic schools hid well too as textbooks have not arrived. >> they've been in school since first week of september with no textbooks. we have 200,000 kids throughout the commonwealth. >> democratic st. senator vincent hughes says private social service agencies feeling pain of no funding cutting back on operations. >> instead of keeping the doors on for -- from 9 to 5 it's 11 to 4. they're operating on edges and barring money -- borrowing money. >> lot of impact on some agencies. no doubt about it. lots of political finger pointing here. republicans majority in harrisburg, are blaming governor and democrats and vice-versa. at this point, the governor is in town at a political event behind me here we'll hear what he has to say about that you at 6. live in spring garden, john recalls, back to you call. >> time for a check of the
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"action news" traffic report thursday night. >> matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center with a look at commute tonight as we look forward to friday. >> almost there and on this thursday, rick, monica, there's good news and bad news which do you want first. >> good. >> good news is the crash we had on schuylkill westbound approaching 202 cleared out. only took him half an hour to get that overturned vehicle out ever the way and bad news is, the stand still still looks like this westbound on the schuylkill pretty much whole way from conshohocken curb to king of prussia and route 202 where again all westbound lanes of skull call opened and you're looking at ing single digit speeds. if you come out the schuylkill i don't think i would. use 23 or route 30 or that could be a good bet. eastbound you have gaper delay and lot of volume. not great there either. >> by the big lots still crashing knights and academy
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road. construction in middletown township bucks county and one of the two planes locked. it is jammed. southampton burlington county crash retreat road at big hill road. we could use a retreat we have problems in delaware, police activity giving us speeds in the teens there. it's a lot of bad. little good. we'll check rick and monica in the next half hour you. >> certainly made it pleasant you. >> gave us a choice today. >> more to come on "action news" at 5 researchers find an explanation to why elephants rarely get cancer. coming up in "healthcheck" ali gorman will explain how findings may help protect people from cancer, cecily. >> as a beautiful fall day and lots of sunshine on mild side and rain on way tomorrow followed by droing in temperatures. >> all right. that and owe more when "action news" at 0 continues in a moment. news" at 0 continues in a moment. stay with us.
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ññ sblv on capitol hill today house majority leader kevin mccarthy withdrawn candidacy for speaker of the house. it's a shocking move he was
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consider leading candidate for the job. conservative republicans threatened to challenge mccarthy and block his bid so he hospitaled to take his name out of reasoning. election for new speaker of house has been postponed. current speaker john boehner said he will serve until someone else is elected. one toddler is dead and another fighting for his life after they got ecoli inspections and their fathers think they got them visiting a bet petting zoo in oxford maine. colton died from ecoli monday and 17-month-old miles is in intensive care and getting dialysis and blood transfuses. these families do not know each other. they visited the fair at separate times. test for ecoli are underway at the fairgrounds. >> elephants never forget. they don't get cancer very often either. scientist say they could hold a
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key to preventing cancer in humans. >> ali gorman has the details. interesting. >> i find this absolutely fascinating. one of the scientists explains it's been a mystery why elephants rarely get cancer. now they have some answers. it lies in a again known as p 53 in a gene. the dna of that cell is damaged and prevents the cell from becoming cancerous. researchers say elephants have at least 40 copies of this gene and humans have two. hope is there's finding a way to prevent cancer in humans. and the study was led by researchers huntsman caber is institute in utah, arizona state university and ringling brothers septemberer for elephant conservation. >> and more proof bike helmets save lives they cut down on traumatic brain injuries after a bake decent. a study following 6,000 people
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with bike accidents shows mel mets reduce odds for severe brain anywhere jury 58% and reduce odds of dying from bike accidents by 58%. >> and it turns out mom was right. carrots are good for eyes. a new stutdy shows a link between eating fruits and vegetables any caraton inches ids and lower rick for immacular de generation. spvkly carrots, oranges, tomat tomatoes and spinach that made a difference. the more people ate the more the risk went downment theory antioxidants prevent against light induced free radicals that can lead to damage. they can't 100% prove it's vegetables that make the difference but there's no risk in trying this yourself. we know eating more vegetables helps in many other ways as well. rick and monica back over to you. >> thank you, ali. >> camden county officials connected local aspiring golfers with pga pros today the
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county sponsored golf lessones for those with special needs. pros at pensauken were on hand top give each person a special individualized liston. >> students at the university of delaware now have a new tool to help prepare them for their future careers. jp morgan chase innovations center officially opened on campus today in purnell hall. faculty students and jp morgan chase can use it to work on joint research projects. it's collaboration the university and company started it's collaboration the university and company started back in 2009. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore.
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>> volkswagen top u.s. executive repeat lay apologized for congress today for emissions scandal that has that company reeling. michael horn testified today executives in germany and u.s. did not know diesel cars had been fitted with software to cheat on emissions tests. he also said fixing cars will be a complex process that could take years. vw is facing lawsuits while also dealing with recalls and while horn testified in congress german prosecutors raided vw corporal headquarter headquarters. >> sometimes liking something just is not enough.
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so facebook is testing new ways to express emotions about someone's posts on social media web site. it's called reactions. they are new but don'ts that facebook says can express broader range of emotions, love, wow, and yeah! as well as happy and sad faces. facebook is testing reactions in ireland and spain with hope of eventually rolling them out globally soon. >> well, new restaurant is on for business adding to new restaurant screen sprouting up in north philadelphia. robert and benjamin bynum opened south on 600 block of north broad street. chef paul martin cooking up southern cuisine and the bar has 50 american bourbon and whiskyes and there's live jazz parlor and it brings them back to broad street after another well known restaurant sanzar blue closed hats off tonight to two businesss in delaware for hiring veterans over the years. governor jack markle dedicated plaque for warrior friendly
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business award. the folks were here in wilmington. winners include one outstanding large business and small business and two first recipients are christianne care health system and phoenix restoration. >> still to come on "action news" at 5 tonight we'll check the forecast for you. >> let's look outside sky6hd checking out philadelphia international parent. cecily tynan will till the international parent. cecily tynan will till the story when we come back.
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>> quite afternoon sighting afternoon senior lord center regard to life second annual motorcycle rally many seniors strapped on a helmet and climbed aboard and others wanted to admire the shiny machinery. moment teary adventures like this one helps bring out the kid in all of us. she's having a good time. >> yeah good for them. >> time to check the accuweather forecast with the meteorologist cecily tynan here and another beut. >> perfect day to ride a motorcycle or convertible with top down. doesn't feel like fall but starting to look like it. peter posted this on my facebook page from seul, new jersey you can see how some leaves are beginning to turn
5:25 pm
keep photos coming i love watching them and temperature-wise still well above normal and normal or average high this time of year dropped down to 69. we're well above that. 75 in philadelphia. allentown and reading 72. millville also 72. dover 69. little bit cooler with winds off ocean in cape may currently 66 degrees. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing weather maker for tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening is cold front. it is moving across the great lakes and if you look at it it's limited in moisture. this will be a fretty quick hit of rain late tomorrow afternoon and early tomorrow evening and ahead of it tonight we'll see a few clouds and temperatures really not all that cool. it will be very comfortable night. muggy side. dew points 60s. philadelphia 61. allentown 53. millville 59 and wilmington down to 59. increasing clouds as we head to overnight hours. viewing may not be spectacular
5:26 pm
for the shower. last night was under whelming at bestment look for the northwest sky sunset and it's unpredictable. some years it's fantastic and some sparse and you want to gate way from city lights. what is interesting you don't want to look around dawn. it's around dusk rights aft sun sets. so good luck with that. future tracker showing tomorrow morning lucky for the morning commute. just clouds. any showers well northwest of poconos and afternoon commute though will be another story. future tracker showing around 4:00 you can see the line of showers perhaps even some imbedded thunderstorms moving northwest suburbs and moves out quickly by 8:00 moving offshore and then behind it temperatures will be cooling off on saturday. but we will see the return of sunshine but it's going to be on the breezy side. most computer models in good agreement. we're looking at generally about a quarter of inch of rain
5:27 pm
and maybe more. so a quick hit, quick soaking and then it moves on and then we'll deal with breezy conditions on saturday. and so five-day at five tomorrow ahead of cold front it gets warm. 79. don't be surprised if some areas south of philadelphia hit 80. that round of rain perhaps thunderstorm late in afternoon and early evening and behind it look what happened to temperatures. big crash. 66 degrees. sunday back to 70. monday 74. tuesday mixture of sawn and clouds and high of 70 with possibility of shower and another cold front and adam we'll let you know what happens behind that front in the full accuweather forecast 7 day forecast all in all looking nice. >> thank you, cecily. >> more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at five the search is on for two happy looking thieves who preyed on a delivery driver. now police need your help tracking them down. >> and investigators return to the scene of the raging warehouse fire from last night the latest on the investigatio investigation. >> and/or nizers decide fate of
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for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced >> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" thursday night. coastal residents get to safety as swollen rivers head towards them. live with the latest. and a group of customers waitsing for their food are confronted with a man with a gun and he's not alone. we have surveillance to show you. and gibts pumpkins will not fly across the first state any time soon. and now the details residents along the south carolina coast are urged to move to higher ground tonight. rivers already overwhelmed with storm water pushing into communities again in the coming hours. homes and businesses that were previously spared from the remnants of record breaking rain are now in a path of major flooding again. abc elizabeth herr in columbia with the late sgleingt monica, good evening to you, right now we're not talking about man tony evacuations here and what
5:31 pm
authorities are doing is asking residents in coastal areas to strongly consider evacuating. >> a new warning for residents living in communities near swollen rivers evacuate and seek higher ground. >> sun is out and water is coming and we need you to get out. >> several rivers already at record levels are expected to continue rising over the next few days. this disheart eping news for residents and hundreds still in shelters and many nor returning home trying to recover. >> how am i going to fix this? i'll get my kids to school and my cars are underwater >> as of thursday afternoon, thousands of homes in columbia, south carolina, were without drink water after columbia canal the city main source of water breached monday the work of repairing and reinforcing now temporarily suspended and
5:32 pm
officials maintain the situation is under control and take a look at these dramatic images showing before and after of dam breaking. you can see why authorities remain on high alert. so far at least 14 dams failed in the area and dozen more threatening to burst. >> governor haley says she's aware because it's so sunny out those in daipinger zone may not take this warning seriously and so what she did this afternoon was travel to those towns where flooding is expected to personally try to convince those people to get out of their homes. that's live in columbia, south carolina, elizabeth heur "channel 6 action news." >> and world news tonight with david hour muir will have more on flooding tonight. you can watch that after "action news" at 6. >> other news tonight the philadelphia fire marshall is still trying to determine what sparked a big fire at vaik ants warehouse last evening. this was view from chopper 6 over the scene at 70th street
5:33 pm
and could bees parkway. the three alarm blaze all night and they were trying to make sure it did not flare-up again. one went to the hospital with minor injuries and was later released. this is cellphone of a toddler wearing only a dipner middle of street in philadelphia frankford section early this morning. witnesses called police after spotting the child at unity and laper streets. baby 'mother soon showed up and she took the child and no arrests were made. still unclear how the boy got to the intersection by himself or if any charges will be file filed. >> and the search is on for a group of thieves that targeted restaurant customers in philadelphia kensington section. police released surveillance of last saturday holdup in the 300 block east cambria. four people were waiting for their takeout when a man burst through the door and point aid gun at them. all four people put hands in the air as the two men wept
5:34 pm
through their pockets and thieves ran out and joined two other men waiting for them. no one was hurt. also in kensington detectives are looking for a pair of smiling thieves right there who allegedly robbed a delivery driver and went on a shopping spree. authorities say two attacked a delivery driver in 200 block of north hancock street last month and allegedly took his money and wallet before hitting him with a gun. men were photographed using victim's credit card at walmart and sunoco. if you recognize them police would like to hear from you. >> two new jersey men behind bars tonight after authorities say they were caught red handed during a drug deal until toms river. white and ayala were taken into custody route 37 east late last month. detectives stop applewhite as leaving the building and found 2300 worth of heroin and pills. when police went inside the business they found the other man both suspects held on at
5:35 pm
least 100,000 bail. >> and nrs toms river this is michael gibson and he was put in handcuffs after detectives say they tried to rob a bank. one problem. the bank was closed. he flashed a gun as store employees were closing up for the day and then gibson got in a van driven by cousin syder gibson. the police caught up with them a short distance away and found the gun in the van. both men now face a long list of charges. in camden today, police and code enforcement officials took aim at neighborhood plagued by violence in hopes of turning things around all part of operation safe and secure now underway in the area ninth and shelton. the buildings were boarded unand sealed. it's a small and important state because it de terz criminals forsetting up shop there. >> a leader in philadelphia tourism industry is being honored for four decades of service. president and ceo of
5:36 pm
presidential convention he got a productly make today. jack furgeson is stepping down after 4 years and he will be best remembered for can-do leadership style and high energy. he was in charge of booking meeting and knss at the pennsylvania con section vepte vepter. >> southeastern chapter of big brothers and sisters was recognized for its work by city council as well. it has helped shape the livesp countless children and adults in our area for the last 100 years. big brothers and big sisters provides after school activit activities, tutoring and out reach programs. >> all right time to reach out matt pellman one more time in the "action news" traffic center. >> what's good and not so good. >> we have improving situations along the schuylkill. delays getting better but still out there. slow. sun glare not helping us out. as we look tonight 76 near conshohocken curve westbound accident approaching 0 and king
5:37 pm
of prussia involving overturned vehicle is long gone and recovered fairly nicely at least for schuylkill and it's still a 33 minute westbound travel time ideally should be 14 minutes. still not great it's after all the schuylkill. great news after reopening on tuesday of the route 23 valley forge road bridge in schuylkill township chester county today east pike land township got back rap down road covered bridge over french creek closed since april of 2014. in bucks county emergency construction on southbound 1 this afternoon past 413. stick with 59 instead. and providence road shut down because of crash. rick and monica back over to you. thank you again. much more ahead only "action news" tonight a florida judge joined more criticism after hearing a spousal abuse victim. what the judge had to say. >> artists traded in payments and brushes for pumpkins and
5:38 pm
knives. the cool results, adam. >> high today 75 you can see warmth continues to build south and west. we could be near 80 tomorrow comes with price in the afternoon. i'll explain in accuweather. >> plus swraim james with flyers news as we get ready to on the regular season tonight when "action news" comes right on the regular season tonight when "action news" comes right back.
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>> a jm handed down a sentence as the victim tried to explain herself. >> i asked him to drop everything. why. >> i'm trying to move on with my life. >> i'm begging you please, please don't. please. please. >> i already issued my order. >> the judge is not commenting on the case but legal analyst say she will not be reprimanded for her decision because even though it's causing outrage, she was within the law. a florida woman heard hissing coming from drier and knew it was not maintenance issue she called animal control officers who pulled out you can see it an 8 foot long king cobra. the officers say the snake put up quite a fight and was aggressive it wentz missing from her neighbor.
5:42 pm
reality star mike kennedy home a month ago. wanted to dry her hairy guess. >> i think so. >> and the second year in a row organizer forced to cancel pumpkin chunking event they had problem finding insurance. it was scheduled next month dover international speedway drove contestants for all over that launched pumpkins with variety of homemade contraptions anyone that purchased tickets already will be issued a refund. >> turning to sports eagles fine tuning before the show down with the saints and tonight it's about hockey. >> hockey time. >> i can't wait. >> get our mind off eagles. remember flyers took team bonding trips why they learn to trust each other. hoping to stop history from repeatingself. opened in tampa tonight. last year won one of their first six games. now with third coach how can
5:43 pm
they auto void a similar slow start. >> be consistent and ready and i think the years before we were were a little younger and didn't prepare as better as we wanted to for games and i think we'll learn from that sdmri think it starts game one. you cannot look past any gim in this league. you know i think we've seen the last few years we started off slow and had a long upward climb and i think we've really stressed importance of you know playing from the first whistle this year. >> last sunday jason kelce called off ten receive line a disgrace. what might help. they're getting healthier. kelce expects to play despite jerry to his quad and lane john sewn and allen barber. he offensive line has played so poor this season even before banged up. that's good news. eagles second worse rushing offense in nfc. de marco murray has a message.
5:44 pm
>> we're going to be fine you have to be patient. we're got worried about what everyone else is thinking about us and we know what's at stake and we know what we have inside this locker room. you have to have heart and come out every day and work hard to get better and be the best individual player you can be and be the best team collec collectively. i think we have the right group of guys and coaches and you know we'll continue to move forward. >> chip kelly says the only way they move forward is to execut execute. espn analyst ron jaworksi agrees with coach on execution and says it will take a lot more than that. >> you can point to execution or play-calling or point to personnel. it's all of those. it's all of those. you know sam bradford showed a streak in washington game hey he's back you know, this is the sam we expected to see. thoughing laysers down the field and anticipating throws and doing the things we want our quarterback to do. and then you see some plays and you scratch your head and say what was he doing there. it's all the little things.
5:45 pm
and it's going to take time. i'm not bailing on this team yet 1-3 i see enough positive here that could be corrected in a weak division. at the end of the day i think there's a chance this could be a playoff team. but it's got to start this week against the saints. >> yes, it does. sixers host cleveland tonight in preseason game. lebron james out. those of you who have cevl phones get them ready after all he'll have plenty of time to take selfies. calves pregame lebron waiting out a break in third table scorers table grabbed a phone and posed with youngsters. of course the picture made its way to twitter #lebron selfie since retweeted more than 1500 times. >> look at the kids faces. >> great thrill. >> very cool. >> similar. >> wow. >> monica photo bombed. >> wait a minute. >> i wanted her in it. >> wait a minute. >> don't listen to him.
5:46 pm
>> we're knee deep in trauma on 6abc. it all starts episode "grey's anatomy" 8:00. >> i feel like hostage like reverse hostage kidnapper follows me everywhere and won't leave me house you. >> know what they call that. >> marriage. >> april and jackson marriage appears to hold on by a tlaet thread. that's tonight on all new grays at 8. >> charlotte, charlotte. >> who is in change of the presidential detail today. >> secret service. >> obviously call whoever is in charge get them here now charlotte now. >> and abby runs to the rescue tonight in all new scandal 9:0 9:00. olivia and fitz face consequences of their relationship and melanie brings in an old friend to make sure she gets her way tonight on an all new episode of scandal today at 9:00. >> i have a gun ! >> and what could be lurking in nataliese's base nment all
5:47 pm
new how to get away with murder tonight at 10. they take on a new client whose alleged crime leads them to unexpected place. that's all tonight on how to get away with murder at 10. >> what a night to snuggle up in fronts of the tv thursday prime time here on 6abc. starts 8:00 "grey's anatomy" and scandal at 9 and 10:00 how to get away with murder and after that "action news" at 11 and don't for get join in on the fun on twitter tag all and don't for get join in on the fun on twitter tag all responses to #6abc mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind.
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takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ . jevs is one of the largest social service actions they recognize companies and individuals for promoting employee inclusion and those in economic disadvantages. >> meteorologist adam joseph here haven't had to use the umbrella a. >> break it out briefly as a quick little line of downpours and thunderstorms pass through. let's look at double scab live radar. all is quiet. decent amount of sunshine today and few clouds pop this afternoon. and temperatures once again soared well above the normal.
5:51 pm
normal is 69 degrees this time of year. we hit a high of 6. warmest temperature so far this week and of this month and the low this morning 6 degrees above normal and back in 2007 record high was 89 degrees and that sunseting now around 6:3030. as we look at present numbers it's cooler at the shore that wind coming in off the water upper 60s. impact mid 60s and sea isle city and 7 mill villas well as wilmington and 72 reading and allentown 72 and philadelphia right now still the warm spot holding on to 75. we look norm and west and here's the front. notice it's not a lot of moisture with it. and most of the energy with actual low will ride into sosh canada tomorrow and then the cold front will drag through here in the afternoon. so we'll start dry with sunshine tomorrow morning. breezy and warm. and then some of those downpours and a scattered thunderstorm will break out. increasing clouds overnight tonight and very comfortable with low temperatures in 50s
5:52 pm
suburbs 61 for center city with southerly wind 5 to 10 mimes an hour and low again eastern canada and northern new england tomorrow afternoon cold front comes through in afternoon with some downpours and but you know what it won't rain most of the day. it's warm and breezy and in fact we'll go for high of 79 in philadelphia and would not be surprised if we hit 80 or 81 in some neighborhoods tomorrow afternoon and then that front sinks south and strong high pressure in control to the west across the nation's heartland and northern plains and great lakes and it starts to make the way eastbound. so sun returns, 66. it's going to be much cooler on saturday and we'll drop a good 14 degrees or so and that then that wind drains out of northwest. it will be breezy at times. what to expect tomorrow afternoon. it's muggy as well. ahead of that front an very warm. scattered thunderstorms imbedded within the downpours and expect a quarter to half inch in average for rainfall and there could be brief gusty winds and some downpours as we
5:53 pm
look at future tracker for some specific numbers of rainfall totals again you can see a third inch in lehigh valley and closing in close to half inenvelope philadelphia and same for millville and atlantic city and wildwood uniform numbers across the area. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 79 tomorrow. warm again. brief period of afternoon rain and some of it could hit during the evening rush hour and breezy and cooler come saturday just 66 degrees. and then sunny and nice. less wind on sunday of 70 and then 74 looking pretty good warm and please ebts to start the new week. if tailgating for the flyers in parking lot picture perfect one for that and sun and clouds next coped fron tuesday and cooler wednesday and still temperatures near or above average in middle of next week with really no chance for rain beyond that friday time period. >> all right. looks nike nice. >> thank you, adam. >> we want to remind to you go to facebook and like the 6abc "action news" facebook page that bivz you access to top
5:54 pm
stories we're following and weather updates and breaking news and viral videos and communicate with members of the "action news" team. >> artists turned pumpkins into canvass in new jersey today they carved 50 giant jack owe lanterns for the pumpkin carve. it will be on display how well farm corn nasal lambertville and he see them this weekend only. preview party kicking off 6:30 and event runs through -- that's a good one. and event runs through -- that's a good one. runs through the weekend.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> burlington county third graders continued a fall tradation with monarch butterfly release this afternoon. students have been studying butterflies a month since cater pillars and today students released the butterfly to safely travel south for winter. good idea. family, friends and staff were invited to see the butterflies off as they begin their migration. >> and finally adventure
5:57 pm
aquarium in camden plague host this weekend to well dressed guests. you could say one big penguin party plenty on display saturday and today we got a sneak peek of exhibit from penguin paintings to pep rally it's part of the national effort to have visitors up close and personal with america's favorite non flying fathererred friend. >> doing a little artwork ther there. all right. right now jim gardner and "action news" team standing by with these stories and more at 6. police put up flyers in a south west philadelphia neighborhood trying to solve five murders. >> and also police in montgomery country arrest two in a home invasion that led to death ever a father. that and more coming up next at 6. >> and now for meteorologist adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody, monica malpass, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams will, have a nice evening. i'm rick williams will, have a nice evening. good
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> thursday night pennsylvania lawmakers react to budget impasse. and new jersey goes to court to sees beach front property any margate. but the big story on "action news" tonight is stepped up efforts by police to solve multiple murders in a southwest philadelphia neighborhood. lawmen were out today putting up flyers in the area around 53 and green way desperately trying to encourage residents to tell them what they might know about a group that is causing havoc in this part of philadelphia. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is liver at southwest detectives headquarters and sarah what's the story there. >> jim this is new approach by federal investigators and philadelphia police they are
6:00 pm
trying to shut down once and for all criminal group terrorizing this one southwest philadelphia neighborhood for years now. to do it they're asking help of very people who live in that neighborhood. investigators say for years a group centered near 53 and green way dhept area in constant state of fear by carr carrying out all kinds of crimes including five murders since january. four of them still unsolved. >> this group ter riceed in community since we go back to about 2012 and they've over taken homes and shot people's dogs and killed people. >> some members are behind bars others still out therement authorities say the public's help con viking those in custody and catching those on run. this week they started blanke blanketing the area of flyers direct appeal for people to come forward. >> it's a new strategy we're trying and hoping they


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