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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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for all criminal group terrorizing this one southwest philadelphia neighborhood for years now. to do it they're asking help of very people who live in that neighborhood. investigators say for years a group centered near 53 and green way dhept area in constant state of fear by carr carrying out all kinds of crimes including five murders since january. four of them still unsolved. >> this group ter riceed in community since we go back to about 2012 and they've over taken homes and shot people's dogs and killed people. >> some members are behind bars others still out therement authorities say the public's help con viking those in custody and catching those on run. this week they started blanke blanketing the area of flyers direct appeal for people to come forward. >> it's a new strategy we're trying and hoping they come forward anonymously to help us
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with the investigation. >> this woman and others are ripping flyers down taking issue with characterization of group as some kind ever criminal enterprise and they believe there must be a better solution toe break this cycle of violence. >> instead of put being them up there what about education. educate kids so they don't be out here. >> when all you know is the straets that's all do. they don't have avenues they h closing down schools and libraries. >> finally shutting this criminal group down will help the neighborhood back up. >> it's a group out of control and we believe getting the group over the street will improve the community. >> atf set up a hot line to field calls about this group. they hope to make a last of arrests to solve those unsolved murders and successfully prosecute these cases in a place where sentences are toug toughest in federal court.
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live at southwest detectives, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> sarah, u.s. marshals picked up a man they wanted to talk to in connection with sexual assault of temple university student last week. this is surveillance of a man on subway train just after attack on september 28. the rain happened 1400 block of carlisle street and the man has not been charged with that crime. he is currently being held on unrelated offenses. >> and the christie administration went to court today to sees 87 publicly owned beach plots in mar git be used for protective do you know system. last week governor chris christie called residents of margate monday the most selfish in the state of nming until for refusing to lieu dunes to be built. it would allow do you know projects to move forward. tenp private lots need to be acquired in margate and were not part of the action today.
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sky6 shows pleasant evening in philadelphia and tomorrow we'll start out nicely. wet weather is coming later in the day. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board with late word from accuweather. cecily. >> sunny, dry weather cannot last forever. that said i'm not tracking a big storm system. double scan live showing what i'm tracking is cold front. you can see rivet of moisture moving through great lakes. that's what we move through here tomorrow afternoon offer evening and there's a big temperature contrast with the front. ahead of the front we have temperatures in the low 80s behind it and they drop into the 60s. tomorrow will be a very warm day and very humid day and then get a lot cooler saturday. future tracker showing that generally we're looking at about a quarter inch to half inch of rainfall. this is quick hit of rain not going to be all day heavy rain it's primarily in late afternoon and evening hours. this is what to expect tomorro tomorrow. it will be muggy dew points in
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mid 60s and warm. some areas could touch 08 and scattered thunderstorms and even steady rain in the late afternoon evening hours and again looking at quarter inch to half inch of rain and any thunderstorm could contain brief gusty winds i'll talk more in detail about timing and what to expect behind the system coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> thank you, cecily. with rain expected be sure to check stormtracker 6 live rada radar. use social media links to follow every member of our "action news" weather team. montgomery country officials say they have solved a home invasion and murder back on september 27 in huntingdon valley and two suspects are now behind bars. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at lower moreland police. vernon you have the details. >> jim, they're both 2 20-year-old philadelphia residents and they're not eligible for bail because this is murder case and tonight police are looking for at least
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two more suspects. >> he told her he wanted another chance. she refused. he told her that, if we cannot be together, someone has to go. >> now ali the da says ordered murder of 18-year-old estranged girlfriend and family by alleged enforcer desmond smith. the two were arrested in connection with shooting death of girl's father during a home invasion in montgomery country. >> mr. ali said if you tell anyone, if you report this, i'll send des to shoot your family. clearly he's the muscle there. >> the night of september 27, 53-year-old kevin brown was snot neck inside his hunting ton valley home. he and his wife tried toy escape the killers by climbing out a second story window. police found brown mortally wounded in front yard. police say the motive was abdul ali's dispute with brown's daughter trying to break ooh abusive relationship after ali and smith sgloynd sexually assaulting her in august.
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she wrote minimum a text message hours before the kil killing. >> you are abuser and abusers don't get any better they get worse. you would have killed me the only option hi was to leave the way i did. you would not have left me leave willingly and we know that. >> the killing shongd this quiet neighborhood. >> we had no idea of any circumstances and they all seemed like quiet people. kept to themselves. good folks. >> jim, witnesses say four men were seen running from the murder scene that night. at least two alleged cohorts are still at large out there and police are serving for them. live in huntington sally, montgomery county, vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you vur nonand students from several philadelphia schools skipped class todd take a stand for futures♪ they march todd district offices in spring garden today. they want the school district city leader and state law
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makers to know they care about their education and they want the grown ups to do better. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since the end of june and leaving schools without funding. and now leaders of republican controlled house allowed a vote yesterday on governor's latest budget plan and it went down to defeat. where does state including schools go from here. "action news" reporter john john rawlins is live in spring garden tonight, john where do we go from here? >> good question. well the governor was here we talked to him briefly. he was short and tweet. he's not inclined to accept emergency funding for schools. he want a budget. >> a bitter part son budget impasse in harrisburg and here in the real world little seems amiss this penndot serment on for drivers and across the state workers getting paid and schools on. but at this point things fray physical places and public schools and some social service agos had to borrow millions to keep doors on and at
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philadelphia schools borrowed money could run out by end of month. >> we're getting nervous by end this month we're going to have to take other measures. >> catholic schools also apparently hit. state purchased textbooks have not arrived in some cases says state rep bill adorf. >> they've been in school since first week of september with no textbooks and we have,000 of those kids throughout the commonwealth. >> democratic state senator vincent hughes blocked blamed republicans for gridlock to embarrass the government nor. >> our school children should not be held hoingt tanl and that clearly is what is happening here. >> nonsense says republicans money could be flowing to schools and agencies now if the governor had not veto as i gop emergency funding measure. >> it's unnecessaryy. it's unnecessary. let's get the emergency funding out and it's not going to change the final budget. >> and the governor today arriving for a political event here in philadelphia. >> republicans are saying this
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could end quickly here if you pass emergency measures for funding for things like schools and social services. >> everything will be done very well if we have a budget. that's what people want. >> you want the budget you won't give emergency mesh sglur no. >> well governor clearly on the move there. though his message loud and clear. he is going to state course. live in spring garden. john rawlins, channel 6abc any, jim. >> thank you, john. governor wolf is in philadelphia this afternoon to endorse jim kenny for mayor. democrat is run against melissa murray to be the next mayor of philadelphia. >> a philadelphia newspaper prints typeal edition today and flyers on season tonight. ducis rogers with that story coming up. >> well it was a warm, fall da day, 76 degrees. that's 7 above normal. looks like tomorrow warmer before a around of rain and cooler air on day. i'll have all the details in the
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accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" cop continues >> those stories and more when "action news" cop continues tonight ññ
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>> a 16-year-old from west windsor, new jersey face attempted murder and arson charges tonight after police say he set fire to his home early morning. they found gasoline leading up to second floor. the boys parents were awaken by smoke detectors and escaped unharldch the teenager is charged as a squuv nile. >> gloucester township announced nicktive to tackle problem of domestic violence. township officials made the announcement today at timber creek high school in sicklerville. initiative includes a
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specialized team of police officers focused soley on domestic violence. that unit will conduct danger assessments and provide victim services and follow up with families victimized. >> jefferson and aria health systems have taken the first step towards a merger. officials from both organizations signed letter of intent this week to begin discussions towards integrating aria into jefferson. aria operates three hospitals in the area and the merger expected to be complete in spring of next year. >> a newspaper that's been a long time staple of life in philadelphia has published its final edition. city paper a frae public occasions that informs residents of music, arts and politics since 1981 shutting down. it's owner pet row us sold city pain to broad street media which owns philly weekly. the final print edition is available today in those familiar orange boxes.
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>> miss america 20 16 made visit to students at richmond avenue school today in atlantic city. betty can trel of georgia talked to youngsters about keeping fit and eating healthy. the topic was right in line with platform, which is healthy the topic was right in line with platform, which is healthy children, strong americans.
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>> we have breaking news in southwest philadelphia police investigating a stabbing at this hour. it happened 15 minutes ago in the 6200 block of dicks avenue. a man 50 was stabbed multiple times in the face during an apparent robbery attempt. he was taken to pen presbyterian hospital. his condition unknown. police obviously are on the case. philadelphia flyers begin their regular season tonight. >> yes, it starts in tampa against lightning and flyers began training camp three weeks ago. claude giroux said it feels like forever. he'll get his wish under the
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lightning under new head coach they held a skate around in tampa. this team though has a new coach and now they need to establish a new identity. >> you know what i think that's something we're going to find out over the next little while and i hope it will be hard working team with a lot of character and that kind of rolls with punches and when things are not going our way we find a way to bounce back and right the ship. >> what kind of team do you want to be. >> i want to be hard working guys. relentless and i mean we're young team but i have said before we want to learn a lot and i think when you learn it means you're ready to work and it's a pretty good start. >> football now eagles are getting healthier. lane johnson is full participants in practice today and fellow he tackle jason peters vowed to play against the saints and for teams psyche awe peers to be in good health. jeff skversky reports.
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>> everybody has that taste in their mouth and sick to their symptom sglak sick over the 1-3 start de marco murray and eagles desperate to get running in the right direction sunday against saints. >> i think you know season is definitely not over. we're in reach within the division and you have to work every day with your hard hat on and ready to work. >> everybody understands there's urgency to get a win. nobody act like you know it's not a big deal. we have to go out there and make sure we treat the game like it's a super bowl. >> chip kelly has been here before 2013. first swn eagles they started 1-3. and then went on to page the playoffs. he says similarities end there and mind-set remains the same. >> we don't make excuses or allow others to make excuses. we're a 1-3 football team and it falls on everybody's shoulders notice organization. coaching staff and players we're in this together. >> chip kelly is putting 1-3 start on one player and one group and eagles tackle lane johnson disagrees. so where is he pointing a
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finger how about at the offensive line. his theory starts up front and that's why eagles are off to a slow start. >> we doug a deep hole and pretty much put everybody else in it and we have to find a way to get everybody else and fund a way out of the mess. >> callly dug them out of the mess two years ago and everyone believes they have the right players to do it all over again. >> jeff skversky. "channel 6 action news." >> the sixers host the calfs in preseason play. lebron james is not scheduled to play. >> as cubs advancing the fence is cleared after a batter was hit that was beginning. pittsburgh first baseman shawn rodriguez he jeblingted and then practiced tie bow move on poor defenseless water cooler. he put out a statement apologizing and said he spoke to the cooler and spoke to the cooler and apologized personally he said the cooler accepted his apology and i have not been able to independently confirm that but i'm working on
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that for you jim. >> that's contrition. >> this saturday a very special performance ever the philly pops will take place at the kimle center and will include the marriage of two of the orchestra members♪ that is the violinist rachel massy and concert master michael ludwig they're marry surrounded by 65 fellow musicians and they had a chance for final rehearsal today the ceremony take place during a concert sell is operating music ceremony take place during a concert sell is operating music of frank sinatra
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you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. >> wet weather is coming here
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is meteorologist cecily tynan. >> it's tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening. but this week has been beautiful. we cannot complain too much. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing another dry day and action cam taking a look to east falls schuylkill river and seeing blue skies and sunshine. little cloud cover here and there today. and temperatures definitely on mild side. third day in row. temperatures in 70s. our high 76. it's 7 degrees above average. average high for this time of year is now dropped to 69. currently philadelphia still mild. 73. allentown 69. trenton 68. millville 68. wilmington 69, sea isle city cooler wint off the ocean 66. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system we're tracking tomorrow there's low pressure over the great lakes. that will head up over canada. what we'll deal with is cold front passing through and really will not ab living until late in the afternoon for philadelphia early in the
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evening. and tonight, prettyty comfortable night. increasing clouds. 53 suburbs and 61 cents are city if you're okay watcher i know last night's rocket launch was a little dispointsing and tonight the drakna meteor shower you have to look up arounds sunset look northwest skies away from city lights and full disclosure this is very unpredictable. some years it's fantastic. some it's very lame. but you may have a chance to see a few shooting stars. tomorrow morning we see clouds up there and certainly 7:30 in the morning lots of clouds. sprinkle poconos. main events waits until later in day. around 3:30 rounds of showers perhaps and thunderstorms across northwest suburbs waitsing for i 9 a5 corridor 5:00 and reaching coast 8:30 and out of her saturday morning looking better and better. nothing more than a few clouds here and there. mainly along the coast and
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poconos and breezy and cooler. big temperatures changes with this fronts ahead of it and winds out of southwest. it's going to be warm tomorrow. 79 degrees. some areas could hit 8 0. that round of rain scattered downpours and thunderstorms and saturday it will be breezy and cooler with high pressure building n we get a bit of wind tunnel effect. that cools down winds out of the northwest. cooler flow of air. 66. a lot of sunshine and temperatures recover back to 70 on sunday and it's high pressure rolls in. the main time just tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening when you'll need umbrella the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast warm tomorrow. it will be humid side with dew points generally in mid 6 owes. almost feeling like summer. 79. showers and thunderstorms rol rolling through late in afternoon. early in evening. and saturday sunshine back breezy and cooler and take a sweater or jacket if you head
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to temple. sunday beautiful weather for eagles back to 70. loads of sunshine. and monday columbus day and it will be great and lot of kids have a day off. get outside. 74. flyers home-opener and if you do any tailgating weather looks great. tuesday mixture of sun and clouds allowing temperatures to dip high of 70. wednesday some sunshine mixing with clouds and cooler 68. thursday partly sunny and high of 7 06r789 you don't need a jacket tomorrow. you'll need umbrellas and just for a limited time. >> it may be a light jacket over the weekend. >> saturday. >> on saturday. >> saturday. >> okay. >> not on sunday. >> never on sunday. >> finally tonight we are tloyld announce new member of the "action news" family. producer paul trombela and wife kate welcome third child last night jack anthony born 8:08 wailing ing in 7 pounds 9 ounce and big sister molly was a
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little dispointed she didn't get a sister but big brother adam is already making plans to take jack for a ride in his toy jeep. paul said everybody is doing very well and we're looking forward to being a family of five. beautiful. "abc worls news" tonight is next on channel 6 with david muir. "action news" continues at 10 on phl17 with brian taff. sharee williams. adam joseph, ducis rogers, and then please joins us for "action news" at 11 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, paul trombela and "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you join us for "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you join us for "action news" at 11:00 for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim
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they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
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the stunning exit in washington tonight. just hours after making his case to be the next speaker of the house, the abrupt change. majority leader kevin mccarthy, suddenly shocking everyone. telling reporters he's dropping out. what happened? the american hero attacked. he was one of three americans who stopped that terror attack on a train overseas. then honored by the president. now, stabbed multiple times in his hometown. the new surveillance video right here. and the hunt for the attackers at this hour. what we rarely see. the other view. the police officer's body cam. the officer shot, but he survives. you'll see what happens next. the governor of south carolina warning homeowners to get out. the rivers rising. they're now watching 70 dams tonight.


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