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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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beachs in margate next on "action news." beachs in margate next on >> tonight a philadelphia neighborhood is asking why did this happen snen own he of a auto tag shop has been here for years and tonight he's become a victim of a ban does it that used a blade of instrument of
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unspeakable violence. that merchant is fighting for his life. thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight say ruthless attack at 6249 dig street in southwest philadelphia. and live at the scene tonight "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad, what's the story there. >> reporter: its with a brutal crime, jim, as one investigator put and the victim was butchered. investigators remain on the scene. they're gathering evidence when the thief actually left the auto tag shop here he lock the front door and when officers responded they had to kick the glass in on the front door. patrick spinosa family has run southwest auto tags several decades serving a community that has seen better days and violent knife attack has area residents stunned. >> a nice guy, guy that works every day and tries to make a living and doesn't do any crookd he was a nice dude. >> police say before 6 p.m. a man armed with knife enderd the store just as it was closing.
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a struggleen sudden sued and spinosa was stabbed 20 times in the upper head and torso. still he managed to somehow call police and the suspect was last seen running down south 63. >> it's a very violent scene a lot of blood inside and overturned chairs and desks moved around and the victim was able to speak us to briefly and described a robbery had taken place there was a shrug. >> investigators spent the evening coming through the crime scene looking for any sort of evidence and checked a gas station across the street trying to find surveillance video. as residents wondered why a staple of this neighborhood had to be stabbed and robbed. >> we love this guy it's such a shame. >> and spinosa remains at penn pretierian hospital at looingt check was in vehemently critical condition. at southwest philadelphia chad pradelli "channel 6 action news." >> thank us, chad.
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it's unusual problem for half a dozen drivers on i-95 tonight all ended up with flat tires. pennsylvania state police say a pipe was on the roadway in southbound lanes ridley park exit fortunately nobody was hurt and the pipe was removed. we have breaking news from the ces ebtsville section of philadelphia tonight. police are trying to track done a hit-and-run driver who struck a 23-year-old woman. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in the 700 block of adams avenue. dann what are the details. >> reporter: well, jim the 23-year-old victim says she just stepped off the septa route k bus and was walking a cross adams when struck by a hit-and-run driver in a silver car. >> when she was crossing the street she got struck by a vehicle and that vehicle left the scene after striking her continued to flee and didn't stop. >> reporter: the 23-year-old woman suffered broken left angle and taken to einstein by
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medics and she and witnesses said the car proceeded is eastbound on adams towards the roosevelt boulevard a couple problems away. >> they believed the tag was combination of letters possibly x-ray william victor 3233. however, when police ran that tag through the computer it did not come up as a good tag. >> police say it's possible the actual tag may be slightly different combination of letters and numbers or maybe nising a number. aid is checking other variables involving silver vehicles and checking sure vailsence from nearby businesses. the victim is in stable condition and police say she's very lucky tonight. live in crescentsville, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, dann, investigators have a new lead in murder of jessica prusik the 38-year-old mother was found dead in hamilton township, new jersey in road wing park on tuesday. and investigators did not
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reveal how she was killed but they are now actively searching for a black 1992 ford f-150 extended cab that looks similar to that photograph. it has a new jersey license plate l 44 eru. anybody who knows anything about that vehicle is being urked to contact police. two men have been arrestd in the connection with shooting death of a man during a home invasion in montgomery county last month. now nad deer abdul ali and desmond smith are accused of goting to where abdul ali exgirlfriend lived with parents and sibling. they opened fires in the home killing the girl's brother kevin brown and scott then testified today he should have walked away from the demolition job that ended up -- no. i'm sorry. this is different story. >> philadelphia police trying a
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different tact to take down criminals terrorizing a philadelphia naibt. they've been posting flyers on signs and polls in the area 53 and green way with direct appeal for people to come forwardch the group is responsible for five murders since january and four of them still unsolved and they allegedly even shot peoples' dogs. some took issue with the police tactics and ripping down the flyers saying neighborhoods use ready not part of organized gang. >> instead of them putting that up there, what about the education? educate these kids so they don't be out here on the corners. education is the key. >> all they know is streets. when all ul know is the streets that's all you do. they don't have avenues like they're closing down schools and libraries. >> federal agents are getting involved and the atf said up a lot line for anonymous tips with the murders at 800-283-48
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800-283-4867 and shun ben scott testified today he should have walked away from demolition job that ended up killing 6 on market stroo street in june of 20136789 ben scott pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and faces ten to 20 years and warned demolition contractor griffin campbell his thought to take down the wall was dangerous. he res fuse todd represent him equipment. campbell is changed with third degree murder and other offens offenses. >> this is the view from sky6hd vietnam veterans memorial. all aglow tonight after reefing a milestone in 1 million duty to remember campaign. >> three, two, one. lights. >> they held a ceremony toy illuminate granite markers memorial spruce and columbus. this was final step of
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restoration and redesign. many of those that donated to the fundraising evrtd were on hand for the celebration tonight. new jersey governor chris christie is taking margate to court in a battle over beach front. administration wants to sees 87 municipally owned parcels through emnant domain to build protective sand dunes. legal action comes less than a week after governor chris di said this margate residence that challenged plan. >> to towns like margate, you know, you are amongst the most selfish people in the state of new jersey. >> administration claims margate stonewalling threatens neighboring longport and vet nor as well and margate says wooden bulk heads are enough to protect against coastal flooding. >> political chaos has shaken found takings of house chamber on capitol hill. majority leader kevin mccarthy
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stunned fralz runs when without warning pulled out of the contest to succeed john boehner as speaker and monica malpass that left a void that nobody seems will be or able to fill. >> that's right, jim, this disarray is absolutely unprecedented and essentially small and determined group of conservatives of the tea party high jaktd the party and bayneer is out and mc tammy out and appears to be nobody that has backing to leave. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> mc carpaly he merged to stun his party and withdrew suddenly for speaker of the house and mc carpaly realized he did not have 228 majority to win because of hard line house freedom caucus it's the same group that pushed boehner out two weeks ago with a threat of floor vote to remove him. the republican president didn't shap candidates were quick to file on like trump who took credit for the mayhem.
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>> they've giving me credit i said you need somebody very, very tough and smart. >> kudos to representative mccarthy for putting others in front of him. >> they just don't seem to be relevant to people right now those acronyms. >> nobody in america could careless about. it they don't care about the speaker he just wants congress to do something. >> who will lead republicans? it's anybody's guess. the chair of the ways and means committee utah and florida don't have the surprise sport either. and this could not come at a worse time for republicans they do have largest majority in 0 years so they could be dominating every vote but instead this tiny minority has taken charge and short term baener is saying as speaker until smebls can be found. >> not sure he wants to. thank you, monica. >> here's the latest on the pennsylvania budget impasse. there's no latest in the
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pennsylvania budget impasse. govern nor tom wolf was in philadelphia tone drs jim kinney for mayor. spokesmen said there are no meeting scheduled with republican legislative leaders tomorrow. test vote in harrisburg yesterday saw wolf's budget plan overwhelmingly defeated and in fact nine democrats joined republicans against wolf call for higher impact taxes and still to come on "action news" tonight surveillance video captures how one of the heroes in the french train attack was stabbed on american soil and plus german for i'm sorry, vw brought before law makers to explain how emissions cheating scandal actually happened. . and the new faces of facebook. world's biggest social network is testing replacements for the like button. cecily. >> a lot of people liked the weather lately. three days of sunny warm weather and temperatures mid 0s
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and tracking wet weather on the way. followed by a big cool down. i'll have details in the accuweather forecast. >> plus flyers on season with nhl first you have to see this. three on three over time action when "action news" continues three on three over time action when "action news" continues tonight.
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volkswagen top executive was on capitol hill today. the company north american ceo michael horn apologize the to lawmakers. volkswagen admitted half a million diesel cars in the united states have a device that turns on emissions controls during testing but shuts them off during driving. that means those cars po lute 40 times more than legal limit and today the company's ceo denied the top executives knew about the devices. >> this was a couple of software engineers who nint foe whatever reason. >> vw is trying to get united states of america to believe these are a couple rowing engineers i categorically reject that. >> the company now says it will
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repair the vehicles that were affected. south carolina governor issued a warning to residents of flooded communities get to higher ground. residents are being urged to evacuate because rivers already at record levels are expected to rise even more. 14 damn have already failed and workers are hurrying to reinforce a canal in columbia which breached earlier this week and main supply of drinking walter for that city. >> investigators say a stabbing of california man that helped stop attack aboard a french train was result of fight not terrorism. airman class spencer stone was stabbed several times in sack meant owe last night it happened after a fight broke out near a bar. stone is in serious condition and was one of five men who stobd a gunman from attacking passengers on a paris-bound rain in august. and on "healthcheck" at 11 tonight a vicious cycle. researchers quaptfied how
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important wearing a bike helmet is yet majority americans don't wor juan and study from the university of arizona examined more than 6,000 patients with injuries from bicycle accident accidents. those wearing helments reduced risk of severe brain injury by 58% and have lower odds of dying from an accident. so advice holds for more than just cars. make sure to buckle up. >> to holiday sales ps 4 game kons sole price cut starting tomorrow bringing cost down to $350 to match competing microsoft xbox one first price cut since ps 4 was released nearly three years ago. verizon customers can you hear this now? the nation's biggest cellphone company is raising prices by $20 for people on unlimbed data plans. verizon got rid of that option for new customers four years
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ago and all customers were grandfathered n the hike will affect fewer than 1% of customers. >> netflix is also raising prices for second time in pastary an a half. streaming television service says the cost of its most popular standard plan will go up a dollar from $8.99 a month to $9.99 for new customers and current subscribers won't see bill rise until next year and netflix says it's raising price to adds more tv shows and mov movies. and it's not clear whether it is something every facebook user will like. but social network is testing new ways of reacting to post. instead of rumored dislike button there would be emogis to express emotions running game at from love to laughing and sad to angry. the like button will stay. facebook trial period. is start physical europe with a plan for global rollout
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sometime later. for second year in a row, delaware's pum win chunkin contest is cancelled and the world championship was slated next month at dover speedway where contestants would come feet launch pumpkins with variety of homemade con trap shuns called pumpkin chunkin. organizers he's to scrap their plans because of problems finding insurance coverage. ticket holders will get a full refund. we're forecasting a lot of sunshine ahead for "action news" producer paul trumbela jack anthony trombelo come into the world weigh tion 7 pounds 9 ounces this is third child for paul and kate. big sister molly was a little disappointed she didn't get a sister and older brother adds am is making plans to take jack for a ride in his toy jeep. we accepted our love and
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congratulations to the trombellos. >> utterly gorgeous baby. >> a lot of people realize you don't see paul that much. >> not much. >> you see the back of his hea head. >> no his brain. he's one of the hard aest working smartest people here at "action news". >> absolutely. >> and even a better dad. he's taking a week off. i don't know how we'll survive without sglim deal with. it i know you can do it. >> forth forge sfwlon a bump in the road tomorrow. live double scan showing dry conditions out there for now and just a gorgeous sunset. michelle posted this photo looks like a postcard on my facebook page this is from red bank battle field national park and the sunseting little bit before 7:00 tonight and just a gorgeous photo and tonight quiet weather to chopper 6 taking flight above center sit dwli comfortable, partly cloudy
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night. things get a little stormy though tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. temperatures now though very mild, 6 degrees. down from high of 76. 7 degrees above normal. warm, fall day. allentown 57, millville 56, and wilmington currently 62. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system i'm tracking for tomorrow there's low pressure pulling up over dan. there's a warm front that will move through in the morning and main feature is cold front. and that's what will bring us a round of showers and perhaps thunderstorms. future tracker showing in the morning this is what's known as warm showers and with the cold front could squeeze out showers in the morning and heading to the afternoon this is one the cold front approaches and ahead of it a line of showers perhaps and gusty thunderstorms around 3bg and northwest suburbs and late model showing moving philadelphia around 4:30 this will complicate friday evening commute and pushing to the
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coast by about 6:30 and everything is out of hereby 9:00 tomorrow night and then sky is actually clear on saturday. this is what to expect friday afternoon it will be muggy, warm, scattered thunderstorms. generally quick quarter to half inch of rain and thunderstorms could have a few gustsy winds. ahead of it temperatures spike near summerlike levels. some areas could touch below 80s. afternoon thunderstorms with that front and behind it high pressure building in on saturday. so that will bring us return of sunshine. with that departing low and that high pressure we got a little bit of wind tunnel effect and cool and breezy and high of 66. below normal for a change can. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast warm and muggy tomorrow and 79. couple of showers possible in the morning and main event late in the afternoon and evening. saturday breezy and cooler, 66. great weather for temple homecoming game and sunday even better for eagles, loads of
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sunshine. high of 70. monday columbus day also flyers home-opener. 74. great weather for tailgating. then on tuesday, temperatures drop a little bit down to 07. wednesday 68. thursday partly sunny high of 70. so some showers late in the day tomorrow. only day of below normal temperatures will be saturday and then back up on warm sglid thank you cecily. >> tonight's mild temperatures made for a perfect evening to spend outside especially if you could be near dozens of the city's best food trucks. this is night mark net chinatown. more than 50 food trucks lined tenth and race street. some of chinatown most popular restaurants got in on the action and serve specials in this celebration event. it brought out a crowd. if dip are in a movie the new movie tavern opened. it features 8 screens reserved stadium seating and full car
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and casual dining menu with wide range of entrees ass. and casual dining menu with wide range of entrees ass. than is the second in the
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baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff.
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good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. nhl history tonight. >> the flyers lost their last three season openers not only that been getting off to slow starts in recent years tonight on in tampa. nhl coaching day baw. game tied at one.
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braden shen knocked one in off the rebound. 2-1 flyers. final few minutes of the period. lightning on the power play. ryan callahan a former ranger, game tied 2. over time, in ot scout louden awarded a penalty shot. second failed in this game. and jim was referring to new rule this xwreer three on three hockey in ot first game ever the season we dot it wide on hockey. lightning on the rush. jason garrison in on mason. flyers still get a point. they lose this one 3-2 in over sglim football eagles banged up offensive line to getting a little less banged up. tackle jason peters and lane johnson both full participateants practice today and that should make sam bradford a happy camper. one in three eagles have a prob tlom correct and a win on sunday against the saints would go a long way. they need a victory more than
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oxygen right now. >> everybody understands there's urgency to go out and get a win. nobody is done and acts like it's not a big deal. we have to go out and treat this game like -- >> we're 1-3. so everybody got that nasty night their mouth and sick kneeling their stomach and i know this team will go out sunday and dom sglait still ahead checking in on some former phillies during the postseason and sixers and former phillies during the postseason and sixers and calves come down to the
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>> sixers game against the
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cavaliers lebron james sits. semers trailing most of the wa way. nerlens noel bucket in the 3rd quarter pulls them within five. 75-70. ten points and 15 boards for him jaleel okafor scores 10 points for the second straight game and four of ten shooting and three rebounds. two points deficit under ten second to play scotty uses the screen and buries the three. sixers win in dramatic fashion 115-114. >> and baseball playoffs game one of alds between royals and astros right now we're in the bottom of the ninth inning and houston, looking good in game one up five to two. texas and toronto game one cole hamels goes to ball in second game. top of fifth inning. 2-1 texas lead. a two-run homer and that barely gets out. 4-1 rangers.
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former philly bullpen arm two score inning and rangers win 5-3 to take 1-0 world series lead. jimmy recalling and chase under under the circumstancesly going tat tomorrow against the mets. >> thank you, ducis rogers finally tonight unique styles were in the smrot light moore college of art and design. this is jumpstart fashion show where students show off creation inspired by designers. these designs were created -- these designs were createsed during the students first few weeks of class. interesting stuff. "jimmy kimmel live" on channel 6 followed by "nightline" for the entire "action news" team 6 followed by "nightline" for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, lena dunham, from "scandal" darby stanchfield. "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from don henley with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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