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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, political stunner. the lawmaker expected to replace john boehner suddenly pulling his name from the short list to be speaker of the house. now the scramble to find a new replacement even looking outside of congress. we're live in washington. hero recovering. spencer stone made famous after saving lives during the train attack in europe waking up in a hospital this morning after getting stabbed. the new surveillance video and what witnesses are saying this morning. caught on camera. a group of tourists plunging into the river below after a suspension bridge gives way. and a donald trump superfan taking the stage. >> mr. trump, we love you. we love you. >> the front-runner's number one supporter going viral.
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and who says he doesn't have latino fans? trump there in las vegas. we'll get to that soon on this friday morning. but we're going to start with that bombshell on capitol hill. the house majority leader abruptly dropping out of the race to become speaker of the house. >> kevin mccarthy's stunning announcement left republicans in shock, some bursting into tears. now the party is scrambling to find a new replacement they can all agree on. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest from washington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning to you, marci and kendis. kevin mccarthy will not be john boehner's successor. his withdrawal has republicans in a tizzy. no one saw this coming. in less than 2 half hours kevin mccarthy went from a confident candidate for speaker of the house to a withdrawal. >> i think i shocked some of you. the one thing i found in talking to everybody, if we are going to
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unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> reporter: the decision by the california lawmaker throws house republicans deeper into chaos. it came after a closed door meeting with the same conservatives who would challenge him on the house floor as speaker leaving republicans especially those who supported him at a loss for boards. >> nobody knows anything at this point. >> reporter: with no obvious replacement for john boehner in sight anything can happen. >> i think they were stunned. >> reporter: little known candidates daniel webster are still in the running but some have urged paul ryan from wisconsin to throw his hat into the ring even though he says he's still not running. >> my statement stands. >> reporter: so what happened? well, mccarthy's big blunder about the house benghazi committee didn't help. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping.
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>> reporter: kevin mccarthy's team figured he'd only get about 200 house republicans to vote for him which is short of the 218 needed. kendis, marci, back to you. >> all right, stephanie ramos live in washington, thank you. the republicans are in such a tailspin some are suggesting they may have to look beyond congress for the next speaker. former speaker newt gingrich is not ruling out a run. 20 years after he held the post gingrich indicated if everyone wanted had him to run he would not turn it down. he did admit it would be an unlikely scenario. another sign that joe biden may have made up his mind about a possible run for the white house. sources say reps for biden met with democratic national committee taffers reportedly briefed on key rules they need to understand if he enters the race. dr. ben carson's comments on gun control have caused plenty of controversy and carson just
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injected new life by linking the disarming of german citizens with the holocaust. abc's tom llamas has the details. >> reporter: dr. ben carson taking his pro-gun stance to another level. writing in his book that the holocaust would have been less likely if jews were armed. >> if there had been no gun control laws in europe at that time, would 6 million jews have been slaughtered? >> i think the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league calling his comments historically inaccurate. outspoken against gun control at an oregon community college writing on facebook "i never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away" and repeatedly insisting he would have rushed the shooter if put in a similar situation. >> i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, hey, guys, everybody, attack him. he can't get us all. >> reporter: but now carson
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revealing what he did when he was once confronted by a gunman in a fast food restaurant. he did not rush the shooter. >> the guy comes in, puts the gun in my ribs and i just said, i believe that you want the guy behind the counter. >> oh, so you just redirected him to -- >> i redirected him. >> reporter: carson asked about that on cnn. >> that sounds counter to what you're recommending. >> a completely different situation. this is somebody who comes into a joint to rob it. not somebody who see skwenquents killing people. >> he could have killed you. >> i did know that. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, las vegas. stay tuned for "good morning america" later this morning. george stephanopoulos will interview ben carson live. turning our focus now to south carolina where the governor there and the national guard are urging residents of low-lying areas to evacuate as soon as possible. homes and businesses that survived the worst during the recent recordbreaking rainfall are now in the path of flooding
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that could last up to two weeks. rivers swollen are rushing toward the coast and could begin spilling over their banks as early as today. russia is denying reports at least four missiles from its latest attack on syria fell short of their targets instead crashing in iran. and now disturbing new images show syrian children injured by missile fire contradicting russia's claims that its air strikes are aimed at isis rebels. the u.s. insists russia is actually helping to prop up the assad regime. the u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan may have been much worse than initially believed. we already knew at least 22 doctors, nurses and patients killed but now there's word that 33 others are still unaccounted for. doctors without borders has reiterated its demand for an independent investigation after getting a direct apology from president obama. the u.s. navy will be launching a search for the sunken cargo ship "el faro" and its data recorder using sonar and remotely controlled
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vehicles. hurricane joaquin sank the ship east of the bahamas last week with 33 people on board. mourners gathered on long island and in jacksonville, florida, for vigils in honor of the victims lost in that disaster. it is the most coveted of all the nobel awards and that's the peace prize leading the odds german chance lahr angela merkel for her pledge to open the country's borders to refugees fleeing syria and other war-torn areas, another top contender is pope francis off his first ever visit to the u.s. the announcement is just moments away in oslo. breaking new details in the volkswagen emission scandal. with word of another software program being investigated. and one of the americans who stopped a train attack in france waking up in the hospital after being stabbed. new details overnight from a witness. thus caught on camera, tourists walking across a suspension bridge when all
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a delta flight that took off from seattle forced to return to the airport after hitting a bird. the airbus was heading to hong kong yesterday with more than 230 people on board when the bird struck one of its engines. the pilot flew for nearly an hour to burn off fuel and then landed safely. a potential new problem in the volkswagen emissions scandal. federal and california regulators are looking into a second computer program in volkswagen diesel vehicles that affects the operation of the car's emission controls. of course, it's a different program in 11 million cars worldwide that caused the scandal. the company's top u.s. executive had to answer for it yesterday on capitol hill. >> vw has betrayed a nation. it's time to clean it up or get off the road.
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>> we will find remedies for our customers and we will work to ensure that this will never happen again. >> of those 11 million cars nearly half a million of them are here in the u.s. horn went on to blame the software issues on engineers who, i'm quoting here, put them in there for whatever reason. apple pay which lets you swipe your phone instead of a credit card is expanding. best buy is already accepting it at its stores and should be an option at kfc and chili's next spring and starbucks is giving it a try at some stores with complete implementation next year. a growing sign of acceptance of the systems. some retailers using it previously said no thanks. and new netflix users are being asked to pay a dollar more per month for the company's standard plan. it now costs 9.99. netflix says the increase will help cover costs for shows like "house of cards" and other original programming. it is the second time in 17 months the price has been raised by a dollar.
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d.c. spencer stone one of the american heroes who took down a gunman on a plane bound to paris is recovering from stab wounds. >> he fought a group of people outside a bar yesterday morning. police say alcohol was likely a factor that led to the altercation. stone was stabbed three times. a cab driver witnessing the incident. >> he tried to protect himself. those guys don't stop. they try to stab him again and again. never seen lick this so i was right there when this thing happened. >> stone has undergone surgery and is listed in serious condition this morning but his injuries are said to be n nonlife-threatening. police are seeking two suspects. stone's friend and fellow train hero alek skarlatos tweeting, quoting here, spencer is one tough guy and only he could have done something like that and lived yet again. a school bus driver in pennsylvania is in some trouble this morning for being seen
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texting while driving. the video shot by a seventh grader on that bus. it shows the driver with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the phone. the student's parents posted the video online then the bus company and the school district started looking into the incident. the driver was not on the job yesterday. if heights make you dizzy, you may want to turn away for a second. take a look. newly posted video captured the terrifying moment when a bridge suspended over a new zealand river collapsed as four tourists were hiking across it. one of them says they were midway across when he heard a big crack and the bridge gave way. fortunately, they escaped with just a few scratches and bruises. wow. 20 feet to the bottom there. all right, back here at home, they're getting ready for a do-over in the small community of carl. straight divided painted lines
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is usually what the worker does. they say the new paint job will cost about $500. >> whoops. >> yep. if you love playoff baseball, today is your day. there is action in all four division series starting just before 1:00 p.m. eastern time. >> we have the texas rangers already up against the blue jays. as for last night's game in kansas city and some softball, we get the highlights now from espn. >> let's talk baseball because that's what you want to think about in the morning. kauffman stadium. crowd fired up. game one in the royals/astros divisional series. bottom of the fourth. the entire offense in the form of morales. his second solo home run of the game. bottom of the fifth. astros up 4-2. escobar lines to center but jake mau mauriznick. rasmus getting in the game
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himself. astros win, 5-2. matt hasselbeck is 40 which is the new 40. andrew luck out. hasselbeck had been sick all week. texans have been sick all season. andre johnson used to be a sick texan. now he's a well colt. brian hoyer to jaelen strong, a 95-yard drive with no time-outs towards the end of the first half. not sure what the colts' d b's were doing. listen, it made more people watch the game. this made people change the channel. bill o'brien can't believe it. hoyer just chucks it, mike adams picks it. colts win. >> i'm out. >> feels so good. >> one more moment from that astros/royals baseball game to show you. they had a rain delay in the third inning and that wasn't good for a member of the grounds crew. he wound up getting stuck under the tarp as it was being rolled out. >> poor guy, the internet, of course, loves this kind of stuff and the guy who went down already being referred to as the
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this changes everything. almonds. cashews. seeds. honey. and a touch of sea salt. delicious made simple. the new simple nut bar from nature valley. okay, time for "the pulse." let's start with a rather unique moment on the campaign trail with donald trump? at a rally in las vegas. the republican front-runner was talking about being on the cover of the current "people" magazine and that was when he saw a woman with the magazine in her hand. >> so trump brought the 35-year-old woman who's from columbia on stage. turns out she's something of a super fan of trump's which is now going viral. >> i'm hispanic and i vote for
4:23 am
mr. trump. we vote for mr. trump. yes, mr. trump. we love you. we love you all the way to the white house. >> trump's campaign says the whole thing was not planned. later trump commented online that his crowd included, quote, many hispanics who love me and i love them. >> okay. interesting. and soon you may be able to do some more than just like something on facebook. it's about to begin testing six new emojis that you can use instead. >> they are love, laughter, cheering, wow, sad and angry. but dislike is actually not one of them. for years facebook users have complained that there isn't a simple way to express solidarity or support for bad news so this is the new way. >> this is good. we like it. when you think of a hot male model, this guy may not come to mind but he is -- you are --
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>> oh. >> this guy might not be but bursting on the scene in a big way. >> zach miko, target's only plus side male model. 6'6" with a 40-inch waist turning a lot of head, lady. >> he is featured in the big and tall section of their website proving a guy doesn't have to be slender with a six-pack to have a positive body image. >> i like it. good call. okay, and a close call near the main airport in costa rica. a jet coming in from spain barely clearing the airport fence. whoa. and the person taking the cell phone video, there was a last-minute change in the jet's approach because of stiff winds. >> but a local aviation official says there is no minimum height requirement on airport approaches and that is nothing compared to the caribbean where planes come in for a landing infamous runway 10. >> a lot of sightseers see.
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>> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 friday. we're following developing news out of south philadelphia. a water main break is causing problems for businesses around there. we'll have a live report from the scene. today is the day bill cosby will be questioned under oath. chaos in congress, hear how the frontrunner for house speaker withdrew from the race. rain today, not in the morning, david murphy will time out when when it approaches. karen rogers has a look at the road problems early on. "action news" is next. your "fr >> i found out something that rocked me to my core because today for the first time,
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mcdonald's began serving breakfast all day long. it's the sort of news that changes a man. i do a late night comedy show and the only reason i ever got up before 10:30 was to make it to the mcdonald's breakfast deadline. the new trend that's getting a lot of attention called human backpacks. this is the work real of a designer named rick owens. it's people wearing other people. gives a whole new meaning to the question who are you wearing. >> can someone tag in for me. thanks, buddy. >> republicans say the economy is bad. they say it's bad. how bad it. >> it is so bad in new york on park avenue today i saw a woman with real breasts and fake gucci purse. you never see that. princess leia's bikini sold for $96,000. the bikini is perfectly intact as is the buyer's virginity.
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bill clinton said yesterday that donald trump's campaign has a certain macho appeal and then trump said whoever this macho is, i want him deported. people have described trump with words idiot, buffoon, clown and jerk and use others like still, better than and jeb. analysts say jeb bush's campaign is in so much trouble they may bring in george w. bush for support. that's true. this will help jeb appeal to george w. bush's key demographic people who have a terrible memory. >> politics keeping those fellows employed. >> oh, yes. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great friday and a wonderful weekend. >> it's the weekend.
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>> good morning, here's what's happening on this friday, october 9. developing overnight a water main break has closed part of south street. a number of businesses may be without water while crews start the repair. >> teenager are rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds and police plan to arrest one of them. >> police in south carolina are getting rallied for another round of flooding. >> good morning, 4:30, friday, october 9. let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers to talk about rain coming today. >> reporter: it's going to be


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