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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 9, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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hearing this morning. she had nothing to say as she was led into court in had you evers. police have filed 18 new charges against here in addition to the 14 she was facing. police went to the home to check on the children. the home was in deplorable condition and discovered that rippy was injecting her 14-year-old daughter with heroin. she was injecting a 16-year-old boy. court documents indicate the heroin was supplied by her boyfriend. she was watching her inject the drug into the arms of the children. burn is on the run. police hope he turns themselves in. the abuse of the children would never come to light if the family friend hadn't tipped them off. rippy will go straight to court
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on 34 counts. she will be heading back to the chester county jail unable to come up with $50,000 bail. live in honeybrook, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have breaking news to pass along from the northeast section of the city. chopper 6 is over lincoln high school where there was a lockdown early this morning, a lockdown that's been lifted. after letting out this morning there were reports of a gun at the school. a man reportedly seen on a bike outside of the school was believed to have left a handgun on the side of the school as we take a look at a number of police cruisers and authorities on the scene. the school was placed on lockdown, but it's been lifted. a man was taken into custody for questioning. it's not clear if a gun was found or charges filed. we're following the story at the school? northeast philadelphia, we'll bring you more information as it
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becomes available to us. philadelphia police are asking for help from the public tracking down a man and woman attacking another man on the 9900 block of bustle toll avenue last saturday. the man started punching and kicking the victim. the attacked continued always the man lay on the ground. the victim was treated and released. if you recognize either person you're asked to call 911. >> police looking for a gun toting thief who robbed several people inside a chinese takeout store along the 3800 block of pulaski street. the suspect walked in and demanded money and threw a customer to the ground. the suspect jumped into a silver pontiac boneville and took off. nobody was hurt. philadelphia police are trying to track down a gunman after two teenagers were shot late last evening.
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happened on the 7900 block of temple road in the west oak lane sexuality 11:00 p.m. one 19-year-old was in the car at the time. e was shot in the back and later townld in the driveway -- found in a drive away next to a car riddled with bullets. another teenager was shot in the stomach. both were taken to the hospital in critical condition. both are expected to survive. in camden, a man was taken to the hospital after he was shot multiple times on the units block of north 21st street. police were called to the scene at 4:00 p.m. the shooting remains under investigation. an arizona college student is in custody after a deadly shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. coordinating police two groups of students got into a fight in a parking lot outside a dormatory early this morning. the confrontation turned physical. one of the students stephen
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jones pulled out a gun and opened fire. many students learned of the shooting by word or mouth or on social media. >> people said you need to get home and be safe and be indoors. i'm like what's going on. this isn't true. this didn't happen. >> reporter: counselors will be on campus all day long to help students copy and grieve. >> meanwhile, president obama is in oregon where he will meet with the victims of the shooting at umpqua community college. the gunman killed nine people when he opened fire before shooting himself. after the the shooting president obama expressed his frustration with the lack of action lawmakers have taken with gun laws, the meetings today will be private. the chaos continues on capitol hill after representative kevin mccarthy suddenly withdraw for the race for the speaker of the house.
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now republicans are scrambling to find a planner b. three prominent leaders have emerged as favorites for the jobs. abc's karen travers has the details. >> reporter: house republicans huddling on capitol hill discussing their next move. >> we had a good conference working together. >> reporter: majority leader kevin mccarthy abruptly taking himself out of the race for house speaker. >> i can't unite everybody. >> reporter: his sudden and unexpected withdrawal throwing house republicans into chaos. mccarthy had support of house republicans. so who is running now, representative paul ryan of wisconsin. he says he doesn't want it. >> i don't have anything to add right now. , but many top republicans are trying to change his mind. >> paul ryan is the rightman.
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congressman daniel webster of florida is in, he has the conservatives in the house freedom caucus. also in jason chavatz of utah. >> i do believe it is time for a fresh start. >> reporter: onto gop campaign trail donald trump said the party needs someone tough to fill the role. >> there's nothing wrong with the republicans taking a tough stance and sticking with it. >> it's shaping up to be a pleasant afternoon outside. but we'll end the workweek on a soggy note. live on sky 6 we go to cape may, new jersey. it's warm and sunny there right now. the clouds are moving in and so is the precipitation. you might want to keep the
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umbrella handy if you're out and about this evening. the weekend shouldn't be a total washout. let's check in with melissa magee outside on the terrace with the friday forecast. >> reporter: we're starting to see the sprinkles north and west of the i-95 corridor. ahead of the frontal boundary moving through it's mild, 75 in the city. 74 in trenton. 65 in the poconos. along the coast in beach haven 69. the winds speeds not bad, 3 miles per hour in reading to as high as 15 miles per hour in dover. we have the southwesterly breeze and windy coming in ahead of a cold front that we're tracking. here's storm tracker 6 live double scan radar you can see the heavy rain across new england moving across mid atlantic and back to the ohio valley. so this cold front will move east later on today, from a west to east direction. future tracker 6 timing it out for you, 1:00 p.m. this afternoon we're staying dry, but 7:30 this evening, you can see a line of convective activity
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maybe showers and rumble of thunder moving on through. it's mild and breezy ahead of the cold front we're tracking the showers and storms later this afternoon and into the evening hours, we're calling for a tenth to half inch of rain and brief gusty winds are possible. so, the moisture moves in today, but it will make for a cool and dry weekend. we have the details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. thank you we'll see you back inside. from our delaware newsroom officials from new castle county are investigating an apartment fire on philadelphia pike in penny hill. it took an hour to get things under control. everybody got out safely. philadelphia police are posting flyers in southwest philadelphia this noon they are trying to take down a group of chris terrorizing the area around 53rd and green way. authorities say they are
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responsible for five murders since january. four killings are unsolved. residents took issue with the new police tactic and ripped down the flyers. >> instead of putting that up here, what about the education? educate these kids so they don't be out here on these corners. education is the key. >> all you know is the streets. that's all you going to do. they don't have no avenues, they are closing down schools and libraries. >> atf set up a hot line for anonymous tips about the murders. call (800)283-4867. a water main break late last night in center city is still impacting residents and businesses at this hour on south street. 5th street between south and lumbard remain closed as crews make repairs. water is pouring from a manhole since 1:15. water was turned off in homes
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and businesses until the repairs are complete. a surprising selection for the nobel peace prize a grassroots group is awarded one of the highest honors coming up. plus how a new jersey based company is trying to find a cure for ebola. that and more coming up on "action news" in just a moment. staci, you have got to get down here.
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>> more than a dozen homes were destroyed by a fire in chile. four people were hurt including two firefighters. 30 people are without a home there. no word on what started the flames. top u.s. officials said the way the military is training rebels in war-torn syria needs to change. ash carter laid out the plans in london. the currents plan has been suspended while they look for others ways to support rebels in
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syria. while the tragedy is changing the administration remains committed to the fight against isis. >> this is to enable, exaipable forces -- capable forces on the ground to retake territory from isis. >> french war plains carried out airstrikes against isis overnight. france announced it would extend its fight against isis in syria last month. johnson and johnson started clinical trials in africa where some of the most recent cases were reported. more than 11,000 people have died since the latest outbreak in 2013. there's no licensed treatment or occur for the virus. a california agency has approved a 100 million-dollar
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expansion of the killer whale tanks in san diego. it has banned the park from breeding captive orcas. sea world has said they have not captured wild orcas in more than 30 years. the nobel committee made a surprising pick for its most esteemed award. it went to a grassroots american democracy group. >> reporter: a huge prize for a small group, a little known democracies movement the tunisia national dialogue quartet this year's national peace prize winner, beatings out pope francis and germany's leader angela merkel. they achieved a democracy they
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toppled a dictator and sparking a pop lulls move up ending the status question across the middle east. in tunisia buildings democratic institutions, a constitution and legislature from ask scratch. today other countries marred by violence and chaos. tunisia not immune, in march isis inspired terrorists killed 22 people at a museum. thousands are thought to be fighting with isis in iraq and syria. there are problems. >> the quartet exercised its role as riding force to advance peaceful democratic development in tunisia with great maurel authority.
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>> reporter: in tunisia they are celebrating the surprise honor one member tweeting it is an honor not on for his nation, but for those across the arab world who believe in a democracy that works peacefully. abc news, london. >> back here business leaders gathered over breakfast for the 215th annual meetings of the greater philadelphia chamber commerce. more than 250 people were in attendance to hear the accomplishments of the past year and they is you discussed the ff the businesses here in the philadelphia region. a check on the philadelphia forecast as we look live sky6 live hd at atlantic city, the shoreline, meteorologist melissa magee has an update from accuweather and the any minute rainfall when we come right back. stay with us.
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a nice weekend overall, right? >> reporter: it's going to be nice, right now we have to get through a round of showers this afternoon and evening. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing it's mostly dry. earlier today and while i was out maybe ten minutes ago, we had a couple of sprinkles in philadelphia. expect the showers to continue especially this afternoon and into the early evening hours with the passage of a cold front moving northwest to southeast direction. we'll talk about that in a moment. in the near term we'll show you the picture outside, sky6 live hd looking from our temple university camera at the center city skyline. we have sunshine, sun giving way to increasing clouds. make sure you have the wet weather gear close to you later on, because we'll be tracking moisture moving on through. 65 in tanersville and 70 in saight -- slatington and fleetwood. 71 for saint davids and kennett square.
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down across new jersey, upper 70s for cinnaminson. along the coast at the boardwalk. 68 in atlantic city. 69 in surf city. off to the west we're tapping into the nice southwesterly windy close to 08 in dover. smyrna at 79. satellite and radar, this is the frontal boundary that we're tracking here, so showers even thunderstorms firing up across western sections of pennsylvania. also through upstate new york and portions of new england. this will continue to work east ward as the day wears on. something to keep in mind if you're heading over to watch high school football as we have high school huddle action today. cloudy skies, a lot of moisture shifts to the soothe anne east of philadelphia -- south and east of philadelphia. 7:00 p.m., 70 degrees. 10:00 p.m., 65. mostly cloudy, by the afternoon, pockets of sun, a lot of
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moisture north and west of the poconos. 7:00 p.m. you can see the line of convective activity moving through. this could ignite thunderstorms. 9:00 p.m., the showers south and east of the city mainly confined across south jersey and delaware. by 11:00 p.m. we'll start to dry out. here's the set up for the start of the weekend. once the cold front moves on through we have high pressure setting up shop, the sunshine returns and it's cool and breezy with the northerly wind with the high temperatures coming in at 69 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows it's warm today in advance of the cold front. high temperature 80 degrees. we could find anywhere from a tenth to a half inch of rain later on. saturday it's cooler and nice day, 66 degrees, still sunny and nice on sunday with the eagles at home at the linc. at 70 degrees still beautiful on monday, sunshine and clouds sharing the skies, 74. no issues on tuesday, just a few clouds at 70, the upper 60s
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next wednesday, 70 thursday, have the umbrella today, rick, it clears out tomorrow. topping our people scene we're getting a brand new look behind the scenes of disney's aladdin 20 years after it hit theaters. >> ten thousand years! >> those are never before seen takes place of robin williams voicing the genie. it brings alive his connection to the iconic character. disney of course is the parent company of 6abc. welcoming up tonight on 6abc it's a new episode of the new comedy doctor ken it stars ken jong and marks his first
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staring role on television. he with as a doctor for several years before pursuing a career in tv. he brings his previous life to the small screen. his wife is a doctor, he said he relies on her to make his show more realistic. >> if any ideas were too close to home or unbelievable i would call my wife and ask her she had a hand in carving out these stories you know. >> a new episode of dr. ken airports after last man standing followed by shark tank at 9:00 p.m. anne 20/20 at 10:00 p.m. and "action news" at 11:00 p.m. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65.
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tomorrow philly pops performance will be special for two members of the orchestra. violinist and concert master will be married on stage surrounded by 65 fellow musicians. the ceremony will takes place during a concert celebrating the music of frank sinatra. how about that. melissa is here with a check of the forecast. it's going to be pretty for the weekend. >> reporter: it's going to be pretty once we get into saturday. sunshine and increasing clouds and rain moves in the afternoon and evening hours. 80 degrees in the city. 79 in toms river. the moisture moves in later on tonight, anywhere from a 10th to a half inch of rain and cooler and drier just in time for saturday. a look at the stories coming up today on "action news" at 4:00. celebrating a century of culture and tradition we take a look back in time at philadelphia's
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italian market. details are being finalized for the columbus day parade. coming up at 4:00 p.m. we catch up with this year's famous grand marshall whose musical career spans generation. don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. for sarah bloomquist, melissa magee, and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. we'll see you later, have a nice afternoon!
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