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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and get your head under the window. that can be very key as well. this is something we don't deal with much in this area but again, tornado warning until 5:15. >> we're taking a look right now at double scan live radar overall. we're looking at this particular area near limerick. that is where we're possibly seeing this rotation. it continues until 5:15. this was issued 10 to 15 minutes ago just to the west of pottstown near royersford, moving to the east at about 45 miles an hour. the towns right here you can see quirks around 5 o'clock, graterford 5:01, collegeville also 5:01, evansburg around 5:02. this is moving into very populated areas of montgomery county near interstate 476, the northeast extension. we are dealing with very heavy rain right on the brink north of worcester and also lansdale near the quakertown exit, also extremely heavy rain and very vivid lightning. there you can see that little influx, the void of some of
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the bright colors. that is where we would possibly see some rotation. now, if you're joining us right at the very beginning of this tornado warning that was issued, you saw cylinders in this particular area near pottstown and limerick. at this point we have not seen a cylinder with many scans which is a good thing to indicate, that any kind of rotation that was created in the upper levels of the atmosphere, the mid levels of the surface have pretty much fallen apart. however, despite you don't see a cylinder, you definitely still want to take shelter in this area near worcester, norristown and 422 as this is moving directly to the east at about 45 miles an hour. if you're near phoenixville or in norristown, you are pretty far south of where this particular possible tornado was, so more than likely you're just going to be dealing with heavy rain, gusty winds and vivid lightning. i would again beyond that key point of a easterly direction from limerick at this point near schwenksville around
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5:01, graterford add 5:02, collegeville that is right on the edge on the southern edge at 5:02 as well as this pushes offer to the east. we'll take a look at the particular map of where this was issued. they have not cut, and when i say they, that's the national weather service because they are the ones who issue these tornadoes warnings anywhere near royersford but we know it is pretty far to the east of that area at this point. again, that tornado warning in any community that is near or with? inthis box of the red from king of prussia to east norriton. it does not include lansdale but you'll still see some pretty nasty weather as this line pushes in from the east. again, we'll take a look at the radar. you see, again, we have that little bit of a void, that little hook in the radar. where you get the hook, we don't have much in the way of heavy rain, that is where you can get the circulation. so typically north of that circulation near green lane, souderton along the northeast extension and limerick at this point it is just torrential rain, lightning bolt after
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lightning bolt and some gusty winds but again, it's the area that you're not seeing the heaviest rain where we could see some of that rotation that develops within the storm. total of lightning strikes at this .50. again, tornado warning. don't happen a ton in our area so what you want to do, you want to be on the first floor of your home. you stay away from the second floor or the top floor because that's where the winds are the strongest. they come from the top down to the bottom. you want to avoid windows. go to the lowest floor in your house or if you're in a highrise building -- a lot of questions over facebook and twitter what happens if i'm in a highrise. you get to the lowest level of that highrise, the first level or the basement. interior room away from the windows 'cause most of the injuries is because of flying debris hitting the window throwing glass into the house and that's why people tend to get hurt. here again, collegeville 5:03, evansburg 5:05 and creamery at 5:06. it is approaching worcester, lansdale at this point. right now here is 422. the highway of 422 right
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between phoenixville and limerick. it is just to the east of 422 where you have that little bit of winds shifting into the storm. because, again, where the storm is wrapping up near green lane and limerick, it's almost taking a breath so to speak, so it pulls in those winds and as it approaches the northeast extension, we are not seeing any cylinders at the present time. it is east of route 100 right now near pottstown, frederick, souderton, lansdale. you're dealing with the heavy rain but again, the area that we are tracking for this possible tornado is most of southern and central parts of montgomery county, not including lansdale. it does include king of prussia at this point, also it does include east norriton. now, if we bring in storm tracker6 live 3-d, i believe i have it in here in one of the sources, here it is, storm tracker6 live 3-d in this technically viewing area of where the storms are passing through, we're not seeing any cylinders on 3-d, either, at
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this point but you can see heavy rain from allentown, doylestown, all the way back towards lancaster, this is the cold front that is bumping into air temperatures we have seen about 14 degrees above normal today and that humidity has spiked up the to fuel the storms as well so you can see that little bowing out of the line that's creating some of the winds that we've seen gusts between 40 to 65 miles an hour. but again, good thing we're not seeing any particular cylinders on the radar at thisy at the present time but that tornado warning does continue until 5:15. so, still for another 10 minutes for this area of montgomery county and as we keep looking at double scan live radar, it's a good thing that we're not seeing those cylinders pop up. great technology with double scan live radar to show us within the storm if there is some kind of rotation but at this point when we're taking a look at the reflective have the, that's the mode where you see all the different colors in the rain, we're not looking at any kind of circulation but the present updated times right now we're looking quirks
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at 5:07 and also collegeville right around 5:08. >> i'm going to step in here and join you because we're really focusing on this area because this is where we have the tornado warning but we are seeing a lot of severe weather so the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning also for bucks, chester, montgomery county and philadelphia county until 5:30 tonight and we've got reports of a lot of wind damage. west nantmeal chester county reporting wind gusts 56 miles per hour. new morgan and berks county reporting trees down over route 76. >> okay. >> so, we're seeing -- this is all with that line that's moving through right now. >> moving to the north and west. >> and part of what's going on is that we have the very warm temperatures ahead of it. >> yes. >> and then we have the cooler air behind it so that's what's causing the clash right now. >> and we have -- even though areas if you're watching in southern delaware also central southern new jersey, it's pretty nice right now and you're like, okay, well is it going to make it here and we have that watch in effect until 8 o'clock tonight so a watch means the the potential
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is there that these storms could turn severe so we can't let our guard down as these storms are passing towards philadelphia. >> exactly. and the main thing really has been the winds with these thunderstorms. wind gusts lancaster county airport 55 miles per hour. and with the possibility of that rotation, that's why we do have that tornado warning until 5:15 reported for montgomery county. >> we've got to continuously slow these updates and we'll go back to the radar here. i'm going to pass through a lot of these graphics and make sure that this particular tornado warning which it is still technically in effect right now until 5:15 p.m. near east norriton and king of prussia. when you take a look at this particular area of red, you definitely want to look at the eastern half of this red at this point as opposed to the western half because this tornado warning was issued sometime ago and at 5:07 it was issued at 4:55, 4:50 and that's where it originated. at this point it's pretty far to the east in this particular box and if we look at the present radar, there you can see worcester and lansdale,
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you're in that area where you have that classic hook right here where you get those southerly winds to pull into the storm to try to wrap those winds and create some kind of funnel but we again have not seen with scan after scan at this point of seeing any kind of cylinder in this area which is a good sign. we're going go to 3-d right now and take a look at this particular line that continues to pull through the area and if you want to come in cecily you can definitely show this particular bow echo that continues to pass towards philadelphia and approach parts of chester and southern montgomery county. >> that's what we had been watching since about, what, 4:20 this afternoon when it really rolled through lancaster county and this -- when you see a bow like this, this is really the rushing winds behind it and where you see the apex of it, that's where we have the strongest winds. so, even if it turns out it's not a tornado, we're looking at a lot of wind damage potential with this storm where you get that rotation,
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that little bit of a spin, that's what can produce that tornado and i want to show you melissa magee is back there working right now. this graphic so this really shows. >> perfect. >> this shows the red. that's where we have the tornado warning. areas in yellow, this is where we have the severe thunderstorm warning. so, if you live in any of these areas including philadelphia, you really do want to get inside not only are we reporting a lot of wind damage, there's a lot of lightning. >> right. >> kids have soccer games. you hear that thunder. they have practices. get them inside right away because lightning can be a lot more dangerous than tornadoes that's for sure. >> gearing up for high school football this evening as well and you made a good point there, you know, everyone gets fixated in the red area which they should where there's a tornado warning but outside that area where you're seeing the yellow straight line wind damage can be just as strong and just as devastating as a weak tornado. >> and we saw that a lot over the summer. >> no difference between the damage. >> people say it must have been a tornado but you get a macro burst and that really can stand out, can bring a lot
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of trees down so we really do want to take this very seriously because this storm system definitely has some punch. >> it has some punch to it and you can see here about to cross over the northeast extension near that lansdale exit and then as you get to the quakertown exit a little farther to the north it's kind of sandwiched in between at this point and let's put a new storm track on here, thank you melissa magee back there working on this for us and you can see right around 511, bethel hill, okay park at 5:12, hatfield at 5:12 as this mover to the east and it's racing to the east at 45 miles an hour. >> exactly. >> and you know that when the storm moves, i mean it has its own momentum of wind in addition to winds coming out of the storm so you get that combo. >> you get ahead of it, you get it behind it and a part of the problem with this is the fact that here it is, it's crossing the northeast extension right now t it's the evening commute. >> right. >> so, if you do is some friends who are getting ready to head home and really travel across this area, you do want to give them a call. wait it out it's moving so
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quickly. it's in and out pretty quickly and once we get this first line, we're looking at some heavy rain. >> right behind it. >> it's the first line, the leading edge that's what's causing the problems, that's what's causing the wind damage and most of the lightning. once you get behind it you have the rain. >> many dangerous aspects of it. melissa if we can widen out this radar just a little tad because i want to give a little more perspective and take a look at it, you and i cecily, and you can see what cecily was chatting about that bowing nature, right around there, you're getting that little bit of a hook north of that bow where the original tornado warning was issued back towards pottstown and what you need to watch out for horsham, willow grove and jenkintown, is the rushing wind ahead of this, the straight line wind damage. you know, so you're going to get a really strong blast of wind before that heavy rain and lightning push in and then behind it, you have the
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possible circulation that is now east of limerick heading towards lansdale and south of souderton and well north of phoenixville and at this point well north of norristown. so, if you're in this area, i don't know if you -- we're looking at this at the same time together you're well north of where the circulation could be. >> where we have the severe thunderstorm. even if you're not in the path of what could be a tornado, we're speculating here because we have not had any eyewitness accounts. >> right. >> a lot of times you get the rotation, it's in the upper atmosphere, it's not getting to the surface but again, this is a dangerous thunderstorm and i'm just getting word from our producer that if you can safely get any photos, send them to us on social media. i've had some pictures sent in the rain in berks county and the evening commute, again a lot of people are driving through some very heavy rain. you really want to be careful. no flash flood warnings posted but it's dropping a tremendous amount of lane in a short period of time and this cab dangerous. >> the best time to get a picture if you have damage is
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after not like during and you hear all the thing going on. >> stay safe. >> stay safe number one and then if you have damage after it's great to share with us and then we can share it with everybody else to show you what kind of damage can occur from straight line winds or the possibility of a tornado as it's pushing through and you're still seeing the red,. >> for two more minutes. >> yeah for two more minutes and the outer area the yellow which includes center city philadelphia the severe thunderstorm warning. >> and that's until 5:30. >> and the tornado warning is until 5:15. this is live data. if it is lifted we'll actually see this red area disappear right away and we can breathe a sigh of relief. >> we're hoping for that. >> exactly. >> we look at the radar. we still have that little bit of a hook but when we first went on we saw cylinder that is developed and we haven't seen any of those cylinders which is a good thing. it doesn't -- just because there's no cylinder doesn't mean you're still not taking shelter at the present time as it's passing over an extremely
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busy highway at this point in the northeast extension. >> and you can see how quickly it's moving. it's moving at 45 miles per hour to the east. lots of lightning strikes. this view alone which is pretty close up view, 29 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes and this is again moving to the east. it will be crossing 611 so these are some of the communities in the path of this possible tornado. want to keep saying possible. glynn ned square oak park hatfield orville lansdale and north wales and this is all really part of a broader complex, the cold front that's rushing in that's causing the widespread severe weather. >> right, 'cause you look at double scan 3-d and you can just see almost the entire southeastern parts of pennsylvania at this point getting very heavy rain and seeing a lot of lightning and very strong winds with this line as it's passing through and then within this line, we have that possible tornado that was embedded, you know, on the western flank so to speak of the leading edge of
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this cold front. >> one thing i do want to point out, too, if you look at this, you can see how it's really staying together. a lot of time when we have a line of thunderstorms it can almost rain itself out. the atmosphere cools off a little bit and you see it starts to weaken and this is staying together pretty well as it move to the east right now. >> melissa magee just brought us some good news. >> all right. >> the tornado warning has now expired. here we go. >> that red blocks sox completely gone which is a good indication that that storm has weakened with the possible rotation but we are still dealing with severe weather in this entire area where you're seeing the orange. >> this is severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30 and we'll continue to track it but again that tornado warning has officially expired. back to you rick and monica. >> thank you so much cecily and adam for all of that. we appreciate it. the latest on the tornado watch and the thunderstorm warning. >> we'll take a quick break, be right back with more news. stay with us.
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>> we continue our coverage now of the severe weather moving through our area, a tornado warning has just expired but the threat of storms continues tonight. storm tracker6 double scan live here keeping a close eye on the strong storms that are packing downpours and gusty winds. >> and the timing isn't good as these storms are hitting us during the evening commute of course. we're expecting a quick
5:19 pm
soaking from all of this. let's check in once again with meteorologist cecily tynan with the details from accuweather. cecily. >> rick and monica we definitely have some nasty weather moving through. this is a cold front and ahead of it we've got some strong gusty thunderstorms. of course that tornado warning was posted at 4:44 and it expired just a few minutes ago at 5:15 but double scan live showing that we still have some pretty active weather. we've got some gusty winds with this line of storms so a severe thunderstorm warning has been posted until 5:30. this includes philadelphia, also parts of montgomery county, chester county and delaware county and i wouldn't be surprised if we keep seeing these warnings advancing to the east right ahead of this front. so, storm tracker6 live double scan kind of zooming in showing this powerful front that's moving to the east at 45 miles per hour. we're seeing a little bit of that bowing and that indicates the rushing winds behind it. we have wind reports of up to 55 miles per hour. that was in lancaster county at the lancaster county
5:20 pm
airport. this view alone has 19 lightning strikes so i do want to show you jenkintown, you are getting hit right now with some heavy thunderstorms, some heavy rain, radnor not quite as intense. malvern you're already through it. so, this will continue to push to the east, move through philadelphia around 5:30 and then push into south jersey and delaware until it finally moves off shore later on tonight. so, it's definitely going to be a very stormy night. double scan live showing what we're looking at. this is a cold front that's rushing in ahead of it feels like summer. we've had temperatures in the lower 80's, high humidity. behind it we've got much cooler air so this is what's really causing that battle grounds and you can see actually throughout chester county reporting some very heavy winds and i wouldn't be surprised if some areas also see some hail from this line of storms as it continues to advance to the east. so, i talked about the warning. we're also under a severe thunderstorm watch almost our entire viewing area except for cape may county until 8 o'clock.
5:21 pm
of course the storms will be rolling from the west to the east so it will be clearing out in the western suburbs before we clear out along the coast. so, this is what to expect tonight. these storms have some brief heavy rain, hard to drive through this a-good idea to pull over if you're driving when you get hit with these storms. wind gusts, the potential up to 70 miles per hour. also the possibility of small hail and we're looking at overall a small amount of rain but the fact that the rain will occur in a very short period of time, this could cause some problems with some ponding of water. generally about a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain. behind this system we have much cooler air on the way. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. also continue to track the storms. back to you guys. >> cecily that is our big story tonight. we want to show you some of the video that's coming into our news room our reporter david henry shot this from his cell phone in montgomery county. this is route 202 north heading towards king of prussia and you can see the rain is falling, heavy rain falling at this hour as cecily mentioned there's a potential
5:22 pm
for damaging winds in excess of 65 miles an hour and a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8 o'clock but take a look at this video shot from cell phone six here along route 202 north heading towards king of prussia. >> all right, and of course bad weather can severely cripple or impact our evening commute. let's go over to matt pelman and see what's happening with that. hey, matt. >> there's an awful lot happening rick and monica. we were showing you earlier big delays in advance of these storms. now with the storms coming down, the rain really falling the delays have just really increased. we're looking live at 309 close to county line road so this is right on the bucks county montgomery county border. you can see the traffic stopped in both directions in part because of the lights but also in part because of the weather. the rain really falling and we have been seeing a lot of ponding on the roads. we watched the storm as they moved up the 202 corridor. we saw first really heavy rain along 202 in king of prussia right by the schuylkill and parked traffic there. the storms made their way through norristown on up into montgomery county and now we're here right on the bucks
5:23 pm
county montgomery county line where indeed the rain is falling and the traffic is stopped. in the wake of this storms we've been catching reports of a bunch of downed trees and downed wires. of course they hit pottstown pretty hard so just north of there charlotte street at school lane a tree came down. we're seeing accidents with the ponding along the wet roadways. people are hitting those puddles and losing control and hydroplaning. close to royersford a tree down along willis road. plenty of slowing along 422 with the soggy conditions in combination with the friday afternoon volume. crash in upper providence along egypt road. easy to have accidents especially with the really wet conditions. people have a hard time maintaining control. 73 big road at renninger road another accident scene. you see the slow moving traffic along the northeast extension especially between lansdale and quakertown. speeds are down as the rain continues to come down. as we look live in center city the rain is just starting to fall and look at all the traffic clogging the vine street expressway in both directions.
5:24 pm
no one is getting home quickly whatsoever on this friday night. rick and monica, we'll check it again in just a bit. >> okay. >> thank you so much matt. we'll have much more for you coming up in just a few minutes so please stick around. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. >> ♪ people of the coffee-drinking world,
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and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents. >> every minute counts. let's get the latest from
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accuweather on our severe weather situation with meteorologist cecily tynan. >> monica and rick we have a cold front moving in. there's a rush of very cool dry air that's encountering the warm humid air we experienced today and this is 3-d showing the advancing squall line as you really moves toward the philadelphia area. this leading edge of the thunderstorms of the rain, this is the most intense and this is moving to the east at 45 miles an hour. we did have that tornado warning for parts of montgomery county which expired at 5:15 but we do still have some severe thunderstorm warnings including philadelphia. this is storm tracker zoomed in and i want to show that you fortunately this is beginning to break up. we still have that bowing so willow grove, you can probably hear those rushing winds right now. we've had wind reports up to 55 miles per hour. so, i think we're going to see a lot of tree damage from this system. also 33 lightning strikes and as we go farther do you think to the south closer to philadelphia, you can see how
5:28 pm
right now philadelphia just some light rain. looks like the heaviest is north of philadelphia right now. it will be heading towards frankford, palmyra and also riverside and this severe thunderstorm warning is effect until 5:30. more details when "action news" returns. >> ♪ mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
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>> welcome back. we're showing you a live look now at sky6 at philadelphia international airport. we're told there is an hour and 15 minute delay for flights in and out of phl because of our severe weather situation. the thunderstorm warning is expiring right now at 5:30 but we do have a watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. you can see the heavy clouds and some wet weather there on our lens. >> all right, it is friday night and the entire area of course under that severe thunderstorm watch into the evening. of course that means heavy rains, lightning, thunder and strong winds at this time. we want to get the very latest now from meteorologist adam joseph at the big board who has been checking the flow of this storm that's heading our way. it's already here i guess in some respects. >> basically i-95 rick at this point from trenton philadelphia down to wilmington we're starting to ease the intensity of the rain and the wind and the lightning as you go dear into southeastern pennsylvania. but double scan live radar shows it's about to cross over the river and head into southern new jersey and delaware. we had that severe
5:31 pm
thunderstorm warning. if you were just watching with cecily in this area until 5:30. there was an orange box for most of montgomery county, philadelphia county and delaware county but it has expired and has not been reissued for any other areas south and east so this is good to see this map blank at this point meaning the storms, even though they're powerful, no longer at severe limits anywhere in our viewing area but of course, that can still change. as we look at double scan live radar we're looking at these gusty strong storms from newark, wilmington, through delaware county, philadelphia, jenkintown, lightning at 59 right now in the last 15 minutes in this particular vantage point. so we're dealing with still some lightning and thunder but steady rain north and west and as we head to the north, the strongest part of this particular line is now near doylestown, parts of bucks county, heading towards mercer county, not severe but in this area you can see the deeper reds meaning very heavy rain with a lot of lightning doylestown and also near new hope and we have that severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire viewing area
5:32 pm
right down to the coast until 8 o'clock tonight and some of the latest storm reports trees and wires down in lancaster county, also trees down along the pennsylvania turnpike and berks county and guys, in chester county trees and some wires downly we'll continue to monitor the storms. not severe right now but that could change and we'll have an update in just a little bit. >> thank you so much adam. let's check the traffic and how it's being impacted by this severe weather. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. what's the latest? >> watching rain really start to come down here in the doylestown area of bucks county, rick and monica. you can see the drops hitting the lens along the 611 bypass by easton road. awful lot of spray coming up off of those vehicles that are trying to travel along. the rain really falling here in bucks county this afternoon. if you're traveling from bucks county on 95, you're hitting delays. this is the southbound side. also really getting wet here and if you can look at the road way as the headlights come southbound i think you can really see how fast the rain is falling. into delco along 95, this is the southbound delay by ridly park getting wet here so basically our whole 95
5:33 pm
corridor from the scudder falls bridge on down to the delaware state line is now very soggy. this is the schuylkill expressway at south street. just had a fender-bender here in the eastbound lanes that cleared out. still an awful lot of traffic. you can see that here as well. schuylkill expressway westbound headed toward the boulevard still pretty much a solid line out of town this afternoon from university avenue out to king of prussia. it was that way even before the storms hit. messy afternoon on the roads for sure, monica. >> absolutely. thank you so much. and before you make plans this weekend, be sure to visit and use storm tracker6 live raid today tour track any wet weather including right now. also get expert insights from our accuweather team. >> turning to other news tonight a chester county high school's week long homecoming celebration has sparked a battle between students and school administrators. students planned to have an american themed day was rejected because officials feared it would exclude nonamericans. "action news" reporter john rawlins has more from great
5:34 pm
valley high school in malvern. >> reporter: great valley high school home of the patriots on november 11th they hold patriots day where they raise money for veterans groups which makes what you're about to see and hear all the more curious. great valley high school is its administration being politically correct or is this just a failure to communicate? homecoming is next week. student leaders had asked one of its spirit day themes to be america today, a celebration of pride encouraging kids to wear red, white and blue. but the request was not allowed by the administration. student julia kennedy told us student leaders were baffled. >> i just heard from some friends that who were in student council that they weren't allowed to do america day and that's what they wanted to do and they were told that they had to switch it to heritage daw because it might out of some people. >> reporter: by phone a student leader confirmed to us today they were told america day would be offensive to some people not born in america. instead, eventually world heritage day was suggested. julia's dad ross began anline
5:35 pm
petition to restore america day. >> piques my interto hear something as benign as america day could be something that would be offensive to somebody else. >> reporter: kennedy's point, there is nothing exclusive in celebrating a country that has welcomed migrants throughout history. the district superintendent met with the student leaders today. we asked her if anyone in the administration had told the kids that america day was pulled because it was offensive. >> i asked that exact question and i was told today in the room with the student and the administrator and the advisor that the word offended was not used and i asked that pointed question. >> reporter: this is any other political correctness run amuck. >> i don't believe so. >> reporter: in the wake of all this there was a special meeting of student leaders. the superintendent told them if they want america day, fine, they can have it. they went into a session, they had a vote. apparently world heritage day is now out but so is america day. instead, they will have the theme next week on wednesday
5:36 pm
of celebrate your country day. in malvern, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." >> man is recovering after being attacked and beaten outside of a bar in philadelphia's bustleton section and his attackers are still at large. we want to warn you this is surveillance video that's very violent. detectives released it from outside benny the bum's bar on the 9900 block of bustleton avenue. as you can see the female suspect points at the victim and then the male suspect rushes in and starts punching and kicking. the attack continued as the victim laid on the ground. the suspects would then run off. the victim was treated at the hospital and released. if you recognize either person, either of the suspects, you're asked to call 911. chopper six is over lincoln high school in northeast philadelphia early today after the school was temporarily locked down. authorities say someone reported seeing a plan on a bike leaving a gun on the side of the school. one male was taken in for questioning.
5:37 pm
still not clear if a gun was ever found. >> delaware investigators have yet to release the cause of death of a woman found in a new castle parking lot. tonight a childhood friend of the victim is talking about that loss. the body of 23-year-old kimberly quate of dover was found. it's not clear if she was murdered or if she died some other way. mandy gordon toll "action news" today she's known kimberly since she was six years old and she's obviously heartbroken. >> she was great. she was the best person. she was always funny and random and highly energetic. >> authorities are awaiting toxicology tests to determine the exact cause of death. a federal judge in new jersey has ruled corruption charges against senator bob menendez will stand. the judge said menendez failed to present any evidence suggesting the charges should be thrown out. earlier this year the same judge dismissed four of the 22
5:38 pm
counts against menendez. the senator plans and specifications to appeal this newest ruling. >> lucy the elephant one of the jersey shore's favorite landmarks is in dire need of a makeover and peta is offering to help make that happen. people for the ethical treatment of animals said it would pay for major repairs to lucy but with a catch. in exchange, peta would use the margate landmark as a so-called spokes elephant to bring attention to real elephants who are forced to work in the circus. about $58,000 is needed to repair lucy who after 134 years is falling apart. so far there's been no response from the organization that runs and maintains the wooden elephant. >> septa's new general manager says he has his sites on the future for better service. eva pilgrim has that story. >> reporter: the new septa boss lab on the job nine days and he's got big plans for the future. >> i love to build things and this is just a really great time. >> reporter: an engineer jeffrey kneple is making sure
5:39 pm
septa can keep moving. >> you see the mess, the piece of rust that comes down. i got to make sure people get that. >> reporter: thanks to a major change to pennsylvania's transportation funding septa is final. able to afford to fix some longstanding issues. here at the 15th street station jacks are holding up the platform. >> it's safe right now and we want to stop having to check those supports that we put under there. >> reporter: he's pushing forward with a rebuilding program for the entire system. septa is fixing that things you can't see as well as things you can like updating the stations and getting new and bigger trains, trolleys and buses to make room for the growing number of people using public transportation. >> for the first time we're actually looking at double decker trains on the railroad. >> reporter: that is still about three years away. but some changes are right around the corner. >> in the future,. >> reporter: one card will soon be your ticket to ride on any septa vehicle. septa is testing the
5:40 pm
technology with plans to phase it in by the end of the year start of the new year. >> it will function very much like e-z pass. you can go online and load money into it or you can just have it regularly put money into your account. >> reporter: another much requested addition, septa will add devices to show you on screens and on your phone realtime information about when your ride will arrive. >> we can only catch our bus location every three minutes based on the kind of antiquated system we have. going forward we'll update that every 30 seconds. >> reporter: the goal is really simple. to make sure everyone gets where they need to go. in center city, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." >> ♪ >> still to come on "action news" friday night, chaos at a car auction in massachusetts when a driver suddenly goes out of control and into the path of buyers. >> and and the eagles are getting in those last few practices before they face the saints on sun. jeff skversky with details coming up in sports. adam. >> monica, we continue to track a very strong line of some downpours and thunderstorms with some gusty
5:41 pm
winds. at this point no severe weather within this line but we'll continue to monitor it and let you know when it exits the coast coming up. >> we want to see your storm photos. these are already coming in to us in the "action news" room. upload your photos to our facebook page or twitter page with the #6abcaction. we'll be right back. ññ
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5:44 pm
>> an elderly man drove an suv into a crowd of auto auction goers in massachusetts today. witnesses say the 78-year-old man was driving a bmw suv when it sped up, hit several other cars then went into a group of people. at least one person was flown from the scene with serious injuries. seven others were also injured. the driver was not injured. >> sports now. eagles getting fine tuned before sunday's battle against the saints. jeff skversky with that. >> wouldn't it be nice to have an eagles game where you're not screaming at the tv all day. >> that would be fun. >> that would be nice. >> yes, it would. desperate to get out of this one and three slump to start the season the eagles will have to stop drew brees and the saints without line backers mychal kendricks and kiko alonzo both officially ruled out today with injuries. demarco murray's hamstring feeling better but brutal start.
5:45 pm
he's off to the slowest start of his career. the defending rushing champ ranked 81st in rushing. prompting him to say he needs more reps on sunday. >> i wouldn't use the word frustration. obviously, you know, you wouldn't like to be one and three. you would like to play every game, you would like to have the ball bounce your way a couple more times but i don't think i'm really frustrated i would say but just got to continue to play hard. >> when we're not having success running the ball at all then it's tough to say hey we're just going to make sure we get him 22 carries. it's the entire group and it's not just one player that's involved it's the entire group. >> the saints come marching in sunday just like the eagles at one and three. new orleans off to a slow start, too but as chip kelly says they have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in drew brees who, yes, likes playing here in philadelphia. >> just that environment. it's really a good environment, it's a fun environment it's a crazy
5:46 pm
environment to play. when they're rolling you that crowd can get loud and it puts communication as a key point for us but it's also a fun place to go and play well and get a win. >> hopefully not this sunday. all right, dave hakstol trying to pick up his first win as a flyers coach tomorrow night in south florida after an historic debut last night in tampa. hakstol part of history in his debut. flyers and lightning are the first teams whoever play the new three on three overtime in the regular season but here in ot guys flying around up and down the ice, this jason garrison beating steve mason. flyers lost hakstol's debut three-two in overtime but they pick up a point. flyers say they can build off this. >> probably could come away with two points no problem here but the guys coming out with an effort like that absolutely guys can look at themselves in the mirror and be happy with the overall effort. >> high school football, 6abc huddle game of the week haverford and garnet valley is
5:47 pm
postponed to you dew poor field conditions. take a look at the field at haverford earlier today. a giant hole on one of the sidelines at the 49-yard line making the game unplayable there. these two make it up tomorrow night at 7:00 at garnet valley's field so upper darby against conestoga. that is our game of the week. high school huddle on 6abc. before i expect you two to be watching. >> always. >> always. >> thank you. >> temple plays. you didn't even mention temple. >> i can't give it all away. >> thanks jeff a perfect way to end the work week with a bunch of laughs and friendly competition. you can find that on 6abc prime time. it starts with last man standing at 8 o'clock followed by dr. ken at 8:30. shark tank at 9:00 followed way to 20/20 and "action news" at 11:00.
5:48 pm
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>> a camden county elementary school is doing more than teaching respect. they're spelling it out literally. can you see? students and faculty at waterford elementary school in waterford gathered outside this afternoon and used their bodies to spell r-e-s-p-e-c-t with the hashtag. this was the view from chopper six. just part of the school's week of respect activities to hopefully combat bullying
5:51 pm
while promoting positive activities in class and out. all of the youngsters certainly looked excited to be participating. hey there, hey guys. >> they're waving, doing jumping jacks. love it. >> that's great. >> let's find out the latest on our severe weather. adam is here to give us the update. >> no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect as the line that weakening. a lot folks getting ready to go out to high school football games going to be a mud match so to speak out there with a lot of those fields if it's not turf or drained very well. on double scan live radar we're dealing with a line of some downpours and a few embedded thunderstorms. again the severity of these storms has greatly diminished as they've approached trenton, philadelphia and wilmington but parts of chester and montgomery county definitely took a pretty hard hit, about an hour ago. as we look closer at double scan live radar about 59 lightning strikes and most of them are confined north of pennington and north of new hope where you have the heaviest rain in the northern part of mercer county, southern parts of bucks county and then it's a light rain, a
5:52 pm
steady rain all the way back into berks county as well as parts of the lehigh valley, close into philadelphia the heaviest of the rain has now pushed to the south and to the east, only 10 lightning strikes most of them along the new jersey turnpike, 295 near mount holly through burlington county and then slicing through western and northern parts of camden, gloucester county and this line extends down to wilmington, some very brief heavy rain and then a steadier light rain behind it but here 19 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes again, nothing severe at this point and the line as it's pushing to the south seems to be weakening so that's some some good news. despite that it looks like it's weakening we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8 o'clock. again, southeastern pennsylvania, more than likely this watch not needed anymore. it's mainly for southern new jersey. a watch meaning the potential is there for storms to turn severe but they're moving into some very warm air. it's 77 in millville, 78 dover, 78 in atlantic city. but where the rain has already fallen it's down to 68
5:53 pm
philadelphia, 64 allentown, 65 in reading so those temperatures quickly cooling off here this evening post rain. as we look at satellite and radar it's all a part of a cold front that stretches way down to the south into parts of the virginias and eventually the carolinas. a lot of clouds lag behind it but overnight tonight we'll have that early period of some heavy rain and those thunderstorms but quick clearing after midnight. temperatures dropping to 49 in the suburbs, 55 degrees for center city. about an hour and a half from now about 7 o'clock, the storms will be far down into southern new jersey and delaware and as you can see it's beginning to break up, not as much in the way of red color there. off the coast by about 9:00, 9:30 we start to clear the sky and then tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock take a look at the sunshine everywhere and lack of clouds as high pressure comes in tomorrow, 66 a little breezy from the north tomorrow with that cooler wind and this high stays in control the entire weekend and really squashes any sort of cloud or storm along the east coast and
5:54 pm
all the way back into the northern plains and it's a tad milder with lots of sun here at 70 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow 66, it's cooler and much breezier at the linc for the temple game and then on sunday, sunny and pleasant, 70 degrees for a high. if you're heading to the linc on sunday 1 o'clock for the eagles kickoff, 67 degrees and by the fourth quarter, temperatures around 69. beyond that it turns very warm again on monday, 76 degrees with a couple of clouds in the afternoon. next cold front comes through with just a shower or two. looks very weak on tuesday of 72. beyond that a lot of clouds on wednesday of 68. and then sun and clouds, nice thursday before the next chance of rain comes in on friday of 66 degrees so we'll continue to monitor the storms as they move into southern new jersey and delaware but the good sign as of right now, those storms are weakening and not packing as big of a punch as they did in pennsylvania. >> good news. >> thank you, adam. >> remember, we want to see your storm videos and photos. just send them to us to our
5:55 pm
6abc facebook and twitter pages. here are some we're always getting them. always tag them with 6abc action so we can put you on the air. we'll be right back. ♪ it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself.
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>> ly. >> well sunday a is philadelphia's columbus day parade. city council was declared next week as christopher columbus italian heritage week. south philadelphia native frankie avalon was on hand. he'll serve as grand marshal for sunday's parade and alicia vitarelli was also there and will help emcee the parade which you can see live at 1 o'clock this sunday right here on 6abc. frankie avalon looks pretty good. >> yes. would be a great day for a parade. >> jim gardner standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 philadelphia police looking for the suspect lined at least three armed robberies in olde city. >> and a south jersey police chief takes turns to facebook to express the danger one of his office was in after being confronted by a group on dirt bikes.
5:58 pm
that story and much more coming up next at sick clocks for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody jeff skversky monica malpass the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice weekend.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night the chester county mother accused of giving her daughter heroin goes before a judge. and a water main break affects center city residents and businesses for much of the day. but the big story on "action news" tonight is an evening of very severe weather. this is what it looked like in
6:00 pm
malvern, chester county, less than an hour ago. ominous clouds turned driving rain and this was the in the midst of a tornado warning for chester and montgomery counties. meteorologist cecily tynan was live at the big board tonight. cecily quite a line of storms that moved through here. what's the situation now? >> and jim, fortunately that line of storms is weakening as it's pushing to the east. the leading edge is moving across delaware and south jersey now. philadelphia and areas to the west you're really just dealing with rain. live zoomed in on double scan live seeing that it's now pressed through wilmington. you're just dealing with rain. the new jersey turnpike, though, we've got some very heavy downpours and a lot of lightning strikes, 21 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes and this all continues to push to the east pretty quickly. little bit farther up to the north cherry hill right now some heavy rain, haddonfield, marlton, mount laurel seven lightning strikes the past 15 minutes. we do not have any severe thunderstorm


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