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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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help spread homecoming cheer help spread homecoming cheer for sick children and that's next. for sick children and that's this is the way it looked in downingtown late today. pouring rain and strong winds had people taking shelter. and accuweather warned us about this. and obviously, for good reason. and it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the tri-state drying
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out from a series of drenching storms. two counties, montgomery and chester, posted a tornado warning until 5:15 this afternoon and "action news" virz like carlos medina recorded sguingty storms whipping through the neighborhood. this rain was blowing almost sideways in conshohocken this afternoon. "action news" reporters picked uncell phones too. david henry recorded this on 2 202 from the passenger seat of the "action news" van during the storm. let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan with the late word from accuweather and stormtracker 6 live double scan. cecily. >> double scan live showing that the storms rolled off the coast and any showers really moving off more than an hour ago. of course, that was not the scene during the evening commute. this powerful line of storms rolling through. heavy downpours. lightning, even small hail. but really, the main impact as far as any damage was with the
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gusty winds. we had wind gusts more than 50 miles per hour west nant meal chester couldn'ty reporting 56 miles an hour and turnersville gloucester county new jersey 50 mile an hour wind gusts and royersford a tornado warning and springport baseball field trees and field damaged and toms river as that line was reaching the coast reporting some minor flooding and reporting some power outages. the good news is, that squall line moved out very quickly. it was moving east 45 miles an hour. so it blew in quickly and blew out quickly and now, behind that, we have a cold front moving through. future tracker showing tomorrow morning lingering clouds along the coast. they'll continue to push down south. we got gorgeous weather over the weekend. these are headlines what's ahead. cool day. temperatures making a quick rebound of all the
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details in the full accuweather forecast, jim. >> thank you, cecily. when news or weather happens in your neighborhood join the action. by sharing your photographs and videos on social media with the #6abcaction. these are some images of the storm we received from you tonight. drivers have just called off a search of rain-swollen brandywine river. 911 call claiming somebody tossed a baby stroller off the bridge sent first responders to the water 16 and pine wilmington at 7:30. after more than three hours in murky water drivers found no evidence of the stroller or a child. "action news" was at the scene of an intense fire fight tonight in newcastle, delaware. the blaze broke out in alleged hoarders home in units block rave is street 7:30. as you can see flames shot from the windows and doors and firefighters tried to make entry and doused building with powerful water houses mounted
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on ladder trucks. fortunately firefighters were able to knock down the blaze by 9:30 without anybody being hur hurt. the cause of the fire is not known yet all throat hoarded piles of material inside likely helped fuel the blaze. >> within the span of ten hours today two more american college campuses became the sites of deadly gun violence. neeminger case appears to have been attempt at a mass shootin shooting. first was overnight at northern arizona university flagstaff where members of different fraternities got into a fight and authorities say a freshman gunman retreated and came back with handgun killing one student and wounding three hours and texas southern university in houston student housing campus a freshman was killed and another person in the hospital tonight and two are being detained and questioned. president barack obama he mothered from a meeting today with families of the shooting victims at the community
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college in oregon. the country has to come together to see how these kinds of acts can be prevented. a gunman killed 8 students and teenager last week before taking his own life. obama called for more gun restrictions after the shootings. local gun rights activists in oregon today turned out in force some saying signs saying president he bama was not welcome there. >> we're learning more about the victim in a establishing at a philadelphia auto tag shop. 62-year-old patrick spinosa is a father and married 40 years. he remains in city call condition in the hospital tonight as police hunt for his attacker. spinosa daughter and son-in-law were at the crime scene removing records and belonging belongings. >> worked six days a week it's a long-time family business. i've known him nine years. and he is just a great guy you
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know family man and terrible tragedy. >> detectives say spinosa suffered 30 stab wounds to face and upper body and it's hard to imagine it could have been worse but the robber had a gun and fired off a shot inside the store at 63 and digs a shop that only hit the floor. a 34-year-old mother accused of injecting her daughter and daughter's boyfriend with heroin had no comment today either going into or coming out of court. jessica riffey waived her hearing and will proceed to trial on 34 criminal counts. it was a close call tonight for the driver of a car that fell victim to a sinkhole. "action news" reporter jeff skversky is live at thomas jefferson university hospital. jeff, you got the full story. jim, the driver was brought here to the hospital to be checked out. she's going to be okay. she has a mild concussion and bruises after a bizarre incident that she says could is
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been much worse. >> i consider myself lucky i mean it was scary. >> brook is countsing her bles blessings after a sinkhole partially swallowed her car 18 1800 block of south columbus boulevard. >> it was like i hit a brick wall my head hit the steering wheel it took me a while to figure out what happened. >> while driving the store she believes the road opened under here and driver's side front tire fell in it. >> back end of my car was completely up in the air. if someone would have hit me i could have flipped over. >> it opened in a patch job that she said later learned city workers had left earlier in the day after repairing a water main break. her father wonders how this could have happened. >> i don't see how someone can fill a hole and leave an on cavity under sgleej by evening the water department was back to block off the road. her damaged car was towed away and this young woman grateful she survived one of her famous fears. >> one of them is life is fall
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into a sinkhole and i can't believe it happened. >> i spoke with the spokesman for the water department. he confirms that the department was out there putting the final repairs on that water main. but he could not explain what went wrong. he said his department will look into it and fill in that hole as early as tomorrow. we're live at jefferson university hospital, jeff jeff chirico "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, jeff. philadelphia, fifth between south and lombard is blocked off tonight. a water main break sent water gushing up to the road. it began just about this time last night. crews spent the day making repairs. water service was turned back on for nearby residents and businesses and the road is closed. >> this is come hoping weekend at a lot of colleges and university across the region and it's homecoming at children's hospital of philadelphia. this is the first year for this event and it surely won't be the last. "action news" reporter chad was there. >> eagles quarterback mark
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sanchez put down the play book and put on a sport coat for homecoming dance at children's hospital of philadelphia♪ he was joined by the st. joe's university ak abell agroup. villanova football team and eagles cheerleaders here to lift the spirits like those of payton mcgraff who suffer from cerebral palsy. >> it's my dream to win one super bowl and one i will never be frustrated about it again. one super bowl. >> something like this can get your mind off football and remind you how blessed you are and how you can try to impart either wisdom or encouragement. >> and while this is the first homecoming during the spring in the past they had a prom where guys dress in tuxedos and gals in dresses not quite the dress-up here today but as you can see the guest list is certainly impressive. >> both area hospitals do
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something like this it's nice they come out and try to do that. >> coming to these events, selfishly it keeps your world until perspective my own personal world you get caught up in working on new formations and plays. >> it's sheer joy giving then that opportunity they can forget where they are and their sickness just for a minute. >> sanchez spent time doing arts and crafts and talking with each and every patient. but this is a dance. >> dance floor is looking empt empty. >> will you be the first cutting it up. >> thames bar asking but i'll do it. >> you have moves. >> heck no. >> i'll look look bambi on ice. >> chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight ducis rogers with the eagles getting ready for the saints to come marching in and billing cosby under oath today answering questions about alleged sexual assaults. and congressional republicans rally around a new choice for
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speaker of the house and the only problem, he does not seem to juan the job. cecily. >> we had a run of mild air. today's high 80. felt like summer but tracking cool air on the way tomorrow. we'll let you know how long it sticks around in the accuweather forecast. >> and winner of this year's noble peace prize when "action >> and winner of this year's noble peace prize when "action news" continues tonight.
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only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ >> bill cosby was interests viewed under oath about ales he sexually assaulted a woman when she was 15. today's deposition is part of civil lawsuit being filed by judy huff who says cosby molested here in 1974 at the playboy mansion. she's set to be deposed next week. >> house republicans are de moreing paul train become their lead to run for post of speake speaker. ryan has been more than reluck toopt accept the plea and he may be softening. the house has become a chaotic arena since majority leader kevin mccarthy yesterday abruptly withdrew from consideration to succeed john
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boehner. noble peace prize award todd a group call the national quar net tonesia. they were on the brink of war when the national quartet managed to get warring factions to negotiate a peace. they were coalition of main labor union are bar association and employers association and human rights lead. on "healthcheck" at 11 tonight new jersey based johnson and johnson started clinical trials of ebola vaccine in africa. researchers are testing in he air alee on one of the hardest hit bit out broke in 20136789 more than 11,000 people diad cross the globe. there is no currently licensed treatment or cure for the ebola virus. let's get the late word from accuweather and the weekend forecast with cecily tynan. >> jim, the weekend is looking nice. storm blew in quickly and out quickly and stormtracker 6
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double scan showing we're drying out and we certainly had some spectacular images. this was posted on my facebook page by amanda in townson delaware this shelf cloud boundary between up draft and indraft and amanda tells me she was in her garage taking the photo most important thing during severe weather is safety. do not get any photos if it puts you at risk if you capture this post it on my facebook page or tweets to share with viewers. temperatures drop into the 6 0 0s. 67 philadelphia after a high of 08. it was warm and humid today. allentown 62. millville 64. sea isle city 46 and wilmington 26. temperatures tomorrow will not get higher than they are now. cool air is moving in. satellites 6 along with action radar the squall line of storms was actually ahead of the cold front of the cold front itself is moving through right now and
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behind it we have much thinner clouds. you want to blast through this evening after about midnight the skies will be clearing and high pressure builds in and sunshine is back. and if you have any activities a hero thrill show has been rescheduled from last friday to noon tomorrow at the wells fargo parking lot. and the weather should be fine for that. dry, pavement, 66 degrees. afternoon high on the breezy side. so you definitely want a light jacket or sweatshirt. if you like it warmer than that we have it on sunday. plenty of sunshine. we warm up to 07. this high pressure brings us even warmer air on monday for columbus day. all in all a nice looking forecast. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast cool erin breezy, high below normal for a change and 66 degrees and good amounts of sunshine and great weather for temple homecoming game and sunny for eagles and please enter high of 70. if you head to linc as they
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take on the saints. 69 by 4th quarter under mostly sunny skies. monday columbus day warms up more. 76 degrees. great tailgating weather for flyers home-opener and tuesday it clouds up. 72 degrees. weak cold front brings us possibility of showers. not expecting strong storms like tonight behind that system it cools off a tad on wednesday and 68 degrees. thursday mixture of clouds and sun high of 70 and friday our luck may run out. clouds and possibility of some rain an high of 66. put away umbrellas for the weekend and take out the sun glasses and maybe a light jackets for tomorrow. >> perfect. >> and organization that provided millions of meals to those in need celebrated a milestone tonight. nana marked 5 anniversary at the 23 street armory with dinner and dancing and entertainer wayne newton among tonight's honored guests, wayne
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newton. mana was founded in 1990 to care for people with aids and today mana prepares and deliveries free meals for those impacted by dozens of different illnesses. and the philadelphia branch of naacp held annual wades gala tonight than year's event was more solemnly than years pasta tend hes held a moment of silence to honor naacp jerry mondshire. human activist dig gregory was guest of honor and tonight's speaker. it was held at the plaza in speaker. it was held at the plaza in west
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>> in case you were not with us 6:00 ducis rogers went on the record saying the eagles were going to win on sunday and go to 2-3 this season continues. >> my motto is i would rather be liked than right. >> oh, >> what is that? deciphe >> decipher that. >> injury mychal kendricks and aplan do out along with brandon bare and peters questionable. many are questioning de marco murray lack of production and how he's being used this season. averaging career low 1.6 yards per carry and everyone said murray is frustrated and he says he feels differently. >> i would not use the word frustration. obviously you know you would not like to be 1-3 you would
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like to play every game and have the ball bounce your way a couple more times i don't think i'm frustrated but we have to continue to play hard. >> when we're not having success running the ball at all it's tough to say we'll just make sure we get him 2 carry and he's lathered up it's the entire group and not just one player involved in it it's the entire group involved in rus rushing the football. >> you lathered up yet? here's something to keep an eye on. sixers manner lens know sell a bit banged up his back and knee. he did not practice today. coach brown says -- >> no chase utley or jimmy rollings and the dodgers tonight in the mets game one of playoff series right now it's 1-0 new york. cole hamle he's and the rangers looking to take a-0 series leads. hamels gave up two runs and
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former philly ben revere gives him fourth. rangers win 6-4 take 2-0 series lead. >> and cubs and cards game one of nlbs st. louis in the 8th and cardinals blank chicago 4-0 that's sports. >> union league in center city philadelphia was alive with sights and souvrndz spain tonight the pennsylvania ballet kicked off a new season with gala entitled barcelona on broad. theme is partly a celebration of spanish hert tam, an of ballet new artistic director. of spanish hert tam, an of ballet new artistic director. this is his first full season.
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vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the
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atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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>> high school huddle is next on channel 6 followed by "jimmy kimmel live" and "nightline" and "action news" continues at 5:30. ducis rogers and cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, are you going to do this. team, i'm jim gardner, are you going to do this. i'm jim gardner, good night >> there we go. touchdown. wobbling. >> there we go. touchdown.
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[ whistle ]♪ >> cecily, thanks for the pass and this weather, of course, welcome to 6abc "high school huddle" presented by gmc i'm jeff skversky. we're first to call on the game of the week. games get to a ton of them tonight in the city, down the shore. in the burbs and delaware on yet another rainy friday night and we'll feature a player kick around a couple spots. and we'll feature a player kick around a couple spots. huddle kicks off in 60


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