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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  October 10, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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7:00 a.m. saturday october 10. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." more rain today for flood-ravaged south carolina as the area reels from high water. a chester county mom excused -- accused of give her daughter heroin faces a judge for the first time. >> meteorologist chris sowers is outside he can tell us how chilly it feels. >> reporter: it's chilly this morning, you have a nice breeze, it's adding to the chill. you'll need something with sleeves early on and later this afternoon, as well. temperature-wise when you look at the numbers, they are seasonable. it's where they should be for this time of the year. let's go back to yesterday evening. this is the cold front as the slammed through portions of the delaware valley. we'll set it in motion for you, once the front pulled through we
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had a 20, 30 minute period of rain. then it pushed through there's the cloud line hovering over the pennsylvania turnpike, from that point north they are clear, from that point south they have high, thin cloudiness. it promises to be a fantastic start to the weekend. the cold front pushed through, this was sent in by billy in west chester. that's the gust front that's the leading edge of the clear air as it rushed outward from the thunderstorms. we had gusts as high as 56 miles per hour. creating minor damage, power lines down, recognizer folder, 53. turnsersville, 53. tuckerton 40 miles per hour. now that the front has pulled through, 46 in quakertown. 48 in saint davids. chester 45. across south jersey, 50s.
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glassboro, 52, buena, 52 degrees, as well. it's not as warm as yesterday. yesterday we had highs topping out at 80 degrees. very summer like, it will feel like it should with highs topping out in the mid 60s. when i come back we'll see how long the cooler weather lasts eva. >> we're back with incredible pictures from columbia, south carolina. this area is devastated by floods as residents keep eyes on dam also and washed out bridge foundations. >> reporter: thousands under to evacuate. >> the sun is out and we are getting out. >> reporter: rivers are on the move downstream toward south carolina's coastal communities. >> we have been through the first big wave.
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we're about to go through the second big wave. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the state, the work of reinforcing the bridge canals, dams still on going. 14 dams have failed, dozens more burst. this a collapse at the columbia area canal. a crucial source of water. officials called the collapse a setback. >> there are no plans to shut off the water system. the system is running and running strong. >> reporter: encouraging news for residents. hundreds in shelters and many more returning home trying to recover. >> how i'm going to fix this. get my kids to school, my cars are under water. >> i'm a diabetic inaudible. >> reporter: officials say it's possible the threat of flooding is just that, but they are
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erring on the side of caution, remiengd residents it's better -- reminding residents it's better to be safe than sorry. 34-year-old jessica riffey arrived for court. prosecutors say she injected heroin into her own daughter and 16-year-old boy. she will go to trial on child abuse and conspiracy. a father and son face drug charges in new castle county. they were selling drugs in the eagle glen community. during a search investigators found 500 bags of her wayne along with crack -- of heroin along with crack cocaine and marijuana. the son posted bond the father remains behind bars. we are learning more about
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a vicious stabbing at a southwest auto tag shop. patrick spinosa is in critical condition. his son and daughter were at the crime scene yesterday removing records and belongings. >> 6 days a week here, a long time family business, i've known him for nine years, he is a great guy, family man, terrible tragedy. >> detectives say patrick spinosa was stabbed 30 times to the face and upper body. police say it could have been much worse, because the robber had a gun and fired off a shot inside the store, but it only hit the floor. in the span of ten hours there were two more deadly shootings at american college campuses, however, neither appears to be an attempt at a mass shooting. the first half in the early hours at northern arizona university in flagstaff. police say members of different fraternities got into a fight. the alleged gunman was a
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freshman who left and returned with a gun. one person was killed, three others wounded. gunshots rang out in houston at texas southern university housing complex. a freshman was killed and another person is in the hospital. two people were taken into custody for questioning. yesterday's president obama spoke privately with many of the families of victims of the other shooting at a college campus in roseburg, oregon. after meeting with them he said he feels strongly that the federal government must do more to stop such violence. >> we have to come together and figure out how to stop things like this from happening. i have very strong feelings about this, because when you talk to these families, you are reminded of your child. >> gun rights advocates in the roseburg area protested the visit saying president obama should not have used the
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shooting to call for tougher gun laws. the gunman killed 8 students and a teacher before killing himself. melissa marie bailey held a press conference to draw attention to the gun vitaminnance. if elected she said she would beef up community policing and partner with community leaders. >> we are in a time of crisis in our city where we just have violence and murders. people in this neighborhood are afraid to come out of their house. >> bailey's opponents jim kenny said she could address gun violence by lobbying her fell republicans in harrisburg to pass gun measures. >> bill cosby has been interviewed under oath about allegations he sexually
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assaulted a woman when she was 15 years old. the deposition was part of a civil lawsuit filed by judy houth who says bill cosby molested her in 1974 a jersey shore landmark is in dire need of a makeover. pita said it will pay for the repairs of lucy the elephant. peta would use it to bring attention to real elephants who are forced to work in the circus. $58,000 is kneeded -- needed to repair lucy that is falling apart. there's been no response from the organization that runs lucy the elephant. authorities catch up with a pilot who helped joaquin "el
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chapo" guzman make his getaway. >> eva, sunny skies and cooler temperatures are movie in. today's high of 66 is coming off yesterday's 80. tomorrow morning we can see areas in the 30s. i'll have the details in accuweather coming up.
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>> here's an update on the deadly bombing in turkey we told you about in the last hour, two bombs were set off taif peace rally. 30 -- at a peace rally. 30 killed, many hurt. the rally called for an end to the violence between kurdish an. mexico have arrested a
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pilot in connection with the arrested of the joaquin "el chapo" guzman. ten other civilians have been detained. investigators have not said the arrests have brought them closer to guzman. a shark attack off the coast of hawaii cost a surfer his leg. the surfer punched the shark until the shark let go. the surf board leash was used as a tourniquet to save the leg. doctors had to amputate the leg. sea -- a what he will is
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under it's mouth and embedded in its head. i'm sure the poor thing is afraid. >> the poor thing is probably just afraid. >> reporter: i hate to see stories like that. >> it is a little chilly. i stress little. let's go outside and see what's going on out there. but again, it never should have been 80 degrees, compared to yesterday afternoon, it's chilly, the winds are blowing and the temperatures are down in the 40s and 50s. there's the last of the clouds that push off to the southeast into the virginias and carolinas. we were coming off a rowdy weekend last week, high tides
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and things like that. tuesday, 75. wednesday, 75. thursday, 76. yesterday, 80. well above average, very, very warm for this time of the year. 53 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 39. no humidity out there. winds out of the north at 16 gusting to 20. that's the big story this morning we're seeing the breezes out of the north at 15 to 20-mile an hour. 46 in allentown feels like 41 or 42. poconos feels like the upper 30s. philadelphia, 53, sea isle city, 56. there's the winds gusting anywhere from ten to 20 miles per hour. these are sustained these are not the gusts. never now and then you get a gust as high as 20. we have an area of high pressure north of pittsburgh that will push south and east and clear us out over the next few hours.
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today promises to be a splendid day. tomorrow we'll follow suit. you can see there's nothing going on. most of the lower 48 is quiet this morning. the lone exception being this guy right here, this is another area of low pressure. else not moving up the coast, he is moving east. he will push out to sea off cape hatteras, north carolina. the south carolina saw 20 inches of rain last week. they don't kneed any rain there, but -- they don't need any rain there, but they will get it today. winds will die down by 4:00 p.m. and they weaken farther as we get get into the overnight hours. we'll set this in motion, future tracker 6 there's the afternoon, the evening, overnight tonight, nothing going on. wall-to-wall blue skies, a ton of sunshine out there. mostly sunny philadelphia today. 66 degrees.
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a cooler afternoon, lots of sunshine will help things out. 63 cease by lunch. 3:00 p.m., 65. 63 in lancaster. allentown, 65. trenton, 64. cape may, 63. and it looks like again, philadelphia, millville, the warm spots, 66 degrees which is right on par for this time of the year. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast if you're heading to lincoln financial field to watch the undefeated temple owls they will take on the green lane of tulane. mostly sunny, 66. maybe a little bit breezy to start. you saw the winds they will die down during the afternoon. sunny and nice for the eagles game. they will take on the saints. 70 degrees, lots of sunshine, 75 monday, the flyers home opener. 70 degrees showers clouds give way to sunshine. wednesday, thursday, friday, really, really nice. >> this is pretty much how
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we're supposed to be feeling. >> reporter: it's seasonable. >> seasonable that's the word. i don't know how i feel about seasonable. >> the risk of legion disease is dangerous but there's another water born bacteria that's dangerous to seniors. ls getting back in the pool after a bout of cancer. all of a sudden i was extremely tired. i began to lose weight. >> reporter: the chest x-ray and ct scan revealed joan had a a lung infection of ntn. >> it's been dilated and
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destroyed from the infection. >> reporter: it is found in the environment. >> in household plumbing in the hot water heaters in the faucets to the kitchen sink,s the bathroom sink, hot tubs. >> reporter: only a small percentage of people composed will get an infection, and how they get it is not understood. it is common in older people, particularly women, who are thin. it used to be for women with compromised immune systems, but that's changed. >> reporter: doctors say signs are long term cough and fatigue and shortness of breath and fever and night sweats. >> treatment is tedious it requires two to three
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antibiotics that takes several years. >> reporter: joan is back to winning races. she is looking forward to a 2017 mete in ritz. i'll be the old
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happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. in honor of breast cancer awareness month. oxford valley mall will host the annual zumba thon. happening at 10 at sears court. head to lehigh valley to pick pumpkins for the home. it's happening at the meadowbrook farm fall open house from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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the 400 block of west chew avenue will be transformed into the olney youth art festival it's a multicultural celebration with a focus on dance and movement happening from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. sports is next. . welcome back e4
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saturday morning time for the travel forecast. we'll start you out with satellite 6 and action radar. it's nice and quiet across the two-thirds of the countries. if you're traveling in the lower 48. omaha clear skies, bismarck nothing going on. the area of low pressure is not pulling up the coast, it is
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heading out to sea. it's going to be the caroline -- carolinas, binghamton they will see the heavy rains. jet stream is not a factor, either. looks like the flight will be nice and smooth. double scan live we'll at the sn motion, the area of low pressure you can see the counter clockwise swirl. charlotte heavier rains pushing there, same thing with raleigh. it will be the carolinas, georgia and northern portions of florida that will see the wet weather. we have green planes that's a good sign that means no weather-related delays. boston 49, chicago a chilly 45 degrees. temple football puts their undefeated record on the line at link. the owls play tulane this
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afternoon. here's ducis rogers with the rest of the sports. >> reporter: good morning we'll start you off with an injury report for the eagles. kendricks and alonso out. peters is listed as questionable. many people are questioning demarco murray lack of production and how he is being used this season. everyone says he is frustrated. he said he feels differently. >> i wouldn't use the word frustration, obviously you wouldn't want to be 1 >> we're not having success running the ball. it's not just one player that's
7:27 am
involved it's the entire group that's involved in success of rushing the football. >> reporter: noelle will not practice because he is banged up. troapt -- toronto, 4-3 lead. the rangerrers win 6-4 to take the lead. game 3 is tomorrow night in texas. that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend. >> the chairman of the board was honored at the kimmel center last night. philly pops performed old blue
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eyes celebrating his 100 birthday which would have been on september 12. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> musician charged, a local
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man is arrested in a child porn sting in montgomery county. a big oops turns into warmth for the homeless, how a mistake on prison coats helps the less fortunate. police and firefighters show off their skills for one of the biggest fun raising events of the year. speaking of chills, chris sowers is outside with the weather. . parts of the area have dropped out into the mid 40s, we're at 46 decrease in allentown. 47 in reading. 47 in lancaster and you throw on top of that a good wind out of the north at 15 to 20 miles per hour. the you could subtract four our five degrees to the numbers in of you. philadelphia, 52, dover, 53. philadelphia up to 16 miles per hour. every now and then you get a
7:31 am
gust as highs 24. wilmington, 20 miles per hour. you're gusting to 16 miles per hour down in wildwood. here's satellite and radar. we have mainly clear skies, a little bit of cloud cover holding on across south jersey and delaware, overtime next few hours that should pull away and move southeast out to sea. we should see sunshine this afternoon, the temple owls, lots of sunshine undefeated. cool they will be taking on the green lane of tiewf -- tulane. kickoff, 63 degrees, 4th quarter, 65 degrees, by the 4th quarter, the wind will ease and it will feel very nice. what about tomorrow and the rest of the week ahead in the seven-day forecast? i'll at the details in just a b. >> "action news" reporters
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recorded the stormed you can see the rain blowing sideways in conshohocken yesterday afternoon. "action news" reporters picked up their cell phones during yesterday's storm this is david henry from the passenger seat of the "action news" van during the storm. you can see how heavy the rain was falling during the height of the storm. before you head out visit it gives you access to storm tracker 6 live where you can track any wet weather and get extra insights. new this morning, a musician is under arrest. charles cohen tried to meet a 14-year-old for sex. that boy was an undercover detective. he met at the agreed meeting in upper prove dins township.
7:33 am
cohen faces a hearing on tuesday. vice president joe biden has not jumped into the race for the white house, but the decision may come in the next week. deadlines to get on the ballots for key states are right around the corner. he has not said whether he will run, but he is keeping a sense of humor. >> if i don't move i'll be demoted to secretary of state. that's a joke. >> a tv ad calling for biden to run has been yanked at the request of the vice president. en independent political action committee not associated with his campaign made the ad. it took sound from a recent speech he gave in which he discussed the 1972 car crash that killed his wife and daughter. the vice president is spending this weekend at home in delaware. republican presidential candidate chris christie and his wife have released their tax
7:34 am
returns. new jersey's first family made almost a million dollars in 2014, 300,000 more than 2013. the governor's wife marry pat is the bread winner. the christies gave $27,000 to charity. the pressure is on congressman paul ryan to run for house speaker. a closed door republican meeting was held about the new candidate. ryan who was the 2012 vice presidential nominee has become the choice for the spot. the house was thrown into chaos when kevin mccarthy abandoned his campaign. fire officials are looking into what sparked an intense blaze in a new castle home. authorities were there as firefighters got to work dousing
7:35 am
the flames. flames shot from the windows and doors of the home. firefighters were able to knock down the blaze in an hour, there were no injuries. authorities say a horder lived in the home which made battling the blaze more difficult. it was a close call for a woman whose car hit a sinkhole on columbus boulevard. jeff chirico has her story from thomas jefferson hospital. >> reporter: the driver was brought to jefferson university hospital to be checked out. she has a mild concussion and bruises, but other than that will be okay, this after a biz biz -- bizarre incident. brook is counting her blessing after a sinkhole partially swal swallowed her car. the. >> it was like i hit a brick wall. my head hit the steering wheel. >> reporter: she believes the road opened under her her
7:36 am
drivers side front tire fell in it. >> the back end of the car was up in the air, if someone hit me i could have flipped over. >> reporter: the hole opened up in a patch job that she later learned that city workers left earlier in the day after repairing a water main break. by evening the water department was back to block off the road. the damaged car was towed away and the young women grateful she survived. a water department spokesman confirmed the department was putting final repairs on a water main break out there earlier. he couldn't tell me exactly what went wrong, but he said the department will look into it. in center city, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> this -- 5th street between
7:37 am
south and lumbard remain blocked after a water main break. water service has been restored to residences and businesses no word on how long the road will be closed. police are looking for several men behind a home invasion the men were captured on the home camera last week. they surveyed the porch and tied up a 51-year-old moon at gunpoint while his wife and grand son pretended to be asleep police need your help in finding a serial bandit. this is surveillance video of the man during one of the three holdups. he approached a couple at front and dock street and demanded
7:38 am
money. police believe the same man hit twice on the 300 block of south street. he fled in a dark infinity suv with jersey plates. dirt bike riders are terrorizing pleasantville, new jersey. nora muchanic has more. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of four masked riders on dirt bikes and a quad who taunted two pleasantville police officers coming within inches of hitting them. >> they would come at the officers and lock up the brakes so much they would skid the back tire in the direction of the officers. >> reporter: it prompt the the police chief to call on the community to stop enabling illegal riders. two riders have been killed in dirt bike accidents and police
7:39 am
have gotten over 500 complaint calls over the last three years. >> people come to my house and they ask me what i am going to do about the dirt bikes. >> they go down the treat -- inaudible. they don't stop they zoom right past. it's up to you to get out their way. >> reporter: they believe they are emboldened by the knowledge that police won't chase them. >> we're talking about human rights and danger to the community, danger to the rider themselves and the officer. these why they are asking for the public's help to stop the riders before someone else is killed. in pleasantville, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." the. >> happening today, philadelphia's hero thrill show, the fund razor featuring police motorcycle stunts at the wells fargo parking lot. tickets are available at local police or fire stations or
7:40 am
online, find a link at, proceeds pay for scholarships of the children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. the bucks county business business -- prison system has a problem. the county said the coat maker made coats that look like the coats that the guards wear. the company told the county to keep the coats. they will distribute them to the homeless. >> we'll work to get these out there so they will be available to the residents who need them. >> now, before the coats were sent to homeless shelters, from prisoners flaps over the word inmates. >> massive flooding forces a
7:41 am
college football teams aides game to be move. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment. there's something out there.
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it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants.
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unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. century in south carolina has forced the south carolina football team to move its home game against lsu to the lsu campus, the officials are trying to be as hoss -- gracious to
7:44 am
visitors. >> the financial burden, the stress of having to pick up to come to baton rouge trying to to find hotel rooms, we know it's stressful, this is their home game, we're trying to make it as easy as possible for them. >> hospitality is not expected to be extended to the football field. our producer who went to lsu made sure she wrote that in the script. poor south carolina has not had the greatest season this year. they got killed by georgia. >> reporter: lsu will probably kill them, too. the story cracked me up, only in college football only for a second this was the pros, this happened in dallas, and dallas
7:45 am
had to come up here. this wouldn't happen between lsu and alabama i don't think. >> reporter: i give them credit. we look live on sky6 live hd nobody is on the tennis courts. we have a breeze whipping around, maybe the folks are waiting for it to warm up. no issues out there, all the rain has pulled off the coast. we're shooting for a high of 66 degrees. yesterday we topped out at 80. it's a significant change. 3 degrees below average. 354 degrees that is where we started out this morning. now we're down to 53. reading, 47, 46. poconos stuck in the low 4 os only nine degrees above the freezing mark. sea isle city, it's a nice, cool canadian air
7:46 am
mass that's settling in. it's the middle of october now, the air masses will get stronger and colder and we'll start to see them push farther to the south as we march into october and make our way into november. in the meantime we have an area of high pressure planted between buffalo and pittsburgh that will push south and east. it will bump the low and all the rain farther to the south across the carolinas and the virginias. that will make a beeline toward the coast and work out to sea. no really measurable rain this weekend. as a matter of fact from start to finish it looks nice and quiet. sunshine today and tomorrow, a little bit cooler. you see the cooler air diving into the heartland of the nation. 45 degrees in chicago, upper 30s across the u-p of michigan. that air mass will push southeast over the next few days, we warm up by the middle
7:47 am
of next week. it will be cooler than what we experienced yesterday. the surface maps, that high bumps the front out to sea. tomorrow, fantastic. 635 degrees, sunny and nice, jersey shore, sun and clouds and pleasant, the big issue it is windy. we're seeing gusts as high as 20, 25 miles per hour. it will make 64 feel cooler. the winds will subside this afternoon. the water temperatures are cooler off, as well which is good news for the fishermen. stripers are not running yet, but they will b soon enough. 68 in the delaware bay. philadelphia, sunny, cooler, 66 degrees is the forecasted high. a chilly one coming up. upper 30s to near 40. outlying suburbs, 48 degrees in center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 66 degrees today, very seasonable.
7:48 am
70 tomorrow, we're warmer monday, that's prefrontal ahead of a front we experienced yesterday. behind the front there could be a round of shower activity tuesday morning, clouds and sunshine, falling terms late, wednesday -- falling terms, late, wednesday, thursday, friday, 67, 66 and 65 sun and clouds. the naacp held their annual awards gala. the attendees remembered jerry mondesire who died at the age of 65. the gala was held at the ame plaza in west philadelphia.
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♪ >> the mummers provide a bit of music to kick off the senior strut event along boathouse row. they walked a one mile loop through fairmont park. it was put by the department of aging. string bands are loud. >> reporter: to see the mummers, that's strange for october. >> you don't know much about the mummers. >> they are at every parade possible. >> reporter: i was wrong, let's talk about the weather now, [laughter]. 66, mostly sunny and cooler today. yesterday we had a high of 80 degrees. today we're 14 degrees cooler than that. with the winds it will feel cooler than 66. mostly sunny and nice tomorrow, 70. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll warm up a little bit next week. 75 for monday, the flyers home
7:56 am
opener, if you're doing tailgating it's fantastic for that. 73 tuesday, showers and then sun and then we get into the drier pattern, 67, 66 and 65 which is seasonable. >> 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: coming up on "g.m.a." it is just what they do not need in water logged south carolina. another rounds of rain on the way, with 19 dead and thousands without power. how do they copy with the impending storm. we're live in south carolina and rob has the forecast. developing this morning, a gruesome shark attack in hawaii he. witnesses rushing to help a 25-year-old surfer who is fighting for his life who lost his leg. it's a story of survival, featuring two brave little boys,
7:57 am
they wandered away from their campsite in kentucky. they he they made it on their own and were reunited with their families. that's coming up on "g.m.a." >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you, the million man march in washington, d.c. a new rally is planned for today in washington, d.c. we'll hear the message from the main speaker. the philadelphia hero thrill show is later this morning. we'll tell you where to get tickets. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great saturday! people of the coffee-drinking world,
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good morning, america. flood emergency. a fresh punch for waterlogged south carolina. the new storm hitting right now as more people evacuate and the floodwaters rise. the heartbroken homeowners, everything they own under water. >> you can really see the power of all of this water and that is why people here are so worried. >> how will they cope with this new storm? rob has your forecast. breaking overnight, north korea's new threat to the u.s. leader kim jong-un's message at the giant military show of force. tanks, goose-stepping soldiers, we're right there this morning. breaking overnight, the shark attack. a surfer in critical condition. >> it's a shark attack. ems should be on scene also.


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