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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 11, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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ou turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. is sunday, october 11 i'm in nya han along with eva pilgrim. >> police are trying to piece together what led to an assault in feltonville that injured one man. more heavy rain for south carolina's flood-ravaged areas.
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it's a crucial win for the eagles as the fans go march into the link. but first, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, nice game day weather. >> reporter: you can't get better than this, we have sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 60s and the slightest breeze. no excuses on the weather front. good afternoon. 63 in allentown. 62 in trenton. millville, 64. atlantic city checking in at 65. generally speaking the numbers are anywhere from two to five degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. satellite radar we'll keep it crystal clear for the remainder of the afternoon into the evening hours. we have another nice one coming up tomorrow, as well as high pressure continues to dominate the weather pattern. it's sitting over the baltimore washington, d.c. metro area.
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there's a system working off the coast of the carolinas. the high kind of bullies its way in here and keeps us high and dry. if you're heading to lincoln financial field, eagles and saints. 65 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 4th quarter, 69. winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. one shot of rain arrives on tuesday, i'll let you know whether or not that affects your morning commute when i see you in a few minutes with the full and extended accuweather forecast. >> the search is on at noon for two men who assaulted two men in the feltonville section of philadelphia. trish hartman is live with the details. good afternoon, trish. >> reporter: hi, nydia, yeah, two men were sent to the hospital after a fight in the rite aid parking lot.
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one man is in critical after hitting his head on the ground. >> a couple of guys were arguing. looked serious, it's normal to see, so i didn't think too much about it. >> reporter: that argument turned into a fight that sent two men to temple university hospital. officers responded at 3:30 a.m., a 22-year-old man suffered serious injuries when he hid head on the pavement and is in critical condition. a food truck next to the rite aid was busy with lots of people waiting in line, it's unknown if anyone was involved or saw anything that led to the fight. several businesses nearby including the rite aid have surveillance cameras. so far no word if those cameras captured anything that will help police, folks we spoke with were surprised to hear about the violence. >> philadelphia is philadelphia at that point, but i have no idea it would get to this.
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>> if you have any information, philadelphia police would like to hear from you. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> the search is upon or a gunman in the shooting in tioga section park avenue and erie street, a man in his 30s was shot in the head. he died at the scene. there's no motive or suspects in the shooting. the action cam was outside the episcopal campus of temple university hospital where a man is in critical condition who was shot driving his car. he was driving on east albert street in kensington when someone fired into the windshield. he was hit twice in the head. police say they don't know if the driver was the intended target. south carolina got additional heavy rain this weekend. >> several more inches fell on the already flood ravaged portion of the state as thousands try to recover from last week's disaster storm. the flood caused 20 dams to
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burst and officials are keeping their eyes on 100 more. road blocks were set up again as more water flooded streets there. >> luckily the river crested. it's making its its way back down. >> the water seems to be going down. it rain a little bit today, that concerns me, but it appears that the water is moving. >> forecasters are predicting that south carolina will now have a welcome break of several dry days. >> the family of the 12-year-old boy shot by a cleveland police officer is angry over an outside report by experts that concluded that tamir rice was a threat who was
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holding a pellet gun. reports showing that the justified showed is that the prosecutor's office is avoiding accountability. the prosecutor's office said a grand jury will decide if the officer should face criminal charges. the taliban has claimed responsibility on foreign troops in kabul. 7 people were wounded in the attack and these cawcialghts were -- casualties were all civilians not soldiers. it targeted two armored vehicles that were attached to nato. >> israel calls for restraint as a palestinian women detonated her car at an israeli checkpoint. 9 palestinians including two children were killed during violent protests along the west bank and the gaza border.
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>> 14 suspected members of isis are being held for yesterday's massive bombing in turkey. the blast which occurred during a peace march killed 95 people. turkey's procure dish party blamed the government -- pro kurdish party blamed the government. a group of 70 mourners were allowed to enter the correspond cordoned offed area. >> today, the eagles face the saint. the saints have won five of the 6 last meetings. jamie apody is live at the linc. they have their work cut out for them. >> reporter: that's for had sur, this drew brees and saints team
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is not the same saints team of old. they are one of the worst defenses in the league. they have allowed the most 40-yard plus passing plays in the nfl. they don't have interpretation yet -- interception yet twheerchg -- this evening. jason peters will play, watch for darren sproles against his old team. jason kelce calling the offensive line a disgrace when i spoke to him earlier this week. >> we've a disgrace we have not been able to run the ball. we should have rushing errors. we don't give the head coaches and coaches confident to call the running play because we have
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not been consistent. >> you have to have heart to work hard and get better and be the best individual player you can be and the best team. we have the right group of guys and right group of coaches to move forward 678. bracing down an eagles win tonight on "action news" sports sunday, brandon graham will join us in substitute -- studio. that's after "action news" at 11:00 p.m. eagles tackling breast cancer awareness day. everybody gets a towels with a pink ribbon. you can buy this hat, $25, the proceeds go to jefferson rests care center. my mom was a two time breast cancer survivor, you i have a yg friend and cousin that have gone through it. it's annual equipment manager's hats that's pretty good.
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pick one up, and let's hope for an eagles win. jamie apody channel 6 "action news." >> looking good, jamie. in the race for the white house, a poll shows former secretary of state hillary clinton has taken a slide in polls before the debate saying she lost 10% among democratic voters in the week. she also 9 points ahead of sanders who rose from 24 to 28%. joe biden has yet to declare rose 4 points. the poll has 4 to 5% margin of error. speaking of joe biden he was in delaware this weekend, he focused on granddaughter instead of politics. he did not comment on whether he would run. the clock is ticking to get on
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ballots in key states. the columbus day parade is live on 6abc, alicia vitarelli brings you the sights and sounds from south broad street. join us for the celebration of the italian community and culture. the parade started 50 years ago and starting right here on 6abc after the show. >> much more to come on "action news," triple digit heat brings an abrupt end to a california parade. >> a new survey indicates risky business when it comes to injury. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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>> yesterday at heritage day parade in california was halted after 61 people fell ill in triple digit heat. orange county fire officials say 20 children were taken to the hospital. some spectators were overcome in the heat which reached up to 105 degrees during the annual event. no more complaining about it being chilly here. >> reporter: october, 105. >> here in our area we have beautiful weather. >> reporter: it's been beautiful the last couple of days. friday we topped out at 80 degrees, yesterday, 66. today around 70, wall-to-wall blue skies. it's shaping up to be a spectacular finish to the weekend. there's the live shot at philadelphia international airport. 64 degrees at this midday hour.
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dewpoint 41. the air is nice and dry. the winds out of the west/northwest at 7 miles per hour. they will be shifting in a southerly direction later on. the barometer is falling. once the winds shift out of the south the numbers will start soaring, you'll see that in the seven-day forecast tomorrow and tuesday. trenton, 62. allentown, 63. poconos 58 not too bad. millville, 64. dover, 62. the slightest breeze out of the west/northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour not posing an issue for the eagles kicking game later this afternoon. but it's kind of a funny afternoon if you're in the show and you have the light breeze blowing, you need something with sleeves, a light sleeve. if you're in the sun it's great. kind of a strange afternoon. satellite and radar, you get the picture here there's nothing going on. that's the case across the lower 48. there's a cold front barreling
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across the high plains and great lake states over the next 24, 48 hours bringing high wind warnings here and much colder temperatures. but for us we'll keep it nice and mild over the next few days. high in control, winds shifting 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. monday a repeat performance, temperatures warmer, maybe 74 or 75. the front slides monday night into tuesday, it could bring with it a round of showers. to show you how insignificant the front is here's future tracker 6. clear skies today. of overnight nothing. tomorrow evening same thing a few high, thin clouds approaching the area out of the south. here comes the front monday night into tuesday, there it is right there. that's the only shot of measurable precipitation in the entire seven-day forecast. the question being with the dry air in place will it hold
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together. will it hold together, maybe you see showers tuesday morning. that's about it. reading, 69 degrees, sunny and pleasant. philadelphia, 70. wilmington, 70. millville, 69. trenton, 69. a gorgeous day, atlantic city, 68 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunny and nice one again tomorrow, 74. the normal high temperature 69. the next three days look to be above average. tuesday well above normal. wednesday, seasonable, 69. thursday, sunny, 67678 there's a ask him approaching the area friday afternoon. right now the modeling takes it to the north. we'll see how that plays out. saturday, it's colder, high of 59. >> i'm focusing on tomorrow. tonight's abc's funniest home videos has a new host. alfonso riberio will replace tom
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bergeron. alicia vitarelli talked to the new host about taking over the show. she asked him about watching videos on the phone. >> reporter: when you're looking at it on your phone or computer you're doing it by yourself. with afv it's a show where you can sit down in front of the tv with other members of the family, you'll watch clean, funny entertainment. family entertainment. >> the 26th season of afv premiers tonight on 6abc at 7:00 p.m. with the new host alfonso riberio. i'm sorry that's a little hard to say. >> it is a little hard to say. it is toughest rules are laid down yet for antibiotic
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meat. >> chase utley is involved in a baseball controversy when "action news" continues. back to school? how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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outside today, we've got a high of 70 degrees, 63, 12, 21, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the beautiful shot of center city there. not a cloud in the sky. tomorrow it will be 74. a beautiful stretch. in "healthcheck" this noon, california has adopted the toughest rules on the use of antibiotics in livestock. overuse in livestock is blamed for the dwindling effect of antibiotics in human and animals. omega feat sids are found in -- acids found in the fish
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are good for the heart. adding an allege extraction boosts dha. it could raise demand for the meat which has lagged in recent years. 2001 there were ten commercial zip lines. in 2012 there are more than 200, there are thousands of amateur ones, as well. a new study said in the past 16 years 17,000 people went to the emergency department in the u.s. with zip line related injuries. half of those injuries they were ten years old or younger and three-quarters of them had broken bones from falls, many zip lines are not regulated or subject to safety standards. they should be and there's a
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call to make them safer. >> it's an ice cold night in the net for flyers goalie, steve mason, stay with us we'll be right back.
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former phillies second baseman chase utley ask at the center of a controversy in the win over the mets. usually slid into the short stop to break up a double play. the manager did a slow burn after the game, while others defended the play. >> i tried to break up a double play. i feel terrible, he was injured.
12:26 pm
i had no intention what so so ever, i broke up a double play. >> he broke my short stop's play. we'll control it, but they are angry. you lose -- in the playoff series you lose a guy to that series with an injury, they are not very happy about it. >> i posted about this on fie facebook page. now major league baseball will review the play if they rule against him he could face preliminary action. it's a must-win for the eagles at the linc. both teams need the win. the saints are coming off an upset over the cowboys, the birds had a disappointing loss
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to philadelphia. kickoff is about in a half-hour. flyers held a players only meeting after last night's embarrassing loss to the panthers. steve mason was pulled from the game after giving up four goals in the first 6 minutes 46 seconds. the flyers lose 7-1. the two teams play monday night in the flyers home opener. the temp owls picked up -- temple owls picked up their 5th win of the season. last time that happened, gerald ford was president. the undefeated owls play central florida next saturday night at the linc. go owls. another half-hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> a hunter recounts his escape from the jaws of a black bear. >> the curtain is about to go up on a new season of the
12:28 pm
pennsylvania ballet. we'll preview opening night. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> happening right now on
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"action news," a 22-year-old man is in critical condition with a head injury after a fight in the feltonville parking lot. >> a southwest auto tag business is targeted again, days after the owner is stabbed. the dash cam captures
12:30 pm
terrifying moments a mother and her children become victims of an alleged drunk driver. >> let's check the accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, now you want to be outside, don't you? >> reporter: it is really, really nice out here, it was so chilly this morning, some of the areas saw the coldest temperatures in 6 months. down to 35, 36 degrees in the outlying suburbs. now it's fantastic. it's postcard weather this afternoon, look at this there's not a cloud in the sky looking back toward the center city skyline. temperatures 64 degrees officially is he -- official at the airport. this afternoon the slightest breeze out of the west/northwest at 7 miles per hour. here's another shot down in cape may. gorgeous on the sand right now. 61 degrees on the sand with the dewpoint of 47. again, not much of a breeze. officially in cape may it's out of the north/northwest at
12:31 pm
3 miles per hour. the only breeze i'm worried about today is drew brees of the new new orleans saints. warrington, 66. chester checking in at 62. quakertown 62. hammonton, 65. glassboro, 64. buena, 64 degrees, satellite and radar, we'll keep it clear this afternoon, tomorrow looks good, as well. maybe a few showers sliding in here come tuesday morning with the approach of a cold front. lots of sunshine that's the call from accuweather today. a real nice one. high of 70 degrees, when i come back we'll take a look at the seven day forecast and time out the rain tuesday morning for you and show you cooler numbers by next weekend. guys? >> two men are hospitalized one fighting for his life after an attack in the parking lot of a drugstore in the feltonville section. police say it appears to have
12:32 pm
started as a fistfight. "action news" is live at the scene with trish hartman. >> reporter: police say a 22-year-old man hides head on the ground at 5th street. police are looking to what led to the fight. >> i heard a lot of yelling and pushing own shoving, something i'm normally used to seeing. after that i kept walking. >> reporter: that fight sent two men to temple university hospital according to police. a 22-year-old man suffered serious injuries when he was assaulted and hit his head on the pavement. he is in critical condition. another man suffered non-life threatening injuries. as officers investigated a food truck next to the rite aid was very busy with lots of people waiting in line. it is unknown if anyone was involved or saw anything that led to the fight. several businesses nearby including the rite aid have surveillance cameras. no word if the cameras captured anything that will help police. folks who say with the bar and
12:33 pm
nightclub on the block there's a lot of activity in the early morning hours. >> parked cars, sometimes you can't park. a lot of people coming out of here, everything is locked up. so nothing you can do. >> reporter: again, no word on what led to the fight. no arrests have been made. if you have any information philadelphia police would like to hear from you. live in feltonville, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> a business in southwest philadelphia may close its doors for good after being targeted by chris twice in a week. last thursday, robbers stabbed and left the owner for dead. now another break in. the other than, patrick spinosa is in critical condition after getting knifed inside the shop. he has extensive wounds to his head and torso. david his friend hopes he does not return to the business. >> it's not safe, he is getting
12:34 pm
a second chance at life it looks like, i'm hoping he takes it. >> reporter: it is unclear what the burglars took in the second incident. police tell "action news" they don't believe the burglary is connected to the attack on the owner. >> in bucks county a mother came face-to-face with her daughter's accused killer 30 years after the crime. george shaw is accused with killing barbara ronnie. the break came when a man testified that he helped dispose of the body. a 28-year-old man is in critical condition after a robbery attempt on east cheltenham avenue. a 28-year-old man was shot in the stomach during what they think was a robbery attempt.
12:35 pm
the man was rushed to temple university hospital. even as talk grows for a need for gun restrictions. america's gun makers are doing big business. stockings jumped yesterday. each company said 2015 could be its best sales year ever. two moderatequakes shook cushion oklahoma. another moderate quake was felt northwest. three smaller quakes were recorded yesterday. if you were happy about the prices at the pump, they will be
12:36 pm
coming to an end. nationwide it's 2.31. up two cents from last week. 2.31 in philadelphia. in new jersey, 1.9 hundreds of people rally yesterday holding signs of kiesha jenkins a transgendered woman beaten and killed in logan sceks last week. investigators are working to determine if kieshaas targeted because of her transgendered identity. it was the parade in the
12:37 pm
pyongyang, north korea. a dashboard camera captured a scary crash capturing a suspected drunk driver. the woman and her two young daughters pulled up to a stop sign when a suv plowed into the minivan. a good samaritan tried to get the disoriented driver to stop. it went into reverse in rush hour traffic almost running over the woman trying to help and ran into the minivan again. >> i couldn't imagine she would hit us again. i was thinking i might die, i could lose my girls, too, i might survive and they would die. >> she called her husband after the first collision and he heard
12:38 pm
the second one on her cell phone. she and the girls are okay, the driver was arrested for dui. >> federal investigators are due to arrive on the scene of a deadly plane crash in california. the small plane crashed into a home killing two people on board and setting the house on fire. two people inside the home were not hurt. the plane had taken off from the lake tahoe airport when it crashed. three construction workers are in critical condition after a bridge collapse on a work site in corona, california. the crew was lowering the bridge when the jackals failed and the -- when the jacks failed and the bridge dropped a foot hitting the workers on the beam. an investigation is underway. investigators think a gas leak caused a massive explosion at a massachusetts home the blast in the town of franklin
12:39 pm
killed the husband and wife. neighbors say they heard the blast around 7:00. firefighters pulled 66-year-old two victims from the condo. nobody else was hurt. much more to come on "action news" this sunday. it's the sweater spanning three generations. why a little boy's wardrobe got national attention. talk about hand me downs, a man is still driving his grandfather's car. live picture looking at center city. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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empty middle of the orchestra and michael nutter officiated. >> [applause]. >> it was one of the most elaborate weddings, all six 5 musicians were in the wedding party and two thousand guests packed the audience. a central pennsylvania woman who called off her wedding made the day a memorable one. she used the reception as a fundraiser for the tail to tell. that's a rescue organization that takes dogs from puppy mills. >> it's a beautiful day for a wedding, do something more beautiful. thanks to one woman's generosity they will place dogs into loving
12:43 pm
homes. >> time for accuweather it's nice for our weather, right. >> reporter: it doesn't get much more beautiful on outside. let's go down to ac. it's sunny and the sun is nice and warm. we're shooting for a high of 70 degrees which is close to the seasonal average of 68. the morning low was 48. normally we should be around 50 degrees. 60 in allentown. reading, 62. lancaster, 60. philadelphia, 64. wilmington and atlantic city you're showing 65 and beach haven is leading the pack at 67. satellite and radar, if you look toward the top of the screen we have this system pushing on by here to the north. there's another one working out to the sea to the south. we have an area of high pressure situated right there.
12:44 pm
and that high is steering everything away from the area, so the weather is moving from west to east. it's going to keep the storms to the north or to the south over the next several days. the next chance of rain would be with that right here, the cold front is pushing through big sky country, montana, the high plains. that will get in here tuesday morning, that will bring showers along with it, but nothing too heavy. a lot of us may not see anything at all. dallas, 96 degrees today. they are playing in the dome, they are at 82. wichita, 72. omaha, 82. the cold front will force all the warm air out to sea. temperatures nothing unusual for this time in 23-8d. in philadelphia. it's going to warm a little bit, but nothing crazy, we're pretty
12:45 pm
much on par. 68 degrees in philadelphia. we cool it back down dropping into the mid 40s. allentown, 43. you got down to 35. so you're doing better by tomorrow morning. trenton, 44. we'll continue to run this through, tomorrow afternoon, the model has us at 73. accuweather will go 74. as we get into tuesday afternoon, the model has us right around 74, 73 i believe. we're going with 75, 76. so the next couple of days look really, really warm. there's no weather to speak of, no clouds we're tracking out there. it's clear the rest of the day today. overnight tonight it's clear, monday it's clear and monday evening high, thin cirrus clouds overspread the morning. tuesday morning, showers pull through. that's it for the entire seven-day forecast. sunny and nice this afternoon. 68 degrees in the lehigh valley. jersey shore, it's the same exact forecast.
12:46 pm
sunny and pleasant, 68, just the slightest breeze out of the west/southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. philadelphia, 70 degrees, sunny and nice, light breeze out of the west/southwest. clear and chilly overnight tonight. surrounding suburbs, low to mid 40s in center city. 50 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, flyers home opener tomorrow, sunny and nice, 74. perfect weather for tailgating. showers early, tuesday morning, 75. the rest of the seven-day forecast looks seasonable, wednesday, sun and clouds, 69. thursday, 67. increasing clouds friday, 62. cooler next weekend, all indications are we're staying in the 50s for highs saturday and sunday, overnight lows into the 30s. >> thank you,. the pennsylvania ballet is rehearsing it's season. the opening show features three new works all in one evening. karen rogers has a preview in
12:47 pm
6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: this is the artistic director's second season with the ballet. the first in which he has chosen the repertiore -- repertiore. >> i wanted to start the season with a boom and blast of energy. the first chroma is choreographed and featured the rock music band the white stripe. >> to hear them playing that kind of music it's extreme and powerful. >> it goes from rock to bach. >> it's a very, very special piece. >> reporter: he wrans the program with another -- wraps the program with another company premier.
12:48 pm
the music was written by michael neiman. when he first saw the ballet, he was blown away. >> the dancers were flying on the stage and the men are lifting the girls practically they don't touch the floor. the screenry is almost like the train tracks, it's going to be a very, very special season. >> reporter: speed and precision opens at the academy october 22 and runs through october 25th. loves the arts for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers.
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12:50 pm
>> good afternoon, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us now at cape may, new jersey. you see all the fishermen out there trying to bring in dinner
12:51 pm
for their families. it's a beautiful day to be out, 64 degrees in the city. 12:50. a 12-year-old boy carries out a tradition going back 60 years. brady wore the same sweater his father and grandfather wore for their pictures. >> it's sort of known as the sweater. it was a sweater when i want into first grade when i learned about it. in 1982. at that time i learned that my father and his two brothers wore the same sweatshirt for their first grade picture. >> he said his father who passed away years ago would be prowled the sweater tradition continues. brady said his son will wear that sweater, too. >> making pumpkin pie may be harder this year because of the
12:52 pm
problems with the pumpkin crops. record rains washed out the crop. agricultural officials say there will be enough for jack-o-lancer but not for pies. a destructive mouth is did he decimating christmas trees. an idaho man has a hunting tale to last a lifetime. how he escaped from the jaws of a black bear. he and who friends were winged up a hunting trip in the central mountains. it was an uneventful trip until a disturbance woke them up. >> i couldn't see the moon, i
12:53 pm
could hear the thing h up ffing and puffing. >> he couldn't get his handgun the hunting buddy did and shot the bear. they understood he might attack again so they killed him. they waited a day until a plane could get them out. he doesn't blame the bear who was looking for food. >> scary. the when "action news" continues an update over top stories. still a final look at the forecast in just a moment. why are you here? why are any of us here? windows people! windows are the eyes into the soul of the home! ugly soul. [shutters] ugh don't make your life difficult.
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"action news" an early morning fight in the parking lot of a rite aid in feltonville section of philadelphia sent two men to the hospital. one is in critical condition. police have not made any arrests. eagles are about to play a pivotal game against the saints. both teams have only one win. >> they have no excuses in the weather department. >> reporter: absolutely none, it is beautiful out there. lots of sunshine. here's the forecast for today, 70 degrees, comfortable out there, no humidity, not much of a breeze, 74 tomorrow. nice, tuesday, gray and gloomy early on, mixture of sun and clouds by afternoon, 75. wednesday, 69. thursday, ascertain friday a
12:57 pm
little chilly in the 60s. >> an iowa man is driving the same car his grandfather drove a century ago. he is driving a 1916 touring car. some of the miles on it, were when they drove from iowa to california when the roads were not paved. >> apply grandparents treated the car so well, they gave the car the name of lizzie. next year there will be a 100th birthday for lizzie. earlier this year he won the national prize for the antique auto club of america. quite an accomplishment. >> columbus day parade is next
12:58 pm
on channel 6. >> "action news" continues tonight. >> for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you next weekend!
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the 2015 columbus day parade. live from south philadelphia. here are your hosts, alicia vitarelli, de pilla and chiarocchi. good afternoon. everyone it is a perfect day in south philadelphia, the crowds are lined up for the columbus day parade. there's a little bit of confusion when the first parade happened. but it's a long-standing tradition. >> going back to 1892 when the gabaldi family led the parade. >> chiarocchi is


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