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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  October 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night the eagles finally give fans something to cheer about with a big win oaf the saints. >> a major airline is forced to check in customers by hand after a computer crashes. >> and the big story on "action news" is discovery of a body in pemberton, burlington county. >> that body was found in a clothing bin in the parking lot of a convenience store. annie mccormick is live at the scene with the latest. any. >> and water, and sarah, according to witnesses at this point it appears this may have been a freak accident.
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take a look at donation bin over. there that's where witnesses described seeing a man dangling from the bin and it appears his head was stuck in the oning from far away many thought it was halloween decoration. it was a gruesome discovery made by people doing afternoon shopping at this pemberton convenience store around 2:00 this afternoon two people saw bodies dangling from the donation box. it appeared the man's head was stuck in the top opening and a witness posted her discovery on brown's mill facebook payment. when police arrived it was clear she was dead. >> she said is that a botdy. it looks like a halloween decoration. they said no it's a body. they called the cops. >> if you put your head in there of course it will get stuck. it's not a giant hole you know what i mean to gets a whole body in there. >> while police waited for the medical examiner they loaded the body in a police cruiser.
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this may not have been the first time he tried going into that same donation box. he may have abeen a transgender a cording to witnesses at this point we're waiting to hear back from the burlington county prosecutor's office who handle all death investigation and see whether or not they believe my foul play was involved. reporting live in pemberton, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," waller and sarah. >> thank you, annie. what started as a fight outside feltonville rate aid ended with two people in a hospital. two men got into a stuffle. one many 22-year-old fell and hit his head on pavement. he is list inside critical condition tonight. the other man suffered non life-threatening injuries and no arrests were made so far. >> turning to the weather now. another winner today. mild temperatures, bright sunshine, gave us a nea near-perfect fall day. so can we expect more at the start of the workweek. meteorologist adam joseph and tonight for melissa magee soaking up the last of the sunshine this evening, adam.
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>> we can spill this into the upcoming workweek. this morning if you are out first thing it all most felt winter like. take a look at morning low temperatures in the poconos, frost at 34 to start sunday. allentown and millville, 37 degrees and wilmington 39. but here in philadelphia, much warmer, all relatively speaking at 47 degrees. was look at satellite and radar lots of sunshine first thing this morning and right through the afternoon not evening a cloud from hartford, connecticut down through the mid-atlantic states and temperatures despite the sun is lower on the horizon came down from highs near 70 today, 65 and toub and 6 trenton and 68 in philadelphia and at the shore temperatures in lower 60 60s. overnight tonight a star-stu star-studded sky temperatures not as combed going back to the 40s pretty much area wide as we look at the full ak you uweather forecast we start above normal this week temperatures no soaking rain this week but a few showers and
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widespread frost looks likely i'll have the timing on all that coming up in the full accuweather forecast in a bit, guys. >> thank you, adam. how about the great days. how about the eaglesment birds dominate eagles at the linc. >> jeff skversky here with the highlight. good day, jeff. >> absolutely, look, teams do not want to fall to 1-1. 1-4 teams made playoffs 5% of time and eagles extremely desperate today. the eagles dropped the ball to start the season. starting 1-3 receiver jordan matthew says they have to treat this game against the saints today like the super bowl. that's how des separate they are and it's october. finally a story book ending after throwing two interceptionsness end zone sam bradford finally find the end zone 2nd quarter josh huff, 41 yards, eagles an faenz flipping out, tied at 7. defense pretty good too.
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four, forced turnovers, three sacks, two forced fumbles recover that as well and lead to a touchdown and eagles runaway with it in the fourth. de marco murray a season high 85 yards rushing eagles by 82. smile sam eagles 2-3. don't throw out the playoff chances just yet. >> after what we were able to do in the preseason i think everyone kind of had been waiting for this and you know it's obviously a great feeling to go out there and be able to do that today and now it's just something we have to build on. >> we have to continue to move forward and learn from the negative things we did and grow from the positives that we had today and its with a great win, great team win, defense played tremendous again. >> so what got them going toda today. how about a pet talk in the shower. yes. >> i know you want to -- >> i was not there i'll take your word for it. >> i was not there either. jamie apody haze live report and we'll tell you about that in sports. >> and they have the run game
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going too. >> are we allow todd talk about that. >> we're going to talk about that. >> this is the team eagles fans have been hoping to see since the first game of the season. >> finally something to cheer about. jeff chirico is live outside the linc with fan reaction. hi, jeff. >> walter, sarah, you remember we were in this spot three weeks ago after the embarassing loss to the cowboys people left furious. today it was a much different scene. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> eagles fans flying high as they left the linc for the performance against the saints. >> i felt like we did well. we won. we got a w. >>ible we were going to come back from the deficit and make it right. we're going to make it right. here we go. eagles. >> before the game fans we spoke with or nervous with a 1-3 start to the season they said the team could not afford
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another loss. >> very important. very important. they definitely have to win today. they don't win today, i think their season is over. >> with a good running game and strong defense today's 39-1 win given die hard eagles fans renewed hope for the playoffs. >> all the doubters out there i would love to sigh, look, let chip kelly do his thing let him work his job the way he wants to. >> while eagles fans may being faithful they don't forget. >> you have faith in him. >> yes. >> i have no confidence for chip you have toy win a few more before i'm confident. >> yext peek week they take on new york giant and some folks walking by here chanting super bowl. it may be a little early to say that yet. we're live in south philadelphia, jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news." >> my things have changed in south philadelphia. >> take it one week at a time. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight it was a day of
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pride in south philadelphia and the city biggest celebration of italian american heritage draws thousands to broad street. >> a system wide computer glitch at major airlines results in hundreds of flight delays across the kunltsy. >> and heading live to jamie apody with more reaction to the eagles' win. that and much more when we come eagles' win. that and much more when we come right
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>> oum west air shrines having major technology issues dela delaying hundreds of flights across the country. customers are being asked to get to the airport two hours before their scheduled departures. lingering issues are forcing employees to check in customers manually issuing them handwritten tickets and source of the glitch remains unknown. >> a roman catholic church in pukz county is latest to close its doors for good. philadelphia archdioceses says st. joseph the worker church will close permanently on
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november 1. it merged with st. frances cabrini last year and they have been operating as a site for worship and prayer. >> a south philadelphia church celebrated 173 anniversary this morning. the pastor at shiloh baptist says community service and out reach has kept his congregation relevant for almost two centur centuries and the church had a second reason to celebrate today it's been in the same location at corner of 21 and christian for 70 years now. and across town, a new church is just getting started in philadelphia tacony neighborhood. city reach philly cut the ribbon on new home in the 6800 block of torresdale avenue and the church affiliated with assemblies of god held extensive fundraising campaign and were able to purchase a site that was once a movie theater and roller rink. >> you've seen it here on channel 6 today thousands of people lined broad street for the annual columbus day parade. "action news" reporter trish hartman reports.
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>> it was wrevr in south philadelphia and bands clubs and schools marched down broad street in the columbus day parade. >> it's our heritage you know coming at a good time. your italian culture. >> once john bagnoni heard frankie avalon would serve as grand marshall he has a picture of them from decades ago. >> i thought maybe he would autograft it for me. >> 1-year-old makayla white bop add long if her first columbus day parade. >> awesome. i love. it i love her. i love this. >> the fun did not stop with the parade. marconi was crowded with people packed for the festival. they'll tell you part of italian heritage is all about the food. >> pretty much just come here for the food. roost pork sandwich and now
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canolis. >> and the workers at amici's deli prepared for a week preparing to feed thousands of people the day is a big hit and it's about honoring families. >> it comes back to my father was fwhorn italy and grandparents were all fwhorn italy. so i just think it's -- it gets the neighborhoods together. >> even those not italian celebrate. >> just like st. patrick's day we're all irish. today we're all italian. trish hartman, "channel 6 today we're all italian. trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." america in philadelphia.
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dr. jekel and hide here. frecher cox said he was stick to his stomach on his 1-3 start and he said eagles d would dominate today and offense did okay too. it's not all sprinkles and gum drops against the saints. 1st quarter, sam bradford for riley cooper. ut, oh, picked off in the end zone. still yet to score a tich down 1st quarter this year. next po etion, bradford does it again are you kidding me, wow, bradford is most red zone interceptions this year. eagles fall behind 7-0 bradford turns the page later in the second. bradford to huff. saints nrun each other and huff goes into the end zone and flips. 00 yards of offense in the first half. 3rd quarter tied at 10. here come eagles ryan matthews punches it in. 1-10 lead and eagles for texas fletcher cox brings down drew brees his third sack and second
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forced fumble. eagles d with four turnovers today and very next flight bradford to brent celek. hello, 13 yard score. eagles go up as man write as 22 and runaway within the fourth. de marco murray. eagles score points on final 7 po seeings they win 39, 17, sam you can smile. the eagles 5 19 yards of offense. live to jamie apody at the linc where they win their first game since last november at home and this james jury was a must-win. >> yeah, jeff, you know, what you don't think of these shower stalls as the place to save your seat. and however, this is a strange year. sam bradford called entire offense into the shower area of the locker room before the game and said it's time to go. let's do this we have the talent. we have the ability. and what happened. the offense wept out and rap racked up 500 total yarz and offensive line deserves much of the credit cunning game got going they were far from a
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disgrace jason kelce said they were last week. >> credit for offense sivr line i think they did a nice job and in opening up things for guys and letting running backs get started. if you can let them get started they can be pro detective tough. it started up front. >> they did a great job. you could tell they were wearing them down. they way we were able to start running the football at the end of the game they dominated line of scrimmage. >> we need to win it felt like last year when things were going good we ran the ball well and sam had time to throw the ball. felt good. >> 1 and 4 is drastic with 2-3 especially division with redskins and cowboys and giant giants. we knew this was important and i don't want to say a must win but it kind of was and you know we prepared like. it and now we have to prepare like this every week. >> you may notice that kelce is sporting a new look and his long locks gone and bushy beard trimmed and i asked him the reason 'he said just time for a change. and while it sure was for everybody if you're
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superstitious maybe that visit to the barber was the change the eagles needed. live at the linc, jamie apody, "channel 6 action news." >> or sawyer jamie either one take a pick. >> eagles season high in points and total yards and 1st downs you name it. much more on "action news" sports sunday 11:35 and brandon graham joins us in the studio and eagles could be tied for first place by end of night in the giants and cowboys lose because the redskins lose in over time to atlanta. kurt cousins picked off in ot. atlanta winning 25-19 like eagles they are 2 34eu6. >> and wealthying of tackling that's what many are calling chase utley controversial slide last night. mets and many more are not happy with the former phillies star. is this dirty or hard baseball play. 7th inning last night in. l utley trying to break up a double play. takes out short stop. wow, utley slide is late, high
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and even misses the bag. ouch. >> he breaks the his leg. scores the tying run to help the dodgers win game two baseball is looking into this to determine if they will us is spend him. >> that really depends who you're talking to. but again there was no intent to injury reuben whatsoever. you're taught from a young time try to -- that's whipping baseball. >> and we'll see what comes of this. but icy hard play. it's a bang, bang play postseason game and utley will be booed tomorrow night in game three in new york. >> interrogatory see. thanks. jeff. >> up next on "action news" it was a day dedicated to fall favorite fruit in the camden county. >> and meteorologist adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when joseph has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right
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>> camden county college went to the dogs philadelphiament dozens of purposes and owners took part in the pledge of paw walk benefiting camden county animal shelter. this is the second year for this event. >> and adam joseph in for melissa magee with the accuweather forecast and this weekend could not have been a heck of a lot better. >> it was really nice. >> a nice weekend with the sun sheen and perfect temperatures and if you goat go to the farms, apple picking, football games. this was perfect packed i'm sure. as you look at double scan live radar clear skies out there and that's the way it's been start
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to finish today and a couple areas of patchy fog this morning and that was about. it on up the almanac for philadelphia today, 47 the low temperature and we did back into the 30s in most suburbs and we hit 70 for a high today. two degrees above the normal of 68 degrees. now the sun is setting just before 6:30 in the evening. so setting in about five minutes. and as we look at the temperature now, trenton, allentown, 66 in reading and same for wilmington top and cooler at the shore 63 beach haven and atlantic city coming in also at 63 degrees. and as we look at satellite and radar. a couple things. we got high pressure in control and as you can see crystal clear okay all the way back to chicago. st. louis, omaha 'on the brink of min am list there's a cold front moving through and that moves through early tuesday and weak low pressure off the outer banks at north carolina scotting to the north and may throw high cloud cover our way late tomorrow evening into
6:25 pm
tomorrow night. but for tonight a star-studded sky and not as cold as last night. no 30s tomorrow morning. but we'll still be rather chilly in allentown as well as read ago long 42, 43 degrees and 42 mill develop and warmest spot will be barred walk in atlantic city of 50. and revents throughout the day tomorrow, 5 at 8 pbg with full sunshine and quickly jumping to 60 degrees and remember, 61 normal this time of year and we'll go well above that to start the week. 71 at:00 and topping off near 74 degrees and late in the day, especially at the shore. southern delaware, you may see some high clouds pulling in from the ocean. and again, that's because of that low that is just off the carolinas. it will be just to the south tomorrow. so overall sunny, breezy, really nice someday with temperatures at 7 and that front will push through chicago and moisture starved. not much of the way precipitation along this front and that boundary comes through
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early tuesday with a quick round of showers mid-morning to lunchtime hour and sun returning behind that front in the afternoon of 75 warm degrees and you can see this muscle maker up high and really taking control of much of the country even behind that front for the middle of the week. and so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sunny and mild, 74 tomorrow. a lot of clouds and few showers irrelevantly on tuesday getting way to afternoon sun at 75 and then temperatures take a step down on wednesday. sun and clouds, 69. seasonable, 67 on thursday and next front on friday lots of clouds few showers and 64 degrees. and on friday, we'll be watching a winter like snap to the north. you you can see the cold, blue air that comes in for the upcoming weekend and in fact, dry, chilly, next saturday, high of 59 degrees and looks like there will be possibility of widespread foingt early sunday morning. and by sunday afternoon it's sunny an a few clouds and high
6:27 pm
of 58 degrees. so a big shift in that 7 day from start to finish. >> we're getting out tomorrow. >> yes, please do. >> thanks, adam. >> the weather was perfect today for the blackwood pumpkin festival in camden county and almost 200 vendors set up shop selling seasonal items snow white, nascar driver and elvis had a blast at the costume contest. others painted pum tips and got faces painted and dogs were not sure what was going on but they had funnyway. >> "abc worls news" sunday next on channel 6 and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight and we're right back here on 6abc at 11. >> for adam joseph, melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. "action news" team, i'm walter perez. see you bag here at ♪song: "that's life"
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welcome to "world news tonight". system meltdown. hundreds of flights delayed. passengers standing in endless lines. tonight, the nationwide travel trouble. terror attack. the peace rally rocked by two powerful blasts. carnage and sorrow as officials point to suicide bombers. thousands now marching in protest. but who is to blame? caught on camera. a man on his knees, then police tase him. the man, an elected city councilman. and, inside job? a former lottery official, convicted for buying this winning ticket in iowa. his brother and friend also winning jackpots. tonight, the investigation going national. was your lottery rigged? plus, a possible cancer breakthrough. could elephants hold the key to beating cancer? the secret in their dna, and the


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