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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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donation win in burlington county next on "action news." donation win in burlington >> a man is discovered dead in a kloming donation ben in the parking lot of a new jersey
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convenience store. what they saw that man's body they thought it ways hoax. sunday night and the big story is a business dar and in burlington county. >> someonenessed a man's body hanging from a clothing donation bin. annie mccormick has the story from people better sglon it was obvious and broad daylight and nobody saw it. that's just -- i don't -- it's behind my comprehension. >> this good sam ar dan that want us to use her name. she tells us after pulling up to this convenience store sunday afternoon she saw legs hanging from this planet ape clothing donation bin. others saw it too and thought it was a hoax. >> we hear the gentleman next us to say it was a joke somebody put a dummy there and as i pre towed todd walk to the store my husband yelled over it was a person. >> she called 911 and her husband tried to pull the victim out to save him. he was already dead. >> i don't know what it
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happened. how long could he have been there it was so obvious. >> it appeared the victim got head trapped in heavy top bin. >> if you put your head in there of course it will get stuck. it's not a big giant thol get a whole body in it there. >> while police waited for the medical examiner to arrive the victim may have been a transient looking for clothes and you can see miles laying next to the body along with a bag. it may not have been the first time this man tried to go to the donation box not realizing though this time it was a fatal mistake. annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> also in new jersey a former firefighter was killed after his lawn mower caught fire and burned him to death. it happened in springfield township burlington county 1:30 this afternoon and police say roger m. lippincott was mowing his lawn and mower caught fire and he was killed by smoke and
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flames. they posted a trib out to him on the web site tonight. no further details released though. >> philadelphia police are serving for the person that stabbed two teenagers in south philadelphia tonight and around 6:30 police say someone stabbed a 14-year-old in the back and 16-year-old in the back and neck in a park at 15 and/or or. the 14-year-old is in stable condition and 16-year-old in critical both at children's hospital. police say the victims knew their attacker who remained at large along with a weapon. >> and in north philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting that left two men in critical condition and this happened 5:00 this evening 17 and cumberland and the men were shot multiple times and rushed to temple university hospitalch the motive is unknown and no arrests were made. >> from the delaware newsroom now police are looking for the person that shot a 20-year-old riding a moped. just before noon today police were called to the shooting on oak mount drive in newcastle
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and learned the victim had already been taken to the hospital for treatment and witnesses say they saw someone in a vehicle firing shots at the victim and that person remains on the loose sglont moving on to the accuweather forecast it was a perfect fall weekend or what. two straight days of mild temperatures and we hope for repeat performances during the week ahead. adam joseph in for melissa and joins us with the first check of the accuweather forecast, adam. >> we do better as we get to monday it's a beautiful week start to finish and cool on the morning and pleasant in the afternoons. it was 70 in philadelphia toda today. 2 degrees above normal and 70 allentown and reading and 71 at the atlantic city airport and upper 6 0s millville, trenton and lancaster countsy. aand as we look at satellite and radar first thing this morning right to the afternoon to present time notice hardly any clouds whatsoever there were a few early this morning north of philadelphia and overall, breath taking sunday and temperatures stepped back
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down from those highs quite a bit, 49 right now in allentown and 47 millville and holding on to 50s across much of the area in sea isle city 4 dre agrees and 61 beach haven and mild along the shore ocean of 65 and 10 miles inland to pomona and 49 degrees now. the rest of the overnight tonight and through tomorrow morning star-studded sky not as cold at this morning mort of us started in the 30s to around 49 for center city and as we look ahead to that full accuweather forecast we have above normal start to the weekment we're not looking at soaking rain this coming week but there will be a chance for a few showers on two particular days and then the possibility of a widespread frost. sarah i'll have the timing for you coming up in the 7 day forecast. >> winter is coming. >> it's on its way. >> don't rush it. >> i'm not. >> we'll wait. >> thank you adam. >> hundreds of flights across the country are delayed because
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of southwest airline shooterer and linger into tomorrow and "action news" reporter jeff geoff is live at philadelphia international he talked to frustrated passengers jeff. >> ar save, traffic troubles to start off the workweek and 450 flights delayed across the country today and airline warns anyone flying southwest tomorrow to get to the airport in plenty of time. >> and long lines nike snaking through lines in denver and in los angeles tents shielded passengers waiting in the sun and here in philadelphia any lines of passengers at southwest counter earlier disappeared by evening and airlines technology issues persist affecting web site, mobile app, reservation centers and computers at airports. >> it's usually good but sometimes murphy law gets you doesn't it. >> we're trying to check the flight status all day and could not get through on the computer as all. >> the problem began at 10 a.m. forced airline to begin
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manually issuing boarding passes and concerned the halls arrived two hours early for flight to chicago. >> we're worried about coming here to see if we owe be able to get everything and surprised to see nobody here. >>self check kiosks no longer work and airlines won't let passengers switch flights or get new ones leaving this woman not knowing if she'll make her college class. >> because the airlines are down she doesn't. >> the airline putting out a travel advisory and warning folks to fwet to the airport two hours before their departure time. at philadelphia international, jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you are j. >> you may have seen it here on channel 6 earlier today. thousands of people lined broad street for the annual columbus day parade. trish hartman reports.
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>>reporter: italian pride was everywhere in south philadelphia and bands, clubs, schools marched down broad street in the columbus day parade. >> it's come at a good time you know and you display your italian culture and heritage. >> john bagnoni heard fravrky avalon would serve as grand marshall so she picked out a picture. >> i thought maybe he would sign it. >> he did. >> this is her first columbus day parade. >> awesome, i love. it i love her. i love this. >> the fun did not stop with the parade. marconi plaza was packed. past a. canoli. gelato. part of italian heritage is about the food. >> i pretty much come for the
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food. roost park from espozitos and now canolis. >> they've been cooking for a week prepared to feed thousand thousands. while the food is a hit it's about honoring family. >> it comes back both of my father was fwhorn italy and my grandparents were all fwhorn italy and so i just think it's -- it gets the neighborhoods together. >> even those not italian found a reason to celebrate. >> everybody is italian today like st. patrick's day everybody goes irish come on we're all italian today. >> in south philadelphia, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news". >> more to come on "action news" tonight a mail truck torn top bits along a highway in floor did and how a water spout was responsible for this one. >> george h.w. bush didn't let a little thing like wheelchair and neck brace stop nrim cheering on his neem a special way. >> what a difference a week makes. birds pull off a huge win against saints. jeff skversky has highlights and sports "action news" comes jeff skversky has highlights and sports "action news" comes right
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>> to the race for a white house joe biden is pending time with his family and then is the week he will make up his mind for a potential run for president. he was in delaware this weekend to watch a cross country meet and grandson football game. he was surrounded by media pressing him about his plansch his announcement one way or the other is likely to come after the first democratic debate on tuesday. >> hillary rodham clinton stepped offer the campaign trail this weekend to get ready for the debate. she, of course s. trying to maintain her lead in the race for the democratic nomination. she's taking part in mock debates at part of preparation and meantime, vermont senator bernie sapd certifies gaining in polls while raising nearly as much money as clinton and drawing thousands to rallies. >> the be bait will be held in
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las vegas and. >> off-duty police officer was shot and killed today in tennessee. he is fourth police officer from memphis to be shot over the past four years. 31-year-old terrence oldridge leaves behind fiancee 4 months pregnant. city officials have not released details but the victim's uncle said old judge ridge was on his way to work when shot in his car. he was able to crawl to a house to get help she died a short time later a man is in custody but not charged. the officer was on the job for a little more than a year. >> police out of houston ar areest investigating a situation that ended with an officer takesing a councilman. police dash and body cams were rolling as officers asked prairie view councilman jonathan mill to step away while they heed the friend. miller did not move and could be heard asking why officers were questioning him and things escalated quickly and officer entered up using taser. miller is facing charges of
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resisting arrest and interfering with public duties. >> much more to come on "action news" number 1 puts it right over the plate. how the houston astros give a special honor to one of their biggest fans. >> and looking live september are city from our temple university cameras crisp, clear fall night out there and adam joseph with us for the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. kling passions
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look at this at water spout hit the bridge over tampa bay. wind were so trong they knocked oaf and picked up a u.s. mail big rig. the driver managed to escape uninjured and the truck sustained extensive damage. luckily the driver was okay and stayed there in the cap. >> it's amazing how something mez more rising can be done. >> land over water and if to reach tland would be classified as tornado.
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there you is see on the edge mail truck all over the place. >> that's a bad thing. >> it say bad thing. >> what's not a bad thing is our weather here. >> call that a segue. >> looking at double scan live radar around the region looking good. we had a cloudless sky this afternoon and that continues at the present time and as we look at sky6 live in atlantic city here all things aflow there and no bouncing camera in atlantic city and one of the cameras tends to jolt up and down left and right quite a bit as you can see things calm tonight. presently as we look at almanac in philadelphia we hit a high of 70. two above the normal, 68 degrees. low this morning. 47. few ticks below that normal of 506789 and it can get below the freezing point this time of year 28 degrees back in 1964 on this time and date. right now in upper 40s pot pot town. for quakertown, coatsville,
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kennett square 48 still holding on to 50s chester and certificateer city and levittown and southern bucks country coming in 51en we mimic that number for ewing, browns mills and right along the shore. surf city, sea isle city, boardwalk coming in around 59. 61 degrees and then you go a little inland and you get a quick crash in temperature by some 10 degrees. you get away from the ocean water temperature of 65. we have low pressure which is just off the carolinas it's a very weak low pressure septemberer all of the rain off the coast at this present time and that low skirts north and east. as we look all the way to the west, really nothing to speak of. high pressure is in control. so that means beginning of your monday morning looking clear and a little on chilly side jackets will be needed for morning hours and then can stuff them in back backs in the afternoon. 50 to 54 that's city temperatures it, suburbs knock ev a few degrees.
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in the 40s nor the bus stop away from september srtity as we get into the afternoon, sunshine and full control with temperatures going way above average 71 at 2:00 maybe a few high clouds south of philly in afternoon of 74 degrees. which again is around 6 degrees above average. low pressure will still be to our south and most of the moisture thankfully for carolinas will be off the coast and cold front will be approaching chicago. that cold front will come in west tuesday and so a little round of showers here early on tuesday morning to about noontime hour and then after that the front will move quickly so sun will return in the afternoon. mild high of 75. high pressure in control behind that front. and the sdlusive accuweather 7-day forecast if you tailgate tomorrow for the home-opener looking good, 74. and then 75 showers first half the the day tuesday giving way to sunshine in the afternoon and dry wednesday, thursday, seasonable, upper 6 owes for
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highs. -- 60s for eyes and clouds dominate. 64 for a high. on friday, evening, you can look to the north. all that blue air is very cold air. almost winter like air that will be migrating south. first time that we're really going have back to back sunny dry days eyes in the 50s. saturday and sunday. and by sunday morning it will be a frostee start for most of us. rite now looks like it could be widespread frost over upcoming weekend. so most of us escaped it despite we started in 30s this morning and could be different as we get into next weekend, guys. >> thank you, adam. >> up next on "action news" squev jeff has sports. >> major league baseball standing down punishment for chase utley after a controversial play that broke leg of met's second baseman. that and more when "action leg of met's second baseman. that and more when "action news" comes back.
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mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. >> george bush through out the first pitch today.
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he was in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace and spor sporting a huge smile when he threw the ball. mr. bush, 91 has been wearing the brace since he fell in july breaking a vertebrae in his neck. his wife barbara said she thought the pitch was "great." >> very nice. jeff here to talk about the eagles. they finally got to it work today. >> everyone knew they were capable watching them in reason season. boom, timely, three weeks n with their season about to go down the drain. sam bradford call a team meeting in the shower area. strange spot. so what. it works. after pregame pep talk they cleanup their act. just like shower it takes a few minute for chip kelly's offense to warm up today against saint saints. sam bradford throws two first half interceptions both in end zone and bradford has most red zone pick in nfl and turns the page later in the 2nd down 7 until this bradford to josh
11:27 pm
huff saints run into each other and huff difficulties into end zone and 41 yards to tie it up eagles defense dominates in the third. fletcher cox brings down drew brees. cox's second fumble. deals with four turnovers. next play, bradford to brent celek for a touchdown. up as many as 9. eagles score in the last 7 possessions de marco murry hello. eagles win 39-17 don't throw out playoff hopes yet. jamie apody has more from the linc. >> they could not admit it until this was securely in the books buttock it ways must-win. after all 1-4 sounds different than-3 that sound you heard all the way from south fully the eagles braeping a huge high of relief. >> we have mature group. everybody knows the situation. we have to win. and the importance of a win is magnified. >> obviously the win is nice. i think the big thing for us
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and this steam to build on this. >> turning point in the game came in third quart wher the birds scored 13 points in 13 second span hero fletcher cox has three sacks by himself forced two fumbles recovered 1-2. >> coach says and breaches sacks come in bundles and today was my die go out and big shout-out and big come my at some time guys today. all those gitz secondary played a great game. >> hand game to offensive line. johnson and peters fought off injuries to play and result was run game that finally worked 18 rushing yards almost three daimz what they've been afternooning. >> offensive line played extremely well today and i think all of us you know what's kind of in the rhythm. >> biggest dmivrns today's game was line executed. we give it back to page plays and if we do that it will be very, rehard for anyone to stop us. you may notice kelce is sporting a new look.
11:29 pm
long locks gone and bushy beard trip id asked the reason he said time for a change. superstitious maybe the hair is it the change the eagles neede needed. jamie apody, "channel 6 action news." >> all right. jamie. the eagles with a season high of points, yards, first downs and much more. we'll talk about it on "action news" sports sunday coming up in a few minutes. eagles linebacker brandon graham is in studio with us in a few minutes. how about potential giant leap eagles went from 1-4 to in po stoytion score first place that's right. eagles could be tied atop nfc east tonight if everyone else losses guess what, giants down four on san fran in the final minute. how about dallas yes eagles fans rool rooting for tom brady and patriots even though is that the hard, brady throws two touchdowns this to dion luis with the third. dallas loses after-0 start the boys last three if a row and
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they're two and three and redskins lost at well. good news for eagles. >> speaking of tackling new york daily news calls the slide tonight a utter disgrace. and tonight major league baseball is cut ago illegal. he's us is opinion ised two games. dodger former phillies star suspended for games throw an four of divisional series against meant that could change because he's appealing decision and utley broke short stop leg last night on the slide that was high. late in the 7th inning in la. tough to watch. utley maintains his innocence and his agent says suspension is outrageous and completesly unacceptable they're appealing we'll see what happens game three is tomorrow in new york. >> thanks, jeff. three is tomorrow in new york. >> thanks, jeff. >> we'll be right


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