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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  October 11, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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they're two and three and redskins lost at well. good news for eagles. >> speaking of tackling new york daily news calls the slide tonight a utter disgrace. and tonight major league baseball is cut ago illegal. he's us is opinion ised two games. dodger former phillies star suspended for games throw an four of divisional series against meant that could change because he's appealing decision and utley broke short stop leg last night on the slide that was high. late in the 7th inning in la. tough to watch. utley maintains his innocence and his agent says suspension is outrageous and completesly unacceptable they're appealing we'll see what happens game three is tomorrow in new york. >> thanks, jeff. three is tomorrow in new york. >> thanks, jeff. >> we'll be right
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♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> feld's old city neighbor hosted a successful festival today. the day was filled with food and drink and music and street performances and artists were also on hand to show festival goers how they make pieces and all vendors on hand were based oween do business in old city. "action news" sports sunday is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 4:30
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tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edwards, matt o'donnell and karen rogers. >> now for walter perez, adam joseph, melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great night and good week ahead. bloomquist, have a great night and good week ahead. >> >> everybody has a nasty taste in their mouth and neal their
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stomach and i know we'll go out sunday and dom sglait it's cox on the football. >> that's how you get the crowd into the game. that's how you play football. >> third interception of the year. >> we had to within a football sglaim good thing for us and the team is now to build on this. >> touchdown. brent celek. >> touchdown. >> i just have not -- i thought would be fun. >> that game next week it's meaningless. >> great force today and found out a way to get another. >> this is "action news" sports sunday. >> week five victory never felt so good welcome to sports
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sunday alongside brandon graham i'm ducis rogers. eagles beat saints to run record 2 many i6. brandon birds score 29 points second half and defense forces four turnovers media saying this was a must win game did you giza approach it this way. >> every week is like that we went out to have fun. man, you can see it out there on highlights how much fun we had if you didn't watch the game. it was a lot of fun out through today. >> sechs relief. >> sense of relief. >> all right. well the birds hope to build upon this victory. >> it's one game. we have to continue to move forward and learn from the negative things we did and grow from the positives that we had today and but it was a great win. >> the win is nice. i think the big thing for us and the team is just to build on this. and you know, by no means are we where we want to be as a team and i think today was a step in the right direction. >> it certainly is. jeff skversky has highlights,
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disbelieve guys, well let's face it eagles dropped the ball to start the season and they were in such a holcomb into play against saints eagles receiver jordan matthews says they have to threat game against saints like super bowl that's how desperate they are to turn it around and this do that. how about range of emotions today for eagles' fans. sam bradford and birds get off to a slow start. bradford cooper picked off by brandon browner. eagles scored three points in the 1st quarter in five games. to the end zone own 80 yard drive drew fwreez benjamin watson and on the eagles very next possession in the 2nd quarter don't you know it, it happens again. bradford for the end zone. picked off. wow. most interceptions in the red zone in nfl. bradford turns that page early mistake later in the 2nd quarter bradford rolls out and
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finds josh huff the saints run into each other huff nrundz end zone 41 yards. how about the flip. tied at 7. eagles 3 owe 0 0 yard of" fence ft. first half. fletcher cox deepz that way goes after new orleans quarterback drew brees and hicks recovered. leads to a field goal. up three at the half. 3rd quarter after saints tied field goal eagles start flying ryan matthews punch it's in chip kelly offense from two eagles up 7 and they protect that. >> fletcher cox over high and breezes second force and leads to this. very next play. bradford todd brept celek. 13 yards score. eagles up as many as 29 today. to the fourth. all eagles shut down the same two more turnovers and breeze
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under pressure walter they areman picks it off and eagles four turnovers and they now have 13 on the season most in nfc and turnover turned into another score. how about de marco murray and eagles runaway scoring on last 7 possession. eagles 39-17 do not throw out playoff hopes just yet. eagles are still alive. and eagles offense setting season high point, yards and rushing first downs and time of possession perhaps finally time for the eagles to live one preseason hype. brandon ducis back to you. >> i need the truth out of you. after sam bradford threw the interception what were you thinking. >> man we have a lot of guys left it was only 7-0 we knew when he to stop and knew defensively we were ready to play and we have to make sure we continue to play the way we play with intensity we did you. >> guys kept giving ball back
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for them and certainly performed. jamie apody has more on bradford's day. >> there's been a knock on sam bradford and leadership in creativity and gather the entire offense in the showers before the game as bradford did and for the privacy tell them it's time to go. they have the talent and they can turn this season around. results, eagles racked up over 500 yards of total offense and bradford had best game as a bird. >> perfectly placed foot bat by sam bradford and that's execution. >> something we have to do. >> it's not going to be like this every week to know with we are clicking we can go out and do that it gives you confidence to do it more often. >> he looks, firdz, intercep intercepted. >> imagine what could have been been. bradford threw not one but two interceptions in the end zone in the first half and to a team that did not pick up the past
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all season. >> when you do you have to forget it and move sglon guys didn't make the plays they needed to receivers and fight ends we had dronz at well that doesn't help the game. i thought from the gecko we played with a big chip on our shoulder that set up us. >> disparity from first half to second half bradford is crazy. pass rating is 40 points higher after half time and thrown twice as many touchdowns. if sam could figure out a way to play a complete game watch-out. ducis and brandon back to you. >> jamie thank you so much. much more eagles talk ahead we'll hear from the big hero on defense and fletcher cox is real knife nightmare for drew brees and company and sal de palantonio has what opens them brees and company and sal de palantonio has what opens them up.
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>> injured lower leg if 2nd quarter and did not return. receiver said after the game he will have mri tomorrow. something to keep an eye on. defense as you mentioned brandon four forced turnovers today what areas did you feel like you would like to be successful in come into this game. >> we felt like playing against would be successful that's something we preach all the time we have to make one dimensional team that's what we did today. they threw for a lot of yards today. but, as you said, turnovers took over. and we had fun out there man. >> fletcher cox sonl for couple turnovers and did not make pro bowl last year and you see them every day in practice and what kind of beast is he. >> it shoypz on film and maybe comes to work every day and somebody who is trustworthy who the coaches are it goes to work every day and that's what you want as defense somebody you can count sglon jamie apody caught up with cox after the
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game. >> player of the game fletcher cox when is the last time had you three shots in one game. >> never, never in my career three sacks in one game and pretty excited for me and great thing for this team. >> what does it mean for you as a unit especially given last week you didn't have a sack it didn't come. >> well, i mean, justs aa units turnovers are big today. and sacks you know pretty big for me and you know, everybody got hands on the ball today which is a good thing. >> what does it mean for the confidence of this team going forward to get a huge win like this with the giants coming in next week. >> it was great, everybody got edge and everybody had that about them from a game last week. and you know the guys came out and you can feel the energy on the sideline. it was like you know some kind of -- and guys we put in work this week and shotd fans what we can do. >> did you teach him how to dance like that? >> nah, he dances like that
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all the time. >> all right. let's move to the other side of the ball. offensive line is beat up. literally. a lot of injuries and critics have been all over the offensive line. how would you say that unit performed today. >> i think that it performed i mean real g they worked together. whatever chip said last week lit a fire under everybody so i mean many was excited to see a complete full four quarter gam game. >> 186 yards rushing for the eagles today. 5.5 average on the ground and the team needed this and so did offensive line. >> yeah, feels g we needed this win at home. the fans have been needing it and just for us to get our spirits up. we knew this was important and i don't want to say was a must win but it kind of was and you know we prepared like it. and now we have to prepare like this every week. >> espn sal palantonio offers insight he said change today was the key.
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>> make no mistake about it chip kelly offense is working now because chip kelly changed this" fence. and the most important change, running the ball with quarterback under enter and after the game de marco murry said it helps offensive lien and it it helps the running back have vision and get ahead of steam going. two more important changes on offense in the passing game. one, those quick hitters get the ball out of sam bradford hands quickly and that the rush cannot get on top of it and then move that launch point and boot action and roll out and allow the deep pass as those crossing patterns deep in the field to develop. in my opinion i think this is most important win of the chip kelly era. one stops bleeding and two gives this team momentum and going forward with two nationally televised prime time games coming up. >> brandon, ducis, back to you. >> all right. coming up next a check around
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how about...back to blinds! during blinds to go's early fall savings sale, save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> brandon graham lons side ducis rodgers talk about de marco murray you played in the past and you practiced with them. how nice was it to see him finally get a good game under his belt. >> it was a great feeling because you know for a guy like him that comes into work every day i know that contract stuff does matter and you want to live up to it and he's a pretty good back. and i was happy to see him out there getting it done. >> you have three good backs and run game had best showing of the season today. >> i was able to you know get into a little rhythm and ryan did a good job and like i said
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offensive line played extremely well today and i think all of us you know was kind of in the rhythm and de marco supposed to make big plays and all make plays and everyone on offense was doing their part and we were all beating off each year. >> let's check in rest of nfc east. first jeff you have news on chase utley. >> all right. guys it's what everyone is talking about and debating was chase utley slide last night dirty or not. major league baseball gives their opinion by us is spending former phillies star two games for illegal slide. dodgers second baseman us is spended games three and four divisionle series against mets that could change utley is appealing that decision tonigh tonight. utley broke mets short tap legthon late and high slide in 7th inning game two divisional series in la. utley maintains innocence and last night he did not intend to hurt anyone.
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all right. speaking of tackling, back to football. perhaps everything is falling into place for eagles they have gone from possibility of 1-4 to possibility of first place after beating saints. eagles beating redskins and cowboys and giants all lose today. what a finish between the giants and nineers. final seconds. 21 to go. giants down four. eli manning. what a catch by tight end larry doneel, are you kidding me. wow. g men women, 30-27, giants in first place, they are coming to philadelphia a week from tomorrow for monday night foot mall. >> how about the cowboys eagles fan rooting for tom brady and the patriots tonight as hard as that is brady these two touchdowns in the second half. 59 yards. dallas loses 36. after 2-0 start boys lost three in a row and they're-.
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wild finnish atlanta as well. redskins and falcons score final second of over time and how about this redskins lose o tovrment atlanta. kurt cousins kicks off where was that last week. robert alford 5-19, like eagles 2-3. falcons 5-0 second time in history. 5-0 beating nick foles and ramp ram bow foles flat out awful. clinton rawlins 45 yard return. packers win 45-10. eagles and rams 2-3. nfc east is wide on at this point and so is nfc 11 games to go. don't go anywhere, ducis, brandon and myself are back don't go anywhere, ducis, brandon and myself are back after this.
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>> welcome back to sports sunday i'm meteorologist adam joseph. we had a really nice weekend
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and that's going to spill right into the upcoming week. 74 monday. sunny and mild. we have flyers home-opener and if you're tailgating look going and then tuesday early showers and cold front giving way to afternoon sun at 75 and midweek wednesday, thursday, sun and clouds, upper 60s and only 50s by upcoming weekend. big drop in temperature ahead. back to you ducis and brand dan. >> adam, thank you very much. we have a big one brandon coming up fwreek tomorrow monday night, ginlts 3-2, you guys 2-3 essentially looking to pull even and have a share of first place in the division. how big is that game for you guys now. >> that's real big. because every game counts and we wants to make sure we take care of the division games and the giants are next. >> eli manning you and i were watching him in the 4th quarter game whipping drive. what makes him dangerous of a
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quarterback good because he's a quarterback and guy that has the plate book at the lines so he goes off basically what you give him. and he takes what you give him and sometimes he tries to take more than what you give him but that's parts of the game. >> you're a football player and fan of other got ball players and fan of giant player owe dell beckham does he make you say wow. >> he's a guy that got on the scene lastary an a lot of guys have a lot of respect for him. you know you have to come with your a game when you play against a guy like that. >> linc will be rocking a week from tomorrow night, giants and eagles will be fun. that will do it for front tore brandon graham, jeff skversky, jamie apody, sal palantonio and entire sports sunday crew i'm ducis rogers thanks for watching we'll see you back ducis rogers thanks for watching we'll see you back here next
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