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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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involved in this heinous crime. police say this man pedro redding aged 22 of hunting park is under arrest for robbery and murder. tonight they're closing in on on his a alleged cohorts. keisha jenkins a transgendered prostitute was murdered last tuesday in the hunting park section. redding said he engaged in beating jenkins but someone else shot her twice in the head during the struggle. >> the suspect gave a full statement to the detectives that himself and three of his friends attempted to rob keisha and during this robbery one of the males pulled out a gun shooting and killing her. >> reporter: police say there's no evidence at this point that the jenkins was targeted because she was transgender but rather because slaw a known prostitute in the 13th and wingohocking area and believed to be carrying plenty of cash. >> pedro redding and his associates live in the area
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and they know what goes on in that area and there are a lot of transgender individuals that actually frequent that area right there so yes, they did know. >> reporter: city hall director of lgbt affairs says state laws may not be charge enougnot be enoughto charge a h. >> she's a person. what does it matter what her id card says. it doesn't matter. it does not make her lifeless. >> reporter: tonight police confirm redding what you arrested several years ago for an alleged robbery against another t.s.a. gender individual but the charges were dropped when that victim failed to appear for court. live live at police headquarters in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> thanks v we've got developing news out of montgomery county this afternoon. where officials are on the scene of a gas leak at montgomery county community college. this is video just into our news room from chopper 6hd over the scene. officials say workers struck
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an underground gas line just before 3 o'clock today at a construction zone on campus. this is on the 300 block of dekalb pike in blue bell. the fine arts center has been evacuated as a result. students are being told to avoid this area and peco is en route to the scene right now. >> a football player at albright college in reading is charged with attempted murder after police say he stabbed a teammate with a corkscrew. police arrested marquise stuart yesterday after he allegedly stabbed the victim several times. they say the incident started with some sort of altercation across the street from campus. stewart has been suspended from the team and the school. "action news" reporter walter perez will have much more on this story starting at 5 o'clock. black bunting hangs outside a burlington county fire station after a former firefighter was killed in an accident involving a lawnmower. police say 79-year-old roger lippincott was riding his lawnmower when somehow it caught fire.
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it happened yesterday at his home on sailor's pond road in springfield township. officials say lippincott tried to put the fire out himself but then suffered some severe burns. he died at the scene. lippincott was a retired springfield township firefighter and taught at burlington county's fire academy. >> southwest airlines operations are running more smoothly today after a glitch that delayed hundreds of flights over the weekend. long lines built up as the company used backup systems and handwritten boarding passes to check in passengers yesterday. southwest blames a failed software application that affected the airline's web site, mobile app and computers. the problems was fixed by 6:00 this morning at philadelphia international airport but the airline still warned people to arrive early and to print boarding passes at home to avoid any issues. >> i just heard we got to get here early because we might be really held up and i guess we're early enough. >> i was expecting a lot worse than it is. things seem to be moving
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along. i expected to be waiting in line out there. >> southwest said about 800 of its 3600 flights were delayed at least 15 minutes yesterday. once they got up there, they were flying friendly skies today because it is absolutely beautiful out. >> gorgeous day. let's head outside to meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam this afternoon. >> hi, sharrie and brian. this is the place you want to be today. outside. a lot of school children are home from school, columbus day a lot of people have the day off so head outside enjoy it. definitely on the warm side for this time of year. philadelphia 76 degrees currently, 68 is the average high this time of year so temperatures well above average. allentown also 76. wilmington 73. trenton 75. as you get closer to the ocean, the ocean temperature 65 degrees with those winds off the ocean. it is cooler on the beaches but still pretty nice. sea isle city 77 and the atlantic city airport 70. satellite6 along with action radar showing if you're looking for clouds don't look
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up because we have high pressure in control of our weather. that's what bringing us the bright blue skies but if you look up on the upper left corner of your screen, you see some clouds moving in. that's the cold front and the bottom right shows some off shore showers with a weak low that's also moving up toward us. really to the northeast and this will bring us some big changes tomorrow. but this afternoon if you're taking the children to the playground enjoy it. sunny skies and warm, short sleeves and shorts fine if you're in the sun, 75 degrees at 5 o'clock. by 6:00, 74 degrees and the weather highlights will show you that we do have some changes away. tomorrow will still be warm but with more clouds and a few showers and then i'm tracking a significant cooling trend as we head through the week. actually tracking the coolest air of the season. i'll talk more about that coming up in in the full accuweather 7-day forecast when i manage to drag myself inside. may take awhile. >> take your time cecily. thanks. as you plan the week ahead check in with
4:06 pm get expert insights from accuweather and stay on top of any threat of rain and chilly temperatures with storm tracker6 live radar. the flyers take to the ice tonight foreign their home opener and they're hoping to avenge saturday's ugly loss to florida. the puck drops at 7 o'clock tonight. "action news" sports reporter jaime apody live at the wells fargo center with a preview of this homeowner. hi, jamie. >> hey there, brian. yeah, something is amiss with the flyers because steve mason is out of the lineup two days after the worst outing of his career. now, this morning gm ron hakstol basically begged the media to respect mason's privacy with what they are calling a personal family matter and so michael neuvirth will be in net for the flyers tonight. let's take a look at the flyers skate this morning here at the wells fargo center. dave hakstol will make his debut in front of the home crowd tonight. it's not the way he wanted to start the season, two games, two losses.
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slow starts, that's what keeps getting coaches fired around here. the flyers will get a shot at the panthers again tonight. wayne simmonds says the philly fans will be just what the doctor ordered. >> especially in a home opener you got come out fast. you know, we kind of -- we got ourselves in trouble florida night. luckily we got them tonight at our homeowner. we just got to have a good start and continue from there and play good hockey. >> you know the fans will be flyered up coming up later in "action news" sports at 5:30 we'll talk a little bit more about the goalie switch in tonight's game. live at the wells fargo center, jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> jamie thank you. here at the big board now speaking of sports a week from today the eagles will take on the giants but right now one of new york's players is fighting a much bigger battle off the field. giants tight end daniel fels has a scary case of mrsa and he's fighting to keep his foot as he fights an infection that can be deadly.
4:08 pm says the 32-year-old could potentially have his foot amputated and has been in intensive care since friday. doctors say the dangerous staph bacteria which is resistant to most antibiotics set in after a toe and ankle injury. fell has now reportedly had five surgeries and may need even more with doctors worrying that the mrsa will spread to his bones and possibly even his blood. the giants say they're pulling for and supporting daniel. >> dedicated the game to daniel fels and his family and thank god we were able to give him the gamely. >> fels tells abc news grateful for the support i've received from family friends teammates coaches and fans. this will not defeat me. great attitude. mirrors mrsa can be spread where people share equipment so this morning the giants were scrubbing their facilities including their locker and training rooms and everyone of course pulling for fels and fighting for him to beat this, you guys. >> d hoping the best.
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>> scary situation there. alicia, thank you. it's time for the "action news" traffic report. >> autumn marisa standing by live today in for matt pelman and autumn, what are we looking at here. >> we're looking at the platt bridge and if you were hoping for a nice afternoon, easy commute on columbus day no such luck. we had an accident on the eastbound lanes and you can see just really it's standing still out there literally. the accident has been moved off the bridge but you can see just a slow go and couple that with the sports complex event tonight as well as rush hour and we'll show you what some of the delays look like. here we are on 95. this is right around ridley park as you make your way northbound on 95. we don't usually see this type of delay but because of the accident on the platt bridge that's what we're experiencing on the roads right now. taking a look at the big picture, speeds across the region just starting to drop. schuylkill expressway looking like the normal afternoon on a monday. you can see the westbound lanes at a crawl, about 40 minutes to go from the vine street expressway out to the blue route right now.
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the blue route again very slow in the northbound lanes as you make your way from 95 up through swarthmore. it's quite a crawl. moving along and showing you the area bridges, looking very nice on the ben franklin bridge on this live shot. both directions moving just fine even with the construction on the westbound lanes of the ben. other area bridges looking nice and clear as well. taking a look at mass transit, all services are on time right now with no reported delays and we do have that flyers game out there tonight so two express lanes will be leaving fern rock at 6:08 and 6:18 so definitely want to keep that in mind. we have one incident to tell you about. in elkton route 77 and winchester drive. your alternate will be 281 or you can use barksdale road to get around that. another delay we have on the schuylkill expressway -- rather, the vine street expressway coming off the schuylkill expressway in those eastbound lanes as you make your way up towards 95 nice sloane there. if you're heading towards the
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schuylkill right now you'll tap the brakes, too, in those westbound lanes. back to you brian and sharrie. >> all right. >> busy out there. >> thanks autumn. much more to come here on "action news" at 4:00 on this monday afternoon. a princeton professor has been a pardoned the nobel prize. more on his mission and reaction. >> plus california's new plan to fight wildfires involves the help of violent offenders and it's not sitting well with some. we have those stories plus cecily is back with the full accuweather forecast next.
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worry aboutt having to what's gonna hurt my teeth, if it's gonna be too hot, or too cold, if it's gonna have ice in it. life without sensitivity is easier. just use the toothpaste. sensodyne works, it's all you need. done. >> ♪ >> a flight that left newark new jersey was forced to make an emergency landing in buffalo new york because of a fire on board. an airport spokesman said a credit card reader caught fire on that seattle bound alaska airlines flight. a crew member was able to extinguish it and none of the 189 people on board was injured. still firefighters board they had plane as a precaution and passengers were temporarily taken off. a proposal to boost the
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battle against wildfires in california is sparking public safety concerns. the plan would allow prison inmates convicted of violent crimes to help fight the fires. california has already been using nonviolent offenders in that same capacity for years now but under the new proposal inmates who have a violent past would only qualify that they've been rewarded for good behavior. nine plan still needs final approval within the corrections department. >> a february trial date has been set for georgia man accused of leaving his son to die in a hot car last year. justin harris said he forgot his one-year-old in the back of his suv but prosecutors allege he did it on purpose because he was unhappy in his marriage and wanted a child free life n court today, they read some of the sexually explicit messages harris exchanged with other women the day his son died including a conversation with an under aged girl for which he now faces additional charges. the defense argued the
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messages had nothing to do with the boy's death but a judge denied a request to try the cases separately. >> it was trial a remarkable day at princeton university with news that one of its professors won the nobel prize in economics. angus deaton a professor of economics and international affairs received the prize for his work on consumption poverty and welfare. he was born in scotland and holds both u.s. and british citizen ships. deaton says he had to pinch himself at the news this morning and thanked princeton everything it's done to support him and his vast body of work. >> i've always thought that i was unlike to win this prize because i've never really had a field and that i work in a lot of different things. i thought they did an amazing job this morning and i -- [laughter] i sort of watched the video and i thought boy, so
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that's what i've been. [laughter] -- all these years. >> and a sense of humor too. he's a princeton professor -- is the third princeton professor rather to win the nobel prize in economics in the last two decades. all three professors come from the school's woodrow wilson school of public and international affairs. so, congrats to his big day there, sharrie. >> he's brain knee and witty at the same time. thanks. the first democratic presidential debate is one day away and many eyes are still on vice president joe biden. at this point he does not plan to take part in tomorrow night's debate but speculation is still swirling about whether he will actually run. "action news" reporter john rawlins is working this story today. he's live near the biden home in greenville, delaware, with more. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. back in early august when the biden for president issue really started to pick up steam the thinking is he would have something to announce in september. then it came and surely by
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last weekend because of tomorrow night's debate. here we are still waiting and asking will he or won't he. this weekends news cameras shadowed the vp as he visited sporting events in wilmington where his grandchildren were participating. the thinking after meeting with family and advisers he would announce a decision did he not. some from the national press remained camped outside of biden's home. for months the vp has signaled that he's been grappling with the idea of a third run for the white house even though he's still grieving his son beau biden's death. the 72-year-old is a beloved figure to many. >> i hope it's not too much of a burden for him to run but i think our country needs joe biden right now. >> reporter: senator chris coons who was with biden last week conceded given primary filing deadlines a decision must come in weeks. >> only he knows in his heart whether he's got the energy and the act, the full support of his family to take on what will be a grueling
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presidential couldn't. >> reporter: one time cnn reporter ralph biglieder who founded the university of delaware's center for political communications thinks biden is crunching hard numbers. at the center hillary clinton's strength and he says biden knows if he is to win he must raise big money, have a national organization and register for early primaries. >> he's done almost none of those things so far. it's possible it could be done, i'm not saying it's impossible but it's a really steep hill to climb at this point. >> reporter: well, biglighter says he thinks a decision is going to have to come in days and even then it is going to be as you heard an uphill climb because biden would have to put together a national organization that could potentially win everything. live in greenville, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> thanks john. we'll monitor every development on that. thank you. there is more fallout today for volkswagen in the wake of its emissio emissions cg scandal. singapore suspended the sales of all volkswagen diesel cars. that comes after the automaker
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announces it was recalling diesel cars. they aren't all that popular in china though volkswagen one of the best selling brands in that country. >> now to a bright spot. or weather. time to see what's happening in accuweather. >> perfect start to the week. where do we go from here. cecily tynan standing by with details on what seems to be a cool down. >> that's right. temperatures will be stepping down as we head through the week. today really the nicest day of the week, perfect timing with a lot of kids home from school on this columbus day and getting a lot of photos like this sent on my facebook page. this was taken by gary, chris sowers twin brother. you can see that sugar map pell. the orange there looking even better because it's contrasted with the bright blue sky. temperatures definitely on the warm side for this time of the year. average high for philadelphia for this date is 68 degrees but we're nearly 10 degrees
4:21 pm
warmer, 76 degrees currently in philadelphia, the same in allentown, trenton and reading 75, wilmington 73, millville 70 and with these winds generally out of the south, they're off the ocean so the ocean temperature 65 degrees and that does have an impact on the air temperature on the beach. cape may currently 67 degrees and beach haven 68. so, satellite6 along with action radar showing we have the slice of nice right over us but if you look to the north and west, you can see some clouds trying to move in ahead of a cold front and if you look to the south, some shower activity just bubbling up from weak low pressure. that will be moving to the northeast and really just skirting the shore with some clouds. so, what we have going on is more clouds advancing in. so, future tracker showing 7 o'clock tomorrow morning could have some clear skies across south jersey, more clouds to the north and west and as we head through the day we'll have the opportunity for a few showers. future tracker showing around 10 o'clock some showers in the northwest suburbs. as we head into the afternoon ahead of the cold front, a broken line of showers around
4:22 pm
5:30 right along i-95 and then reaching the coast by 9 o'clock. as that cold front slips through, then what you'll really notice, the winds. the winds will be whipping behind this front. by 7:30 we're looking at wind gusts about 25 to 35 miles per hour and what this will do is bring down some cooler air for the middle of the week but the real chilly stuff will be arriving by the weekend behind another cold front that has some teeth. so, for tonight, some clouds rolling in, not as cool as last night. last night quakertown dropped down into the 30's. the upper 30's. tonight the cooler suburbs down to 50. 58 degrees with the possibility of some patchy fog and the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow some clouds with occasional showers, not all day rain but ahead of that front it will still be very mild. 74 degrees behind the front on wednesday. you'll notice temperatures cooler, seasonably cool, 67 degrees. on thursday, mostly sunny, a nice fall day, 65. and friday ahead of the next cold front mostly cloudy with some showers and a high of
4:23 pm
64 degrees. and for the weekend, find the sweaters. the cool of the air so far of the season rolling in. we'll talk more about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> it was bound to happen sometime. all right, sells thank you. after the break today, the new plan to end pennsylvania's budget stalemate. >> plus, how some in harrisburg are hoping to use gambling to rake in extra revenue. leach shah. >> it's where both state and faith intervened. two sisters separated in south korea find each any other florida. the tearful reunion four decades later coming up in big talkers. people of the coffee-drinking world,
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>> ♪ >> republican lawmakers in pennsylvania are eyeing another gambling expansion to help solve the state's budget crisis. supporters say an expansion could mean hundreds of millions of dollars in license fees plus new tax collections. a spokesman for governor tom wolf says he's open to the idea so long as it's part of a comprehensive package. one idea is to allow internet
4:27 pm
gambling which is only legal in three states right now. lawmakers could also consider allowing slot machines at off track horse racing betting parlors and in the state's six international airports. and still ahead here on a monday afternoon major league baseball strikes back against former philly chase utley banning him for two games for barreling into a mets short stop breaking his leg in the process but despite the suspension the second baseman will be on the field tonight. we've got details in a live report. >> plus a staple down the shore was offered money for a makeover but after hearing the conditions, officials decided against it. we'll explain why coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 on this monday and "action news" continues with the remarkable reunion story. how two sisters separated four decades ago wound up realizing they were much more than just friends. >> awesome, right. plus, this little girl was rushed to the er after a boy hit her in the face at school. but the trauma didn't end there. why her mother says a comment made by a hospital worker literally added insult to injury. >> and many of you are observing columbus day today but in at least nine cities, today marks indigenous peoples day. we'll explore the reason for
4:30 pm
the shift in big talkers coming up. >> well, but we begin with the baseball play that still has fans in three cities buzzing today. on saturday, former phillies all-star and current los angeles dodger chase utley barreled into a mets short stop breaking his leg. well, many in l.a. and philadelphia called it an aggressive slide while many in new york called it a vicious tackle. regardless of the debate, the league called it illegal suspending him for two games. but utley is appealing making him eligible to play in tonight's game three. abc's elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: fair or foul? >> utley going hard at second. tejada is down. >> reporter: well, it depends on whom you ask but according to major league baseball it was an illegal slide and the punishment is a two game suspension for los angeles dodgers infielder chase utley. it's a decision utley is now fighting and a play that broke
4:31 pm
new york mets short stop reuben tejeda's leg tied lining him for the rest of the post season. obviously the last thing we want to see is something like that happen and to lose a player like that, we got to go out and kind of do our talking by, you know, going out there and doing our best to beat them. >> reporter: the reaction to the play, so far has the analysts divided. >> as a base runner in that situation your job is to clear him out of the way. >> chase utley is not a dirty player. he's not even overly aggressive as far as i'm concerned but he did slide late. >> reporter: and at least one die hard mets fan overcome with emotion while calling into mike friend is that so today's radio show. >> i want to see it done tonight. >> are you crying. >> reporter: utley during the 2010 season took out tejada in a similar play maintains he wasn't trying to hurt tejada then or now. minutes ago we learned while
4:32 pm
utley will not be starting tonight he's like to play in the game. that game is here in new york and just to give you an idea of what utley is up against, take a look at the front page of the local papers here previewing tonight's game and this just two words from the post. dark justice. and here is the daily news. here they say pay back is a pitch. a pitch with a p there. that's the very latest from live here in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news. sharrie and brian back to you. >> that one letter an important distinction. thanks very much. lawyers appear before a judge today following a motorcycle crash in which prosecutors say he was drunk. state senator pat browne did not appear in court this morning. his attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. police say browne was drunk and speed when did you go he crashed his motorcycle on may second. browne is facing probation and suspension of his license. a toddler was among four
4:33 pm
people taken to the hospital following an accident involving a septa bus. officials say the route 33 pus was hit by a car at the intersection of ninth and market just before 11:00 this morning. two adult passengers a toddler and a bus driver all checked out for minor injuries. police and septa still investigating just what caused that crash. >> a long time fixture at the jersey shore was offered financial help for a makeover but after considering the source officials decided against it. caretakers for lucy the elephant in margate have rejected an offer from peta to fund part of her restoration. peta offered to give a portion of money in return for using lucy in anti-circus messages. the animal rights group reportedly wanted to shackle one of lucy's feet and put a teardrop under her eye in order to educate tourists about how circus elephants are treated. but trustees for the six story wooden elephant turned down the money and said lucy must
4:34 pm
always be happy for the children who visit her. >> lucy brings a lot of joy to a lot of families each and every summer. we got down to the shore last -- yesterday for one final -- boy, it felt like summer yesterday. >> so nice. temperatures in the 70's. >> yeah. >> and it's not going last much longer. one more day and then we do stepdown but let's take a look live on sky sky6. lake wallenpaupack. leaves are changing, should be peaking in the next couple of weeks. temperature even there very mild in the 70's. dewpoint 46 degrees, winds west at seven and pressure is high as high pressure really in control. cape may there are some folks enjoying the weather. yeah, i'm jealous. look at that. they're sitting on the beach, no crowds there. 67 degrees, winds out of the south at 10 miles an hour. the ocean temperature a little bit on the chilly side but there is somebody in the water
4:35 pm
there. 65 degrees. that's kind of chilly but, hey, you should enjoy it but temperatures will be cooling off. if you look at this eastern temperature map, you can see it's 76 degrees in philadelphia. but there's a front right now over chicago and then north and west of that front it's a lot cooler. bismarck, north dakota, 59 degrees. i'll talk about temperatures stepping down as we head through the week. also, track a few showers on the way coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. 65-degree temperature, i don't know about that. >> cecily thanks. >> some kayak activists took to the water to send a message today in burlington county. more people on the water today. they geared up for a floating protest on the delaware river in bordentown. they're demonstrating against two companies. one being penn east and its proposed natural gas pipeline. they're also criticizing the mercer generating station in trenton. environmentalists say both create the risk of water pollution and harm to endangered animals.
4:36 pm
>> well, october is breast cancer awareness month and all this week we're teaming up with the american cancer society to tell unique stories of local people who are fighting that disease. "action news" anchor rick williams now live in our news room with more on that today. hi, rick. >> hi, brian, that's right. thank you. coming up tonight at 5 o'clock we kick off a week long series to help people beat the odds against breast cancer. tonight at 5:00, you'll meet a woman who won her battle with breast cancer and later learned that cancer had spread. ali gorman will tell us how the patient's doctors discovered her new cancer and how her support system has helped her in the second fight for her life coming up tonight. also at 5:00, amtrak is making a big change when it comes to traveling with your pets. we've got the details on how you can now bring your dog or cat on board a train. makes you give paws when you travel now. fido or fluffy. sorry about that. that and much more coming up tonight on "action news" at
4:37 pm
5 o'clock. >> we're going let that one slide. thanks very much. speaking of, five cute kittens are in need of new homes after they were rescued from a burning building in delaware. wilmington firefighters discovered the newborns as they knocked out a fire at a vacant property on the 600 block of west eighth street. fortunately the kittens appear to be just fine but their mom was nowhere to be found so crews took them to the humane society for some comfort and care until they're ready for adoption. >> we're going to do all we can to get them bottle fed for a few weeks and get them old enough that we can spay and neuter them and find homes for them. >> now, in the meantime the humane society has given its newest residents some appropriate nicknames. they are hose, ladder, engine, axle and nozzle. perhaps one of those precious little kittens -- look at the size, my goodness when you see his fingers, boy are they tiny. going make great pets some day. >> cute story there. >> yeah. >> still ahead, why you won't hear happy columbus day in some cities. you'll hear happy indigenous
4:38 pm
peoples day. >> plus hurting isn't flirting. that's the message one mom had for an er employee after he literally added insult to her daughter's injury. what he said that made her pen an open letter to the hospital. >> plus, it turns out there was a good reason these two coworkers felt closer than friends. they were actually family. how they discovered they were actually sisters separated for four decades. >> pretty awesome story there. and meteorologist cecily tynan back with the details on that cool down coming. accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back.
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4:40 pm
>> ♪ >> 24 hours after he was nearly swept off the road, a florida postal worker is talking about his close call with a water spout. ran dolly says he was delivering mail on his usual route sunday when he saw a water spout spinning over tampa bay. well, seconds later the swirling winds slammed directly into his
4:41 pm
tractor-trailer ripping the 80,000-pound truck apart. >> wow. >> all of a sudden i started feeling this gust of wind and i thought, oh, no, is this what i think it is. i've never been to hell but i thought i was in hell. >> the video is incredible. fortunately lever was not seriously injured. he says after dusting himself off he rushed home, hugged his son and then returned to work at the post office. >> wow, unbelievable, the power of that system. a pharmaceutical executive once called the most hated ceo in america for hiking the price of a life saving drug might not be losing that nickname any time soon. over the summer his company started selling a drug used by aids and cancer patients for $750 a appear a-4,000 percent hike from the old price of $13.50. generating a firestorm of controversy last month, he appeared on abc news promising to drop the price reluctantly.
4:42 pm
well, it appears he has not and in fact the opposite has happened. major pharmacy chain cvs and walgreens say right now daraprim costs $900 for one single pill. >> at the big board with big talkers now here in philadelphia today, we celebrate columbus day. yesterday south philadelphia hosting a big parade honoring christopher columbus and italian american pride but there is not the case in a growing number of cities across the country. seattle and minneapolis have already changed today's national holiday to indigenous peoples day and oklahoma city's local government is currently fighting for it as well. they say they're doing so to reflect the native american people who were living in this country before christopher columbus claimed the discovery in 1492. other cities on board with indigenous peoples day include albuquerque new mexico port lands oregon saint paul minnesota among others.
4:43 pm
all right, this is four-year-old joni and this picture of the ohio preschooler, sad faced and covered in bruises is going viral. not just because a little boy in her class hit her with a play metal teapot but because of the five little words the guy at the registration desk used to greet the patient at the local children's hospital. he said i bet he likes you. a sentence mom says literally added insult to injury. merit smith penned an open letter to the hospital letting them know that the whole hurting is flirting excuse is what sets the tone for what is acceptable behavior in our country. she writes, no, i will not allow that message to be okay. i will not allow it to be louder than that's not how we show we like each other. she reminds the desk clerk that whether they know it or not they're in a position of influence and while it may have seemed like a harmless way to lighten the mood, she writes, do not tell my four-year-old who needs stitches from a boy at school hitting her, "i bet he likes
4:44 pm
you." no. merit's post by the way has been shared close to 35,000 times. and we couldn't love this more today. it's where fate and faith meet. two sisters orphaned and separated in south korea reunited nearly 40 years later in sarasota, florida. all because they just knew their connection was dear than the strong bond they shared as friends. the story how their father died how they became to be adopted by american families, one up in new york, one down in virginia but it ends or shall we say begins when megan hughes and holly hill o'brien both got a job working on the same floor at doctors hospital of sarasota. holly the older one had been looking for her little sister since she was orphaned at the age of five. megan never knowing her life story only knowing the last name that they shared, shin, both finally getting some closure.
4:45 pm
emotion running high when a dna test confirms that, yes, they're sisters. both choosing the exact same profession in healthcare, both ending up in sarasota and now back together happy and cheerfully and there's a beautiful video, i posted it on my facebook page. you have to see it. bring tissues. it's so special. >> i love to see the cheer joy on their faces. >> unbelievable story. >> coincidence. >> alicia thanks very much. let's get another check on the roads. >> let's check in with autumn marisa in for matt pelman. how is it looking. >> hi, sharrie and brian. no breaks on this columbus day. bucks county route one northbound we have an accident out there at route 213 which is maple avenue. you can see they're taking the vehicle away on a flatbed truck right now. we did see someone removed from the vehicle on a stretcher and put into an ambulance and you can also see we've got a really close look at the vehicle and there the air bags were deployed so once that clears out of there we expect that delay to nim anybody. taking a look at speeds across the region, we are in the
4:46 pm
teens and the 10 miles per hour you can see on the schuylkill expressway in the eastbound lanes. we do have an accident there on the schuylkill around gulph mills. it has been cleared to the side. very slow go on those northbound lanes of the blue route from 95 up through media swarthmore so we're seeing the typical monday afternoon commute right now. few incidents, this is the one we were speaking about eastbound that has been moved off to the side at gulph mills but again slowing you down there as you approach the blue route and taking a look in franklin township, route 47 and pennsylvania avenue we have an accident to report there. and one more for you in lower merion township, route one and hollingsworth road so keep that in mind. and taking a look on 95, this is northbound right around ridley park. we had an earlier accident on the platt bridge on those eastbound lanes. that's been cleared but we have an event at the sports complex tonight and rush hour so we're seeing that backup on 95 northbound. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the 5 o'clock hour. back to you sharrie and brian. >> autumn thank you. we've got breaking news now we want to show you.
4:47 pm
chopper 6hd over the scene of an accident, this, too, in langhorne bucks county. we're being told that fire rescue crews are on the scene of this accident. it actually involves a fire vehicle is what we're being told. taking a look at the live picture here, those officials on the ground don't seem to be in a hurry or in a rush at this point but we do see firefighter there is on the scene, a very active scene at this point. it seems to be as belle that traffic i --well that traffic ia has come to a stand style. this is south pine street in langhorne. >> not clear which of those cars was involved in the accident but we did observe from chopper six flying over the scene that there is a fire truck parked nearby. it is the belief right now that that fire truck or a part of that truck apparatus on board was somehow involved in this. not clear if the truck was responding to a -- an incident at the time but of course we are monitoring this situation live in langhorne bucks
4:48 pm
county. we'll bring you the latest as we learn more right after this. >> ♪
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> ♪ >> all right, meteorologist cecily tynan joining us now. we were just talking during the break how perfect it was this weekend. can we stretch it out into one more day. >> it was so nice. my children had soccer tournaments and we pretty much spent the whole weekend outside. went home, went fishing. i think they're doing that today. enjoy it. how could you not. let's go to where the action cam was today, taking a look behind the philadelphia museum of art. the gazebo. this is why people wanted to get outside this weekend and today the blue skies, the sunshine very comfortable and storm tracker6 live double scan also taking a holiday. very quiet conditions out there showing no rain but with the clear skies overnight we had some pretty good radiational cooling so it was chilly this morning.
4:51 pm
quakertown dropping down to 39 degrees. pottstown 40. mount holly 42. wilmington 45. philadelphia not quite that cool, down to a low of 51 degrees. and tonight will not be quite as chilly with some clouds rolling in overnight. right now, though, we've got plenty of sunshine and temperatures on the warm side. 76 degrees in philadelphia, the same in allentown. trenton 75. reading 75. millville 70, wilmington 73. little bit cool oater beaches, currently sea isle city 66 degrees. this is our next weather maker. you see this comma shape. that's a strong cold front but most of the energy from the system will head up to the north so we'll be dealing with some clouds and some showers as we head through the day tomorrow and tonight partly cloudy skies, some patchy fog developing. again, with the clouds and winds out of the south, not as cool as last night. the cooler suburbs down to 50 degrees. philadelphia down to 58. as we head through the day tomorrow, it's going to be warm ahead of this cold front with a high of 74 degrees.
4:52 pm
spotty showers, a few in the morning, a few more in the afternoon. lots of clouds but still some peeks of sunshine and then behind this system, high pressure builds in. wednesday mixture of clouds and sunshine, breezy and temperatures seasonably cool with a high of 67 degrees. so, future tracker timing out the showers tomorrow. again, not talking about widespread heavy rain. 11 o'clock plenty of clouds. couple of showers mainly across the lehigh valley. ahead of that cold front this is when we'll get a broken line of some more intense showers around the dinnertime hour. 6:30 crossing the i-95 corridor heading off shore by 8 o'clock and then the winds really gusting behind this front in the evening, 25 to 35 miles per hour. you will hear the winds howling tomorrow night. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, going to be warm ahead of the front tomorrow. some clouds and some spotty showers a-few in the morning, a few more in the afternoon and evening. 74 degrees a high. wednesday feeling like fall again. 67 degrees with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. breezy conditions. thursday looking beautiful.
4:53 pm
mostly sunny, 65. and then on friday, our next cold front moves in. that will bring us more clouds with, again, a few showers, 64 degrees. and behind that that front we have the coolest air so far of the season. afternoon highs not getting out of the 50's so heading to the temple game you definitely want to bundle up. 59 degrees. sunday 56. monday 59. overnight lows in philadelphia dropping down to 38 degrees on sunday and the low 30's in some of the suburbs. so, i wouldn't be surprised if we're talking about frost and freeze potential this weekend. >> what? >> 75 degrees, get out and enjoy it. after the news. >> all right, cecily thanks. what's the deal is coming up next. >> ♪
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> i'm not going to be one of those people who remind you how many days until christmas. all right, 73.
4:56 pm
sorry. while columbus deals rarely trump black friday in you like to shop ahead and not procrastinate then there are great deals to scoop up this week. some of them today only like this one right now. everything, every single thing is 50 percent off at carters and oshkosh both online and in stores. great deal for parents especially if you're scooping up the fall wardrobe. as we move into boot season shoe deals are not right now. you can get 25 to 90 percent off on sites like last call by freeman marcus and 6:00 macy's has some great deals right now including an extra 20 percent off your purchase including sale prices. and also right now, 50 percent off one regular priced item at michaels happening today only as well. also, a brands new boutique called sert is opening this beak in rittenhouse. they have a location in bryn mawr. they're opening on 17th wean walnut and locust. there's an open house this thursday night at 5:30. you get a free 18 karat gold
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necklace with purchase and you get a chance to check out one of our brand new storm. and right now here in the city it's our city's premiere fashion events the philadelphia collection. there are a lot of gifts with purchase and we'll get all those details for you on our web site, brian and sharrie. >> all good stuff. alicia, thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, cecily tynan and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. :on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley 's leading news program with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> a man was struck by a vehicle on a busy road in atlantic city. and the search continues tonight for the driver. the victim was found unconscious on the side of the road and he remains in the hospital. it is monday night, monica malpass is off, sharrie williams is joining us and the big story on "action news" is the hit and run that badly injured a man from pleasantville. >> investigators say it's possible the driver may not have known that they hit someone. let's go live now to new jersey correspondent nora
5:00 pm
muchanic live along route 30 where this all happened. nora. >> reporter: sharrie, rick, that's what police are telling us and why they want the driver to come forward. it was dark out at the time. the victim was dressed all in black and hopping that median in traffic when he was hit. it was crossing route 30 like this, hopping over the concrete median that landed a pleasantville man in the hospital and police looking for the driver who hit him. >> we do not have any information on the vehicle involved or the driver. it's a possibility that the driver didn't even know that they struck this person. >> reporter: it happened around 10:30 saturday night in the 1400 block of route 30 west right across from the humane society. a man later identified as 35-year-old juan melton was found lying in the road unconscious. >> it wasn't a full frontal impact. so, t


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