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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and wingohocking in logan. "action news" reporter vernon odom is lie at police headquarters with the full story. vernon. >> reporter: jim, tonight police are hot on the trail of the other three suspects. pedro redding has confessed police sources tell me and he has an extensive rap sheet for narcotics aggravated assault robbery and weapons violations. tonight police have charged 24-year-old pedro redding with murder and robbery in the case of keisha jenkins, a prostitute who was killed last week at 13th and wingohocking in the wee hours of the morning allegedly by foremen who brutally beat herring, then according to police one of them shot her twice in the back. police do in the below redding allegedly part of a known gang of robbers in that area was the trigger man. they say he's now cooperating with police. >> he's helping us out and as a result of some of the things that he's saying to us we should be able to mailcar owe an arrest shortly. police say jenkins was a transgender prostitute known
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to generate cash in this town. that's why police say she was targeted not necessarily because she was transgender. police say redding was that charged in 2013 with robbing another transgender prostitute but the charges were dropped when the victim did not show up for court. closely monitoring this case and today's developments city hall's director of lgbt affairs. >> we have to work as a society. we have to stand up with and stand up for our transgender individuals in our country. this is happening coast to coast. this type of violence is not acceptable. >> reporter: jim, police say tip calls led to yesterday morning's arrest of pedro red redding. live at police headquarters in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. the driver of a motorcycle is dead after a collision with a farm tractor in delaware. police say the bike struck the tractor in the 600 block of taylor's bridge road in townsend at 3:20 this afternoon. the biker died at the scene.
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the accident caused the tractor to catch fire. the driver of that vehicle suffered severe burns and was flown to christiana hospital in critical condition. state senator pat browne has pleaded not guilty to drunk driving charges. an attorney entered the plea on behalf of the lehigh valley lawmaker this morning. browne is charged in connection with a motorcycle accident in may. investigators say his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when he lost control of his bike on the off ramp to i-78. browne broke his foot, cracked his ribs and punctured a lung in the crash. he previously had his license suspended for drunk driving crashes in 1995 and 1999. browne's next court appearance is scheduled for november 2nd. a freshman football player from albright college in reading, pennsylvania, is behind bars tonight after allegedly stabbing a teammate in the ribs with a corkscrew. live at albright tonight is
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"action news" reporter walter perez. walter, what do police say sparked this stabbing? >> reporter: well, jim, police are still sorting out the details in this case but we're told it amounts to a pair of college athletes challenging each each other's manhood and things got heated. tonight one is in the hospital, the other stands accused of attempted murder. five months ago marcus stewart graduated from freedom high school in bethlehem wrapping up a standout football career with the patriots. the 18-year-old was just starting what was shaping up to be a promising football career at albright college in reading but tonight he's behind bars, accused of trying to murder one of his teammates. we spoke with albright students who simply cannot believe what happened this weekend. >> i didn't expect this kind of thing happening here. >> scary. so many incidents have been happening on college campuses lately. there's better ways to work things out than to stab. address thousand communicate better maybe. >> reporter: police say it started saturday night when stewart and a fellow freshman football player got into a
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fight during an off campus party. the fight was broken up and the two walked away. a few hours passed and around 2 o'clock sunday morning they crossed paths again inside an on campus dormitory. that's when investigators say stewart grabbed a corkscrew and started stabbing the 18-year-old victim. >> it appears he was stabbed multiple times, serious enough obviously that required medical attention immediately. at this point the victim is stable and recovering. >> reporter: stewart now faces serious charges including attempted homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. school officials say the goal now is to return this quiet campus to a sense of normalcy. >> we've been in touch with the families. we've offered counseling services to students who may be upset by what they've heard. and we're just going to try and come together to and heal as a community together and move forward. >> reporter: the victim from new castle county delaware suffered serious stab wounds to his rib cage but we're told he is expected to fully recover. stewart meanwhile is being
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held on $400,000 bail. reporting live from reading, walter perez, channel6 "action news": jim. >> thank you, walter. students at montgomery county community college were evacuated this afternoon after a construction crew is it struck a gas line. college officials evacuated the fine arts center just before 3 o'clock. crews hit the line in the 300 block of dekalb pike in blue bell. peco responded, turned off the gas. the college will have to make repairs before gas service can be restored. >> ♪ one day before the first democratic party presidential debate, the political world is waiting to hear if vice president joe biden intend to run for president. "action news" reporter john rawlins is camped out outside the biden home in greenville, delaware. john, fare to say that nobody is more eager to find out than one hillary clinton? >> reporter: i think that's very fair to say. entry by mr. biden would change the landscape no doubt
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about it. fair to say that when all this will he run or won't he run heated up in early august the thinking was we would have a decision by now: >> everyone wants to know -- >> get out of my way, will you. >> reporter: a smiling vice president playfully rebuffing a reporter this weekend. the question will biden run for the white house. the vice president just visiting events where his grandchildren were participating. crews remain encamped across from the biden home awaiting a decision and in las vegas a plastic wrapped podium was on stand by should biden break his silence and join the democratic debate tomorrow night. many fans of the plane spoken 72-year-old wished he would run but understand if he doesn't. >> if joe biden should he run to me is no and i think of it more from a personal standpoint. i just don't know they has the emotional stamina any more to put up with what a president has to put up with. >> reporter: all through this process biden signaled he's not sure if he has the
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stuff to mount a bid in the wake of the death of his son, beau earlier this year. former cnn reporter expects there's more to the no go. hillary clinton's poll numbers. earlier this year she has been faltering. she still has problems but remains the frontrunner. >> if hillary clinton had fallen apart as a candidate in the spring or over the summer, i think joe biden could have stepped in, taken over the mantle as the democratic frontrunner quite easily. i think if this supporters of mrs. clinton's would have flocked to biden. at this point the clinton campaign has not imploded. >> reporter: so, we wait for the biden camp to make a decision and to announce it. if it is yes, he is going get into the campaign, the consensus is he's going have to work fast to example in fact to raise the kind of big money he's going the need and assemble the team he needs to make a viable shot at trying to get the nomination from the
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democratic party. live in greenville, john rawlins channel6 "action news. >> thank you, john. camden officials say the city has been denied a $30 million federal grants for revitalization projects. the news comes two months after mayor dana redd and u.s. senator robert menendez toured the mount ephraim neighborhood to talk about the city's plans for that money. camden was a finalist for the money from the u.s. department of housing and urban development but it lost out to atlanta, kansas city, milwaukee and santonio. camden officials plan to reapply next year. a professor of economics and international affairs at princeton is this year's winner of the nobel prize for economics. angus deaton received the prize for his work on consumption, poverty and welfare. the royal swedish academy of sciences says deaton's research is greatly influenced both practical and policy making and the scientific communities. the 69-year-old says he
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was surprised to get the phone call this morning. >> i've known for some time it was a possibility. i never thought it was a very likely event especially not in any given year. so, i was not lying in bed at 6 o'clock this morning thinking, ooh, that phone call should come in the next however long. [laughter] so that's not what happened but i was awake, so, you know, i didn't have to pinch myself awake. (applause). >> nobel prize winner with a sense of humor. deaton becomes the fourth princeton faculty member to receive the nobody bell prize in economics in the last two decades. coming up on "action news" tonight atlantic city police are searching for clues to track down the driver who struck a man this weekend. jaime apody is live in south philadelphia for the flyers home opener tonight. jamie. >> jim, they're flyered up at the wells fargo center. it's been a long time since we've had hockey back in south philadelphia. a goalie change tonight. i'll tell was that's all about coming up.
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cecily. >> and jamie, what a gorgeous day. it's looking like fall in the poconos on this warm fall day. it's going to start feeling like fall as well. i'm tracking much cooler air on the way as well as some showers in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> atlantic city police have a case of hit and run on their hands tonight and law men are asking any witnesses to come forward. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the story. >> no i.d. on him at that time. all dark clothing. >> reporter: atlantic city police are looking for the hit and run driver who clipped a
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man saturday night on route 30. it happened about 10:30 directly across from the humane society when a man was crossing the concrete divider on foot. the victim was found in the road unconscious and later identified as 35-year-old juan melton of pleasantville. >> if anybody was in the area or behind the motor vehicle that could have clipped the pedestrian, to come forward to our office. >> reporter: crash investigator patrolman david triver says it's possible the driver didn't realize what happened. >> possibility that the driver didn't even know that they struck this person because the type of injuries he received was of like a sideswipe, not a full directional impact. >> reporter: melton suffered a broken arm and is in stable condition at atlantic city medical center. locals say it's no surprise that someone has been hit here again. that's because residents who live in the neighborhood surround here frequently hop that concrete median to get to the convenience store on the other side.
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>> they all would cross that highway, you know, and it's dangerous because see that pole right there, one kid got killed last year. >> if there's a lot of traffic i just stands there until it dies down, it could rain, it could be snow showers i'm going to stay. >> reporter: cameras at the humane society were not pointing directly at the crash site so now police are asking the drivers or anyone who may have seen the hit and run to call them immediately. in atlantic city, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> in philadelphia we have very good news for classical music lovers. word has come that the philadelphia orchestra, that the season will continue without interruption because the musicians have accepted the outlines of a one year contract. the agreement gives the orchestra members a 3 percent pay increase and it restores one full-time musician to the orchestra next year but the despite the new deal philadelphia's musician will still be paid substantially less than their counterparts in new york, boston and
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chicago. >> ♪
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>> flyers bringing it on home tonight. >> after a tough start to the season, jim, after two losses on the road to open the season flyers are in town for the home opener against florida. but there is an unexpected change in net tonight. our jaime apody is live at the wells fargo center. >> two days after the worst outing of his flyers career steve mason is out of the lineup with what the team is calling a personal family matter. gm ron hextall basically begged the media this morning to respect mason's privacy and so he is out and in is michael neuvirth in goal tonight. he'll get the start. he got in the game saturday after mason was benched in their seven to wontless florida. tonight a chance to get revenge on that same team. it's not the way they wanted to start the season two games, two losses. after all slow starts is what keeps getting coaches fired.
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>> it's an important game for us obviously like every other one but it's always something special the first game of the season at home in front of the fans. it's pretty electric. >> you guys talked all off season about avoiding the slow start and here your again winless after two games. that's got to be frustrating. >> we got 1.69 last year we didn't have a point until four games. that's a little positiveness in the first two games but like i said it's only two games. >> as you can see the crowd flyered up tonight. they can't wait to have hockey back in south philadelphia tonight. they're waving their rally towels, wearing their orange. it's been a long time. no playoffs since hockey was here in south philadelphia. we're excited they're back and we're hoping this hometown crowd can bring them a win. live at the wells fargo center with the flyers getting trod take on florida. jaime apody channel6 "action news." ducis. >> keep waving it jamie. thank you so much. all is right with the eagles. all right, that's probably going a bit too far but a win
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is a win and this team desperately need one. sam bradford was a little dr. jeck kill mr. hide in yesterday's win over the saint patrick's. he threw first half interceptions in the end zone but he was near perfect in the second half chip was asked if there's a way he can get his qb going earlier. >> see if we can get a scrimmage going before a double-header. elder be great in a double hedger that would be awesome. >> that's a good suggestion. i don't know. we'll talk to him a little bit about it but i think what he needs to see some things and kind of seems like he get settled he's one of those guys he gets hit he feels a little bit better. >> eli manning and the giants puddles a rabbit out of the hat last night trailing the '9ers. found donell for the game winning touchdown. giants won by three. in doing so they've taken sole possession of first place in the division at three and two. so eagles and giants meet
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in a showdown next monday night at the linc. we are teaming unwith our friends over at phl17 to bring you the game first at 8:00 our pregame special. the game immediately follows at 8:30. to baseball chase sit not in the dodgers starting lineup for tonight's game three against the mets but he is eligible to play. utley is appealing his two game suspension for this aggressive slide in game two saturday. until that appeal is heard, he can still play. there's no word yet when the appeal will be held but it won't be today. the former philly put out a statement today and it reads "the players association and my agent are handling the appeal process. i have nothing to say other than to reiterate i feel terrible about reuben's injury. he broke the short stop's leg on that play. now my teammates and i are focused on game three and doing everything we can to win the series. that's utley's statement. we shall see if the mets make a statement if he gets an at baton night. >> we should acknowledge the fact that you called a eagles win on friday.
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>> i did, thank you for patting me on the back. don't ever ask again. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a minute.
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>> g oing feel down right cold here in just a few. >> by weekend you'll need the sweater. today was nice. actually gorgeous. actually the whole weekend. still nice out there. storm tracker6 showing we don't have any rain at all. actually really no clouds upstairs at all today. the action cam taking a look, this is just a great shot by the art museum with the amore statue and i think most people really love this weather with
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the blue skies and the sunshine and the comfortable temperatures this afternoon. definitely on the cool side this morning with some areas down into the upper 30's but all weekend long temperatures have been climbing. saturday little bit chilly, 66 degrees. yesterday up to 70 and today 76 degrees. that's 8 degrees above normal. and even now still pretty comfortable. philadelphia 71 degrees. trenton 70. allentown sitting at 73. reading 70. millville 67. cooler beach with the wind off the ocean. sea isle 65. wilmington 68. action radar showing this is the system that will bring us changes tomorrow. it's a cold front and ahead of it we have a lot of cloud cover. not a lot of moisture with it and it's pretty limited with moisture but what this will do is bring us some clouds in the overnight hours, partly cloudy and with winds out of the south, won't be nearly as cool as last night. 58 degrees in philadelphia, allentown 50, millville 54, wilmington 55 and cape ma
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may 59 degrees. a little bit of patchy fog also possible late tonight. future tracker showing what a difference the day makes. instead of the blue skies and sunshine tomorrow we'll be dealing with a lot of clouds. at 11 o'clock few showers possible northern lehigh valley and the poconos. really the main event will be late in the afternoon and the evening when we get a broken line of heavier showers moving through, maybe even an embedded thunderstorms around 6 o'clock. 8 o'clock or 7:30 moving off shore and behind it, you will feel and you will hear the winds, wind gusts future tracker showing 8 o'clock tomorrow night anywhere from about 20 to 35 miles per hour and what these winds will do is pull down cooler temperatures for the middle of the week with temperatures in the 60's. the real cooldown next weekend. so, tomorrow still warm ahead of this front, 74 degrees. lots of clouds with a few showers. behind this front on wednesday, high pressure building in, breezy with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and temperatures really back to around where they should be for this time of the year with a high of 67 degrees. the temperatures will really
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be stepping down as we head through the week. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, another warm day tomorrow. lots of clouds with a few showers. a high of 74 degrees. we dry things out on wednesday. some sunshine, breezy, seasonable, 67 degrees. on thursday, mostly sunny and cooler with a high of 65. and friday, this is when we get another cold front and this one will pack a punch. lots of clouds and again some showers, 64 degrees. but look at what happens behind the front. the coolest air so far of the season on saturday. if you're heading to their temple football game, bundle up. the high 59 degrees. it will feel cooler with the winds. on sunday, some sunshine mixing with clouds. even little bit colder, 56 degrees and monday sun mixing with clouds with a high of 59 degrees. and overnight lows in the 30's. this weekend could be dealing with a frost and freeze. big changes. it's fall it happens. >> thank you cecily. we can't avoid it.
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hundreds of young people mark columbus day by taking part in a holiday tradition. football. philadelphia students enjoyed their day off from school by playing flag football in fairmount park. the tournament was hosted by the police athletic league. it's part of their program that teaches team building skills and the importance of exercise. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. and then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. ññ
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breaking news tonight. the third air scare in 24 hours. images coming in now. the delta jet, passengers going down slides. alarms over a possible fire in the cargo hold. smoke in the cockpit. the showdown in vegas. behind closed doors, hillary clinton on the eve the big debate. is joe biden ready to jump in? what we've learned. and donald trump with his own prediction late today about this debate. the growing outrage after this moment. the city councilor tasered by police. accused of resisting arrest. he's speaking out tonight. did police go too far? the lotto scam. authorities say these surv


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