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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and philadelphia's mayoral candidates debate the issues tonight. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. this was the scene tonight on north 10th street in north philadelphia. gunfire brought down a 14-year-old boy, and he is now fighting for his life. it is monday night, and the big
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story on "action news" tonight is still unfolding at this hour. police are trying to track down a group of juveniles while doctors try to save the victim's life. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live on the 1200 block of north 10th street. chad, what is the story there? >> jim, right now the police have very limited information of the crime scene here was cleared about 15 minutes ago. this was the scene about an hour ago as investigators combed through the area here at 10th and thompson looking for any sort of evidence or clues left behind in this shooting. they went door-to-door looking for potential witnesses. police tell me shortly after 8:00 this evening they received reports of gunfire here. they responded. police found a 14-year-old male lying in the roadway unconscious with a single gunshot wound over the left eye. they picked him up and took him by cruiser to hahnemann hospital. the police said while taking him there a gun fell out of his
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clothing. >> now when the officers looked at the gun without touching it as part of the crime scene it appears that it is possibly a bb gun. right now we have no witnesses and we have no motive. we just have several individuals that said they heard one loud gunshot. >> and we don't know much about the victim. i'm told by police that he does live in the area. he goes to school in the area. which school was not disclosed. that's all the information we received about the victim. again, at last check he was in extremely critical condition at hahnemann hospital. the police have no witnesses, nor suspects. live in north philadelphia, chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, chad. tonight philadelphia police have one man in custody for the murder of 22-year-old kiesha jenkins. the transgender female was robbed and murdered last week in logan. police have now arrested 23-year-old pedro redding. but they say he wasn't the
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trigger man, and three suspects remain at large. live at police headquarters is kerrigcar dann. >> and they know who the three are and prefer they turn themselves in without incident, otherwise it is a matter of time before they catch up to him. the police say pedro redding arrested following a tip confessed to his part in the robbery and murder of kiesha jenkins. >> it is not a hate crime at all. it is a sad and senseless murder but not a hate crime, nothing to her being transgender. >> and they said that kiesha jenkins was known to carry a lot of cash and why she was attacked. and she was brutally punched and kicked before one shot her. >> and my understanding she did
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fight back, but you are talking four on one and she gave a valiant fight and why one pulled out a gun and shot her. >> and charged with robbing another transgender but they were dropped. and closely monitoring the case and the latest development is the city's director of lgbt affairs. >> we have to work as a society to stand up for and with transgender people in our country. this is happening coast-to-coast and this type of violence is not acceptable. >> now police say redding hats an extensive rap sheet. even though the police do not believe he is the triggerman, he has been charged with murder, robbery and related offenses in connection with his part in the case. live at police headquarters, dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." the police are investigating a shooting sending a man to the hospital. gunfire in the 400 block in
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yeadon shortly before 7:00. the victim hit in the mid-section. at this hour, the police have no suspects nor a motive. and the atlantic city police looking for a driver who hit a man and knocked him unconscious of the victim, 35-year-old ron melton in stable condition with a broken arm. they say that he jump over this concrete median in the 1400 block of route 30 west and was hit. it happened saturday night at 10:30. he was wearing all black at the time and the police say the driver may not even know he or she hit milton. in townsend, delaware one man dead another in critical condition with burns over much of his body. a motorcycle and a farm tractor collided at 3:19 this afternoon. the tractor-trailer burst into flames and the elderly man was flown to the hospital. and the motorcyclist was dead at the scene.
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the police are still investigating. a man robbed a burger king in the port richmond section an hour ago. and over the restaurant at castor avenue, the man implied he had a gun and grabbed the entire cash register running to a nearby car. he made his getaway, and fortunately nobody was hurt. ♪ on it the night before the first democratic party presidential debate we are waiting to find out if vice-president joe biden intends to enter the race. this was the vice-president attending a sport e eeg -- sporting event for one of his grandchildren. spending the time meeting with family and advisors. and cnn has a podium with the vice-president's name on it in las vegas in case he decides to make an announcement tomorrow. front and center at the debate will be front-runner
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hillary clinton. to her right, the senator bernie sanders who keeps inching up in the poles and jim webb to her left martin o'malley and it is a high-stakes showdown and opportunity for clinton's rivals to go after her on things like emails hurting her in the polls. and the debate between candidates for mayor, and outside of city hall is annie mccormick. what were the main topics of discussion tonight? >> jim, the usually topics tonight, jobs, education and also questions about community and police relations. the crowd at the debate was mostly young people because of the organization sponsoring it. and the candidates fielded questions from the moderator.
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the hour-long debate. at the forefront was education funding and the candidates were greeted by the philadelphia federal ration of teachers. >> universal pre-k, we are working on an plan for input from various sources to make sure we get it off the ground snoofrment >> we need to stop working on things that are not our priority. >> and the expand of the philadelphia court, and bailey wants companies to headquarter here. >> bringing manufacturing jobs that can leverage on liquid natural gas. >> and the waterfront, to grow the jobs that play for families. >> and community relations and stop and frisk. >> stop and frisk is a policy,
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an officer always has the ability to stop and frisk somebody if they believe they have a weapon. >> and i believe we need to reform the way we do the stop and frisk in the city so constitutional rights are protected. >> and there is still more debates to come. in the city of philadelphia, democrats outnumber republicans 6 to 1. both candidates say they are happy to debate as many times as they can. reporting live, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." and senator pat brown says he is not guilty of drunk driving. his attorney entered a plea on his behalf. in may he was involved in a motorcycle accident and they say he was drunk when he lost control of his bike. he broke his foot, cracked ribs and
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and taken into custody after a dead 9-point duck was on his front porch. they say he killed it by using a crossbow on private property. in addition to a fine, his hunting privileges revoked for three years. the musicians of the philadelphia orchestra agreed on a one-year contract. that doesn't mean they have to be happy about it and they are not. because it is just a year and there are other issues. the orchestra is still feeling the pain of bankruptcy in 2011. even if the music is magnificent, the contract causing sour notes. a 3% weekly pay rise, but they are still far behind cohorts in chicago and new york. and lucy the elephant will not get a makeover courtesy of peta. the animal rights organization offered to pay $2,000 towards a $58,000 restoration project that the elephant needs.
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in return, peta wanted to decorate her with a shackle on one foot and a teardrop below the eye to raise awareness of the plight of circus elephants. they turned down the offer wanting lucy to be a happy place for children while they are at the jersey shore. a princeton university professor received a call this morning that changed his life. angus deaton won the nobel prize in economics. his work changed how people understand poverty. that according to the nobel people. the honor also comes with a $975,000 prize from the royal swedish academy of sciences. the fourth princeton faculty member to receive the nobel prize in economics in the last two decades. still to come on "action news" tonight, a big announcement for model teagan and her musical husband, john legend. and the second time in
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months, a texas police station under investigation, and tonight we are hearing from the city docouncilman saying he is taser in his front yard. and the fate of the minnesota dentist shooting and killing a beloved lion. and i am tracking crowds and showers on the way by the coolest air of the season. the details in the accuweather forecast. and the flyers hit the ice for the home opener and are living up to the spirit of that broad street. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪
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southwest airlines says the operations are back to normal tonight. passengers no longer have to arrive two hours early. on sunday, a software problem messed up the airlines website, mobile app, computers and reservation centers. 500 flights were canceled, hundreds more delayed. the problem has been fixed. there is no indication that hackers were to blame. classes resume at the
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community college in roseberg, oregon ten days after a mass shooting. governor kate brown greeted students today. also heavy security on campus. 10 people, including the gunman died in the shooting and nine others insured. and theable where the shooting took place remains closed. a city councilman in texas facing charges after tasered by a place. the same town where a woman was arrested and hanging in her jail cell over the summer. >> put your hands up. he is going to have to taze you. you are not doing what you are supposed to. >> beginning with 26-year-old jonathan miller asking officers why three of his friends were questioned in his front yard. the video shows tensions escalating quickly. miller was tasered from behind. he spoke to a houston station after he was released from jail. >> it went from weome
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questions to -- >> the police insist it was a clear case of resisting arrest. the female officer scene at the video was at the scene when sandra bland was arrested at a traffic stop and she was later found dead hanging in her cell. and the officers in the latest case are still on the job but it is under investigation. the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion will not be prosecuting. they say he had the necessary papers over the hunt. the cry on social media over the designate was swift and brutal and palmer had to temporarily shutdown his practice and his family received death threats. south carolina is moving into recovery mode now after historic rainfall across the state. assess many teams are spanning out to determine exactly how much the floods damaged the landscape. and today crews were able to
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reopen parts of i-95 that had been shutdown for eight days. officials say it could take up to a month for the roads and streets to dry out. "healthcheck," new research shows one element of a doctor's check up you cannot ignore. they say that high blood pressure is un of the easiest conditions to screen. and it can have a huge impact on your health. affect things like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. the u.s. preventive task force says everybody over 18 should be screened every five years, and a new guideline today if you are over 40 you should be screened for high blood pressure at least once a year. it was a night of friend and fashion, and it was all for a good cause. tonight was the springfield country club's 17th annual girls night out. the event raises money to benefit women who are battling cancer and look who is here, cecily tynan taking a break from
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forecasting to enjoy her walk. you didn't seem to be having a good time or anything. >> it is so much fun. i have done it seven years in a row and they actually have some professional models who absolute beautifully and i can't do that, so i just dance. >> and you do that beautifully. >> i don't know about that, but it is a great cause. last year $62,000 raised and hopefully this year more. i will be back next year. a great event. great weather. and double scan showing a rain-free night and virtually cloud free as well. the action cam looking at the center city skyline, which is aglow in pink since october is breast cancer awareness month. and clouds will be rolling in through the overnight hours, but we had three days in a row of bright sunshine for the holiday weekend. the holiday for a lot of people today. and the temperatures really
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warming up. saturday 66, yesterday 70. today 76 degrees. that's 8 degrees above normal. and the average high for september 21st. it is starting though to feel more like fall as we head through the week. currently philadelphia 62 degrees. allentown 55. millville 54. trenton 58. wilmington 60 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar, this is the system that will be pulling in tomorrow. it's a cold front, and with it not a lot of moisture, but a lot of clouds. and with it the clouds rolling in overnight, tomorrow morning will not be nearly as chilly as this morning. a lot of areas in the 40s this morning. and tomorrow for the school bus, 58 degrees at 6:00, 8:00, 60 degrees. some sunshine mixing with clouds and also patchy fog. heading through the days the clouds will be thickening and we will have a few opportunities for showers. around 10:30 mainly showers missing us to the north and west. around 5:00, a scattering of
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spotty showers. not widespread heavy rain, moving out quickly. by 10:00 once the front slips through, really the bigger impact is the winds. when the front moves off the coast, by 9:30 looking at wind gusts about 20-30 miles per hour. and this wind will be delivering in cooler air tomorrow a mid day, 74 degrees. not bright blue skies like today, clouds and a few spotty showers. wednesday behind the front is breezy as the high pressure builds in. mixture of clouds and sunshine, seasonably cool. and another front on friday, this has unseasonably cold weather for the weekend. so really stepping down heading through the week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow warm again but clouds with spotty showers. 74 degrees. wednesday, some sunshine, breezy. seasonably cool, 67 degrees. thursday a lot of sunshine cool side, 65. friday is when the next front
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rolls through. like tomorrow, we have clouds with a few showers. not a wash-out. 64 degrees. but here comes that chilly air mass in time for the weekend. on saturday if your heading to the temple football game, bundle up. 59 degrees, and feeling cooler than that thanks to the wind. sunday the high only 56 degrees. monday, sun and clouds, eagles' monday night football will be on theyy -- chilly side. and the weekend dropping down into the 30s. we can have a frost. musician john legend and his wife, chrissy teigen who is one of the cohosts on the abc show "fab life" are having a baby. and she is open about her
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what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. home opener for the flyers, the first win of the season. >>the first two games of the season did not go according to plan for them of the tonight could have been a recipe for disaster. flyers were dumped by the same panthers 7-1 saturday, and they play tonight without the top goalie, steve mason but none of that matters. the back up goalie michal neuvirth with the start, and mason away from the team dealing with family issue. less than six minutes into the game, flyers on the rush and
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brayden schenn. the second goal of the season, 1-0 flyers. to describe the scene as chippy would not quite paint an accurate picture. a lot of what we call extracurricularivities. and the big story is neuvirth making the story with the first start with the team. the shut-out and the flyers with thes first victory of the year, 1-0. >> i was feeling good the whole day and the guys did an outstanding job, so many blocked shots. you know, a great team effort. the fans were awesome, and they are one every time big factors that we won tonight. and the eagles, just one game but 2-3 sounds a whole lot better than 1-4. sam bradford and the birds destroyed the new orleans saints. and bradford sta shaky in the ft half but almost perfect in the
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second half. and slow start, chip kelly asked if he can get it going sooner. >> and maybe play a game before, a scrimmage before, a double-header. that would be great, a double-header, a good suggestion. i think we will talk to him but it seems he gets settled. he is one of the guys that he gets hit, he feels a little better. >> the eagles a game behind the first-place giants and the two teams meet in a showdown next monday night at the link. we are teaming up to bring you the game. the pregame special live from the link, and the game immediately follows at 8:30. ahead, the sixers face the nix short-handed. and a twist to the chase utley situation and the details are ahead.
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espn reporting that chase utley was offered a one-game suspension, he turned it down and was subsequently hit with a two-game suspension. it all stems from the hard slide in game two of the dodgers at the met. and ruben tejada left with a broken leg. and utley allowed to play until his appeal is ruled upon. and the former phillie issued this statement. the players' association and my agent are handling the appeal process. i feel terrible about ruben's injury. and we are trying to do everything we can to win the situation. and the mets lead 10-7 in the'8" and utley has not enyeared.
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and tied at 2-2 in the fifth, and the 2-run shot and the cubs six hom homers. and the next batter up rizzo another one. and only the preseason but the sixers are banged up. both big men, noel and okafor sit against the nicks. okafor with soreness in the knee. and anthony 18 points. and the sixers fall to 2-2, 94-88 and that's a look at sports. >> thank you. dozens of people gathered to create a mural showing how deportation affect the those in philadelphia. and infront of the customs enforcement building writing out we human buildings risking lives for our family and our futures. and written by a woman held at a
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detention center before being deported. and "jimmy kimmel live," his guests tonight are kristen dunst, nathan fielder and music from purity ring. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kirsten dunst -- from comedy central, nathan fielder -- and music from purity ring with cleto and the cletones. and now, fear not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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