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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> we are following a developing story on this tuesday, october 13th. >> a trio of robbers may have left behind key evidence after a violent home invasion overnight. >> two firefighters in missouri rescued people from a burning building and then die when the structure collapses. >> a uniformed officer says he was kicked out of an olive garden restaurant for carrying a gun. now the restaurant chain is responding. >> good morning. good to see all of you. it is 4:30 on this tuesday. let's turn to dave murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. >> we are off to another somewhat cool start. not quite as cool as
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yesterday. also you can see there's a little more cloud cover in play. especially to the western half of the region will see sunnilily. towards the east some sun trying to poke through the clouds but a little cloudier overall and eventually showers start to move in probably a little later this morning. as we take a look at temperatures, 61 degrees right now in philadelphia. 50 degrees in allentown. 52 in mount pocono. 55 degrees in trenton. 59 in millville. 65 in sea isle city. so, a little bit milder than it was this time yesterday when we were in the 40's in many suburbs. winds are still light, calm in fact in philadelphia right now, about 7 miles per hour breeze coming in off the ocean in sea isle city. as you're headed out this morning i'm going to call it partly cloudy but it depends on where you r some neighborhoods will see more sun, some more clouds. 58 degrees by 6 o'clock and 59 by 8:00 a.m. still not very windy and still a bit milder than yesterday. as we roll through the afternoon overall we'll see more clouds than yesterday. yesterday hardly any clouds at all. by noon up to 68 and by
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3 o'clock 72. and by 6 o'clock, 71 degrees. looks like our high today will probably be rather late in the afternoon and that will come in about 73 degrees and again there is the chance of a shower around midday and maybe another light sprinkle later in the afternoon. i'll show that to you on future tracker6 and then karen a cooldown coming in the accuweather 7-day. >> but i got my pumpkin picking done already. the weather is all about me. traffic is about you. right now the vine street expressway is shutdown in both directions. we warned you about the construction that they're continuing with the vine. they stopped it and then because of the pope's visit and now it's started again. five nights during the overnight hours vine street expressway closed in both directions at this point scheduled to reopen at 5:00 a.m. we see one emergency vehicle going through right now. let's take a live look at the ben franklin bridge. no problems on the ben but you've got stay over to the schuylkill expressway. you can't go on the vine at this point. very quiet situation on the ben. eastbound we've got construction blocking the right lane. westbound nice and clear. this is route one, the super highway at 413.
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we continue to have construction here and you can see a couple lanes blocked with this as well. two lanes and this is between maple and neshaminy so watch that as you look at route one. also on 422 westbound one lane blocked, the off-ramp to trooper road. lots of construction going on out there and of course the closure of the vine, that's a big one, matt. >> yeah, it is. thank you karen. philadelphia police say three men burst into a home with children inside shot a man, then fled the scene but thethey may have left a key piee of evidence behind. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the story. >> reporter: the victim is in critical condition. police say it's too earl to know if he's going to be able to survive his gun shot wounds. his wife was inside the home at the time. his three kids were upstairs and police were at that home last night gathering evidence in southwest philadelphia and they did find some things that these bandits left behind. they found a shell casing
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inside of the home on ruby. they also found a weapon on the front porch that police believe the men dropped while they were fleeing the scene. just after 11 o'clock last night, police were called out to the 1100 block of south ruby street. when police got there they found a 50-year-old man lying on his living room floor. he had been shot in the head and was bleeding heavily. police rushed him to presbyterian hospital and investigators again say the man had been in his house with his wife, his three children ages five, two and 10 months were upstairs. that's when three men came in through the unlocked front door. >> one of the perpetrator whose was wearing a mask took the wife back into the kitchen put a gun to her head and asked her wheres the money. give me the money and threatened to shoot her. she stated she had no money and then she heard a gun shot coming from the living room. >> reporter: and around the
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the investigators were called to that home police responded to a car accident at 51st and locust. when police arrived they found an overturned chevy in the middle of the intersection. it had hit a parked car and flipped over. a bloody handgun was found inside of that vehicle. everyone inside the car had fled from the scene but police believe that that accident could be connected to the home invasion. again, they continue to process all of this evidence. they want to hear from you if you have any tips. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, katherine thank you. developing this morning philadelphia police are hunting for two suspects after another home invasion in the fern rock neighborhood. a man was shot in the leg pistol whipped and may have been hit in the head with a lead pipe all of this for a rolex watch. police say the victim was walking home with takeout food on the 5900 block of north 12th street just after midnight when he was ambushed and forced inside his home. a 28-year-old woman was also inside but she was not hurt. the victim is in serious but
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stable condition. >> we have developing news we're monitoring out of the satellite center and it is tragic news. two kansas city firefighters were killed and two others injured when a burning building collapsed last night. crews were dispatched to the blaze around 7:30 last night where they found an apartment building heavily damaged. they evacuated people from inside. a short time later when firefighters were clearing the area way partially collapsed roof the structure collapsed further injuring four firefighters. again, two of those firefighters died. none of them have been identified yet and we don't know the condition of the two firefighters who were injured. we understand other firefighters were at the hospital consoling the the family members of the two firefighter whose passed away. it was reported that even after that building collapsed, hours after those firefighters were injured, flames could still be seen shooting from that rubble. the cause that of blaze is
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under investigation. lie in the satellite center, erin o'hearn, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you, erin. new this morning, delaware state police are looking for two people who tried to break into a wilmington church. these surveillance photos were released overnight. police say it shows two burglars possibly juveniles trying to get into saint marks united methodist church on limestone road on september 20th. investigators say they damaged property as they used burglar tools at the door in their attempt to enter. if you know who these people are call police. a motorcycle and a farm tractor collided in townsend, delaware. the fiery crash left one man dead and another in critical condition with burns all over his body. it happened yesterday afternoon on the 600 block of tailors bridge road. police say the bike smashed into the tractor causing the tractor to catch fire. the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. the elderly man on the tractor was flown to christiana hospital. >> philadelphia police have
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one man in custody for the murder of 22-year-old keisha jenkins. police have arrested 23-year-old pedro redding but they say he was not the trigger man. three other suspects remain at large. police say jenkins was killed last night at 13th and hunting park. jenkins a transgender prostitute was targeted because she was known to carry plenty of cash not because she was transgender. >> our understanding is she did fight back as they were assaulting her and you talk about four on one but she gave a valiant fight and that is why one of them pulled out a gun and shot and killed her. >> police say they know who the other three suspects are but would prefer that they turn themselves in. happening today, the defense begins presenting its case in the deadly center city building collapse trial. contractor griffin campbell is charged with six counts of murder related to the tragedy at 22nd and mash. a brick wall fell on top of the salvation army storm. excavator operator sean
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benschop said he told campbell the plan to take down the wall was dangerous. den shop is serving 10 to 20 years in prison for his role in that collapse. >> philadelphia's two main mayoral candidates squared off as a debate. jim kenney and melissa murray bailey fielded questions in center city. plans for public schools were among the topics discussed. >> universal prek are absolute and we're working on a plan to make sure we have enough input from city government in resources from philanthropy and corporate health to make sure we get this program off the ground immediately. >> what we need do is stop investing in things, pressing pause on programs that are not our number one priority. >> a group from the philadelphia federation of teachers gathered outside to expression their frustrations with the city's public schools. jim foster osborne hart and boris kindij are also on the ballot but were not part of last night's debate. two more debates are planned before election day which is three weeks before today.
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>> much more to come on "action news" this morning. another retail chain is adding same day home delivery to our area. >> a resort in the poconos found another use for its ski lifts when the leaves are changing colors. david. >> that's a good idea. hey, it's another cool start. sweatshirts ready for the kids. winds aren't all that bad. this afternoon for at least one more day this week we're going to recommend t-shirts after school. we'll be back with your accuweather 7-day forecasts a couple of waves of cooler air coming in as we head toward the weekend.
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>> camelback mountain in the poconos is putting its ski lift to good use this autumn. 's offering visitors unique views of the fall foliage. you can see a bright view of the colors in tannersville a 16 minute round trip and five bucks. the rides run every weekends through early november. beautiful. >> you got to get up there quick because as you know the leaves change colors before they do down here. >> they do. and we'll have to wait and see how vibrant and how long it lasts this year as he we haven't had a lot of rain this summer and that sometimes affects things. we still don't have a lot of rain. it's a little off the coast. in fact a little earlier i tracked a bit of lightning. still seeing it off the coast
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of atlantic city. you may or may not be hearing thunder from that. it's pretty far out to sea but it's out there and not heading inland. as we take a look outside we have sky6 at the airport and we are dry this morning with tranquil conditions. the winds not all that strong again this morning. and we're on the lookout for maybe a few more clouds overall and eventually a couple of spotty showers today. temperatures 61 degrees currently. your winds are calm in philadelphia. the highest winds we have are running about 5 miles per hour or so here and there. future tracker6 shows that you through the morning there is the chance of a shower popping in. the late of the model run has most of this to the north and then kind of falling apart as it tries to pop through. later in the afternoon a couple of more slight sprinkles and showers around and basically what we're going to allow for is showers around midday, maybe late morning out in the northern and western suburbs and then another round of the spotty stuff in the evening hours. you can see that by 11 o'clock it's basically pushing off the coast or getting very close to that.
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your temperatures will be mild one more day, 59 degrees by 8 o'clock, 66 degrees by 11 o'clock, a cool morning certainly. again that sprinkle or shower possible and then by 2 o'clock 71 and looks like we'll get a high of 73 degrees around 3 o'clock this afternoon before popping back down to 72 by 5 o'clock. high temperatures across the region looking pretty good again. allentown may stay in the 60's but 71 in reading, 71 in trenton, 72 in wilmington and low 70's for millville all the way to the shore. again a spotty shower but certainly no washout today. and then tomorrow the frontal boundary that's causing these showers today will be off the coast and behind it we'll see the breezes coming in from the west and a high temperature only in the 60's tomorrow. a breeze making it feel a little cooler. we'll have a mix of clouds and sun overall and then by thursday, lots of sunshine because of this area of high pressure but a little bit cooler. so, the cooler air is coming in and it gets even chillier for the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, clouds mixing with some sun today, a high of
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73 degrees. as you just saw a spotty shower is possible but by no means is today a washout. and then tomorrow more of a partly sunny sky cover, a bit cooler, 67 degrees, likely breezy tomorrow. and then a high of only 65 degrees under the sun on thursday. on friday, another system arrives with more clouds in play. 64 degrees the high. and there again is the chance of a few showers around. this is not a washout, it's another one of those weak front coming through but it is going to affect a change because by saturday behind that system our high is only in the upper 50's. 59 degrees on saturday. it's going to be nice with partly sunny skies put chilly if you're heading to the temple game. on sunday, sunshine a plenty but very cool with a high of just 56 and it looks like as we head into next week's work week we're also looking pretty chilly probably staying in the 50's on monday but lots of sunshine and of course july to bundle up for the eagles monday night football game which will be on espn. >> hot action on the field though. >> yes. [laughter]
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>> we hope. >> we hope so, yes. >> thank you, david. new castle county man arrested for hunting illegally. 24-year-old jeremy nacio was taken into custody this weekend after a dead nine-point buck was found on his front porch. he killed it using a cross bow on property property. his hunting privileges are now revoked for three years. the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion will not be prosecuted. officials in the african nation of zimbabwe say walter palmer had all the papers necessary for a hunt. the outcry on social media was swift and brutal. palmer had to temporarily shut down his practice and his family got death threats. >> time to head to the big board. the retail trend of same day home delivery continues. kohl's is expanding its program to include philadelphia. delivery costs $15 for purchases of $75 or less. $10 for purchases over $75.
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kohl's hopes to start the service locally in philadelphia and in additional cities in the next few weeks. ferrari getting ready for its initial public offering on wall street. fiat-chrysler plans to send about 10 percent of the company through the i p.o. the company hopes to raise about $1 billion from investors over the next few months. all major stock indices up yesterday continuing a seven day winning streak. futures are trending slightly lower this morning. you can now travel with a small cat or dog on amtrak for $25. the transit service tested the program in illinois and decided to expand it to the northeast. the pets must be in a carrier that fits under seat and you also have to make reservations in advance of your travel with spot or felix. >> i love felix. that was my grandfather's name its a great cat name. >> okay. now we know. >> it's 4:48. still to come on "action news," musicians with the philadelphia orchestra have a new contract but some say it's not equal to musicians in
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other cities. >> police dash cam video of a traffic stop shows another car swerving and crashing. "action news" continues.
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[panting] meet one today. visit adopt. >> ♪ >> hey everybody.
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welcome back. we're hitting the roads right now giving you an update on the vine street expressway. we've been talking about the closures that started at 11 o'clock last night. it is closed until 5:00 a.m. in both directions but they're allowing some of the westbound traffic to get by. here we could see the police on the scene eastbound. westbound we've seen a couple cars move through the schuylkill. it's opened from 16th street so they will be continuing to lift up the cones and move out of here. at 5:00 a.m. we should see it open in both directions. they'll return tonight at 11 o'clock. construction workers will be out there once again. they're out on trooper road and audubon road, one of our black and white cameras. i look it, it's a little mood setting here. we can see traffic squeezing by. causing a little bit of a backup because it's so early out there the traffic is not too heavy but we can see police on hand directing at the scene. that's scheduled to reopen at 6:00 a.m. overall other than the vine street expressway closures that we've been talking about we're looking at traffic moving mostly in the 50's, not a bad start to the day because it's early with light volume. matt and tam. >> thanks karen. a trooper in utah had a close call this dash cam video shows the trooper on the side of the highway after pulling
4:53 am
someone over and then another driver, a 55-year-old woman on her cell phone looked up just in time to swerve out of the way and then you saw she lost control, ran off the right side of the road and rolled over several times. she was seriously injured but is expected to survive. police in utah released this video to remind people of the dangers of distracted driving. >> the philadelphia orchestra season will continue without interruption because the musicians have accepted the outlines of a one year contract. the agreement gives the members a 3 percent pay increase and restores one full time musician to the orchestra next year. despite the new deal the base pay for the philadelphia musicians will be $128,000, substantially less than their counterparts in new york and chicago. >> time is now 4:53 and coming up on "action news" at 5:00 a.m., the shocking video of a florida woman who police say was driving drunk and broadcasting it live on the
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streaming app periscope. >> ♪
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>> new this morning, passengers booed an american airlines flight crew over the treatment of a female passenger who was removed from a flight to oregon. >> (boo). >> now, a witness says a flight attendant told the woman to move out of the aisle. the woman felt the attendant was rude and went to another crew member.
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then the original flight attendant came back. >> are you serious? >> oh, my god. >> i didn't even know i was causing -- this can't be legal. >> now, some passengers are filing complaints over the attendant's conduct. american airlines is investigating the incident. >> the president of the olive garden restaurant chain has apologized to a missouri police officer. the uniformed officer says he was kicked out because he was wearing a gun. this happened sunday in independence, missouri. officer michael holesworth posted his story on facebook. olive governed garden spokesperson says "members of law enforcement are always welcome." the company says 93 repercussion for the employee will be handled internally after investigation. >> 4:57 and coming up another study suggesting teens are texting too much and how the activity can be compared to
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compulsive gambling. >> and a 14-year-old is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday october 13th and we're following several developing stories. >> including a man attacked while walking home with his dinner. we're live with more on what happened when a masked man got to his home. >> tonight is democratic fight night in las vegas. we have a preview of tonight's prime time debate. >> new on "action news" the the woman who live streamed herself behind the wheel while on a bender. she put it out on social media. >> looking out for a little bit of early morning rain. let's turn to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> right now storm tracker6 has us dry. we have showers off the cost but they are sweeping past us. there is some additional shower activity coming in later. this is any other going to be a washout today but some of you may pick up little bit of that as we go a little later into the morning and through midday. 60 degrees right now in philadelphia.


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