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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> we begin with breaking news that hour. a tragic story out of haddon township, new jersey.
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police say a 3-year-old boy is found dead in the woods. >> airport child was reported missing earlier this morning. investigators are now trying to determine how he died. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic talked to camden county prosecutors a short time ago. nora what's the latest there? >> sarah, rick, the prosecuto prosecutor's office is releasing very little information at this point except a confirmation that the young child is dead. he has been identified on social media. police will not release his name only yet. they will confirm the sad news the boy was found dead. how he died is still unanswere unanswered. >> so, today, 3-year-old boys what reported missing at 6 a.m. by a family member from the child's residence in the 100 block of cooper street in haddon township. >> less than three hours later the authorities say the boy's body was found eight problems away off south park drivety trarkd dounl by a k-9 that picked up his scent. there's a police presence at
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that time and at the toddler's home where a dozen detectives could be seen in the street. authorities will not discuss how the 3-year-old died. >> we need to wait for the medical examiner to determine manner of death. >> any obvious signs of injury. >> we're not going to discuss that at this point. >> very verse 911 calls wipt out to the neighborhood early this morning and volunteers began serving for the guy described in social media posts as 0 to 40 pounds dressed in pjs with knee on socks. helicopters threw over the west mont section of haddon township and it was before 9 when the tragic discovery was made a shock to local residents. >> i cannot imagine. to lose a kid like that. it just is crazy and who did that? you know, i hope they found who did it? i hope. >> back live now that brick apartment building is where the child disappeared from. a number of investigators are still on the scene. as you can see, a relative told me this is the child's father's residence but authorities will
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only say it's a family member. a tragic day in haddon township and a lot of questions unanswered at this point exactly how this toddler got out of the house or if he was taken and how he died. live in haddon township, nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news." thank you. >> the vick imof violent home ep vacation in southwest philadelphia died. police say the man was shot while his family was in the house late last night. "action news" reporter katherine scott spoke to the man's wife and she joins us live from southwest philadelphia, katherine. >> sarah, that riingz a father killed a wife and threatened three children inside the home and all this was going on. sources tell "action news" that the victim sold gaming devices from inside his home. now, police are searching for three suspects all believed to be around 1 7 years old. >> he was home and i heard the doorknob turn but slightly opened and then they just came
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in demanding money. >> she and her husband tony harris were inside thish southwest philadelphia home shortly after 11 p.m. on the 1100 block of south ruby when three mavrked men barged through their unlocked door. >> one took me straight to the kitchen and put a gun to my head they said if he kept meeving he would blow my head off. >> three children, five, 2 and 10 months were inside the home area harris was in the living room. >> they started tussling him and the guy on me got off of me and went to them and in the living room and i heard one shot. >> police say the 50-year-old victim was shot three times in the head and was pronounced dead this morning at the hospital. a rifle police believed the suspects dropped was picked up from the front pour: one room was ransacked and around the same time this homeen vacation was reported, police responded a car accident at 51 and locust. a chevy hit a parked car and nrimd over a bloody handgun was
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found inside. everyone inside the car fled the scene. police have not ruled out the possibility this was connected to the home invasion. >> this overturned car may be in some way related to the home invasion robbery. >> none of the children were injured. their mother tells us that one of the children's birthdays was yesterday. homicide detectives want it hear from you if there are any tips. live in southwest philadelphia, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> katherine, thank you. detectives are looking for two suspects in another home invasion overnight in the fern rock section of philadelphia. police say 'man was carrying take out food into histhe house on 5900 block of north 12th when ambushed by two armed men an they forced him inside the ground floor apartment and took his rolex watch and beat him and shot him in the league. police took him to the hospital in serious condition. a 28-year-old woman home at the time was not hurt. >> and a teenager remains in critical condition after he was shot in north philadelphia last
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night. the 14-year-old boy was wounded on the 1200 block of north 10th street before 9 p.m. and suffered one group shot wound to the head and the officers took the boy to the hospital and a gun fell out of his pocket according to authoritie authorities. they're working to determine if is a real gun or bb gun it remains unclear who shot teenager and why. >> defense is beginning to lay out its case for the contractor in the deadly center city building collapse. griffin campbell is charged with six counts of third degree murderner connection to the tram di that killed six people in 2013. prosecutors rested their case last week and say campbell was motivated by greed. campbell's attorney say he is a small time contractor being used as a pawn by the developer and architect who hired them him. >> a large early morning fire destroyed a home in delaware county aunt flames broke out on the 400 block of garden lane in
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aston 4:30. it toast firefighters more than a hour to get it under control. they believe it started in the basement and they're trying to pinpoint the exact cause. >> action uweather tracking possible showers in our tuesday forecast. outside, let's look from sky6hd at the center city sky line a mix of sun and clouds at this hour. mild conditions. meteorologist david murphy says a chilly change is on the way and he joins us with the latest from the "action news" big board, david. >> rick, well, you can see there were a more clouds out there over sent are city now than there were at dawn this morning when we had a lot more sunshine and there are some showers that have now broken out. they were in chester county, delaware county and newcastle country delaware and it looks like they're moving up through the city up through norristown and lansdale and there's the movement over the last 15 or 20 minutes sweeping north and roads behind this will be slightly damp. these are not heavy showers highlighted in lighter slaves green. allentown just about ready to get on the other side of that. reading looks like it's drying
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out and green lane in mc county and quakertown, easton, milford and new hope all a little wet and if you're in trenton you might pick up light sprinkles but doesn't look that bad. this is say main round of precipitation today. as you look later or wider i should say after the west of philadelphia every now and then you see development of scatter the popup shower or sprinkle and i think this a chance another line moves through late in the afternoon early evening and it's not going to be nearly as pronounced as this is and doesn't at upped to much. 6 8 in philadelphia vrks one more day into the 60s across the reej yox. it's lshd happening millville, sea isle ape airport in atlantic city. we'll go for a high today in 73 in philadelphia which is above that average high of 68. 54 the low also a bit above average. and after that front that's driving showers through though it gets off the coast and we see that number knocked down for tomorrow and then another knock down comes for the weekends. i'll let you know where temperatures are going from now through the weekend in the
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accuweather 7-day forecast. for now, mild, and damp in some spots. >> thank you the five democratic presidential candidates take the stage in las vegas tonight for first official debate. season debater hillary rodham clinton is coming in with solid i early poll numbers. >> key states. senator bernie saunders has emerged as strong rival for clinton and other three candidates taking part with jim web, link on khaivy and martin o'maley and vice-president joe biden was invited to take part and he is not expect todd be there. >> 15 months after the crash in malaysia airline nroyingt 1 dutch investigators have confirmed a surfaced air missile brought down the jetliner. all 298 passenger and cruz were killed. officials are not saying who fired the missile but they say all the territory in the area the missile could have come from was in the happened of russian backed rebels. it killed three members in the cockpit and the rest died from
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decompression extreme cold and other factors. >> temple university medical school has a new name in honor of the late businessman and philanthropist philip katz. it was named during a celebration this morning. katz died in a plane crash number 2014. prior to his death he dot nated $25 million to temple that gift was single largest donation in temple's history. katz was a temple fraud and served on board of trustees. >> more to come on "action news" at noon. police say a smart phone app helped them take an allegedly drunk driver off the street. we'll tell you how. >> two firefighters died in the line of duty and saved two lives before they gave their own. details when "action news" own. details when "action news" comes right back.
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>> two firefighters were killed after a they saved two people in a burping building in missouri. they carried residents out of the apartment complex last night an a wall collapsed on tom of them as trying to stop the flames from spreading to nearby business.
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both men were trapped and killed. two other firefighters hospitalized. investigators are trying to determine what sparked the blaze. >> median and actor tracy morgan has returned to standup more than a year after critically injured in a car accident. morgan appeared at the comedy seller in new york city last night. he tweeted a photo of himself on stage calling it the first time he performed in 16 months. a walmart truck slammed into his limousine on the new jersey turnpike killing his friend and levering morgan with severe injuries. >> social media users helped police stop a woman that broadcast herself while she appeared to be driving drunk. the suspect was using live streaming app periscope as she swerved between lanes saturday night in florida. concerned users sought video and called police. >> i'm driving drunk. >> hi there, i just saw a girl
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on periscope driving drunk. she doesn't know where she is. and she's driving really fast. >> a police officer used his own personal peri scope account to find the woman's location and pull her over. he arrested her after she failed several field sobriety tests and refused breathalyzer. >> after man behind bars after cashing a stolen plane in texas he did it tomorrow press a woman. officials say 30-year-old nathan henley told the plane's own her was going to wash the aircraft before scheduled flight class but instead he took it on a joy ride. henley, who is not licensed to fly took off with 21-year-old date and the plane took a nosedive and it ran out of fuel and the couple was not seriously hurt. >> a small plane landed on a highway in idaho at the start of rush hour traffic this morning. police state single engine mraend touched down 7 a.m. in the eastbound lanes of i 84. the pilot was able to avoid any
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cars and he brought the plane down without any lander gear and officials say there are no reports of any injuries and crews were able to remove the plane from the roadway around 9:00 this morning. >> still to come "action news" at noon big beer news brewing two rival companies reached a possible merger deal. >> a new study compares ten texting to study of compulsive gamblers. that story and more when "action news" continues in a that story and more when "action news" continues in a moment.
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>> after decades of rivalry two major beer companies have tentatively agreed to merge. miller accepted 106 billion takeover offer from anheuser bush. if pleated the deal would create the largest beer maker bringing together some of the best selling brands including budweiser and miller genuine draft. executives from both sides call it a possible agreement. it still needs approval from regulators. >> volkswagen emissions scandal has gotten attention of hollywood. paramount picture is teaming up with leonardo dicaprio company 2459 that auctioned rights of the skajdle. vw admitted 11 million vehicles were fitted with software to cheat emissions test. dicaprio environmental activist would serve as producer on the movie project. >> turning to "healthcheck" at noon dissolving heart assistant passed major test. doctors found the so-called
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absorb assistant conformed as well as conventional during ladies and gentlemen one year study. they're tiny mesh cames that keep else haves from reclogging after artery procedures. they're used and the ones available now are permanent metal implants and new absorbed assistant works like dissolving stitches it degrades over several years. >> study of more than 400 students find teenage texters have a lot in common with compulsive game mrerz and problems cutting back and lying to cover up the amount of time they spend sending messages and lack of sleep. they looked at he and 8 graders and compulsive texting was more come on among girls than boys and girls perform as were likely to suffer because of the issue. >> alicia vitareli live in the newsroom with a preview. hi, auto leashia.
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>> guys don't get mad at me for saying so but the holiday shopping season is right around the corner 70 something days until christmas. time to start saving is now. coming up today at 4 in what's the deal we'll give you five simple steps that can help you save up to 1,000 in just two months. and in big talkers it's one wedding day this family will never forget the bride was on way to ceremony when rushed to help victims of accident all while wearing her wedding dres dress. incredible story. take us with you on the go if you have not downloaded the 6abc cam you can watch live on your smart phone or tablet. see you at 4. >> see you then alicia. thank you. accuweather is coming up we'll thank you. accuweather is coming up we'll be right
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>> nice start to the day. changeing. we'll get cool, successively over the next several days. as we look at stormtracker 6 double scan now not bad out there. most of you are dry. as we go in tight on philadelphia it looks like those showers are now getting ready to leave the city itself. and right cross the river in camden county a couple of real light sprinkle there's obviously not around longer i'll go ahead and let this roll one time and you can see how it's all moving up towards the north and northeast. it does look like trenton will probably pickp a bit of this. honestly it's not that bad. if we go further north there's a little more wide sprayed activity and even here it's light and not all that impact full and looks like over the next 30 to 60 minutes most of this will be pushing up past milford and flemington and getting on out of here. as we look outside, we have the shore. still cloudy down the shore. might be some sunny breaks later.
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further after the showers depart. and generally speaking it's clouds and some sun mix and there could be a couple more sprinkles later on which i'll show you future tracker in a couple second. breezy down the shore. generally breezier today than yesterday. 68 currently is temperature. the winds out of the southwest at just 13 miles an hour. and as we look at numbers across the region still kind of cool up north and west of philadelphia. 58 degrees currently in allentown. 61 reading and 66 wilmington and then'ser to the coast where we don't have those rain clouds and thicker cloud cover getting a little warmer, 71 cape may and 71 at the airport in atlantic city as well. satellite also shows you a lot of cloud cover out there and extending all the way back down towards washington. but, we're seeing some thinning back here to our west around maybe york, pennsylvania and state college and i think there's a chance we start to brighten things up as we roll through the afternoon and there you see it future tracker 6. 3:00, no shower activity and sunshine reemerging here and there. however, later in the afternoon
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the model has been consistent in pushing additional showers through. these are obviously few and far between and most of them are light and even if you get a steadier cell it will be gone quickly. by 10:00 tonight we should be entirely dry outside of maybe southern delaware. 69 the high in the lehigh valley today. clouds and sun. spotty shower can't be ruled out you get some in the vicinity now. clouds turn up at the shore. spotty shower. 72 there and in philadelphia a warm high of 7 degrees with a minimum of clouds and sun and that spotty shower chance say that ten times fast all the way up to early evening. winds southwest at 8 to 16. 54 overnight low. partly cloudy and cooler. for evening commute it's looking like it will be a warm one to start out. 7 degrees by 4:00 and 5:30, 71 and 7:00, 70 degrees. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast things changing in a hurry as a cold front gets off the coast. 73 today. tomorrow just 667 and 65 are in the sun thursday. 64 with another frontal boundary friday and shower
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possible there and then look what happens. we're down into the 50s for the weekend. 59 saturday. good football weather for temple. they'll be playing at night. just noticed. so it will be a cool night and then the eagles monday night on phl17 that is also going to be a cool one for eagles fans. >> football weather. so all right. enjoy. it thank you. >> thank you, david. >> in other news young adults that work together to improve lives in the philadelphia community celebrated their work today. mayor nutter was at north philadelphia this morning for dedication of receipt storetive justice project mural. it was painted at the life do grow farmch the young people behind the impressive work are at risk or been in the juvenile justice system and jind a non frost to tush their lives around. a non profit enjoyed by everyone. >> "action news" at noon a 6 60-year-old staple playboy magazine is ending no more full nudity. >> and taylor swift boyfriend lashes back after rumors he he
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cheated on the pop star. those stories and more when cheated on the pop star. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. on medicare fraud. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >> hello again here are stories we're following or for you "action news" at 1:30. investigation is underway into the death of 3-year-old boy found dead in wadded area this morning in new jersey. a father is killed and wife ter
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riceed in southwest philadelphia during a home invasion and tonight for the first time we'll see the democratic contenders for president square off in a debate. >> now more on the breaking news story this hour the death of 3-year-old south jersey boy. the body of the child was found in a wooded area off south park dmriv haddon township just before 9:00 this morning and the camden county prosecutor's office says the boy was reported missing from a home in the 100 block cooper street three hours earlier and that set off intense search. k-9 led officers to the area where the boy was found. investigators have not released the child's name and autopsy will be perform todd determine the exact cause and manner of death. >> the defense is presenting its case in the trial of contractor blamed for june 2013 collapse of salvation army store in center city. vernon odom is at the criminal justice center with more now,


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