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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 13, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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riceed in southwest philadelphia during a home invasion and tonight for the first time we'll see the democratic contenders for president square off in a debate. >> now more on the breaking news story this hour the death of 3-year-old south jersey boy. the body of the child was found in a wooded area off south park dmriv haddon township just before 9:00 this morning and the camden county prosecutor's office says the boy was reported missing from a home in the 100 block cooper street three hours earlier and that set off intense search. k-9 led officers to the area where the boy was found. investigators have not released the child's name and autopsy will be perform todd determine the exact cause and manner of death. >> the defense is presenting its case in the trial of contractor blamed for june 2013 collapse of salvation army store in center city. vernon odom is at the criminal justice center with more now,
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vern. >> reporter: the contractor could get life in prison if convicted of more than one murder here. one of half dozen charges lodged against him. so there's a lot on the line. >> the griffin campbell defense launched this morning with architect trying bowl stert case that's demolition contractor sake made a scapegoat for wealthy property owners and provtional architect pressuring campbell to get condemned building 2 and market down in the spring of 20136789 this catastrophe has campbell on trial six count of murder six died that day on the rubble that fell next door. 13 injured. prosecute rz say gamble broke safety modifications he switched to using a 36,000 pound excavate to knock a four story wall down instead of all done by hand in order to sea those who hired him. more defense sxrerts expected to testify today.
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and members of the 51-year-old campbell's family. >> mike griffin campbell is to take the witness stand in his own defense tomorrow. live in center city rhyme vernon odom, channel 6 "action news". >> change you the search is on for three suspects who shot and killed a man and threatened his wife in gunpoint southwest philadelphia after 11:00 last night 1100 block of south ruby street and investigators say the homeowner was shot three times in the head and later died at the hospital. the couple's three children were me tomorrow at the time and not hurt. around that same time officers were called to the home a car crash reported 51 and locust street in west philadelphia and it's not yet known if the home invasion and crash are related. >> from our delaware newsroom now a man is in critical condition after being hit by a dmar wilmington this morning and this is the scene along the 200 block of east front street and authorities say the car hit the victim as he tried to cross
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the road and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment and driver remained at the scene and it's not clear if charges will be filed in this case. >> and on the campaign trial this noon what happened in las vegas tonight could khivrping the course of 20 16 presidential campaign and the declared democratic candidates neat their first debate. stephanie ramos has a preview. >> it's dem catic fight night vegas. hillary rodham clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'maley and lincoln khaivy and jim wed podiums are set for tonight's cnn debate. >> i don't ask if idea is from the left or right or democratic or republican i ask if it works. >> martin and web will try to get noticed taking aim at hillary clinton on debate eave clinton stepped away from debate press and talked to broad hand as this union rally he right in front of trump's
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property. >> some people think trum surprise entertaining i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults sim grants, insults women, this is just unacceptable behavior. >> and what will trump himself being doing on the democrats debate night. >> i'll be watching. i don't know how long it will be hard to watch. i think it will be -- not be a very exciting debate. >> because of lead in polls clinton will be front and center on stage and now the democratic social nriingt vermont is catching up and taking helm in new hampshire and unlike the republican debate so far we should not expect to see a slugfest between the can sglaits let's treat each other civilly. >> all those hoping what happens in vegas tonight does not just stay in vegas. >> vice-president joe biden had man we people wondering whether or not he'll run for president in case he makes a last minute decision today organizer set aside a podium at the debate just for him n bash ton, stephanie ramos, khonel 6abc
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news. >> back here in might be a good idea to keep the umbrella ahan ahandy this afternoon as scattered showers are on the way and they'll usher in another change in weather as well. outside we go looking live from sky6 at gray skies over the philadelphia international airport and still mild side right now and things will get cooler for us a little later and let's check in with meteorologist david murphy outside. it's a little precip and chillier temperatures on the way, hey, david? >> rick right, rick, damp out here from an earlier shower. you can still see the last of morning shower activity now pushing through bucks county and areas north of trenton, new jersey. trenton might get clipped with a brief spring. allentown is also basically drying out. so it won't be too much long are are. in fact in philadelphia patches of blue openingp. here is the latest sat lie radar imagery and just to the west of septemberer city brightening occurring. wherever you see the darker
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shade of grow that's where sun is breaking through and digging through the thinning clouds. as we look at temperatures, comfortable enough. 68 in philadelphia currently and same in washington and milder up the pike in new york. look out at pittsburgh 6 and buffalo 59. that's cooler air marching to east behind the colt front and settles in tonight and in through tomorrow. if you head to the playground i won't tell you not to go because it looks like current batch of sprinkles and showers is in process of departing area over the next hour. by 2bg, clouds mixing with sun and 71 and 72 by 4 bait later today there's a chance of spo spotty shower popping up. so i would advised you there bring your smart phone and load that stormtracker 6 app on to it so you can track the radar with the kiddies. gets cooler tonight, tomorrow and chillier as we head to ends of week and step inside and accuweather 7-day most parts of region though pretty nice and not a bad afternoon to get outside and get stuff done. >> all right. david, we'll see you back
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inside, thank you. >> the final tributes again today for late jerry monday desire and he was for the naacp. he pass away earlier this month at the age of 65. a viewing will be held today 12 and brown streets and tomorrow bright hope baptist church twelfth and cecil b. will hold a celebration of life. >> a whole food store fired a company that band a senior citizen after she left without paying for cheese. this 07-year-old woman bought $0 worth of items at the store in union new jersey. apparently forgot to pay for the cheese. security officers questioned, photographed and banned the woman from whole food stores in three states. the store has not named the exact security firm. >> a fedex truck overturned on florida highway overnight spilling hubd reds of packages and police say is the truck was on interstate four near orlando when made improper lane change
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and struck a car. and one of the trailers fell over the overpass on to the road below splitting on and smriling its cargo. and no one was hurt if a wreck but the driver was cited by police. fedex is reaching out to customers who had pack amounts on that truck. >> apparently there are sour notes philadelphia orchestra new contract. the agreement is just one year and doesn't fully restore the cuts made during bankruptcy and it does not give musicians the pay raise they were looking for. the base pay for philadelphia musicians will be 18,000 that's substantially less than counter parts in new york who make about 147,000 and in chuck chick who are making 151,000 dollars. >> and another american icon is going away. playboy magazine says starting in march is t is dropping nude pictures. >> and in the 19 50s hugh heffner started upsetting
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social norms when he published nude pictures it included marlin monday reto kim kardsahian it was all part of anything goes playboy philosophy. >> i believe that embracing sexuality is part of what it means to be free. >> but with online pornography ceo scott flanders say nude pictures are a click away. magazine circulation dpropd high of 5 million to 800,000 and editors hope this attract new readers with emphasis on more investigative articles and interviews and pictures of women in proactive poses but no more full nudity. >> there's more ahead on "action news" 1:30 middle school attempt to teach lesson about isis sparked anger among parents who say it's too graphic. >> and search for a camel in the australian dessert tunz into test of sure viling for one hunter. those story anesthesia more and meteorologist david murphy back when "action news" at 1:30 meteorologist david murphy back when "action news" at 1:30 continues
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>> khich ahas been rattled by another blast. china new agency says an explosion and fire hit a warehouse for alcohol tears overnight and no casualties were reported and warehouse was apparently operating illegally and had three tons of alcohol and drug making chemicals inside. it. >> wave of violence continues in israel with one assailant dead and two attacks. two men board aid bus in jerusalem and began shooting and stabbing passengers. at almost the same time another sa sale aunt rammed a car into a bus station before stabbing passengers. police closed highways in and out of jerusalem and netanyahu called an emergency cabinet meeting these have been lone wolf attacks and hard to predict and preexcellent iran parliament signed off on
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nuclear deal. the vote was 161 for and 56 against the deal aimed at curbing iran development over atomic bomb and it would lift trade sanctions on iran a move the country desperately wants. >> parents in gwynnet county georgia are angry about middle school homework teaching students graphic lessones about isis. 7th grade language and social study lesson went into detail about the terror groups be heading anden included cartoon of a man walking a way with bloody knife. district officials he did fended the plan and parents say it goes too far. >> this represents the rigorous enter graded res lessones we want ous students to be expose today and it was designed to help make students think. >> there's zero tolerance for weapons but yet this was okay to come out. >> district says only a handful of parents made formal xaints and dozens xlaibd on social
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media. >> and passengers bood american airlines flight crew after removing a female passenger if flight to oregon. >> boo. >> a witness says the flight attendant told the woman to move out of the aisle and the woman felt attendant was rude and went to another crew member. then the original flight asend tend aunt came back. >> really. >> i didn't know he was talking to me. >> i -- you know what, i think -- >> that's illegal. are you serious? >> boo. >> paerms are filing complaints over at tend aunt's conduct. american airlines is investigating the incident. >> in loss ankle less a mets fan remains in critical condition after punched in a parking lot fight with a dodgers fan. outside of dodgers stadium. witnesses say the man fell and hit his head in the parking lot
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after friday night's master league playoff game and los angeles police are checking surveillance cameras to identify the people involved and opening day 2011 a san francisco giant fan suffered brain damage after beaten in the dodger stadium parking lot. >> still ahead on "action news" another check of your forecast. >> as we look live outside from temple university cam at the center city sky line. meteorologist david murphy has changing accuweather forecast for you when we come right bac back. for you when we come right bac back. stay with us
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>> new guidelines out for blood pressure checks. federal health task force says everyone over 18 should be checked with two readings five minute apart and another new addition is over 40 or at rick of high blood pressure get checked once a year. if healthy check five years is okay and most doctors or nurses take blood pressure readings on
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every patient victim. >> a 62-year-old recreational hunter lost in hot region of australian out back survived for six days by eating ants. reg fogarty wentz out in serve of camel in great victorian dessert. trackers found him nine miles from where lost. he was given iv fluids and re covered quickly. >> maybe you can't afford to buy a ferrari but you can invest in one. luxury auto maker is getting ready for initial public offering on wall street. chrysler plans to sell about 1 10% of company through ipo and company hopes to raise a billion dollars from investors over the next few months. david murphy has a ferrari. >> a ferrari key chain. >> it comes in a box yeah big those things are expensive. >> they are. >> stormtracker 6 live double can shows you we're almost dry up to the north and sprinkles
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and showers and two dimensional view. none of this stuff really moved out in a hurry f we go to allentown drying out trenton getting last up there, there it goes and light sprinkles and showers pushing away from doylestown and milford and won't be much longer until they're gone and damp afterwards. these have not created light havoc at all. as we look outside the action cam at the shore this morning you can see earlier this morning it was not only breeze question down the coast but clouds filtering in from the west and sun getting in a little while ago down the shore and now kind of waiting for it to come across parts of the region. temperature 68. winds are more noticeable today than yesterday you saw that in that action cam picture didn't you winds out of southwest 13 miles an hour in philadelphia and future tracker 6 showing you we will see breaks in the clouds as we go through rest of afternoon and late today and this evening couple more sprinkles and showers able to on up and model has a decent
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one north of philadelphia and don't know we'll see anything like that but chance of getting a little damp for a brief moment anyway later this afternoon and early this evening. by 10:00 it's done. high temperatures across the region, 69 allentown today and cooler 71 in reading and 71 in trenton and in philadelphia few degrees below yesterday high, 73, low 7 0s down the shore. that spotty shower cannot be ruled out but should be mainly dry the rest of the afternoon and evening. 72 by 3bg high of 7 around 3:30 or 4 and start to slide back to 70 by 7:00 and 65 by 9 overnight tonight with partial clearing 54 over nights low and little cooler tomorrow morning than was as you stepped outside this morning. and then with that frontal boundary triggering today's showers off the coast tomorrow we'll see return of sun with clouds wrap around this area of low pressure. and the high temperature will only get up to about 67 degrees tomorrow plus they'll be a cool breeze particularly in first part of the day. and even though winds die down
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a bit on thursday, as this high moves in. we stay on the cooler side and in fact we're in the process of seeing those numbers gradually step down over the next several days. 73ed it's high. if you like the 70s go outside and book a couple of hours this afternoon because clouds and sun, spot question shower. this will be it for a while. tomorrow cooler and breezy, 67, 65 thursday under the sun and 64 friday and with yet another frontal boundary coming through. this will produce another couple showers here or there and friday will act aik a lot like today. couple showers here and there for parts of day most of the time we're dry. and when that front gets out of here cooler 59 the high on saturday and nice, but chilly. temple owls flying at night at lincoln financial field. bundle up for that one. sunday, cool, 56 and chilly for the eagles game of 57. notice how overnight logos to 39 sunday and that is
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philadelphia. some suburbs will go below that and i could see frost here and there around the region. maybe saturday. def nutly sunday night. that saturday night low of 50 by the way should be 40. you'll be in the 30s both saturday night and sunday night and some neighborhoods. >> okay david. >> thanks david. >> on the "people scene" this noon taylor swift boyfriend calvin harris is not about to shake it off when it comes to rumors the couple splits. calvin harris threatened leg action over reports swift split up with him after alleged infidelity. fellow sirping selena gomez say there's no truth to infidelity rumors and swift publicist has not commented on whether there was in fact a break up. > will farrell fans can party at a bar that pays tribute to the actor. stay chassis features de core and drinks inspired by his tv and movie character and will host parties inspired by films.
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>> there is something for everyone on abc starting:00 laugh long with puppet and celebrity friends and 8:30 "fresh off the boat", 9:00, "superhero agents of shield" and then john the sharks on "shark tank." >> and then "action news" at 1 111. >> it's fairly nice out there now that sprinkles and showers are leaving up us north. 71 reading that's the high and 70 cuts down and pottstown 72 and central portion of region clouds an sun. make a shrinkle or shower.
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70 in philadelphia. not bad. down the shore not much different temperature-wise loy 70s in most spots. >> dave, thank you. a pair of veteran runners turned in one of the slowest times ever but it was one of the best days of their life. stephanie reinhart and mike mark joeckel made 3 1/2 minute stop at mile marker 8 to get married. it was first ever wedding for this race. they met years ago during marathon training and couldn't agree on how big a wedding to have so the race was the perfect solution. >> i said it is perfect i get ceremony he gets 40,000 guests. >> after taking vows at rac race-themed alter the two finished race and what the groom called 19 mile victory lap. >> not me. >> sorrys coming up on "action news." coming up on "action news" at 4 surveillance cameras catch two
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vandals breaking into a church and dell tell police need your help finding would be burglars. >> and introduce you to mini miracle and incredible twist of of face a newborn not expected to survive has a second chance at life. the doctors visit what changed everything. ahead on "action news" at 4. >> that does it at noon. later today for actions in at 4, 5 and 6. >> for david murphy, being rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great afternoon. bloomquist, have a great afternoon. >> see you later
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