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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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street at about 9:30 last night and that's when the last time anyone saw him until his body was discovered this morning. so now police are focusing on what happened overnight and how the toddler wound up in cooper river park. >> it's just really sad. it's sad. >> reporter: courtney is reacting to the news of the death of her young neighbor three year old brendan seen here in a picture posted on facebook. the boy was reported miss buying a family member. authorities say less than three hours later his body was found in a wooded area off south park drive in cooper river park about a half mile from home. police will not discuss the cause of death. >> we would need to wait for the medical examiner to conduct an autopsy in order to determine a manner of death. >> reporter: are there any obvious signs of injury. >> we're not going discuss that at this point. >> reporter: a woman who identified herself as a relative of the boy's father remembers the toddler this
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way. >> he was fun. energetic always happy. >> reporter: residents began searching for brendan early this morning after his disappearance spread like wildfire on facebook and other social media. police put out robo calls to alert the public he was missing. >> as soon as i got here to walk they started blocking off the pavement. everybody had their heads down someone said they called the search off. >> i could not imagine to lose a kid like that just crazy and who did that. i hope they find who did it. >> reporter: back live the apartment house is still taped off, the area around it. we're told that brendan lived with his mother nearby and that his parents shared custody. officials say the autopsy results are pending and that no arrests have been made as they still try to unravel the mystery of exactly what happened to this toddler. live in haddon township, nora
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muchanic channel6 "action news." >> nora thank you. our coverage of this death investigation continues on we'll have the very latest information as it becomes available along of course with photos, videos and the latest social media posts from our "action news" team. police are asking for the public's help solving a deadly home invasion in southwest philadelphia. investigators say three men barged inside last night and shot a man while his wife and children were inside the home. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is working this story. she's live at police headquarters with the details. sarah. >> reporter: sharrie, police now trying to figure out why 50-year-old tony harris was targeted by these three masked gunmen last night. something led them to believe there was cash inside the house but police say there was not. they killed harris anyway while his three young children slept upstairs. >> and then they just came in demanding money. >> reporter: her husband is 50-year-old tony harris. last night he was shot and
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killed when three young men wearing masks burst into their home in the 1100 block of south ruby street in southwest philadelphia. it was just after 11 o'clock. the couple's three children ages five, two and 10 months were sleeping upstairs while the gunman held weapons to their parents' heads. >> one took me straight to the kitchen and put a gun behind my head. and they was telling him, well, you keep moving they was going to blow my head off. >> reporter: then she heard a commotion in the living room. >> they started tussling and the guy that was on me got off of me and went to them and in the living room and i heard one shot. >> reporter: harris died from that gunshot wound to the head this morning. police believe the suspects tried to steal harris' shot gun but dropped it on the porch as they fled. they're now trying to figure out the motive. harris repaired electronics for people in the neighborhood and police know he posted a photo of his wife holding a lot of cash on facebook earlier this month. >> we do know of that post
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that was put up so obviously that's a possible motive that we're looking at but we don't know if that definitively got him killed or not. >> reporter: we reported earlier that there was a car crash in the neighborhood in that area about the same time as the home invasion but police at this point have ruled out any connection. police put the suspects at about 17 to 19 years old. as with all homicides in this city, there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. live at police headquarters, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, sarah, thank you. a 14-year-old boy remains in critical condition today after he was shot in the head last night. it happened in north philadelphia just before 9 o'clock. police say the boy was shot several times in the 1200 block of north tenth street. they're still trying to figure out who shot him and why. do you recognize either of these people? delaware state police are looking to talk to them about an attempted burglary at a wilmington
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church. these are surveillance images from september 20th when the pair allegedly tried to break into saint marks united methodist church. investigators say the suspects damaged the door in the process. if you have any information about the incident or these two individuals, you are asked to call police. >> an electronic cigarette brought police and the fire department to springfield high school in delaware county today. officials say a student had the e-cigarette in his pocket when it came into contact with some spare change and then caused a discharge. the resulting heat and smoke caused minor burns on his hand and hip. no one else was injured and classes were able to resume a short time later. >> all right, now a first check of the accuweather forecast on a day that's seen a mix of some clouds and some sun. i even saw some showers in my backyard this morning. >> meteorologist cecily tynan is in for adam with the very latest from outside this afternoon, cecily. >> hi, sharrie and brian. we had a few spotty showers earlier. lots of clouds upstairs but
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despite that, it's another mild day. take a look at temperatures across the region. yesterday philadelphia hit 76 degrees. currently 75 degrees, so nearly as warm. millville 75, wilmington 74, trenton 72, little bit cooler in allentown, currently 70 and sea isle city 72 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing a round of some spotty showers that moved through earlier. this is all ahead of a cold front. the cold front is across western pennsylvania. there are some showers with that but a lot of those will be evaporating as it continues to push to the east. association the playground forecast if you're taking your kids this afternoon, this evening, it's looking pretty good. mix of sun and clouds with a possibility of a spotty shower. nothing widespread. at 5 o'clock, 74 degrees. by 6 o'clock, 73 degrees. but what this front will do is open the air for some cooler air to arrive. so, this is what's ahead. temperatures will be stepping down as we head through the week. seasonably cool the next three
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days but the weekend will get down right chilly. looking at the possibility that it could be cold enough for a patchy frost. i'll have all those details, also time out some more possible showers on the way coming up in the full forecast. alicia. >> oh, frost, cecily. >> get ready. you've been warned. >> okay. thank you. well, the debate stage is set in las vegas as the democratic presidential hopefuls face off for the very first time. preps are under way and the big question remains, will vice president joe biden make a very last minute appearance? they're calling it democratic fight night in las vegas but don't expect a full slugout fest between the candidates. >> let's treat each other civilly. >> on stage bernie sanders are join hillary clinton, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee and jim webb, their podiums are set for tonight's cnn debate. overnight hillary clinton emerging from the secrecy of her debate preps and making her first stop in las vegas right here in the shadow of donald trump's hotel. >> some people think mr. trump
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is entertaining but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: and what will trump himself be doing on the democrat's debate night. >> i'll be watching. i don't know how long. it's going to be hard to watch. i think it's going to be -- i think it's not going to be a very exciting debate. >> reporter: in a matter of hours the candidates will come face to face, clinton's frontrunner status earning her the coveted center stage spot. >> get out of my way, will you. >> reporter: but the one person creating the most predebate buzz, vice president joe biden. organizers are setting aside this podium for him just in case he makes a last minute decision to jump in. as of now his official schedule has him at the white house all day. the vp expected to decide by the end of the week whether or not to run. in the meantime the political action committee trying to persuade biden to run for president is launching a brand new television ad after
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pulling its first one off the air at biden's request, draft biden. spending $250,000 to air the ad on cnn just ahead of tonight's debate. back to you guys. >> alicia thank you. time to get a check of what's happening outside on our roads. >> autumn marisa standing by in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. i hard you looking at the computer before. it did not sound pretty. >> no, it didn't, brian and sharrie. 95 is taking a beating and we had two accidents just clear, right at girard avenue. these are southbound lanes. we had an accident on the off ramp involving a motorcycle. girard avenue off ramp was closed for a brief time and in that period, we had another accident of onlookers, a three-car pileup here taking out the right-hand lane. they just moved those vehicles up out of the way just a bit so they could get traffic flowing again but police and penndot literally made a u-turn on the ramp and came out on 95 to assist this second accident. so, again, slow moving on 95.
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taking a look at speeds across the region, very slow going on the schuylkill expressway. the westbound lanes from vare avenue out to girard very slow going as well as those eastbound lanes and westbound lanes of the vine street expressway. we'll show you that right now. you can see here this is the eastbound lanes of the vine. we have a disabled tractor-trailer taking out the right-hand lane so really slow. that's pushing us all the way back to that vare backup on the schuylkill and also if you're making your way on the westbound lanes on the schuylkill you can see, again, from 95 all the way up you're looking like a still shot. we'll keep an eye on things and we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. back to you brian and sharrie. >> autumn thanks so much. much more to come on "action news at 4:00 on this tuesday afternoon. with the holiday shopping season quickly approaching pay pal has a new incentive to help save customers some cash. >> temple's med school has a new name. why the university decided to honor the life and legacy of philanthropist lewis katz.
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>> when dr. cohen came out of the surgery and said we got it all it was almost like she was born again, she had a life now. >> well, you're looking right there at a little miracle newborn baby with a second chance at life and the doctor's visit that changed everything when "action news" comes right back today.
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>> ♪ >> there are new details this afternoon about what caused a passenger plane to crash in ukraine last year. malaysian airlines flight 17 was shot down by a missile, that according to the dutch safety board's final report. officials say they now have evidence to prove it and this animation explains what is believed to have happened. a russian made surfac surface-tr missile exploded near the plane releasing shrapnel that hit the cockpit first causing the nose to break apart from the rest of the plane in midair. despite that, the plane continued to fly for 5 miles. all 298 people on board were
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killed. officials have launched a criminal investigation to determine who is responsible. in the meantime the missile's russian maker is denying any russian involvement. >> authorities in kansas city missouri have identified two firefighter whose were killed on the job last night. they died when a wall collapsed on top of them inside that burning building. the fire chief says 17 year department veteran larry leggio and 13 year veteran john mesh both died. they were inside that apartment building rescuing two people who were trapped there. >> unfortunately situations like this really bring home to all of us the danger that firefighters and police officers confront every day and what the possible consequences of that danger are. >> two other firefighters were injured and taken to the hospital. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> it was a special dedication
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at temple university this morning as the school of medicine was named in honor of late businessman and philanthropist lewis katz. the late co-owner of of the philadelphia inquirer was a 1963 graduate of temple and one of the university's biggest benefactors. lewis katz donated $25,000,000.02 years ago with the understanding that the medical school would be named for him. that contribution is the largest single donation in temple's history. katz wouldn't be here to see his name grace the building. he died in a plane crash in may 2014. today his son drew katz stood in for his father at the dedication saying our whole family is so incredibly honored about this wonderful naming. katz has filled his father's seat on the tell me bull board of trustees and so today you see it there, the lewis katz school of medicine at temple university was officially commemorated with his family saying they can't even put
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into words how much lewis katz loved temple. sharrie. >> quite an honor for a man who gave so much. alicia, thank you. the speculation is confirmed. twitter's ceo announced today that the company is laying off 336 employees. that number is about 8 percent of the workforce. the cuts are the first major move from jack dorsey, the cofounder who was brought back as ceo last week. dollars is he is trying to cut costs while trying to find ways to attract new users because the social media company is struggling to make money. here's a look at the closing numbers. all the arrows down today, red across-the-board, dow down nearly 50 points, nasdaq down 42 plus and the s & p 500 down nearly 14 points. pay pal is trying to attract more users this holiday shopping season. the online payment company says it will reimburse shipping costs for customers mailing items back to stores.
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pay pal will cover up to $30 per return. you can use the benefit four times between now and the end of january. macy's wal-mart and the apple store are among the online retailers that accept pay pal. time now for another check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's get you over to cecily tynan. things going start feeling a little bit more like fall, cecily. >> that's right. it's feeling a little bit more like mid september today, like yesterday despite the fact that we're seeing a lot more in the form of clouds. yesterday we had the bright blue skies, the sunshine. satellite6 along with action radar showing that the sun is fighting with the clouds today. we did have a round of some scattered showers move through earlier this afternoon and now if you look out to the west you can see there's another batch of showers ahead of a cold front that will be swinging through. a lot of that, though, will evaporate. so, i have to allow for a spotty shower or two as we head through the evening hours. the best chance will be north of philadelphia. but take a look at these temperatures ahead of that front. we've got a surge of winds out
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of the southwest, 75 degrees in philadelphia currently. the same in millville. wilmington 74. cape may pretty mild, 72. trenton 72. little bit cooler up in the lehigh valley, 70 in allentown and reading current. 71 degrees. so, the call from accuweather for tonight, partly cloudy skies. it will be breezy and it will start to get cooler. 56 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 47. wilmington 52. millville 51. trenton lose low down to 52 degrees. if you look at the temperatures versus normal we've got some big changes on the way. sunday we were 2 degrees above normal. yesterday 8 degrees above. today so far 7 degrees above normal. look at what we'll be dealing with ahead on sunday. temperatures running 12 degrees below normal. so, sunday will really be the cool day. until then we'll really be stepping down with temperature. it will feel more seasonable for the next through days. the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds with a high
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of 69 degrees and then on thursday, mostly sunny, temperatures right where they should be for this time of the year, 67 degrees. on friday, there's another cold front that will be moving in. what this will do, a lot like today, bring us more clouds with the possibility of some showers, doesn't look to be a heavy rain event and a high of 64 degrees. and saturday this is when you need to pull out the sweaters and the jackets. maybe the hats and the mittens as well. 58 degrees. if you're heading to temple's football game it will feel cooler than that with the wind and temperatures cool off more on sunday and we could be dealing with patchy frost this week as well. so, if you like temperatures in the 70's, get outside over the next couple of hours because they're gone for awhile. >> and then go to florida. >> exactly. >> cecily thanks very much. great story here. second medical opinion led to a second chance at life for a child who was initially given a death sentence before she was even born. abigail jones is nine weeks old now and thriving. a joy her parents thought they
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would never get to experience after she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor while still inside her mother's woman. doctors in florida said she would not survive long after delivery so her family was already in the process of planning a funeral when something significant changed. >> she ate and she gained weight and she looked great. she was thriving. she was certainly not in any way, shape or form dying. >> turns out a second opinion at children's hospital in boston confirmed her family's suspicions. abigail's tumor was not cancerous and she's now on the road to a full recovery after a successful surgery last week. >> yeah. >> what an incredible joy for that family. >> absolutely. >> ♪ >> still to come on "action news" at 4:00 the eagles do their part to increase breast cancer awareness. >> and brand new pictures show a major pot bust in maryland. there were so many plants it looked like a forest right there. find out why investigators say it has ties to delaware when "action news" continues.
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>> and a drunk driving live on periscope. how police caught up with the woman who live streamed her night out from the drinks at the bar to the tipsy drive homecoming up in big talkers. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow
4:23 pm
north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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>> red cross helping three adults whose delaware county home was destroyed by fire. the action cam was on the scene along the 400 block of garden lane at aston at 4:30 this morning. flames and smoke poured out of the second story of that house and part of the first floor collapsed. it took firefighters an hour and 20 minutes to get that fire under control. officials are still investigating the cause. meanwhile authorities are revealing the result of a million dollar marijuana bust in eastern maryland. police discovered more than 700 large plants growing on an abandoned property in chesterville back in august. they just announced details today. investigators say the the property's owner now lives in delaware but it's unclear if they knew about the operation and so far no arrests have
4:26 pm
been made. the drugs have bee have an estid street value of $1.4 million. >> delaware's left lane slave hall expected to reopen. the wering in dover caught fire last week. the fire caused extensive damage to parts of the building but officials say cleanup is 95 percent complete. a backup generator sparked the blaze while it was being tested. so far, though, there's no word on an estimate on how much the damage will cost. ongoing renovations to the house chamber were not affected. eagles and american cancer society teamed up to fight breast cancer. they hosted an event today at the health annex in southwest philadelphia offering free screenings for the community. doctors also hosted discussions and handed oat pamphlets all part of the nfl's crucial catch initiative which increases access to information about breast cancer. since 2009, the league has
4:27 pm
donated $8 million to the american cancer society. >> and we've got a whole lot more to come on this tuesday afternoon. >> a man is shot during a home invasion robbery in philadelphia's fern rock section. and the search for the suspects is still on. >> i'm nydia han. coming up in what's the deal, thousand rack up more than $1,000 in extra savings before the holidays coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a fire investigation in wilmington. authorities now say two fires that broke out near each other may in fact be connected. >> and also philadelphia police are looking for two attackers who beat a 70-year-old man and left him with a cracked skull. >> cops in florida call the first arrest of its kind. a woman pulled over and charged after allegedly driving drunk and streaming thstreaming itlive on periscope. >> defense started its case in the trial of a contractor charged in that deadly center city building collapse. attorneys for griffin campbell argue their client is being made a scapegoat. vernon odom is working this story live at the criminal justice center with the very latest. vern. >> reporter: sharrie, griffin campbell faces six charges of murder at this trial.
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if convicted in two of those counts he could be looking at life behind bars in prison. the stakes for him are extremely high. the lawyer for demolition contractor griffin campbell contends his client is being made a scapegoat for wealthy owners of this now razed hoagie shop building at 22nd and mark. the prosecution says the murder suspect is solely responsible for this building collapse disaster that killed six people inside a salvation army thrift store next door and injured 13 others. the contractor had been taking a four story unsecured wall down by hand but eventually switched to using a heavy duty excavator to knock it down. that triggered the horrific collapse. prosecutors say griffin made that decision on his own because he was on a deadline. his defense says he was under unfair pressure to get it down quickly. the demolition was running more than a month behind. the equipment operator sean benschop has pleaded guilty in this case. relatives of the six killed and those who survived in the rubble have testified for the prosecution.
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if the 51-year-old campbell is convicted on murdering to or more of the six who perished he's looking at life in priso prison. griffin campbell himself is expected to take the witness stand sometime tomorrow in his own defense. live at the criminal justice center in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> all right, vern, thanks very much. philadelphia police are searching for two suspects behind a violent home invasion and robbery in the city's fern rock section. police say the victim was walking home after getting takeout when two masked men approached. it happened just before 12:30 this morning on the 5900 block of north 12th street. the men forced the victim into his apartment where they shot him in the leg and then pistol whipped him. they took off with a rolex watch. the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition. so far police have not made any arrests. detectives are also looking for two men who viciously attacked a 70-year-old man at his home in the somerton section of the
4:32 pm
city. surveillance video captured the suspect after they knocked on his door on the 800 block of welton street last tuesday night. when the man answered, he was shoved inside, then beaten way metal baton. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition with a cracked skull. police want to hear from anyone who can help identify these attackers. >> from our delaware news room now, police are investigating a pedestrian accident that left a man in critical condition. it happened just after 6:00 this morning here on the 200 block of martin luther king boulevard in wilmington. medics rushed the 45-year-old victim to christiana hospital. police say the driver did stay at the scene. at this point it's not clear if charges will be filed. authorities in wilmington are investigating whether two fires that broke out within hours of each other are connected. investigators believe the fires may have been set intentionally. the fire -- the first blaze started around 8:00 sunday night on the 700 block of north madison street and about
4:33 pm
12 hours later crews responded to a vacant property on the 600 block of west eighth street. "action news" reported on that fire yesterday where firefighters rescued baby kittens that were still in the building. no one was hurt in these two fires but hearing that they were both arson has neighbors on edge. >> i don't know what this is about at all. i mean, it's quite scary 'cause as the first house that's right behind me, there's a woman in there with a child. >> officials are going through the neighborhood looking for witnesses and asking anyone with information to come forward. >> all right, now to meteorologist cecily tynan. still cloudy out there but you say most of the moisture has moved out of here. >> yeah, we're not going to see a lot in the form of showers. a couple spotty showers possible later on, mainly north of philadelphia and we're seeing some sunshine out there. >> goodness. >> struggling with the clouds. let's go live on sky6 taking a look over the center city skyline. you can see a lot of cumulus clouds there but you can also see some peeks of sunshine and it's another warm day.
4:34 pm
75 degrees, the dewpoint 56 degrees. so, really not all that humid. winds out of the west-southwest at 14 miles per hour. currently and in atlantic city, more sunshine down the shore, currently 71 degrees, winds not quite as strong out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. the water temperature 67 degrees. so, the front that's moving through this evening is the first of two fronts and i want to show you the air mass that's been trapped across the great lakes where temperatures are only in the 50's. that's the air mass that will be dealing -- we'll be dealing with this weekend as far as highs. overnight lows dropping down into the 30's so until then we're gradually stepping down with temperatures. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. but temperatures in the 70's not going to last much longer. >> all right. a had to end sometime. >> we knew it. >> thanks cecily. all this week we're telling the stories of local women who have battled breast cancer. we've teamed up with the american cancer society to help beat the odds against that disease. "action news" anchor monica
4:35 pm
malpass now live in our news room with today's story. hi, monica. >> hi, brian, that's right, october is breast cancer awareness month as many of you may know and one local hospital is trying to focus on the best way to treat women who do have the early stages of this disease. now, doctors at abington hospital helped one horsham woman beat breast cancer after she was given a stage zero diagnosis. coming up tonight at 5:00 ali gorman explains why the standard treatment for precancer which is a lumpectomy and radiation may not always be the right answer. so, we'll have that story and much more coming up on "action news" tonight at 5:00 and we'll see you then sharrie. >> okay, monica thank you. a whole foods store in new jersey has fired a security company that detained and banned a 70-year-old shopper after she accidentally forgot pay for some cheese. margaret dewey bought about $60 worth of items at the store in vaux hall union county. she forgot to ring up the
4:36 pm
cheese that was under her bag in the cart. officials say loss prevention agents questioned photographed and then banned her from the whole foods stores in three states. a spokesman for the chain says the security firm has since been removed and replaced. >> every single police car throughout montgomery county will soon carry narcan to reverse heroin overdoses. the d.a.'s office will fund the initiative using $160,000 taken from drug traffickers. officials say it just -- it's just one part of the growing battle against a growing epidemic. heroin is the number two killer second only to heart disease for people under 70 across pennsylvania. many of the addictions start with prescription medication. a mother who lost her son to an overdose seven years ago urged the entire community to join police in safely disposing of unwanted pills. >> i think it's very important as parents that we step up alongside of them and help, help educate our children, help get these pills off the streets by emptying our
4:37 pm
medicine cabinets. >> now montgomery county has a number of secure boxes throughout the county for people to drop off those unwanted and no longer needed prescriptions. >> well, there's still much more to come on "action news" at 4:00 after more than 60 years playboy is nixing nude d more at major changes coming to the magazine. that's next in big talkers. >> ahead today an amazing story of survival. a hunter is found alive after being lost for days in the australian outback and you will not believe how he managed to survive. >> wow. meteorologist cecily tynan returns with that full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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>> ♪ >> all of interstate 95 is now opened in south carolina. nearly two weeks after this historic flooding. the northbound lanes reopened this morning, one day after the southbound lanes reopened. a 13-mile stretch of the road had been closed since heavy
4:40 pm
rains fell on october 3rd and 4th. a number of roads and bridges, though, still remain closed in that state. >> a wild one here literal. a hunter in australia who became stranded in the outback for six days without water is recovering today and officials say he survived bying ants. rescue crews found him. he was dehydrated and delusional but otherwise just fine. >> he's been thunder tree for two days eating black ants so that's how he's managed to survive. >> guessing they were big ants. officials say temperatures reached up to 99 degrees. when he was missing they credited his survival skills with keeping him alive. >> in health check at 4:00 doctors have finally solved a puzzle, how caramel apples could have caused an outbreak
4:41 pm
of listeria infections. an outbreak last year killed seven and sickened 35 others. listeria doesn't grow easily on apples or caramel for that reason but researchers found that caramel coating can enable bacteria on the apple surface to grow and sticks can push a small amount of bacteria then into the apple where the bacteria can flourish. >> you're ruining things for me here. big talkers now and big changes are ahead at playboy magazine and for its centerfold. the magazine making a big move by stripping nude photos from its pages. that's right. starting next year the women it features will be clothed. hugh hefner says after 62 years, leadership is suffering because people get their information and their pornography more easily online these days. so, to make the magazine more acceptable in the workplace and to stay afloat, playboy will keep the in depth
4:42 pm
articles most men say they read it for anyway and there will be some provocative poses but no nudity which one commenter says is "like vogue without the shoes." next, you can pretty much watch any one do anything realtime on a periscope app. we're pretty sure, though, that 23-year-old whitney beale was not thinking about her viewers when she live streamed video of her saturday night in lakeland, florida, which started at a bar and ended with her driving home drunk. >> i know, i know. i am super drunk (bleep) right now. i really don't know where the (bleep) i am and i am so (bleep) drunk. >> reporter: well, a good samaritan who happened to be watching on periscope called 911 as whitney slurred her words and drifted from one lane to the next, all live on the app. >> hi there. i just saw a girl on periscope
4:43 pm
driving drunk. she doesn't know where she is and she's driving really fast. >> reporter: well, guess what? police also followed her feed and they found beale who was arrested and charged with dui after failing several field sobriety tests and refusing to take a breathalyzer. cops calling this a first of its kind arrest in the digital social media age. take notes, everybody. finally, here comes the bride all dressed in white to the rescue. this picture is going wildly viral on social media. this is sara ray. she's a paramedic never stepping away from her calling she was on her way to her own wedding ceremony had she stopped at an accident scene to help out. you see while her grandparents and her father were heading to the reception they say a driver ran a red light and slammed into their vehicle. sara and her husband, who is also a paramedic, rushed to the scene. her mom, marcy snapping the
4:44 pm
picture. >> i love this photo because it shows her true character. >> i just will to laugh because i know the face i'm giving my mom is really mom, right now you're taking a picture. >> reporter: that's what moms do. her 72-year-old grandmother was sent to the hospital while the reception went on. grandma is said to be doing okay. sara in the meantime says she doesn't think she did anything special. she just happened to be wearing something special while doing it. >> yes, dedicated to the job. >> did something extraordinarily special no question about that. >> reporter: and mom grabbing the shot. [laughter] >> you can count on mom, right, alicia. >> thanks. >> let's get another check of the roads. >> let's see if things are improving out there. autumn marisa keeping tabs on things out there. >> similar accident on the schuylkill no, brides out there in the eastbound lanes right around spring garden. it was on the roadway. they cleared that off to the side so it's really not slowing things down too badly. from the blue route to the vine only taking about 32
4:45 pm
minutes. checking out the speeds across the region, we're still very slow on both sides of 95. northbound and southbound lanes. now we were down in the single digits before so 16 miles per hour is looking pretty good if you're out there. remember, we had the earlier accident at the girard off-ramp and then at girard and those southbound lanes and we also had an accident northbound at cottman through the construction zone so want to keep that in mind. 95 is a slow go. we had also a disabled tractor-trailer in those eastbound lanes of the vine street expressway. that has been cleared out of the way so traffic is starting to move there. you're still tapping the brakes, though, if you're heading westbound up onto the schuylkill on the vine right now. few incidents to tell you about. the first one is 295 southbound in new jersey at route 40. we have an overturned vehicle to report there and in hockessin stony battle road at mill creek road we have a downed pole. that road is closed. your route will be route seven or limestone road to get around that. doylestown township sugar bottom road between pebble
4:46 pm
hill road and foy drive your alternate is 263. we'll bring you an update in the 5 o'clock hour. back to you sharrie and brian. >> after the break a man springs into action to save a dog from a burning house. >> and stepping outside right now, a look from sky6 hd live over atlantic city. not a bad picture, right? meteorologist cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
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>> ♪ >> all right now to meteorologist cecily tynan. i believe i saw on your seven-day forecast earlier today a number that started with three. >> for overnight lows in philadelphia. we haven't got then low yet. the next few days a reality check that it's still fall. the weekend a reality check that winter is not far away. get used to it. the action cam taking a look
4:49 pm
in longport, new jersey, where it's breezy, it's cool. you can see the sweatshirts are on. lots of clouds. but still a decent day to take the pooch for a walk on the beach and i want to share this feet tomorrow. laurie posted this on my facebook page and she says that her two labs are really enjoying the warm air because the pool is still opened for them. they can still do a little doggie paddling and get some exercise. i like how the older guy there has a life jacket on. you got to be safe. this weekend, though, could be too doggone cold to go swimming. these temperatures are definitely going to be cooling off. a string of 70's though the past three days. sunday we started with a high of 70. yesterday 76. today so far the high 75 degrees. that's 7 degrees above normal but then it will get more seasonable tomorrow before temperatures really take that nose dive over the weekend. right now, though, still pretty mild. 75 degrees in philadelphia, its same in millville, trenton 72, the atlantic city airport 74. allentown 70. reading 71 and wilmington
4:50 pm
currently 74 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing gone are those bright blue skies and sunshine of yesterday. we have been dealing with a few clouds, a few spotty showers ahead of a cold front. the cold front itself is across central pennsylvania. what this will be doing is swinging through in the evening hours so we could get a spotty shower mainly north of philadelphia. otherwise, it's partly cloudy and turning cooler. 47 degrees in the cooler suburbs, about 56 degrees for center city as the winds shift out of the west. behind this system tomorrow it will be breezy. temperatures take a little bit of a dip. 69 degrees. still that's slightly above normal. with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. pretty nice fall day. on thursday this high pressure gets closer and that will diminish the winds, bring us loads of sunshine and seasonable temperatures. this is the average high for thursday. 67 degrees, loads of sunshine but then another front arrives on friday and that's what will bring us the much cooler air for the weekend.
4:51 pm
so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow cooler than today but still pretty mild with a mixture of clouds and sun. breezy with a high of 67 degrees. thursday mostly sunny, a nice fall day. 67 degrees. and friday the next cold front. it will be very similar to damages lottoday's. lots of clouds. 64 degrees. you can say those temperatures really take a nose dive over the weekend. on saturday breezy and cooler. definitely want a jacket if you're heading to the temple football game. 58 degrees. yes, that overnight low down 39 degrees. sunday brisk and chilly, the high only 54. 37 degrees the low in philadelphia. i think a lot of the suburbs, though, could be dealing with some patchy frost if the winds diminish enough. monday mostly sunny 59 degrees and of course monday night we've got monday night football at the linc for the eagles game. definitely bundle up with temperatures dropping into the 40's and tuesday it turns more mild with a high of 67 degrees. so, people who really think
4:52 pm
about fall with the flannel and the hot chocolate. >> yeah. >> and the jackets they'll love the weekend. that's real fall weather. >> lucky them. >> late fall weather. >> you just paint they had picture for us cecily. great. love it. thank you. an off duty firefighter in tennessee is being hailed a hero today for saving a stranger's dog from a fire. >> here buddy. >> well, that is tim rushing in to save samson the dog after his house went up in flames. he lives a few miles away but had never met the family. he was on his way to his daughter's birthday party when he saw the smoke, pulled over, heard barking and then ran inside the home. it did not take long for him to find samson and carry that 80-pound dog to safety.
4:53 pm
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>> okay, if you're already stressed out about the winter holidays taking a bite out of your budget. we have help. here's consume are reporter nydia han to the rescue. >> reporter: the season of giving can get expensive not only do you have gifts to buy but how about the cost of entertaining including food and decorations. with all that in mind kip linger has come up with ways you might be able to put a thousand dollars in your pocket by black friday. first, reshop your auto insurance. use comparison tools on web sites like or nerd wallet. you can also work with a local independent insurance agent by finding one through cress sen it pays to be a good driver. for instance progressive estimates safe drivers can save up to 30 percent off their premiums. kip linger says two months of savings could add up to $240 if you switch from the priceyest policy to the lowest cost alternative. number two eat at home. consumers spend an average of $233 dining out each month. number three, drive less to
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>> and that will do it for "action news at 4:00. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli cecily tynan adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is up next. >> see you tonight.
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> a three-year-old boy who was reported missing from his camden county home today was found dead in the woods. a family member called police around 6:00 a.m. when they say they couldn't find the child in their apartment and he was found three hours later it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the investigation into the death of the young boy in haddon township. >> authorities say they are waiting for results of an autopsy to determine exactly how he died. "action news" reporter walter perez live in the neighborhood where the little three-year-old lived with the latest. walter. >> reporter: hey, guys. we'll give you a live look at the scene. as you can see still a very active scene all these hours later off the intersection of cooper street and virginia avenue in haddon township. now moments ago we spoke off camera with the toddler's aunt
5:00 pm
who tells us that the youngster's parents are not married but only live several blocks apart sharing custody of the three-year-old. she went on to tell us that last night the little boy was staying with his dad but beyond that, they have no idea what happened. >> it's a shocking. >> reporter: neighbor nancy is talking about the tragic story that started unfolding around 6 o'clock this morning when a family member reported three year old brendan link creato missing. investigators converged on the neighborhood around the 100 block of cooper street. just as neighbors started mobilizing to help with the search it was already too late. >> someone said they called the search off and i was just like good news or bad news and they just shook their heads. >> reporter:. >> reporter: a bit before 9 o'clock this morning less than three hours after authorities were notified, little brendan's body was found by k-9 units in a wooded area off south park drive near the cooper river. neighbors say the situation has cents this quiet community into an emotional tail spin. >> it's a really good town.


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