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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 14, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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bombs in the car. this could be a huge explosion. >> boy. she not only called police, she hit the emergency gasoline cutoff to the pumps, and she told customers to leave. with his car right next to the gas pump there actually could have been quite an explosion. police closed nearby roads including freeway ramps and they brought in the bomb squad. no bombs were found. the robot blowing open the trunk was the only explosion. i can't even think about it. if you're at a gas station and this is a situation like this, cut the valves off. >> yeah. one of the worst places for that to happen. >> totally, yeah. there's a new warning from the faa saying airline passengers should be told not to check lithium ion batteries with their luggage. >> it's prompted by a recent incident where smoke and fire disrupt aid flight. here's abc's david kerley with more. >> reporter: warning the passengers not to pack those extra lithium batteries in checked bags comes after one of the more unusual cause of an emergency landing. >> the fire is out at this time. >> reporter: this alaska airlines flight to seattle landing in buffalo. the in-flight fire caused by one
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of these. a credit card reader used for purchases of food and drinks on a jetliner. alaska has pulled more than 3,000 of those brand new card readers, all powered by lithium ion batteries. the maker, guest logix, tells abc news it believes this is an isolated incident. but lithium ion batteries like these which power everything from our cell phones to our computers and those credit card readers, can ignite and burst into flames. >> reporter: that's why the faa is alerting passengers not to check extra batteries. and as this test shows, the agency wants a worldwide ban on airlines carrying bulk shipments of batteries. this chain reaction fire consuming a shipping container. but the warning to passengers -- if you have spare lithium ion batteries, leave them at home. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> i didn't realize this until after this report, but apparently it's for both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. >> but alkaline batteries, they say those are okay. the faa recommends that you put
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all of your batteries into your carry-on luggage. >> oh. i would have thought the other way around, check them. okay. >> they say carry-on. all right. see that there? we are celebrating national dessert day. >> mm. we've got the help of an iron chef with us in the insomniac kitchen and that's next on "world news now." ooh, that's good. a good one.
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♪ in honor of phillip's return we made sure to bring you some sweet treats on this national dessert day. >> sweet. when you've got a great dessert, who cares if you mess up the entree? let's head right into the insomniac kitchen with abc's genevieve shaw-brown. >> sue mothers, we're always looking for fun stuff, right? >> yes. i am here at butter with celebrity chef alex kornasheli. i see pears, i see bananas. i see sugar. what are we making today? >> this is a pear and almond tart. we're melting a little bit of sugar. a little sherry vinegar. >> you're saying even i could do this. >> you so could face it hp let's face, it we're dumping something in a pan and heating it up. >> it's true. when you break it down like
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that, it makes it sound more manageable. >> i'm taking half bosh and half d'anjou pears. >> they go in the oven to finish. >> the filling. cup of brown sugar right in the pan. ps a du this is a dumb. and stir recipe. my favorite kind. some butter. and then the fun stuff. rum. >> okay. >> a teaspoon of vanilla. >> delicious. >> molasses. and then dry ginger. basically, we're making a fake banana foster filling to go underneath our pears. we drop the bananas right in there. we're just going to cook this and let it kind of fall apart. easy recipe. even for people who are intimidated by sugar. >> i think so too. >> if you want a hard shell, a few minutes, add two ingredients. >> two ingredients.
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>> pour that right in. 1 1/2 cups of almonds. >> these are the two ingredients. >> we're done. that's it. and when you bake it we take it out. >> what do you get? >> you get that. >> magic. wow. >> all right. now we have these -- >> look at you. >> wow. >> now, you can cut up the pears if you want something a little less, you know, dramatic. but i like the drama of this. >> let's get dramatic. we are all this kind of wonderful juice in there. there's no right or wrong here. it's how you want it to look. >> this looks very, very good. >> i'll cut a slice. >> this is piping hot. go ahead.
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>> mm-hmm. and our thanks to chef alex guarnasheli at butter midtown. >> by the way, it's really delicious. and places that celebrate national dessert day, village inn, free slice of pie with any purchase. noah's bagels here in new york. half a dozen free brownies with special catering orders. and chompie's. buy one, get one free. >> run into basically any restaurant you want and ask for your free dessert. >> and if they don't have to remind them it's national dessert day. have them hook you up. >> this is really good, though. and potentially dangerous. this is a lot of -- this is a lot of dessert before breakfast. >> i think i ate a stick of butter in that one bite. >> is that right? >> very, very rich. >> experiences are earned, reena. >> what was your favorite dessert? quite the ensemble. >> what we're eating right here. >> pear one. this is very delicious i have to
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to go the distance with you. go long. ♪ it is that time of year to get out the costumes and decorations so you can try to scare your neighbors. >> okay. and for one family in southern california it's quite the challenge. they take it very seriously. here's kabc's greg lee. >> meet robbie and heather luther. [ screaming ] they're responsible for a brand new terrifying and unique haunted house. >> there's a lot going on where it's very interactive and immersive and kind of invades your space. and you will get touched and you might get wet. >> reporter: the haunt, called the 17th door, is so scary guests are required to sign a
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waiver before going in. once inside you're inside the demented head of paula, a first-year student at gluttire university. >> she starts this downward spiral. deem fronz h demons from her past come back to haunt her and she ends up spiraling out of control. >> reporter: your group will spend about a minute in 17 different rooms, each with a unique theme and each with a painstaking amount of detail. [ screams ] and all of them with a troupe of monsters lurking around every corner. the luthers and their team began construction in april. >> a lot of money. a lot of time. a lot of effort. a lot of sweat. some tears. not his, mine. >> reporter: another difference between the 17th door and a normal haunted house is once they close the doors behind you the only way you're getting out without them opening them is if you say the word "mercy." >> mercy. >> a running tally so far is up to 350. i don't know what that number's going to be by november 1st, but
2:57 am
i'm sure it's going to be very high. >> reporter: that's just in two weekends of being open. luther says on average they're getting about 800 visitors per night. most of them reacting like this afterwards. >> super intense. i've actually worked in haunted houses as an actor myself, and this is very, very intense. very scary. >> reporter: tickets cost between $21 and $35. and take it from me, watch out for the last room. >> first i start with the bad news. abc 7 now hiring. >> reporter: in tustin, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> i don't know what happened. i used to love going to haunted house ppz now like roller coasters i could do without. >> never into that. >> never? >> no. >> i'm surprised. i would think you're the adrenaline junkie. >> i'm not a big fan of nightmares. that's all. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now" the unexpected moment at the democratic presidential debate. >> the sparks that flew. the exchange that caught political insiders by surprise. bernie sanders and hillary clinton finding common ground. extended live coverage, straight ahead. deadly violence on the streets of israel. the stabbings and shootings during a so-called day of rage. and who's promising to stop it. family fight. the dispute involving an aunt, her nephew, his enthusiastic hug, and her broken wrist. it went to court, and we have the painful decision. and later, special delivery. the baby girl born at 30,000 feet on a plane flying over the pacific ocean. the big question -- is this child an american? it's wednesday october 14th. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:01 am
this is "world news now." and good morning on this busy wednesday. i'm phillip mena. and gl and i'm reena ninan. it felt like a thinking man's debate last night. it was all about substantive issues. really smart conversations. but you really had to think through a lot of things. there weren't these funny sort of moments necessarily where people were attack each other. but it was really interesting to watch. >> yeah, definitely was not the republican debate. the first chance that we get a chance to see the democrats all vying for the top spot there. all in one spot. >> all in one spot. >> very intriguing. >> five democrats trying to make a run for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed. >> they sure did. it was the first debate. they had several key issues. but that of course did not stop him from coming to her defense and the other three candidates struggling to distinguish themselves. abc's brandi hitt has a recap from las vegas. good morning, barandi. >> reporter: good morning, phillip. good morning, reena. fiery but civil. that's what people are saying
3:02 am
about last night's big democratic debate. we saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders still go after each other on some key policy issues, but the biggest cheers also came during a key moment of support. the first democratic face-off for president heated up instantly over gun control. >> secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: front-runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head. >> i supported a ban on assault weapons. >> reporter: with lincoln chafee and martin o'malley jumping in. >> the nra gets its way in our congress and we take a back seat. >> i would bring the gun lobby in and say we've got to change this. where can we find common ground? >> reporter: clinton was asked about her record as secretary of state and the deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi. >> unless you believe the united states should not send diplomats to any place that is dangerous, which i do not, then when we send them forth there is always
3:03 am
the potential for danger and risk. >> reporter: the moderators even brought up republican front-runner donald trump during the debate. >> donald trum. and his billionaire friends under my policies are going to pay a hell of a lot more in taxes. >> reporter: they also took questions from facebook. >> do black lives matter? >> as president of the united states every life in this country matters. >> reporter: but the biggest moment of the night involved clinton's controversial e-mail scandal with her private server. >> i've taken responsibility for it. i did say it was a mistake. >> reporter: and with that she got support from sanders. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> reporter: that was classic bernie sanders. and that moment also got a standing ovation from the crowd. live this morning from the spin room you can see everything's pretty much over here at the debate site. they're kind of cleaning up the spin room now. one potential candidate who was not on stage last night was vice president joe biden. we're expecting to hear if he is going to be running for president later on this week.
3:04 am
reporting live here in las vegas, brandi hitt. phillip and reena, we'll send it back over to you. >> one quick question. what was the reaction to the candidates on social media? >> reporter: you know what, when you look at some of the numbers, bernie sanders did really, really well. right off the top he was the most googled candidate out of them all. clinton was second. and when you look at twitter followers off the top he also gained 28,000 twitter followers toward the beginning of the debate compared to clinton's 10,000 new twitter followers. so he clearly -- maybe people just don't know a lot about him. they certainly got bernie sanders last night. >> sounds like an interesting night. brandi, you were there for the entire day. thank you so much. live in las vegas. thanks again. we continue our coverage now with abc's deputy political director shushana walsh. >> good morning. there were lots of powerful moments in this debate. let's start with the sound bite on the gun control clash. >> secretary clinton, is bernie
3:05 am
sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. not at all. i think that we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. this has gone on too long, and it's time the entire country stood up against the nra. >> what i can tell secretary clinton, that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. >> this was really the face-off of the night. sanders may be the most liberal person in the entire race but not on gun control. and hillary clinton pounced and it was a strong moment for her. >> perhaps the most talked about moment of the night was sanders almost helping clinton on that private e-mail controversy. >> absolutely. it was the buzziest moment. let's listen. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> the american people want to know whether we're going to have a democracy or oligarchy as a result of citizens united. enough of the e-mails.
3:06 am
let's talk about the real issues facing america. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, bernie. >> now, this moment went absolutely viral, and sanders came out into the spin room afterwards, and he said it was really a spontaneous moment. but you saw him backing her up there. she shook his hands afterwards. and the audience actually rose to their feet. this was really kind of the budsiest moment of the entire debate. >> it was so much fun to watch. and apparently they said it really was spontaneous. >> that's what he says, yeah. >> there were three other guys also that we kind of forget about. lincoln chafee, jim webb, martin o'malley. you kind of hope for these guys there's some breakout moment. how did this debate impact their poll numbers? >> well, you said it, reena. they really needed that breakout moment. last time i was here we were talking about carly fiorina and her breakout moments in the gop debates. martin o'malley really needed that tonight. he wants to be the anti-hillary candidate, the one that bernie sanders is now. and he really did not have that
3:07 am
moment tonight. and neither did lincoln chafee or jim webb. >> and now the conversation switches to the democrat that many wanted to have seen on stage tonight. that's vice president biden. is he any closer to making a decision about running? >> it's really the question hanging over this entire race still. what will joe do? we expect some sort of decision later this week, maybe even next week. but what we do know is by november 6th that is when the filing deadlines start. that's really the last absolute date -- >> three weeks. >> do we know where he was tonight exactly? where was he watching? he must have been watching. >> he was at the vice president's residence. he was watching. but before the debate he actually hosted a high school reunion with some high school pals at the vice president's residence. so you can imagine what they were asking him. >> oh, this seems like a very joe biden thing to do. right? >> absolutely. >> freddie from the block. >> much more fun than hanging out at the debate. >> they were definitely i'm sure weighing in on that big decision. >> you're right, shush.
3:08 am
abc's deputy political director shush p.annah walshe. >> thanks for having me on. >> coming up in our next half hour, more live coverage of the debate from las vegas and donald trump's big announcement. it's your voice your vote on abc. another major headline we're following. federal atf agents are joining the investigation into that kansas city fire in which two firefighters died. the the men were killed when a burning building collapsed, trapping them. investigators say there's nothing suspicious about the fire at least initially, but the atf agents will be able to provide special expertise in the investigation. to the mideast now. secretary of state john kerry says the violence between israelis and palestinians must stop. but israel's prime minister says he'll take a series of aggressive steps to stop at tacks against israeli civilians. abc's alex marquardt is in jerusalem. >> reporter: out of nowhere the white car careens onto the sidewalk, ramming into pedestrians, who go flying. the attacker a palestinian man
3:09 am
then gets out of the car and starts attacking bystanders with a meat cleaver. an israeli security guard rushes up and shoots the attacker, who collapses. but as a crowd gathers he tries to get up again and keep fighting before being taken down. in the end one victim died in what has been one of the most dramatic incidents in two weeks of relentless violence in israel and the palestinian territories. the fear now, that this is no ordinary spike in violence. palestinian anger being fueled by israel's crackdown. responses like a bombing in gaza that left a palestinian mother and her young daughter dead. a cycle threatening to spin out of control and turn into an all-out conflict. israel is now reportedly going to start deploying its army into the streets of jerusalem to protect public transportation and is also considering checkpoints around palestinian neighborhoods. alex marquardt, abc news, jerusalem. a top russian official says the dutch report into the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17 is flawed.
3:10 am
that report determined that a russian-made missile brought the plane down, killing everyone on board. the russian official says it's obvious the biased report was politically motivated. the new report did not determine who fired the missile. investigators are still working on that. well, this isn't good news. here in the u.s. the air traffic controllers union is warning that a chronic shortage of controllers could actually lead to flight delays. union leaders say the faa is to blame for the shortage by not meeting hiring goals in the last few years. the faa says there have been a number of issues including the fact the controller academy was closed for nine months because of the government shutdown and budget cuts. all right. some big baseball games last night. let's hit the highlights now. it is time for sports with reena. >> okay. we start with the cardinals and the cubs from wrigley field in chicago. it was tied at 4 in the sixth when chicago's anthony rizzo hit one deep to the right. then the following inning kyle schwarber, he made it 6-4 cubs
3:11 am
with another solo home run. that set up wild scenes of celebration. the cubs head back to the national league championship series for the first time since 2003. that's a long time, huh? of course you'd bust out the champagne, right? then it was the dodgers and the mets right here in new york. l.a. put three runs on the board in the third. and that was all they would need. pitching ace clayton kershaw gave up just one run and three hits in sen innings of work. the teams meet again in a decisive game 5. that's tomorrow. that'll be in l.a. the winner hosts game 1 of the nlcs on saturday. >> yeah. clayton kershaw. >> that's your boy? >> yeah, he's a heck of a pitcher. this is the first time the cubs have clinched a series at home in the history of their franchise. it was the first time their fans could really party and get into it because it was happening right in front of them. >> what took them so long? >> well, that's the age-old question. people say it's the curse of the goat. the curse of steve bartman, that
3:12 am
guy who reached into the playing field and cursed them and they -- that was the last time they were in the nlcs, 12 years ago. a lot of happy people in chicago today. >> maybe they changed their socks too many times. >> something. but it's working so far. coming up in "the mix," was that santa claus that we saw in the audience in last night's debate? >> so many people buzzing about that one. also ahead, a family dispute involving an aunt, her enthusiastic nephew's hug and a broken wrist. the fight went to court, and this morning there's a winner. and the baby born on an international flight to the u.s. the special delivery and the question is the baby an american? and don't forget, check us out on facebook. we're also on twittera @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income,
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a florida baby not expected to survive is getting a second chance in boston. abigail jones was born with a brain tumor, but even before birth her parents knew that she probably would not survive. but she began to eat and gained weight. so her parents had a second opinion. boston children's hospital doctors said the tumor might not be malignant and operated. and it turned out that it was not cancerous. >> we were telling people, and i mean, people just couldn't believe it. it's just -- what? huh? >> so sweet. her mother says the surgeon said that they got it all and it was almost like when she heard that abigail was reborn again.
3:17 am
the baby has already been discharged from the hospital. what a great recovery story. i love this one. now to a unique case involving a family relative suing an 8-year-old boy after he left to greet her at his birthday party. >> i don't know about this. his overzealous show of affection caused her to break her wrist and now a required has been reached in that case. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: a one of a kind court case in bridgeport, connecticut. a woman suing an 8-year-old relative for $127,000 for inadvertently breaking her wrist when he went to give her an exuberant hug. jennifer connell, whom the defendant calls auntie jen, arrived for shawn's 8th birthday party when according to court documents he gave her a force'll greeting which she says caused her to fall by knocking her to the ground, resulting in severe personal injuries. the incident happened back in 2011. connell wait two-day years after the fall to take shawn tarella, her cousin's son, now 12 years
3:18 am
old, to court. connell claims the fracture resulted in medical bills totaling more than $113,000. she says she continues to have great pain and discomfort, even testifying "i was at a party recently and it was difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvres plate." after this two-day trial it took the jury less than an hour to come back with its verdict, siding with the boy. yet another fall for the 54-year-old connell, who tried to avoid the media as she left the courthouse, crestfallen and likely in need of a hug. linsey davis, abc news, bridgeport, connecticut. >> in need of a hug? christmas is going to be interesting in that household, right? >> it's going to be really awkward come holiday time. that's right. coming up in our next half hour. gop presidential front-runner donald trump hosting "saturday night live," returning to the same network who broke off ties after controversial comments. and will the other candidates get a shot at the stage? but first, a very special delivery.
3:19 am
a baby born in the middle of an overseas flight. and a very important question. what country will she be a citizen of? you're watching "world news now."
3:20 am
the passenger list on an overseas flight suddenly got a little bit longer. >> an expectant mom was going into labor, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, but some confusion now over her nationality. here's abc's neal karlinsky. [ applause ] >> reporter: passengers usually reserve applause for the captain after a happy landing. but this too was a happy landing of sorts. >> it's a girl. >> reporter: just look how excited that flight attendant is, holding a brand new baby girl at 30,000 feet, born right in the middle of row 49. amira rajput couldn't believe her eyes. >> they're disinfecting scissors
3:21 am
and, you know, collecting buckets and blankets and whatever things that they can find. >> reporter: the china air flight was headed from taiwan to los angeles. but you can see on radar where it made a huge course change, steering toward alaska for an emergency landing. but will the baby be a u.s. citizen? the law says if you're born within a 12-mile radius of american soil you are. but we don't know yet. in the meantime, just a big thank you for a doctor who happened to be on board a plane that landed with one more passenger than when it started. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> so clearly there's no epidural up in the sky. they gave her a blanket to bite down on. >> oh, no. wow. >> to contain her screams. >> wow. >> and i saw paper towels coming in. you know in first class they give you the nice little hot -- >> the nice hot towel. >> they couldn't find one of those? >> that's a big question. what was -- look at that. >> yeah. >> delivering. see, had i been on that flight, things would have turned out much differently. >> you had your own liquid
3:22 am
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and now it's time for "the mix." this is a little bit of an interesting debate take. remember the last time the gop debate there was that hot guy who sat behind the moderators. you might remember him. social media was buzzing over who this guy was, what was the deal with him. well, now here he is. that was gregory caruso. we find out later he was a young film director. so what are people buzzing about about who was in the crowd this time? santa claus. we don't know whether rudolph brought him over to the debate. we don't know if rudolph was playing in the slot machines. but apparently people were buzzing about how santa claus made it into the crowd. sxwre ma >> he made the list. holidays are coming. he was there to check it twice. >> see who's naughty and nice. who's for gun control and who isn't. >> i like it. the lax dress code there at the
3:26 am
democratic debate. children. you have them. >> yes. >> love them. they can be embarrassing sometimes. we have video of a little boy just trying to help his mom at the store. >> okay. >> hey, mom. you may have forgotten these. >> don't you use these for your butt? >> what? >> don't you use these for your butt? >> what do you mean? >> at the old house, our house, our old house. don't you? >> no. put them back. >> oh. >> why are you trying to play it cool? you know you use those, mom. >> no, i don't. ebony clark is the mother. she posted that to youtube. 6 million hits later. he's so cute, though. he's just trying to help. >> you're right. that's a good point. he's just trying to help. even though you feel embarrassed. aisle 8 of the grocery store. >> that's the way they do it. >> speaking of embarrassing moments caught on camera, take a look at this.
3:27 am
this was actually an anchor who thinks that they are getting skunked by a skunk. you've got to see this one. >> their self-defense mechanism. they spray. so if they get scared, if they feel threatened at all they'll shoot out a spray and can it can shoot about -- >> oh! >> delayed reaction there. >> i know. this was from abc action 3 news in omaha, nebraska. happened on friday. they were trying to play a trick, if you can tell, on the anchor. i thought it was pretty funny. i would have freaked out, too. i think he was in the right. >> funny when they play it on someone else. all right. it is october. there are people now decorating pumpkins, making jack-o'-lanterns. i want to show you a -- look at this. this is art. that is done on a pumpkin. >> wow. >> that is a chicago artist named edward cobril. his expertise is usually in cakes. takes him about six hours, but those are masterpieces. >> okay. more news coming up. that is gorgeous.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- the democratic debate. the issues that drove the major candidates apart, and where they actually agreed with one another. the political surprises live from las vegas. breaking news. an unresponsive lamar odom rushed from a brothel to a nevada emergency room. the latest developments about the reality tv and former nba star. and new this half hour, a brush with death on a commute to work. >> the giant piece of scrap metal that smashed a woman's windshield. the investigation and the driver's disbelief. and later, donald trump is going to do something he hasn't done in 11 years. his plan to host "saturday night live." we'll look at his last performance in "the skinny" on this wednesday october 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
well, good morning on this very busy wednesday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. of course everyone talking about the big showdown in las vegas, where the democrats, they were butting heads. it was the first debate of the primary. >> despite a few sharp exchanges and disagreements, it was really no slugfest with the candidates largely toeing the party line on issues like immigration and fighting income inequality. it's your voice your vote now with more from abc's juju chang. >> reporter: right out of the gate the tough questions. >> lu say anything to get elected? >> reporter: anderson cooper asking hillary clinton about her recent flip-flop. from gay marriage to last week's trade deal. >> well, actually, i have been very consistent over the course of my entire life. i have always fought for the same values and principles. >> reporter: but the real sparks flying between the top two contenders, clinton and bernie sanders, going toe to toe for the first time. the first hot-button issue -- gun control. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. not at all. >> what i can tell secretary
3:32 am
clinton, that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> reporter: but the most dramatic moment came after she was pressed on her use of a private internet server for official e-mails. >> i did say it was a mistake. what i did was allowed by the state department, but it wasn't the best choice. >> reporter: and that's when sanders surprised the crowd with this. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary's right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. [ cheers and applause ] >> i thought bernie sanders did very well. of all the folks on the debate stage tonight i thought he did the best. he was the most disciplined on message. he kept returning to the message. he was the most passionate about his message. >> i think seeing the first
3:33 am
woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we've had up until this point including president obama. >> i thought she looked as hillary always looks, which is she's very competent, very composed. >> reporter: the latest abc news/"washington post" poll showing clinton still enjoying an advantage over sanders. despite his recent surge. the super pac draft biden put out this campaign ad, using his own words from the last democratic convention to push him to run. >> it's about being able to look your child in the eye and say, honey, it's going to be okay. >> reporter: but the veep staying quiet, choosing to watch the action from home. juju chang, abc news, new york. and with millions tuned in to the television, many of them on social media, it was a night to remember. >> our coverage continues this morning live from las vegas with abc's brandi hitt. brandi, good morning to you. tell us, what was it like being there? >> reporter: good morning, reena. good morning, phillip. you know what, the mood here,
3:34 am
everyone seems to be in a great mood following this debate. most people when they talk about it here in the spin room, you can see it's now winding down, but most democrats say this was what they wanted out of the debate. fiery but civil. we saw some attacks when it came to policy. but nothing personal like we saw at least with the last couple republican debates. so overall the democrats here in the spin room came back saying they feel this was a win for their party, reena and phillip. >> and of course we can't let you go without talking about donald trump. he was of course among those watching. what was his reaction to the democrats? >> reporter: you know what? donald trump actually came up during the debate as one of the topics. even bernie sanders said if i'm elected president donald trump and the rest of his billionaires are going to be paying a lot more in taxes. so of course before the debate began donald trump put it out there that he was going to be watching, he was going to be live tweeting during the debate, and some of his responses online were "this debate is sad." he said "there's no star on stage." and he says the democrats' message was more free handouts
3:35 am
and that he could not wait to debate whoever becomes the democratic nominee. of course that would mean he's the presumptive republican nominee. of course donald trump said his speech today was probably more entertaining than anything you saw on that stage. reena and phillip. >> abc's brandi hitt live in las vegas. brandi, thanks so much. and our coverage of the debate does not end here. more highlights coming up in our next half hour. including additional insight about joe biden. on to some other news this morning. former nba and reality tv star lamar odom is being treated at a las vegas hospital after being found unconscious at a brothel. medics were called in yesterday when odom was found to be unresponsive. he was stabilized and driven to vegas because his 6'10" frame was too big for a helicopter. odom was married to khloe kardashian for four years. they divorced in 2013. well, now we have alarming news out of iran. state television says the country has successfully test-fired an advanced torpedo
3:36 am
system. there's no word on its range. and the report cannot be independently verified. iran's defense minister says no foreign power can prevent iran from improving its defense capabilities. meanwhile, iran's parliament has approved a nuclear deal with world powers. a top russian official says the dutch report into the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 is biased and politically motivated. that report determined that a russian-made missile brought the plane down, killing everyone on board. months after painstaking work allowed investigators to reconstruct that aircraft. the new report did not determine who fired the missile. investigators are still working on that. another crash in florida, where at least three people have reportedly died. the tragedy happened late yesterday afternoon in the palm beach county town of palm springs. witnesses say the plane suddenly dropped out of the sky, hit two mobile homes, and then burst into flames. one resident says he fears his
3:37 am
daughter was killed in the crash. kansas city is mourning the loss of two firefighters killed when a burning building collapsed. abc's alex perez reports on the grief and the investigation. >> reporter: more than 50 firefighters battling this monstrous blaze near downtown kansas city. then ordered to evacuate. the firefighters make it out. >> command did you copy? major collapse on the west side. major collapse. >> reporter: but not far enough away. one of the walls pushing out 30 feet. trapping four firefighters in the rubble. kansas city's bravest racing to save their own. 17-year veteran larry leggio and 13-year veteran john mesh pronounced dead at the hospital. >> firefighter leggio leaves a wife, a mother and many immediate family members. firefighter mesh leaves a wife and four young daughters. >> they were both good men. they were hard firefighters. we know today they'd still do the same job again if they had to. >> reporter: the two other injured firefighters are
3:38 am
expected to be okay. across this city flags are flying at half staff to honor the fallen firefighters. this is the first time since 2008 a firefighter here is killed while battling a blaze. alex perez, abc news, kansas city, missouri. the former head of chicago's public schools is apologizing to students and teachers. barbara byrd bennett pleaded guilty to corruption charges, admitting she steered $23 million in no-bid contracts to her former employer. outside the courtroom she cheerfully said students and teachers deserved much more from her. prosecutors have agreed to a 7 1/2-year prison sentence. twitter is cutting back. the company is laying off more than 300 employees. that's about 8% of its staff. engineering will be hit hardest. the goal is to streamline twitter internally so it can move and adapt more quickly. analysts are divided on the move. it's one of the first moves by founder jack dorsey since he returned to twitter as ceo. advertisers still prefer facebook and google. all right. how about this?
3:39 am
starbucks have started a rather unique delivery service inside one of the most famous buildings in the world. >> it's happening at the empire state building and only at the empire state building. the whole thing is called starbucks green apron delivery service. it's only available to the more than 12,000 people who work in the building. >> starbucks is using the program to learn how to handle deliveries to specific locations. customers place orders through a dedicated website, and they're delivered within half an hour. >> yeah. they'll tell you and you can tell exactly where it gets delivered and to whom. but we have our own delivery service here. we can one-up them, you know. >> is that right? >> on the overnight. you didn't know that? >> ha, ha. i didn't know that. now i do. noel, thank you. >> it's our special "world news now" blend. >> and it comes in a mailbox. >> cool little mailbox. >> it's kind of hard to find coffee this hour. so it's a little water. enjoy yourselves. >> that's awesome. >> thank you. our floor director noel, who gives us coffee with a smile.
3:40 am
where are you going, noel? i'm a little suspicious he dropped it off and ran away so quickly. >> i know, right? but i love this little carrying case. that's what people like about starbucks. just don't like waiting in line. >> i prefer mine not black, but with almond milk. >> diva. coming up in "the skinny," jennifer lawrence's big regrets about money and the star named the sexiest woman alive. also ahead, how to save on the high cost of maternity clothes. worthwhile options for moms-to-be. >> this coffee isn't that bad. and the landmark legal case involving police officers injured on the job and the owners of a gun shot. the decision. after a look at today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather. brought to you by mucinex fastmax. x. so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max.
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this was a scary incident on a high this was a scary incident on a highway near boston. a large piece of scrap metal came crashing down on this woman's windshield. the piece of metal fell off a tractor-trailer. the good news is it landed on the passenger side of the windshield where no one was sitting. the driver, a 48-year-old woman, says she had no warning. >> coming under the underpass, it flew out of a truck. sparks kind of flying from the truck. >> luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. police are seeking the truck driver who was behind the wheel of the truck that the metal flew out of. >> my goodness. all right. turning now to a landmark legal case and whether a gun store can be held accountable after a sale. authorities say a minor got an older friend to buy a weapon for him and that gun was then used to shoot two police officers. >> those officers suing the store for selling that gun. and a jury yesterday rendering a
3:45 am
guilty verdict. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the jury was asked if badger guns was liable in the shooting of two police officers. >> the jury answered this question yes. >> reporter: the case began with this altercation between two milwaukee police officers and this suspect. it ended violently with each policeman shot in the face, leaving them scarred physically and mentally. >> it felt like i didn't deserve to live anymore. i actually considered committing suicide. >> reporter: the officers deciding to sue the gun store where the weapon was illegally purchased. julius burton, the suspect who shot the policemen, was too young to buy a gun at the time. so he paid this man, seen here on surveillance tape, to legally buy it for him. it's called a straw purchase scam. according to the lawsuit, the gun store approved the sale despite a number of irregularities including that the man filling out the form first noted the gun was not even for him. the officers in milwaukee,
3:46 am
authorities claim badger guns was a rogue store, that between 2006 and 2009 more than 1,800 guns from that dealer were used in crimes. but gun store officials say they never intentionally sold to criminals. >> the last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody's hands that has -- that's going to commit a crime. >> reporter: the gun store gets to appeal the ruling but the verdict could have far-reaching implications, with gun dealers across the nation on notice that they now have to be more careful about who they sell to. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> the two police officers were awarded $5 million in damages because of their severe injuries. and one of them has brain damage. yeah. and a destroyed eye from this. >> horrible, horrible case. well, coming up, donald trump returning to the network that recently gave him the boot. plus, see if you can guess who was named the sexiest woman alive. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. tt2watv#@64 bt@qv9h
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny leading us off, the donald set to host "saturday night live." >> yep. trump will return to the "snl" stage. but more notably to the network that severed ties with him earlier this year. the iconic sketch show kicked off its 41st season by making fun of the republican
3:49 am
presidential candidate and included an impersonation by his democratic counterpart hillary clinton. >> nbc is being accused of setting a double standard, citing their dumping of trump's miss usa pageant earlier this year after racially insensitive comments he made on the campaign trail. but november 7th trump will return to host once again. >> if i turn away from the camera, your ratings will drop five points. watch. and boom, they're back. >> wow. >> oh, "snl." oh, boy. no doubt. hoping to feel the trump effect in the ratings game. but there's also another issue at play. >> the fcc's equal time rule. meaning that nbc is obligated to give other candidates air time. no word yet, though, if any other presidential hopefuls are taking nbc up on it. >> this video's actually from 2004, which is his last appearance. >> it's going to be good. >> he looked so different in that video, doesn't he?
3:50 am
>> it's going to be good, though. >> it is. all right. actress hayden panettiere has checked into a treatment facility for postpartum depression. the star of "nashville" gave birth to her first child last december with boxer wladimir klitschko. >> panettiere's tv character juliet also suffers from the condition. hayden has been open about her own struggles telling kelly ripa and michael strahan "it's really painful and it's really scary and women need a lot of support." >> yeah, as many as 1 in 7 american women suffer from some form of mental illness during or after pregnancy. >> it's so good to see someone in hollywood talking about it because i was just talking to another abc employee today who has a young child. people say how happy they are and how great it is and you feel like you've got to play that part, but there can be some dark moments, especially in the first year, and to have somebody like her come out and talk about it is really wonderful. >> it's important to know you're not alone. and jennifer lawrence is speaking out about the gender pay gap as it relates to her experience in hollywood. she reveals she found out through the sony hacking scandal
3:51 am
just how much less she was paid for her work on the film "american hustle" than her male co-stars. >> in an essay for lawrence writes about her anger with herself over not negotiating harder and saying "i would be lying if i didn't say there was an element of wanting to be liked that influenced my decision to close the deal without a real fight. i didn't want to seem difficult or spoiled." >> lawrence closed the essay by declaring that she is "over" trying to find the adorable and likeable way to speak her mind. all right. the annual honor of sexiest woman alive as proclaimed by "esquire" magazine. >> this year the "game of thrones" star emilia clarke, the 28-year-old british actress. she is beautiful, come on. she appears in steamy photos, and is noted for the way she balances being friendly and fierce. that's a tough combo. >> yep. and next week clarke will receive "gq's" woman of the year award.
3:52 am
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♪ you know what sometimes is really hard? finding clothes when you're pregnant that doesn't make you look like a tent. it's really hard to build a new wardrobe. you've got to have patience and of course money. >> but there are some ways to cut down on those costs. as abc's expectant chief meteorologist ginger zee shows us. >> reporter: from kerry washington's beautiful bump to the ever-elegant pregnant kate,
3:56 am
we love to see what the stars are wearing when they start to pop. but for those of us with baby on board and a budget, buying a whole new wardrobe for just a few months can sure make it tough to feel red carpet ready. >> this is all i have for maternity. none of this fits. none of that fits. this fits. and that whole closet over here doesn't fit. and i've got another couple months left. >> jerse is the pregnant woman's best friend. >> exactly. it's comfortable. it's loose. >> reporter: enter companies like nine for nine. they rent designer maternity clothing for up to 75% off the retail price. not bad when women can spend up to two grand on their maternity wardrobe. >> our average ticket runs between $90 and $100. and in that order they'll usually get four to five items. >> who is this specifically for? >> it's for anyone that's pregnant. even if you're a stay-at-home mom and you just want to put something on that makes you feel good on date night they can wear something for a month.
3:57 am
>> instead of buying this navy maxi dress for $175 i can rent it for 60 bucks for two weeks. thanks to maternity rental now i don't have to lose sleep over what to wear with this ever-growing belly. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> do you know what else is really important that you probably can't rent? a good bra. you've got to invest in a good bra. >> is that right? i'll make sure to remember that. good bra when i'm pregnant. >> yes. because it's very important to make sure the girls are taken care of. >> noted. >> people kind of forget about that. >> noted. yep. there are websites -- thank you for that. that you can donate -- look at that, though. they look beautiful in that. >> they do. but it's important that pregnant women feel good in the clothes they're in because you don't feel the sexiest. >> absolutely. they're beautiful, though. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, showdown in sin city. the first democratic presidential debate with hillary clinton center stage. the moment getting the most attention involving clinton's e-mail controversy and what it means for joe biden's decision on whether to run. we're live with highlights and analysis. deadly attacks. emergency meetings under way right now after terror attacks in the middle east. the unrest showing no signs of slowing. breaking overnight, basketball and reality show star lamar odom rushed to the hospital found unconscious at a brothel. new details just in about his condition. scrap metal scare. piercing through a windshield. the close call for a driver.


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