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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this story live. >> reporter: investigators were hoping for conclusive results from the autopsy and they got anything but. but first tonight we heard the voice of brendon's father dj who called 911 to report him missing. >> i just woke up and my -- >> that is dj mitchell calling to report his son missing early wednesday morning. >> i just woke up and he was not here, the door was locked and i don't know if he unlocked it and just left. >> less than three hours after his father made the call the toddler's lifeless body was found eight block as way in cooper river park. like many in this quiet town,
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brian hublert thought that the autopsy would determine the cause of his death but it did not conclusively show the cause of death. >> unanswered questions, makes us all sick to our stomachs, it seems impossible for a 3-month-old to walk that far. >> everybody wants answers because nobody wants to know that there is some crazy psychopath on the loose. >> detectives returned to cooper river park today and also traced the path from cooper's street to the park for clues, did brandon get out on his own, did someone harm him and dump his body in the park. >> i hope they find the person that did this, because that person deserves what he gets. >> i hope justice is found for this little boy and they find
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out what happened, and maybe his family can fine some peace. >> reporter: now, i saw d.j. at his parent's home and he declined to comment, and his mother said despite what some people in town are saying, her son is innocent and had nothing to do with brendon's death. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> still a lot of questions, thank you. meanwhile, police have a person in custody for the death of a woman in delaware. the body of the 56-year-old victim was found if her home by her daughter in hockessin. >> within a half hour later, received a call from the subject giving us information that he was responsible for this incident. >> while that suspect was taken into custody on spring brook lane in bear, so far no charges
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are filed. police have not identified the victim or told us how she died. well, he called it philadelphia's worst kept secret but today he made it official. police commissioner ramsey made it official, after eight years on the job the commissioner will call it quits. >> reporter: hey brian, charles ramsey came in with mayor nutter in 2008 and will leave with him in january. he says it's a personal not a political decision. >> i think the new mayor needs to be able to pick his or her own team, and hit the ground running. >> over the past eight years, ramsey made major changes in the department, stepping on toes but also earning a lot of respect, he is focused on community
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policing and getting officers more involved in the areas they patrol and that led to a violent drop in crime. >> the numbers do in fact speak for themselves. compared to this time in 2007. the homicide total is down 33%. >> but at the same time the city was leading the nation in officer-involved shootings, ramsey called into the department of justice for an audit and the doj made recommendations and they came in today to monitor the improvements. >> we don't get the stamp of approval until they say we had in compliance, the goal is to meet all the recommendations period. >> ramsey is proud of all the progress the department made under his leadership and hopes that the new commissioner will continue to progress. kinney declined to comment but
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off the record said that ramsey would be welcome to stay on the job. >> they say they won't have to look forward than department commissioner, ross. >> there is nobody better in the country who we currently have serving as first deputy, ramsey worked in chicago and washington, d.c. and here in philadelphia he earned a national reputation and was chosen by president obama to cochair the committee on community policing. he says he is close to retiring but is not done yet. >> it's time to move to another level and i think i can have a great impact nationally on the issues facing law enforcement today. >> mayor nutter choked up as he thanked ramsey for his service and there are a lot of thank yous to go around today, but coming up on "action news" at 6:00, we'll hear about the
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families that ramsey thanks the most. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> all right david thank you. sounds like ramsey's career is far from over at this point. time for a check of accuweather forecast. lets go to cecily tynan in for adam joseph this afternoon. not a bad day out there cecily. >> not at all, just feels more like the middle of october, we had three days of temperatures in the 70s s. felt like september and now more seasonalible air and satellite 6 along with action radar showing we started the day with bright sunshine and then the clouds really bubbled up this afternoon but not a solid band of clouds, we have enough breaks to see sunshine, it's a reenforcing is shot of cooler air, one cold front moved through last night and another one is moving through now and temperatures are where they should be, 67 in philadelphia, millville 68 and allentown 63 and wilmington 66
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and trenton 64 and sea isle city 66. it's a shock to the system compared to this time yesterday, degrees coolner philadelphia and 8 degrees cooler in lancaster and much cooler air arriving tomorrow. at 7:00, 62, down to 52 by 9:00 and 57 by 10:00. i'll track cold fronts on the way with the possibility of showers and some really chilly air by the weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. friends and family members gathered today for a celebration for life. for former naacp president. jerry mondsire. services filled the bright hope
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baptist church and dignitaries packed the scemetery. was a champion of social justice. and led the naacp chapter in philadelphia for 17 yeared and was the founder and publisher of the philadelphia sun and cofounded the philadelphia association of black journalists. today would have been his 66th birthday and of course he is no stranger to us here at 6 abc as well. >> no stranger at all. alicia thank you. police are hoping to find witnesses that can help them piece together details of a deadly crash in delaware county, the action cam was at market street, when a 31-year-old motorcyclist from pine view, new jersey, was hit, he stopped at a
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light and did not go through it when it turned green and after two cycles a motorist hit him. wednesday afternoon and time to get you home safely and in a timely fashion, as we got a first check of the afternoon traffic report. autumn marissa is in for matt pellman. an accident at the mid county tolls, it's a little windy out there, through the tolls at the northeast extension and pennsylvania turnpike, this white van was overturned. but it's slowing things down from the schuylkill expressway from the turnpike taking you 12 minutes, speeds around the region, slow on the schuylkill and slow on the westbound lanes as you make your way through the vine street expressway to route 1 and the eastbound lanes to the vine slow going also taking a look at 95, a lot of problems here yesterday but right now looking good from the vine
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street expressway to woodhaven only taking 24 minutes and the same for the southbound commute, moving right along and showing you what it looks like on the vine street expressway, a disabled vehicle. one incident in washington township, route 47, and cross keys road, we have downed poles and taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, some traffic is out there, but a nice drive in both directions, we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in a half hour. >> not bad out there. >> it looks pretty good. >> we have more as "action news" continues, a serious threat, for a pennsylvania football league to cancel the season. and a hero's welcome well overdue, the heart working home come that a local veteran and
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his family thought they would never see. and adam? >> reporter: i am at the bates motel and haunted hay ride. this will turn into a haunted attraction. we have the hay ride and a corn maze and 75 actors, breaking news they are just actors, had it behind the scenes getting ready prepping in makeup and look at this pretty young lady, nice teeth. take a smile at the camera. if they don't eat me alive, out here we'll have more when accuweather returns.
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a disturbing threat forced a youth football league to cancel the rest of its season, someone left bullets inscribed by league officials by junior players by
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pittsburgh, they advised them to scrap the position, and an ongoing argument by parents of players but it's unclear if this new threat had anything to do with that. turning now to the race for 2016, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaign said that last night's democratic debate was a success, sanders said he raised $1.3 million since last night. and clinton is getting a lot of praise. and meantime, vice president, joe biden did not make up his mind about running but is proud of the other candidates performances. there are new developments in volkswagon's admission's test scandals and that other cars are detective even though they have other technology, the suspected software was ridgely made in
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2009 to 2015, and now they say that 2016 has software that could lead to deceptive results, they are looking into these new emissions. now closing numbers, down red arrows, the dow up 157 points, the s&p slipping 9.5 points on the day. it's time now for the accuweather forecast, we'll do that by checking in with meteorologist, cecily tynan, we are talking about the cooler temperatures on the way. >> they have officially arrived. we had three days and yesterday's high. reading 63 and millville 63 and cape may 64. we have winds out of the
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northwest, 15 miles in philadelphia and 15 at the boardwalk in wilmington and reading, and the wind is pulling down the cooler air, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we woke up this morning if the clouds are filling in. doesn't have a lot of moisture, or showers or thunderstorms. what this will do is bringing us a closer shot of colder air, you'll have to find the jacket, partly cloudy and cooler, last night's low was 57 degrees, 49 by tomorrow morning and allentown 4-and wilmington 46 degrees. future tracker 6 showing a lot of sunshine tomorrow, 59 at 10:00 and 50 in allentown, and millville, and heading into the afternoon, loads of sunshine, and definitely a load of sunshine, your four day at 4:00,
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bright and beautiful, and cooler than today. another cold front moves in and this brings us a possibility of sprinkles later in the day with a high of 66 degrees, what that front will do, is bring us a colder air mass, if you are heading into the temple football game, you can bundle up and have frost around and by the weekend temperatures feeling more like november than october. back to you brian. >> all right cecily thank you. >> high speed internet is becoming more available to families in camden, it's one of 27 cities with the connect home initiative. and low divide communities, mayor dana redd surfed the web with computers donated by comcast and job seekers will
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find a new kiosk where they can search for new jobs. in northeast philadelphia a long overdue welcome home, from a local korean war veteran. >> i'm pleased to recognize you as an american war hero, loved ones of francis leonard reached out for a hero's welcome. that the health is failing and they wanted to honor him because he was not formerly welcomed home from war, he was born in kensington and is married to his wife joanne for 55 years. he was presented with an award. and leonard was currently in hospice care. in northeast philadelphia, and his family saying this day was
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incredibly special. he said thank you, to everybody that has shown up to thank him for his service to our country. >> thank you. coming up a wilmington officer, accused of ripping off vacationers, and the archdiocese is benefiting from the excitement surrounding pope francis's visit including the priestly plans straight ahead. >> a dream honeymoon, with a tiny thread, the expensive honeymoon, and her passport.
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now the outdoor adventure, the first of the fall. at the bates motel and haunted hay ride is offering a special discounts. adam joseph is getting an up close and personal look at the
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ghosts. >> this is the one you send me for the first one, i don't know if i'm the one that is not normal here, you can hear the chainsaws going, this is the bates motel and this is the haunted hay ride, this one is legitimately crazy, i don't know if i wants a kiss from you. they have different attractions here and you can come be scared with your family, but they have a special tonight, this is randy the owner, you have been doing this for 25 years. >> yes 25 years adam. >> tonight is special for the military. >> every year we do a military appreciation night and all vets get half off all attractions. >> and you $65,000 you invested throughout the year, this year the bates motel donated money to vets and part of the haunts
4:25 pm
group, we have a million dollars worth of tickets this year. >> do you train these guys? >> we let them out of the cage and they have at it. >> take a look, there is no chain on it or is there a chain on it. >> of course there is a chain on it. >> coming up in the full accuweather forecast. we'll bring you into the haunted house and bring you by the corn maze and chat about this attraction now going on for a few more weeks, guys can you help me out please. >> honestly. >> all right adam, i don't foe if we should say thank you or not. >> too much fun. all right moving on. a 9 year veteran of the wilmington police department is facing forgery and fraud charges, roberta harlow is facing charges stemming from a
4:26 pm
beach rental property, the 40-year-old is suspended without pay and out on bail. abby lee miller, the star of dance moms indicted on charges of bankruptcy charge, she is named as the sole defendant in the indictment. she is from an area near pittsburgh, she is accused of hiding $775,000 worth of income she made from the show and ventures from the show while she was in the middle of chapter 7 bankruptcy. she faces prison and a fine for each count. here is one way to consider size the demons, the match diocese hopes that it turns into vocations, they are giving an initiative that they call by name, priests throughout the archdiocese will be asked to
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offer suitable candidates by writing their names on a note card from church, a new film entitled heed the call will be entitled the priest. coming up next adam joseph is live at the haunted hay ride next. >> and they call it a double blessing, we talk to the berks county family that got surprising help from strangers a westbound after their son pend vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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. hello 4:30 now, an update on the ex nba star, lamar odom who is on life support and now may be improving. and imagine showing up for your dream honeymoon and you are told you can't board the plane because your bent passport is too damaged. that is what happened to a couple that set them back 24 . >> plus, he lost his life and leg to a driver, but a berks county pastor did not lose his
4:30 pm
will to share god's message. but we begin with the mystery surrounding a south jersey toddler found dead three hours after he was reported missing yesterday, an autopsy performed on 3-year-old brendon, did not share much light on his tragedy, the camden county prosecutors office called it inconclusive saying the cause and manner of death is inconclusive. the call that the father made from his apartment, was released. >> i woke up and he was not in here, i don't know where he is, the door was locked, i guess he unlocked it and left. >> less than three hours after that call was placed the toddler's body was found in a wooded area in cooper river park just eight blocks from home, authorities say the investigation is still ongoing. a 13-year-old boy is recovering after being hit by a
4:31 pm
car this afternoon, it happened in the 72 oo block. the teenager was rushed to the hospital with a hip injury and the driver did remain on the scene and investigators have not yet said if any charges will be filed. a berks county pastor is about to make a return to the pulpit that some call miraculous. he makes it around with a walker but that he can walk at all is incredible. he was injured when an alleged drunk driver hit his motorcycle and pinned him under the suv, he broke both arms and lost a leg. now he is ready to get back and preach. >> my message is to encourage anyone in a hard place, go and going through hard times in life, i say i don't have a high
4:32 pm
or left leg but i'm going to be okay. >> his wife lynn was killed in the accident and he says he will not be defined by the losses but rather by his family and his faith. >> a family says they are celebrating two miracles, first their disabled son was blessed by pope francis. >> "action news" reporter walter perez, talked to the family today and he is live in elverson with the story. >> as you know the whole thing started when the bishop was invited to play for the pope when he arrived at the airport. the band brought their entire family and the pope kissed their son who has cerebral policy. >> that was own the beginning. >> it's overwhelming and amazing.
4:33 pm
>> chuck keating is talking about what is happening. >> it's amazing. >> he looked at the adults in the area and they came right to him. >> new found fame gave them an idea. the keatings who are both local teachers helped them get a handicapped van, getting him in and out of a vehicle is difficult. >> if michael was your job you would be disabled. you would not be able to do the job, and i said but i have to. >> and they are hoping there is enough for a down payment. >> people have pledged more than $114,000, chuck says he and his family are overwhelm zblud see the comments from people and you hear about the bad things in the world, this gives you hope there
4:34 pm
are so many nice people and generous people out there. >> they hope that this inspires every family with a disabled child. >> help them with dinner or pick up their child from an after school activity, the help means so much because families like ours sometimes feel alone. >> chuck said he is just returning the favor. >> michael is one that blessed us and now we are seeing it's all coming together. it's truly amazing. >> reporter: how about that. $50,000 of that total comes from j.j. abrahams, director of the upcoming star wars movie, the van will cost $50,000 and anything left will go to upgrading the ramps around the house to make them more access edge for michael. >> truly wonderful story walter
4:35 pm
thank you. some young hockey fans had a once in a lifetime opportunity in philadelphia, they were allowed to take the ice in the wells fargo center, they were on the ice to take on the flyers against the black hawks tonight, they organized this hockey helping kids event, to support the world theater of children, that group helps children of autism with acting and therapy, and volunteers bring smile to women undergoing breast cancer treatment in south jersey today, hundreds of patients at cooper university hospital got gift babts with health and beauty products. the charity has donated 30,000 of these baskets over the past 15 years. >> we love the good news. lets turn now to our out door adventures. we recovered after the last time. just in time to show halloween
4:36 pm
attractions. adam joseph is live in glen mills. >> you guys what i do for tv, i don't know why i'm doing this, but i'm in a coffin right now with i think someone else is in here with me. can someone please get me out of here, this is the closest i feel to be close to the other side, yes please. >> i don't know you are here with me. that is the closest i will ever be to the other side, get me out of here you can stay in. you are here at the bates motel and haunted hay ride, can go in the coffin simulator, so to speak, it's pitch black and you can see on the screen your loved one in there as well. thank you for not attacking me while we were in there. >> tack a look at the numbers in the mid-atlantic, 67 degrees in philadelphia right fow, up to
4:37 pm
the north in binghamton, new york temperatures are in the 50s, my heart is still pounding now -- and richmond coming in at 51, and if we slide to northern and central canada, cambridge bay just 7 and yellow knife 36 and part of this bitter arctic air is breaking down across the great lakes and eventually will be pushing in here for the upcoming weekend, we'll talk about the big changes to arrive. also brand new here, they have their shop as well. i don't know if you would trust him or her. i'm good where i am. if you see farther down behind me, there is like a castle, that is the entrance to the dark woods, 25 years ago where they opened this, they only had the hay ride and it's a complete
4:38 pm
interaction with the corn maze going into the haunted maze next. giving you the full accuweather forecast. guys a coffin, really, you put me in a coffin. >> we didn't do it. >> you are back from the dead you are okay. >> it's a miracle. >> do i look all right? you look great adam. get this, a local lab with a taste for tate tots will be in the spotlight because he may be part chipmunk. >> what is all of that? one, two, three, four, five -- >> that is nine tater tots, that is her puppy trying to hide the treats in his cheeks. >> after up closeding the video cray was contacted by america's home video, they wanted to hide the family to be treat youred on the show, you can see how chase
4:39 pm
does for yourself. tune in to america's funniest home videos, right here on 6 abc at 7:00 on sunday night. >> this newscast has it all today. >> it does have that. >> still ahead, we show you how to save at the breakfast table on what's the deal. >> and a bride didn't think it would keep her from her dream honeymoon and told her she couldn't fly costing her three days and $1200. and a couple is preparing for their second twin long after their first, a medical miracle allowing the twins to be born three months apart. and adam joseph back from the dead with the accuweather forecast.
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the reverend jesse jackson says lamar odom is on life support today but doctors think he is improving. >> he was one on the keeping up with the kardashians personality. he is now estranged from his tv wife, khloe kardashian has response today. the former laker was found unconscious and barely breathing after spending four days at a brothel. now they are seeking a warrant for a blood sample to find out if he overdosed on drugs or alcohol. a woman in texas is accustomed to helping others but when she was the target of a crime she took matters into her own hands. watch as yolanda jones runs and jumps on to a moving car, he smashed her window and took her
4:43 pm
laptop and tried to drive away. the driver ran over jones' foot and did eventually get away and she said that jumping on the car was not the best idea and is working with houston police to find the thieves. identical twin brothers are off to a different start in life, their birth will be four months apart. baby link was born at 23 weeks weighing 1 pounds 2 ounces but logan is still in the womb for what is hopefully a january birth. they shared a single placenta, one was too small and one was too large, doctors surgely separated blood vessels and when holly went into labor, and the doctors decided to only deliver one child. >> she remains pregnant a week and a half since the procedure,
4:44 pm
that is big for the baby, the baby has grown and looks healthy. link is fragile but if he can hold on he will give his twin brother a nice warm welcome. >> rooting for both of them. honeymoon held up by athreat, this is carly baker and her new husband, they celebrated their dream wedding last friday, they spent two years saving up for their dream honeymoon, and headed to the airport europe bound and boom banned from flying, because of this thread hanging from the passport, they said it looked used and could try another agent, and she snipped it and it looked plain
4:45 pm
but the other person put her on the no fly list, they got a new passport, and rebooked and spent almost $2,000 to get back on track, and u.s. airlines changed their flights with no penalty, but they stand by turning down the initial passport. they say they have rules on damaged passports, today we were emailing each other back and forth and the bride says they are finally in crete and they arrived today and things are picking up and she wants us to share it and for everybody to beware. >> quite the ordeal. >> fwlad to hear the honey is underway. now a check of the roads right now, autumn marisa is in for matt. >> we have accident now on
4:46 pm
cotman, four vehicles taking out the left lane and they pushed it off our camera view, i'll show you the delay, it's slow moving, the construction zone at cotman, and from woodhaven to the vine, another accident, we just had cleared. the vine street expressway. it's cleared and not causing problems out there. you see a slow down on the northbound lanes of route 1, a disabled vehicle at wissahickon, hopefully now the lanes will clear as well. slow going on the schuylkill expressway, from the pennsylvania turnpike to the blue route, and the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill from the vine to bear avenue, a tapping of the brakes there, on 95 up through swarthmore, a slow go at 55 miles per hour, taking a look at mass transit, all services are on time, that is certainly
4:47 pm
good news, if you go to the flyers game, there are two express trains, leaving at 6:18. >> back to you. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph on his autumn outdoor adventure coming up next.
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4:49 pm
time to check back in with adam joseph, live in glen mills, having a shook we time from wa we see so far. >> yes sharrie and brian, i'm glad the sun is out and where there is light, i found a few friends behind me here, and they are the quiet type around me, when you look around, we have zombies and they tend to toss
4:50 pm
things at you. it's actually a styrofoam block. this is the exit actually, what they do here on site, everything you see they make on the grounds here, everything is made on glen mills on the property for the corn maze, the hay ride and the haunted house, they do an amazing job every single year, we'll head inside after this forecast. look at the numbers, it follows nice after clouds early on today, 63 in allentown and reading and philadelphia coming in at 67 degrees, dover a nice 68 as you look at the satellite and radar, it's dry with a few instability clouds popping in the mid-atlantic with a weak front comes through, with the sun comes through the horizon and unstable air coming through some to speak, it remains partly
4:51 pm
cloudy and clear after midnight and turning cooler with temperatures between 42 and 49 degrees with the northwesterly wind at 48 miles per hour, high pressure over the tennessee valley, sliding towards the mid-atlantic it's sunny and seasonably school, you'll notice the westerly wind of 6 to 12 miles per hour, then on friday, a cold front is entering the great lakes and that brings a morning sprinkle with clouds and in the afternoon a mixture of clouds and on the breezy side from maine that comes through on saturday, and friday it's still not bad at 66 degrees, and behind that secondary front as you head back up to the northern plains, arctic pressure is setting up to bring highs in the 50s and a frost and freeze is likely over the weekend and it's scattered overnight because of a
4:52 pm
wind and as the wind goes calm saturday night into sunday morning, it's a widespread frost and freeze and if it comes in january and february, it could be in the teens but october it could be cool this time of year in the 50s. your seven-day forecast, shows thursday bright and beautiful, a high of 65 degrees early morning sprinkle giving way to sun and 66 degrees and saturday breezy and cooler for the temple game and on sunday brisk and chilly and 54, and only 54 for the eagles and milder tuesday, 64 and then back to the 70s on wednesday, with the warmth building back in. i'm going to venture in here now, you usually go out this way, i'm the only one going with me. we'll bring you in. i don't like you. you stay behind that wall. i don't know about dan my camera
4:53 pm
man, someone is behind your back there. you come in and do this haunted -- house, you can go room by room. i don't know about that baby, something wrong with him or here, this haunted house is fantastic, guys we'll show you the corn maze coming up in the next half hour, this is a clock room. >> i know right. it's mater gone mad. >> would you go? >> this is not my thing. >> count me in. alicia is out too. >> we'll get you breakfast on a budget, we'll change the topic coming up next. >> the pass at limited
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. if you are the one doing the food shopping, you know the grocery bills are taking a chunk out of your budget because food prices are skyrocketing,l is down. store brand is always less expessive than name brand cerealal, but bagged serial is always the cheapest. skip the boxes and consider the bags and if there is a sale, stock up, sometimes you can combine store deals and manufacturing ones. and here is a hack from nutritionists, try combining sweetened and unsweetened cereal, and mix it for less sugar and less money and if you
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decide to try a store brand, save money, most stores honor a money back guarantee on their store brand if you are not happy with it. >> i love my cereal. for sharrie williams, adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm brian taff. i hope you can join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now rick williams and monica malpass for a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, a delaware woman is found dead in her home by her daughter and a man is in custody. and a woman tells her breast cancer battle story, how she beat the disease with intensetreme and turned to fitness for her road to recovery.
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you can upload your favorite videos up to 5x faster than cable. plus with the fios mobile app, you can view your entertainment at home, or on the go. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. > >> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a 55-year-old woman was found dead in her delaware home, she was discovered by her daughter less than an hour
5:00 pm
later, a man called police to say he was responsible for the death and he was arrested. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" is the investigation into the suspicious death in hockessin, the victim is a psychiatrist that worked in a mental health facility in newark. sara bloomquist is live now tonight with the full story. >> reporter: rick and monica, to be honest, we don't know much, police here are very tight-lipped as detectives do their work and they will only say they are not looking for an additional suspect. the crime scene detectives spent the day in the sand ridge development. >> we are on the scene and our technicians are coming out and surveying the scene. >> police responded to a 911


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