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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, long lines at airports and frustrated passengers, some just off long overseas flights. a major computer malfunction causing a ripple effect across the country. new details just in. back on the trail after the big debate. the candidates taking jabs at each other as the deadline nears for joe biden to make a decision. plus, a fight breaking out at a donald trump rally. we're live in washington. caught on camera. a truck loses control, hits an embankment and flies off a freeway. how road rage might be to blame. and playoff picture. the american league championship series is set after one of the most bizarre plays you'll ever see.
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well, good thursday morning. we begin with the chaos and confusion at airports across the country. >> when the customs computer system went down, long lines quickly formed like this one at dallas/ft. worth. passengers traveling internationally waiting in line for hours. >> some of the busiest airports affected from coast to coast, jfk, boston, logan, atlanta and l.a.x. overnight, a serious slowdown at american airports. >> it's crazy. i never saw anything like this. >> reporter: from los angeles to new york, major delays and long lines forming for international travelers at check-in counters and in customs. >> the people up there were all cursing. there was people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. it was crazy. people in a wheelchair that were crying waiting for hours. >> they told me the computer system was down and we needed to fill out some form, old school style. >> reporter: the problem with the department of homeland security's system.
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it checks passenger names against checklists. it was down for 90 minutes but the lines lasting much longer. >> they should have had a better system like another backup or something. >> reporter: this morning on social media tweets pouring in from passengers having a hard time getting through customs. one passenger writing, challenges in a digital world. check in system crashed at jfk airport. homeland security says the outage does not appear to be malicious. >> turning now to politics, the clock is ticking for joe biden to make up his mind about a run for the white house. >> now hillary clinton's camp is calling for a decision from the vice president fresh from her performance at the debate and abc's kenneth moton has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, reena and phillip. yes, it is back to work on the trail for the democrats and now that we are post-debate, the focus on vice president joe biden is only intensifying. >> it is so great to be here with all of you. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking a victory lap in las vegas after her strong debate
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performance. >> did we have a good debate last night? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: clinton rallied a crowd of 2500 people, picked up a union endorsement and weighed in on vice president joe biden's tough decision. >> i just think he needs to decide what is best for him and his family. >> reporter: biden chimed in about the debate but still no word on his potential run. >> i thought they all did well. ♪ >> reporter: donald trump was also back on the trail greeted by immigration and black lives matter activists last night in richmond, virginia. a fight actually broke out. trump didn't miss a beat. >> that's why we have freedom of speech, folks, you know. >> reporter: trump called clinton the winner of tuesday night's debate and set his sights on bernie sanders. >> the world is a dangerous place. we need a tough, strong leader. and it's not this guy. >> reporter: trump posted that on social media and said this about the self-described democratic socialist. >> i call him a socialist/communist, okay,
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because that's what he is. >> reporter: sanders was busy at an l.a. fund-raiser introduced by comedian seth mcfarland who took a jab at jim webb's debate complaints. >> how about trying to get in the conversation ten minutes. >> i want to make sure jim webb has a chance to talk so i'll be brief. >> reporter: as for joe biden, the chairman of the clinton campaign says he knows the vice president has been through a tremendous family tragedy, but the time has come to make a decision. reena and phillip. >> kenneth moton live in washington, thank you. secretary of state john kerry will travel to the middle east as a wave of deadly violence there grows worse. at least eight israelis and 31 palestinians have been killed so far. in the latest attack a 70-year-old woman was stabbed outside a bus station in israel. abc's alex marquardt is in jerusalem and says the tension between the two sides is at the highest level in years. >> reporter: you can see here these young palestinians throwing rocks at those israeli soldiers down the road. the fear now is that these scenes are not part of the
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regular cycle of violence but rather with a growing number of attacks and clashes that this will now turn into something much bigger. >> the palestinian u.n. ambassador says israel's response as within, quote, savage. 7 of the 30 palestinians kill erdman children and 1500 people have been wounded. well, an anxious night for residents in central texas as a fast-moving wildfire is only 10% contained. the fire in basdrop county has destroyed nine homes. fire crews are facing challenge weather conditions with highs in the 90s and gusty winds. politician in nevada released the 911 calls that came in after lamar odom was found unconscious at a brothel. the 35-year-old odom reportedly told employees at the brothel that he had used cocaine before arriving there on saturday. during his stay, he drank alcohol and had taken an
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over-the-counter sexual performance enhancers. here is part of the call to authorities. >> they need to hurry please because he's got blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth and they can't get him to wake up. >> odom remains on life support at a las vegas hospital. he was on an open-ended reservation at the brothel and was said to be staying in its best vip suite. the owner of the u.s. cargo ship that sank with 33 people on board during hurricane joaquin is now facing a lawsuit. the family of crew member lonnie jordan claims the "el faro" was not fit to sail in the rough seas kicked up by the storm off the bahamas. their $100 million lawsuit accuses the company and captain of negligence for placing profits over safety. an army captain in maryland is being given the highest military award for his life-saving actions in afghanistan. captain groberg groberg will receive the medal of honor next month while on security detail. captain groberg pushed a suicide
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bomber to the ground. that prevented the bomb from going off in a crowd of senior officer, only the tenth living service member to receive them for actions in afghanistan or iraq. coming up, a salmonella scare sparks a major food recall. caught on camera. airborne, a truck speeding out of control flying off a freeway. plus, what a weird play this baseball incident and an parnell game that left everyone scratching their heads.
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the major daily fantasy sports operators are now the
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target of a preliminary federal investigation. the justice department and the fbi are looking into whether the business models of those operators violate federal law. fantasy sports sites have been exempt from certain laws because they're considered games of skill. the federal probe is trying to determine if daily fantasy games are a form of gambling that fall outside that exemption. the world's largest retailer walmart is facing a money crisis. they predict earnings will drop steadily over the next year and a half causing a stock market plunge yesterday, the company's stock has fallen 30% this year. it's facing fierce competition from amazon and other retailers because of the stock plunge, the company's top ten shareholders saw $14.7 billion vanish. dole vegetables is voluntarily recalling some of its bagged spinach after a random sample tested positive for salmonella. the recall involves more than 33,000 bags with an october 15th expiration date. in 13 states from missouri to
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massachusetts. dole says no illnesses have been reported. drivers in the denver area could soon pay a huge toll for access to a stretch of interstate 70. that toll, $40. the tolls were approved yesterday as a way to cut down on congestion. officials are hoping it will trg that stretch of i-70 especially in winter. new details about a successor to the concord hoping to fly from new york to london in as little as an hour. a patent was designed to make a concorde 2 and travel three times faster than the original concorde. the supersonic airbus would have a rocket motor and soar high above conventional aircraft and it would carry just 19 passengers. >> i don't know about this one. a little too fast for me. >> if it works, it works though. when we come back a health alert.
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spots throughout the night. if you're about to head to work watch out for thunderstorms stretching from los angeles to las vegas that could produce some flash flooding. also plan on rain around miami and a few showers from the ohio valley to the great lakes. and if you're flying expect possible airport delays in those same spot, l.a., las vegas and miami. well, two parents in new york state are charged with a shocking crime beating their teenage son to death at a church. >> the couple has been charged with manslaughter in the attack on their 19-year-old son during a so-called counseling session at the word of life church near syracuse. the victim's 17-year-old brother was injured in the attack. the church has drawn scrutiny from neighbors in the past. >> i used to live here for several years and i never really had any ill problems with them, but i did see a lot of sketchy things regarding stuff in my backyard, weird hours of the
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night. weird chanting, humming. >> police say the point of the beatings was to get the brothers to confess their sins and then ask forgiveness. investigators are still working on details about what provoked the attack. more arrests are expected. in cleveland a truck driver is being held on a million dollar bond accused of being a serial killer and rapist. robert remberg is charged with killing a person that same year and three other murders this year. prosecutors believe there were other victims in between. a former nfl player who took his own life had a brain disease linked to head trauma. adrian robinson jr. played two seasons in the league where he suffered several concussions. his diagnosis of having cte was confirmed relief a study of his brain. robinson committed suicide in may at age 25. links between concussion, cte and suicide are the subject of debate. federal investigators are heading to eastern louisiana hoping to determine what caused
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the deadly plane crash there. the twin engine cessna went down in flames shortly after taking off from hammond airport killing two people. the pilot reported engine trouble and was returning to the airport when the plane crashed. a southern california driver caught this terrifying scene on his dash cam. a truck speeding up and trying to pass a mustang, loses control, hits the must tang, veers off the freeway and flies over the embankment. the truck landed in a car dealership lot and flipped over. relatives say the driver is pretty banged up but should survive. witnesses say it appeared to be a case of road rage after both vehicles tried merging into the same lane. well, new warning about dietary supplements including vitamins and energy boost terse. the new england journal of medicine reports that at least 23,000 people are visiting emergency rooms every year, most are young people between 20 and 24 years old. the industry points out that a small fraction of the 150 million who use dietary
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supplements. researchers say people in high stress jobs have a 22% higher risk of stroke, but they point out that work stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors like smoking, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. all proven risk factors for stroke. so they say more study is needed. great stress reliever is some sports. the nfl week, it begins tonight with a rivalry game between the falcons and saints. >> and, of course, there's playoff baseball going on tonight. highlights now from our guys at espn. >> with stan verrett, i'm steve levy. win or go home baseball in a game i don't think we'll forget for a long time. >> rangers blue jays. two things in particular that you probably won't forget once you see them. rougned odor and shin-soo choo takes the pitch. russell martin tries to throw it back, it hits his bat and get as way. odor comes home to score. what the -- >> up piers are like, we're not quite sure what to do.
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they got together and decided what to do. odor scores and the run counts. you have to look up the rule yourself. bottom seven tied at 3. jose bautista, joey bats, three-run shot. blue jays moving on to the alcs. tough act to follow but we'll try, astros and royals also a win or go home scenario. dallas keuchel, the great starter on in relief with two aboard. morales, it's gone, it's gone, all right, the whole thing is gone, three-run homer, royals take a 7-2 lead and they are on their way, ninth inning two out, wade davis, and george springer, palo orlando, the great grab to end the series, the royals, they advance on to the alcs and meet the blue jays, a whole lot of popping bottles. >> mets and dodgers meet later tonight for a chance to face the cubs in the nlcs. >> the cubs there, you might
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remember a towering home run hit on tuesday night at wrigley field. >> that is the ball there. it is dotting the "i" in the word budweiser in the right field scoreboard. the team says it'll stay there. in fact, it has now been encased in plexiglas presumably so that steve bartman will not get his hands on it. >> oh, boy. well up next in "the pulse," sweeping change, a popular restaurateur eliminating tips. will it start a trend. >> big ben like you've never seen before. a bald eagle and a gopro giving amazing views of london. about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days
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covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. sfx: stomach growling now i feel better. mmm yoplait time now to check "the pulse" starting with a bold move by a new york businessman that could start a trend at restaurants all across the
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country. >> danny meyer is eliminating tipping at one of his top restaurants and doing the same in about a dozen others by the end of next year. he says he wants his 1800 workers to earn opportunities based on merit. >> but customers should not expect to pay less with no gratuities, the price of a meal will, of course, go up. i like the idea. spreading the wealth. >> yeah, good idea. an uninvited guest rattling students and teachers that showed up for class at a bozeman, montana, high school. >> it was this black bear first spotted on the football field and wandered up through an open garage door into the school. >> that bear roamed the halls sniffing around student lockers perhaps looking for a snack. police helped steer the bear toward a doorway and it took off running. the bear was apparently unhappy about being chased off and it left a little something behind for the cleanup crew. >> oh, i'm guessing that was not a tip.
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>> no, wow, that's pretty scary seeing a bear there. reason to go home. >> reason to go home. school is out. check out london like you've never seen it before. this camera shot by -- this video shot by a camera mounted on the back of a bald eagle. >> check that out. >> soaring over the british capital and it captures some of its most well-known landmarks. the 29-year-old bald eagle, his name is sidney said to be comfortable in urban environments. >> sidney flew around for three days, the footage is especially designed camera captured about eventually be used in a new video game which will be set in london. >> wonder what that's all about. such a cool shot. gopros are such a -- >> everywhere. >> exactly. i don't know how they're able to corral that eagle and get it on top. >> we're thinking of strapping one on you tomorrow. >> great reason to stick around. more news after this. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet.
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is thursday, october 15. we've got breaking news this morning. a temple university student was carjacked at gunpoint overnight in north philadelphia. police are searching for the suspects. charles ramsey will retire from the philadelphia police department. more on his announcement and reaction from those who he worked with. a pizza woman got a tip and it couldn't come a moment earlier, we'll show you the surprise on tape. those stories and more coming up on "action news" thursday morning. cuba's famed buena vista social club. >> last night it was a bill jammed with a-list artists
4:28 am
making the 50th anniversary of the arts and the humanities act. here's abc's arletz signs. >> reporter: james taylor, queen latifah and usher serenading president obama and the first lady. ♪ whoa ♪ oh merry mercy me >> people sometimes ask me what the biggest perk of being president is, number one is the plane. [ laughter ] number two is he comes to my house all the time with his guitar. >> reporter: before singing in front of the most powerful leader some met a few of their future proteges. michelle obama hosted middle school children at a workshop where they heard from trumbo shorty and the great smokey robinson. >> and i'm sure none of these folks up here ever dreamed that they'd be playing a concert for the president of the united
4:29 am
states. >> reporter: the students worked one-on-one with the artists to write their own music and perform their original songs. ♪ hey hey hey hard work for play ♪ >> reporter: all meant to inspire the next generation of musicians. >> i am blessed enough to have gotten the chance to live my dream and all of you in here have dreams and i just say to you, pursue them. >> reporter: so maybe one day they can go from a songwriting workshop to performing in front of the president. ♪ i guess you'd say >> reporter: orletz signs, abc news, the white house. ♪ my girl ♪ my girl my girl [ applause ] >> ah, what a night. we should say that the show will air on pbs january 8th at 9:00 p.m. eastern and that's what's making news in america this morning.
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we have breaking news on on this thursday, october 15. >> a temple yumpt student was carjacked at gunpoint near campus. >> gunfire leaves a person in south philadelphia, two others wounded who showed up at nearby hospitals. >> today is the last day for homeowners to challenge their super-storm sandy flood damage claims. good morning, everyone, 4:30, october 15. let's get to david and karen with weather and traffic. >> rep


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