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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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was a senior mathematics major at the university of delaware up until his arrest yesterday, authorities say that three years ago frick became obsesses with dr. caroline ekong, and she had no idea and then he showed up at her home intent on killing her. >> christopher frick is held without bail on a first degree murder charge, they had a professional interaction three years ago with dr. ekong of hockessin and then broke into her home yesterday morning and stabbed her to death. >> this is a very, very tragic case where one was obsessed with another individual. >> police will not confirm if frick was ever a patient but three years ago something happened and they won't
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disclosed what happened and they had no interaction since and frick became fixated on the psychiatrist and she had no idea. >> there was no communication that anything like this would occur. >> police say that frick broke into ekong's home and he stabbed her in the front hallway and her daughter came home and found the body and a half hour later frick called police and confessed to the crime, and was taken into custody without incident. and christopher frick explained about his treatment at the center, he wrote that the person that impress onned me was caroline ekong, whose ego was so high she would not admit to being wrong. >> she was a person that believed in what she did and never gave up hope on the people
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that she served. >> reporter: police executed numerous search warrants where he lived with his parents and newark, they found all kinds of evidence and documents giving them insight into frick's option obsession and no one else was aware of the fixation not even his parents who are cooperating with the investigation. breaking news now out of the grays ferry section of philadelphia, where an doesn't is clogging up traffic on the eastbound lanes of schuylkill expressway, take a look now, this happened about 4:00 between university city and the 26th street exit, the 65-year-old driver of a flat bed truck lost control and crashed and was trapped in the wreckage for a time. we are awaiting an update on his condition and a second person was injured and no word on that
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person's condition. students are concerned about an uptick in violence in temple university. last night two students were robbed in separate holdups on or near campus in one a temple football player was carjacked by two men at susquehanna, they took his wallet, phone and teal colored cadillac and another 21-year-old student was robbed of his wallet and phone at temple and university. large cracks in a support column prompted authorities to shut down the chestnut street overpass in penned landing in philadelphia today.
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workers are preparing steel to shore up repairs to this massive concrete column that is deteriorating, up near that road that connects penn's landing and columbus boulevard that is now closed to vehicles. they shut the road down as a precaution and penndot flagged the cracking concrete months ago and repairs were to begin next week. >> we were tracking it and it was not an urgent matter and was not unsafe. >> penndot went ahead and did repairs today and a seal above the column and allowed it over the years to leak into the column where it expanded and fractured the concrete. >> the concrete would be vulnerable to the elements, the elevated road not heavily traveled, septa buses connect it
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to market street, like joanna jackson learned from her driver. >> i asked could i ride all the way around with him and he said yes, but then he just told me he could not go ta way good it is invention? >> yes. >> work continues here at this point and how long where the overpass can reopen, that will be done in days possibly early enough to say the road would open by the end of this weekend, i presume that is sunday or sunday night. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in wilmington arrest aid man for a stabbing over the weekend, rojas is charged with stabbing a 60-year-old man at the robinson apartments sunday night, the victim was slashed in the torso and remains in
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critical condition. >> former nba star and reality tv star lamar odom is in the hospital after being found unconscious in a brothel in las vegas. >> reporter: in a coma surrounded by loved ones, lamar odom is fighting for his life in this las vegas hospital, a source in the room with him telling espn that the former los angeles lakers star is showing small signs of improvement. >> the 35-year-old was rushed to the hospital after employees at this legal brothel in nevada found odom unconscious in his suite. >> he has white stuff coming out of his mouth and we can't get him to wake up. >> staffered say he spent four days there drinking and doing cocaine and taking an herbal
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viagra. the night before he was found his mood suddenly changed. >> he did get a phone call and that phone call seemed to bum him out. he told the girls he wanted to spend that night alone. >> a challenging two years cut from the new york knicks after three months and splitting with wife, khloe kardashian as she makes his medical decisions. >> i hope he pulls through, he has such a big heart. >> and hospital officials are keeping quiet about his condition and prognosis and it could be several weeks before toxicology reports are back. meantime, the 2016 democratic national kpit earrived in philadelphia, and mayor michael nutter greeted the team and they are slated to be
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here next july and it's expected to bring 50,000 people to town and to bring a boost to businesses. >> i think our business people will have a different experience, nowhere near the level of security impact in center city and virtually no security issues, with regard to center city. visitors are expected to spend $300 million, and the democratic party is working with local companies including minute man press shop, who is already contracted to do most of the convention printing. chaka fattah is facing corruption charged but that is not getting in the way of his community involvement. he is speaking to students about higher education, he created the initiative in 1998 and west philadelphia is one of the high schools that receives gear up funding. he is accused of misusing
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federal grants and is denying any wrongdoing. now lets go to the traffic report. >> a mess on the schuylkill expressway, we are shut down in the eastbound lanes, this is grays ferry, no cars are getting by because of an overturned flat bed truck, and we are shut down since 3:45, you can imagine the delays on the schuylkill, cars are getting by on 28th street, let me show you some options, if you are on the schuylkill expressway you can take the vine street expressway eastbound up to 95, and you can choose if you head into new jersey and you take the walt whitman bridge, you can take the ben franklin bridge instead. if you know anybody about to jump on the schuylkill expressway, in the king of prussia area, consider taking the blue route down to 95, again
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a slow go, it's been shut down since 3:45, on kelly drive at huntington park avenue, a head-onision use ridge or mlk to get around that. pretty busy out, there we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thank you. up next a mother and daughter team up to fight back against breast cancer, find out how their connection to the disease is fueling them to give back and try to save others. we go live to cecily tynan at the philadelphia zoo on an outdoor adventure. >> hi rick and monica, a beautiful day at the zoo, i am with camilla, a three armed armadillo, what is interesting is that when they are threaten sd they curl up in a ball, but
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she is exposing her soft belly and she doesn't feel threatened at all. they can smell insects three ink inches below the soil. i will be feeding the giraffes later on live from the zoo. back to you guys. >> she is so cute. >> who cecily. >> both. cecily is very pretty.
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all of this month thousands throughout the area are joining the fight against breast cancer in the making strides against breast cancer events, there are many teams out walking and we'll meet a mother and daughter behind one team called the pink eagles, fighting cancer is not just a passion but a life and death matter. >> my grandmother had cancer and my mother had cancer and my
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sister died of cancer and my daddy had cancer, pancreatic cancer. >> and vanessa had her own encounter. >> i was diagnosed on july 12th and my daughter died on july 22nd. >> and now they want to find a cure once and for all. >> they picked the wrong family. >> they smell car magnets and pens and other small items, we sell things at our jobs and churches and neighbors, and when my mom goes into work, they wait for her to get to work so they can buy stuff. >> they hold special trips and in the fall they bring the pink eagles for the making strides for breast cancer walk. >> it's eagles that soar.
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little by little their grass roots effort are making their mark, the pink eagles are a pop fundraiser and they hope to have is hundred walkers with a total of $10,000. >> when people see our passion and how passionate we are about this not just raising funs but also educating people and letting them know what services are available to them and how the american cancer society can help them. >> as long as i have breath in my body i'll fight until god calls me home. >> that is great of them. you can go to the makes strides walk, the tables open at 7:00. we'll have a live web chat with doctors from jefferson health and have your questions answered live and get vital information to help you beat the odds of
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officials from the army corps of engineers broke ground on this project in northern atlantic city, crews are busy constructing the hit orric boardwalk and the sea wall provides protection during big storms and it's key to turning around this area. septa is doing its part to feed the hungry in our area, it was the official kick you're for stop hunger station food drive, septa employees will be
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accepting food donations that goes to philabundance, they are encouraging drivers to drop off cans. and septa has helped to collect 100 tons of food. and now they are promoting a new open source event that hopefully will provide something for everyone. the public art will be on display throughout the city for local artists that want to make a difference, and they will provide a trolley tour for the exhibits. it's the large of the display of street art to date as it continues to transform the city's landscape. ññ
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time for accuweather, adam joseph is at the big board back from the haunted hay rides. >> in one piece, it was awesome to get out there and enjoy everyone of those attractions in glen mills and what is not scary is the weather again today, sky 6 hd in cape may, new jersey, nobody taking a stroll along the sand here, calm water and a deep blue sky and temperatures cooler than where they should be. 65 in philadelphia and 62 in allentown, and same temperatures
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along the shore as you see and experience and feeling inland. as we look at satellite and radar, we have a code front near toronto south of chicago, with scattered light showers and a secondary front working in from canada along the u.s. border, the first front will not mean business but it's the second front that brings the cooler temperatures. 55 in cape may and a few clouds breaking down from the northern and west and there could be a scattered or isolated shower in the lehigh valley or the poconos first thing tomorrow morning but most of us will start the day with sun and clouds and temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon not bad, sunshine and a few clouds, much like today, mid-60s for highs and already starting to see specs from the northern and west and that is the second front that comes through here on saturday, it comes through dry
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and notice what it does to the temperatures, 56 philadelphia and 53 in allentown and 40s in the poconos p. at the same time saturday afternoon, wind gusts are between 20 and 25 miles per hour. adding to the chill with highs only in the 50s, and then on saturday night, we'll see scattered frost and the wind may be up enough that the front can't truly form, but lows are between 32 and 38 and winds relax and a widespread frost and freeze and 27 in the suburbs monday morning to 34 degrees for philadelphia. your five-day at 5:00, tomorrow 67 enjoy it with just a few clouds, we drop 10 degrees on saturday, windy and chilly and a lot of clouds and 51 on sunday, it's brisk and winter feeling and monday the sunshine is back, we don't recover at 52 degrees but a rebound on tuesday at 64. the perfect day to be outdoors,
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meteorologist, cecily tynan, is at the philadelphia zoo. she texted me you have a king snake or a skink. my face was this, where are the rabbits? >> come on, this is a fascinating animal, he is a skink, they are also called monkey tailed skink, they use this tail for climbing in the solomon islands, they are actually very good parents, when the babies are born for 6 to 12 months they live in a group and not only do the parents take care of the babies, other unrelated adults will take care of the babies and giraffes have a similar setup and i'll be feeding the giraffes later from the philadelphia zoo. i don't think this is a scary
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animal. >> more to come on "action news" at 5:00, a group of local legislatures are working to make sure guns don't end up in the hands of criminals. we'll tell you how.
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hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night, president obama announces that troops will spend more time in afghanistan than first thought. we have more on his plan and an elderly man's kindness is -- and it's all caught on tape. now the details, president obama says that afghan troops are simply not ready to go it alone against isis and they need more training by hour military. the president assured the american public, that the job for u.s. forces in afghanistan has not changed only the timeline. karen travers is live now with
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the details. >> reporter: good evening, rick and monica, a key promise from president obama's 2008 campaign was ending the wars in iraq and afghanistan, now his top military commanders tell him they think it's necessary to keep the forces in afghanistan longer than planned and the recent surge in violence there reenforced that position. >> president obama explained his shifting timeline in afghanistan. >> i believe this misis vital to our national security interests. >> nearly all the 198 troops in afghanistan were to be home by 2016, and now he will leave as many as 5500 on the ground, it's a remarkable turn for the president but today he said that while the u.s. presence will continue longer than he planned it will be a narrow mission, the counter terror operations and
5:32 pm
assisting training against isis forces. >> i do not send you into harm's way lightly. >> so why the shift in policy. >> they believe that afghan forces were not ready to operate on their own and there was a shift in taliban and isis, afghan forces battled back with support from u.s. air strikes but one strike was catastrophic, a hospital was hit, 22 people dead including 12 staffers from doctors without boarder zplz we would never potentially target a protected medical facility. >> president obama says this decision is not disappointing and not the last time that policy adjustments are made. >> our combat role has not changed. >> it's still dangerous, already this year 25 service members have lost their lives in afghanistan. reporting live, karen travers,
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channel 6 "action news." >> thank you karen. exspeaker of the house, dennis hastert is expected to plead guilty in a hush money case, a written agreement will be finalized and handed over to the court on monday but the terms have not been made public but avoiding the trial keeps any embarrassing secrets quiet. the 79-year-old republican is charged with vielaritying banking laws for paying someone $3.5 million to hide claims of past misconduct. >> david muir has more on dennis hastert's plea and more on president obama's plans for troops in afghanistan. 149 children from across the country are stave tonight thanks to a nationwide child trafficking sting, two of those children are from the philadelphia area, the fbi worked with local police
5:34 pm
departments for the operation, and this is the ninth year for the operation which targets hotels and casinos and other areas known to be frequented by sex traffickers. police are looking for a braise and thief that took advantage of a victim's kindness, it happened on locust late tuesday night, the suspect asked a 69-year-old man for money, when he pulled out his wallet, the man pushed him to the ground and stole his wallet. a group of elected officials are teaming up with anti-violence activists in a new push to expand background checks on folks that want to buy guns, it would require background checks of private sales of shotguns and rifles and military style weapons. >> we are not here today to trample the second amendment. we are here today to strike a
5:35 pm
reasonable balance between those rights and the ability of law enforcement across this commonwealth to protect the citizens of pennsylvania. >> right now background checks are required for the private sale of handguns but not on the longer guns. supporters of the bill says it will close the loophole. two police officers are recovering after being dragged across a parking lot by a suspect in a car this morning. they responded to a call about a man loitering in a parking lot at the hamlet shopping center, as they tried to talk to the suspect, they say that 28-year-old christopher brewer threw the car in reverse and dragged the officers with it, he is now facing multiple charges tonight. also, in delaware, a state trooper who lost his life more than six decades ago was honored
5:36 pm
today for his service, raymond willham died in 1951 when is he swerved his patrol car to avoid hitting a dog, and now they held a ceremony to reveal a memorial sign-in glasgow. family and friends and other officers were there to salute his sacrifice. and in delaware they showed off a technology for the need to tear up streets, this is water assessment to use sound waves to determine if the underground pipes are leaking, that of course would prevent unnecessary digging, it's being used in newcastle now. and septa conducted a safety blitz to make sure that students are safe at the township's trolley stops and safety officers handed out pamphlets
5:37 pm
with how to stay safe, three schools are located near septa's 101 trolley line. >> lets get an update on the highways and by ways and the ride home. autumn marisa is here now with more. >> still no openings on the schuylkill expressway eastbound in grays ferry, we had the earlier overturned flat bed truck, it's still out there, the eastbound lanes are closed. here is 28th street and they are letting cars through this intermittently, and if you are on the schuylkill expressway eastbound, you could jump off the vine street expressway to make your way to 295 or your way to ben franklin bridge if you typically take the walt whitman bridge. here is the bridge, not looking good, the westbound lanes are just gaper delays, trying to figure out what is going on on the area bridges, nice and busy
5:38 pm
out there, got to have a lot of patience this afternoon. >> okay we have been warned. >> hundreds of people attended a special mass in trenton, new jersey, today. saint mary of the assumption cathedral held their catholic school mass, teachers and students from four new jersey counties attended the mass and bishop o'connell was joined by more than a dozen priests to celebrate catholic school education. coming up chip kelly addresses rumors swirling about his job and jeff skversky has details coming up in sports. >> a lasting tribute in philadelphia today. we'll show you. and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo for today's outdoor adventure. ooh that is a slippery figure.
5:39 pm
>> this is madeira, she is a king snake, they are found in the southeastern united states and come in different colors, they eat mice primarily, but what is interesting, when they feel threatened, they will vibrate their tail and role into a ball and spread their aggressor with fecal matter. i'll feed the giraffes later on at the philadelphia zoo and i'll talk about a big chill on the way this weekend. coming up in the accuweather forecast. not making this guy feel threatened at all. >> she is holding it way out. way out. >> i'll forego dinner. thank you cecily.
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head coach chip kelly talks about rumor that he may want to leave town, jeff skversky has more than that. >> they are all rumors, chip says they are all rumors and he is ready for football monday night. is he ready for monday night
5:43 pm
football and the new york giants and he is not getting ready to go back to school not usc or a madeup school like north texas state. there are a bunch of rumors with openings at southern cal and maryland, chip flat out denies he was even contacted. his only desire now is -- >> understand it will happen, when we are not successful and not winning, i hope some day to be like coach coughlin, but i understand you have to answer the question, i answered it the same way i answered it the first year. >> if sam bradford keeps playing the same way he did in the second half, he completed 70% of passes and threw six touches after halftime but the first quarter the eagles are yet to
5:44 pm
score a touch down. sam what is the issue? >> i don't know you know. there are times where we have gotten into a rhythm in the second half not just myself but the offense as a whole, we are looking to start that in the first half, you take away the turnovers and we started fast. >> there is a reason they are 2-3, and bradford looks better but needs to raise his game according to ron jaworsky. >> sam has to get better, this is a quarterback driven game, the two interceptions are awful, you can't have them in the scoring area of the football field, i watch the tape, he is a couple of heartbeats off and holding on to the football too long and other times he is spectacular, but the process of information has to happen quicker, the good thing is you
5:45 pm
can clean things up. the more games you play in and the more you get on tape it will all come together but it has to happen faster for sam bradford. >> eagles giants, first place at stake on monday night. we have the pregame show followed by the game at 8:30. how about the flyers showing early season fight after losing the first two games and losing their starting goalie for personal reasons. backup has saved the game twice with, claude giroux likes that he doesn't let goals in, they only needed one goal to go in, and more than enough against it's defending stanley cup champs. the first goalie in history to have a shutout in his first two starts in the flyers. he made 61 saves over the span. >> wow. >> they are feeling good about
5:46 pm
themselves, with six days off they feel great. >> great. lots of twists and turns and suspense, in store for tgit fans tonight. starts with "grey's anatomy" at 8:00. >> well, good morning -- >> things are getting pretty interesting here on "grey's anatomy," sparks fly between margaret and an intern, she is assured she is destined to find love again. >> you are fired -- do not talk, you are done talking -- you are fired. >> uh-oh, the latest move to hide olivia and fitz's relationship is -- and huck is trying to smooth over the media storm surrounding liv.
5:47 pm
tonight on "scandal." >> what kind of woman could be with a man when his wife is dying, that is not a judgment, i admire your strength. >> analise makes a surprise trip, to see nate's wife as she and her students defend a teen charged with murderering her best friend. on an all new how to get away with murder. and head to our facebook page for behind the scenes of "how to get away with murder." >> so just in case you didn't get it all. plenty of excitement to get you hooked. 8:00 with an all new "grey's anatomy" and "scandal" at 9:00 and 10:00 an all new "how to get away with murder" and "action news" at 11:00. use hashtag 6 abc fgit.
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me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. back we go to the zoo, meteorologist, cecily tynan, is live with this week's outdoor adventure and the giraffes are having dinner. >> tall friends, they are getting ready for their big treat and it's a big weekend for the zoo. >> this is really thrilling to
5:51 pm
get this close to these animals, laura houston is with me now and we are with a family of giraffes. >> this is josh, our male, 9 years old and 18 feet tall and they can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. >> these guys are designed for eating, eating high. >> in the wild they eat from the tops of trees and they have the great long necks to help them get nice and high with a tongue 18 inches long. >> and it can wrap around, and these guys are one of the favorites here at the zoo, because they look so peaceful and they do something called necking, it's completely different than wa we think of. >> when two males are going to be confrontational, they wrap their necks around each other, it's a way of showing dominance and who is the biggest and baddest male. >> when they are born they are already 6 foot and they get on
5:52 pm
their feet quickly. >> within 10 minutes and in the same day they are up walking with the herd they have to because in africa they are prey. >> they don't sleep much. >> two hours would be a long sleeping in day. >> can you imagine only getting that much sleep? >> and eating that seems like that is all they do. >> when are you 2,000 pounds it's a lot of leaves you need to eat. >> next weekend at the zoo is one of your big events. >> boo at the zoo, is a huge event, come out with your costumes and trick or treat around the zoo, we love when people come in animal costumes. >> if you have a big furry animal costume, it's perfect for the weekend weather. speaking of weather, you can
5:53 pm
keep feeding him. talking about temperatures, i'm move out here here we go, philadelphia 65 degrees and allentown 62 and trenton 63 and wilmington 64 and atlantic city 64 and our high was 66 one degree below average, satellite 6 along with action radar showing there are two cold fronts, one is near toronto and the ohio valley and another one in the northern great lakes, and the first one comes through tomorrow morning and the next one late on friday and this brings us some very cold air, the call from accuweather, clouds and a late shower possible mainly north of philadelphia, 45 to 52 degrees and tomorrow will be a repeat performance of today and the weekend this is when the coldest air mass will stream down from the hudson bay and northern canada and the jet stream dipping down to the carolinas, the temperatures in the 50s running 10 to 20 degrees below
5:54 pm
normal. saturday afternoon 3:00, only 56 in philadelphia, sunday morning philadelphia 34 and wilmington 33, scattered frost is possible depending on the winds, struggling to hit 50 degrees, the colder of the two days is sunday and sunday night a killing freeze is likely across 95% of our viewing area, all the area except for the immediate i-95 corridor and right along the coast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you like today? you'll like tomorrow. 67 tomorrow and saturday only 57 and sunday 51 with a lot of clouds and monday chilly and 52 degrees, temperatures in the 40s for monday night football and then a nice rebound for tuesday, 64 degrees and wednesday and thursday, temperatures back up into the 70s, so dinner time is over and the giraffes are gone, but come to weekend boo at the
5:55 pm
zoo should be fantastic. >> thank you cecily.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a big day for philadelphia music and the sound studio where much of it was created. it was named a pennsylvania historical parker yesterday where it once stood on 12th street, it was founded in 1968 and was the home of the sound of philadelphia that led to the sound of music with the likes of gamble and huff and the spinners. >> classic play. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. police in delaware charged a man who confessed to the murder of a hockessin doctor, details in
5:58 pm
that investigation. >> and a crossing guard and school board member faces child pornography charges. that and more coming up next at 6:00. for meteorologist adam joseph, cecily tynan, jeff skversky and monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and two temple university students are
6:00 pm
robbed at gun point. but the big story on "action news" tonight, is the arrest of a 21-year-old man for the murder of a psychiatrist. christopher frick is behind bars charged with killing 55-year-old caroline ekong, her body was found yesterday morning at her hockessin residence, and later frick called them to say he was responsible. what do we know about frick and his alleged crime, we go to sara bloomquist in minquadale. >> reporter: jim, we have learned that up until his arrest yesterday, 21-year-old christopher frick was a senior at the university of delaware majoring in mathematics but for the last three years, he harbored a secret obsession with dr. caroline ekong and the psychiatrist had


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