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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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robbed at gun point. but the big story on "action news" tonight, is the arrest of a 21-year-old man for the murder of a psychiatrist. christopher frick is behind bars charged with killing 55-year-old caroline ekong, her body was found yesterday morning at her hockessin residence, and later frick called them to say he was responsible. what do we know about frick and his alleged crime, we go to sara bloomquist in minquadale. >> reporter: jim, we have learned that up until his arrest yesterday, 21-year-old christopher frick was a senior at the university of delaware majoring in mathematics but for the last three years, he harbored a secret obsession with dr. caroline ekong and the psychiatrist had no idea of his
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fixation. and he showed up at her hockessin home planning on murder. >> he planned this for sometime. >> christopher frick is held without bail on a first degree murder charge, accused of stabbing to death dr. caroline ekong, who police say frick was obsessed with and intent on killing. >> obviously some is someone obsessed with another individual. >> frick worked at the medical center in newark, they say that three years ago something happened and the pair had a profession profession professional interaction. ekong had no idea frick was fixated on her. >> he confronted the victim and a physical altercation occurred
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where frick stabbed the victim several times and she succumbed to her injuries. >> her daughter found her inside of the door of her home, and he called police and confessed and was taken into custody. he complained about his treatment there, the person that impress onned me was caroline ekong whose ego was so large she would never admit she was wrong. >> just a person who believed in what she did. and never, ever gave up hope on the people that she served and more importantly, she would always use the phrase, there by the grace of god there go i, if we don't help them who will? >> police executed numerous search warns yesterday and frick stayed with both his parents and
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kept an apartment in newark, they came up with numerous documents documenting his long time obsession, apparently nobody in his life was aware of this including his parents who are cooperating in the investigation. >> thank you sara. we continue to follow breaking news along the schuylkill expressway, an accident involving a dump truck has eastbound traffic backed up tonight in the grays ferry section of philadelphia, we are looking live on chopper 6 hd and you can see the roadway between university city and 26th street is still blocked but they are making progress. this is what is looked like at 4:00 this afternoon, the 65-year-old driver who was hauling a flat bed trailer when truck flipped and a pickup truck hit the wreckage and two people were hurt in fact.
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they have not released the extent of their injuries. police arrested a crossing guard and school board member today. rudy cube faces child pornography charges, police executed a search warrant at his home this morning, investigators say they found several computer hard drives filled with child pornography, there is no evidence that he had contact with children he interacted with every day as a crossing guard. he is behind bars tonight on $100,000 bail. it's a tough year safety wide on or near the temple campus and students are reacting to two more incidents overnight. lets get the latest from annie mccormick. >> reporter: there are crimes on and off campus all of them
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involving a gun and temple police are stepping up patrols as they try to figure out the latest pair of robberies that happened overnight. >> it's normal now, like you are numb to it. >> at midnight at 10th and susquehanna, a temple football player played victim to two men one with a gun who robbed and carjacked him. they are looking for the teal cadillac, and then at 15th and montgomery, two men robbed a 1--year-old student, and campus wide text alerts when out immediately. >> i think it's all about protecting yourself obviously. >> half of us are already broke any way, what is into target? >> both happens after the arrest
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. >> i couldn't really sleep, there is crime going on around campus. >> this is different than about a we normally have, it created awareness and fright. >> temple police add the patrols in response to september's attack and are urging students to use university shuttles and walking escorts. >> we run this from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the next day and we could do more if we have to, we can walk you from points to point. >> one of the overnight robberies, police say they have good video that they will release to get help from the public. >> thank you annie? large cracks in the support beam caused authorities to shut down the overpass at penn's landing this morning, the road leads down to columbus boulevard and the area was flagged in the
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spring and today crews worked on a temporary steel support and they hope to reopen the road to traffic this weekend. the wheels of justice continue to turn in the case of assault against a gay couple last september, two defendants learned their fate today. eva pilgram is live at the scene of the attack, what are the details? >> jim, those two men that brutally beat a gay couple here at 16th and chancellor took a plea deal keeping themselves out of jail. this case is not over, as the third alleged attacker has chosen to try her luck with the jury and go to trial instead. >> a gay couple attacked because of their sexual orientsation sparked outrage on social media today was the first step toward closure. >> i am aware of the need for people that are gay or lesbian or different in any way, and they want to come to the city
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and feel safe. >> two of the people involved, williams and harrigan entered guilty pleas in court today. >> he was never involved in any slurs or motivated by anyone's sexual orientsing a. >> he gets five years probation and harrigan three and neither is allowed in center city during the time and they are required to do 200 hours of community service at a lgbt center. >> he apologized for his conduct having to do with an assault. >> he said it was important to send a message that this would not be tolerated, he was happy with this outcome, it's not the end. >> it was the wishes of victims we not have a trial. but katherine knott did not take
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the plea deal and opted for her case to go to trial. >> she did not touch anybody. >> i made it clear if she takes this case to trial i will seek jail time. >> he suspects his client will go to trial in the spring of 2016. evesham township is teeming up with uber to curb drunk driving, mayor randy brown announced the first of its kind partnership, the service offers free rides from select businesses to homes in evesham, they can select the option on the uber app and the township will pick up the fare and township officials will assess whether to continue the program. coming up the democratic national convention committee comes to the city to get ready
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for n year's meeting and as the eagles prepare for the giants, chip kelly responds to rumors he may be headed back to college. in central canada, we look at numbers in the 30s and we feel the 30s and 20s this weekend, we'll chat about the drop in temperature in accuweather.
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the democratic national committee hoped with the hope of making local businesses some
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money. >> reporter: the democratic convention in charlotte in 2012, as always a spectacle featuring speeches and lots of hoopla, in july next year, 50 thousand people will pour into town with lots of money to throw around and they want to make sure minority businesses like blacks, latinos and women and lgbt's get some of the businesses. the printing shop, the minute man is getting the bulk of the printing business. >> i was able to be involved in the profits and you encourage other businesses to do the same. >> the convention committee is open for other business in center city philadelphia, with the hope of giving folks a 35% share of the business. >> from lights to carpet to printing.
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>> folks are staying in hotels and shopping and eating at restaurants and buying stuff whatever stuff is. they do all kinds of things, it's all the dollars that kind of circulate around in the economy. >> mayor nutter says this is not a replay of the pope's visit in september where businesses suffered due to security restrictions in the city. >> convention goers like to eat. many are being scattered out. >> convention officials and others are going on loon in the weeks ahead try together help potential businesses to land some of that. the historic warehouse hosted camden's third thursday art crawl, before the building transforms into office space. the factory was built in 1899,
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i think maybe this conversation is fueled by folks on the radio. whatever chip kelly said no. >> not going anywhere. we heard coaches say that and then they leave. chip kelly says he hopes to be here for a while. and he understands why his name pops up wherever there is an opening in college football, usc and north carolina both schools suddenly have openings. chip threatened to cut the media session short if that is all that we talked about. >> when we are not successful or winning i will go back to college, i hope to be like coach
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coughlin, and win enough games to stay around for a while. i answered it the same way a week ago and the first year here. it's a part of the game. and the giants, one key to the contest is the play of sam bradford, jeff skversky spoke to the eagles quarterback today. >> back goes bradford and touch down! >> with each week quarterback sam bradford is taking a big step on and off the field. bradford is getting more comfortable being a leader in the locker room too. i feel like people question my leadership because i'm quiet, and the relationships i built with those guys, i'm very comfortable with stepping up and saying something when i feel like it needs to be said. >> bradford was not quiet behind the scenes after his big game against the saints, he gave a
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pep talk to the entire team and sure enough they had an extra pep in their step. it was the first time bradford has done something like this but right time and right place. >> you have to establish yourself a bit before you can say hey, people say why he is telling me something to do, he just got here. >> if you start barking orderers the first week and they have not seen you do anything, they don't respond to that. >> actions speak louder than words, they hope to get off to a faster start. eagles have yet to score a first quarter touch down. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." we at phl 17 are bringing you the game, coverage begins at 8:00 with the pregame special and kickoff is at 8:30. in the last 15 games against ravned opponents penn state has
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three victories, they visit ohio state, number one ranked ohio start. >> every day we get closer as a team and a better understanding how to work together and compliment one another and saturday is a real challenge and the way we look at it is a tremendous opportunity. >> penn state and ohio state saturday night from columbus, ohio, catch it here on 6 abc. >> and the decisive game five between the dodgers and the winner gets the cubs in the acls and the blue jays advance and everybody is talking about the play, and jose baptista hit a three run home run and tossed its bat a mile.
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>> all right. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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all this talk about changing seasons and colder weather, we see evidence of that this weekend. we see colder weather with temperatures below freezing and ducis rogers' eyes just popped out of his head. get used to it. we'll bundle up this weekend but for now a decent evening and on the cool side and a clear sky, as we look at the accuweather forecast and your highlights,
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it's a fine finish for the school week and frigid temperatures for your friday, 54 at 8:00 in the morning and then after noon sunshine and 64 at 2:00 and topping off at near average at 66 degrees later on in the afternoon. >> then as we get into especially sunday night, temperatures drop far enough that a killing freeze is likely for 95% of the viewing area and basically everyone with the exception of the highly urbanized area, and in the city proper themselves, and right along the shore where you get the heat from the ocean, where you hold the warmer temperatures, at the shore points, but walk five miles inland and you'll see a frost or freeze, and 58 in allentown and 60 in millville and 62 in sea isle city after topping off in
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the middle 6:00 for all of us. clouds thicken up at times especially to the northern as a cold front approaches, there could be a late shower or sprinkle in the lehigh valley, 53 in philadelphia and 48 in trenton and on the boardwalk 54 degrees, this air is coming straight from canada over the hudson bay and highs were only in the 30s. this will take a straight shot down to the south and dipping the jet street all the way down to the tennessee valley and the carolinas, that means highs of 50s in the afternoon, that is november like around here and averaging 10 to 20 degrees below normal. here are the numbers, saturday afternoon 52 allentown and 56 philadelphia, and then the wins start to relax some but up enough on sunday morning to prevent much of a freeze but temperatures around freezing in the suburbs, 34 for philadelphia
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and on sun afternoon around 50 degree fozer ahigh with a lot of clouds for the second half of the weekend due to the very cold temperatures, the exclusive accuweather forecast, sun and clouds at times and 67 and drop it 10 degrees and windy on saturday, a decent amount of clouds and breaking for sun and sunday brisk and cold an cloudy and 51 for the high, and sunday night into monday morning we could see the killing frost and freeze due to the winds relaxing and monday full sunshine but not much of a recovery, 40s for the eagles game monday night and a quick rebound on tuesday and then wednesday and thursday, we go back to the 70s, 8 degrees above normal, a typical fall seven day, we have the massive swings in temperature over a few days. >> thank you adam. you think of the philadelphia main line you don't conjure up the image of a chicken farm but a group of
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fifth graders in haverford they are learning lessons thanks to a group of hens, they hoped up the co-op today they care for the hens be clean the cages and feed the birds and take orderers for the eggs and keep track of the money. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with sharrie williams, brian taff and ducis rogers and join us at 11:00 for "action news" here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, adam joseph and the entire "action news" team. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, the dramatic fall from grace. the man once second in line to the presidency, tonight, his decision. possible prison time now after charges over alleged hush money. years after he was a popular high school wrestling coach. breaking developments today. the president reversing course. keeping more american troops in afghanistan than he once said. the race for 2016. and joe biden tonight, what he's now saying. and donald trump and ben carson seeing eye to eye. their new demand the otherwise, threatening to skip the next debate. chaos at american airports. tens of thousands of passengers held up. the computer glitch involving the terror watch list. from dallas to washington to new york. and attention holiday shoppers. the huge setback for walmart tonight that could spell major deals for you. the four bargains you might see.


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