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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 16, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. [ female announcer ] as katie puts her cellphone down for the first time all week, she realizes that stouffer's lasagna is topped with fresh cheese that browns beautifully. fresh cheese and a touch of aged parmesan
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is what gives us our irresistible flavor. [ cellphone buzzing ] what? [ female announcer ] when you start with the best blend of cheese, you get the best lasagna. stouffer's. made for you to love. nestle. good food, good life. stouffer's. made for you to love. >> his name is christopher frick and tonight he's behind bars charged with murder. police say it was he or
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repeatedly and fatally stabbed 55-year-old psychiatrist caroline ekon in hockessin, delaware. until yesterday the 21-year-old frick was students at the university of delaware. now, he is an accused killer. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on a high profile murder arrest. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at newcastle. chad pradelli. >> jim, "action news" has learned that frick is a senior mathematics major university of delaware why he was obsessed with the psychiatrist has not been revealed but police say when he went to her home yesterday morning he was intent to kill. police say christopher frick broke into dr. caroline ekong's home wednesday fatally stabbing her hult pl times. dr. ekong's daughter found bod body. frick called police a half hour
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after butchering here 23r from his parents' home and admitted to crime. a detective search of his house and delaware apartment uncovered evidence he was planning the crime for three years. >> numerous documents were recovered and from both residences i will make that clearer. >> the motive is unclear. dr. ekong worked at a sentence mental health facility in newark. she stopped short of calling frick a patient of hers only saying they had profession at interaction. a man claiming to be frick made a skainling review of the center online in 014 nraedz in part the person that imprisoned me is caroline ekong whose ego is so large she would never be able to admit she was wrong. >> she's a beautiful. upbeat, outgoing, let's get it done type of person. compassionate. >> friends and mental health advocate says dr. ekong was a
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woman that never gave up hope on patients she served she had a beautiful heart and has a beautiful spirit and it's unfortunate that this has happened. >> dr. ekong was not the type of woman to leave herself unguarded and she was very meticulous in her work. >> and frick remains behind bars this evening. charged with murder. and other related charges. i'm live in miguedel chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, chad. >> in philadelphia a woman as snot west oak lane tonight 8:40 sitting in a car when she was shot in the back of the neck. it happened along north 20 street near renovo street and the victim was rushed to einstein medical centsner serious and stable condition. police have yet to make an arrest. >> philadelphia police also looking for the person who shot a 5 6-year-old than face. it happened 7:00 tonight in the
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1200 block of south willic street in west philadelphia and the victim was hit twice and rushed to pen presbyterian medical sebtsner critical condition. >> two men that brutally beat a gay couple in center city philadelphia last year won't be setting foot in center city any time soon. 24-year-old philip will yulz and 26-year-old kevin harry began pleaded getty today. william was sentenced to five years probation and harrington three. during that time they are not to go into center city. and they must also do 200 hours of community service at lgb center and they apologized the for beating the couple last september. we are getting ready for the coldest weather so far this fall. parts of the area could see temperatures in the 20s. let's get the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily. 20s. that's not good.
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>> it's unacceptable is it not? >> it's unacceptable. >> this air mass trapped over canada temperatures in the 0s and 30s this is what will be migrating our way over the course of the weekend. we have one cold front moving through tomorrow morning and another one on saturday morning temperatures will be stepping down. future tracker showing 44 degrees at 7:00 saturday morning and temperatures in 30s just west and afternoon high instead of mid to upper 60s on saturday only the mid to upper 50s and sunday will be the colder of the two days and at night that's when temperatures are really going to drop. saturday night some scattered frost is possible depending on how much the winds died down. when you have winds it keeps the atmosphere mixed up. it's tough for frost to develop. overnight low 3 in cooler suburbs 38 for cents are city. sunday night, monday morning this is which the bottom falls out. widespread foingt and killing freeze and yes these temperatures 27 degrees in the
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cooler suburbs and 34 for september are city and that's coldest air mass so far this season and that chill will be holding on into early next wee week. i'll let you know how long and when to sxkt a warm-up coming up in the full accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. >> there's increased security around campus of temple tonight that after two students were robbed overnight. shortly after midnight a 21-year-old football player was carjacked by two men tenth and susquehanna that took off with his phone, wallet and teal 2005 cadillac two hours later another was robbed 15 and montgomery. they're urging students to use shuttles on campus and walking escort. >> 80-year-old crossing guard is facing child pornography charges toments. rudolf cube was arrested this morningch the camden county prosecutor's office said hard drives containing images and videos of child porn were found at his house.
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cube is also a member of the magnolia energy until school board. he was a long time crossing guard outside magnolia middle school. >> it was a prostitution bust tonight in camden and this time police were targeting demand instead of supply. in other words law mep were after the johns. live in camden county tonight "action news" reporter dann cuellar, dann? >> jim, for police admittedly is nuisance crimement hear beinging at the bigger picture. cleaning up the city maiinged with violence and crime and businesses trying to create new jobs. >> it's before 6 p.m. and even now police state streets of camden along prood way corridor are buzz ago alleged johns looking for sex. >> he's on cherry between broadway and 5. >> within seconds unmarked please vehicles swoop in on a
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man trying to hire an undercover officer for prostitution. >> we have people that come from the office and 'blue collar' workers and locals. >> the women working the streets are not looking to fund a college education. they're trying to frod a ferocious heroin addiction. >> the only reason they're out here is to get their next fix or next high. >> somehow the undercovers have to 345eubg it look real. full time law enforcement officers and part time actresses and the result. >> people go away and they're more cautious and they're not as on. this is an eye sore to see it being so congested as we say ladies of the night. >> prostitutes are being offered rehab services first or face prosecution. >> we had a couple that wentz to new york and got rehabilitated. some won't take services. so if they don't take social social securities then we have to do what we have to do. as far as legally.
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>> now they've been doing this two to three times a month. they're putting a dent in the problem and accepteding a message out there this is not business as usual out here an anymore. that woman you think is a prostitute may well turn out to be an undercover officer. live at camden police head quarders i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams walked streets of kensington tonight. he was joined by a number of other leaders including counci councilman mark squila and police captain. williams says it's important top get out of his office and meets real people and talk about problems. this is williams fifth community walk. >> it will be several days before the chestnut street overpass reopens near penns landing and authorities shut it down overnight after a passerby noticed concrete from a support column crumbling. penndot up suspecttors flagged the cracking concrete months aing go. repairs were posed to begin
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next week and authorities say the repairs will be done by the end of the weekend. >> still to come on "action news" tonight the latest on lamar odom's condition and mudd slide strands hundreds of murderists in california and how long it could take to cleanup the mess. >> nine months and counting until the democratic national convention in philadelphia and mayor says philadelphia businessies will get a shot in the arm. cecily. >> eye cold front crosses our region during the morning commute. i'll have details in what it means for us and cold air to follow in the accuweather forecast. >> and chip kelly addresses rumors about future when "action news" continues tonigh rumors about future when "action news" continues tonigh tonight.
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former house speaker may be able to keep some secrets
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private he will plead guilty and void a public trial. accused of lying to the fbi about 3.5 million in bank withdrawals. he allegedly used that money to pay a man to keep quiet about decades old sex abuse allegations when hastr was a high school teacher erin wrestling sgloch president barack obama abandoned his home of ending war in afghanistan. obama announced today troops will stay in afghanistan past 20 16 in other words pooingt his term as president. originally he vow todd have all 9800 remaining troops home by end of next year. now he says 5500 will stay beyond that point. the president says it's a tw two-fold mission they'll do counter terrorism prayings and train afghan forces. >> modest but meaningful extension of presence while sticking to current narrow missions can mack a real
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difference. >> pentagon says afghan forces are not yet ready to be successful on their own. there has been a recent snurj violence by the taliban and now isis. >> in nine months philadelphia will host democratic national con veption and today businesses got a look at how the city next event will help they are bottom line. monica malpass is here with insights on this. >> many businesses you know were angry after the papal visit that more people did not dmin restaurants and buy in their shops and -ry security blocked flow of consumers. mayor nutter insured entrepreneurs today that won't happen next july when the democrats come to toub. >> i think our business people will have a very, very different experience. >> mayor nutter shirt they would get a bigger piece of reaction. the committee had a news conversation minute man press and next week officials go online to help other vendors
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land spin-off business. >> everything from light to staging to tar pet. >> the convention will bring 50,000 people to stay in hotels and neat restaurants and buy in shops and more. three years ago in charlotte, north carolina it was a whil window activity next year in philadelphia snoub different. >> one thing we know about convention goers they like to eat. and they're parties and other events and activities many events scattered out now. >> planners wants to make sure minority businesses, women, latinos, afghan americans and lgbt get a third of business so there are no compliance like after the papal visit. union shop opener here is thrilled to be on board. >> i was able to be involved early in the processes app i encourage other businesses to do the same. >> public relations impact will
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continue to priingten philadelphia image as nation focuses again on city of brotherly love, jim. >> thank you, monica. >> former nba star lamar odom is fighting for his life in nevada hospital and at the same time investigators are retracing steps trying to figure out what happened to hi him. they're looking into what he did during his four-day, 75,000 visit to a brothle and what he ingested. staffers at the brothle say he was drinking, doing cocaine and taking herbal sexual performance supplement. results of toxicology could take several weeks. >> flash flooding is causing problems north of los angeles tonight you can see the water and mudd as it flowed to can jnz and across roadways a few hours ago. the situation is even worse on interests state five. hundreds of vehicles are stuck in the mudd. police say it could take 24 hours before the freeway is cleared. there are no reports of any
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injuries at least not now. >> okay. >> let's have that 7 day accuweather forecast nor area. >> we don't have to worry about rain here. it's tumbling temperatures over the weekend. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we sdronts rain out here tonight and clear skies tonight and temperatures are definitely dropping our high today, 66 degrees. one degree below the average high for this time of year. we'll seasonable today. allentown 48, reading 49. philadelphia, 56, mill vild dropped down to 44. warmer closer to the ocean. the ocean temperature 64. sea isle city 61 and wilmington currently 53. satellite 6 along with action radar showing next weather maker is first of two fronts that will move through between now and saturday morning. this will be moving through on friday morning and you look at it you think wow we'll get a lot of rain. however, future tracker showing most of the energy with that front will lift up to the north. so early tomorrow morning 6:00 we'll deal with mainly a lot of
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clouds perhaps a shower in northern lehigh valley and poconos and then behind it, the return of sunshine. if you like today you'll like tomorrow. good amount of sunshine weapon few fair weather cumulous clouds and temperatures again about where we should thb time of year by 5:00 up to 66 degrees. enjoy. it because things will change dramatically for weekend. coldest air mass so far it's been draped over the hudson bay. right now what will happen when one cold front tomorrow morning another one saturday morning will be opening the door for this air mass to stream down from the north directly from canada and so we're looking at temperatures only in the 50s for afternoon eyes and generally 10 to 20 below average and not just here but even part of virginia even parts of midwest. so future tracker showing saturday afternoon we'll see mixture of clouds and sunshine. breezy, cool, temperatures only in the mid 50s. but then it gets even colder on
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sunday. sunday morning we're looking at temperatures around low 0s perhaps a few areas in the upper 20s and on sunday afternoon a lot of clouds and we will struggle to make it into the low 50s. most of the day north the 40s. definitely a find winter coats you'll need it sunday and sunday night if you're a gardner good idea to bring 234 plants or cover them up because killing freeze is likely. 95% of area. the only area we really won't see is highly urbanized i-95 corridor and also right along the coast with shore and ocean and only area along i-95 we'll not see killing frost. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow pretty nice. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. 67 degrees. saturday, though heading to temple football game. definitely dress in layers. wendy and chilly 57. surprised, more clouds and colder with a high of only 51 degrees and we keep that cold air mass on monday despite a
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lot of sunshine our afternoon high 52. if you head to egglees game at the linc monday night tim turz will be in the 40s. good news is if you don't like it this cold this early back to more seasonable levels on tuesday. 64 degrees. then wednesday it will feel nice high of 70 and thursday take out short sleeves. temperatures 8 degrees above normal with high of 7 degrees. if you don't like the cold cold the good news it's here for three days. and then temperatures back. >> it will be here for four months. >> eventually but this week it's only here for three weeks. >> by december it will be here a while. >> do you think i like winter. >> not at all you can tell. >> scientists say if you think not getting enough sleep is modern day problem you would be wrong. team of researchers has written in the journal current biology that the actual amount of sleep we get is not different from
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pre modern societies. average being six or 7 a night. the sleep we get maying less continuous. solution to better night sleep keep screens out of the bedroom and keep room at comfortab
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>> growing back lash by investigators over the sites which grown in popularity especially since the football season. the site claims they provide games of skill and not chance. so a lot of people want to know about chip -- they always want to know about chip kelly. what about rumors he could go back to the college game. >> there's a lot of athletic directors that wanted to know what kip kelly who do. put rumors to usc to rest southern cal or south carolina he's not going anywhere he say says.
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he gets. it high profile job opens newspaper ncaa and want to link jobsz and he wants to be hear for a long time. chip also says he's not been contacted by aimer school. >> we're not successful and not winning i dpraim college and will go back to college i hope to be like coach cough lynn where i'm around long any speculation ends. i he answered first year and second year the same way. >> owe dell beckham junior did not practice today nursing a hamstring injury. eli manning haze tight end larry darnell that had the game winner last week. he has respect for eagles' defense and by the way still sound as goofy as ever. >> good team and plague good football and defense causeing a lot of turnovers. offense has been scoring points
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these last few weeks so we expect their best football. >> that eli has cable. >> time for weekly chat with espn an light ron jaworksi. he points out what is riding on the game. >> if eagles win they're 3-3 and would have dug out of a big hole they puts themselves in. it's another critical game. i won't put this in must win i'll put it in critical category. >> if you have not heard by now we and phl17 are teaming up to bring you the game monday night on phl17 coverage begins at 8 with pregame special and kickoff is at 8:30. >> still ahead a tight one between mets and dodgers and game five plus claude giroux makes surprise app
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>> playoffs between mets and dodgers. daniel murphy fourth inning a walk. goes to second. knows the ship was on takes third snob covering third scores on sacrifice fly sixth inning murphy homers off zach. bating .333 this year mets win 3-2 and face cubs in nlcs beginning saturday. >> and finally tonight imagine being a at youth hockey camp learning the tools of the trade when a familiar face kaits on to the ice. i know that guy. that's claude giroux.
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he surprised campers this morning. he talked to them about playing the game the right way and took them through various drills. this is one practice youngsters won't soon for sglet thank you, ducis. >> north blood philadelphia continues to boom and tonight a new restaurant served its first males this is south which offers a soyrn spird menu and jazz parlor. mayor michael nutter was on hand for opening and long time philadelphia restaurant tours brothers robert and benjamin buy fwhoon used to own zanzabar blue. >> mary lee this is about a mcdonald's house event tonight. all smiles at xfinity celebrating the 41st birthday of the ronald mcdonald's house. ronald entertained the crowd.
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the ronald mcdonald's house is a place for families to stay while their children are in the hospital. now let's get to that independent shark marylou the great white shark returned to jersey shore over the last few days she has been spotted in cape may and this morning was near ocean city. mary lee's every movement is tracked online. you can follow her adventures on twitter@maryleeshark she's traveled more than 24,000 miles since taggeding in 012. "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline". gymy's guests justin. it hrougx and mu sfrik duranduran. and for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good
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