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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 16, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> hello again, sara is off and here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30, a robbery turns violent outside of a wal-mart when a thief slashes an employee while he was trying to escape and a case that outraged the nation, a teenager that received probation because his attorney says he was too spoiled to tell right from wrong, also a big delay for a couple of their wedding party on the way to the alter, how they made the most of their time trapped in an elevator. the search is underway for a man who vie helply attacked an employee in a northeast wal-mart. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: the 35-year-old cashier is okay and he was treated on scene and he returned to work and now police are searching for the suspect and they have clear images of him
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thanks to surveillance cameras inside and outside of the store, you can see him on the surveillance images, police say he slashed a cashier in northeast philadelphia wal-mart. >> i would not come here at night, i have lost hubcaps and different things broke into the car. >> police say there were 20 customers inside of the store at 1:30 a.m., when this man tried to leave with two boxes of boots and a 42 inch flat screen in his shopping cart, the cashier asked for a receive and the customer tried to leave and the cashier stopped him. >> the perpetrator said leave go or i'll kill you, the perp straighter then pulled a knife, a folding knife and lunged towards the cashier and
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attempted to stab him in the chest and he cashier blocked the stashing. >> the knife hit his forearm, the suspect took off with the tv and loaded it into his light colored vehicle with a hatch bag. >> he followed him into the parking lot and the customer can be seen grabbing a shopping car and trying to ram the perpetrator's car. >> he left behind the boxes of boots and they were dusted for fingerprints. northwest dsks are investigating this one. in other news philadelphia police are searching for two men that robbed a metro cell phone store in roxborough, and happened just after 5:00 p.m. and the two men went into the store and went behind the counter and opened the register and took what they wanted. the thief was careful not to leave fingerprints behind but this surveillance video shows
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them clearly, if you know who they are you are asked to call police. police are investigating a burglary at a center city jewelry store. the police say that the burglar got into the shop by drilling through the wall of a neighboring dry-cleaners and he drilled into the safe and took the contents inside of it, police are reviewing surveillance in the area. opening statements take place today in the trial of chaka fattah jr., is he charged with using business loans for pers personal expenses. he is acting as his own lawyer, his father is chaka fattah, he is facing a federal indictment on unrelated charges. the defense is making closing arguments in the trial of griffin campbell, the contractor charged with third degree murder in the building collapse that killed six people, his lawyer says he is being used
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as a scapegoat and prosecutors say he chose to cut corners and it cost lives. it's a crisp fall day out there and the cold is coming, meteorologist, melissa magee, is here with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> nice friday now, plenty of sunshine overhead and a bit of a breeze from the northwest, it looks to be a nice afternoon, philadelphia 62 degrees and 52 in the poconos and 64 in beach hafe ep, and 58 in lan kastder and 61 up the 95 corridor and trenton. if you are stepping out mostly sunny at 3:00 p.m. and 66 by then, 5:00 p.m. 64, and partly cloudy skies at 7:00 p.m. and 60 degrees and 56 under a mostly clear sky at 9:00 p.m. we'll talk about the temperatures, that is really the big weather story into the weekend and we'll shoot you up into canada, you can see temperatures are at the freezing mark or close to that.
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30 in tim ons and areas 37 and thunder bay 36 and pickle lake just 23 degrees, we'll be tapping into cooler air that is dipping southward you'll be feeling the chill. it's a good day to do leaf peaking, mabel, birch and beech. it gets colder into the weekend and a killing freeze is on the way as we get into sunday, we'll talk about the details in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. breaking news from the city's park side section, chopper 6 hd is over the scene where police are investigating reports of a shooting and a car crash it happened in the 800 block of north holly street in
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the park side section of the city, a couple of police cruisers are there investigating and the reports came at 12:19 with with regard of a shooting and reports of a car crashing into a pole here and then the yellow tape that indicates a crime scene, not sure if there is a shooting victim or if a shooting victim has been found, you can see the wreckage of that car and the investigation is jound way, we'll follow this story a shooting and subsequent car crash. a family of a child killed by police is now calling for the prosecution to step down, many rice's mother says that people -- when they shot and killed her 12-year-old son last year. the boy was holding a replica
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air soft gun but police thought it was real. a top aide to hillary clinton appeared before the house benghazi committee today in washington, aberdeen, a long time clinton confident met with investigators behind closed door, less than a week before clinton herself is set to appear. aberdeen will be questioned about attacks on u.s. facilities in benghazi, libya, on september 11th, 2012. and the deadly attack at a hospital in afghanistan, the associated press is reporting that military analysts knew the target of a planned strike was a medical facility but it's not clear if that made it to military commanders, analysts believe it was being used to coordinate taliban activity. 22 people including staffers working with doctors without boarders were killed at the scene. sea world says it will
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challenge a ruling that bans the company from breeding captive killer whales, the commission endorsed an expansion of the tanks that sea world uses to hold or orcas, attendance at the california park declined since the release of that popular documentary, called black fish released in 2013, saying that the captivity of orcas promotes violent behavior. officials at ramapo state forest says they had to euthanize four bears, none of them seemed afraid of humans and that is not natural, they remind people not to feed the animals, there is no shortage of food as black bears usually prepare to might be nate this time of year. flu season is nearly here
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and that means time to get your flu shot, a free walk-in clinic was held at the haverford ymca, and was staffed by the county and state department of health. and there is much more to come at 12:30, if you are home watching us and are suppose to be at work, you have company why more people are calling out sick when they are fine. and a couple trapped in an elevator on their way to the wedding, what they did waiting to be rescued.
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workers are apparently playing hooky at the highest level in ten years, career builders is he that 38% of employees have called in sick the past year when they are not they say they do it to catch on sleep or no reason.
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a man claimed hi grandmother poisoned him with a ham. okay. a new study shows that binge drinking cost the economy $210 billion in 2010, the study comes from the study of disease control and prevention, it is defines of having five or more drinks over the course of two hours for men and four for women. it's a case that caused out rain throughout the country, a texas teenager sentenced to probation after killing four people while driving drunk, his defense was he was raised too spoiled to know right from wrong, now in a newly released deposition from his parents. >> it outraged the nation. >> he told judge james boyd he
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was so rich he didn't know right from wrong. >> that ethen couch was too rich to go to jail, he picked up friends and got drunk and plowed into a car and killed four people. >> are you with the accident right now? >> there is another child in the ditch oh my god. >> 11 others were injured. his legal team said that ethan would be better served in rehab than doing hard time. and he plead guilty to four countses of manslaughter but got probation. >> he learned he could do what he wanted to do weapon you wanted to do it. >> all the victims family eventually settled their lawsuits against the couches, but one little lucas mcconnell
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wanted justice. >> it needed to be done. >> i haven't seen any punishment, his lawyers forcing the couches to talk for the first time. >> in these depositions obtained by abc news. >> when is the last time you recall disciplining ethan for anything. >> i don't remember. >> the millionaire's son lived by himself in this 4,000 square foot house with a pool and wet bar. >> was there always alcohol? >> not always, no. >> most of the time? >> yes. >> ethan rattles off a list of drugs shocking for anyone let alone a 1-year-old. >> cocaine, marijuana xanex and i tried ecstasy once. >> do you remember pulling out of the driveway?
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>> no. >> what do you remember? >> waking up handcuffed to the hospital bed, that was matt good man reporting. >> still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of our chill quiforecast this weekend as we look outside from sky 6 hd over penn's landing, clear skies and on the cool side, meteorologist, melissa magee, says we need to bundle up for the weekend.
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struck him out! the new york mets have won the series. >> it was a thriller of a game five as the mets beat the dodgers by one run, 3-2, it was a frustrating night for los angeles, cameras caught outfielder shouting at done mattingly in the dougout. i think j roll pinch-hit as well. they go on to play the chicago
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cubs in the nlcs. as for the phillies maybe one of these young laiders will bring them luck, it's for the new roster of ball girls, 8 to 10 girls are chosen for their athletic ability and their people skills. they make more than 150 appearances every year and appear in charity softball games. they are busy. all right meteorologist, melissa magee, is back now with a check of the accuweather forecast. football weather this weekend? >> it really is, extra layers are needs and temperatures are struggling to make it out of the 40s into the 50s for day time highs. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you it's dry and quiet and no issues with precipitation, the big weather story today and as we head into the weekend, it's all about the numbers, we'll show you the big picture and the sky 6 hd shot
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outside. wilmington, delaware, a beautiful afternoon, you'll notice some trees are starting to turn colors. neighborhood numbers, north and west of town, 52 in tannersville and 59 in martins creek and 60 for saint davids and in chester, the upper 50s in oxford, woodbine 67 and lower 60s in cinnaminson. and here is satellite 6 along with action radar a cold front moved through earlier today and we had a couple of showers across the poconos and the moisture fizzled out as it worked eastward, and a secondary shot of energy that moved through with a reenforcing push. it's still breezy, high temperature is seasonable coming
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in at 67 degrees tonight and partly cloudy tonight and chilly and brisk with the low dropping down to 46 degrees, if you think this is cold wait until you head into the weekend, future tracker 6 showing you it's all about the numbers, 6:00 tomorrow morning, numbers along the corridor, upper 30s as you wake up north and west of town and 35 in the poconos and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, as we get into sunday morning, it will get even colder, 6:30 by sunday morning, upper 30s here in the city, the lower 30s and upper 20s in the poconos, that is why there is a big concern and a widespread concern with freezing going on, a killing freeze for areas north and west of philadelphia and south and east and south jersey and 95% of our area will be effected by the killing freeze on sunday, check out the fall foliage, we have moderate color here, and peak colors for
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scranton for the poconos, a good idea for hot chocolate, and speaking of the weekend, we have temple at home, taking on the ucf nights, it's mainly clear and chilly and temperature is 50 and dropping down to 57 into the fourth quarter, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast breezy and cool today and 67 and autumn chill tomorrow with a high of 57 and monday a mostly sunny skies the chill sticks around with the eagles at home at the linc and 52 but milder by tuesday, a brighter day at 64 and warmer on wednesday with clouds and sun on thursday, and 68. >> thank you melissa. checking our people scene, actor randy quaid is a free man, a vermont judge dismissed fugitive charges against quaid and his
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wife, they were arrested trying to enter the united states from canada, they were deemed fugiti fugitives. accused of squatting in their home and trashing property. >> i have lilly been snapped from the jaws of defeat. >> they might still be facing trouble in california. there is still a warrant for their arrest and if they leave vermont they could be arrested again. manyp this friday is the spooktacular special. karen rogers has a special preview of the the monster mash at the please touch museum. >> who is excited to make a craft today. the annual monster mash is open to members and to anyone looking for some spooky -- but not so scary fun.
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>> it's pretty easy and fun. >> set for next saturday one week before halloween, this week's monster mash has a dyi theme, where kids can dress up and learn how to be frightenly festive and you can dance the night away. >> yes, with clifford and other characters. >> and trick or treating, and you can get treats and all sorts of different things. >> we like treats. >> we like them. >> kit kats! >> there is devilishly delicious eats. >> does it look spooky? >> no it did not. >> and hands on fun. >> happy halloween! now we get to eat the cupcakes.
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coming up tonight on 6 abc at 8:00 it's last man standing followed at 10:30, 8:30, shark tank and 10:0020/20 all followed by "action news" with jim gardner at 11:00. >> i wrote it all down. >> i'll be sleeping at 10:30. melissa magee is back with the forecast. >> it's about jackets. today is a good afternoon in the mid-60s and we'll max out at 67 in philadelphia and 64 in allentown and 68 down the shore in atlantic city. tomorrow highs only in the 50s. weddings are stressful enough but imagine being trapped in the elevator before the ceremony was about to start. they were on their way when the
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elevator stopped. their entire bridal party and photographers and wedding planner and rabbi. >> we couldn't miss it because every single person involved in the ceremony was in the elevator. >> i thought okay god has other plans for this wedding, everyone stayed calm even the bride, a push of the emergency call button notified the fire department and they were set free a half hour later, they had a sunset ceremony and stories to tell. and hopefully a whole bunch of free pictures. >> now for melissa magee, sara bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, have a nice afternoon, see you later.
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where is he? he's never on time. >> hey guys. sorry i'm late. >> where were you? >> oh, sorry, i took the monorail to the magic kingdom. then the next thing i knew i was on space mountain, and then splash mountain, and then the teacups. but that's not important right now. i'm here. >> this is our last day in walt disney world. and we have to make it to epcot, and now we're going to be late. >> oh i don't think so. follow me. tada! cars from the boathouse restaurant, right here in disney springs. great on the land. even better on the water. >> are you thinking what i'm thinking? >> definitely. [ engine starting ] whoo-hoo! [ splash ] she can't believe it. >> he can. >> now that's how you arrive in style. next up, epcot. >> announcer: it's our last day at the epcot international food and wine festival.


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