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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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montco suburban taxicab company here in glenside around 1:30. we're told a dispute over money led to an argument between the co-owner and a driver. that's when the driver pulled out a gun and shot the victim one time in the chest. now, police rushed to the scene and immediately started tracking down the suspect and he was caught miles away in southwest philadelphia at 72nd and woodlawn. he was taken into custody without incident i'm told and he is another police headquarters in philadelphia. we spoke with the deputy chief of the abington township police department just moments ago. >> and then an employee had a money dispute with the owner and as a result he pulled out a gun and shot the owner. >> reporter: now, we're told philadelphia police will also be filing charges against the suspect because of a weapons
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violation. and then that suspect will be brought back here to abington township. police have not yet released the name of the suspect or the victim right now but as i said, we do know that the victim is in stable condition and is apparently talking to his wife. that is very good news here. we're live in glenside montgomery county, jeff chirico channel6 "action news." >> thank you for that upday. more breaking news we're following this time out of bensalem bucks county and just in time for the rush hour, we are learning the pennsylvania turnpike westbound has reopened at route one but this is what was causing the mess earlier today. this tractor-trailer, it had the turnpike shut down for about two hours. a vehicle and that tractor-trailer collided around 1:30 this afternoon causing that tractor-trailer to overturn. authorities have now been able to move it out of the lane. where traffic needs to get by so it has reopened at this hour. we know of at least one serious injury. of course if we have anything else we need to pass along
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according to this westbound turnpike reopening we'll pass it along in this newscast. >> blue skies really nice out there right now but some freeze watches popping up across the region as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's head outside to adam joseph. we're preparing for cooler temperatures. >> going to be mighty cold over the upcoming weekend for the suburbs typical to start to see the frost and freeze warnings or advisories or watches go up and we indeed have it for over the weekend. as we take a look at the temperatures right now, feeling pretty good in philadelphia. 64 degrees with sunshine mixing with some clouds but notice the cooler air already braking into the great lakes region with chicago at 53 right now, bismarck 55 and omaha just 59 degrees. take a look at all of the freeze warnings, the frost advisories and the freeze watches stretch all the way from the northern plains into the tennessee, ohio valley and now into parts of the midatlantic and northeast. so, many areas tonight, tomorrow night into sunday night going to see that
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killing frost or freeze to end the growing season. future tracker temperatures for tomorrow afternoon 56 in philadelphia, 44 syracuse, new york city 53 degrees with in northwesterly wind taking over as that cold air moves in and that frost and freeze likely both weekend nights as that canadian air mass comes in. we'll have good radiational cooling which means all the heat escapes into the atmosphere. sunday night the cold of the, north and west 20's as we wake up on monday morning and also for the pine barrens. we'll give you more specifics of who has that freeze watch in effect sharrie coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. with the first frost of the season on the way be sure to stay with there you'll find up to the minute forecasts plus the power of storm tracker6 live radar right at your fingertips. >> it is the end of an era for u.s. airways today, the final flight is in the middle of its round trip journey across the country t the wheels you went up at philadelphia international airport this morning. all future flights will fly
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with the american airlines logo following the merger of those two companies. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim live at the airport. she was there this morning that is a final flight boarded. eva. >> reporter: good afternoon brian its a day that will go down in history, the final u.s. airways flight took off this morning from philadelphia international airport. a final farewell this morning as u.s. airways made its last flight out of philadelphia international airport. >> we're having a ball. we're already partying. [laughter] >> reporter: to bid the airline goodbye the company threw a party, many of the passengers didn't know they were on this historical flight until they got here. >> heard about it on the radio coming in but didn't realize i was on this flight. >> we had no idea this was taking place today. we were just on our way to florida and walked into a celebration. >> reporter: but others booked the trip just for this. >> i'm a plane buff. i'm an employee. i enjoy the aviation business. >> reporter: he's flown around the world twice.
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today he's taking the entire last trip with u.s. airways over 7,000 miles on flight 1939 named after the year the airline first started flying. the company transformed over the years going from a mail carrier to one that transported people. many of these employees have been through multiple mergers in their careers. >> 31 years. >> just started my 30th. >> i'm on my tenth year so i'm a baby here at this company but we're going miss it so much. >> we are. >> big celebration because we're recognizing the legacy of u.s. airways and we're also excited about the new american airlines. >> we will be boarding today's flight operated by u.s. airways. >> reporter: last u.s. airways passengers in philadelphia have boarded. the plane is now off on its final journey to charlotte, phoenix, san francisco before returning to philadelphia. >> taking off u.s. airways landing as american. >> reporter: and starting tomorrow the two airlines will be operating under one name,
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american airlines. at philadelphia international airport, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, history being made. eva, thank you. firefighters are digging through crumbled metal looking for workers trapped in a scaffolding collapse in houston. at least six people have been pulled from the rubble so far. thankfully the injuries are not life-threatening. the collapse happened at a seven-story building that was under construction. no word yet on what caused it. >> a search is under way right now to find a man who robbed a northeast philadelphia wal-mart and then slashed a worker. the suspect was caught on surveillance cameras at about 1:30 this morning as the man approached the door with his cart an employee asked to see the receipt for pair of boots and a television. that's when the struggle broke out. >> the perpetrator said leave go or i will kill you. perpetrator then pulled a knife from his pocket, a folding knife. he unfolded it and then lunged towards the cashier and
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attempted to stab him in his chest and that's when the cashier blocked the stabbing. >> that knife cut the employee's forearm in that struggle. he was treated on the scene and went right back to work. >> philadelphia police now say two armed robberies involving temple university students are connected. and they are releasing surveillance video in hopes that the public can help find the suspect. "action news" reporter david henry is live on campus with the very latest and the new information. david. >> reporter: yeah, hi, the campus here is in a pretty festive mood right now. the pep band is playing at the football rally for an undefeated football team and it is parents' weekend. everyone is still reminding of these robberies and other acts of violence that have happened on and off campus. two gun point robberies early thursday morning. police are hoping new video evidence will help them get a couple thugs off the street. police believe these two men are behind two separate gun
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point robberies early wednesday morning: the victims were both temple students. the first happened around midnight at tenth and susquehanna. that is this is where they pointed a gun at the victim and stole his car a 2005 cadillac. the victim is a former temple football player who is a team assistant. the suspects were caught on video outside the corner store and one of them can be seen clearly in surveillance video from inside the store. three hours later, police say they were on the 1800 block of 15th street. that's where they robbed another temple student. after the robbery they both got into the passenger side of a car and an accomplice drives them off. later police say they were picked up on video wearing different clothing as they entered a store where they tried to use the victim's debit cards. this time they were with a woman. many temple students live just off campus and a recent series of robberies and a rape have made them extra cautious. >> i live on 18th street which is a little far away from campus but even walking in the morning to like 5:00 a.m. practice or whatever i still
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feel safe. >> do you go with other people. >> yeah, with five of my roommates. >> reporter: others say they're on the lookout but feel much safer than they used to. >> i've been here for four years now. definitely say there's been an improvement, drastic improvement from the first year in i was here. >> reporter: we'll feel a lot safer when those two thugs responsible for the wednesday morning robberies are off the streets. you can get another look at them on live on the temple university campus, david henry, channel6 "action news." brian and sharrie. >> all right, looks like police have some good leads with that video, david. thank you. time for the "action news" traffic report. >> we'll send things over to matt pelman in the traffic center on a friday afternoon. get us home, matt. >> all right we'll try. look like it could be an interesting ride home, that's putting it nicely brian and sharrie. definitely an interesting earlier afternoon along the pennsylvania turnpike when that tractor-trailer flipped over in the westbound lanes right by bensalem. the route one interchange. we told you about it just a
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bit ago. as we said the good news is the westbound lanes are opened but not before causing some major park pentagon lots in and around bucks county. coming in from new jersey across the turnpike connector bridge you're hitting a wall of traffic. just 7 miles per hour headed westbound on the turnpike. roads like route one the super highway as well as street road are also still clogged even though everything has reopened on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike. if you're coming into pa from jersey this afternoon, i would think about doing so via 95, maybe route one or even the burlington bristol bridge. westbound turnpike still not where you want to be at this point. also watching a crash in warminster along jacksonville road along johnsville boulevard. fire police out there helping around that. it's been a rough afternoon on 95 as well. southbound had some extra construction and a broken down truck by the vine street expressway. now it's not an earthquake it's just a whole lot of traffic still left here in both directions by allegheny. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this friday afternoon. single digit speeds as i said along route one the super highway, street road, pennsylvania turnpike in and
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around bensalem still not where you want to be on this friday afternoon. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> little dizzy from that. >> yeah, for sure. >> thanks, matt. >> matt, thanks. still ahead on "action news" quicker shipping. why some of your holiday gifts may actually surprisingly arrive earlier this year. >> plus, highways covered in mud and debris and motorists still stranded. we've got the latest as crews work to clear the roads after a massive mudslide in california. >> and lucky charles may make your childhood dreams come true. how to get your hands on a box full of marsh mal lows. >> our annual beating the odds against breast cancer live video chat happening right now. head to to ask questions to our experts. they'll be there until 5 o'clock tonight.
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>> ♪ >> i want you to take a really close look at this. hundreds of cars and trucks are still stuck in mud
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covering highways north of los angeles crews working overtime at a trying to clear away all of that mud on interstate five. that, by the way, one of california's busiest freeways. to make it passable again but you can see the enormity of that task. the muddy mess came pouring downhill during severe thunderstorms yesterday. people trapped in their cars and on top of homes swallowed by that miles long mud flow. >> everybody up here is completely land locked in by debris flow. >> boulders coming down the mountains. >> it was crazy. >> it just happened quick. so it was scary. >> now rescuers spent hours saving people. the los angeles fire department tweeted out pictures as they carried a family and a dog to safety. now, there are also reports of the mudslide hit a school trapping 11 teachers inside. they're being told it could take two days to get them out. more thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and this evening. >> incredible images, brian.
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thank you. tamir rice's mom is asking that a special prosecutor take over the investigation into her son's death. 12-year-old tamir died when cleveland police shot him last year. officers who responded to a 911 call thought he had a real gun but it was a pellet gun. the mother says she's unhappy with how the county prosecutor is handling the case. >> almost a year now, no justice, no peace. i am praying the public continues to ask questions and seek the truth. >> the mother's attorney says expert reports calling the shooting justified are tainting the process. the prosecutor says he will not step aside and will take the case to a grand jury. >> ♪ >> republican presidential frontrunner donald trump appears to have forced changes, big ones for the next gop debate. trump along with fellow candidate ben carson wrote a letter to debate host c nbc
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demanding that that cable network allow opening statements and limit the debate to no more than two hours commercials included. c nbc has not commented but trump tweeted this morning that the channel agreed. both trump and carson threatened to boycott that debate if their demands were not met. >> a third woman has earned the coveted title of army ranger. 37-year-old major lisa jasper completed the army ranger course at fort benning georgia and her monday graduation ceremony was today. she graduated with a class of 87 men. she's an engineer, a mother of two and a soldier in the army reserve. she joins captain kristen bryce and shay haver as the only women in the elite army rangers. the army opened the ranger school to women for the very first time just this past april. >> we can put your financial mind at ease as we head into the weekend. a live look at the closing numbers on wall street today. the dow up 74 points to close
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just north of 17,000. the nasdaq up 17 points. the s & p also up nine and a quarter points to end out the week. online holiday shoppers will likely see their gifts arriving quicker this year. major retailers like wal-mart, target and macy's have been working to speed up delivery. since amazon set the standard at two days with its prime membership. they're building massive new warehouses to handle shipments. some orders are also now being cents directly from a store. most retailers are not ready to guarantee faster shipping just yet but don't be surprised if your orders start showing up sooner than you expected. >> this next story may make some think christmas hayes come early. lucky charms cereal is going all marshmallow but there's a limited amount. you have to be lucky and creative to get your hands on a box, adam. general mills is holding a contest to decide who gets the 10 boxes that they are making. if you want a chance,.
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>> 10. >> apparently. turn to social media to enter. you have to post picture of yourself with an imaginary box of lucky charms, put it on facebook, twitter or instagram. use the hashtag lucky 10 sweepstakes. the contest runs until sunday. 10, that just sounds -- >> seems like an awful lot of work for a very little chance to get me lucky charms. i love that commercial. all right, time for accuweather. >> let's check back in with adam who is talking about the changes, colder. >> colder air. when i was a kid i was very meticulous. i used to leave the marsh mal lows for lastly i would eat all around them leave them and then just divulge. >> you're at alone. >> allentown 61 degrees, 60 in reading, 64 in philadelphia, 65 in millville and hopefully you enjoyed the temperatures in the 60's today 'cause it's
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going to be tuesday before we start to feel that kind of warmth around here again. the golden hawks and the panthers is the high school huddle game of the week up in bucks county, warminster. partly cloudy, chilly and breezy for all of the high school football games this evening, 56 degrees at 7 o'clock and by 10 o'clock, we're sliding down to 51. as we look to the north and west you can see this little bit of a spin north of tron from all the cloud cover and scattered rain and even some lake effect snow showers near michigan right now. all this pinwheeling down to the south and that's that cold air that's going to flood in this upcoming weekend. for tonight, it does get chilly out there. a little brisk with some patchy clouds, 38 in lancaster, 39 in allentown by tomorrow morning, 42 wilmington, 46 in philadelphia and the boardwalk temperatures at 47. future tracker tomorrow we'll have winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. that will add to the chill with highs only in the low to the mid-50's. there will be some clouds popping in the afternoon. could you see a sprinkle to the north and west? it's
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possible in the afternoon but most areas stay dry. and then early on sunday morning, 29 in allentown, 29 in lancaster. 35 philadelphia. 36 in millville and trenton below freezing at 31 degrees. so, temperatures will fall below 32 for some areas on saturday night but especially for sunday night freeze watches are up both nights. all points far north and west. chester county, northern montgomery bucks county into the lehigh valley and the pine barrens of new jersey as well. that is where we'll see the growing season more than likely come to an end with that killing frost and freeze. in addition, we're watching the foliage turn to peek here in the northern mountains of pennsylvania and northern parts and central parts of now. locally here in the midatlantic and also the lehigh valley it's moderate right now. peaking as we get into next week for our particular area. as we look at your four day at 4:00 forecast, windy, chilly tomorrow, 57. again, clouds kind of bubbling up in the afternoon. a lot of clouds on sunday as
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the core of the cold comes in. brisk and cold, a high of 51 degrees. wouldn't be surprised if those northwestern suburbs stay in the 40's for highs on sunday. a very cold start to monday morning. we'll have a lot of sun on monday but not much recovery with the temperatures 53 and then turning partly sunny and a little warmer on tuesday at 64 and does anyone want 70's back? all right, you'll get it. we'll show you that seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> lands in the studio. >> adams thanks. >> hundreds of families in strawberry mansion now have an added safety feature in their homes. the philadelphia fire department installed 240 smoke alarms during its third annual week of giving. volunteers from the insurance society of philadelphia helped install the detectors. fire officials say they have tracked the neighborhoods where the smoke alarms have been installed and data shows they save lives and property. >> local athletes and college students put their skills to
4:23 pm
the test today in their quest to become a phillies ball car. tryouts were held in south philadelphia today. participants had to answer questions about baseball and even took to the batting cages. up to 10 women will be selected to join the ball girl squad. winners will be announced in january. >> ♪ people of the coffee-drinking world,
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dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents.
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>> ♪ >> police officers in wilmington will receive a pay hike as part of a new contract with the city. a state labor court ordered the increase this week. it ruled that the fop's proposal was a fair offer and that officers should receive a 3 percent retroactive pay increase over three years. the raises will cost the city about three and a half billion dollars. flu season has already started and today camden county residents had a chance to protect themselves from the virus. the freeholder board held a flu shot clinic at the collingswood senior care center today.
4:27 pm
doctors especially recommend shots for senior citizens, pregnant women and those who are chronically ill. >> an airman with the delaware national guard is being recognized for his service to our country. technical sergeant aaron weber received the bronze star today during a ceremony in new castle. webber enlisted in the air national guard back in 2004. he served three combat deployments in afghanistan as an explosive ordnance disposal technician.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a freebie friday exclusive. what you need to know to get free barbecue. >> okay. and tonight is the night for a football show down on one side. a high school coach who wants to lead his players in prayer. on the other side, the school district who has ordered him not to. why he's insisting on keeping the faith even if it costs his job. >> plus, if you're thinking about heading to eastern state penitentiary this weekend, but you're not sure if you can handle the terror behind the walls, stay tuned. alicia vitarelli takes us inside all six rooms so you know what to expect. plus she explains how you can intensify or ease your experience if need be. >> but we're going to begin at 4:30 with the end of the market street murder saga. it was june of 2013 when a building collapsed in center city killing six people. today the trial of the
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contractor behind that doomed job wrapped up leaving his fate in the hands of a jury. "action news" reporter vernon odom has been following this case very, very closely for us. he's live outside the criminal justice center with the lates latest. vern. >> reporter: brian, just moments ago the jury broke off deliberations for the day less than an hour after getting this case, contractor griffin campbell is in hot water for his role in the catastrophe. his lawyers said today "shook the city and it shakes the city still today." the griffin campbell murder trial went to the jury tonight after a passionate closing argument. the 51-year-old cut rate demolition contractor faces life in prison for this jun june 2013 catastrophe at 22nd and market. the collapse of an unsupported wall that crushed the salvation army store in center city. six people died. campbell's lawyer pleaded with the jury "please do not bury
4:31 pm
griff campbell under a wall of injustice. he was a tool not a equal partner. a working guy on the street doing what he was told. the lawyer referring to a architect hiring him for the job knowing he was not qualified and the new york city real estate mogul who wanted the land cleared. campbell faces six counts of third degree murder. if found guilty of more than one count he faces mandatory life in prison without parole. the assistant d.a. called up a signature punch line from legendary comic flip wilson "the devil made me do it." that is not a defense. he knew it was wrong and he kept on going despite being warned of the dangers. campbell brought in a things thousand pound excavator to knock the four story wall dow down. to the jury the prosecutor said i know the next time you walk down a street in center city and sue see a wall being torn down i guarantee you'll cross the street. deliberations resume on monday morning. live at the criminal justice center in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action
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news." >> vernon thank you. philadelphia police say they have arrested the gunman who murdered a 14-year-old boy earlier this week. investigators say 19-year-old demetrius brown shot duval deshields in the head following an argument. it happened monday night. de shields died from his charges the next day. brown is facing charges including murder and conspiracy. officials in chester county say man was killed by his own car in devon this afternoon. it happened on the 200 block of lancaster avenue around 2:00 p.m. investigators say the man somehow became trapped under his own vehicle. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released but police are still trying to figure out how the accident happened. >> the trial of long time philadelphia congressman chaka fattah's son got under way in center city today. chaka fattah jr. is accused of
4:33 pm
using business loans for personal expenses and making false statements to the irs. fattah who is not a lawyer is acting as his own attorney. his dad an 11-term democratic congressman is also facing a federal corruption indictment for unrelated charges. he has denied any wrongdoing. rider university in new jersey suspended its entire men's cross country team from a meet last month after a incident it deemed was hazing. the school says university police found students at the school's track last month preparing to run laps naked. officers stopped the run and launched the investigation. officials say while there wasn't any intent to coerce members to participate the incident was still considered hazing. technically streaking. >> both very quick. >> turning to the forecast now, all right, meteorologist adam joseph back. >> you want layers and layers and layers on. >> you need clothes this weekends. >> for this upcoming weekend for sure. take a look at the numbers. to our north and west, 'cause
4:34 pm
this is where the air is coming from, tim mons 34. in the united states temperatures in the upper 40's to around 50 degrees near the great lakes. freeze watch will go into effect both saturday night and sunday night for all the areas in blue interior southern new jersey and also those northern and western suburbs from philadelphia. does not include the state of delaware or i-95 or the shore. however, even there you could see a killing frost at least one of those nights so everyone definitely want to prepare if you are a gardener you want to pick all your herbs, veggies, tropical plants disconnect your hoses because of the freeze and this will more than likely put an end to the growing season. it's middle october anyway, so it's got to end at some point we'll chat about a big warmup in that seven day coming up in a little bit. >> thanks adam. >> october is breast cancer
4:35 pm
awareness month and all this week we've been featuring local women whose experience with the disease has changed their lives forever. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in our news room with the story of a bethlehem woman whose battle with the disease brought back her special talents. monica. >> that's right. hi, sharrie. susan shafer says back in 2004 she was battling breast cancer and that's when she decided to go back to art and bring it into her life as a way to help her cope with the stress. susan won her battle with breast cancer and she has been cancer free for 10 years now but coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you how susan's artwork is brightening the lives of many other people including cancer patients at local hospitals and how one of her masterpieces in particular won a very important prize. we'll have that story and much more coming your way on "action news" tonight at 5:00 brian, we'll see you that end. >> monica, thanks very much. halloween is just two weeks away and philadelphia's home to one of the largest scariest and highest rated haunted attractions in america.
4:36 pm
alicia vitarelli went behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary to experience the terror firsthand. >> ♪ >> reporter: got to watch your back in here. >> reporter: terror behind the walls is in its 25th season and scarier than ever. ever. >> the more intensive experience, you get a mark of blood on your cheek. x marks the spot. >> this will inform our staff that you could be grabbed pulled taken away into a dark corridor and separated from your friends and family. lockdown is an attraction in one of our cell blocks. the guards have lost control, the inmates have taken over. >> good thing he's behind bars. >> there's electricity flying through the air. it's very intense. >> reporter: next stop the machine shop. >> it's a little bit gruesome but hopefully you'll find your way out. >> reporter: they are everywhere. outdoor lab bring is littered with monsters. >> hopefully you don't meet the butcher or any of the other inmates who are hiding
4:37 pm
amongst the vines. >> reporter: the infirmary is a creepy classic. >> this is an old fashioned hospital where the doctors and nurses are examining you to see if you've caught a virus. you never know when you might get pulled away. >> reporter: and you'll end up quarantined. >> start to experience hal llewesizations. creatures come out from every corner. you might need to crawl, climb but hopefully you can break your way out of this prison and escape. >> reporter: are we almost out of here? >> i mean, somebody check my pulse here. this weekend is fyi fill's halloween special featuring everything from flight fest for adults to not so scary events for the kiddos. tune in on saturday evening, 7:30 and again on sunday at midnight. >> she was such a good sport about it because she does not like scary. >> not one bit.
4:38 pm
>> not one bit. okay, more than 100 high school students from across new jersey got to experience dance on a college level toda today. >> ♪ the students took part in experience dance day at stockton university in galloway. teens who are considering studying dance in college got to sample different dance classes and various styles. take a look at this. these buildings look like the real thing but they are really made of legos. these large scale replicas are part of the lego americana road show building across america. it features some of our nation's most beloved landmarks from the white house to the liberty bell. the lego road show is on display at christiana mall starting tomorrow and running through november 1st. >> it's incredible stuff. >> yes, it is. >> and still ahead here today, if you like barbecue and beer, well, come on over to my house this weekend. [laughter] stick around. we'll show you how to get both for free. >> we're there.
4:39 pm
plus, friday night fight inside the battle brewing between a high school football coach and a school district over prayer. why the coach is willing to lose his job to keep his faith. >> and facebook fraud. according to a new survey half of social media users post pictures just to make their friends jealous. and it doesn't stop there. what 6 percent of people admit they do to make their lives look more glamorous. >> speaking of, meteorologist adam joseph -- >> uh-oh. >> has the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues. >> she threw you right under the bus. >> you threw me under the bus?
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>> ♪ >> in health check at 4:00 parties and social events are nerve wracking enough for young adults but it's even tougher for those with autism a unique program at ucla can help change that. the 16 week class teaches students with autism how to interact in social situations
4:42 pm
and even how to date. in a recent study researchers found what's called the peers program works in several ways. >> we found not only improvement in overall social skills particularly in the area of cooperation and assertion but also a decrease in autism symptoms. >> another sign of success was that the young adults were having about three additional get togethers a month after the class. it also teaches parents how to coach their kids in social situations. it includes a book and an easy to use app with tips to guide parents. well, if your facebook friends ever make you feel like you don't lead an exciting life, we have news for you. they're probably faking it. according to a new survey, more than half of social media users polled admitted to posting photos just to make their friends and family jealous. and a whopping two-thirds confessed that they only choose images that make them
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seem more adventurous. the most surprising research, well, 6 percent of users admit they actually borrowed items like fancy jewelry or cars for the photos all to make their lives seem more glamorous. >> ♪ >> okay . >> [laughter] >> no comment. >> over here the big board, big talkers we begin with the high school football coach who could be out of a job in a few hours because of his faith. for the past nine years washington state assistant coach joe kennedy has led a postgame prayer on the 50-yard line. kennedy says the first year only three athletes voluntarily joined him. but that number has steadily increased and now includes most of his team and even the fans. well, a month ago the school district ordered him to stop saying students are welcome to pray. it just can't be at the direction of a coach. >> i don't understand how this could be wrong. i'm not establishing religion, i'm not preaching with anybody. it's mutual respect. he they know where i stand but
4:44 pm
i've never asked them about there's because it has no bearing on what we do on the football field. >> now, initially kennedy complied with the mandate leading prayers in a secular way. but after conservative group the liberty institute threatened to sue the district, kennedy reconsidered. he now says he plans to pray with his players after tonight's game whether it costs him his job or not. all right. hilarious, pathetic, ridiculous. those are just some of the adjectives strangers have been using to describe this viral video of a woman pleading with a bear. >> what. i going to do? why are you breaking my kayak? stop it. bear. >> stop it, bear. unfortunately that black bear did not leave mary's kayak alone and neither did the internet. she originally posted the clip hoping the company would offer advice on how to repair the boat. instead, it started trending with millions making nasty
4:45 pm
comments and that's when her 80-year-old grandmother got involved writing a letter to the local news station to explain the real story. >> the reason she was so upset, she had saved for two years. >> although setting the record straight may not stop strangers from sharing this video dubbed the crying kayaker going viral has a silver lining. the company has offered her a brand new kayak. so, she wins after all. and finally you've heard the hypothesis that if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time eventually it will spit out some shakes pair. one fast food company is putting that to the test only with a chicken. chicken tweet features betty in a new ad campaign having her tweet until she can produce a single five letter word in english. the effort has so far earned that bird some 20,000
4:46 pm
followers on twitter but alas, so far no success. this is typical of what betty has been tweeting lately . >> [laughter] >> no shakespeare there. just a bunch of gibberish but perhaps betty is the smart one knowing that the longer it takes her to tweet a word the longer she can stay on television and off the menu. >> maybe she is ahead of us, right. >> i think the bird is outsmarting us. >> brian pretty interesting. time to get another check of the roads tonight. let's head back over to matt pelman and matt, what have you got there on 95. >> yeah, sharrie, we have a bunch of drivers that are goy going to be clucking here along 95 tonight and i would say head for 95, it's not that bad but i wouldn't have a leg to stand on, so let's wing it and head home. northbound we're jamming from this point at the vine street expressway on up toward cottman a bad news is since last i spoke with you, there was another accident by the betsy ross bridge. that's cleared out, society lanes are opened but extra heavy northbound and extra
4:47 pm
heavy southbound because of several earlier issues. again, all lanes reopened along 95 in both directions but a lot of speeds are in the teens. getting ready for an opening at the tacony palmyra bridge right around 5 o'clock. so, if you're headed out start heading for the betsy ross bridge instead. have a crash in port richmond along aramingo at venango. one on the main line in lower merion along route 30 lancaster avenue close toback lane. had that earlier overturned tractor-trailer accident in bensalem, bucks county this afternoon on the westbound turnpike. it's long gone but coming in from new jersey off the connector bridge some speeds by the toll plaza there just 11 miles per hour. so, still kind of a nasty ride. watching a crash in upper pottsgrove along moy erode at gilbertsville road. fire police helping you around that. one in newark, delaware, along route seven at freedom road with typical slowing on the southbound side of highway one. again all weekend into the middle of next week we're watching out for work along 202 the concorde pike at 95. i'd avoid it, use marsh road or delaware avenue throughout this weekend. we'll check it again brian and sharrie before we start the
4:48 pm
weekend in the next half hour. >> all right. >> friday night wing night. >> that's right. yum. >> thanks, matt. >> meteorologist adam joseph back with there exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> ♪ >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph says bust out the layers, sweater on top of sweater this weekend. >> yeah, you can maybe take one or two off. we'll in the 50's. definitely overnight we'll see our frost and freeze, the first one of the year. as we take a look at action cam which was just over the river, philadelphia and camden at city hall, looking up at some looks like stratocumulus clouds there kind of sharing the sky with that deep blue fall look overall but a pretty decent day despite a little breeze out of the westerly direction. as we look at double scan live radar, cloud cover didn't hold much in the way of any moisture. maybe a couple of sprinkles north of pottsville out of our
4:51 pm
viewing area. but no one going to see any sort of precipitation this evening or overnight. 63 in trenton right now, 71 in the lehigh valley, 64 wilmington, 65 in millville and the poconos at 51 degrees. so, numbers today were right around average for this time of year but then we're heading way south as an arctic boundary for this time of year is now pressing just to the south of chicago and approaching cleveland. low pressure near toronto and the air so cold that notice in the afternoon you get a lot of clouds to really perk up and you see some scattered showers and even snow showers around the great lakes as that colder air comes in and interacts with that sunshine this weekend. we will see those clouds develop both days but especially on sunday. temperatures right now in green bay is just 48 degrees, 40 international falls, sue saint marie, 38 in the ohio valley temperatures are only in the low 50's. so for tonight some patchy clouds, brisk and chilly with that northwesterly wind at
4:52 pm
times out of the westerly direction, six to 12 miles an hour, 39 suburbs, 46 for the city. future tracker temperatures tomorrow and taking a look at some of those clouds that developed in the afternoon only 52 in allentown, 56 philadelphia, 55 millville and you'll feel that northwesterly wind at times ranging between 20 and 25 miles an hour. early on sunday morning at 7 o'clock, upper 20's to low 30's north and west. 36 in millville. 34 in philadelphia. then as we get into sunday afternoon those winds still 10 to 20's miles an hour, a lot of clouds, maybe a sprinkle and the higher hills north and west with highs there only in the mid and upper 40's on sunday, 51 philadelphia, 51 in millville and then early on monday morning, upper 20's, really starting to spread out here. allentown, reading, lancaster, millville 31 degrees and even in the city of philadelphia near 32, so temperatures dropping below 42 both nights saturday and sunday, freeze watch up for those far northwestern suburbs and same for interior southern new
4:53 pm
jersey, areas that don't have a freeze watch more than likely will at least see a frost one of those two nights. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 57, windy and chilly tomorrow. brisk cold and cloudy here on sunday, 51 degrees. and then monday it's sunny but we really don't warm up all that much. 53 degrees. the warm air will wait until tuesday. we get 64 and then some high clouds wednesday and thursday, highs in the low 70's. will, well above normal and then turning a little cooler friday at 64 degrees so a very fall-like seven day we see big dips and big rises over a few days. >> okay. thank you adam. >> you're welcome. >> free barbecue just for our viewers. it's coming up next in freebie friday. take the long way, huh? ♪
4:54 pm
thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow
4:55 pm
north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. >> let's do it. it's freebie friday.
4:56 pm
we'll start with an exclusive freebie just for you our 6abc viewers. fat jack's barbecue an award winning small chain that started in vineland, new jersey, is offering us an awesome deal. every monday through november you can get a free carolina pulled pork or a memphis pulled chicken slider by heading into the malvern elkins park or northeast philadelphia locations from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. just tell them you saw this deal on "action news" at 4:00 and no purchase necessary. what goes with barbecue? beer of course. did you know philadelphia brewing company offers free tours of its kensington brewery every weekends. the tour tours and tastings run from noon to 3:00 p.m. each saturday. >> next up free coffee at 7-eleven through sunday. just download the free app, grab any size hot coffee, then have the clerk scan the bar code. you can of course head to for a link and details on all of the freebies that we just mentioned. >> and finally here at 4:00 we present the scene that looks like friday feels. check it out.
4:57 pm
this baby hugely excited along with his best friend to see dad's jeep coming up the driveway. is there anything better than that? their joyful freakouts perfect in unison dance with identical anticipation. most of us can relate. we feel exactly the same way when we see the weekend coming. in fact, sharrie and i were just doing that. >> yeah, we were doing that dance. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adagios instead of i'm sharrie william. join me and brian adam and ducis rodgers every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> i would love it if my boys were at the window doing that when i came home. >> "action news" at 5:00 coming up next.
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how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> friday night the big story on "action news" is a developing story out of glenside where police say an employee of a cab company shot and wounded his boss. chopper 6hd over the scene after it happened at 1:30 this afternoon. this is the montgomery county suburban taxi company on mount carmel avenue. the victim who has not been
5:00 pm
identified was rushed to abington hospital. he's in stable condition. the gunman was captured a short time later at 72nd and woodland in southwest philadelphia. investigators say it started as a dispute over money. >> we are also keeping a close eye on the forecast this weekends. as we're getting ready for the coldest air of the season. we could even have our first frost. >> meteorologist cecily tynan outside with details from accuweather. cecily tynan to get out the coats. >> that's exactly right, rick and monica. frost and freeze likely this weekend. it's not going to feel like october, it's going to feel like late november. right now it's 63 degrees in philadelphia, so it's seasonable, it's breezy, it's sunny but if you look to the north and west, you can see there's some colder air beginning to move in. chicago 54 degrees. that air mass is heading our way and this shows just how extensive the cold air will be. double scan live showing freeze warnings, frost advisories and freeze watches all the way from the midwest through the tennessee valley into our region. that's more than a thousand


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