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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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identified was rushed to abington hospital. he's in stable condition. the gunman was captured a short time later at 72nd and woodland in southwest philadelphia. investigators say it started as a dispute over money. >> we are also keeping a close eye on the forecast this weekends. as we're getting ready for the coldest air of the season. we could even have our first frost. >> meteorologist cecily tynan outside with details from accuweather. cecily tynan to get out the coats. >> that's exactly right, rick and monica. frost and freeze likely this weekend. it's not going to feel like october, it's going to feel like late november. right now it's 63 degrees in philadelphia, so it's seasonable, it's breezy, it's sunny but if you look to the north and west, you can see there's some colder air beginning to move in. chicago 54 degrees. that air mass is heading our way and this shows just how extensive the cold air will be. double scan live showing freeze warnings, frost advisories and freeze watches all the way from the midwest through the tennessee valley into our region. that's more than a thousand miles of very cold air.
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that will be moving in tonight and definitely tomorrow night and sunday night. so future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon instead of temperatures in the 60's we're looking at afternoon highs only in the mid 50's. it will be breezy, so feeling even cooler than that and then the core of the cold air moves in on sunday. sunday our high struggling to hit 51 degrees, also lots of clouds but you'll really feel that cold air as night. this air mass is coming straight from canada. we'll see clouds during the day but once the sun sets, those instability clouds will clear out. so, that will lead the way for good radiational cooling. the coldest night will be sunday night. this is when temperatures in some of the northwest suburbs and the pine barrens will actually drop down into the 20's, so a killing frost is likely over about 95 percent of our region. the good news is if you don't like it that cold, i am tracking much warmer air on the way. i'll have details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. rick. >> all right, cecily, we'll
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see you when you come inside. thank you. with the first frost of the season on the way, stay with you'll find up to the minute forecasts plus the power of storm tracker6 live radar right at your fingertips. $250,000 worth of jewels and cash were stolen from a center city jewelry store. police say the thieves broke in through walls next door walls to get into the business. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live near the time and gold jewelry store on south 19th street with the full story. trish. >> reporter: rick detectives are on scene trying to peace piece this together. business owners are scratching their heads as to who cut through two walls an steel safe to steal that was jewelry. time and gold owners opened their shop for the first time since the overnight burglary that they say cleaned out $250,000 worth of jewelry from their safe. >> i saw all the display over there was in the safe, all the jewelry that was supposed to be empty, the whole safe empty. >> reporter: police say some
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time between wednesday night and thursday morning, someone broke into a vacant business two doors down from the jewelry store on 19th street using the cellar door. the thief or thieves then cut through the wall to enter four seasons cleaners next door stealing about $100 from the register. then the suspects cut through a second wall giving them access to the jewelry shop's steel safe. shop owners say whoever did this cut through it without actually entering the jewelry store. >> they probably was watching outside and know my exact what i'm doing, how i'm coming every morning, opening the safe. >> reporter: the husband and wife say they run the shop themselves and don't have any other employees. all day long loyal customers came in for watch repairs and to show their support. >> i'm so sorry for him. i'm so sorry for everything. it's a very safe neighborhood. we hang out around here a lot. >> we built a brand here. it's not just a store taking their money, you know, they family to us. >> reporter: the owners of time and gold say while they have an alarm system and surveillance cameras because
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they thought the neighborhood was safe they to not have insurance for this location. now, police say the owners of time and gold were brought in for interviews this afternoon and we're told that is standard for this type of investigation. police would also like to remove that steel safe from the store for evidence but because it's so heavy they'll need special equipment to do it. live in center city, trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> all right, trish, thank you. police believe two men seen in these surveillance videos are behind two gun point robberies involving temple university students. the first happened around midnight at tenth and susquehanna. this is where they pointed a gun at a 21-year-old victim and stole his car, a 2005 cadillac. two hours later police say the suspects were on campus on the 1800 block of 15th street. that's where they robbed another temple student. anyone who may recognize the people in this video are asked to call police. >> the search continues for a robber who slashed a wal-mart worker in northeast philadelphia. surveillance cameras caught the suspect entering the store
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at the philadelphia mills mall about 1:30. that store is opened 24 hours a day. police say the man tried to leave the store with a shopping cart full of two boxes of boots and a flat screen television. a cashier asked the suspect to see a receipt. that is when the confrontation began. >> the perpetrator said leave go or i will kill you. perpetrator then pulled a knife from his pocket. >> the suspect cut the worker on his arm then ran out of the store with the tv. a customer chased the suspect but the suspect was still able to get away. >> a popular breakfast food has gotten a lot more expensive lately. the price of eggs has shot up as a result of a bird flu outbreak over the summer. and the extra expense has shoppers and restaurant owners scrambling to adjust to the increase. sorry. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn has the story. it's been called nature's perfect food. >> protein and it's a good thing to have in the house but you just can't afford it anymore. >> reporter: for months
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prices are less than perfect and that's putting a crack in egg lovers' budgets. >> two, three months from a dollar something to three something. >> reporter: the culprit an egg shortage due to a bird flu breakout this summer. across the country more than 47 million chickens and turkeys were killed. most are hens in iowa the top u.s. egg producing state. the impact of the losses is expected to stretch into next year with record high prices reaching almost two dollars a dozen. >> you used to be $120 to feed the family, now it's 160, 170u frustrating. >> absolutely. 'cause wages aren't going up. >> reporter: rich's del delhi in fort washington is famous for its breakfast sands wind chills. owner rich absorbed the cost himself instead of passing it ton customers but at his restaurant in springhouse. >> i put a 50-cent supplemental charge on my egg items in my restaurant. >> reporter: business owners say the egg prices have gotten better but they haven't stabilized yet. with the holidays right around the corner some are preparing
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to take an extra big hit this year. >> the holidays you see your ham prices, egg prices they go up routinely. that's annually. >> reporter: and then alice's bakery who makes all confections from scratch say the hangover cross from the egg shortage has made the cost of skyrocketing prices that much harder for small businesses. >> earlier food costs were so low small businesses in the food industry really made a profit and as everything's coming up, it's coming to a point where the customer's going to end up paying a fortune for what they want. >> reporter: in ambler, erin o'hearn, channel6 "action news." >> the final u.s. airways flight is on its round trip journey between philadelphia and san francisco. flight 1939 is named for the airline's founding year. it left the gate at philadelphia international airport about 10:30 this morning making stops in charlotte phoenix and san francisco before returning as a red eye flight back to philadelphia on saturday.
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all future flights will fly under the american airlines banner following the completion of a merger between the two announced in 2013. >> all right, well, for folks who are traveling by car, let's check our "action news" traffic report for you friday night. >> let's see where the bottle next are with matt pelman. >> i think it's safe to say flying is not what we're doing on many of the highways this evening rick and monica like i-95 here in delco. jammed in both directions by the commodore barry bridge. didn't help us out but since last we spoke a vehicle broke down in the southbound lanes here by the exit to the barry. it's out of the way now but traffic is extra heavy coming down from the airport. and northbound's locked up like it is so many friday afternoons from the state line on up toward 476 the blue route. but our sailboat has gone under the tacony palmyra bridge. everything reopened to traffic there. still not opened though in olde city chestnut street near front. emergency construction going on there, likely through the weekend and then they're hoping to get things reopened. have a crash we're watching this afternoon in conshohocken
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along ridge pike by the mickey d's. not so little delays along the schuylkill expressway and eastbound turnpike speeds in the 20's and teens. crash in upper pottsgrove along moyer road at gilbertsville road. if you ride the rails this week yeah on the buses instead of the trains on septa's media elwyn and norristown regional rail lines. that busing beginning tonight and then tomorrow. meanwhile in delaware, more construction going on all weekend along 202 the concorde pike especially southbound by 95. avoid that all weekend long. we'll check it again, rick and monica, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, matt, thank you very much. october is national fire prevention month and in camden firefighters want to make sure residents know thousand stay safe. they held a fire prevention awareness day at engine 10 earlier today. firefighters shared tips on preventing fires as well as information about fire extinguishers. today's event was presented by camden city council and the mayor's office. >> and so much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 a local woman wins her battle against breast cancer and years later her artistic talents continue
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to brighten the lives of other people battling that city. hear her inspirational story next in health check. >> also a group of young people make a pledge to give back to philadelphia and beyond. how the newest members of a.m. mer core will work to change lives. cecily tynan is back with your weekend forecast from accuweather. all that and much more when we come back. stay with us. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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>> hundreds people are trapped in their cars on a southern california interstate when a mudslide left them with no way to escape. amazingly though no one was killed. the mudslides were triggered by flash flooding in the mojave desert north of los angeles. the rescued drivers were taken to red cross shelters but their cars and trucks are still there. it could take days to clean up the roadway and what's worse, more thunderstorms are possible this evening. coming up at 5:30 tonight we'll go live to the scene of those mudslides and get the very latest. >> ♪ >> breast cancer of course changes a woman forever. there are negative changes but for one bethlehem woman it also awakened a talent these she's now sharing with other patients and beyond. >> ♪ susan shafer's mother always encouraged her artistic
5:14 pm
side as a child. >> i took violin lessons and i took clarinet and piano lessons, too, but the art was always the thing that she seemed to pinpoint and go and help me with. i did pottery and sketching and i did water colors. but i never did oil. i was always afraid and intimidated by oils. >> reporter: although susan liked harder she largely put it aside going to adulthood not wanting to be another starving artist. >> i went into law. it was the practical side of me. >> reporter: but in 2004 during the gray days when she was battling breast cancer susan came back to art and by then, she loved oil paints. >> every time i would come down my studio and paint it just made me happy. i'd get such a thrill really when i paint. beautiful pink or magenta. >> reporter: soon she wanted to sheathier positive energy she felt. she also wanted to share hope. after all, it is her middle name. >> i want to give something
5:15 pm
give back to someone else make them feel happy, make them feel it's okay, you're going get through this. >> reporter: susan started donating painterrings to saint luke's hospital in bethlehem where she received her initial treatment. from there it has snowballed. her works hang in a number of hospitals including the infusion room and the women's center at fox chase cancer center. she also entered the annual lilly oncology on canvas national contest. last year 10 years after being declared cancer free her visions of hope won top prize. and every day now hundreds of septa riders see her prize winning mural for the contest at the fox chase train station. susan says she isn't looking for recognition, just to share in a itch cherry's beauty with others through the talent that she almost overlooked. >> i said to myself, you know, thanks, mom, thank you. 'cause she's the one believed in me so much all my life. >> reporter:. >> come out to memorial hall in philadelphia to help the
5:16 pm
fight at the making strides against breast cancer event. registration for the walk begins at 7:00 and the opening ceremony is at 7:30. >> it was a day for beauty for some very special customers at a salon in germantown. vivid hair salon hosted a glam party. salon owner is a survivor of breast cancer and wanted to help raise awareness of the disease. residents of delaware county able to get a flu shot for free. this was held at the haverford ymca. flu shots are recommended for everyone but especially for those in high risk categories like senior citizens, pregnant women and those who are chronically ill. the cdc says flu activity most commonly peaks in the u.s. between december and february.
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>> ♪ >> online holiday shoppers will likely see their gifts arriving more quickly this year. major retailers like wal-mart target and macy's have been working to speed up delivery since amazon se set the standard at two days with its prime membership. they are building huge new warehouses to handle all the shipments. some orders are also now being sent directly from the stores. most retailers are not ready to guarantee a faster shipping
5:20 pm
time but don't be surprised if your orders start showing up earlier than you expect. >> well, today was a big day for hundreds of young adults who want to make a difference in the world. >> i will. >> i will. >> get things done. >> get things done. >> for america. >> for america. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter led the swearing in ceremony outside of city hall for these volunteers who are members of americorps a national service program. they're going to participate in various community service projects around the city. many of these young adults arrived from other cities across the u.s. here to be a part of this special program. also in center city today, a special program recognizing older employees and the companies that employ them. it was the philadelphia corporation for aging's annual awards celebration. this year four older employees were honored for their outstanding work and two local companies were singled out for their commitment to hiring senior adults. each year the corporation for aging sponsors this ceremony to promote the importance of hiring older employees.
5:21 pm
>> well, a school in east oak lane is greener tonight thanks to a tree planting event by volunteers. phs and td bank workers planted trees at the charter school educational campus here on north seconds street. the trees will help with poor drainage issues provide shade and make eight prettier area. this is part of an urban forestry initiative. >> we'll check the forecast for you. >> looking outside sky6 hd over penn's landing. a chilly evening and going to get little colder this weekend. meteorologist cecily tynan with details from accuweather when we come right back. people of the coffee-drinking world,
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist cecily tynan with the weekend word and some changes. >> that's right. try to find the sweaters because you will need them this weekend and the winter coats. today, though, just a fall jacket is all you need. 63 degrees is the current temperature. 67 is our average high for this time of the year so just a little bit on the cool side. allentown 60, reading 61, wilmington 63. millville 64 and cape may 63 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing a tale of two cold fronts. one front rolled through this morning with some clouds. that's now off shore. but there's another one waiting in the wings. this is across the midwest and that is the front that will
5:25 pm
really open the door to pull down that air directly from canada and this will bring us the coldest air mass so far this season. tonight temperatures beginning to stepdown, not all that bad, 46 degrees in philadelphia, millville down to 39, allentown the same, wilmington 42, trenton 42 and cape may 48 degrees with a few clouds, brisk and chilly butter then that air arrives tomorrow afternoon and we're saying goodbye to temperatures in the 60's for the next three days. future tracker showing at 4 o'clock, 56 degrees in philadelphia. but it will feel colder than that because of the winds out of the northwest 12 to 25 miles per hour so definitely a cold breeze and then as we head into sunday morning, this is when the temperatures really drop. 6 o'clock on sunday morning philadelphia 35 degrees and if you look across the northwest suburbs we're looking at temperatures below freezing. likely just as cold across the pine barrens, so a freeze watch has been posted for the
5:26 pm
northwest suburbs for the pine barrens of new jersey, for saturday night and sunday night. this is where temperatures will drop below freezing and this is where a killing freeze is likely so if you want to protect your plants bring them in or cover them up. the growing season basically is ending this weekend. the fall foliage is looking really nice across the poconos, across upstate new york and new england. here we're at moderate. looks like we'll be peaking by the end of the month right around halloween here. but if you want the go leaf peeping just bundle up and head to the north. maple beach and birch are peaking. delaware water gap a great place to look, tobyhanna state park hickory run and ricketts park near scranton great place to go leaf peeping. five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow windy and chilly. bundle up if you're going to the temple game. 57 degrees the high. sunday more clouds and the
5:27 pm
temperature drops more. sunday really the coolest of the two days, 51 degrees. the cooler i should say. on monday sunshine is back but it doesn't help the temperature much, 53 degrees, a chilly night for the eagles. tuesday up to 64 and wednesday up to 72 degrees. so, a warming trend next week. adam will let you know how long that continues in the accuweather 7-day forecast. association it's a blast of cold air but it doesn't last long. >> all right. >> just a little taste. >> yes. >> yeah. >> we'll get more of in it november. >> i'm sure. [laughter] thanks cecily. much more still to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5 o'clock. a local university men's cross country team is suspended for what the school calls hazing incidents. we'll explain what happened. >> and a little elbow grease an lot of heart changed the lives of several homeowners today. >> also a woman's reaction to a bear attacking her kayak goes viral. you'll hear why. it's a funny one. >> we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> yes. vince mazzeo-
5:28 pm
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county.
5:29 pm
but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. rushing rivers of mud halt traffic on one of californias
5:30 pm
most traveled highways stranding drivers in that thick mud. we are live with more. the gunman wanted for killing a 14-year-old boy in north philadelphia is now behind bars. and a dozen dogs are rescued from a suspected dog fighting operation in chester county. we'll tell you what authorities found. >> and now the details. a 30-mile stretch of one of california's busiest highways is still closed tonight after heavy rains triggered massive mudslides. >> hundreds of drivers on two nearby roads had little time to react when these walls of thick mud suddenly trapped their vehicles under several feet of dirt. >> abc's lauren is live along a still closed i-95, interstate five in lake hughes and she has the very latest tonight. lauren. >> reporter: rick and monica, it is not raining here but it's still not over. rescuers have been out today saving people still trapped in their cars with mud some cases 6 feet high. that's about as tall as this wall behind me. today parts of southern california still stuck in the
5:31 pm
mud and even many who aren't wedged in dirt are stuck in traffic. hundreds of big rigs stranded on this 10-mile stretch of highway since last night because of flood road closures. this as crews and even a car owner here dig out from the debris and make rescues. after a sea of mud rushed across some areas outside of l.a. late yesterday. >> everybody up here is completely land locked in by debris flow. >> reporter: the debris engulfing cars and putting drivers in danger. >> we're stuck. >> reporter: triggered by severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. >> 911. >> reporter: watch as the mud furiously sweeps away this car right into this bus shutting down a 30-mile stretch of interstate five, one of california's busiest freeways. this truck flipped on its side. >> it was coming down too fast. >> reporter: this woman. >> she's at least waste deep.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: abandoning her car trudging through flood water. while this truck driver finds refuge by climbing on top of his semi. >> the land caved all over the road. >> reporter: and as the cleanup continues, forecasters say more storms are possible tonight and flash flood watches have been issued in parts of southern california meaning this could happen all over again. lauren lyster channel6 "action news" lake hughes california. rick back to you. >> thank you. a massive scaffold collapse on a job site in houston texas today trapping six workers. authorities say the structure was seven stories tall and when it came down rubble and metal scattered along most of the city block. the sick workers who were pulled out were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover. the accident happened at a residential complex across the street from where the houston astros play. world news tonight will much more on the scaffold collapse as well as the major cleanup operation in southern
5:33 pm
california to clear tons of mud from several highways. you can watch that tonight at 6:30 right after "action news" at 6:00. >> to our changing weather. make sure your coats are handy because this weekend it is going get noticeably colder. >> in fact most of the suburbs will see the first freeze of the season. let's head over to meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board with more on the time line. >> yeah, even those around the city of wilmington, philadelphia, trenton by monday morning could see their first frost as well. as we're looking at some very winter-like air building in central canada where you can see temperatures right now are below freezing in many locations just above for timmins and this is heading to the south and east as the first real break down of some arctic air moves towards the midatlantic and northeast. for saturday night and sunday night freeze watches are up. all areas to the north and west, chester county, northern montgomery bucks county lehigh valley, also interior southern new jersey where temperatures dip below that 32-degree mark both nights.
5:34 pm
here as we go into the upcoming weekend preparations especially if you're a gardener, head out pick the rest of the herbs and veggies if you've got them. ninety nine my garden i have a few tomatoes and peppers to pick. tropical plants need to head indoors. also disconnect those hoses and this will mark more than likely for all of us the end of a growing season bo by the beginning of next week. when i come back we'll have the seven-day forecast. we have the cold but well above temperatures somewhere in that seven-day forecast. >> all right adam thank you. with the first frost of the season on the way stay with you'll find up to the minute forecasts you plus the power of storm tracker6 live radar right at your fingertips. >> two people died another critically injured in a head-on crash in south jersey this morning. chopper six was at college drive in gloucester township about 8:30 a.m. we're told the crash involved two cars. one flipped and trapped its occupants. the driver and passenger in another car died at the scene. the second driver was rushed to the hospital and is listed as critical. it's still not clear what
5:35 pm
caused the crash. we have an update about the investigation into the shooting death of a 14-year-old young man in north side philadelphia. "action news" has learned detectives arrested and charged 19-year-old demetrius brown. they believe he's the person who shot and killed 14-year-old duval de shields in the 1200 block of north tenth street on monday. police say the shooting was likely sparked by an argument between the two. and from our delaware news room two wilmington men are behind bars accused in a string of armed robberies in the past two weeks. this is 23-year-old jeffrey holds worth and 32-year-old steven linton. detectives say holds worth walked into four businesses flashed a gun demanded money and then walked out with cash. he and linton were both taken into custody at a home on junction street on wednesday. >> two chester county residents will be first to be charged under a new pennsylvania law that makes it illegal to possess animal fighting equipment. these pictures were taken by the chester county spca at a home in parkesburg. last night authorities searched the home and found
5:36 pm
heavy chains, dog tread mills anabolic steroids and printed fliers. rescuers also found five adult pitbulls and seven pitbull terrier puppies. the adults had wounds consistent with dog fighting. all of the dogs are receiving treatment and will eventually be available for adoption. in mercer county new jersey the entire men's cross country team at rider university was suspended after school officials say they planned to run naked around the school's track. school police responded to the track on september 5th and found the team getting ready to run without cleaning. an investigation found that there was no intender to coerce anyone month participate but the school says it is still considered hazing. a son of long time philadelphia congressman chaka fattah went on trial today for alleged corruption. chaka fattah jr. is accused of using business loans for personal expenses and making false statements to the irs. fattah who is not a lawyer is acting as his own attorney. his father an 11 term democratic congressman is also
5:37 pm
facing a federal corruption indictment on unrelated charges. he's also denied any wrongdoing. >> ursinus college is celebrating the inauguration of its new president. bromberg was officially installed today as the college's 17th president. bromberg is an advocate for the liberal arts and global education. he's a scholar himself of the economics of terrorism and he comes to ursinus from claremont mckenna college in claremont california. eight homeowners in north philadelphia got free home repairs and renovations today thanks to this group of volunteers. this day long initiative was thanks to a group called rebuilding together philadelphia. it brought students tradespeople and community members out. the effort will help elderly or disabled folks to stay in their homes. >> well, the two main candidates running to be philadelphia's next mayor will debate next friday. "action news" wants you to join the action. democratic candidate jim kenney and republican candidate melissa murray bailey will tackle questions
5:38 pm
submitted by viewers. just send them to the 6abc facebook and twitter accounts with hashtag 6abc action or join the action at you can match the mayoral debate on sunday october 25th at 11:00 a.m. right here on channel6. >> time right now to see how the traffic is flowing or maybe not out there tonight. >> hashtag stuck in traffic on friday, matt pelman with the very latest. >> whether or not you want to head for 95 just yet, that's debatable for sure rick and monica. we're still seeing heavy delays in both directions especially southbound here by allegheny avenue headed down toward girard. got word from penndot today they'll work again each night next week along 95 southbound at girard and then early the following week we should see a fourth southbound lane available on 95 at girard which is going to help us out a lot especially during the morning and afternoon commutes. have that block party going on in center city blocking off 13th between walnut and chestnut. southwest philadelphia just getting word of an overturned vehicle crash along 61st at
5:39 pm
passyunk. emergency crews are responding. you don't want to near that area right now. wednesday afternoon we had heavy delays on the pennsylvania turnpike and route one in bucks county because of an earlier crash. long gone. now there's one in bensalem along bristol road at neshaminy boulevard by the dunkin' donuts. towamencin a crash closing down troxel road. 363 valley forge road gets you around that. rick and monica have a good weekend. >> thank you sir. >> much nor come, a bear takes aim at a shiny new kayak as the owner watches from her home and her reaction is going viral tonight. >> also an impressive history lesson now on display made entirely out of legos. we'll show you and jeff skversky here with eagles sixers and flyers news coming up in sports. >> all right, adam is back with more on the colder weather heading our way this weekend when "action news" at 5:00 continues tonight. >> ♪
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it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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>> a woman scolding a black bear who destroyed her kayak. that video is going viral. >> what. i going to do? why are you breaking my kayak? stop it. bear. >> she says she traveled the
5:43 pm
world taking pictures then kayak was the result of two years of her savings. she has become the target of jokes on social media though so much so that her 80-year-old grandmother wrote a letter in her defense. mary's hoping the kayak maker offers her some advice on how to repair it from the bear damages or maybe replaces it for free. so, we'll report back if that happens. the bear wasn't listening. >> as long as she didn't get too close. >> is your return policy on the back of the receipt for bear -- >> bear eating i don't think so. >> we have an unbearable wait for football. >> can't wait. monday night football. this could be big for the eagles. giants star odell beckham misses practice again today with a hamstring injury. before you get too excited chip kelly says he's still expects beckham to be out there against the eagles monday night. speaking of receivers, eagles rookie nelson agholor among those mia have practice along
5:44 pm
with mychal kendricks. whether agholor can go or not expect houghs to get more snaps. he hopes to have another giant game monday night against new york. >> definitely any time i can get some more opportunities on the field i'm all for it. just got prepare and keep going. definitely exciting to be more involved but i just got continue to work and continues to move forward. just keep moving forward. >> the eagles d wants to do the same only one did he first in the nfl forced more turnovers than your eagles. it's been their bread and butter. only one problem, though. the ball doesn't slip out of eli manning's hands too often. >> i think we're definitely ahead of where we were last year in all the major categories, stopping the run, the x plays down the field and take aways. if we can continue to stay on this space i think we can be one of the better, if not best defenses in this league and
5:45 pm
that's why we work so hard. we're out here trying to be the best. >> that's a strong statement. more from my one-on-one with eagles safety malcolm jenkins monday on our pregame show count down to kickoff at 8:00 on phl17. we'll get you set to the lead up to eagles and giants monday night. penn state with their biggest game of the year on 6abc against the defending national champs and number one ranked the ohio state buckeyes. the sixers suit up for a preseason game tonight against washington. at least most of them will suit up. nerlens noel is expected to return to the floor. but rookie jahlil okaforological not play as he recovers from a sore knee. flyers goalie steve mason returns to practice today after missing to games for a personal family matter. mason expects to return to action tuesday night against dallas. it would be his first game action since allowing those four goals in less than seven minutes down in florida last weekend. >> definitely nice to be back around the team setting here and start focusing on hockey
5:46 pm
again. you know, it just takes time and that's why it took time to come out to morning skate for us just to be around the guys and also just to start working back at hockey. >> ben revere and the toronto blue jays play game one of the alcs tonight against kansas city. it's their first appearance since 1993. chase utley and the dodgers chase for a championship over utley had a chance to tie it up against the mets in game five last night as a pinch hitter in the ninth but utley flies out. minutes later, the new york mets celebrate their first trip to the nlcs in nine years by turning their locker room into a slip and slide. let's take one more look. that is not quite the slip and slide i had as a kid in my backyard. >> looks like fun. >> yeah. >> they weren't using water. >> no, that was probably champagne. >> champagne an few other --
5:47 pm
>> by the way your alma mater undefeated playing tomorrow. >> can't wait against central florida. >> good news. >> temple university. thanks jeff. a few members of the philadelphia flyers took time off the ice to visit some of their youngest fans at the hospital today. jacob voracek claude giroux and pierre stopped off at children's hospital of philadelphia. they sat down for a mock radio show to answer all of their fans' questions. in just over a week the flyers play the rangers if their annual fight cancer night at the wells fargo center and today's visit was meant to coincide with that upcoming special event. flu season is nearly here and that means it's time to get your flu shot a free walk in flu clinic was held this morning for residents of delaware county. took place at the haverford area ymca in havertown. it was staffed by medical professionals from the county and the state department of health. baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff.
5:48 pm
good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios.
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5:50 pm
>> meteorologist adam joseph is here now with a closer look at that weekend forecast. do you bring the plants in or just cover them? what do you think. >> cover them or bring them in. if fair tropical bring them in. >> what if they're plastic. >> you shouldn't have those. [laughter] >> they're fine. >> you're the only one that probably has plastic plants. >> they're beautiful. >> i think they would be just fine. >> okay. >> no need to cover those. >> okay. >> as we take a look at double scan live radar, they'll all be plastic if you can cover
5:51 pm
them with plastic. double scan live radar showing not much going on. a few sprinkles north of the poconos but that's about it. as we look at the action cam still capturing fall beauty around the region. those are the montauk daisies. they'll guilty hit by freeze saturday night into sunday. temperatures little below average. not by much. we hit 66 in philadelphia for high. 63 right now, 60 allentown, 64 in dover and right along the shore temperatures in the lower 60's. one front has already passed by. that was early this morning. you could see it off the coast. some rain did blossom but a little too late to bring us some much needed rain. that is now off to the south and east but to the north and west we have the next front and this is the -- let's say the marking zone for that really cold arctic air for this time of year that will break down from the great lakes and canada. but for tonight some patchy
5:52 pm
clouds, brick and chilly, upper 30's for the suburbs, 46 degrees for center city and as we go into the upcoming weekend, saturday a mixture of sunshine and clouds, but very windy out of the northwestly 12 to 25 miles an hour, a high of 57 and then a lot of clouds on sunday as the core of the cold air passes by. it will erupt a lot of clouds here on sunday, still winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour with a high of just 51 degrees. it is parents weekend for the temple game at the linc tomorrow at 7:30. many layers needed, partly cloudy a chilly breeze. kickoff 50 degrees and by the fourth quarter a temperature of just 45 at the linc. your frost and freeze likely sunday morning. notice 29 allentown, 30 in lancaster. 31, this is 7 o'clock on sunday morning for reading. even near freezing in philadelphia and wilmington, trenton below freezing and right along the shore even temperatures there in atlantic city coming in at 35. but right along the shore, like wildwood cape may if you're right next to the ocean
5:53 pm
side you could hold onto a lil little bit of heat with temperatures in the 40's. and then by monday morning, upper 20's all areas north and west at freezing in philadelphia, below freezing wilmington and millville. and not too bad in dover at 40 degrees to start your new week. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's windy, chilly tomorrow 57. again a lot of clouds hire on sunday. still brisk at 51. then we relax the winds especially sunday night and that's when most areas will dip to or below freezing to start your monday morning. then monday a lot of sun but really not recovering, just 53 for a high but then we turn the corner on tuesday. 64 and then back above normal wednesday, thursday, just a few clouds 72 to 73 and then not bad on friday, 64 degrees. so, yeah, take some precautio precaution. you actually have to have talents to grow live plants. >> breaking news from southwest philadelphia. chopper six is live over the scene where a car flipped at about 5:30 tonight.
5:54 pm
that's 23 minutes ago. it injured two women here at 61st and passyunk avenue. the women have been rushed to the hospital but again, just a one-car accident. for some reason the car ran out of control and flipped on its side trapping one or both women. the one woman is -- both women in critical condition and headed to penn presbyterian hospital. one is in her 50's, the other her late 60's. we don't have any conditions yet but when we get that for you we'll bring it to you as well. we'll be right back.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> the liberty intel now on display at the christiana mall in delaware. well, not the real liberty bell but a replica made out of legos. lego americana road show is in town at the mall featuring our beloved landmarks from the u.s. capitol to the supreme court building, the white house even independence hall. plenty of laying going lovers young and old were on hand to marvel at the miniature cree creations and take pictures. the road show will be there new november 1st.
5:57 pm
>> harry potter fans had a real treat today in chestnut hill. the fourth annual harry potter festival is transforming that town into the enchanted neighborhood imagined by author j.k. rowling. today academics discussed the mythical story. tomorrow adults and children dressed in costume will be walking around town and also experiencing a quidditch game. check it out. >> jim gardner and the team standing by with these stories. workplace violence in montgomery county. the confrontation that ended way man allegedly shooting his boss. >> plus thieves get away with a major hall from a local jewelry store. >> a warm embrace between a police officer an seven-year-old boy. what led to this touching moment in camden today. >> all right, those stories and more coming up next at 6:00 now for adam joseph cecily tynan jeff skversky jaime apody rick williams the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night and a great weekend. >> good night. vince mazzeo-
5:58 pm
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> friday night, police say the armed robberies of two temple students were connected and they have new video of the suspects. and the final u.s. airways flight takes off making philadelphia part of aviation history. but the big story on "action news" tonight is gunfire at a montgomery county taxi company where police say a driver allegedly shot his boss. this was the scene on mount carmel avenue in glenside after the boss of montco suburban taxi was rushed to abington hospital. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the scene. jeff, you've got the full
6:00 pm
story. >> reporter: jim, police are still on the scene investigating right now. we're told the dispute over money led an employee to open fire inside the cab company office. police say they caught him 20 miles away. >> i just spoke with his wife and she said he's in operation room. they pump blood the him but he talking. >> reporter: roman barkin says he's believed his long time business partner and friend alex keegan will likely pull fle through. keegan and a driver got into an argument this afternoon that escalated into gunfire. >> we had a shooting here earlier this afternoon. it was about 1:30 in the afternoon and an employee had a money dispute with the owner and as a result he pulled out a gun and shot the owner. >> reporter: keying again took a bullet to the chest. chopper six over nd


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