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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the frostry accuweather the frostry accuweather forecast and more next. >> it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a very nasty accident on a rural road tonight and this hour a south jersey state police officer in the hospital. i a police cruiser he crashed
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westbound small suv route 30 tuck hoe road and franklin township, gloucester county. the police cruiser careened into the woods while the suv came to a stop 50 yards away and the police officer had to be flown out to cooper medical center but we have just heard that the police officer has non life-threatening injuries. that is good news. and the other driver was not injured at all. this is apparently been the scene of traffic tragedy before. there are two crosses one seemingly for adult and one for a child right where this accident happened tonight. in philadelphia, police are on the case tonight in wake of violent home up vacation 1900 block of north diamond street four blocks from the temple university neighborhood where there's been a surge of violence. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at central detectives in spring garden. jeff, what happened there tonight? >> more than likely we'll solve this crime and apprehend these two individuals because
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we know their name. >> philadelphia police know who they're looking for in violent home up vacation blocks from temple. 7:30 p.m., police say four men armed with guns forced their way in and pistol whipped the 6-year-old victim. >> they robbed victim of -- 2 26-year-old victim. they robbed him of watch, jewelry and cellphone. >> they fled on foot coming and going likely recorded on series of surveillance camerased in and outside the apartment building and victim injuries with a cut to the eye was able to see well enough to give detectives critical information. >> of the four the victim says he recognized and knows two of them. so, we actually have names. >> and we're told that the roommate was also home at the time of that home up vacation but he was in the shower unaware anything was going on. the victim was taken to temple
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university hospital with a cut over his eye. non life-threatening injuries we're told legal be brought to central so police with get more information about those suspects. live at central detectives, jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you jeff. we have surveillance video of two men wanted for robbing two temple university students on thursday morning. and they pulled a gun on male student 10 and susquehanna and robbed him and stole his 200 5 cadillac and three hours later another student was robbed of debit cards on 1800 block of 15 street. if you recognize these two are you urged to contact police. >> a woman's body was pulled out of the delaware river tonight someone spotted her in the area between market and chestnut philadelphia at about 7. philadelphia marine unit retrieved her body. the this hour we don't know if foul play is suspected. >> parts of tri-state will be experiencing first frost of
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season with temperatures sin sinking below 30 degrees in some areas this weekend. let's get the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> cold air will be funneling in as we head through the weekend. coldest air out further west. that's where freeze warnings are in aeffect for the tennessee valley. right now we have freeze watches for northwest suburbs and pine barrens of nming nng and tomorrow night they'll be freeze warnings and frost advisory. >> future tracker showing tomorrow morning 43 in philadelphia and you can see 30s out west and look what happens as we head into sunday. colder air moves in. 34 degrees by sunday 7:00 in the morning and colder monday some areas into the 0s. this is what to expect for the weekend. that canadian air mass will move in and we'll have clouds during the day.
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once the sun sets skies will clear each wind relaxed. that leads the way to good radiational cooling from any heat absorbed by earth from sun during the day head straight up to the atmosphere and temperatures tumble, sunday night and monday morning will be the coldest when parts of north suburbs and pine barrens dropping down to 0s. more details whoon to expect offer the weekend and when milder air returns coming up in the full accuweather forecast, jim. >> cecily, with the first frost of season on the way we urge you to stay with and you'll find up-to-the-minute forecasts plus power of form tracker radar right at my fingertips. >> a shooting at montgomery country taxi cab company. ozzy clark felt his boz because he feld he was owed money and then demand one other employee at montgomery country transportation in glenside to cut him a khechblingt he was
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arrested 90 minutes later in southwest philadelphia and the victim is expected to recover. >> 19-year-old dimitrius brown was arrested today for murder of 14-year-old boy. philadelphia police say brown shoot to block the shields with bullets. the shields die theed the next day. unless you can show us -- >> griffin cramble fate monday morning the 51-year-old faces life in prison for demolition disaster 22 and mark net june of 20136789 six were skilled and 13 injured. campbell's lawyers say he is a scapegoat and demolition architect who hired him any campbell was not qualified to do the job. campbell tried to save money by cutting corners. >> the cross country journey of the u.s. airways flight
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continues tonight. this was the scene as flight 1 1939 took off from philadelphia if international destination charlotte then phoenix and finally san francisco. this was the tlooingt payoff from phl and the return is from sap francisco to philadelphia. that will be it for u.s. airways it will be american airlines for how long. >> next weekend cap dates for mayor will face off in debate here on chapel 6 and once again we want to know what you would want to ask the candidates. submit questions for james kenny and melissa meier bailey you can't join the anticipation and say or hash tags 6abc action. watch the de pate, 11:00 in the morning here on dhapel 6. >> with halloween a couple weeks ago way are thinking about costumes and trigger are
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treater. in levittown tonight they ush ushderderd in the holiday early anden eye indications for the perfect of fun and safety. dann cuellar has the story. >> welcome to trunk or treat night♪ monster mash. >> an actual think was a smash. >> beat it sglot in the sealed off parking lot kids from lincoln and bartram elementary dressed up in costumes and went trick or treater. >> there you go. >> but instead of going door to door they were going car to car. >> happy halloween. >> parent and some grandparents decorated vehicles in goolish fashion to first kids a little fright night. >> you went all out and decorated and got the pickup truck fixed and stuff. >> yes. >> you made a haunted ous out of the back tailgate here. >> of course, yeah, a little -- >> result was one big community
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ganlerring and tell them it's a great idea. >> actually it was pto that came up with the add alternate and safe way to trick or treat. >> what were you supposed to be. >> birth day cake. >> do me your best impress. >> happy birthday and happy halloween. >> nice. >> kids loved it. >> it's kind of cool because you have to decorate the car in crazy ways. >> it's clever. it's -- i like it. and i think a lot of people like it. >> parents and grand parent love the idea as well. >> it's a safe idea all the kids are contained and a lot of this is their school friend and families so it's a pretty safe environment. >> this is the third year of event and catching on with other organizations that want to see as a safe alternative to gidz going door tore door one might and i had one last thing to say. >> in leavitt down, "channel 6
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action news." drinking can be expensive. a new report shows it may be more costly than anybody emergency indand lamar owed come condition. we have an update of of the former nba player and what he's doing tonight. >> continues to cause serious problems for hundreds of droyvrz, cecily. >> since tuesday, temperatures dropped off seasonable today. however, it's going to feel like late november on the weekend. details on how cold it will get in the accuweather forecast. >> plus, we are looking at the eagles injury list as they get ready for the giant come monday night. that and more when "action night. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> world out of las vegas lamar odom is showing sichz improvement he opened eyes and uttered something and gave a thumbs up. he was found tuesday at a broojle. 911 dispatchers were saying he
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was using sexual enhancement drugs in the days before. >> crews begin cleaning up the wreckage of scaffolding collapse in houston. six workers suffered non life-threatening injuries when the structure came down this morning taken happened at apartment complex which is under construction across from minute made park where the houston astros played. >> it could be days before a highway north of los angeles reopens and state route 58 is caked in mudd 2 to 6 feet deep more storms are expected to hit that area. they have problems thankfully nothing like that here but it's going to be chilly. >> there's a four year drought so all the vegetation is dead and if they get the rain there's nothing to hold in there. >> thit complain about our warm. it will be cold. we handle that for the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing rain free conditions out there tonight and it looks alive on sky6 from temple university sky cram really a pretty shot down broad street
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under pretty much clear condition and temperatures not bad yet, 54 in philadelphia and we'll likely not get that high sunday. wilmington 506789 millville 47, allentown 49, notice when you get closer to ocean sea isle city along the beach, 66. ocean temperature 64. influence closer to the ocean this time of year. temperatures typically warmer at night. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have one cold front move through this morning and it's tale of two fronts and another out to the west and behind this front this is what we have that canadian air mass. detroit, 4. international falls 2. temperatures in the 20s further north that front opens the gate for air to stream in. this is weekend outlook in a nutshell. tomorrow, mixture of sun and clouds and chilly. 57. feeling cooler with wind out of northwest.
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12 to 5 miles an hour on sunday gets colder. 51 dpe degrees. winds not quite as strong however we'll see less sunshine. mostly cloudy, surngsd defendant knitly colder of the two days. frost and freeze likely sunday morning. temperatures tell the story. philadelphia 4 and trenton 31 and allentown 2 reading 31 and millville 36. monday morning when the core of that cold air will be right over us kids heating to the bus stop. you will want the winter coats. philadelphia, 32. wilmington 3 and millville 31 degrees. notice not quit as cool along the coast so if you do have plants it's a good idea to cover them up for bring them inside if they're potted plant plants. freeze watch is posted for saturday and sunday night the northwest suburbs and interior south jersey with temperatures below 3. if a freeze warning tomorrow and areas not under watch still
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a good possibility of frost ft. winds diminish enough which i think is a good bet. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast windy and chilly tomorrow with mixture of clouds and sunshine. bundle up if you head to the temple football game. 57 sunday more clouds and temperature drops to down to 51. monday sunshine is back. but it really does not help the temperatures much. high only 53 degrees if you head to the linc for "monday night football" definitely bundle up and dress in layers. temperatures in the 40s. kickoff 40s. by the 4th quarter 44 under clear skies and by tuesday, back where we should be for this time of year. partly sunny skies and high of 6 4 and that brings us warm-up on wednesday. 7 degrees. thursday mixture of clouds and sun and even warmer, 73. friday, possibility of shower turns cooler high of 64. so three days of unseasonably
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cooler temperatures and have a bit of october thaw by 34eudle of next week. >> thank you, cecily. >> on "healthcheck" tonight alcohol may be much more costly than anybody imagined. cdc researchers measured frost to the united states -- together united states from alcohol including criminal activity and property damage and found binge drinking cost the government more than 1 90 billion a year in healthcare and productivity. message is clear excessive alcohol consumption is expensive and taxpayers are paying for it. >> best local growers joined forces with the area top chefs for culinary celebration. "action news" was at the navy quard nor fourth annual feast party. it benefit the pennsylvania horticultural society harvest program which provide food for horticultural society harvest program which provide food for families in need.
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vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan,
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even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. >> eagles giants they have key injuries on both sides. >> yeah they could affect this game. if this gis misses, owe dell beckham junior missed again for a pulled hamstring it would be a shame if they could not play monday night. >> what about this bunch. all missing practice for the eagles today, ryan matthews limited with groin injury and obviously this is game for bun of of reenl yopz for first place caidzy enough and need we
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forget monday night football. >> monday sniingt special. you're one of couple teams to be chosen to play monday flight throughout the course of season. two thus are faxt i think it's prettyty awesome. >> division game and we need everything on top of that and we could be in first place if we do win. so, here's one of them games it's a must win or we're excitesed man because we're last game of the week. >> and monday night well team one phl17 to bring you all the action at 8 our faction news sports team brings you counts down to kickoff followed by eagles and gianst and "monday night football" phl17. >> no jaleel oak for he missed his game with sore knee and up for nerlens know toll hold it in the paint. how about the dribble drive and hook 15 minutes in 19 minutes. 4th quarter, scotty willbkin.
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led sixers to 24 and filed was, 7-118. >> missed two games with a family medical emergency that he said had a big affect in mental state last game and he left in four goals less than seven minutes. >> game one of american league championship series in casey get the first employee. val ta door home anyone fourth the royals just beat blue jays 5-0 to take game one. >> all right. "action news" continues in a >> all right. "action news" continues in a moment people of the coffee-drinking world,
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for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced >> hundreds of philadelphia area students packed into the pennsylvania convention center tonight. hoping to find the right high school. it was all part of the 2015 philly high school fair presented by great philly and the annual fair connects middle schoolers and their parents with more than 1 100 public, charter, private and public high schools throughout the city. you're looking at halloween handy work from chester book elementary school. the jack owe lanterns were on display as parts of the parade of pumpkins in west chester this he were selling the gourdz all week for bringing hope home. it's a non profit supporting families fighting cancer. >> it was a magical evening for children in cher rehill to the
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royal ferry ball inside the garden state discovery museum and petite princes and princesses were treat todd makeovers and sweet and sassy photo shoot and carriage ride and more. >> tinker bell. >> yeah. en chanting event included meet and great with most famous ferry of them all. tinker bell. >> "high school huddle" next followed by "jimmy kimmel live" and "nightline" line. "action news" continues at 5:30 for cecily tynan, jamie apody, have a good night and great weekend.
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>> cecily with the beautiful spiral. welcome to "high school huddle" presented by gmc. i'm jeff skversky. tonight we have highlights and even some low light from the birds, jersey, delaware and game of week. council rock south william tennent we're back in 60 second council rock south william tennent we're back in 60 second don't go anywhere


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