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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  October 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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south jersey. fire claimed a life in a home in delaware county overnight. plus, big chill, some areas could see frost on the ground this weekend. chris sowers joins us with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's about to get chilly. >> reporter: it's the time of year it should feel chilly. >> is this seasonable? >> reporter: no, a little bit below seasonal standards. it was bound to happen at some point. we'll see the potential of a killing frost not necessarily tonight, but tomorrow night when some areas could see temperatures drop into the upper 20s. there's the view. it's quiet out there this morning and tranquil. there's not much to talk about other than the cooler temperatures settling in. reading, 43. philadelphia, one of the warmer locations 50. sea isle city, 57. you go inland they are in the 30s across millville and the pine barrens in south jersey.
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cooler stuff to the west. 34 in buffalo. where they are expecting snow showers tonight into tomorrow morning. binghamton, 35. pittsburgh, 39. charleston, 40 degrees. forecast for today we'll start out with sunshine. by afternoon, 54 degrees by lunch. 3:00 p.m., 57. 6:00 p.m., 55. with a high of only 58. normally we should be around 10 degrees higher than that. 68 degrees. over the next few nights canadian air malice settling in. tomorrow night -- canadian air mass settling in. tomorrow night, a thick killing frost. >> overnight a home in pleasantville went you up in fl. firefighters were called out around 11:00 p.m. they found a well developed fire
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in a home. crews brought in firefighters from neighboring departments to assist. there are reports of injuries and "action news" is working to determine the severity. new this morning, police in delaware county are trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed a man. flames broke out on collingdale avenue around 11:30. first responders arrived to find a woman screaming on the front porch. several officers tried to get inside, but forced back by intense flames. firefighters arrived and worked to extinguish the blaze. >> we called a second alarm, the second floor middle bedroom, a male's body was found in the bedroom, deceased. >> collingdale police are talking to the woman, a companion of the man. state police and arson
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investigators are investigating. a woman's body was pulled from the delaware river, someone spotted her floating in time area between market and chestnut. philadelphia marine unit retrieved her body. no word if foul play is suspected. there are details of a shooting at a montgomery county cab company. 33-year-old ozzie clark shot his body, 45-year-old alex keyingen because he felt he was owed money. he went to another location in glenside and ordered them to cut a check. keegan is expected to recover. 19-year-old di mitrus brown was arrested for shooting another person on tenth street.
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he died the next day. brown is facing murder charges. detectives say this man walked into four businesses flashed a gun and demanded money and walked out once he had the cash. holdsworth was taken into custody along with linton at a home on junction street on wednesday. these are pictures of annual fighting equipment taken from inside a passion home. two resident -- parks home. authorities found heavy trains and dog treadmills and trinitied flyers, rescuers found five adult pitbulls and 7 terrorrer puppies, the dogs had wounds consistent with dog fighting. all dogs are receiving treatment and will be available for
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adoption. a jury will continue to determine the fate of griffin campbell for the building collapse in 2013. prosecutors say he tried to save money by cutting corners and it cost lives. opening statements begin today for chaka fattah is accused of using business loans for personal statements he is acting as his own attorney. his father an 11 term congressman is facing federal indictment for unrelated charges. lamar odom is awake and showing improvement.
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he opened his eyes and gave a thumbs up from his hospital bed. he was in a in a in a coma since tuesday. he was using cocaine and sexual enhancement drugs. authorities are tracing the $75,000 spent at the brothel to determine what happened to him. republicans running for the white house threatened to boycott the upcoming debate that you because they thought it was too long. also, is vice president joe biden going to get into the race. >> reporter: donald trump and ben carson joined together in a letter to cnbc saying they will not appear in a debate that is
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more than 120 minutes long including commercial breaks. they insisted an opening and closing statement from each candidate. cnbc caved in the time limit, but no opening statement. carly fiorina gave this dig. >> i'm sorry they doabts -- don't have the stamina to go the distance. >> reporter: what a difference one debate makes for hillary clinton. she was endorsed by urban development secretary. >> i'm going to really look hard at him for anything, because that's how goodies, and he deserves the accolades he is receiving. >> but there is there's the issue of what will joe biden do
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as the vp continues to dodge questions. a close aid and can friend senta letter to former staffers saying he may run, but hadn't made a decision yet. >> next week the mayors face off on 6abc. we want to know what you want to ask them. you can submit your questions by emailing them to join the action at or through social media, using the #6abc action. watch the debate on sunday october 25th at 11:00 a.m. ursinas is celebrating their newest president. blumburg comes from clairmt
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claremont college in california. ahead, firefighters in texas may get a helping hand from mother nature as they battle a destructive wildfire. chris? >> reporter: eva, it's going to be cold out there this morning, temperatures in the 40s, look what's on the way this weekend, killing frost potential there, we have a freeze warning in effect. details coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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the worst of a wildfire that destroyed nearly 50 structures in central texas is likely over. firefighters have made big strides containing the blaze. it scorched 7 miles of forest land southeast of austin. firefighters expect favorable weekend weather will increase containment which is now at 40%. wildfires are always scary. >> reporter: finally they are getting head winds from the fire. obviously the big story here is the cold. let's get you outside and show you what's going on looking live at the platt bridge. very quiet morning out there, temperatures have dropped into the 40s, though. it's going to be the coldest air of season which will more than likely produce frost and freeze conditions as we get into
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tomorrow morning and monday morning. but it was a gorgeous week, dry, comfortable, nice and pleasant, 76 degrees, monday and tuesday, lots of sunshine, wednesday wasn't bad, 68. thursday and yesterday we topped out at 66 which is where we should be for this time of the year. the normal is 66. you see the numbers heading this way in the seven-day forecast. today starts the trend, 58 degrees that's the forecasted high, 47 degrees is the low this morning. 38 in the poconos. millville, 39. remember these numbers because they will be mild compared to what's on the table over the next 48 hours. you'll be dealing with a breeze out of the west northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll start out with sunshine. even though we increase the clouds as the day progresses, we are not looking at any organized storm systems, there are snow
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showers pushing across new england and snow showers off lake erie and ontario. for us, we're looking at sunny size and cloud cover by the afternoon. you can see the snow showers on the great lakes. u-p of michigan and sault st. marie. they are looking for slushy accumulations on the picnic tables. temperatures are down to the mid 20s. international falls, 25. green bay, 27. chicago down to 35 degrees. that air mass slides south and east over the next 48 hours. future tracker shows you it producing snow showers to the west. for us we're looking at sunny skies to start and a few clouds bubbling up by afternoon. notice we'll stay dry. no weather to talk about today. as we get into sunday afternoon. the snow showers will cross over the mountains. it could push into the delaware
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valley in the form of rain showers. just a spotty rain shower or two sunday afternoon. i think most areas will stay dry, but we have to allow for a spotty shower come sunday. forecasted highs across the viewing area, reading, 55 degrees, a chilly breeze, you're starting out with wall-to-wall blue skies. clouds increase during the day. trenton, 56. millville, 58 degrees. atlantic city same number, cape may, 57. overnight tonight, look at these numbers, allentown, 30. doylestown, 28, 29. trenton, 33. pine barrens in southern new jersey, below freezing. millville, partly cloudy and cold. national weather service i should a freeze area for the entire area other than the i-95 corridor. bring the plants indoors or you'll lose them with the cold
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weather settling on in. if you're heading to lincoln financial field for the temple game. bundle up. sunday, chilly sun, 53. monday night football, that game chilly, as well. 54 is monday's high. next week we're back in the 70s we have a three day stretch where it feels like new england. >> get ready for it. the region's best local growers joined top chefs for a celebration. "action news" was at the navy yard for the 4th annual feast party. it features the pennsylvania horticultural program that provides local grown food to families in need.
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live hd taking a live look at cape may, new jersey. it is 6:19, 51 degrees outside right now here in the city. we have a consumer alert to tell you about this morning. kia is recalling hundreds of thousands of its sorento vehicle. a break shift mechanism in the car could shift or crack that could cause the transmission to move out of park without the driver pressing on the brake. they are replacing the defect for free, but owners should use
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the parking brake. now is the time to cash in on airfare. delta has pushed their ticket prices down, they have joined jet blue and southwest and spirit in the price war for frequent flyers. analysts say get the deals while the getting is good. the union for air traffic controllers is seeing a shortage of certified workers, this could lead to widespread flight delays due to the lack of experienced controllers. while the number of workers is at a low, air traffic has increased. social security recipients will not receive their yearly increase in benefits. falling gas prices have led to increase in in inflation.
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seniors are impacted by medical costs that have risen fatter than the cost of inflation. uber has partnered with the national center for missing and exploited children. the uber network covers 75% of the population, they hope this will bring more missing children home safely.
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including eye med. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. everyone, 6:23 saturday morning, we're awaiting the coldest air of the season so far. right now it's across the hudson bay region of canada. the jet stream will take that down across the u.s./canadian border into the great lake
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states and mid atlantic states this weekend. we're expecting highs ten to 20 degrees below the normal averages. highs are going to top out in the 50s today and tomorrow in philadelphia. you can see the colder air settling on in. as a matter of fact it shows up real nice on the water vapor image. that's the high that will dominate the pattern over the next two or three days. you start out with sunshine and increasing clouds and along with the colder temperatures you'll get a stiff breeze out of the west/northwest. 15 to 20 miles per hour. if your son has a t-ballgame or soccer game this afternoon. bundle up. forecast today, 48 degrees, sunny skies by 9:00 a.m. more clouds than sun by afternoon. 55. 1:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 56. mostly cloudy skies, shooting for a high of 58. turning to sports, the eagles are preparing for monday night football against the
6:25 am
giants and they may not have to worry about o'dell beckham junior. jamie apody has all your saturday morning sports. o'dell beckham junior missed practice with the giants with a pulled hamstring. michael kendricks and brian matthews has a groin injury. this is the divisional rivalry. it's for first place crazy enough and it's monday night football. >> monday night you're one of a couple of teams to be chosen to play monday night throughout the course of the season, this is two, thus far. it's awesome. >> we could be in first place if we win. it's a must-win, looks like every week we're excited the last game of the week.
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>> reporter: monday night we'll be teeming up with phl17. our sports team brings you countdown kickoff monday night football on phl17. noelle missed the last ga. 4th quarter. 3, 117-118. >> mason hoping to be back in net tuesday against dallas. kansas royals and blue jays,
6:27 am
toronto may be favored to win the series, but royals struck the flyers blow, the royals won it, taking the 1-0 series lead. penn state today, don't forget it. have a great day. >> >> ball girl squad had to approve their knowledge of baseball while testing their on camera presence in the media room. between 8 and ten women will be selected to join the team. the phillies will announce the winners on tuesday. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> deadly accident a pedestrian is killed on the ac expressway. violent attack, they know who they are looking for after four men break into a home and beat a man before robbing him. a final flight, u.s. airways becomes a thing of the past landing at philadelphia international this morning. chris sowers first here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. all we can say is get ready. >> reporter: you're not too happy, are you. >> i'm not unhappy about it, i will say.
6:30 am
>> reporter: i have seen you happier, though. this will not be a fun weekend for you be, especially if you don't like the cold air. we have a chilly air mass settling in over the next few days, it could produce a killing frost and freeze over the area. sunrise 71:00 officially. it's nice out there, it's quiet. it's not too chilly as of yet. but it will get there tomorrow morning. 46 degrees in allentown. wilmington, 41. 9 degrees warmer in philadelphia. that's 50. 39 in millville. trenton, 44. reading, 43 and lancaster 40 which is 6 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. look at south jersey, anywhere from ten to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. trenton, 5 degrees, wilmington, 8 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. satellite and radar showing a couple of instability showers across the great lake states. we're starting to see light snow across new england here, northern vermont and new
6:31 am
hampshire and maine could see a slushy accumulation on grassy surfaces out of that before it exits off the coast. lots of clouds and breezy. you'll start out with sunshine and the clouds will pop up thrrch before they take -- this afternoon before they take over the sky. the temperatures are not going do too much today. lunchtime, 354. 3:00 p.m., 57, and 6:00 p.m., 55. tomorrow morning, 95% of the area likely to see a killing freeze. i'll have the details on this with the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> new, this morning, new jersey state police are investigating a pedestrian crash on ac expressway in wins slow township. medics pronounced the victim dead at the scene. only one lane of traffic was getting through on the shoulder
6:32 am
while state police investigated. chopper 6 hd was above a nasty crash that injured a gloucester county police officer that happened on route 40 and tuckahoe road. police say the officer's patrol car and the suv collided. the force of the collision sent the patrol car into the woods. the officer was rushed to cooper medical center. no word on his condition. the driver of the suv was not hurt. philadelphia police think they know who they are looking for in a violent home invasion, it happened blocks from a temple university neighborhood that has experienced a surge of violence. jeff chirico has the details. >> more than likely we'll solve the crime and append the individuals because we know their names. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they know who they are looking for in the violent home invasion. four men armed with guns forced their way in and pistol whipped the 26-year-old victim. >> they robbed him of his
6:33 am
wallet and watch and jewelry and cell phone. >> reporter: they fled on foot their coming and going likely recorded on surveillance cameras inside and outside the apartment building. the victim injured with a consult on the eye was able to give detectives critical information. >> the victim said he recognized and knows who of them. so we actually have names. >> reporter: the victim's roommate was home at the time of the invasion, but in the shower and unaware that anything happened. the victim was taken to temple university hospital to be treated for the cut to the eye. at central detectives, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will help identify two suspects wanted for robbing two temple university students this week. police say the suspects pulled a gun on the man at 10th and susquehanna on thursday and robbed him and stole his 2005 cadillac. three hours later another student was robbed on the 1800
6:34 am
block of 15th street. if you recognize the two men you're urged to contact police. a lehigh valley woman who admitted her role in a murder-for-higher plot learned her fate. a judge sentenced her to ten years in prison. prosecutors say she tried to higher a hit man to kill her daughter's ex-boyfriend. she said he was abusive. she was arrested after meeting with an undercover detective who was posing as a hit man. she pleaded guilty to attempted murder and conspiracy. moody's has slapped an negative outlook on the state of pennsylvania for their debt. it cited the on going stalemate and the difficult it will have closing it's long term deficit. lower bond ratings mean higher borrowing cost. revel casino, a bank has
6:35 am
started foreclosures proceedings against acr energy. acr and glen straub has been unable to reach a deal to provide services to the build. under an emergency orderly they are powering enough electricity, but straub has fallen behind on the payment. the final u.s. airways flight has come to an end. the landed at international airport half-hour ago. flight 1939 took off yesterday destined to charlotte, north carolina. phoenix and san francisco. it was the last-ever flight to take off from phl. the same flight landed at 6:00 a.m. then and now, u.s. airways will no longer exist as it becomes american airlines. many didn't know they were on the historic flight, but others
6:36 am
booked the trip just to be a partly of it. >> i meanted to be a part of -- i wanted to be a part of aviation historical. >> the airlines will finish merging the reservation systems and frequently flyers program and all future flights fly under the american airlines banner. halloween arrived in a bucks county community early they didn't go house to house, but trunk to trunk. dann cuellar has the story. welling come to trunk or treat night. >> it was a smash. >> reporter: actually it was a smash. in the sealed off parking lot of truman high school kids from emerson, lincoln and barlet elementary went trick or
6:37 am
treating. instead of going door to door they want car to car. they decorate the the cars in ghoulish fashion to give the kids a taste of "fright night." you made a haunted house on the back tailgate here. >> of course. >> reporter: the result was like one big community gathering. it seems like a great idea. >> actually it was the pta who came up with the idea as an alter in a lot and vaif -- alternate and safe way for children to trick or treat. the kids loved it. >> i think it's kind of cool because the guys decorated the cars in crazy ways. >> it's clever, i like it. i think lots of people like it. parents and grand parents like it, as well. >> the kids are contained it's school, friends and family.
6:38 am
>> reporter: this is the third year of the event at it is beginning to catch on with other organizations who see it as a safe alternative for kids going door to door in the dark of night. for the kids they had one last thing tolls. happy halloween! >> reporter: dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> tom hanks is back on the big screen in a few film by stephen spielburg we'll take a look at "bridge of plus amazing pictures from california where mudslides trapped drivers. plus chris sowers slf will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast >> it could be days before a
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6:41 am
highway north of los angeles reopens. state route 58 is encased in mud from thursday's mudslides. more storms are expected to hit the area. the pictures are incredible. >> reporter: wow, wouldn't they like to have our weather right now. >> just to be cold. >> reporter: let's go live on sky6 live hd. it's been really, really nice, it's been sunny from start to finish everyday here, it's been fairly comfortable up to this point. thinks are about to change as we have the first true canadian air mass settling in. 50 degrees, dewpoint.
6:42 am
36. winds out of west/northwest with windchills in the 40s. barometer is holding steady. 30s and 40s north and west, saint davids, kennett square. 37. chester, 43. center city closing in on 50. hammonton you're down in the 30s, buena, 39. millville, 39 or 40. gandys beach, 48. the milder ocean temperatures are keeping it somewhat comfortable in southern cape may county. but it's chilly along the shore, as well. we have cold stuff coming at the same time tomorrow. satellite and radar, as you can see cruel notice sunshine here early on. the clouds will bubble up during the afternoon. we'll go from mostly sunny to cloudy by 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. that will keep things chilly as the day wears on. this is the wider view. nice and comfortable across great lake states and get into
6:43 am
the heartland of the nation, front range, not too bad out there. the northern tier states that's huge canadian air malice. air mass. chicago, 35. omaha, 46. cincinnati, 34. what you're not seeing are the windchills down in the mid 20s across the u-p of michigan and minnesota at that. there could be rain and snow showers across new england and western portions of mid atlantic states. they are posting showers, but i wouldn't be surprised to see wet snowflakes mixed in. delaware valley, high pressure settling in, especially tomorrow, tomorrow will be one of those days if we get the clouds roll in quick enough we might struggle to reach 50 degrees for the high temperature. the cold stuff arrives tomorrow. as a matter of fact we'll show you the numbers on future tracker of this afternoon, the modeling is going 54, 55,
6:44 am
accuweather is bumping it up to 58 degrees, we'll have sun behind increasing clouds. breezy, winds out of the north 10 to 20. overnight tonight, low 30s north and west, the pine barrens in southern new jersey, close to freezing, as well. we get into tomorrow afternoon, look at this its a struggle just to reach 50 degrees, there could be an isolated shower popping up in one or two locations. most of us stay dry, but allow for the shower if you have outdoor plans. tomorrow afternoon, this is when the killing frost sets in. this is called a hard freeze. north and west, mid to upper 20s. same thing for the pine barrens of new jersey. even the city of philadelphia, 35. breezy, limited sun and partly cloudy, down right cold.
6:45 am
overnight tonight you'll need the extra blanket on the beds. 34 degrees outlying suburbs, 39 center city. undefeated temple owls playing the winless central florida knights. breezy, you'll need a jacket, 50 degrees kickoff, 45 degrees 4th quarter. 53 degrees that's all we're posting for tomorrow. 36 degrees in the city. everybody with the exception being the city dropping below freezing tomorrow night into monday morning. for monday itself sunny and chilly, high of 54. monday night football is okay, chilly, clear skies, 66 for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we're back in the 70s, 72 and 70 degrees, you'll be happy again. >> i really like fall. >> reporter: when you look at the averages and when we expect the first frost, on a yearly basis we're not too far from
6:46 am
where we should be. >> it's not unusual to see halloween snow. >> reporter: we've had that. >> this is the halloween handiwork, third graders from chester brook academy jack-o-lanterns were on display in the annual parade of pumpkins, they are raising funds for bringing hope home, a nonprofit providing support to families fighting cancer. >> good morning, again, it is
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:48 on this sunday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us at the platt bridge as the sun rises. look at those beautiful colors there. 51 degrees. my best friend's wedding is a
6:49 am
woman trying to sabotage her best friend's wedding. it comes to the big white way. here's karen rogers with a preview of films. >> reporter: there's a lot of films to choose from. first up "bridge of spies" with tom hanks and stephen spielburg. the film is set during the cold war. hanks is new york lawyer who is recruited by the cia to rescue a pilot detained in the soviet union after his spy plane is shot down. he boards a plane hoping to win his freedom during the prisoner
6:50 am
exchanged. if all goes well russia gets a convicted spy who donovan defended in court.xt up, crimso. after marrying charming sir thomas sharp she is swept away to live in the english hills. edith has the ability to communicate with the dead and uses it to solve the mystery behind the ghostly visions that are haunting their new home. >> next up, goose bumps. >> every story ever told can be
6:51 am
broken down into three parts, the beginning hi we're just moving in. after moving to a small town a teenage boy meets his new neighbor, he learns that her father is the author of the young adult horror book series goose bumps. they begin to terrorize the town and it's up to them to get them back into the book where they belong. you can find out where any of these films are playing by using the internet-ready cell phone or tablet. if you need to download the free app unwhere to -- you know whero go. has everything. i'm karen rogers have fun at the
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everyone, 6:54 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast. we'll start you out with satellite 6 and action ray he -- radar. we have weather moving west to east, the pacific air has crossed the lower 48 which brought mild conditions from the front range to the eastern seaboard. now you'll see a shot coming straight from the pole and we have a huge canadian air mass heading this way. high pressure is dominating the pattern there's nothing going on. if you're flying out of philadelphia wherever you're heading it should be a smooth flight. the winds are out of the northwest coming from the hudson
6:55 am
bay straight into the great lakes and the mid atlantic states where we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 27 in busy mark. chicago, 35 degrees -- bismarck. chicago, 35 degrees. 50 degrees in philadelphia, jacksonville showing 60 degrees. most of the major hubs are quiet. we're seeing mainly clear conditions, green planes that's a good sign that means all the major hubs are on time. logan, 48 degrees, chilly in chicago, midway and o'hare 45. orlando, fairly mild, 64. chilly in atlanta, 55. and newark 46. >> if you've been in the market for window treatments you know they can cost a bundle. the designers from the live well network can show you how to do it yourself for 50 bucks. >> reporter: window treatments are expensive, usually, the fancier they are the pricer they
6:56 am
are. you can use a modern elegant flare to white curtains. >> they say are the plane jane panels we pick up for 20 bucks. we'll stencil a pattern and once that is done we to put these in. we picked this pattern because we like to mix the modern with the geometric lines, but they are elegant, too. it looks awesome. this is our temp --
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tool. this will comes as part of the can it. >> reporter: isn't that awesome? we did these curtains in two easy steps and only 52 bucks. for more ideas go to live well it off. >> it was a birthday surprise to remember for a young boy in south jersey, 7-year-old jason's favorites police officer -- favorite police officer brought him a new bike. "action news" photographer spoke to jaden who is thrilled with his new gift. >> i feel happy. >> reporter: with you surprised? >> yes. >> what do you think of the
6:58 am
officer? real fine. >> reporter: officer was nominated as camden police officer of the week! we've got another hour of "action news" coming up. we'll go inside terror behind the walls and tell you what's new this year. plus unique prospective we'll give you a look at the mudslide in los angeles as it happened from the driver's point of view. we'll be back in just a moment. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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7:00 a.m. saturday october 17. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," we're following developing news, several people are injured when a home goes up in flames in south jersey. fire claimed the life in a home in delaware county. plus, bill chill some areas -- plus big chill, some areas could see frost on the ground this weekend. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers. it's not really that cold. >> reporter: that's the saving grace, but it's chilly compared to seasonable averages. fleetwood, tanersville, 35. the poconos you're three


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