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tv   Action News Weekend 7PM  ABC  October 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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a man is killed in the fire that police say he set during a dispute with a woman he lives with. plus toddler is discovered wandering alone in love park at night, we will hear from his parents. but the big story on "action news" is colder than normal weekend for this time of the year n fact, a freeze warning is up for tonight and tomorrow. let's get details with meteorologist melissa a magee at the big board with her first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> walter, you definitely felt the difference this afternoon the chill in the air. yesterday's high temperature 66 degrees. today we maxed out at 67 well below average of 66 this time
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of the year. as you check out the 24 hour temperature change, it is a good 10 degrees colder then the same time yesterday. 10 degrees colder as well in reading as it was 24 hours ago and 4 degrees cold inner allentown and lehigh valley. a few things to go over tonight. we have got a frost advisory from midnight right through 9:00 a.m. sunday. philadelphia not included in that frost advisory this may lead to interior sections of south jersey and suburbs to the north and west as well as cape may county there in new jersey. so good idea tonight to protect any of your sensitive vegetation. also tonight we have got a freeze warning for 95 percent of the area, delaware, philadelphia counties not included in that. this stays up until midnight right through 9:00 a.m. sunday as temratures where we have light blue shaded a area will fall below 32 degrees. future tracker six showing you these numbers north and west, waking up tomorrow morning below freezing, 27 in reading. twenty-eight in allentown. near freezing in philadelphia.
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29 degrees will be that wake up number in the poconos, some 6:30 in the morning. we will talk about what is ahead. extra layers on the way tonight. temperatures good zero to 20 degrees below average and core of the coal moves in sunday night right the through monday morning. we've got details with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walalter. with the first frost of the season on the way, stay with six you'll fine up to the minute forecast plus the the power of the storm tracker six live radar right there at your fingertips. moving on to other news tonight police have found parents of the two-year old boy found barefoot alone and wandering around love park in center city late last night. it turns out they with both of their small children have been sleeping in the park because they had in where else to go. "action news" reporter jeff chirico joins us live with the full details, jeff. >> reporter: walter, you can see their makeshift home behind me you can see just underneath cities welcome center those cardboard walls are to keep the family warm. they say they didn't realize
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their boy had walk a away until they woke up, hours later. love park, known for it the beautiful views. >> didn't have in where to go. >> reporter: and harsh realities. >> if i had asked to go i would be there. i'm not here feeding my kid on purpose. >> reporter: fighting hopelessness angelic is now fighting for her children. >> this is my son. >> reporter: after her two-year old boy jeremiah was wandering a alone over the park overnight this photo shared on social media as police spent hours trying to figure out who he was and how he ended up there. >> this is her home last night. >> reporter: michael jones who says he is the father shows us where his family slept behind cardboard walls under the welcome center. >> somehow he walk past here and walked out. he squeezed through here and walk through the game. i ran over to dh s. i said my sonnies missing. >> reporter: the the couple said they ended up here after having trouble finding room in the shelter. now jeremiah and his four
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year-old sister malaysia are in state care and won't be returned until their parents have have a roof over their head. >> i don't care what kind of work i get, if anybody out there has work for me, call. >> me and my husband will be very good parents, who love our kids. >> reporter: the toddler was taken to children's hospital but we are told he is doing well. philadelphia police say no charges will be filed. we are live at love park in center city, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> sad story, thanks, jeff. man from collindale is dead after police say he set fire inside have of his home during a dispute with the woman he lives with. fire broke out at 11:30 last night at home on collindale avenue. investigators say five two-year old david gilette the third set the the fire on purpose. woman was able to escape uninjured but gilette was found dead on the first floor. sources tell "action news" that officers have responded a few times, to this home in the past, on reports of the
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domestic violence. another fire, in pleasantville, new jersey claimed lives of the two women late last night and family members tell "action news" that those women had been living inside that home without electricity for years. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> reporter: family members and loved ones embraced outside charred home on west wright street in pleasantville. fire officials a say two lives were lost in the blaze that started around 11:00 p.m. on friday. >> the smoke, abe i smelled and checked my house first, and i said it is coming from somewhere. i seen the the brightness, and it is just pouring out of the window. >> reporter: richard dorsey said he called 911 and grabbed a garden hose. >> i just wanted to stop from it spreading. >> reporter: it took fire fighters an how control the flames. neighbors say a husband and wife lived here and older woman was staying with them. they tell us it was two women who died. officials are still investigating a cause. family members say victims have been living here for
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quite sometime without electricity in the home. they also let cameras at night to see they believe that could be what sparked the the blaze. rose marie walker lives right next to the burned home. >> you got to get out, you got to get out. >> reporter: she said her young grandchildren were shaken up from the the ordeal an insiding on the home was left melted. she said she just spoke to the one women earlier that day. >> the the two ladies, they come to us, on the porch, and i said hey, and, where is the kid and all of that. >> reporter: officials have not released the names of the victims. reporting from pleasantville, trish hartman for channel six a "action news". tonight we are learning new details about a crash that ended with a franklin township police officer badly wounded. thirty-six year-old angela fees ter of glassboro has been charged with dui and related offenses. they say she was drunk when she hit officer clifford, last night. the suspect's three children were inside the vehicle at the time and it happened at route 40 and tuckahoe road.
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the officer remains hospitalized with a conn duck, two broken wrists and a broken ankle. feaster the driver suffered a broken ankle as well. one of her children is being evaluated for possible internal injuries. a crash in the schuylkill expressway, resulted in quite a backup this morning. it happened at 10:30 when vehicle flipped on the eastbound lanes near south philadelphia. two people were injured and rush to the hospital, and no word on their conditions, tonight, or what caused the accident. the recent string of criminal activity continues at temple university. this time, a 19 year-old was rob at gunpoint, right on campus. it happened last night on the 400 block of jefferson street. teenager says the arm thief took his phone and wallet, and it comes in the wake of the the two other armed robberies in the past few days victimizing temple students. the first happened early thursday morning, at the tenth and susquehanna when a 21 year-old had his car stolen at gunpoint. second occurred three hours later when two men robbed a student near 15th and
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montgomery. a vigil was held this morning in the site where little boy was found dead last week. about two dozen people gathered to pray near a wood aired use off south park drive and cooper street in haddon up to ship where three-year old brandon creato was found on tuesday. the his father says youngster simply walk away from the apartment during some point that morning. an autopsy has been since performed, but the cause of the death remains a mystery. a ten year-old girl is serving as an inspiration for the the bishop eustace prep school field hockey team. team is dedicating its entire season to brook conklin. the fifth grader is being treated for leukemia the girls know brook quite well her big sister is a junior member of the crusaders. when they found out she was sick they quickly decided to rally around the family. >> it the is always nice to be able to come out here and play for a purpose. i mean it is great to get up the at the end of the day. it is just a win. we are all here supporting not only brook but her sister who means a lot to us.
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>> it makes me feel good because they are supportive in helping me get the through this kind of tough time good as part of their dedication the team is hosting a light the night walk tonight, benefiting the leukemia and limb nova society. goal, to raise $5,000 but they have already raised more than $20,000 as of of tonight. next weekend candidates running for mayor of the philadelphia will face off in the debate right here on six abc. once again, we'd like to hear your questions for the the mayoral hopefuls. you can submit your questions for james kenney and medical will a murray bailey by e-mailing them to join the the action at six or through social media using the hashtag six abc action. then watch the debate on sunday october 25th, a at 11:00 o'clock in the morning right here on six abc. much more to come on "action news". it is probably the only place where you can see a bum many bee brushing a goat. we will take you to one of the area's cutest halloween celebrations. "action news" viewer captures a astonishing sight at the new jersey shore, we
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will show you this amazing video high above ocean city. >> bad news for the the bird, two eagles starters have been ruled out for monday night's game, jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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it is end of an era. the the final u.s. airways flight made its way from san francisco, to philadelphia a, overnight. flight 1939, landed on time, just before 6:00 a.m. a lot of aviation enthusiast on board for this last trip which started yesterday in philadelphia, and making stops in charlotte, phoenix and san francisco before returning home. all future flights for this week will new fly under the banner of american airlines. a march calling for full legality says of marijuana drew several hundred people in trenton. the members of the coalition along with their supporters gathered at the new jersey state house to call for legal says of cannabis in towns and municipalities all across the state. organizers presented
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information, on how new jersey voters can help introduce a ballot resolution, to legalize small amounts of pot. they are calling on governor christie to sign a bill allowing students, with disabilities to consume edible forms of the cannabis while on school properties. hundreds of the local boy scouts are spending their weekends together. this is third year for cradle of liberty council inviting philadelphia area scouts to the the camp at light house field in hunting park. these kid range from 11 to 17. they have been taking part in the variety of scouting activities. we're hoping one of them includes a nice, warm fire tonight. and a little friendly competition among septa operators today. they had their skills put to the test during the annual septa railroad ohio event and family day. even the kid there got a chance to get behind the wheel a little bit. they are all of the games, face painting and lots of food. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
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recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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jeff skversky has sports and the injury bug biting the eagles. >> they will be missing two starters come monday night against giants, first place on the line, and sam bradford hasn't had enough issues starting games, the eagles quarterback will be no doubt, starting rookie receiver nelson agholor. monday night begins the new york giants. agholor officially ruled out today by the eagles. he has not practiced because of an ankle injury. michael kendricks is also ruled out. running back ryan matthews listed as questionable, because of a groin issue that has been bothering him this week as well. speaking of injuries, odell beckham junior will be a game time decision. the giants receiver listed as questionable because of the hamstring injury but hey, as far as eagles are concerned, there is in quebecham is playing and yes, he has burned the bird in the past.
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>> yes, our approach is he is playing. that is our approach. we will see number 13 on monday night. very competitive player. i necessity him very well. he will play, a against us. >> he is special. you get the ball in his hand with open field, he can do a lot of things with it. he is confident. when you are out there. he believes, he is the best. >> eagles/giants monday night we are teaming up with phl17 to bring you the game, coverage kicks off with the pregame show monday night at 8:00. well, this is a big one tonight, penn state, facing number one ranked team for the first time in 25 years. but the lions have never, beaten ohio state when the buck eyes are ranked number one. yeah, james franklin has his handful with this team. >> what happens, because of their depth and their talent they wear people down. although people have been competitive with the first half, they wore people out and created big plays in the second half.
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so, you know, us playing a lot of guys and building up some of that depth will be helpful for us. >> and penn state/ohio state right here on channel six at the top of the hour, penn state zero and three all time begins ohio state when they are rank number one. they have been out scored by 61 points in those games. temple, they have a cup cake, compared to what penn state is dealing w matt rule and undefeated owls face winless central florida at the link in ten minutes. temple can start six-zero for the first time in 41 years with the w. >> it is nice that right now people are, you know, looking at what we have done and feeling like they have a chance to win. all that being said we believe that the the team that plays the the best wins. so we try hard to control the fact that we want to play as well as we can play and hope it is better than the other team. >> villanova on the road in albany, the the ride back will be fun. freshman quarterback zach bednarek, 12 for 12 including this touchdown to kevin.
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he wins his first career start, villanova, 37 to nothing. they are three-three. former penn coach al bagnoli coaching against penn the team he left after 23 years. today with columbia. he is wondering why did i leave. christian pierson for the touchdown, penn crushes columbia, 42-seven. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> hey. >> hey, jahlil okafor and nerlens okafor singing happy birthday to the fans at university of delaware where they are practicing and holding a kid clinic. so, brett brown as the coach, what is the number one question fans like to ask you. >> first one everybody asks about is jahlil, you know, he is coming along. i think his head will keep him in the curve jumping out of the gate. i don't expect him to jump out quickly. >> cautiously optimistic with the number one pick for your
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76ers. we will see what happens. another presees on game up in brooklyn and then season starts in a week and a half. >> kid has got skills. >> yes, he does. >> yes. >> most tourist might be gone but new jersey shore has interesting visitors this time of the year. check out this whale cruising along the shoreline in the 58th street beach today in ocean city. "action news" viewer captured this video with the drone, wow. up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk
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meteorologist adam joseph spoke at the sixth annual family matters conference today for lgbtq parents and children. it was sponsored by philadelphia family pride. as you know adam and his partner are proud parents of the beautiful little will boy. a sea of pink in fairmount park a huge crowd gathered for american cancer society making strides against breast cancer, 5k walk. survivors, caregivers, and volunteers, pounded the pavement for a great cause. "action news" reporter wendy saltsman mced this event. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. it is getting chilly, melissa. >> do you feel the difference today. >> inn seed it felt okay. >> yes, still cold. >> very cool. it will stay cold as we go throughout the the rest of tonight into sunday. let's talk about storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you it is dry, quiet. the notice the the precipitation this weekend, it is all about the numbers. we will show you picture outside. action cam was outside earlier today, there in center city at
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washington square park. bright blue skies overhead, puff i cumulus cloud overhead as well but that chillies setting up shop across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. high today in philadelphia 57. well below average. normal for us is 66 this time of the year. fifty-two in the city at this hour. just 36 in the poconos. forty-three in allentown, lehigh val a long the coast in sea isle city copping in at 53. the the the wind speed is pretty calm, sustained at 5 miles per hour there in trenton to as high as 12 miles an hour in lancaster. we have been having these constant northwesterly breezes throughout most of the day so that northwest wind helps to drain down colder air, dropping down from canada the here's satellite six with action radar, dry and quiet, we're tracking a secondary shot of the cold front that will move through later on tonight and into sunday with a reenforcing shot of the cold air on the way and in fact, let's check out the numbers. behind this cold front sue saint marie 35 degrees at this hour. thirty-six in toronto.
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forty-three in detroit. we will tap into a piece of that chill as early as tomorrow. so call from accu weather tonight the partly cloudy, brisk and chilly dropping down to 30 in the outlying suburbs, to 39 degrees in philadelphia, which is why in fact we have those frost advisories and freeze warnings posted, the the exception, will be delaware and philadelphia counties. so this is definitely the coolest air we have seen so far this season with the dip in the jet stream allowing for that cold air to funnel out, move into our region. we were in the the 50's today. that will be the case once again tomorrow with temperatures ten to 20 degrees below where they normally should be. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, cloudy, bit of the cool breeze. high up to 52 degrees. on monday, sun bye you that chill sticks around. eagles at home at the link, prime time match uptaking on the giants. temperatures around 54 degrees. a nice rebound by tuesday, in at 66 degrees. sunshine and cloud sharing the sky. on wednesday it is warmer afternoon as we make it partly
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sunny sky in at 71 degrees. sunshine and cloud on thursday, nice in at 7o on friday we're back down in the 60's, with a high of 66 degrees. on saturday, it is seasonal day, with a high temperature coming in at 65 degrees. so something to keep in mind is that we have got that frost and freeze warning up, good idea to protect your sensitive plants, walls, and maybe plants, and pets inside and then it is really cloudy throughout the day sunday with a spritz the or sprinkle north and west of the city tomorrow. >> bring my banana tree inside i have a miniature about a mandatory. >> what about the kail. >> the kail will go. it will last. >> that freeze is serious. >> i can't bring that inside. >> thanks, melissa. finally tonight it was a double dose of cuteness at the zoo today. it was annual boo at soot event where hundreds of kid dressed in halloween costumes and got to visit their favorite animals. they pick up early treats and took part in the scavenger hunt as well, along with games and story telling. to if you missed to it day
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don't worry another boo at soot takes place tomorrow and then again next weekend. fyi philly is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17. tonight. and then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> it's our spectacularly spooky halloween special. >> and we're getting our fright on in the city and the suburbs >> and having some not so scary fun with the kids. >> everybody come in costume >> plus we'll help you get dressed for the occasion. >> and now we get cupcakes! >> and get our treat on with chocolate cakes and cocktails! >> i'm a happy girl! >> it's an fyi philly halloween. >> trick or treat! >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at eastern state penitentiary. >> and this huge gothic style castle is home to terror behind the walls. >> it's one of the largest, scariest and highest rated haunted attractions in the whole country. >> and it's right here in philly's fairmount section. >> "you gotta watch your back in here". >> terror behind the walls is in its 25th season and scarier than ever!


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