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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 17, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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them in the future? >> keep evaluating. we just want to win one and try -- the best thing about 7-0 is a chance to get to 8-0. >> heather: coach, thank you. >> chris: good job dodging a question that many others will ask. want to know very soon what the quarterback plan is for next week. let's go back to heather. >> heather: chris, thank you. joined by j.t. barrett. and you have been incredibly patient. how did it feel to come in and lead this team, not just in the red zone, but throughout the second half? >> it was good. my mindset was just trying to do everything i can to help the team win. that's all i tried to do tonight and last week it was the red zone and this week, i got a chance to play in the second half and i took advantage of that. >> heather: how does your mindset and philosophy change once it goes from the red zone to what it turned into the second half? >> it woubt differeld be differ just ran the ball, but it was jus going into our regular offense and doing, i mean, normal things. it's not anything different from going red zone to the open field. >> heather: what is the key in your mind to making this
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multiple quarterback situation. coach said it wouldn't work would your personality. what is the key to you? >> for us, it's just knowing that at the end of the day, doing what's best for the team. me and cardale have that mind set. and really doesn't matter who gets the glory, who gets the stats, anything like that. well worry about winning and i think that's the team philosophy. that's what we try to do in the system we have. >> heather: certainly worked well tonight. j.t., congrats on a great performance. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> chris: that's what you hope your quarterback would say in that situation. no doubt he wants to get back and be the starter. the at&t strong performance looks at the two 100-yard rushers. barrett averaged more than nine yards per carry. two touchdown passes. elliott, again, with 153, has hit the 100-yard mark, 12 games in a row. >> kirk: just a really nice job by ohio state, having a balanced running game and there was a jolt. you could feel the plan was, when ohio state got into the red zone, maybe they would see more and more j.t. barrett like last
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week. you saw more of him in the open field and it just does. the quarterback threat opens up so many different aspects of this offense where you can run j.t. barrett. you can run zeke elliott and you can use play action off of it, makes it very, very tough to stop. that's who they were last year with barrett until the injury and when cardale jones stepped in. >> chris: they go to rutgers next week. bye, minnesota, here, at illinois. massive fave riflts in those three games. setting up the end of the season. michigan state and then at michigan. going to be interesting down the stretch. >> kirk: it's going to take all they have to stay focused week to week and not get excited about the last two games. >> chris: an ohio statement here in columbus. 38-10 is the final here. tonight's game p. for kirk herbstreit, heather cox, our entire team here in frosty columbus, chris fowler saying good night. time for the ford wrapup show and cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris.
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so many wild plays on this showdown saturday. but none crazier than the blunder at the big house. michigan state had a .2% probability to beat michigan before the final play of the game. further proof you always play to the final whistle. ten seconds to go. michigan punting up two points. blake o'neill muffs the punt. recovered by jalen watts jackson for the game-winning touchdown. sparty with their first lead of the day, coming as the clock hits zero. unfortunately, the hero, jalen watts jackson hurt his hip during the celebration and had to be taken to the hospital after the game. stay tuned to for the latest on his status. but michigan state with the improbable win. little brother once again taking home the paul bunyan trophy. they've won seven of their last eight over the wolverines. here's mark dantonio on the twi wild, wild win. >> we just came in here, something that we felt like we had to prove. and, i don't know, you know, i
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guess we won on a crazy play, but we played hard and with conviction. >> what's this win mean for your program? >> we're 7-0, we advance. that's what it means. that's -- in the big picture, our dreams are still alive. >> thanks, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. another crazy play, florida/lsu. tigers lined up to kick a field goal. trick play. 16 yards. the mad hatter magic at it again. tigers hand the gators their first loss of the season. leonard fournette, 31 carries and two touchdowns. alabama and texas a&m. fourth quarter. fitzpatrick was huge in this game. a 55-yard interception return. his second pick six of the day. alabama wins. derek henry, 236 yards rushing and two tds in the 41-23 win. hugh freeze and number 13 ole miss visiting undefeated memphis. third quarter. paxton lynch. play action. throws deep and finds frazier for the 31-yard touchdown.
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memphis, 6-0 gr the first time since 1961. ole miss, 2-2 since beating bama. usc in their first game after firing steve sarkisian. close game. go ahead td. notre dame scored the final 17 points of the game. they win it 41-31. arizona state and utah over on espn right now. utah leading arizona state, 7-0, midway through the first, kicking off to the sun devils after scoring a touchdown and tim white, gone. 100 yards for the touchdown. arizona state would tie it up at seven. right now, utah up 14-10 in the second, again, this game on espn. number 20 northwestern taking on number 17 iowa. second quarter. wadley. this kid had a game. 35-yard touchdown run here. part of a 204-yard rushing day. four tds. iowa wins 40-10. they are 7-0 for the first time
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since 2009. elsewhere, baylor tying the fbs record for consecutive 60-point games with its fifth in a row. trevone boykin, he's having quite a season. 436 yards passing, four touchdowns and adding a rushing score for his sixth straight four-touchdown game. boykin, man, oh, man. dalvin cook paced florida state with 163 yards on the ground also they beat louisville by 20. desean watson, he had his second career 400-yard passing game in clemson's win over boston college. that's the ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced >> clear skies over center city philadelphia but make no mistakes it's cold. we're seeing below normal temperatures across the region and tonight it's just a taste of what is to come the big story on "action news" tonight say frost warning and frost advisory and freeze warning in effect for much of the area it will be a double blanket sort of night and tomorrow you may need to crank up the heat inside your home.
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let's go to meteorologist melissa magee with a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, i'm sure you felt the difference for the start of the weekend. these numbers keep tumbling. 50 auto long the coast in sea sail hi aisle city and 48 in philadelphia and 20 colder up in the poconos. in at 28 degrees. and 40 in allentown at this hour and 4 reading and along the coast in beach haivrn 46. couple of things to go here. we have a frost advisory mainly up for interior section of south jersey, cape may county and immediate suburbs north and west. philadelphia delaware counties point in included in the frost advisory this stays up until 9 a.m. sunday and also a freeze warning for a good chunk of our viewing area again philadelphi philadelphia, delaware countie counties, not included in that and this is what we're calling for temperatures anywhere from the mid 20s to near 3 2 degrees overnight tonight. future tracker 6 showing you as you wake up tomorrow morning numbers along the 95 corridor near freezing if not below and
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2758en town for that weekend number, 30 in the poconos. what's ahead, extra layers will be needed come tonight. temperatures good 10 to 20 below where they normally should be this time of year and core of cold air moves in sunday night and monday. we'll have all those details walter coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. we move outside now where "action news" reporter jeff chirico is finding out how people are coping with the cold tonight. jeff. >>reporter: walter, it's that time of year time for the gloves and extra layers. throughout this city we found folks here taking this first cold snap of the season in stride. >> on the streets of philadelphia it's the return of the winter coat. the coldest night in spring as people unpacking cold weather gear for the season. >> it's getting chilly we're bundled up. >> i had to pull out my pea coat as you can see it's freezing out here. hi to keep myself warm.
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>> chilly temperatures make it tough for street musicians. >> any break my left hand means heavy glove and my happened exposed to violin when touching metal ready to go. >> at the linc many temple university fans were ready for dropping temperatures by wearing extra layers and keeping close. >> it's freezing. >> the near feesing temperatures a surprise for some of the 6 00 kouts camping at light house field in philadelphia. >> a lot of us have thick sleeping bags. >> before they crawl into the sleeping blaingz troop 64 stays toasty. >> i hat the winter and cold and having something to keep me warm in a time like this as i you can see i'm wearing winter coat. it's very important. >> it's expectsed when you do something like this in october. >> scouts are prepared our motto be prepared. we have the right klonls, equipment and things to do.
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>> back in enter certificateity these ladies put touch of chilly air into perspective. >> i'm from canada this is not cold. >> yeah it's good way to look at it. it's not that cold. it could get a lot worseness 2 or 3 months. we should enjoy this fall weather while it last. live in rittenhouse square. jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news," walter. >> thank you, jeff. with the first frost of the season on its way stay with you find up to the minute forecast and power of stormtracker 6 radar live at at fingertips. >> in other news tonight a couple lost custody of two young children after one found wapder ago loan in love park late last night. 2-year-old jeremiah was found barefoot in cold conditions and his family is homeless. they could not find a shelter with enough room for all of them. michael jones showed up the
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cardboard shine they slept behind under the welcome cente center. he said they fell asleep and. >> somehow he crawled past the bags and walked out to the love sign chasing after skate board. >> anybody that knows me and my husband will vouch we're good parents to our kids. >> when they woke up they realized their son was missing and they contacted dhs. tonight their son, and 4-year-old daughter are under the care of the city. >> police in keingt chester county are investigating a shooting tonight that ended with two people killed. it happened before 7:00 unit block of nicoles avenue in valley township. investigators say the two men were found shot outside of a home and they say it appears to be a drive by shooting. so far, no arrests in this cas case. >> from our delaware newsroom police are trying to piece together details of home invasion in dover that ended with death of man and woman. the whole thing unfolded aid
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bit past 1:30 this morning on 1400 block of john clark road. mees railroad called in reports of home invasion and when they arrived a woman told them her father had been shot by one of two suspects during a struggle. the victims adult son was also shot and was still able to chase the suspects from the home. during that chase, more shots were fired hitting a woman. she and the father were pronounced dead a short time later and the suspect remain on the loose. >> and a fire in camden county has 25 people looking for somewhere to sleep tonight. the flames broke out after 5:00 tonight and at apartment building on 200 block of west branch avenue pine hill. it took firefighters about an hour to get this one under control. nobody was injured. in the end, three units were damaged or destroyed. >> a man from collingdale is dead after he set fired in a home during a dispute with a woman he lived you with. it broke out 11:30 collingdale avenue. investigators say 52-year-old
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david golette iii set the fire on purpose. he was found dead on the first floor. the woman escaped. sources tell "action news" officers respond aid few times to this home in the past and reports of domestic violence. >> and another fire in pleasantville, new jersey, claimed the lives of two women late last night. family members tell "action news" those woman were living inside that home without electricity for years. "action news" reporter trish mart man has more. >> family members and loved ones embraced outside the charred home on west wright street pleasantville. fire officials say two lines were lost in the blaze that started 11 p.m. friday. >> there was a funny smell. i checked my house first. it's coming from somewhere. i didn't even in the the fire. i looked up and seen brightnes brightness. and the family poured out of the window. >> he called 911 and grabbed a garden hose. >> i wanted to stop it from spreading.
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>> it took firefighters an hour to control the flames and neighbors say a husband and wife lived here and older woman was staying with them and they tell us it was the two women that died. officials are still investigating a cause. family members say the victims had been living here quite sometime without electricity in the home and they often lit candles at night to see. they believe that could be what sparked the blaze. >> rosemary walker lives next to the burned home. >> i heard the cops saying you got to get out. >> her young grandchildren were sakeen from the ordeal and siding on her home was left melted and she says she had just spoken to the two women earlier that day. >> two ladies they always call to us when they see us on the porch and said high and whatever and how are the kids and all that. >> officials have not released names of the victims. reporting in pleasantville, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news". >> a rally was held this evening for a mother who was murdered right in front of her 2-year-old daughter.
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>> the crowd gathered there in philadelphia's port richmond secretary holding signs and pictures of 22-year-old stephanie jiskowsi. she was killed inside her home an armingo. so far no arrests have been made. >> next weekend the candidates running for mayor of philadelphia will face off in the debate right here on 6abc and once again, we would like to hear your questions for the mayoral hopefuls. and you can submit your questions for james kenny and melissa bailey by emailing them to join the action at or social media using #6ab #6abcaction and watch debate sunday october 25, 11:00 in the morning here on 6abc. >> more to come on "action news," vice-president joe biden spends another aweekend in the first state of what he did not do is attracting more attention and still new signs of support for joe's possible run for the
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whitehouse. we have details. >> and also ahead an astonishing site at the jersey shore today from an angle we rarely see amazing images of a while visiting ocean city captured from a drone and penn state temple baseball championship series and eagles preview. lots of sports tonight when jeff skversky comes in with highlight when "action news" jeff skversky comes in with highlight when "action news" comes right back vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county.
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chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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>> vice-president joe bide ep spent most of his weekend in delaware once again offering noypd occasions if he intend on launch ailing bit for the whitehouse. he attended his son grabbed so son's football game. biden called head of firefighter un dwron discuss a potential strat jixt vice-president then traveled to new york city tonight where he accepted human rights award. he made no mention of possible presidential campaign there either and reference whad has been a primary reason for him not to run. his grief over the death of his son bo. >> he deserves faith that sees us through times of trouble and it is our faith that urges us to rise each and every morning no matter how bleak things look to put one into the front of
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the other as my son bo used to say just keep moving forward [ applause ] one of biden's top advisors says he will make a decision in the near future. >> on the republican side donald trump hash critique of george w. bush has him in feud with brother jeb sglush when you talk about george bush say what you wanted world trade certainty came down during his time you. >> can't blame george bush for that. >> he was president, okay. >> jeb bush fired back on twitter saying he is pathetic and that his brother kept the country safe and trump said jeb was pathetic they will meet again on october 28 in the next debate. >> a teenager remains in constant pain after being shot five months ago. her mother is making a passional plea to find the person that opened fire on her daughter. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. ♪ >> i went to bed 11:30 and
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received a call saying my daughter was shot and they were rushing her to the sglopt mildred biaz recalls the moment he heard her 13-year-old daughter was shot. >> i didn't know what to do. i started screaming. >> santiago was visiting her stepfather 3500 block of sawton street philadelphia port richmond section may 9 when two people sudden epically opened firedch the teenager was hut knit stomach and the bullet ripped apart several interal organ sfwlz she had several sirmryes and needs another. >> sapt ago owe sister was there at the time of the shooting and biez says her sgripings of suspects are vague. >> she just said that they were dark skinned and they had hoodies covered their face and they were just running so fast. it was hard to determine who they were. >> set discontinues crime mission is administering $6,000 reward. fraternal order of police is offering $5,000 of that just
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for mvtion that leads to arrest. all you need to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymou anonymous. after three months in the hospital, diamond santiago is back home and her pain and recovery are are far from over. >> they said he she will be 95 to 100% back to normal it will just take time. >> for "crime fighters" i'm just take time. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams, "channel 6
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>> check out this while cruising a long the shoreline near the 15 street beach ocean city "action news" viewer cap thurd with a drop. is that the something else. >> wow. >> all right. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee i'm sure whale is chilly. >> something else that may shock you and temperatures tumbling fast and stormtracker 6 double scan radar is dry and high pressure dominating for the most part it's all about the numbers and how they will be dropping well below average even as we go into the second half of our weekend. we'll show you picture outside sky6 live in hd looking at the ben franklin bridgethon pretty cold night under mostly clear sky and numbers are falling off we have a freeze warning and
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here's part of the reason why. north and west of town, 32 tapersville and 34 martins creek and 34 sint are city at this hour same thing in chester and pottstown and also in the lower 50s. down across new jersey it's 41 browns mills and 44 cinnaminson and 4 hockessin cool area long the immediate coastline here 50 sea isle city and 46 in atlantic city and satellite 6 and action radartly clear skies and that continues to make progress to the south and east. we go throughout the second half of the day on sunday and with that said we have reinforcing shot of cold air on the way and in fact check out the numbers north and west of our region, cold air plunging out sault ste. marie and we into a piece of the air as early as tomorrow afternoon. raerlly this has been coldest air you've seen so far this
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season and ral think weekend. dip in the jet stream louing for all that cold air really close toss hudson bay and moving into the mid-atlantic and northeast. so temperatures tomorrow, once again, 10 to 0 below where they normally should be and we will struggle to get up to 50s for daytime high as long the 95 corridor. future tracker 6 showing you 9:00 tomorrow morning mostly sunny start to the day and albeit on the sunny side sun giving way to increasing clouds and future tracker showing you tlaep could be light showers if not a few wet snowflakes. maybe a wet snow make. norm and west of poconos. definitely something to track and it let's you know that that cold air is stick ago around and day planner showing you 8:00 tomorrow morning mostly sunny, 41. 47, 11 a.m. 50 by 2bg and 51 by 5 p.m. exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast more of a mid november chill rather than october. cloudy, cool preez, high of 52
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52p. monday sunny eagles taking on the ginlts. rapid rebound tuesday by 66. 71 wednesday. 70 thursday and back down to 60s next friday and day. as you mentioned, double blanket. >> thank you melissa. >> temple owls took on ucf knights this evening also twelfth annual athletic pla day. 6abc general manager bernie prazenica and jim gardner helped wills eye celebrate occular oncology department tonight event took place union league center city and evening referred to as wills eye ball as celebration of life and leaders and positions from children's hospital of philadelphia jefferson and drexel were honored for city
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wide collaboration and fighting visual impairment.
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