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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> surprised night a homeless couple whose young son want aerd way in the middle of the night gets a helping hand and firefighters battle a huge blaze at a country club in montgomery country. and the big story on "action news" tonight is a cold night on the way and freeze warning in effect throughout the region and overnight temperatures could dip into the 20s in some spots. let's move to meteorologist melissa magee she has our first
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check of the accuweather forecast. hi melissa. >> hi, walter. we had a cold start to the second half of the weekend. checking out morning lows, 38 degrees was the morning low in philadelphia, 25 in the pocono poconos. 30 allentown and lehigh valley. cold in atlantic city this morning with temperature of 30. not much of a recovery this afternoon with high in the city of 53. at this hour with north westerly whipped, 47 in philadelphia. at the freezing mark in pocono poconos, 3 2. 42 reading along the coach in beach haven at this hour coming in at 9. it gets colder tonight why the national weather service issued a freeze warninging. it goes up midnight lasting until 9 a.m. monday. we're calling for temperatures to drop to lower 0s and middle 30s. this is second night in a row where we had a freeze warning. so you really need to protect any sensitive vegetation you have outdoors if you have not brought it inside this will more than likely lead to
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vegetation decay. a cold night is on the way. future tracker 6 showing you as you waing up tomorrow morning lower 0s. upper 20s norm and west of town. we'll talk about what is ahead. sweaters and scarves needed tonight and for that matter as we start the day monday it gets colder with core of the cold owe moving in overnight tonight and for the first day monday and rapid rebound in temperatures. we'll talk about the numbers in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. some parts of the area saw snow flurries earlier today. believe it or not. this picture was taken by denise wheatly in downingtown after 2 p.m.. pretty if snow is your thing. and upstate new york, snow is the thing seeing they live with it 6 months of the year these are from hailingtings new york, paris new york and all the way up to buffalo. it's the first snowfall of the season there and average snowfall in most parts of upstate new york arrives in november. >> with the first frost of the
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season underway stay with you'll find up to the minute forecasts plus the power of stormtracker 6 live radar at your fingertips. >> in other news tonight a two alarm fire seriously damaged a country club in montgomery county. the fire broke out at the lulu country club upper dublin township where annie mccormick joins us live with the full details tonight, annie. >> reporter: and walter, take a look at the extensive damage behind me. you can see piles of rubble there. you can see smoke rising from the piles as well. there's still hot spots you can see flames at one portion of the club house at the lulu country club. at this point the investigators do not believe this is suspicious but they say the investigation is still ongoing. >> heavy flames and thick smoke filled the lulu country club as fire tore through the club house and banquet facilities early sunday morning. employees made the call 6:30.
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>> it's a heavy timber roof and large on attic space. once we arrived the fire was into the attic space. >> we had a couple parties here last night. there was people here till late last night. it was not until they came this morning to on the pro shop they discovered smoke in the building. >> it appears to have started in the locker room but the investigation is ongoing. historic building renovated several times in recent years was no match for this. the buildings are now conside considered a total loss. >> and been here for 100 years. over 1 0 0. >> heartbroken members watched the building fall to pieces and many took part in the second day of golf tournament. >> it meant everything it was my tree house. it's where i came to relax. i'm retired. as i retired i come here and play cards, eat, play golf. >> i think we're all trying to absorb what is happening here and speculate to what happened
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exactly but we're here to find that out this morning and go fron there. >> more than 100 firefighters responded and the call quickly went to two alarms. >> m soft highs, 200, 2,000 feet away within we needed extra companies to get water established. >> back out here live you can see a number of people here taking pix a lot of people in upper dublin have a connection to the country club and are coming out to take a look at damage. many not believing it until they see it with their own eyes. there's initially reports one person is injured and we're told that's not the case there's no injuries and investigatetors are expected back out here tomorrow morning. for now live in upper dublin, app an, "channel 6 action news". >> thank you, annie. in our delaware newsroom investigators think the blaze at mobile home park was set up tension alley. someone started three small fires at the trailer park and one trailer occupied by nine
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people was destroyed and two other trailers with a total of twelve lived were damaged. no injuries reported. >> it marked a somber anniversary. the bucks county police khiv and association honored paramedics and fire police officers who died in the line of duty since 19 a15. tin included replaying of bell ringing and amazing grace played on bag pipes♪ >> and it may sound like something from a movie. in west philadelphia today to turned real for septa passengers a snake got loose on route 5 bus it was four foot long boa constrictor. apparently a passenger snuck it onch the bus was evacuated and snake coraled and those passengers poorded another bus. no reports there either. we have no -- it's example of city of brotherly love living up to its name.
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there's been outpouring of support of a couple that son found wandering around love park saturday night. they received a bunch of job offers from job opportunities to a bunch to statement live in love park with the new story, jeff. >> walter good news here that family was sleeping under this build when their son wandered away two night ago. now, if all goes as planned they will soon have a place to call their own. >> our goal is to find a place to stay. >> it's perhaps appropriate in love park in homeless family gets news help is on the way. >> honestly i couldn't sleep last night i said we have to do something. >> promise comes one day after the toddler made news headlines and he was found wander ago loan love park after mid night. >> if i had somewhere to go i would be here. i'm out on the street on the kids not on purpose. >> angelique and her son said
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shelters didn't have room for them and two children and they slept under a building in the park behind cardboard boxes. >> he walked all the way to the love sign chasing after a skate board. >> they didn't realize he was gone until morning and the city placed the children in foster care until their parents find a home. >> it doesn't make them bad parents it says they don't have what they need to survive. >> brian jenkins of chosen 300 homeless adam joseph cassie fwrup is calling on the community to help get this family on their fight. >> today we're launching a $12,000 campaign to be able to raise necessary funds to it get this family into a place hopefully support them for at least a year. >> what will that do for you and your family. >> bring life back into our arms and make us happy. >> since "action news" aired story on saturday the couple has received numerous offers of help and jobs. restoring their faith in the city of brotherly love. >> i love it. i mean, it just makes me feel
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warm inside because as cold as it is people are in society not all are like that. >> and jenkins challenges the city to raise that $12,000 in twelve days. if you wants to donate you can do so by going to the chosen 3 300 web site we'll put a lichk on our web site,, live at love park jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news," walter. >> the best present don't come in a box. >> celebration of life well lived. local woman is celebrating her 100 birthday and her tradition of service that dates back to the great depression and group of young people get trip of a lifetime and going hero send-off as they lead the community effort that ended with kids going to disneyworld and temple does something it has not done in decades. jeff skversky has sports when has not done in decades. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right
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sfwlv the group called friendship circle pairs teenage mentors with kids that have special needs. aft walk those interested can dot zip line or get a ride on skate boards. >> for many disneyworld say dream of a lifetime. some it's beyond reap. right here in the delaware valley step children are about to have that dream come true. trish tish has that. >> put ten kids in a room hours before they go to dizzy world and you cannot help but feel the magic. >> but their thousand and mile journ yeah in fawrk delaware to happiest place on earth will be
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more complicated than most disney trips. these kids 3 to 89 all receive treatment at exceptional care for khrn a pediatric nursing facility and all rely on some kind of technology to survive not to mention help from caring grownups. >> there's ten children leaving and 35 staff members five of which are already ahead of us setting up the rooms. >> some are on ventilators and some dialysis and five use wheelchairs that didn't stop them from hoping a flight from philadelphia international airport to orlando. after all staff members have dhon before. >> shante loved the lion king show and she was beaming the whole time. >> the folks at exceptional care put this video together after their trips to any any. they raised 100,000 in community donations to do it again this year. faz disneyworld was not enough the group was escorted to the airport by local police and philadelphia highway patrol.
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>> since we cannot fund them ovlly fund them, i thought police escort would be appropriate for these kids. god bless every one of these work he's and god bless the kids. >> follow along as they post about the trip on social media exceptional care for children on facebook, twitter and instagram and using #magical journey. at the philadelphia international airport, trish hartman, "channel 6 action international airport, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news."
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>> jeff skversky is here and giants in town for monday nights football. >> there's so much buzz. especially because of what they did to the saints last week. bradford, people question his leadership because he's quiet. actions speak loutder than words, if they beat the giants and score first place those
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questions will go away. eli manning arrived in philadelphia today. the last time they were here the eagles boat them up badly, 27-0. in fact the eagle he's a giant advantage over new york lately winning three of the last four and they desperately need to keep that streak running tomorrow night at the linc. >> there's no tricking each other. really it's about lining up and punching each other in the face and seeing who can hit harder. >> that's the reality of it. opponent already 2-36789 we have to start turning the corner heext i think everybody knows everybody is fired up for the game. >> and can't wait. eagles giants tomorrow night we're teaming up with phl17 to bring you game coverage at 8 with the pregame show followed by "monday night football". soulle possession first place on the line "monday night football" yeah hard to believe considering birds are 2-. nfc east is pretty bad to start the season. washington redskins help eagles
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today by losing to new york jets. jets score two straight drives. redskins run into each other and marshall into the end zone. redskins without desean jackson lose 34-20, fool 2-4, eagles win and technically will number soul possession at 3-3. >> finally, temple football is ranged in the top 5 for the first time in 6 years. owls are ranked number 2 in college football associated press poll and ranked 24 in usa coach's poll. we have no said this in a while, long while. temple is considered mopping the best college football teams in the country and also a 6-0 start tied for best mark in school history. central florida last night and east caroline on the road thursday before a date with notre dame. >> and to know they're 6-0 and bowl eligible and really, really proud of them and happy for them and i think it talks about the character of the guys
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in the room and it talks about the character of seniors and talks about character of sewn jurors and i'm he can statistic for them. >> sixers with one final reseason game next friday before the real deal starts up. play in the game after missing time with a right leg injury? julius okafor back on the court. looking good. 14 point for rookie from duke. twin towers yes are on the same page. how about later on for nerlens noel. two combined for 29 poyjts and six seconds left sixers down one halis tom san for know wel well, oh, no, sixers lots 92-91 lost four of six exhibition games. >> sixers coach brett brown will joins us for "action news" sports sunday. more on that game tonight at 1 11:35. >> flyers president paul hol green checking out practice
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today. they're fine tuning during their five-day layoff like getting top line going. they have combined for only one goal, and four point in four games. >> if they play the right way the point will come. >> running game slumps in my career. four games is nothing. as long as we're winning we won back-to-back against good team teams. >> all right. soccer the union they could use red pull to wake them up against new york. union goalie andre blake allows a goal five seconds into the match. fastest in mls history a loued three goals in first 17 minute lose 4-1 to red bull and thankfully the season ends a week from tonight. just playing final games out. >> proving once again you don't always want to make hist i. >> no. >> up next, meteorologist
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melissa magee has the sklus isive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" isive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right back ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> time for a fetal check ever the accuweather forecast. it's cold, melissa, it's really cold. >> just last week we had nice temperatures. >> what happened to that. >> they're gone. >> we have a freeze warping to talk about. so you will feel it tonight. we'll show what you is going onment stormtracker 6 double scan radar with instability overhead and fair amount of cloud cover and cold air moving into the region.
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also have spotty showers to talk about. scattered throughout the rea reamian and down in south jersey and to the west from allentown down to lancaster and dover and south of that region. spotty activity continues early this it evening otherwise it all about the chill. we show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd from temple university camera looking at portion of center city sky line and city hall in the distance as the sun gets ready to fade underneath partly cloudy sky. it was chilly start for the second half of the weekend. high in the city only 53. at this hour with that constant north westerly breeze, 47, 32 up in the poconos and at the freezing mark where earlier today we had wet snowflakes that moved across the region. sea isle city 44. beach haven 47, now you factor wind chill feels below freezing in poconos feeling like 4, and 4 in philadelphia and current number reading and lancaster that hour in the upper 30s. here's satellite 6 along with
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action radar and here's what's going on here. trough of low pressure that has essentially set up shop across much of the northeast and mid-atlantic region where earlier today we had lake effect know showers downp along the great lakes east of on tear don't and new mexico, new york, they picked up 8" of snowfall. could be worse depending where you live. tonight it's partly cloudy, brisk, chilly, with the freeze rolling in overhead. overnight lows dropping down to 23 in suburbs erin 25 in philadelphia and if you missed it we'll show you again. as you wake up tomorrow morning 6:00 in the morning numbers along the 95 corridor at freezing mark in city and upper 20s north and west after town and 28 allentown and it will feel lake 29 de freeze in atlantic city by 6:00 come tomorrow morning. and here's a setup for us by monday afternoon. it's sun next but still cool. high temperature of 54 degrees. we're about 10 to 12 below where we should be this time of year and tuesday this ridge of
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high pressure moves offshore and by then we tap into return southwesterly wind which will warm temperatures up close to normal. in fact a few degrees above it in at 68. >> that chill is stick around one more dane temperatures rebound. here's the 7 day forecast. sunny, school tomorrow. high temperature up to 5 4 eagles at home at the linc. tuesday quick climb in temperatures high of 6. it's mostly sunny. wednesday, sunny and warm. not bad. in at 74 degrees and thursday, clouds and some sunshine in at 73 degrees and shower possible late at night on thursday in the wake of that front partly sunny saturday and 52. and sunshine and clouds next sunday, walter, you will definitely feel a difference overnight tonight and as you wake up tomorrow morning. bundle up for that. >> hang in until tuesday. >> we have to. >> thank you melissa. >> finally tonight a woman from montgomery county is celebrating a very, very special birthday and doing it, in the spirit of service which
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has been the hall park of her life for decades. this celebration comes a little early and but grace richi richieburgman was born december 3, 1915 as third of ten children and grew newspaper lansdale. during the greet depression grace established a club the women to collect food and donations during world war ii enlisted in marines and served 1943 to 1945 and grace married 46 years and one daughter is longest living female marine in the state of pennsylvania. from all of us here at "action news," happy 100th, grace. >> "abc worls news" sunday is next and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 and back here again at 11. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, see you back here entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, see you back here at 11:00
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welcome to "world news tonight". fall freeze. early snow and bone-chilling temperatures. the freeze dipping down into the south. is the cold here for good? race for the white house. donald trump claiming he could have prevented the 9/11 terror attacks. and vice president joe biden telling supporters he has a plan to win. danger zone. a high school student collapsing during a game. he's the sixth football player to lose his life this season. are these kids playing too hard? stopping the attack. the army veteran who saved 16 children in this library from a man who barged in armed with knives. and, cliff diver. a mountain biker takes a nosedive off a cliff. the helmet cam showing the terrifying moments. what's more amazing, how he got off the mountain.


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