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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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constrictor on septa bus constrictor on septa bus results from quicky vaction. next on "action news." results from quicky vaction. >> it is time to pull out the extra blank et cetera and bring in tender plants. the freeze warning has been posted going into effect in app
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hour inging throughout the night and into the morning. and sunday night sarah is off and big story on "action news" we expect will be the coldest new scene in a while. temperatures expected to dip into 20s and 30s across the region. right to meteorologist melissa magee where first check of the foingty accuweather forecast, melissa. >> we have fall freeze overhead with frigid temperatures on the way. overnight tonight and even as you wake up tomorrow morning freeze warning has been posted and goes up at midnight lasting through 9 a.m. on monday. it's up for good chunk of our viewing area. exception right along the immediate coastline because we're calling for temperatures in the lower 20s to the middle 30s. good idea to protect any sensitive vegetation if you yet already because hard-freeze is on the way for rest of tonight. currently outside, 40 in philadelphia. well below freezing in poconos. in at 26 degrees, 33 allentown and lehigh valley. 46 a little cooler along the coast in sea isle sit question
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and 41 in beach haven. all about the numbers. future tracker 6 showing you 1:00 in the morning during overnight hours nrubz in the upper 20s north and west of town. 37 in philadelphia and 41 degrees in wildwood. as you wake up tomorrow morning numbers along the 95 corridor in upper 20s to near freezing in philadelphia. 27 in poconos and 7 degrees as well in lancaster for that wake-up number. so we'll talk about what we can expect overnight tonight and right through monday extra layers will be needed and wake up temperatures ranging anywhere from 24 to 35 degrees and sunny. still chilly for monday with temperatures good 10 to 15 below where they normally should be. coming up walter a closer look at the forecast and talk more about numbers you may not want to see and let you know how quickly we rebound this week with the accuweather forecast 7 day. >> some parts of area so saw know flurries earlier today. yeah, these pictures were taken by denise whitely in downingtown after p.m..
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very pretty if snow is your thing. >> in upstate new york snow is their thing considering they live with it 6 months of the year. and these pictures are from today. hasteings new york, parish new york, up to buffalo. as you can see they have first significant snowfall of the season there and historically the first snowfall in most parts of upstate new york usually arrives in november. and now with the first frost of season on the way stay with and find up-to-the-minute forecast and power of stormtracker 6 radar at your fingertips. >> other news now here's one for you a four foot long bow 'constrictor slemerring arupd a septa bus resulting in quite a scare there. annie mccormick joins us with the snake owner in center city with the story, hey, annie. >> hey, walter and the pet's owner tells me he pollizeed to passengers and is thankfully he thanks them for their patience
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today and he still could face charges. septa police tell me tonight they're still investigating. >> coron reilly is giving his spet snake kisses tonight. >> it's a retail makes a brazilian retail boa. >> is shee dangerous. >> she's not. >> her name is red. these three. today she got loose and caused evacuation of route 5 step bus. >> she always stays inside my pocket today she didn't. she was hungry. >> she was hungry. >> red was in reilly's pock whet they boarded but got out. the bus driver did not notly see the neighboring and when she got loose the driver called 911 and stopped the bus at 5 and westminster forcing everybody off. >> she got stuck in between the shares -- some people sneak on the bus and they start on the plane. >> as septa police officers
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safely removed red and gave her back to reillych the bet and owner were on their weekly trip to get reds once a week meal at mopster pets. tonight septa police is resting if reilly will face charges. in the meantime red got t. -- riley is flood have his passenger back. >> i didn't mean for her to get out. >> and according to septa rules you are allow todd have small pets on puss as long as they are in carriers. it's not clear whether or not that applies to snakes. if this owner is rnl chad bicep ta police he could face charges of reckless endangerment or interfering with mass transit. reporting live from september rt city, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, annie.
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the investigation will resume to a fire that destroyed historic country club in montgomery country and lulu country club in upper dpub lynn leveled the scenes leaving house and bankrupt call. it wentz to two alarms with more than 100 firefighters restoppeding and this historic building wept up and is a total loss. thankfully no injuries. >> police in philadelphia olney section are investigating a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. it happened:15 this afternoon as bingham street and roosevelt boulevard. a 66-year-old man dart add cross the boulevard and car going southbound hit him. he was taken to to einstein hospital where he died a short time later. as of tonight he is not facing charges. >> from the delaware newsroom state police identified two suspect for wanting a father and daughter during home invasion in dover. investigators are looking for 1-year-old shabaz and ep 2
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23-year-old matthew harrington of township. they're wanted top a slew of charges including first degree murder. >> now to offers of support for a homeless couple that made headlines yesterday. their toddler was recently found barefoot aand aflown love park late agent night. the parents were falling on hard times and slept in the washing with the childrench the community stepped up a big way. jeff skversky has the happy updates and joins us live from center city with details. hey, jeff. >> he walter since our story first aired 6:00 announcing fun "action news" viewerss have sdo nated more than 4,000 dollars to help this family. if a huge first step to get family into a home so they don't have to spend another cold night in love park. >> it's perhaps ironic that on cold night like this move park is filled with loanyless and desperation. >> find a place for to you say.
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>> amid all that a prayer answered as a homeless family learned help is on the way. >> i couldn't sleep last night i said we have to do something. >> promise comes one day after toddler made news headlines he was found wanter ago loan after midnight. >> if hi somewhere to go i would be here. i'm not owe out on the streets with my kids on perfect. they slept under a building in the park behind these cardboard boxes. >> how now he squeezed through her here and wept all the way looking for the skate board. >> they were not aware he was gone until team. they're in foster care until parents find a home. >> doesn't make them have what they need to be able to surviv survive. >> brian jenkins of 200 homeless at cassie group are calling on community help get the familyly on their feet. >> they're lunching a campaign
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to be able to raise the necessary funds to get the family into a place. >> what would that do to you and your family? >> bring life stokd -- and th just make us happy. >> since "action news" aired story on saturday the couple received numerous offers of jobs and places to stay. bringing home where love is not always so easy to see. >> it just makes me feel so warm inside. as cold as it's feels, people are in society, not all are like that. jenkins says the money will go straight to landlord to cover cost of rent and cover cost of social services to help this family becomeself sufficient. if you want to donate do that on the chosen 300 web site get by going to our web site >> great ending to the story, thank you, jeff. >> for many kids going to disneyworld is a dream of a lifetime. but for some it's a journey
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beyond reach. thanks to generosity of the community right here in the delaware valley and ten disabled children are about to have their dream come true. "action news" reporter trish hartman reports. >> put ten kids in a room hours before they go to business any world and you cannot help but feel the magic. >> they're thousand and mile journey from newark dell dole happiest place on earth will be a little more complicated than both disney trips. these kids ages to 9 receive care at exceptional care for children. they all rely on sick nothing to survive and not to mention a help from a lot of caring grownups. >> there's ten children led leading and 35 staff members five of which are already ahead of us. setting up the rooms. >> vom on ventilators and some dialysis and five m them use wheelchairs and that did not stop them from hopping a flight philadelphia international airports top orlando. after all staff members say,
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they've done this before. >> shante loved the line king show. she was beaming the whole time. >> the folks at exceptional care put this video together after their disney trip in 2011 and 2013. they raised 100,000 in community donations to do it again this year. as if disneyworld was not enough they were escorted to the airport by local police and philadelphia highway patrol. >> i thought since we cannot fund them officially fund them i thought police escort would be appropriate to the kids blood bless every one of these work he's and kids. >> you can fol 'along as they post about their trip on social media and follow excessal care for children on facebook, twitter and inis it a game and am in channel 6 answer news. >> and much more to come, fans have been waiting for this for a long timech the first look at
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new "star wars" movie we'll show you and poster coming out. but first the pope cannon eyes a couple. and eagles get ready to take on the giants monday night. and eagles get ready to take on the giants monday night. more when we come back
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>> today a loan attacker armed with gun and knife at bus station in israel killed a sold erin wounded ten people. attack came as israel tight end security measures buding a barrier to separate neighborhoods in east jur you use lump. >> police if for the meyers florida two hours south of tampa are searching for a gunman that opened fire during a street festival late last
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night. they rang out before midnight and chaos ensued. one person died and five are treat ford injuries. many were gaermed for the annual zombie con. witnesses say attendees scattered in all directions when they heard the gunfire app the gunman disappeared in the crowd. >> drone users will need to be registered with their devices it's to regulate the exploding market of unmapped aircraft. drones pose a daenker in the air and on ground. estimated 500,000 drones are already in private use across the country. the new rules will be formally released tomorrow and could go into effect by christmas. >> there are thousands of saints in the roman catholic church but there's never been a married couple among them and that changed today. pope francis canyon nized parents of be loved s teresa.
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>> meteorologist melissa magee has the accuweather forecast and it's pretty scold out ther there. >> it's really chilly. will stay that way overnight tonight and as we go throughout the day on monday walter. extra layers will be needed. we'll show what you is going on stormtracker 6 sdunl scan rada radar. dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation. earlier today we had wet snowflakes in the poconos and snow showers drift ago cross areas norm and wet of town. nothing sticking to the ground grounds. and all of that precipitation moving on out. so right now it's all about the told. we'll he show you the picture outside the action cam was outside earlier tonight looking at the center city sky line and it's notely clear, it's dry. and it's quiet and which is why we have that freeze warning
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that has been posted for good chunk of viewing area and goes up at midnight lasting through 9 a.m. on monday. here's part of the reason why. neighborhood numbers north and wet of town be employee freezing tannersville and martins creek and at the freezing mark in quaker up to, 32. center city in chester that hour 3, 36 in fleetwood. down across new jersey a little cooler around the immediate coast ryan here. 46 in sea isle city and 30ss are on. 35 ewing. out to the west smear athat and dover. temperatures middle up and upper 30s. you factor in the couldn't stapt northwesterly wind feels colder, 1 the current wind chill in the poconos. feels like 34 in philadelphia. currently 29 as wind chill number in mill vip ville and feels like 28 out to the west and lancaster. here's satellite 6 and action radar this deep trough of low pressure that has essentially parked itself all weekend across the northeast and
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mid-atlantic region where you have all colder air spilling out of canada pressing into the lower 48. earlier today we had snow showers down whipped of eastern great lakes and also across upstate new york there's a spot in upstate new york where they picked up 8" of snow and mexico new york. so yeah definitely could be worse depending on location. here's setup for us as we go throughout the day monday. bit of recovery. still below average. high pressure to south. high tem newer philadelphia in at 5 4 it's sun next still coo cool. temperatures 10 to 15 below the norm. as we goat tuesday. recovery on the way. this ridge of high pressure moves off shore. you tap into return flow with south wrlly winds and back to normal and if not a few ticks above average with temperature in philadelphia 6. near term it's all about the dhil. make sure kidryes are bundled up tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. grab sweaters and scarves and
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extra yack et cetera. 6 a.m., 34. 8:00 in the morning the temperatures in philadelphia at least only 36. overnight lows anywhere from 4 degrees in some outlying suburbs to 35 in philadelphia as we wake up tomorrow morning which is why the freeze warning is posted. tomorrow, sunny, cool, high temperature 54 with eagles at home and prime time match-up at the linc up against giants. quick climb in temperatures tuesday, 68. wednesday, not bad, sunny and warm 74. as we get into thursday cloud and some sun. maybe afternoon shower. high 73. then 63 in wake of that front on friday. and lower 60 next weekends walter bundle up tomorrow. you'll notice a big difference. >> waiting for rebound. >> yes. >> thank you melissa. >> up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports and temple is officially one of the best college football teams in the country and owls cracked the top 5. that and more when "action
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the top 5. that and more when "action news" comes rights back
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>> okay jeff skversky has a check on sports and a lot ridingthon monday night match up. > soul possession of first place cannot wait for this game tomorrow night it's about punc punching each other in the face and seeing who could hit harde harder. that's how eagles safety malcolm jenkins sgribz what it could would be like with first place on the line. jevrping insz and eagles would be after this guy. eli manning and giants here they are arriving in philadelphia today. the late time they were here the eagles beat them up. eli sacked six times and didn't app lou them to score a single point. the linc will rock once again tomorrow night. >> it will be loud and fired up and they'll be rocking and we have to do our job and go out there and play smart and handle the crowd noise and if you gets off to a fast stop start came cameling down. >> did dual of eli manning and owe dell beckham junior.
11:28 pm
>> they are just two gaze and it's 11 on defense i like our chances better. >> got to like the sound of that. eagles giants tomorrow night phl17 coverage kicks offer 8:00 with plea game show followed by "monday night football". no luck with carolina today maybe eagle canarolina wins 27-2367895-0 since 2003 when they beat eagles. eagles in carolina next sunday night. it's been fight, fight, fight, for the cherry and white, for a long time. temple has been fighting for decades before a sailing began. temple ranged in top 25 for the first time in 36 years. temple is in on or about vaited press fol or the best start in
11:29 pm
school history and among ramped it's comfortable. >> it's nice there's nagal recognition and people are respeaking being temple and lts way the guys played and who we played and in the long run, we have to make it mean something by winning anding in the top 5 at the end of the year. >> sixers fans may timely get your first look at sharp shooter nick stask i. he has been out with training since training camp. >> back in brookyln - is missing games with sore need. 14 point for rookie. how about the twip towers on same faith. okafor for nerlens noel. thirks these two come bayne for 29 and then six seconds left sixers down one. what happens here. presidential hollice thompson for noel. sixers lose by one. they drop four of six exhibition games. sixers coach brett brown will scoyns us in studio for "action
11:30 pm
news" sports sunday in a few minutes. >> soccer the union yesterday could use red bull to wake them up against new york. union goalie andre blake allows goal five seconds in match. fastest in nls history. >> they allow three goals in in first 17 sglipts hello jerry. jerry "seinfeld"gaining two of the ncls. daniel murphy master of domain the two-run shot it's effective this heerkle. they win 4-1 and take a 2-0 series lead. >> thank you, jeff. >> "star wars" fans are in for a big treat tomorrow night during the eagles game. lucas film announced it will debut "star wars" the force awakens during the eagles giant game. our partners are going to air th


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