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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, rick is off today in the news this noon, a jury resumes deliberation for the demolition contractor charged in the deadly center city building collapse. and vice president joe
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biden heads to the was in the mid of speculation over a presidential run. >> today is unusually cold weather before conditions warm back up again. sky6 live hd showing penns landing at noon. a freeze warning expired today. despite the sunshine the fall chill lingers across the region and tonight we have another cold night ahead. we check the weather with david murphy at the big board. >> reporter: all the area you see highlighted in green is the cooler air, the milder air in cincinnati, atlanta and nashville. it will be locked in place with a high area of high pressure with clockwise flow around catching the cool air to the north and driving it down into the region. it's not that winds, but we're involved with the chilly air mass that came in over the weekends. morning lows were something else, 25 in allentown. 28 in reading.
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30 in wilmington. in the 20s in trenton. philadelphia is expected to stay above the freezing mark, but it was a cool morning commute and close to the city a lot of us had to chisel frost off the windshield. we got 50-degrees in beach haven at this hour. we'll continue to warm a little bit, we'll get to 54 degrees, well below the average high of 66. the overnight lows while cool down to 44 degrees not as bad as it was in the past overnight. if you're heading to monday night football you want to bundle up. not a lot of winds at the ballpark, but the kickoff temperature is 47 degrees we'll be holding on to 45 in the 4th quarter. mainly clear skies and chilly tonight. hopefully the eagles even up the record 3-3 and tie the giants
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first place. quarterback eli manning arrived with his teammates yesterday afternoon. a win would give the eagles a share of first place in the division. teeming up with phl17 to bring you the pregame action watch our pregame show at 8:00 p.m. followed by the game at 7:30. if you're heading out to catch the game, won't be as chilly as this morning. katherine scott not too bad now, but you were out there this morning when it was really cold. >> reporter: it was sarah it's feeling pretty good right now. but it was a different story early this morning when people were heading out the door. of course in a couple of months a day like today wouldn't register, but so far our bodies are not ready yet. we're still in summer and early
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fall mode. this morning it felt like winter. people couldn't believe they had to adjust to the winters-like temperatures so soon. >> i think so it's going to be a great day and then i get hit by the cold. it's like a sledge hammer. >> reporter: a blast of cold air, just like fall feels like winter. >> it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: commuters lined the tracks at the overbrook septa station and today they came with extra layers. the temperatures started sliding over the weekend. the feeling of the air came as a shock even for those expecting it. >> i knew it was coming, i was in florida for the past year and just moved back to philadelphia and i was not prepared. >> reporter: it was a cold wait at 69th street station in upper darby. people reached into their closets and hauled out their
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coats. >> i'm not ready for this when i stepped out the door. it might snow before the winter hits. ic we'll have cold cold winter this year. in east falls it was cold enough to see your breath. the feeling at the bus stop was not welcoming. winter is knocking on the door and many saying come back later. >> i feel like frostbite i didn't put on much. >> it's like winter just came. summer stopped and winter came. >> reporter: so we did have the winter-like temperatures this morning. another side of winters other people saw flurries, but it was ray alarming to some people, take heart it gets warmer very, very soon. it's a beautiful day today.
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>> still waiting for the leaves to change. we're not ready for this. a jury resumes deliberation in the case of given campbell charged with 6 counts of murder he left a brick wall unsupported before it crumpled on to a salvation army store in 2013. his attorney said he was used as a pawn by the developer and the architect who hired him. a man accused of raping four girls in germantown is charged with rape. antwan brown attacked a 12-year-old girl in march. that was followed by the rape at gunpoint and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. a philadelphia man could possibly face charges after his boa constrictor got loose on the septa bus. he hid the creature in his
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jacket on the way to the pet store. an officer removed everybody on the bus while they caught the snake. if charged he could face counts of reckless endangerment and interfering with mass transit. a fundraiser pulled in thousands of dollars for this homeless family. michael jones and angelique roll land said they had no choice but to live in love park with their two children. the 2-year-old boy wandered away. fortunately the boy was picked up an by officer. brian jenkins has raised $8,600 to help the family with housing. in the meantime the boy and his 4-year-old sister were placed with dhs. on the presidential
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campaign trail this noon there's no word from vice president joe biden whether he will jump into the race. his motorcade left home in wilmington this morning. later today he attends a regularly scheduled meeting at the white house. kenneth moten is at the was including a new feud sparked by donald trump. >> donald trump is at it again, the majority of the candidates are off the trail, but i can report that trump is the a work and on the attack. he is gearing up for a rally in north carolina but he spent the weekend picking a fight with jeb bush. donald trump suggested that george w bush had jeb fired up. >> he is not taking the
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possibility of being president of the united states very seriously. >> bush down in the polls low in money, trump pulling out the attack ads. the democrats were lighthearted over the weekend. bernie sanders had some fun after he was spoofed by comedian larry david on saturday night live. >> maybe i'll imitate larry david imitating me. >> reporter: hillary clinton is holding on to her lead 45% with vice president board of education in the rice 56% without -- vicevice president in the race,%
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without the vice president in the race. reporting live in washington, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> thank thank you. tonight the candidates for philadelphia mayor face off this week at temple. they meet up later this weekend on 6abc. we want to hear your questions for the candidates. you can submit them by emailing to join the action a at or through using social meade i can't using the -- media using the #6abcaction. still to come on "action news" at noon, a couple sure viervets a fiery -- survives a fiery crash. we'll tell you the only reason they made it out alive. plus the government is imposing new federal regulations for anybody who uses a drone. we'll have those stories when we come right back.
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>> police are still looking are are -- are still looking for the killer at zombicon. the gunfire sent people dressed in costumes for safety.
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a college student was killed, four others taken to the hospital. all expected to be okay. police have not released any information about a possible suspect. rescuers are rushing to save villagers prepared in homes in the philippines after a tie phone came across the island killing two people. search volunteers have joined the rescue efforts. in california, crews spent the weekend getting dozens ever vehicles out of mud caught in flash flooding last week. a texas couple is telling their story of survival after their small plane hit a power line. everything was going fine until right before they landed. they felt a jolt and realized
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the plane's landing gear clipped the high tension line. they deployed the parachute and it got cag caught in the power lines, it stopped them from plunging into the ground. >> both of us at the same time said let's get out of here. >> the couple got out before the plane burst into flames. laurel suffered a broken bone. they said the scary ordeal will not keep them from flying again. four people in homes and businesses were destroyed by a raging fire at a strip mall in the town of mount vernon west chester county. it housed a laundromat and pizzeria and a deli. authorities say the fire started
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in the basement of the deli and spread from there. no reports of any injuries. people who fly drones as a hobby will have to notify federal government under new regulation expected to be announced today. the u.s. department of transportation has created a task force to decide which drones require registration. toys and small drones will likely be exempt. until now only commercial drone users were required to register their aircraft with the faa. a teenager cancer patient scored a dream date for homecoming this past weekend. he invited ms. new jersey to accompany him on saturday night. she agreed and said she was touched by his bravery during his battle with leukemia. josie become the envy of his classmates when the pair arrived by limo. >> there's jealousy, but most
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of my friends are excited. >> the home coming was the first for miss new jersey because she missed her own four years ago. still to come on "action news" at noon, two major health insurance companies are voting on a merger deal, amazon cracking down on fake reviews posted on its website. the new lawsuit targeting the culprits. "action news" comes right back.
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>> amazon is suing more than a
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thousand people who allegedly posted fake product reviews on the website. the call for the advertiser service called promised to write five star reviews in exchange for five dollars. amazon calls the reviews unfair and deceptive. the company does not know who is behind the accounts so the defendants are listed as john does in the lawsuit. people who do not have health insurance will face increased fines next month. they could be find $695 if they remain without coverage. supporters of the affordable care act want the obama administration to highlight the potential penalty to encourage people to enroll. two of the largest health
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insurers in the united states etna and human ina two sharehols filed a lawsuit to block the merger. it could force the two sides to disclose more information about the agreement. the "action news" team working on new stories for tonight beginning at 4:00 p.m. live at lincoln financial field where the eagles and giants are counts down to kickoff. so are the fans. the birds will honor one of their all time greats. accuweather is next at noon, meteorologist david murphy will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. for life...
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it's a rollercoaster ride this week. >> reporter: fortunately we're at the bottom and going up. at least for the next several days. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we have no precipitation. as we look outside beautiful blue skies behind the construction zone -- joan of arc statue. we have a phew clouds around here, but -- a few clouds around here, but generally it will stay bright. we have winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. that's a nice mild source region for us, it will take another 24 hours to get the warmer air in place. 47 in trenton. wilmington, 49. reading, 46. 48 in millville. 46 on the tip of south jersey in cape may. as we take a look at the satellite and radar imagery, not a lot of major cloud cover out
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there, high pressure out to the west around pittsburgh dishing a light breeze in the region out of the northwest starting to turn a little bit as the high gets past us to the south. mostly sunny and cold, 53 degrees is the high. the highs are similar to what you experienced yesterday. lots of sun, chilly, 56 at the shore. in philadelphia, high of 54 degrees. mostly sunny and chilly. winds out of the west 6 to 12 miles per hour. not all that strong. overnight tonight it gets on the cool side dipping to 44. i could see some outlet lying suburbs in the upper 30s. this is not as cold as the past overnight when we were down below freezing and in the 20s in spots. there's the southwest winds i talked about, not all that strong, but coming from the right direction. for the purpose of the evening commute, bright conditions, chilly. 54 degrees by 4:00. 51 by 5:30. 7:00 p.m. 48 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit cooler than that in
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some other areas particularly toward the suburbs and center city. around 8:30 i'm expecting a temperature of 47 degrees for the kickoff for the eagles game. it doesn't change that much through the contest, clear and chilly if there's a little breeze in the upper decks, it's going to chill down. you might want layers, and some of you might want to bring gloves, the high shifts off the southeast, there's a frontal boundary coming down from the northeast in between the two features we'll get a flow that will bring in the mild air. we're in the 60s, well into the 60s, high of 68 degrees, back to normal if you will, even a couple of degrees above normal with the southwest wind. 54 degrees is the high, sunny and chilly. tomorrow we bounce back to
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68 degrees. wednesday and thursday we go for highs around 74 degrees. look at the overnight lows 50, that's comfortable again. friday, after the next front departs we cool down, 61 is the high. 61 on saturday, overnight lows in the 40s that's not too bad. bouncing back up to 67 on sunday, with the final match with the union should be nice weather at 5:00 p.m. >> there's much more ahead in the next half-hour of "action news" at noon. a wanted add for healthcare helpers stirs outrage among haitians. it won't go to a galaxy far, far away, but you can cross the pacific with the your favorite star wars character. those stories and more next. >> again, here some of
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the stories we're following for you on "action news" at 12:30. the hats, gloves and extra layers come out for a very chilly monday morning. a new septa fare system is moving closer to reality for commuters. all eyes on the sky at a weekend air show as a skydivers makes a descend into the crowd. it was a cold commute this morning, it was especially chilly for those waiting for trains at the overbrook section.
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most told us the walk out the door was a shock to the system. >> it came out of nowhere. the season hadn't made up its mind yet. it was difficult getting dressed. >> i lived in florida last year i just moved back to philadelphia, i wasn't prepared. >> it was freezing cold. i thought i would get frostbite. >> temperatures dipped in the 30s and 20s in spots. across upstate new york the blast of winters-like weather brought up 9-inches of snow. the lake-effect snow gave kids the chance to to make snowballs. 50 accidents were reported in the syracuse area yesterday afternoon. for marathon runners in grand rapids michigan there was no snow, just biting cold. for us it was the worst of the cold is over f


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