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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 19, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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trains at the overbrook section. most told us the walk out the door was a shock to the system. >> it came out of nowhere. the season hadn't made up its mind yet. it was difficult getting dressed. >> i lived in florida last year i just moved back to philadelphia, i wasn't prepared. >> it was freezing cold. i thought i would get frostbite. >> temperatures dipped in the 30s and 20s in spots. across upstate new york the blast of winters-like weather brought up 9-inches of snow. the lake-effect snow gave kids the chance to to make snowballs. 50 accidents were reported in the syracuse area yesterday afternoon. for marathon runners in grand rapids michigan there was no snow, just biting cold. for us it was the worst of the cold is over for now.
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sky6 live hd looking live at the tennis courts at temple university. might be a little chilly for tennis match out there today, but maybe, we are sweat pants. let's go live outside to david murphy, it looks warmer than a few hours ago, david. >> reporter: absolutely, and there's nobody on the tonies court and the picture you were showing of snow in new york, i don't want to see that stuff yet. we have cloud cover around scranton and off the coast. we are looking nice with blue skies across the region, currently. morning lows we did get jolted by this, 35 degrees is the morning low in philadelphia. got down into the 20s in the northern and western suburbs and some parts of south jersey, we're bouncing back here and the mid atlantic region. 45 degrees in philadelphia. same story in new york. in washington, 50 degrees there.
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notice how it's milder in pittsburgh because we are looking at milder air working its way in as we go into tonight and especially tomorrow. 352 degrees by 2:00 p.m. 54 will be the high around 4 m-- 4:00 p.m. holding on to 50 by 6:00. after that we start to dip. as you head out to eagles football at lincoln financial field. temperatures in the 40s, bring a coat with gloves in the moct just in case -- in the pocket, just in case. sarah not a bad day today, but you need to bundle up with extra layers. >> septa riders will have a new way to pay for their trips. reloadable fare cards it's been in the works for year and it's being gradually rolled out. john rawlins is live at septa headquarters with the details. hi, john. hi, septa [laughter]. the future is here for the septa
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riders, it will take a little while to get here, something as critical as this key system needs to be 99.9% reliable when it goes up it will be usable everywhere septa rolls according to the gm. >> it allows you to use it anywhere. >> what i want to go off and use the bus. >> you can go there too. >> reporter: rails? >> and some day probably across the state we worked to make sure this system can be expanded. >> reporter: this is the future for septa riders, dubbed key the key for getting around key to go to work and school. at turnstiles and aboard vehicles there will be access points like these with the screen, the ryder will tap the -- rider will tap the card
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and it will be verified. so far a few hundred cards have been issued to employees for testing purposes. >> then we'll be going to what we call friendly users. either the end of the year or the start of the new year, that's where we're assuming we can start phasing in the system and having it available for customers, but it's not going to happen all at once. >> reporter: a slow rollout is expected. this is a work in progress, for a while, at least, both systems will be in place, the key system operating and the legacy system with more traditional passes and tokens so riders can get used to the new system. live at septa headquarters, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> there were scary moments at an air show in houston.
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four skydivers were expected to perform, but the stunt was called off because of high winds. one sky diver had already jumped, though. the public announcer gave instructions. >> don't try to catch him. the sky skydive landed on a vendor's tent. he did break a leg. southwest airline said a plane on its way from los angeles to san francisco turned back because of a fight between two passengers. fbi agents met the plane and removed a person. it wasn't clear if that person will be arrested and charged. one pattern -- passenger on board said the fight was about
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the receipt. the reclining seat. two men were found shot to death on nickel avenue about 7:00 p.m. the victims identified as clayton woodward junior and clearance ted white from coatsville. coatsville and valley township had three deadly shootings in the past few weeks. tragedy in chicago over the weekend. a 6-year-old accidently shot and killed his 3-year-old brother. now the boy's father is facing criminal charges. detectives say the child somehow got a hold of a loaded gun and shot his brother. the toddler died at the hospital. 24-year-old michael santiago is facing felony endangerment charges. >> the family said they forgive him. >> he was working, you know.
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>> santiago is currently being held on $75,000 bail. philadelphia police are looking for the robberies who patiently waited to strike a southwest 7-eleven. detectives released this surveillance video from inside the store around south 70th street. the suspect walked in and pretended he was shopping until most of the other customers were gone. he pulled out a gun and demanded money and ran off with 300 douser an cigarettes. nobody was hurt. >> investigators do not believe that the fire at lulu county club in glenside, montgomery county is suspicious, though, they are looking for the cause. the blaze that destroyed the century old clubhouse started in the locker room area. it spread quickly because the buildings had a heavy timber roof with a large open attic.
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nobody was hurt. wall street is buzzing about oprah winfrey's new investment in weight watchers. star wars fans can play with storm troopers or chew"act.
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in hawaii some people are staying out of the water after two swimmers were attack over the weekend. an incident an attack by an eel. the other was a shark attack. >> reporter: chaos on the hawaii beach this weekend. on the east coast closing saturday after a 44-year-old resident was attack by what eyewitnesses described as a ten foot tiger shark. the victim was swimming with a friend a quarter mile offshore despite warnings posted on the beach. >> he fought off the shark and
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punched him a couple of times, i was screaming help waving to the people on the shore. two good samaritans father and son racing in canoes raced in to help. others on the beach rushing in to help his friend. the victim rushed to the hospital in critical condition. this is now the 6thth shark attack in hawaii this year. 25-year-old surfer collin cook speaking out after losing a leg and several fingers a week ago. bystanders using his surf board leash as a tourniquet likely saving his life. abc news los angeles. it was a rescue on the high seas. the ocean liner freedom of the seas came upon seven cubans in the florida keys. coast guard chopper kept watch
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as they brought them aboard. the cubans said they were at sea for ten days. they were fed and clothes and given million examines and turned over to the coast guard. a help wanted ad in new york advertising paper is stirring outrage. the ad said no haitians need to ply. a nor is trying to get an answer from the agency, but no reply. >> it's a blatant storm of discrimination. >> the publisher has not made any comment either. a teacher's aid in california rescued a former student from being kidnapped. sandra ferguson said she was driving to the elementary school when she spotted the little girl inside a truck with a strange man. she said the girl looked scared so she knew she had to act.
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i said sweetheart is that your dad. she told me no, he's my friend. i said no he's not, he's not your friend. ferguson blocked the man's truck with her own car and told the girl to get out of the vehicle. she called the police and the man was around for kidnapping. mississippi state flag could be coming down at the state university hanging on a vote tomorrow. student leaders will decide whether to remove the flag from old miss. it's the only state flag that bears the symbol of the confederacy which student leaders say is a sign of oppression. university asked state government to change the flag as others have done. another check of the forecast stepping live outside, sky6 live hd showing the shoreline in atlantic city. meteorologist david murphy with your update from accuweather. when we come right back.
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health insures when open enrollment starts next month could have fewer options, four nonprofit plans will have folded or ordered to shut down. federal health officials are cracking down on plans with shaky financing. they said the feds did them in with a fraction of the money thatment government promised. skin doctors may be able to figure out your cancer risk. having more than 7-moles on your right arm indicates you have more than 50 on your body. having more than 100 moles raises your risk five fold. it's cleanup after dangerous weather in phoenix, arizona.
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high winds knocked over the canopy and tore pumps out of the ground. in glendale, the winds ripped the roof off the home. nobody was hurt by the storm, so nearly 30,000 people lost electric trifort. trifort -- much calmer here, but cooler, as well. >> reporter: it will be warm over the next 36 hours. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry under the sun. my facebook follower, christian from harrisburg, pennsylvania got his neighbor's car on the cell phone. you can see the frost on the car this morning. we had that across the immediate region all the way up to the lehigh valley and down the shore. as you look outside, the sun is nice and bright. the sub freezing temperatures are gone and thinks are getting better. a couple of highlights to talk about today, first of all we have a chilly day in store for you, but then a big mild stretch comes in for several days you'll
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like the afternoon highs i'll show you in a couple of seconds. 47 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint real low. winds out of southwest at 7 miles per hour currently generally coming in out of the west today. lots of sunshine in place high pressure getting close to us and not a lot of winds overall. high temperatures on the chilly side. 53 in allentown, 52 in trenton. lacks m atlantic city you might get up to 56 degrees that's not different from inland areas. 53 by 3:00. the high of 54 hits around 4:00 p.m. 52 by 5:00 p.m. for the eagles game it will be chilly. wear layers if you're heading to lincoln financial field. i think you might bring gloves there could windchill factor in the upper 30s own low 40s.
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hopefully the eagles beat the giants and tie them for first place in the division. tomorrow, cold front will linger off to the north of us and between the two features, a southwest snow bops us up to 6 # degrees for the high. it will be warmer after that, as the high pressure doesn't want to give ground and we'll be in the 70s by wednesday. senate -- isn't that nice, yes it is. today is similar to yesterday afternoon, dress the same. if you're walking a jacket or decent layer underneath it. bundle up for the eagles tonight. tomorrow, 68 in the arch. we'll start out chilly in the morning, temperatures in the 40s, but we'll wind humberto. i love the fact for the three straight days we'll see lows in the 50s.
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for the afternoon high, 74, warm and pleasant degrees another 74 on thursday, still mild there. a cold front sweeps through, behind it we see the numbers drop again. 61 is the high on friday. 61 on saturday. mostly sunny skies on friday, a few more clouds on saturday. sunday a bit milder as the winds turns out of the southwest 67 degrees. that's good for union fans at ppl park. union and orlando. not bad soccer playing weather. maybe that will give us an advance. >> on the oprah winfrey's business empire isranching out. she is buying ten percent stake in weight watchers. weight watchers stock climbed
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37% after the announcement. >> the curtain is about to go up on a new season of broadway philadelphia. it kicks off with a i think so combination of crime and comedy. woody allen style. karen rogers has a preview in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: bullets over broadway is based on on woody allen's 1994 movie of the same name. it's a show about a broadway show that earned 6 tony nominations when it premiered last year. it's set in the roaring 20s and tells the tale of david shane who is trying to make it as a playwright. >> it's a high-energy romp a lot of flappers and gangsters and when you say roaring 20s that's what you'll think of. >> reporter: the young playwright has written what's thinks is his masterpiece, but nobody will finance it.
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he turns to the big gangster with one condition he wants his girlfriend to be in the lead. she has no talent she can't sick -- sing or dance. it's the firms he worked with susan stroman who brings the roaring 20s back to life. the show delivers what you think is a fun high quality broadway presentation, it has singing and dancing and comedy it's a fun time in the theater. >> reporter: it opens october 27 and runs through number of 21. you can visit
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j some of the most famous dances from the big screen come to live on "dancing with the stars." at 10:00 p.m. it's castle and stay tuned for "action news" at 11:00 p.m. david has a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: let's go ahead and talk about high temperatures. they are not going that high. 54 degrees in kutztown 54 in reading and more of the same in downingtown and pottstown. a couple of 53s mixed in. 54 in philadelphia. similar numbers across the entire region there in the central portion. as you head to the shore, a little bit milder in spots. atlantic city i could see 56. lots of sunshine not a lot of winds, but cool.
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similar to sunday, sarah. >> okay, david, thank you. well it's not the millennium falcon but you can take off with the characters from star wars. r2d2 jets features star wars characters. you can watch all six of the prior moves on the plane. you can get a sneak peek of the movie during half-time of tonight's eagles jets game. disney is the parent company of 6abc. some of the stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. a stern warning for expectant mothers. he took the crown and stormed the field. at 4:00 p.m. we hear from the
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parents of the new homecoming king who stole the show. that heartwarming story at 4:00. that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us later today at 4:00. 5 and 6:00. for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist have a great afternoon
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