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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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stretch of highway in delaware. and villanova university making plans for an armed police force next. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. the verdict has come down in the case of griffin campbell and the center city building collapse much he has been called a cut-rate demolition contractor, and tonight he stands convicted of six counts of involuntary manslaughter. the same jury found him not
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guilty of murder. monday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is the wheels of justice rising from the rubble of that tragic day on june 5, 2013. six people were killed when an unsupported wall fell on stop of the salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. and dann cuellar has the full story. >> that's right, jim. after five hours of deliberations theeturned their verdict. finding campbell not guilty of six counts ever third-degree murder that would mean life in prison. he would still face substantial time in prison. >> hopefully we pray with the involuntary manslaughter the judge will take into account all the factors he heard through the course of the trial. >> seeking a murder conviction,
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prosecutors contended that griffin new the heavy equipment he was using was dangerous, hitting the unsecured four-story wall collapsing on to the wall. >> we also have an understanding that this type of case is unusual and different as compared to most homicide cases and were very pleased the jury saw fit to hold him criminally responsible for homicide. >> and giffin says that escape goat for others, including the architect. >> i believe the civil litigation will tell the true story of all the players. >> anne bryan among the six killed. and the family's lawyer says this on their behalf. >> they are glad the district attorney brought the charges and there were convictions. but they also realize it doesn't bringing their daughter back. >> and maria lost half of her body. >> it is bittersweet.
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on hand she is appreciative of what the juries did and the findings made. and she is very happy for that. on the other hand she is looking forward to having the day we get everybody into the courtroom. everyone who played a role in this terrible tragedy. >> now the civil case is set to take place in september of next year. campbell is to be sentenced january 8, the same day of the excavator who cop add plea to similar charges in july. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." the atlantic city police say they arrested a man who punched a homeless woman in her face knocking her out cold while the confrontation was recorded. and the video viral on facebook with hundreds of thousands of views since the attack saturday. it helped the detectives track down the suspect. they arrested 25-year-old hunter today on charges of aggravated assault. the victim was critically injured in the attack.
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the police say she has regained consciousness in the hospital. a pedestrian hit by a car tonight in new castle, delaware in critical condition at this hour. he was struck at 8:45 along the highway. and you see the passenger side of the windshield, it is smashed in. the state police are in the early staplings of the investigation. and villanova university made the announcement prompting a range of reactions tonight. the school moving towards armed police officers as part of its campus security. live at villanova tonight is "action news" reporter annie mccormick. the perception is that villanova campus is a safe campus. interesting the school is moving in this direction. >> interesting jim and mixed opinions. officials telling us it will take about a year to get the police department in. and transition and training beginning immediately. ultimately they expect to have about 20 police officers on the
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75 safety department staff. and students reacting to the announcement that the public safety dent will now have armed police officers. >> it will be like a change i guess, just like knowing they have that kind of force. >> the police departments like that on other college campuses and hopefully it will make people feel safer. >> it is a conversation that took two years. going about it in a thorough, thoughtful and respect full way encouraging the community. >> and they don't have sirens or access to dispatch or 911 and the can't retain people without permission. that will now change. current employees have to apply for officer positions, and those accepted have to go through a police academy. a new facility will likely be built. two to three officers will man a shift. not all students degr degree -- agree. >> if you want to go into the
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atmosphere it will create, it will create a negative one. these people will have guns on campus, we don't need it. >> and recent campus violence and a threat to area universities were a factor but not the sole reason. >> we are a safe community, but safe communities are not immune from these types of incidents. close to route 476, three train stations on campus and hundreds ever thousands of visitors a year. >> and villanova university is a private university, so all of the funding for this police department will come out of their budget. they will still have radnor township police for assistance when needed. reporting live from villanova campus annie mccormick for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a fund created for the family chose toddler was found in the park, part of the money
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from wawa. a $3,000 check to chosen 300, and a septa officer found a 2-year-old safe after the boy walked away without his parent's knowledge this weekend. the $12,000 will help the family cover housing for a year. some of the money wawa donated will also help chosen 300 pay for resources that they used during the world meeting of families. it is eagles-giants at lincoln financial field and as fierce a rivalry. and the closer to new york, the more giants fans are there. and chad pradelli watching the game at a sports bar in new jersey where eagles and giants fans simply have to co-exist tonight. >> hey jim, since the opening couple of minutes it has been all eagles, scoring 24 straight points leading 24-7. that said it is a sloppy game by
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both teams. the ladies and gents had a lot to cheer about when they marched down the field making it 7-0. but it was the boys in back, the eagles, who surged ahead on three giants' turnovers including an interception return for a touchdown. >> looking already after the first touchdown. so let's keep it rolling. >> the defense is playing really great, i think, so far. and i think so far this year the defense has really been underrated. >> here you are in cross overcountry so fans from both sides of the rivalry sit side-by-side. while there was plenty of emotion and the birds had the upper hand in the first half, the outcome is far from decided.
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>> it ain't over. eli will be back. enough said. >> i am sitting with a bunch of giant fans here that i invited to come here and watch the game and we're winning. so that's what i like. >> the eagles are leading comfortably going into the fourth quarter. sam bradford through an interception a little bit ago and fans are concerned about his play. >> thank you, chad. there is no question which side of the this building supports. on market street it is aglow in eagles' green and white even though the team wore their blank uniforms. the display using led lights covers 50,000 square feet. the days of carrying tokens is over. and septa unveiling the new way of paying fares, the key system.
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and similar to a debit card. and the process to confirm or deny a fare is supposed to happen within half a second of tapping the key card against a payment screen. septa is still working out technical glitches and plans on rolling it out slowly, even when it debuts to passengers later this year or early next year. the major candidates for mayor of philadelphia met on the stage of the performing arts center. kenney and bailey addressed issues like poverty, the city's economy and infrastructure needs. and channel 6 is hosting the next mayoral debate. we are asking you for input. email questions to join the action at or post to social media using #6abcaction.
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and high school rates are improving for most of the country according to new statistics from the education department tonight. delaware seems to be the biggest gainer in this area. the percentage of students who graduated on time rose 6.6% from 2013 to 2014. new jersey didn't have as dramatic a jump, but slightly more students are graduating on time with 88.6%. pennsylvania had no change, maintaining its 85.5% graduation rate. the central bucks south high school homecoming queen and king getting a lot of attention online of the moment they were crowned, it brought hundreds of students to their feet. video from friday shows the moment that nick mcgee ran to his classmates after the announcement. he led them all in his favorite cheer "i believe that we will win" and school officials say the goal is always to encourage
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the student body to treat lily bowman and nick mcgee not as classmates with down syndrome, but simply as classmates. >> i cannot stay enough good things about the kids from cb south. they have always been welcoming and wonderful and just. it is the greatest community. >> it feels so awesome. >> today at school the two were able to thank their friends. and by the way, they won by a landslide vote. still to come on "action news" tonight, will he or won't he? the latest on joe biden's presidential aspirations and hearing his coy remarks today. and a major pediatric group announces its policy on drinking during pregnancy. is an occasional glass of wine ok or not. and the trailer many of you are waiting for. some of the "star wars" clips that everybody is it talking about that was revealed during tonight's eagles' game. a lot of people are waiting for my forecast after three days stuck in the 50's.
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tracking a dramatic warm up on the way. the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and then there's this question. was the c.i.a. director hacked by a high schooler? that and more when "action news" continues.
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the individuals would describes himself as a high school stoner says he breaches the personal email account of the director of the c.i.a. the aol email account of c.i.a. brennan has a spread sheet of intelligence officials including the social security numbers of the alleged hacker told the "new york post" that he was motivated by his opposition to u.s. foreign policy and support for palestinians. word in washington, an announcement about joe biden's political plans are coming and people in the know say he will run for president. and he toyed with some saying he
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is late to the game. >> i am the late joe biden and i just want to you know as much as i love you, i have been in the meeting with the president on another matter for the past two hours and it is hard to say mr. president, you are on your own, i am leaving. although he is on his own, he doesn't need me. >> and a congressman pointed this tweet, i have a source close to joe that tells me that v.p. biden will run for president. republican candidates trump and carson requested protection from the secret service. the request will be assessed by the second of homeland security in consultation with five senior members of congress. and "healthcheck" at 11:00, a warning for pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant about alcohol. after years of debate whether an occasional glass of wine or beer is ok, the american academy of pediatrics today took a stand against drinking while pregnant,
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even a little bit. the doctor's group says any amount of alcohol may be dangerous to a fetus and the leading cause of preventible birth defect. with a third of pregnancies unplans, mothers may still be drinking in the first three months may drink without knowing. and former olympic star oscar pistorius released from prison in south africa. convicted last year killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, saying he mistook her for an intruder. spending the next four years under house arrest and continues psychotherapy. and originally sentenced to five years in prison. and the federal government wants to know who is flying drones. creating a task force to try to create specific guidelines. toy or small drones will likely not have to register of the
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larger drones probably will. the call for stricter regulations after a number of security-related incidents. well, the most anticipated two minutes during tonight's eagles-giants game was thrill off the field during half time. disney released the longest look at the upcoming movie "star wars" called the force awakens. the new trailer showing far more action, new characters, heros and villains and even some familiar faces from the franchise. >> the stories about what happened. >> it's true. all of it. >> "star wars" episode vii out december 18. tickets went on sale tonight and apparently there was so much demand, a number of websites crashed or slowed to a crawl including fandango. and disney the parent company of
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6abc, we posted the entire trailer for you to watch at and the "action news" facebook page. the force awakens. >> how many times did you watch it? >> the trailer? >> two or three times? >> no, i saw it once during the game. >> i saw it three or four times it looks pretty good. >> it does look pretty good. how about that accuweather forecast. >> you have to watch it a few more times, after the newscast. the forecast looking pretty good, too. and cloud-free and the action cam looking up at the ben franklin bridge which is lit up in pink for breast cancer awareness month. a chill in the air, but temperatures not cooling off as quickly as last night. philadelphia 47 degrees o down from the high of 55, 11 degrees below average. allentown 40, trenton 42. wilmington 43. and the ocean temperature 60, sea isle city 51 degrees. millville always a cool spot,
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with the calm winds and clear skies dropping down to 38 degrees. satellite 6 and action radar showing that is not our weather-maker. this is a cold front over canada and parts ever new england getting mixture of sleet and snow in maine. the front can't get here, we have high pressure. what the high pressure will do is bring us wind out of the southwest. so that will be warmer us up. tomorrow morning the school bus stop, kids definitely need a jacket but don't have to bundle up quite as heavily as this morning. this morning we had temperatures in the 30's and 20's. tomorrow morning generally in the 40's. at 6:00, 44 degrees. by 8:00, 47 degrees. definitely on the school side. but the last three days we had this major dip in the jet stream. what this has done is it allowed air to go straight down from canada. so afternoon highs only 50's, feeling like late november. what will happen this week? the jet stream buckling to the north with winds out of the southwest. temperatures in upper 60's and
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mid 70's the next three days. futuretracker showing chilly tomorrow morning. by the afternoon take the jacket off. 67 degrees by 4:00 in the philadelphia. on wednesday up into the mid 70's for winds out of the southwest. 73 degrees at 4:00, and thursday, temperatures slightly warmer ahead of a cold front knocking the temperatures down for the beginning of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast much warmer tomorrow, 68 degrees. actually a couple of degrees above the average high this time of the year. a little bit in the form of clouds in the afternoon, generally good amount of sunshine. wednesday i think the pick of the week. loads of sunshine with a high of 74 degrees. on thursday, ahead of the cold front bumping it up to 75 degrees. increasing clouds late in the day of the front likely moving through dry with no rain. and behind it on friday, the sunshine is back. but it is a little on the cool side with a high of 61 degrees. heading into the weekend, saturday lots of sunshine and beautiful day. 61 degrees. on sunday, it will be warmer for
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the union game, but more in the form of clouds. a slight chance of a shower, 67 degrees. monday, limited sunshine and a few showers and high of 62. the past three days stuck in the 50's, now heading into the 60's and mid 70's. much better as far as i am concerned. >> you know i like that. >> i know. >> i know you know. >> i know you know. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:35 right after "action news." stilly me. here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, hello, philadelphia, get ready for a special glimpse at a very special show. ♪
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get out of the past. get fios. eagles-giants, more like a neighborhood brawl. a lot of punches and counterpunches. >> and turnovers and penalties. seven turnovers between both teams now. the eagles' offense was supposed to be a driving offense but are waiting for it to awaken. and sam bradford and company off to a slow start. the eagles up 20 late in the fourth, but don't be fooled by the other and. sam bradford three interceptions and a rushing touchdown, and a pick six. and if the eagles hold on and win, they are in sole position of first place with a 3-3
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record. and how fitting is this? at half time the giant-killer brian westbrook inducted into the hall of fame. more touchdowns against the giants than any team including the famous punt return 12 years ago to the day in new york. this day emotional for brian westbrook. >> i have been emotional all day. trying to hold back tears all day long. you put so much of your heart and time, sacrifice so much to get on the field. and to be good at your profession you have to do that much more sacrifices and giving of your time. and because of that you miss so many things. and all of those things and all the family that helped me be in that position come to mind. and it is a little bit emotional. don brown won't be going into the phillies hall of fame soon. going from a hit to a bust in just two years. removed from the 40-man roster
11:29 pm
likely ending his time. he was a top prospect and an all-star, but since struggled. and among the worst numbers by an outfielder in baseball. and brown can become a free agent if he elects to do so.
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ben revere's bluejays in bad shape. in the first alc appearance since 1993, trying to dig them out out of the early hole against kansas city tonight in game three. the force awakens in toronto
11:33 pm
in game three of the alcs, and the blue jays, runs on the royals by the third inning. and the 3-run shot, hitting three homers scoring 11 runs! they are awake. toronto wins 11-8 and royals with the 2-1 series lead. and steve mason and flyers back on the ice getting set for the back-to-back games. the big question, will mason start against the stars or will the back up michal neuvirth coming off two shut-outs. if michal neuvirth started would you understand. >> machal deserves to play. he played two solid games. if he played tomorrow it wouldn't change anything for me i have to work to prepare for whatever the game is. it's no trick, it is a halloween treat. the first time in temple history the owls on national television on 6abc halloween night against
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notre dame. rank the the first time in years. >> and special season for them absolutely. fashionable women putting the first step forward. more than a dozen given honors. the signature event of the philadelphia collection celebrates philadelphia's most fashionable and philanthropic women. raising thousands for charity. and "jimmy kimmel live" live followed by "nightline." his guests tonight are bill murray, misty copeland and music from ryan adams. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪ "action news" is sponsored in part by -- "jimmy kimmel
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live." >> guillermo: jimmy, so beautiful here. >> jimmy: this is my favorite spot. >> guillermo: where are we? >> jimmy: we're in the greatest borough in the world, guillermo. you know what a borough is? >> guillermo: a donkey. >> jimmy: yes, but no. we're in brooklyn. brooklyn, new york. >> guillermo: hello, brooklyn, i love you! dicky: from brooklyn, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, bill murrary, misty copeland and american ballet theatre.


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