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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. hillary clinton surging past her rivals. our new poll this morning shows the democratic frop opening up a big lead after the first debate. vice president biden drops some hints last night he may be running, but is his window closing. oscar pistorius walking out of prison. released overnight after less than a year behind bars for killing his girlfriend. now under house arrest in his uncle's mansion. is the former athlete getting special treatment? near miss, a massive lightning bolt just misses this passenger jet as it comes in for landing. the scary scene caught on camera. and "star wars" fans awaken. the new trailer released overnight igniting a frenzy. >> it's true. all of it. >> the internet exploding with excitement and questions. why is princess leia crying?
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and where is luke? fans buying tickets in advance crashing movie sites and even the stars cannot contain themselves. and we do say good morning, america. let's see. 58 days until the new "star wars" movie hits theaters. millions already watching that new trailer over and over and over on youtube and facebook. the founder of facebook, mark zuckerberg is one of them. he said, this looks amazing. i love "star wars" and so the response from the "star wars" facebook account, we know. those movie ticket sites overwhelmed by preorders. >> all kinds of anticipation. meanwhile, the political world waiting for joe biden. there he is right there. will he or won't he run for president. "the washington post" jumped the gun last night, accidental
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headline, biden to launch presidential campaign. not so fast. it came down but our new abc news/"washington post" poll is out right now and might give biden supporters pause. it strongs a strong move from hillary clinton after that debate, sim slippage or biden and abc's jonathan karl has all the latest. jon. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a big boost coming out of that debate but it hasn't stopped the frenzy of speculation about whether or not joe biden will jump into the race. >> man, i do enjoy it. how are you? >> reporter: wasn't quite a campaign speech but joe biden spoke passionately about tackling the threat of climate change. >> what are we doing? >> reporter: the question remain, what is biden doing? a source involved with biden's deliberations on whether to run for president tells abc news the vice president has not made a decision yet. he is busy calling supporters but some in biden's circle now believe he may wait another week before announcing his plans. well, biden is still mum on
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2016, he may be testing out some potential campaign lines. >> i'm not one of these guy, you know, let's go after the rich and the powerful and they're the problem. they're not a problem. >> reporter: is that a swipe at bernie sanders' campaign against billionaires or listen to this one. >> i don't condoleezza risider enemies. their friends. is that a subtle shot at hillary clinton. here's what she said. >> reporte >> in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug company, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> reporter: but after clinton's strong performance at the first democratic debate, voters are split on whether biden should run. 47% of democrats say they want biden to get in the race, while 49% say he should stay out. one biden confidant acknowledged the odds are against him starting so late, no money and no campaign organization. as for that washington, d.c.
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headline that briefly hit the paper's headline -- website, the reporter who wrote it, paul kayna, wants everybody to know he had also prepared a biden is not running story, as well. >> i'm sure he has. okay. thanks, jon. meanwhile, you know, biden and his team say he's not paying attention to the polls as he makes this decision. no decision yet from the vice president but that new poll we have does show his position has weakened over the last month. >> reporter: it's dramatic. take a look now. this is where the race was a month ago. hillary clinton at 42%. now these up to over 50%. has a 31-point lead, a huge boost coming out of that debate. leaving some of his supporters to think he's probably waited too long to do this. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right there, george. now to oscar pistorius, out of prison this morning and under house arrest after less than a year behind bars for killing his girlfriend. abc's terry moran is in south africa with the latest. good morning, terry.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. well, it happened under cover of night. oscar pistorius transferred from prison last night in two black corrections officers vehicles to this place, this splendid mansion. this is his uncle's home. we've seen family members coming and going and this is where he will spend the remaining four years of his sentence. this morning, a spokesamerican for pistorius' house said this? >> it's important to emphasize his sentence hasn't been shortened or reduced. he's simply entering the next phase. >> reporter: but no sign of pistorius himself and many are outraged feeling he's somehow getting special treatment. his probation requires him to continue court mandated psychotherapy and he'll be barred from having a firearm. it's the latest chapter in a tragic saga that's riveted people around the world. pistorius, a paralympic
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champion, a symbol of courage and hope to so many and reeva steenkamp, his beautiful south african model girlfriend. there's a storybook love until valentine's day, 2013. reeva is shot and killed behind a locked bathroom door by oscar who claims he was shooting at an intruder then the sensational murder trial, pistorius facing a blistering cross-examination. >> you killed reeva steenkamp, that's what you did. say, yes, i shot and killed reeva steenkamp. >> i did, my lady. >> reporter: but in the end the judge declared that wasn't enough evidence to convict him of murder. and now he's out of prison and the parole board is also requiring him to meet with the family of reeva steenkamp, if they want to. pistorius does have one more problem ahead of him. next month prosecutors will be back in court. they're trying to overturn that verdict, get a murder conviction enstated and that means he could get back in prison for as much
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as 15 year, meanwhile, however, part of his conditions of holding hear he will be able to leave this home to go to church and to work and his work is track and field, so it's possible that we will see oscar pistorius back on the track soon. >> we will be watching for that. okay, terry, thanks very much. we'll turn to the hunt for a brazen hacker who launched a cyberattack against america's top spy and the head of homeland security. he's been bragging about it online releasing private information overnight. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the case, good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. overnight this allegedly young hacker began releasing what he claims is private information from some of the nation's top intelligence officials. the hacker who claims he's a high school teenager angry about the plight of palestinians posted on twitter the names of what he says are the social security numbers of a who's who in the intelligence community. the list includes homeland security secretary jeh johnson and a host of current and former
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senior security officials. 9 stolen information was gleaned from private e-mail accounts containing the background security files and other documents of cia director john brennan. the hacker claims he infiltrated brennan's account by tricking verizon and aol employees into resetting his password. the twitter account posting the information was abruptly taken down last night. today, the fbi and secret service are racing to identify the hacker and to see if they can build a case against him. sources tell us it does not appear that any classified information was taken, but these top officials faced the prospect of more hacking and further leaks of their private information. robin. >> so disturbing. all right, pierre. to a major milestone for all those people who lost so much money in the bernie madoff scandal. brian ross is here. abc news exclusive with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. there's some good news for the victims of bernie madoff wiped out in what was the largest financial crime in american history.
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>> what do you have to a to the public? to your investors? >> reporter: when bernie madoff's massive ponzi scheme was uncovered seven years ago there was little hope his investors would get back any of their money. this morning officials and bankruptcy lawyers tell abc news they have now recovered more than $11 billion of the $17 billion that was lost. >> the calculations are that anyone who put in 1 million, $161,000 is going to be made completely whole in this distribution. >> reporter: is 100% back. >> yeah and that's most of the people who had valid claims. >> reporter: a huge relief for hundreds of victims who lost their life savings to madoff including many outside the courthouse when he was sentenced to life in prison. >> you jerk. how could you possibly live with yourself. >> reporter: the biggest chunk of missing money was recovered from one palm beach lawyer found dead at his swimming pool less than a year after madoff was arrested. officials now say they have
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determined jeffrey pickour was in on the scheme and his widow turned over virtually every dollar he made in the madoff scheme, more than madoff himself. >> i think it was mr. pickour probably as an individual by far made the most money. >> reporter: the bankruptcy trustee is still in court with his widow madoff to get even more money for the victims. the madoff case has also made the huge teams of bankruptcy lawyers very rich. they collectively got paid $1 billion in fees over the last seven years which they say was a good investment given the 11 billion they have recovered. >> $7 billion that -- >> that's what he took out. he's considered probably one of the -- probably the most successful person in the madoff scheme. he got a lot more than madoff. >> and where's madoff now? what's happening? >> he's locked up in a federal prison in north carolina where he is spend the rest of his life.
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>> staggering sums there. to ginger. you have a major warm-up in the east with storms in the southwest. >> right, everybody get ready. we'll take one of those huge weather u-turns the ones that get you pulled over from above freezing this week to d.c. to raleigh, new york city and then flipping some 20 to 30 degrees by tomorrow or thursday. so temperatures well into the 70s almost 80 for d.c., raleigh, you'll get there too with east wind and southwest, that low pressure system way up in the atmosphere will get caught for a couple of days and surge moisture and energy. that means thunderstorms, hail, the primary threat with damaging wind and flash flooding in there too. i'll have a whole lot more coming in the nation's weather. robin. >> okay, but in the meantime, ooh, it's good to be oprah winfrey. the power of oprah. i don't even say her last name that much. that's why i stumble over it. the billionaire superstar betting big on weight watchers buying a stake in the business sending the stock skyrocketing. abc's mara schiavocampo has that story for us. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. weight watchers is calling it a
7:12 am
groundbreaking partnership. the media mogul joining the company as an owner, celebrity endorser and member this as the diet company is looking to expand from focusing just on weight loss to overall health and they're hoping the oprah effect will help. this morning, oprah winfrey throwing her weight behind one of the world's biggest diet companies. >> how does it feel to lose weight while on weight watchers. >> reporter: the media mogul buying 10% of weight watchers for $43.2 million. tweeting "i believe in the weight watchers program so much i decided to invest." the announcement sending company's stock surging. prices more than doubling monday. >> oprah is a super savvy businesswoman. she wouldn't have joined if she didn't think it was a solid investment. >> reporter: as part of the deal oprah will become a weight watchers member. publicly sharing her own experiences after struggling with her weight for decades. famously dragging 67 pounds of
7:13 am
fat on stage for the "oprah winfrey show" in 1988. >> it is amazing to me that i can't lift it but i used to car i it around every day. >> when you see me gain weight it's not about me pigging out, it's always about my life is out of balance. it's not about the food. it's about using food. >> reporter: this new partnership reflects weight watchers' efforts of rebranding and broaden the company's mission to bring or advertise overall health and wellness. in recent years their stocks have slumped as many dieters have gone digital now they're opening the oprah effect can tip the scales. now, oprah will also take on a very important role as an adviser. one thing she knows how to do is inspire people to live their best life. as for that stock surge, the big winner, oprah. she made $70 million yesterday. i'd say that's a pretty good day one. >> yeah, sure was, mara. that was one of those tv moments. remember when she rolled out that wagon with all that fat.
7:14 am
remember it like it was yesterday. now amy is back with the morning's other top stories starting with several fires targeting churches. >> that's right. security is actually being tightened at churches in missouri after a string of suspected arson fires. six predominantly black churches have now been set on fire in the st. louis area in recent days. a reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. well, a contractor in philadelphia has been convicted of manslaughter for a building collapse. look at that that killed six people. prosecutors claimed he ignored warnings and cut corners on the project in 2013. he could now face decades in prison. well, surprising election results from canada overnight, the liberals winning in a landslide. 43-year-old justin trudeau will be the next prime minister. ending nearly a decade of conservative rule. trudeau's father was prime minister in the '70s and '80s. well, japan has confirmed the first case of cancer linked to the 2011 fukushima nuclear
7:15 am
disaster. a former plant worker has leukemia and at least three similar cancer cases could also be linked to that plant. well, there are new details about the death of a high school football player in texas. 16-year-old cameron matthews collapsed during a game on friday. doctors say he died from an aneurysm and they are not sure if it was football related. and finally, well, the skies whatnot so friendly for this plane flying into australia. did you see that? it was nearly struck by a huge bolt of lightning. a storm chaser caught the moment on tape and when you take a closer look, you see, look at that, the size of that lightning bolt just dwarfing the plane. the guy who took the picture was safely in his car but he was a storm chaser and said it was just a remarkable show and thankfully no one injured in the air. two people, though, were injured on the ground. >> really? >> yes. >> unbelievable picture. >> thank you, amy. new "star wars" trailer breaks internet overnight. all the details in just 30 seconds.
7:16 am
millions watches the "star wars" trailer during monday night football. 13 million more and counting viewed it on youtube and facebook overnight. abc's nick watt is in l.a. with all the buzz on this coming blockbuster. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, a lot of nerds like me were watching football last night just waiting for the trailer. 17,000 tweets a minute as it aired and this is our final glimpse, the final clues before the movie finally arrives for
7:17 am
real. >> our favorite members of the galaxy reunited at last. and princess leia hug, why is she crying. kylo ren channeling his predecessor. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> reporter: set decades after "return of the jedi." the younger characters aren't sure jedis are real. >> i was raised to do one thing but i've got nothing to fight for. >> reporter: but we know better. >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: this movie doesn't open until december but tickets went on sale last night crashing ticket websites around our planet. they're already for resale on ebay for hundreds.
7:18 am
many questions this trailer leaves. what is that? >> the force, it's calling to you. >> reporter: who said that? lupita? the force has awakened 58 days till opening night. now, i don't have the stomach for the ticket fight last night but this morning i logged on. it is back up and running but a lot of theaters completely sold out for the first couple of days, all those gray dots unavailable but do not despair, george and robin, there are still tickets out there. you will get to see the movie. >> 58 days ahead of time. thank you, nick. the stars of the movie saw the trailer for the first time last night. he plays fin in the movie. this is him last night watching the trailer. >> oh! what! what! >> i guess he liked it. >> oh.
7:19 am
>> he called it epic so i guess he liked. >> by the way, the eagles won, 27-7 if anybody was watching the football game. >> yeah. so much more ahead this morning. quarterback johnny manziel caught on camera pulled over an apparent fight with his girlfriend. >> he hit me a couple of time. >> while you were in the car? >> yeah, but i don't want to -- please don't make -- >> what manziel says really happened inside the car. also ahead was it road rage? look at this driver plow into a motorcyclist and his girlfriend. he's not apologizing. oh. ♪ music
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some areas that need it will get >> ♪ >> good morning. i'm erin o'hearn. it is 7:24 on this tuesday october 20th. karen has some bad news on the roosevelt boulevard. >> we have a bunch of accidents today. this one has just been moved off to the shoulder. we see a couple vehicles, police ocean as well. this is the roosevelt boulevard southbound at broad street. as you head towards the schuylkill you're dealing with a jam from third street to broad street with this accident now at least off to the side. we've got a disabled vehicle struck some debris and it's causing a problem on the turnpike eastbound between morgantown and downingtown. slowing eastbound past the scene. and an accident blocks the right lane and the center lane here on the turnpike. this is eastbound past willow grove. so really jamming up in this area. you see speeds of about 10 miles an hour so jammed from fort washington to past willow grove eastbound and westbound is slow as well as you can see with the area of yellow there from approaching willow grove to norristown. also a problem right here on
7:25 am
i-95 at the betsy ross bridge, the accident moved off to the shoulder but you see the jam erin from academy to girard on i-95 southbound. >> doesn't look g thanks so much karen. let's look -- oh, wow, what a pretty shot there. sky6 hd looking at the sunrise over camden. i'm hoping the sun is something we are going to see a lot of for the next couple of days. meteorologist, david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. he's going the tell us a little more about that. >> all right, erin whether or not we get a lot or a little sun over the next several days it is going to be mild. take a look. we're off to a cool start this morning, 49 degrees in philadelphia. but considering most areas were in the 30's and some spots in the 20's yesterday, these numbers you're looking at this morning are definitely an improvement. as is the afternoon high. sunny and milder today, 69 and then we're going to go up to 74 tomorrow and 75 on thursday so three state days of mild conditions and a fair amount of sun. erin. >> all right.
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7:27 am
>> police are hoping surveillance footage will help them track down a suspect in a violent home invasion this morning. police say the intruders tied up a man and a woman and stabbed the man. they took a third victim to an atm and forced her to withdraw money. that's it for "action news" right now. we'll be back in a half hour.
7:28 am
i'm erin o'hearn. stay tuned for more "gma." >> ♪ for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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welcome back to "gma" and take a look at this. driver swerves out of control on a texas highway right into that motorcycle injuring the driver and his girlfriend and the man behind the wheel is being charged right now but he is not apologizing. has something of a bizarre excuse, as well. we'll get into that. >> every time you see that piece of video. also this morning, we have some other headlines we want to tell you about. hillary clinton surging in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll opening up a big lead on bernie sanders as vice president joe biden drops more hints overnight that he may get in the race. also an important milestone in former nba star lamar odom's recovery. he has been transferred by medical helicopter to an l.a. hospital where he is being treated. his family says he is alert and that he is improving. and also this morning a little mystery in the sky.
7:31 am
jes jesse, what do you got? >> this picture taken in china lighting up the fwhet. it looks like a city in the sky but was it really? the secret behind the skyscrapers. that's all coming up. >> could it be another promotion for "star wars"? >> oh. >> thank you, both. we are going to begin with that new trouble for former heisman trophy winner johnny manziel making headlines off the field again. abc's gio benitez has the details for us. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. he won the heisman in 2012 and known simply as johnny football but his list of awards seems just as long as his list of controversies and this morning now we have the tapes for his latest one. this morning, new dash cam video from that roadside argument between cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel and his girlfriend. >> he hit me a couple of times. >> while you were in the car. >> yeah, but i don't want -- please don't make -- >> reporter: the police report alleges manziel was speeding at
7:32 am
90 miles an hour and that he and girlfriend colleen crowley admit they had been drinking before the fight. crowley reportedly trying to exit the moving car and crowley accused manziel of pushing her head against the window. police now releasing these photos showing a mark on crowley's arm, an afriction friction burn according to the police report because manziel was trying to keep her in the car. listen as a witness calls 911. >> there seems to be some sort of domestic disturbance. >> you can hear a man yelling in the background. >> baby please. >> reporter: manziel tries to explain. >> she threw her phone out the window and i grabbed her arm, hey, get in the car, i'll come find this later. >> reporter: after manziel spent more than two months in rehab at a drug and alcohol clinic released just this past april. >> he has issues. he should be dealing with those issues, not think about playing football. >> reporter: a concerned browns coach mike pettine acknowledged
7:33 am
it at a press conference. >> everything is magnified times a thousand. he made a lot of strides. this did a process. it's upsetting. >> reporter: police did not charge the couple and manziel said it was a dumb public argument and crowley posting and later deleting the message j and i are good. this morning, of course, are they really good? the browns saying they take this seriously and have expressed their concerns to manziel directly. the nfl says it is aware of the incident but won't comment any further. we'll see what happens. >> we will see. he has such enormous talent but these issues that he continues to get himself into. we'll see what happens, gio. we turn to that wild scene on a texas highway. this driver charge for swerving into that motorcycle. he claims it was an accident. has a very unusual excuse. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: millions have watched this disturbing video online. a car swerving right into a motorcycle as it tries to pass on a texas highway.
7:34 am
the motorcyclist is thrown from the bike, his girlfriend riding on the back seriously injured. just as jarring, the reaction of the driver who hit them. >> what were you doing? you hit them. >> i don't care. >> i got it on video too. >> i don't care. >> reporter: that's 68-year-old william crum being confronted by the motorcyclist's friend who recorded it all. >> i got it on video too. >> i don't care. >> reporter: this morning crum has a most unusual excuse for hitting the bike. >> all of a sudden i felt this tremendous stinging in my left leg and i thought it was a wasp or something and i didn't know it was a spider bite. >> reporter: causing him to jerk the wheel and swerve into the left lane. >> i didn't try to hurt anybody. i just -- it was a reflex from the pain. >> reporter: eric sanders is the biker who still covered in road rash and not buying crum's story of the mystery insect. >> the car jerked over towards me violently.
7:35 am
he had 100% control of that car the entire time he was driving it. >> reporter: the district attorney isn't buying it either. late monday charging william crum with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. his car. before he was charged with the two felonies, crum was asked if he wants to apologize to the couple. >> to her, but to him, no, 'cause he was doing something illegal. >> reporter: it's true police cited sanders for illegally passing the car but crum may now have to use his bug bite defense in court. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, grandbury, texas. >> let's talk to dan abrams about this. we heard the twinkie defense and now the spider defense. >> yeah, come on. this is not going to be a successful defense. there are real defenses out there. for example, i had a seizure. i was attacked. those are defenses where you say, look, it wasn't my fault
7:36 am
that something that i did in the car ended up hurting someone. the smieder or wasp defense isn't going to work and in particular because of what he says -- >> that's what i was going to ask you about. he says this guy was doing something illegal. >> it's not just that but immediately after the incident, he's basically saying that he's not sorry about what happened. he's talking about people doing wheelies, et cetera. he's clearly got animus. if i was this guy, i would definitely try and cut a deal. you're talking about serious crimes here. >> he's being charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >> up to 2 to 20 years behind bars is the sentence for this kind of crime. if i were him i would drop the spider defense, drop the wasp defense and instead try and get in there with the prosecutors and say to them, i want to cut a deal. offer me some sort of lesser conviction here, because, remember, he doesn't even have to have intentionally did it. he just has to have been reckless in doing it.
7:37 am
that makes it a really tough defense for him in this case. >> free legal advice from dan abrams. >> yeah. this guy is going to need some help. >> okay, dan, thanks very much. coming up, that alleged sex scandal rocking the university of louisville basketball's team. the woman at the center speaking it out and how it unfolded for years. >> one day they were saying -- does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup
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we are back now with the woman at the center of the sex scandal involving one of the top basketball college programs in the country speaking out to espn's "outside the lines" about the allegations against the university of louisville team and abc's ryan smith is here with the story. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, lara. they're akin to basketball royalty. an annual fixture at the ncaa tournament with a top notch coach and star studded recruiting coach to boot but the team is under fire with a self-he scribed escort queen with details of wooing of some of those stars with sex. >> if they wanted to make extra
7:42 am
money that's what the side deal was. sex. >> reporter: this morning, the woman at the center of allegations the college basketball powerhouse louisville cardinals three time national champions hired female escorts to woo recruits breaking her silence sharing lurid details paid for the former director of operations andre mcgee. >> andre always had the money, passed out the money, made it rain. made the deals. paid for the deals. >> reporter: speaking exclusively to john barr of espn's "out side the lines." katina powell penning a book "breaking cardinal rules" attending 22 parties between 2010 and 2014. some in campus dorms adding she and several other woman including three of her own daughters participated in sex with recruits, team members and some of their fathers. >> andre would come to me and tell me what girl the recruit
7:43 am
wanted and i would tell the girl and she would say her price, i would tell him. he would say, okay. give me the money. that was just it. he would take them into another room and him, her and the recruit would do what they did mind closed doors. >> reporter: the scandal rocking one of the country's top basketball programs. their coach, two time national champion rick pitino initially floored by the allegations. >> almost got me sick to my stomach. i don't believe in any form of cheating at all and to get an advantage with a recruit. >> reporter: last week defiant. telling a packed house of louisville supporters he abides by ncaa rules. >> if there was any wrongdoing, it's a big if, and people have to pay for their crimes, and that's an if, if it happens, we will own up to it. >> reporter: but powell questioning what pitino knew and when he knew it. >> four load, a boatload of
7:44 am
recruits and dancers, loud music, alcohol, security, cameras, basketball players who came in at will. how could rick not know. >> reporter: the scandal sparking separate investigations by both the ncaa and the university of louisville. campus police also reviewing the allegations for possible criminal charges. now to be clear, powell says she is not sure whether pitino knew about the parties she claims mcgee arranged. she never talked to or met pitino. our sister network reached out to the university and pitino and they're not commenting citing respect for the process, ncaa and criminal investigations and espn also saying mcgee is declining comment as well. >> yeah, ryan, the full story of the louisville scandal there morning on espn and dotcom and "sportscenter." quickly, though, jess, you were a recruited football. your perspective. >> it's amazing what happened now and in college sports these high school kids are recruited so heavily and different places will go to different extremes
7:45 am
but i've never heard of anything like this. >> wild story. >> it is wild. all right, jess, thank you. jesse has another story, mystery if you will in the sky. >> it's not a bird. it's not a plane. it's a full-blown city in the air. or is it? we'll tell you next in our "speed feed." >> my guess is it's not. turningr is nice and crisp, i know that fall has finally arrived. and with it, all the flavors of the season. fall is all about bringing people together around delicious food. and each recipe brings as much enjoyment as the company. low prices on everything you need to make every meal more memorable. walmart. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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okay. what about this apparent city in the sky, jesse? >> guys, this image has been trending on facebook. it's been lighting up the internet. it has sky watchers in china amazed and a little bit suspicious. pictures and video of this so-called floating city in the sky captured by stunned onlookers is beautiful and mysterious has given birth to conspiracy theories. one even suggesting that nasa is responsible. >> nasa. >> but, of course, the truth is both heavenly and more down to earth. it's a rare phenomenon known as a fada morgana. when warm air sits on top of cool air and light at different angles that can look like buildings. >> that's like 90-degree angles. >> these are phenomenal, amy. tracking and mystifying people
7:50 am
for centuries. with pictures like these it's obviously not hard to see. >> you've taken over name that cloud. makes me want to -- >> jesse had to do a lot of homework. >> we were talking offset. >> it's like a mirage you see them in the desert. >> i thought you said hakuna matata. >> that means i love you. >> robin is like what did you just call that? >> say what? >> just so impressed by you, jesse. >> yeah. >> a wealth of knowledge. >> yeah. >> a little bit left for your atmospheric science -- >> my head is about to explode. >> "pop news" is coming. "pop news" is coming. >> stick around for "pop news." >> it'll be a goodne. when we come back at the top of the hour we have a college student missing for days finally found because of an iphone app. how it led rescuers right to him. come on back. look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions.
7:51 am
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brr. it is a frosty morning. the temperatures though will be warming up. kansas city almost 80 today and then the warmth moves to the east. ññ
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm erin o'hearn. it is 7:56 on this tuesday october 20 and let's head to karen rogers with the traffic report. good news is it's not monday any more. >> that's right. bad news is it's only tuesday and you've got to sit through this before you come to work. you know what happens when there's an accident on 42. we jam up pretty quickly. check out this travel time. a 48 minute ride. that's huge. often we see 14, 18 minutes from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge on 42 northbound. we had an accident blocking the left lane and that was approaching 295. so extra heavy from coles road to approaching 295. but it looks like the lane is getting a little bit better right now. on the ben franklin bridge you're jammed witness you pass that area 42 at creek road trying to get on the ben franklin bridge you got sit in this jam on the mid span from eighth and vine particularly heavy. an accident on the schuylkill expressway. we see it off to the side for the most part here.
7:57 am
penndot and police on the scene and this is the schuylkill at belmont. westbound as you head towards gladwyne you're jammed with this accident. >> karen thank you. let's head outside sky shd looking live in atlantic city. meteorologist, david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. still a little chilly out this morning isn't still chilly this morning erin. take a look at temperatures much up to 49 degrees in philadelphia but of course this time yesterday we were in the 30's and in the 20's in the northern and western suburbs. so things are definitely better. here's your seven-day from accuweather and this afternoon is also going to be representing a milder change. 69 degrees is today's high, fairly sunny skies with some occasional clouds. tomorrow 74. thursday 75. nice and overnight lows only in the 50's. there could be a shower thursday night and then a cold front sweeps through and on friday and saturday we're cooler with highs in the low 60's. back up to 69 on sunday, though. erin. >> looking forward to those 70's. a main line restaurant shut to reopen after it was shut down due to a roach
7:58 am
infestation. health officials cleared yangming i last night. "action news" continues in half hour. i'm erin o'hearn. now more "gma." >> ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. vanished. the disappearance of a college student. his friends frantically searching for him. how the find my iphone app saved his life. school bus emergency. students scramble to evacuate after scary fumes filled their bus. >> open the window. >> what happened? >> outraged parents demanding answers about what really happened. an abc news exclusive. rock 'n' roll superstar travis barker opening up about the terrifying night he survived a plane crash. >> the plane is on fire. my hands are on fire. i basically ignite my whole body on fire. >> his incredible survival story and how his children pulled him through his darkest days. ♪ and the big move on "dancing
8:01 am
with the stars" that got everybody clicking. bindi and derek leap into "dirty dancing" and only we were there as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. great to see all these beautiful smiling faces from all around the country joining us here in times and a little bit warmer for them. >> still bundled up. >> rightfully so. >> how great is movie night? another look at bindi and derek bringing back "dirty dancing." wowed everyone. >> they did have a last-minute change. i got to tell you also other great scenes last night. andy and alison doing "singing in the rain" and getting perfect 10s. >> he was good. >> he was really good last night. >> great to see those scenes. we'll have a lot more coming up.
8:02 am
>> a recap coming up. also ahead, how you can get on top of your health right now. the prescription for the right doctor, right diagnosis no matter what you're dealing with. it's a new book. it's brilliant. it's the patient's playbook. helps you knowing what questions to ask. >> lots of good information and amy with the morning rundown. the big story, speculation running rampant about vice president joe biden's possible run for president. biden is slipping in the polls while hillary clinton enjoying a bump from last week's debate. sources now say biden may wait until next week to announce whether or not he's running, but he's already firing off what appears to be subtle jabs at clinton and bernie sanders. "the washington post" mistakenly released a story saying biden had launched ace campaign. the paper blames a glitch. well, the fbi is trying to track down a hacker who is bragging about compromising the personal e-mail accounts of the cia director and the secretary of homeland security.
8:03 am
overnight the alleged teen hacker began releasing what he says is private information from those accounts including social security numbers of key intelligence officials. well, pomp and circumstance on display in london as queen elizabeth welcomes the president of china for a state visit. the royal carriages headed to buckingham palace where the queen is hosting a banquet. duchess kate will also be attending. well, a georgia college student is recovering after he was found unconscious by railroad tracks more than 48 hours after he disappeared. his friends finally found him with the heavy of an iphone app and abc's kendis gibson has his story. >> reporter: a miraculous scene caught on camera. missing student james hubert found and rescued monday morning blooded and bruised but alive. a happy ending to a nearly three-day-long search. >> unreal. >> reporter: the 24-year-old vanishing after attending a sorority event.
8:04 am
his disappearance setting off a massive search throughout the weekend by police, friends and classmates. >> this is all credited to our students not giving up on their friend. >> reporter: the big break coming when two of hubert's friends realizing his date had left her phone in his jacket. using the find my iphone app to track his whereabouts. those cell phone pings leading to him along railroad tracks seven miles from where he was last seen. >> i ran over to see if he was okay and he opened his eyes and he said where am i? am i missing? >> reporter: ems arriving transporting him to a hospital where he's recovering from his injuries. his mother posting this selfie to facebook. hubert told police he was beaten up and robbed but unable to remember what happened to him so police are still investigating exactly how he landed at those railroad tracks. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> what an incredible story. kendis, thank you. a scare for students on a
8:05 am
school bus in washington state. they tried to scramble out of the way when a heater hose burst in the back of the bus. >> open the window. open the window. >> what happened? >> we don't know. >> the hose was spewing antifreeze, parents say the kids were not treated fast enough for their headaches and burning eyes. the district says every child was checked by a school nurse. well, finally next time you're in a wildlife park remind yourself do not make elephants angry. watch what happened to this man in thailand whose noisy moped was annoying the elephants so they charged him screaming at the top of their lungs. take a listen. i believe that is elephant for get the bleep out of here. and the guy on the moped, i think, understood, as well and ran into the woods and reportedly he was couched in a praying position and he stayed there -- >> are you sure he was praying.
8:06 am
>> no translation necessary. >> don't you know there are kids playing here. >> they had their baby elephant so they were protecting their young. don't make a momma elephant mad. >> huh-uh. >> thank you, amy. to lara in the social square. >> thank you very much, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the uproar over chrissy teigen's pregnancy. the model not afraid to take on her critics this morning. and blink-182 rocker travis barker opening up about the incident, the accident that nearly took his life. and then "dancing with the stars" on fire. even getting a little magical. we're backstage for it all. all that and bradley cooper will be with us live right here on "gma" in times with a wonderful audience. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by moen. buy it for looks, buy it for life. ♪ stand strong as the waves roll over ♪
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♪ oh, yeah, we know that music. "saturday night live." "saturday night fever" in the ballroom. >> i would have picked that song. >> nick carter did. he got down with some disco as the stars took on some of our favorite routines. we were backstage for it all. go, amy. >> whoo. >> "saturday night fever". >> you've done that a couple times before. >> you keep doing that and
8:12 am
you'll find yourself on "dancing with the stars." >> everybody is awe digging this morning. >> not everybody. >> not everybody. we'll move on to our "heat index" and this morning's hot button. or not. >> we're still auditioning. >> chrissy teigen firing back against online critics who say she isn't telling the whole truth about her pregnancy after posting a baby bump picture. "nightline" anchor juju chang has the story. >> reporter: a photo of chrissy teigen's baby bump sparking criticism about the size of her pregnant belly. the model and tv host is known for sharing her life in realtime with millions of social media followers. so it may come as no surprise she's doing the same with her pregnancy writing somebody is early to the party. thousands of congratulatory messages pouring in but along with those, a barrage of body shaming comments about the size of her bump. you got big fast. my bestie is due in feb and she's half your size.
8:13 am
not twins. probably triplets. teigen who didn't disclose her due date defending herself. i did ivf one at a time. it isn't twins. i can see the thing. get out of my uterus. >> there is a multitude of factors that goes into how she appears when she's pregnant. at the end of the day that's nobody's business other than hers and her doctor's. >> reporter: it was just a week ago that teigen and hubby john legend took to instagram to reveal their news. john and i are so happy to announce that we are pregnant. as many of you know we've been trying for awhile acknowledging they struggled to conceive. one teigen made public just last month while co-hosting "the fablife." >> john and i were having trouble. we would have had kids five, six years ago if it happened but my gosh it's been a process. >> reporter: to the dismay of her many fans the scrutiny surrounding the photo may have turned the star off from sharing the remainder of her pregnancy writing, no more preg tweeting
8:14 am
for me. lesson learned. but despite the negativity teigen already showing she's one tough mom-to-be tweeting, good thing i am unoffendable or this would be a rough few months. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> oh, it's just beginning. how many times do people say, sure you don't have twins in there? i mean -- >> did you swallow a basketball. i got that. >> we were trading insults. some can't be repeated. >> said to your face. >> oh, yeah, really. your due date is that far away. are you sure you got it right? thanks, yeah. so -- >> if you've been on social media people have something to say about it. >> those are the comments they were able to share with us. they shared others with us. next up on "heat index," abc news exclusive with rock star travis barker. blink-182 drummer in his first in-depth tv interview since a plane crash that nearly took his life. he sat down with abc's chris connelly. got to take a look at this.
8:15 am
>> plane's on fire. my hands are on fire and unbuckle my seat belt and jump right into the jet which holds all the fuel and basically ignite my whole body. >> reporter: that's drummer travis barker known for his work with blink-182. ♪ all the small things ♪ true care -- >> reporter: speaking for the first time about the night of september 19th, 2008 when the chartered plane he, bffdj a.m. real name adam goldstein and two of their cohorts were in crashed on takeoff in columbia, south carolina. >> i'm soaked in jet fuel. there's nothing i can do to put the fire out. then we realize, you know, we're out of the plane and the plane explodes. then i stayed in burn centers for like the next four months. >> reporter: two close friends and the two pilots would die in the crash. severely burned over 65% of his body. barker would no searing, unimaginable pain. what does that feel like? >> that, i mean, that feels like
8:16 am
hell. >> reporter: as he captures in his xheling new memoir "can i say," he undergoes 27 surgeries and at one point considered taking his own life. >> i would call friends of mine and say deposit a million dollars into whoever's bank account. >> you were willing to pay $1 million to take me out. >> they had to pull the phone out of my room. >> reporter: what saved him was his kids. >> it was hard for them to see the state i was in. they'd color in class and everyone is drawing pictures of their family or what they did in the weekend and landon is drawing a picture of a plane crashing. so, yeah. >> reporter: it's not right, is it? >> it was -- i mean, it was definitely something that i mean
8:17 am
he was old enough to understand, you know. >> reporter: one year later another blow with adam goldstein losing his courageous battle with drug addiction. barker says his book tells of a wild reckless lifestyle that he's put in the rearview mirror with 40 one month away his existence is focused on drumming and minding his kids. he's still playing gigs including with mark in a reconstituted blink-182. he hasn't been in a plane since that night. he's not ruling it out. >> you know, i -- i tell my children when you're ready to fly i'm ready to fly. ♪ >> reporter: barker in his book says his daughter alabama had an eerie recommend in addition saying the roof is going to come off as he headed for south carolina. even on the tarmac moments before the fateful flight barker says he shared concerns on the phone with his father.
8:18 am
barker is a lifelong white knuckle flier who takes "the queen mary ii" to gigs overseas. >> you showed us a side of travis that is rarely seen. >> yeah. >> that is certainly true. he's very familiar for his antic, i guess and his exciting lifestyle but this is a very serious thing he went through. >> so brave to talk about it. what a life-changing event and those kids, to have that imagery in their minds. i hope one day they can all hold hands and get on a flight and be okay. >> for him to say when my kids are ready to fly that says -- he's a great dad, isn't he. >> yeah, he doesn't want to be limited by his issues. he wants to make sure his kids live a rimpf, full life and looking after his kids is really important. his daughter is a cheerleader and he likes to be a cheer dad these days. >> it always boils down to our families. that's what's most important. chris, thank you, thank you, thank you. that was terrific. you'll have more with travis barker on "nightline" tomorrow
8:19 am
night. all right, well, next up on our "heat index," a blast from the past on "dancing with the stars." the nine remaining couples recreating all-time favorite dance routines but it was the last dance for ununlucky couple and jesse has a look at all the action on the ballroom floor. >> that's right, amy. it was a crazy night stars channeling everyone from "magic mike" to madonna. three couples got perfect scores but one couple vogued their way right out of the ballroom. an electrifying night on the dance floor. >> oh, wow, wow, wow. ♪ "dance moms" >> reporter: the remaining couples taking on the most iconic in showbiz history channeling the king of rock 'n' roll to that magical magic mike. bindi irwin tackling uncharted waters proving she's no cry baby. >> nobody puts bindi in the
8:20 am
corner. >> reporter: nailing that famous "dirty dancing" lift. ♪ because i've had the time of my life ♪ >> reporter: as effective as the original. >> reporter: this week bindi leaving the animals for alexa penavega rocking a real-life snake just like britney at the vmas. ♪ snake >> reporter: vine star hayes grier doing his best danny from "grease!" for judge olivia newton-john. >> you have so much poise. you're so gorgeous. you're a baby john. >> reporter: with yellow rainco raincoats, that classic staircase and the old couch. ♪ >> reporter: it was andy grammer's turn to sing in the rain. >> this is probably the best musical of all time. ♪ get up on the dance floor ♪ vogue."
8:21 am
>> reporter: but despite paula deen's best efforts to stay in vogue. >> paula and louis. >> reporter: she and her partner louis van amstel were sent packing. >> i thought i'll be gone two weeks. it's been six. no one was more surprised than me but i know without a shadow of a doubt it was for my friends out there. and for that gift, i cannot thank them enough. >> paula was very thankful to her fans and voters who kept her in the competition for so long. a little behind-the-scenes secret for all of you. bindi and derek revealed they almost had a wardrobe malfunction moments before hitting the star, making a last-minute change to her outfit to help her keep everything in place. >> no wound would have known. >> you were behind-the-scenes. you don't see that. >> i got sources everywhere, robin. >> everywhere. >> the best line, nobody puts baby in the corner. >> that's right. >> a movie classic. >> it is. >> thanks, jesse. >> thank you, next monday by the
8:22 am
way is halloween night on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. let's go outside to ginger with a check of the weather. >> how about this >> all right ginger we're off to o a dry start across the region. on storm tracker live double scan, as we take a look outside sunshine looks pretty good. chilly with temperature in the 40's in most areas. not like yesterday when we were in th 30's and 20's some s. nice this afternoon generally sunny with a few clouds, 69 degrees milder than
8:23 am
yesterday and then highs in the mid 70's both wednesday and thursday. enjoy this stretch. of my.
8:24 am
you take your age and divide it by two and add seven. >> i would not date a 28-year-old. >> i have that tattooed on my back. >> yeah. >> table. >> easy cheat sheet like "memento." >> what not to say? >> or reading the prompter. >> i'm learning as i go. >> i was watching you during
8:25 am
"pop news." you always say very little. but very smart. >> yeah. >> now i know why. >> silence is powerful. >> yes, exactly. >> it's golden. >> thank you for that ma mathematical equation. >> america, you're welcome. >> more to come from jesse. still we're not sure how long you will go but working on it, america. hey, also in "pop news." when it comes to friendship. pixar knows how to take you to infinity and beyond. the animation studio has released the highlight reel. it is so beautiful. it's really sweet, you guys. showcases their 20 years of friendship that they have created on the big screen with such beloved characters and classic movies as "toy story." "monsters inc.," "finding nemo." i'm telling you, break out the hankies. this pixar love comes in anticipation of their next release, "the good dinosaur" getting great buzz. very, very sweet. just a really nice kind of tuesday morning feel-good thing.
8:26 am
and then they say that proof is in the pudding. but sometimes the proof is in the blue icing. just ask this little fellow who claims he has no idea what happened to the blue cupcake. >> hey, jack, did you eat a cupcake? >> no. >> you didn't eat a cupcake? >> no i wasn't at home. >> i was at home. >> i was at home. >> busted. >> i have an alibi. >> he's got more to say. >> no, he did not do it. he just did not do it. i'm not shonda rhimes but i don't think he would do well on "how to get away with cupcake eating." that's "pop news." we'll be back, everybody.
8:27 am
♪ >> good morning, it is 8:27 on this tuesday october 20th. can't believe it's that late october. i'm erin o'hearn. let's head to karen rogers. unfortunately some bad news on the schuylkill. >> yeah, we have this accident on the schuylkill expressway. it's westbound at belmont. you see it off to the shoulder but we're still jammed westbound from the boulevard to belmont. live in delaware county, look at the delay here on i-95. a good size delay as you head northbound approaching highland avenue. you're jammed from 322 to 320. it's a disabled vehicle. now it's off to the shoulder you can see it already created quite a jam-up on i-95 northbound. we have an accident here in a bad spot in deptford township gloucester county on 55 northbound at deptford blocking the left lane so look at the jam-up, the area of red. you're jammed on 55 northbound and an accident on 295 southbound past 168. so we're jammed from woodcrest station at this point to past
8:28 am
168 an area that would be jammed anyway on 295 southbound so extra heavy there on 42 northbound still a good size delay but better than it was now that that accident is cleared. >> thanks so much karen. let's head outside to meteorologist, david murphy. he has a jacket on but he may be shedding it later from what i hear. >> absolutely. we're going get milder. we're already not as cold as yesterday, erin. take a look at current temperatures. still holding onto 49 degrees in philadelphia and most of the area in the 40's, a couple of spots by the shore getting up into the low 50's and this afternoon we are going to improve, sunny for the most part, milder, 69 is the high. and then a couple of highs in the mid 70's on wednesday and thursday, so a very nice stretch coming. then a cold front comes through triggering a shower thursday night and behind that we're cooler on friday and saturday, highs only in the low 60's. bouncing back up to 69 and we have another front on sunday and then late sunday and sunday night there could be a shower around were we begin again so it's an up and down ride over the next couple days, erin and mild today.
8:29 am
>> focus on the 70's. thanks so much day. we'ldavid.we'll be right back. "gma" continues. i'm erin o'hearn.
8:30 am
♪ whoo! safe. >> i made it. thanks, robin. >> wait a minute. a little -- >> there you go. there you go. >> thank you. and you are wearing my coat which is why i'm late. now we know the reason. welcome back to "good morning america." so much ahead including romance novel nicholas sparks. we'll hear about his new book and so many getting made into hit movies like "dear john" and "a walk to remember" which brings us this morning to the "top 5" list. >> very exciting. the most -- the best romance movies of all time compiled right by aol. number five, "pretty woman." please don't sing. i won't sing. julia roberts walking down the treat in such style winning over
8:31 am
hearts and starting a career to remember. >> laughing. >> if i forget to tell you all i had a great time this morning. from -- if i forget to tell you, i had a great time tonight. >> wow. >> don't you -- >> classic. let's see if you can give us a line from this. number four, "love actually." one of george's favorites. hugh grant, keira knightley. so many more great star, great cast. no line. number three -- >> i love that. >> 'when harry met sally". i can give you a line from this one. i'll have what she's having. number two, "bridget jones's diary." no secret there and third movie in that thing and then -- in that thing. in that series. that's technical speak. number one, best romance movie of all time. nicholas sparks' ♪ ♪ "the notebook."
8:32 am
>> you don't dig these movies. >> i haven't seen many of them. i got to be honest. >> this will help your game, jesse. you bring a girl to a movie like that. hopefully she's older than 23. [ laughter ] >> and refer to the equation. just refer to the equation. own it. >> all right. we want to know what you guys think. go to "gma's" facebook page, twitter, as well. tell us your top five. romance movies. let's go to george with bradley cooper. >> we'll find out what bradley cooper thinks. i just leaned over and asked what is your favorite romance movie. >> "dr. zhivago" popped into my head. a sad, sad drama. i love julie christie when i was little. >> good reason. you're in the new movie "burnt" and play a chef who is burnt out. burned up his career and trying for a comeback. let's take a look. >> 20-hour day, 6 days a week. i was 19 years old.
8:33 am
i loved every minute of it, the heat, the pressure, the violence. screaming, you know, all the cook cooks. the kitchen is the only place i've ever felt like i really belonged. >> and bradley cooper joins us right now. you know your character is so intense right there. you talk about the kitchen, only place you've ever belonged but it's like a battlefield in this movie. >> yeah, absolutely. we were just talking before about how we both worked in straunss but this level, this michelin star three -- michelin star level is -- i mean it's like playing in the world series or something. >> you come to this honestly. bus boy in a greek restaurant. >> and prep cook in a restaurant where i cut my teeth -- i worked with a guy 1 years old back from paris and i was at the low of the pole of the hierarchy so i felt the brunt of a chef's
8:34 am
tirades -- >> did you think this would be your future? nah? >> no, but i always loved cooking and being around food. >> you get to work with sienna miller again. >> yes, thank god. >> she was just here yesterday. kind of like your work wife for the last year. >> i've been lucky in the sense i've been able to act with people -- specifically actresses again and again and we were doing "american sniper" and i knew i would do this movie and just thought she would be incredible and she was. >> she learned a lot about cooking. >> she is a great cook. a lot of the people -- ricardo is probably the best one. the italian guy in the movie, he's amazing. >> you're doing this movie all about food and you're actually have to lose weight. >> yeah, that's right. yeah, because we had just finished "american sniper" and was doing "the elephant man" and had to lose 30 pounds. if you watch the movie, we shot it out of sequence as most movies are, some scenes my face is like this and then it's like
8:35 am
had. >> it all works. >> actually i was happy about that, you're right. >> you talk about working with actresses again and again and you'll work with jennifer lawrence again and david o. russell. how many types -- >> four times with jennifer. yeah. >> and the movie "joy" is coming out. you guys have created some headlines. all this talk about equal pay in hollywood. how will this work trying to negotiate with your co-stars. >> i don't know if it's any big plan. i thought the idea of transparency is something that obviously would be beneficial. you know, it's something you never talk about. you never hear about what somebody else is making when you do a movie. >> it's kind of hard to talk about. >> i mean but maybe it shouldn't be, you know. but, you know, in terms of -- in today it's so hard to get movies made and you definitely are hearing -- having conversations about your agent take a cut or put money over here. what's everybody making. let's make sure, you know, it's as equal as we can make it. >> strike it for equal pay.
8:36 am
you do have fans out there. i know you're an eagles fan. >> i am. >> we had a little message from the eagles cheerleaders. >> really? >> hey, bradley. it's your very own philadelphia eagle cheerleaders and swoop sending you love. >> all: b-r-a-d-l-e-y. bradley. >> wow. i wish my dad could see that. that's amazing. >> thanks a lot for coming on. the movie is together. burnt burnt opens next friday. >> his reaction was priceless. totally worth it. how are you, bradley. good to see you. that was bradley cooper just saying hello to me. now to something we all have to deal with. that is our health. navigating the health care system can be overwhelming. there's a great new book called "the patient's playbook" and offers a predescription, if you will to help make sure we're getting the best care. the author leslie michelson is here and also joined by 9 director of the leukemia program
8:37 am
at the presbyterian medical center, also happens to be my doctor, as well, dr. gail roboz and thanks for putting it on my radar, gail. i'm telling you, i know you're interviewed for it. leslie, you have worked in the health care industry and you have found that there are many things that can help people and you put it all here in the book and i think people will be surprised by the number of medical errors that are out there and that we need to be aware of. >> yeah, it's a huge problem, robin. preventable medical error is the third leading cause of death in the united states. right behind heart disease and cancer. we lose 400,000 americans each and every year to preventible error. >> no one ever talks about that? and the reason they don't it happens quietly. a woman succumbed to pneumonia but they don't tell you about. there are no crash site. no sirens. >> and you want to help put an end to that and, gail, you talked about it and the reason
8:38 am
you reached out, everybody should read this. doesn't matter where you are, if you're well or not this is a book for you why. >> i can't think of who wouldn't benefit from reading this. you don't have to be a patient and you don't have to be sick. it's for patient, family members. it's for well people trying to figure out what to ask their doctor. it's for doctors to read and take a look and try to figure out what the patient as a consumer and as a self-advocate needs to get from the doctor. >> it tells you what kind of vitamins you should take and gets down to the basics in all levels like that but you really start and this is so true with the quarterback, the primary care physician, leslie. you talk about over and over that that is key in finding that person. how do -- why is it so important and how do you find the right one? >> absolutely. your primary care physician should be the quarterback of your health care delivery system. that's the person who should listen to your symptoms, help you find the right experts when you need them and become your partner in wellness. helping you manage your cholesterol, your weight, your blood pressure so you live a
8:39 am
longer life. >> how do you find that. >> three straightforward steps and i talk about them. the first is take out a piece of paper, make a list of the things that are most important to you. is it the insurance coverage, the location, is it the hours they have, the hospital they admit to. second, talk to friends, relatives, neighbors and your physicians, see who they use, see who they think. and then, third, make an appointment. do a consultation. interview the physician, just the way you would every other important professional in your life. >> i mean when you're going to buy a car you go to all these different dealerships and try to get the best deal and ask friends and that. buying a home you want to be in a good school district yet when it comes to our health care we don't take those statement precautions. we have said over and over in the show, ask your doctor questions. what is the numbering one question we should ask when looking for a doctor, any kind of way? >> you know, i think you can say you've seen me, you've read my records, you know my story, what is your plan for me? and see what the answer is to
8:40 am
that question. what do we do now? what is your plan for me? what is my action, what do i have to do? who do i have to see? what do i have to eat? do i need a specialist. what's my plan. >> talking about a specialist. you know both -- i know there's some people at home saying this all sounds well and fine but you know what, i can't afford that. i can't afford to find a specialist. there are resources, aren't there, leslie? >> first of all the best medical care doesn't cost anymore. most live near major cities and every major city there is an academic medical center that takes all kinds of insurance coverage. one of the secrets of that health care, it doesn't cost more to get the very best. and there's terrific resources to find the best experts like dr. roboz. the first is a website called expe where they've organize the medical literature. put in your diagnosis, the city you live in and instantaneously you'll get the identities of the physicians and the hospitals who have done the best work.
8:41 am
the second is, all the major hospitals now have terrific websites that list the specialties of their physicians and, third, we're a very generous society. we have philanthropies for every single disease and each of those disease specific philanthropies has resources and materials to help patients that have been diagnosed with it. all these resources are free for everyone. >> and that is so very important. i know you've been looking at me because i had my -- i know i need to come in and get my flu shot as my doctor right now and get that that. thank you very much. leslie and gail. so vital and again you don't have to be sick to be able to get something out of this book. i'll come in and see you real soon, gail. thank you, leslie. "the patient's playbook" available now. >> robin that's a good reminder. i need my flu shot, too. we're celebrating love this morning. chattanooga tennessee is where their from. your name. >> candy.
8:42 am
>> greg. >> we'll talk about severe weather how is that a little juxtaposition. low will create severe storms possibly in southern new mexico especially far west texas. large hail, strong winds, that's the main threat. from east to west and leave you right there with the big picture because we've got to get a check closer to home. >> no problems here in terms of any precipitation. as we look at your seven-day from accuweather in the 40's now but getting milder this afternoon. a high of 69 and mid 70's both wednesday and thursday. enjoy this stretch of weather. coming up one-on-one with "the notebo
8:43 am
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the king of romance is back with a new love story. it's called "see me" and abc's sara haines sat down with the one and only nicholas sparks. >> over 100 million books sold worldwide, 10 major motion pictures with the 11th on the way. author nicholas sparks has definitely earned his title of the king of romance. very lofty tight toll carry. >> sure, why not. >> sparks is back with his 18th novel, see me. i caught up with the renowned author of le parker meridian in new york to chat about his latest page turner.
8:46 am
>> it has a thriller aspect. >> twisty mystery thriller. >> old favorites -- >> you want to step aboard? >> i love that one. >> reporter: and, of course, ryan gosling. >> anything with him? >> it's not over. >> reporter: how do you keep doing this? >> i know, right? i don't know. strange but i don't even think of it in those terms. it just kind of adds up. >> reporter: tell me about "see me." >> "see me" is this good love story with two great original characters but it's also a novel that devolves into a very twisty mystery thriller by the end. >> reporter: sparks' films filled with hollywood's biggest headliners like richard gere, robert wright, liam hemsworth, miley cyrus and rachel mcadams. >> have you ever seen someone perform on screen and you're like i'll get this guy or girl to be in my movie. >> oh, yeah, channing tatum. in "step up" and you're like,
8:47 am
okay, that guy is going to be a star. let's move him on in. >> reporter: while sparks keeps mum about who he would cast at "see me's" top man, i have ideas of my own. tom hardy. he would be so good. >> yeah. >> if you need someone to stand in and read lines for you, i will play next to tom hardy. now the father of five says he's about a third of the way done with his next love story and still has plenty more left to tell. have you ruined men for your daughter? >> that's what my daughter tells me and i feel bad about that. i'm like, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to. i'm okay. i'm a nice guy. you can meet me. bring it on in. that's fine. just be a gentleman. >> reporter: for "good morning america," czar sara haines, abc news, new york. >> thank you, sara. "see me" is available right now. coming up
8:48 am
i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
8:49 am
8:50 am
world champion swimmer diana nyad has a revealing new book. it's called "find a way." what do you feel when you look out and you see this body of water? >> i feel it's my place, when i look at that ocean between cuba and florida and this hudson river in manhattan, these were the waters where i learned my life lessons. >> these waters taught legendary marathon swimmer diana nyad to dream big and no matter what, find a way, a mantra now the title of her book. "find a way." that was your battle cry. >> the world said it's impossible. no one will ever do this swim. out of the question but i was still a believer. >> reporter: that unwavering determination pushed her to become the first person ever to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. >> diana nyad, she got into the east river at 11:35 today. >> reporter: she made her name as a competitive swimmer
8:51 am
captivating new yorkers with her 28-mile swim around manhattan in 1975. it's interesting as we're sitting here by this body of water which 40 years ago at the age of 26 you came swimming by here. >> that was a day of glory, the sun was gleaming and i was thinking this island is mine that day. >> reporter: that triumph catapulted her into stardom and in 1978, she attempted to swim from cuba to florida, stopping midway. after a 30-year hiatus she made three more failed attempts and each time exhaustion, dehydration or jellyfish stings. what does it feel like to be stung by a box jellyfish? >> i went into spinal cord paralysis. i was screaming like my body was in hot burning oil. >> reporter: hearing all that some people will say, why? why would you put yourself through that. >> yeah. >> why? >> there is a feeling of character that builds when you say i'm not a quitter no matter how cold, no matter how tough.
8:52 am
no matter how much pain, even the box jellyfish, my spirit is bigger than that. >> reporter: and in 2013 she found a way. then 64-year-old diana successfully completed one of the longest open ocean swims in history. >> never ever give up. this journey was so long and arduous that that moment of triumph on the beach was personal and had that ego gratification to it but it was much bigger than that for me and those thousands of people there that day, they were weeping because they saw someone and a team who wouldn't give up. >> reporter: the memoir chronicles her career and life's challenges including overcoming the trauma of childhood molestation. >> as together and as happy and privileged as i am, it's still an imprint. i have to admit that even all these years later, all these wonderful experiences later
8:53 am
there is an injured little girl in there still. >> reporter: did you hesitate about putting it in the book. >> i put everything. i put all my raw honest self in it and i couldn't do any more. >> reporter: diana has gone on to win countless awards, hosted charity swim and most recently showed off her moves on "dancing with the stars." so what is next for diana nyad? >> what has really made my life what it is is being physically fit. we've become a largely sedentary society with a doctor from arizona state, his big new phrase is sitting is the new smoking and so next summer, my buddy bonnie and i, we're going to walk cross country. >> reporter: what do you want your message to be for those picking up feidin santana? >> life is short. it is fleeting. why not live it big. >> reporter: sitting is the new smoking. that's why she's going to get a million people to join her to
8:54 am
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four seconds, one second each. >> bye. >> see ya. >> ♪ >> it is 8:56 on this tuesday october 20th. i'm erin o'hearn. let's heads over to karen rogers with the "action news" traffic report. what's going on karen is. >> we have another problem
8:57 am
here on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's eastbound past norristown, an accident that blocks the left lane and look at the jam-up at times 9 miles an hour. so watch nor accidentally really causing a slow go now. over in horsham, horsham road at limekiln pike another accident here blocking a lane. we've got an accident blocking a left lane in lower moreland township on welsh road at huntingdon pack. unare salford an accident causing restrictions. schwenksville road at grub road. a problem with a disabled vehicle. we've seen a bunch of those laterally. sumneytown pike at 476. those delays causing problems and spilling out onto 476 northbound. take a look at the accident on the schuylkill. it's on the tow truck getting trod clear this out of here, schuylkill westbound at belmont. but we're still jammed here, erin. >> good news is the morning commute is almost over. now let's head outside to meteorologist, david murphy. he has a lovely forecast for the next few days. david. >> absolutely erin. sun glass weather right now with the bright sunshine up
8:58 am
over the horizon. we've reached the 50-degree mark in philadelphia, officially 51 in fact. everyone else following suit. this afternoon will be milder than yesterday with a high up to 69 in philadelphia with mainly sunny skies every now and then some clouds might try and dip in from the northwest. warm and pleasant then tomorrow, 74. 75 on thursday. and then a front comes through triggering a thursday night shower and behind the front cooler on friday and saturday, highs in the low 60's. and then back up to 69 on sunday, a bit milder there. erin. >> thanks so much, david. coming up today at noon a popular main line restaurant has been cleared to reopen after it was shut down over a roach infestation. we'll take you inside yangming after it passed its latest health inspection. "live with kelly and michael" is next here on 6abc. i'm erin o'hearn. have a great day. >> ♪
8:59 am
i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "the last witch hunter," vin diesel. plus, actress and author, amanda peet. "superstar ue our chef challenge week" with superstar chef alfred portale. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] ♪ and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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