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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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victims were targeted. police say it happened just after 2:30 this morning on f street in kensington, a woman and her boyfriend sleeping in a second floor bedroom with two men in masks made their way into the home, they slashed the woman in the hand with a knife and punched her in the mouth and hit the man in the head with a ham her and demanded money and jewelry and threatened to kill a woman listening to music downstairs and tied her and the boyfriend up and told the 46-year-old woman to drive them to the bank. >> they took one of our female complainants to the bank on allegheny avenue, and she had about $100 in the bank that they took, it was only $100 and they told her they would take her car, and went back to the house
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and police were already on location, and they indicated she was not okay and at that point in time one of you offenders fled on foot and escaped and the other went inside of the vehicle and tried to make escape and the police made the arrest. >> reporter: now, arrested was 28-year-old edmond valez of the 2300 block of frankford and police say his cohort got away. they say he will be all right and this appears to be a random attack, a crime of opportunity. we are live here at east detectives, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now we go to accuweather, outside to meteorologist, adam joseph, much warmer today. >> reporter: pretty impressive that we turned the corner this
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quickly after the winter like chill. looking at the numbers, 71 in philadelphia, we are trying to go eye to eye here with roanoke to be the warmest in the region. charleston, waste, between 68 and 69 degrees. we are 17 degrees warmer this time today than we were this time yesterday. that is a huge 24 change. 12 degrees warmer in richmond. and 17 degrees warmer in new york city. we have a front to the north where a few clouds snuck their way in from the north and west today and all in all the sunshine will bring the temperatures back above normal and as we look ahead, the warm southwesterly wins will continue tonight and be in the 70s for the next two days as it stays on
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the dry side, the numbers will be warmer today on wednesday and thursday, and then the cool down coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right adam thank you a popular restaurant is reopening after shut down, yang ming has been closed since august, after inspectors found roaches among other violations but now yang ming passed their latest inspection, 5,0$5,000 worth of renovations later, they showed us the new floors and updated equipment and most importantly no roaches. they tell us they hired a new extermination company. >> they came out daily for one month and now once a week and will continue to come out once a week until we are completely
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150% sure there is not a problem. the owners and managers say the problem could be linked to the building's age it is almost 200 years old but it's not an excuse for the conditions. at one point yang ming was ranked as one of the best restaurants in the country. now they are trying to rebuild a tainted reputation, the owner is saying customers are welcome to see the kitchen at any time and take a look around. >> they are taking an extra step there thank you. well, it wasn't pretty but the eagles will take it. the birds are tied for first place today and back to .500 after a big win over the giant. we heard from chip kelly today, and ducis rogers is in the sports center, ducis there are things they need to clean up
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before they play carolina. >> tempered may be the way to describe the fans. they did beat the giants, the defense looked awesome, sam bradford did not. we'll start with the good, we had a reilly cooper citing, that tied the game at 7-7 and the birds never looked back, they forced three turnovers, carroll picked off eli manning in the third quarter and returned it to the house for a touch down. some of the interceptions were head scratchers. chip kelly knows that he and his offense need to improve. >> it's always frustrating especially when have you it moving in the right direction, we felt we had answers to what they were doing and could move the football against them and then the self-inflicted wounds coming up it's part of growing as an offensive group. >> sunday night the eagles have
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another tough one they visit 5-0 carolina. brian to you. >> all right thank you. former senator jim webb is dropping out of the democratic race for president. he may run as an independent. they say they are not allowing it to be a level playing field and was given enough time to speak at last week's debate. and now he is out the democratic field is down to four candidates, that could change if vice president joe biden decides to throw his hat in the ring, he spent the day honoring former vice president, walter mondale. john rawlins live now in wilmington where biden's home state is waiting his decision. >> i don't think they are holding their breath, but there are reports ougt of washington
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that biden is in and biden is out. he will decide and announce by wednesday and he will not decide by wednesday. another 24 hours without an announcement from delaware's favorite son, some say he sounds like a man about to throw his hat in the ring, taking a jab again at hillary clinton. >> i really respect the members of up there and i still have a lot of republican friends, i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party, this is a matter of making things work. >> as for polling data, the preference shows that clinton has rebounded significantly from her summer slide up 12 points from september and the undeclared biden gave up 5 points. some think the vp has waited too long to declare and passed his political use by date, the
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delaware governor does not buy that. >> i think this is more a personal decision than it is a political decision, the pundits will do what they do. >> many people are telling us that the vice president's decision is not critically important to them. they are split. >> i think it will be a distraction. >> laurie shade hopes he runs, that he is more authentic than clinton. >> you would like to see him run? >> yes, he is ready, he is down to earth and out for the average person. >> will he or won't he and when will he decide, and when will he announce? here on streets of wilmington say it's not a burning issue for them, they like the guy and he
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is a home state guy but it's more important for the political operatives in washington than the folks here in wilmington. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> all right, the answer has to be sooner rather than later. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is live in the traffic center with an update. >> so many questions there, and always so many questions with the afternoon commute, will it be bad or tshl or bearable. this afternoon it's not looking terrible it's just a little bit bad along 95, southbound lanes we have a crash near ridley park pushed off to the left shoulder, and penndot is assisting and it's extra heavy past the airport to ridley park to the blue route 476, on the turnpike the schuylkill, a disabled truck by gulph mills partially blocking one of lanes and that is causing extra slowing out of
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king of prussia this afternoon. and a crash shutting down 23 that is ridge road close to bethel ridge road. and 422 is clear at the moment, and a vehicle fire in doylestown at pebble hill road and the gas main break at stoney road at myers way and if you are a user of the burlington bristol bridge, they are starting overnight construction at midnight for four hours the bridge closed entirely. let grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon, they are talking about a pothole on allegheny avenue east of i-95, 22 miles per hour in those northbound lanes of 95. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> see you again, thank you. still ahead today, new details
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on the hack attack on the cia. >> plus, a woman attacked while sitting in a park at the jersey shore, how lease used social media to track down the man they say was responsible. and the mayoral candidates come together for an event but this was not about voters, they spent the day with grade schoolers. people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents.
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from our new jersey newsroom, police in atlantic city say that social media helped to track down the man that attacked a homeless woman in broad daylight. ar vin hunter attacked in the books the woman and ran off. they told police there was very of the attack on facebook, they used that video to identify hunter and police say he attacked an officer in jail and is facing more charges and is in
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jail on is hundred,000 bail. a hacker claims to have hacked the email account of two top government officials. cia director john brennan and homeland security secretary jay johnson, describes himself as a high schooler, he posted some documents online including email addressed from brennan's personal contact. with the mayoral election around the corner they are heading out on the streets to get the pulse of the people, while these fifth and sixth graders are not old enough to vote they know one thing. >> no one man has the power to make our schools and cities better. the kids took main stage at the rendell center for a forum held by former governor, ed rendell, the goal was to let candidates
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know the issues that matter to them and the mayor hopefuls were taking notes on their concerns for the future. >> to keep out intruders when we have lockdowns. >> the candidates were extremely impressed by the kids. the students video was streamed live to classes all around philadelphia, meanwhile we are hosting the mayoral debate this weekend, we want to hear your questions, email them at or use the #6abcaction on social media. submit your questions by friday and then watch the debate this sunday morning at 11:00. brian i have to tell you, those kids have pretty tough questions for the candidates themselves. >> and great ideas. thank you. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane is getting
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ready to outline what she will do once her suspension of our law license goes into effect. she was indicted after charged with leaking information and lying under oath. the company that owns kfc, pizza hut and taco bell is spinning off its operations in china. yum brands announced they will trade at two separate companies, yum brands and yum china, they will work on a franchise agreement and run mostly by a chinese leader team. yum was once involved in moving businesses to china but scandals in food quality has hurt the company in recent years. taking a look at closing numbers
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on wall street, the dow is down 13 points plus, the nasdaq and s&p also down and the dow snapping a three day gain. amazon plans to hire 100,000 people for the holidays thark is a 25% jump from last year. the company says that most of the jobs are in fulfillment and sorting facilities. analysts say that holiday hiring plans to stay flat this year overall and amazon is a sign that more and more people are stay ago way from brick and mortar retail and doing their shopping online. >> adam joseph back now with the details on what to expect. >> the warmth is back and the sunshine is sticking around and around for the next couple of days, looking at double scan live radar and looking at the canadian border and the great lakes, we are dry with high
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pressure in control and yet again another dry day. here are interesting facts, if you think it's been dry, you are right and if you think it's been wet, you are right. in philadelphia only seven days where we picked up a quarter inch or more of rain in the 81 days, we had quite a dry stretch, more dry days than wet however when you look at the rainfall totals over the last 81 days we are actually above normal. we picked up 9.5 inches of rain. and the only reason being the days it rained above the seven, we saw inches of rain and one day we picked up 4.5 inks of rain and that skewed that particular amount of rainfall. as we look at temperatures, 69 in allentown and 71 in reading it and 71 in philadelphia and 70 in millville and the warmth is back after a chilly start to the
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week, we look at the winds, the southwesterly winds are pumping in the heat and 16 in philadelphia and 1 in dover and right along the shore between 10 and 20 miles per hour. high pressure is parked to the south and west so the heat pump continues with the winds wrapping around the high holing the front and the clouds and showers to the north protecting us. tonight another night with stars upstairs and seasonable. the 50 in philadelphia is only a couple of degrees from what our high was the last couple of days. 43 allentown and lower 50s at the shore. tomorrow morning at 10:30 we go into the lower 60s and by tomorrow afternoon at 3:30, 72 in allentown and 70 in wilmington and even from atlantic city to lakehurst between 70 and 73 degrees, your
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forecast, some splendid day as head, 10 degrees above normal and 11 degrees above normal. we'll sit in the middle 70s, again a lack of rain with the front, sunny and cool and breezy and temperatures slam back down to 62 and it stays cool and dry and sunny on saturday at 62 degrees. seven days out of 71 we have a quarter inch of rain. go figure. >> all right adam, thank you. >> still ahead, why a common sight on the pennsylvania turnpike could be going away for good. >> plus, jerry sandusky is heading back to court, what the former coach is arguing for and when he'll make his next appearance. >> why one family says a pregame snack was considered illegal tailgating.
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convicted several offender is heading back to court, we learned he has an appeal hearing later this month, he is appealing his conviction on sex abuse charges, he says his trial attorney was ineffective and that three former administrators awaiting trial on coverup charges were not allowed to testify at his trial. the judge signed an order allowing sandusky to appear at the courthouse in bellefonte that day. police say that a montgomery county man is accused of possessing hundreds of images of child pornography, they say he had more than 1500 pictures and videos of underage boys and girls on computers and flash drives, some were as young as 3 years old and some were being sexually abused and a
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preliminary hearing is set for next week. >> the pennsylvania turnpike may be getting rid of the money call boxes on the road and lawmakers are considering a house bill that would let the turnpike commission get rid of the boxes, it would save $200,000 each year and supers say the boxes are no longer needed now that everybody virtually has a smart phone but the commission wants to know if there are spots on the turnpike where the control fens don't work as well. the east side rising housing initiative aims to get rid of undersized houses and build larger ones in their place, crews broke ground on several new homes on bennett street, wilmington mayor dennis williams were there to celebrate. still ahead as the news continues today, was it an accident or an assault. that is what a jury in texas has
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to decide after a man was caught swerving into the path of a driver this weekend, why something that the driver refuses to say may hurt his case. i'm nydia han coming up in whats the deal, steamers may help on your dry-cleaning bill.
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"action news" continue.
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hello again "action news" continues with an update on the homeless toddler found wandering around in the park last weekend. and they tried to blast their way into a port richmond atm using a shotgun, the problem? they didn't consider what would happen after they opened fire, they wound up dodging shrapnel instead of collecting cash. this 13-year-old fan's family is questioning the definition of tailgating. investigators say that the man seen in this surveillance video distracted the 78-year-old woman while she browsed in a department store, they pounced on her purse stealing her credit
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cards so the pair could go on a spending spree. david henry is live with more. >> reporter: they were a pair of slick thieves but not slick enough to avoid the surveillance cameras, we have a number of pictures to help police identify them quickly, the two suspects are seen clearly, it began in the kohls department store, the thieves approached a 78-year-old woman in the store and the man distracted her while the woman dipped into her department store and when on a shopping spree. in the next hour and a half, they were captured on surveillance in the northeast and at two convenience stores on roosevelt boulevard, police say they ran up a tab of more than
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$3500 buying electronics and gift cards, this usually comes in waves and police are warning female shoppers to keep their handbags close and not loose in the shopping cart. >> reporter: and you can get another look at the suspects at the police want to hear from you right away if you think you recognize them. live in andora. channel 6 "action news." police are looking for two men that tried to blast open an atm on sunday morning, cameras were rolling as the masked suspects went in and aim the shotgun at the machine and open fire. after jumping around to avoid the shrapnel from the atm, they rushed over to collect the money but after all that, they could not get into the machine and
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they left empty handed. if you can help the police find the would be thieves please call northeast detectives. michael jones and angela found out they will not be reunited today. the 2-year-old wandered away as they slept in the park, they are working to cover housing costs for one year for the family, arrangements are made for the three bedroom home and the court wants more hearings to provide a safe environment. fire official says that a blaze that tore through a hotel this morning was an accident. the fire marshal's office says someone threw something away that was still smoldering, moments later the motor lodge
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and south dupont was in flames. it cost at least $75,000 in damage. a fire forced nine people from their beds in northampton county, it sparked in the attic of a nazareth row home and flames quickly spread to the unit next door and fortunately everyone inside was able to escape and now the red cross is assisting the homeless, the cause of fire is under investigation. chelsea delicious is trying to bring inspiration to studentses today. she added the middle school leadership summit, she told students about her new book, called "it's your world" about youth empowerment. she talked about their health. >> they could have held it outside today. it was nice enough. >> open up the doors and let the warm breeze in. we'll enjoy that before a cool
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down at the end of the week, we head out sky 6 hd live now, temple university cam remarks nobody is on the tennis courts, the flags are blowing but wait a minute, i see someone there. is that a good swing? i don't know tennis well. dew point 35 and winds 16 miles per hour and in honey brook, you can see a lot of sunshine in chester county and dull colors with the leaves here they are late this year, with them changing to their reds and oranges and yellows and 71 there as well with the west-southwestly wind at 10 miles per hour. and at the shore glistening going on on the ocean side, 65 degrees and pleasant and dry air at 38 degrees and the water temperature sitting at 61. we'll come back with the seven day and talk about the warmth and the cool down.
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>> thank you. >> ball lands inbounds it's a good swing. >> i know love. >> it's all about the love. cancer groups offered guidelines when the woman should get a mammogram, start later and get fewer. monica malpass is live with more. >> reporter: a lot of buzz about this. getting a mammogram is still the most effective thing a woman can do to reduce her chances of dying of breast cancer but today they are changing the idea of when and how often to get them. the new guidelines say they should begin their screening at 45 instead of 40 and then only every other year after they are 55 years old. we are live with one doctor's take. this is only for women who are
4:36 pm
at arm risk for breast cancer not high risk. >> monica, thank you. >> today two very special teens from delaware visited us here at the 6 abc studios, one is the inspiration for his family's organization that put smiles on children with disabilities and one is the girl here about to have one big ear to ear grin when she gets her donation this week. >> i heard you met taylor swift. yes, i did. >> how was it? >> really good. >> thanks to the dover police department, victoria marsh got to meet her hero, taylor swift. she is just getting back to the eighth grade. >> she started school on monday and the future is unknown but right now we get to go back to having a normal life. >> victoria is one of three people in the u.s. with down
4:37 pm
syndrome and a form of cancer called -- this friday victoria is about to get a brand new bike, a lavender beach cruiser to be exact, from a trail placeder from preston and his mom deb. >> every child we have given a bike to preston has been there and he reaches over and touches their hand and kind of like, you can do it. >> deb was trying to buy preston one of these custom bike, it's awesome and adaptive and he could ride it but the price tag was $2200. >> the fundraiser ended up raising enough with $100 to spare. my husband looked up and said there has to be a way to help other children. a way to pay it forward. >> so all kidded can get the
4:38 pm
confidence that preston did on that first ride. >> he could ride all by himself. >> victoria's bike is the 14th that preston's march for energy has given away. >> 118 bikes and counting, they have more than 170 kids on the waiting list to get a bike and to help get money for them preston's march is holding a delicious and fun fundraiser, it's quirks and cookies, it's about seeing the kids smile so everyone knows where their money is going. we'll provide a link to get tickets at some pretty special and inspirational kids to hit the roads with those bikes. >> incredible inspiration. love it. thank you. still ahead here, from curtains to clothing are the hand held steamers worth the money. we put some to the test today. >> plus, a driver that swerved into the path of a motorcycle,
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slammed into two people, but it's not what you think. why he only feels bad for hurting the passenger. what is the difference from having a snack or tailgating, that is what one family wants to know when their child was ticketed because of his chips and soda.
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heavy rains in arizona led to heavy flooding in the state, a woman in phoenix was trapped and had to be rescued from her minivan, a dramatic scene as three rescue workers helped to get her out of that van to safety, she was trapped inside for nearly an hour with waters rising around here, she was given a life vest and rope to make sure she wasn't swept away, there is still a/slight risk of storms and rain in arizona today. some astute neighbored
4:42 pm
stopped an elaborate art heist that happened in broad daylight. it happened in the tawney lights section of san francisco, that he was selling art straight from the walls of a mansion in the neighborhood telling concerned neighbors is he bought the property. investigators say he sold nearly $300,000 worth of art before they arrested him. big talkers now, if you were at last night's eagles game or any game at the linc. but the not legal in every lot. this is 16-year-old steve, he was eating a bag of chips, salt and vinegar and drinking a soda, his cousin stevendeplaswas
4:43 pm
eating in the parking slapped with a ticket. just a kid at his first monday night football game grabbing a bite before they went in. and we asked what constitutes tailgating and why this family got caught with a ticket for the most expensive bag of chips ever. we will of course continue to follow this for you. now, to a wild scene that unfolded on the texas highway. the viral video has many calling this assault and the driver is calling this an accident and his excuse is unusual. >> what were you doing when you hit them? >> i don't care. >> very it on video too. >> i don't care. >> that is 68-year-old william
4:44 pm
crumb the guy that didn't care and now he has an odd excuse for hitting the bike. >> all of a sudden i felt this tremendous stinging in the my left leg and i thought it was a wasp or something, i didn't know it was a spider bite. >> the motorcycle driver is still covered in road rash and is not quite buying the story and it pa peered that crumb had complete control of his car, crumb is charged with aggravated assault and while he initially said he didn't care he apologized to the passenger on that bike that got hurt. and finally an emotional pick me up, little piper is finding success in the face of failure in the cutest way possible.
4:45 pm
piper we can never do better than our best and we salute you. >> she did it. we can learn so much from children. >> aleash thank you. lets get another check of the roads, lets go to matt pellman. >> that is what a lot of us feel when we finally make it home at night because at times these afternoon rushes are challenging. this afternoon a couple of challenges out there. in buck county backups in the southbound lanes of 95 approaching 41, the work zone there, a crash that cleared a bit ago and the southbound is sluggish down toward 413 and wood haven road.
4:46 pm
but the delay is starting to ease. not easing on the northbound side 13 miles per hour passing the betsy ross bridge, that is normal afternoon volume. and we have a debris spill in camden on 676, that is cleaned up so check that one off the list, and we have issues in chester county, east coventry 23 is shut down at ridge road and bethel ridge road, you 724 to get around the scene and one in pike land near firehouse lane, kim berton road could be an alternate around that. and dekalb pike at school house lane. and an accident at edison fur long road and a gas main break at stoney way. something for everyone. we'll check it again in the 5:00
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hour. >> take your pick thank you matt. meteorologist adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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taking a look at double scan live radar we have the sunshine at somers point, looking at ships and boats and a lot of them not shrink wrapped yet because we have a period of warmth. this fall season looking pretty good. lots of sunshine upstairs despite clouds that passed by
4:50 pm
early on on the day but overall the sunshine works today moving the temperatures up. yesterday it was 55 in philadelphia, the normal is 65 degrees, we were 10 degrees shy of that, and today we are jumping close to 15 to 18 degrees above where we should be depending on your location, 71 in philadelphia and a wild swing that is typical for this time of year. near 70 in allentown and the same for trenton, 71 and 71 in dover, and right along the shore a southwesterly wind, when you get the wind off the water, the water is really cooling down so down to 61, that is why the number is cooler at the shore where a few weeks ago it was warmer at the shore. as you look at satellite and radar, a front remains to the north high pressure is in control and the muscle maker down to the south of the virginias and the carolinas.
4:51 pm
stars and seasonable for this time of year tonight, 50 for center city and 43 for the suburbs, it wasn't only 53 for a high on sunday, so tomorrow high pressure to the north and high to the south-southwest and another high pressure centers. that means fairly dry and a front to the north and 75 degrees, since we are south of the warm front with sun tomorrow and a front will approach here and not push through entirely on thursday, we'll see high clouds because of it, and winds from the southwest because of it, 76 degrees for your high that is where we top it off this week on thursday, before the front slips through on saturday, and high pressure from the north, cooler origin of air and the high is only near 60 on friday and saturday, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 75 sunny and warm tomorrow and 11 degrees above normal.
4:52 pm
76 on thursday and then we back it off again big time here friday, saturday and sunny and cool and highs only in the lower 60s, and milder on sunday with another front and a lot of clouds, and depending on the timing of the front does it come in sunday or monday and a chance of a shower or two, before another cool down arrives on tuesday, with high temperatures on tuesday in the upper 50s, there is something for everybody there. highs in the 50s or highs in the 70s. have you something to look forward to. >> 70s for me. >> i agree. we'll put some hand held steamers to the test. next in whats the deal.
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fabric steamers are useful time savers and they can
4:55 pm
specific up your wardrobes and curtains. but which ones are best. >> consumer reports looked at three steamers. fabric steamers like irons used to take two full minutes to heat up, some go now from 0 to steam in 30 seconds. consumer reports put three affordable steamers to the test. the steam clean for $30 provides crisp creases but didn't do a great job on shirts. the steam fast stands on the floor and you hang your clothing from an adjustable rod and provide 90 minutes of steam, handy when you want to take on a closet full of clothes the steam fast hose is just five feet
4:56 pm
long, the shark fresh and press is the most effective at removing wrinkles. >> it did well with shirts because it also has a pressing bar, in combination with the pressing pad removed a lot of the wrinkles. the heated bar leaves your clothes less damp and the cord is helpful for reaching drapes and easier this spray, downey wrinkle release plus is $8 and consumer reports founds that it removed wrinkles from these shirts and other fabrics. and it doesn't have the pressed look like the shirt on the right but could pass for casual friday. consumer reports tested irons also, consider these best buys. and the t falultra glide, they
4:57 pm
are both around $50. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> wrinkles are fow good for conscious you'll friday. >> every day. >> for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie and ducis rogers for an hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a popular main line chinese restaurant is set to reopen after health violations, yang ming passed its latest inspections and will serve customered again tomorrow. a look at the major renovations inside of the restaurant that the owner says will greatly improve its service. >> it ranges from improper food storage and general cleanliness. walter perez is live now in bryn mawr with the details here. >> reporter: we have a copy of a
5:00 pm
new inspection report say that yang ming is allowed to reopen to the public after two months after being shut down by the health department, but the question is, will the customers return? >> it's been two months since a customer found a roach in her meal and found a sewage leak inside of their rest rapt. >> they were not excusable. they should have been remediated. it had to do with the able of the building and the state of the building. >> the state of the building apparently improved after the owners poured $500,000 into a building project, including new floors and upgraded sewage system and most importantly no roaches. their top priority was making sure that the building was bug free.


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