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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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new inspection report say that yang ming is allowed to reopen to the public after two months after being shut down by the health department, but the question is, will the customers return? >> it's been two months since a customer found a roach in her meal and found a sewage leak inside of their rest rapt. >> they were not excusable. they should have been remediated. it had to do with the able of the building and the state of the building. >> the state of the building apparently improved after the owners poured $500,000 into a building project, including new floors and upgraded sewage system and most importantly no roaches. their top priority was making sure that the building was bug free. >> the new extermation company
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came out once a day and now once a week until we are 150% sure there is not a problem. >> the openers invited the media to announce their reopening and the process of rebuilding their reputation. >> we are looking forward to get, and hope our customers will come back to our business in the future. >> we asked people that have eaten at yang ming before if you plan to go back, some simply said -- >> i don't think so, totally gross, i don't think i will go there. >> others said they will be willing to give it a chance eventually. >> i want to hear people's thoughts, after they reopened. i wouldn't be the first customer there. >> for those that don't know, yang ming was once ranked among the best chinese restaurants in the country before their fall from grace, once again yang ming
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scheduled to reopen tomorrow. >> all right walter thank you. a homeless woman brutally attacked on camera in atlantic city was released from the hospital, police say that ivan hunter knocked that woman unconscious on sunday and the video of the assault helped to identify the suspect, and police charged ivan hunter and announced more charges. and hunter allegedly attacking an officer at the jail during his arrest yesterday. and a man was found dead inside of a burning home. david gillette iii died of smoke inhalation and thermal burns, police determined he intentionally set fire to the home during a domestic dispute but didn't make it out.
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firefighters came to the rescue of a dog and the dog is doing just fine, the animal needed to be resuscitated. the fire broke out in the 900 block of west street at 9:00 p.m., and one firefighter was treated at the scene for exhaustion and the damage is not yet known. now a new study says that women should start mammograms later in life and get fewer of them. this has doctors and patients talking. sara bloomquist is live in university city with more on that. >> reporter: hi there monica, many women are likely to find this confusing after all we hear so much about early detention, now the highly respected cancer society says it's better to start screening later and less often. medical experted reviewed
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records and recommended women with an average risk of breast cancer, start to have annual mammograms at 45, the society previously recommended able 40 and then 55 women should get mammograms every other years, there was substantial benefit of life saved compared to the false positive or overdiagnosis. mammograms have a relatively high false positive rate that leads to unnecessary testing, but dr. cohen would gladly accept the chance of a false positive at the risk of early detention. >> false positives are to fun, but if you ask women they would
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rather have a couple extra picture or an ultrasound. >> they emsidesed these guidelines are about informed decision making and tailoring screening to fit the woman, it's key that the woman is able to express her beliefs and her values and making a shared and informed decision. >> we tell women with these new women to figure it out. everyone knows someone that has had breast cancer. >> this is unlikely to settle this issue, other groups recommend the earlier more frequent screening, the experts recommend you go over your family history and your own history and sit down with your doctor and decide which screening is right for you and when. live in university city, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. turning to the forecast tonight, the warm-up continues across the region and you can
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get away without a coat today. lets get the accuweather details from meteorologist, cecily tynan. in fact no jacket, no sleeves cecily. >> this time yesterday i was standing out here with a jacket and scarf and we made it into the low 70s. 63 is the temperature right now, pittsburgh 70 and new york city 69 and warmer in roanoke, virginia, currently 73 degrees, we see a lot of sunshine as well. the 24 hour change, 16 degrees warmer in philadelphia than this time today and the warm-up will continue as we head through wednesday and thursday, satellite 6 along with action radar showing you can see the band of clouds with scattered showers up to the north over the great lakes and that is the stationary front that can't get to us, we are dealing with loads of sunshine and the high pressure is to the south and
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that brings warmer weather. tonight the evening plapper, temperatures not dropping off quickly, 8:00, 61 and 9:00, 60 and 10:00 dropping down to 59 degrees, what is ahead? with the warm winds, temperatures climbing up to the mid-70s and it will stay dry and i am tracking a front that will bring us tumbling temperatures by the weekend, we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> before you head outside check, there you will find hour by hour forecast and the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan. middle school students in roxborough got a real treat today when chelsea clinton came to town, she visited the middle school on northeast avenue and talking about her new book, get informed, and took questions,
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she hopes to back down some of the world's biggest challenges and inspire younger people to get involved. now a check of the "action news" report tonight. >> lets swing over to matt pellman. >> anyone want to get involved in the evening commute, lets check it for you. heading home in delco, extra heavy traffic in the northbound lanes of 95 from 452 to this point. this is the ramp to the blue route and in the construction zone on the ramp there was an acciden accident, headed toward 95 on the vine street expressway, most afternoons from the schuylkill on out to 95, don't forget, the vine street expressway is closing for construction starting at 11:00. at that point, you can use the schuylkill and 95 and stay local
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through the city, 676 is blocked each week, starting at 11:00, don't say i didn't warn you, in east coventry bethel tree road, and east pike land 113 near 513, and pennsauken emergency construction because of a collapsed grate blocking the lane approaching 38 at the old airport circle, we expect that lane to be out until 6:00 this evening. and watch out for a broken down vehicle on the walt whitman bridge into new jersey and the burlington bristol bridge is closing tonight at midnight and we'll talk about that in the next half hour. >> thank you. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, mini strokes can come on quickly and the symptoms go away in minutes and they can be a sign of something more serious, what you need to know in health check.
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and tracy morgan is recovering from an accident that left him in a coma, still ahead. those stories and more plus cecily tynan back with the full and nice accuweather forecast f coming up n. ññ
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heavy rains hit southern nevada and several roads were left impassable in anthem arizona and emergency workers helped a woman here that was trapped in her minivan and they got her out of vehicle in case she slipped and led her to the rushing water to her vehicle, fortunately she was not hurt. nasa has captured an amazing view of a typhoon heading toward an island. there were pictures of typhoon champy and it this is home to a
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famous island from world war ii. women with breast cancer may be able to get shorter more intense courses of radiation, a study from fox chase cancer center shows that those getting the boost of radiation directed at the tumor had the same survival rate as those getting the shorter course, the study was small so more research is needed to verify the findings. every year people have tia's they are called mini strokes but they go away in a few minutes, all those they last a short time, tia's are serious business. >> they have a real stroke within 90 days, anyone that has a mini stroke needs a thorough examination, it may take several takes and there could be several treatments like exercising more
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and stopping smoking or even surgery to clear blood vessels, do not ignore the temporary episodes. yard-work is great exercise this time of year but a great way to get tenditis of the elbow, the overuse of forearm muscles from raking and pruning shrubs. and planting. >> every time we grip something firm and hard we extend our wrist and we get pain, and tendonitis in the elbow, sometimes the pain lasts a few days and it could turn into a nagging problem, pain and rest could help the problem, arm straps could help. and yoga moves could help prevent this type of injury. the red cross joined with drexel university for a large
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blood drive, anlumni and studens were asked to join in today. they take part in this drive every year, the red cross says that giving blood is one of the easiest ways you can help save a life. the state of new jersey released the resultses of its new and controversial test. the park exam is showing how students are learning the new common core standards. many failed to reach standards in math and english. some teachers and parents think it's too confusing, students will get their individual results next month. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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overall but that amazon's increase is that more and more people are stay ago way from brick and mortar retail and shopping online. the hershey is doubling the size of the candy, called kisses delux, it has a hazelnut center with rice crisps in the center, hershey officials say this is the biggest change for the company product since they added almonded to the kisses 35 years ago. new homes will go up in wilmington to help challenged family, the wilmington housing project on the 1800 block of bennett street, they will demolish the houses to build bigger more functional homes, each has more bedrooms two and a half baths and a garage. the seventhlm in the star
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wars franchise is anticipate and sales set a record yesterday. star wars the force awakens opens december 18th and fandango reported their ticket traffic surged to peak level yesterday for the advanced sales, it out sold the hunger games in 2012, it's produced by lucas films owned by abc 6's parent company, disney. lets look outside at sky 6 hd, looking at the skyline, it's gorgeous tonight, details from accuweather for a nice night and day today.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, meteorologist, cecily tynan, is here strk if you have outdoor plans you picked a good one. >> and it will be warmer the next two days, david tweeted this to me from norristown, you can see the fall foliage really starting to peak and it looks even better with the blue skies behind it. we had very few rainy days over the past few months, going back
5:25 pm
to august 1st, we only had seven days total with a quarter inch of rain, it's dry when you consider how many rain days we had but look at the rainfall, 9.95 inches slightly above average so the seven day, we had days with heavy rain, one with more an 4 inches of rain and the problem with that is that is runs off and the ground is pretty dry and we could use rain, but that will not happen this week, it's a lot warmer than yesterday, 73 in philadelphia, yesterday's high 55 and reading 69 and millville 69 and trenton 69 and cape may 66 degrees, why it's so warm, we have strong winds coming out of the south-southwest, 14 miles per hour in philadelphia right now, dover 10 miles per hour and 12 at the boardwalk in atlantic city, the strong winds are pulling up the warm air and that
5:26 pm
continues for the next few days. we have high pressure over north carolina, and what that high pressure is doing is bringing the winds from the south-southwest, the return flow is keeping the front across the great lakes in new england keep that front at bay, we'll stay on the dry side and stay on the warm side for the next few days until a front moves through on thursday. the call from accuweather, plenty of stars and seasonable. the average low for this time of year, a few degrees above that, 50 in philadelphia and millville 43 and millville 45 and cape may 51 degrees, you don't have to bundle up much tonight. tomorrow morning already in the low to mid-60s by 10:30 in the morning and with the winds from the southwest, it warms up dramatically by 4:30 up to 74 in philadelphia, almost a bit of a taste of summer for the next few days.
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the five-day at 5:00 showing sunny and warm conditions, you'll like it tomorrow. thursday slightly warmer, 76 that is 11 degrees above normal and a warm front moves through wednesday night, for the most part it comes through dry, behind that wind shift, the cooler flow of air, breezy conditions on friday and lots of sunshine and we start the weekend on the cool note, 62 on saturday, and sunday though it gets milder, increasing clouds, 67 degrees with the possible of a late day shower, all in all the next five-days are looking nice, adam joseph has details coming up. we have more to come on the next half hour of "action news" tonight, two people sitting in a car are confronted by a man with a gun, now police need the public's help before he strikes again. now mayor michael nutter throws his support behind two city
5:28 pm
council people. and the larger than life politicians is hitting the stage, we'll have the details. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the
5:29 pm
atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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"action news" continues. >> hello again, rick is off tonight and brian taff joins us, here is what is happen on "action news" tonight, two thieves took advantage of an elderly woman by going on a shopping spree on her dime. police need your help tracking them down. one the basketball programs are under the microscope after accusations of paid escorts for recruits and now the eagles are in a tie for first place in the division, ducis rogers will break it down. and the search is on right now for two thieves who took advantage of an elderly woman, "action news" reporter, david henry is live now with the details. david? >> monica it starts here at this department store and before it was over the thieves were on a shopping spree, ringing up thousands of dollars on someone
5:31 pm
else's tab, the victim was a 78-year-old woman approached by a pair of thieves while she was shopping, it happened in the kohls department store and now police have surveillance pictures of the suspects, they wants to you take a close look at them. the man distracted the woman while the accomplice reached into her pocketbook and stole her wallet and got away with her i.d. and credit cards, they left the store and when on a $3500 shopping spree, they were caught on camera using the victim's credit cards, they went to a macy's and a couple of convenience stores on roosevelt boulevard using gift cards. they don't know if they are local or part of a ring of thieves. instead of leaving them unintended in a shopping cart. >> if the thieves local police
5:32 pm
are hoping to hear from someone that recognizes them, you can get another look at those suspects at >> thank you david. we appreciate it. two men are recovering after being shot in their car in philadelphia, it happen at 2:00 a.m. in the 3800 block of german town avenue, a man with a gun walked up to the passenger side window and demanded money, the passenger tried to grab the gun but was shot in the hand, the victims managed to drive themselveses to temple university hospital for treatment and the search continues for the alleged gunman. two people tried to blast open an atm with a shotgun on east cambria street, the man aimed the shotgun at the machine and opened fire and then jumped
5:33 pm
to avoid shrapnel from the machine, they rushed over to collect money but did not get into the machine so they left, if you can help find these would be thieves please call east detectives. and would be thieves helped to carry off a cell phone robbery. this is the 2100 block of oregon avenue last thursday, detectives say the man asked to see a phone and went behind the counter, he announced the robbery and filled the bags with 22 phones and accessories worth $66 hundred. nobody was hurt here. convicted sex offender, jerry sandusky is heading back to court later this month, he is appealing his conviction saying his attorney was not effective and not fair that three former administrators that are awaiting charges on coverup charges were
5:34 pm
not allowed to testify at his trial. this is pablo rodriguez of hatboro township, he was taken into custody for allegedly possessing hundreds of images of child pornography, he had hundreds of images on his computer and various flash drives, rodriguez will be back in court next week. chris christie is urging the port authority of new york and new jersey to reject a request to open flight service between newark airport and cuba the governor reportedly wrote a letter, that it's unacceptable, she is known to escape cuba after killing a new jersey state trooper in 1997 and was living in cuba ever since. mayor michael nutter threw his support behind two incumbent
5:35 pm
city council members running for election. greenly and william, and mayor nutter says that both have shown a great commitment to their neighborhoods and they work tirelessly to improve the city. the two main candidates running to be philadelphia's next mayor will debate next friday and "action news" wants to you join the action, they will tackle questions submitted by viewers, send them through 6 abc's facebook and twitter account with #6abcaction or send them to you can watch the mayoral debate on sunday october 25th at 11:00 a.m., that is this sunday here on channel 6. it's not clear what caused a crash that backed up traffic on i-95 in south philadelphia overnight, this is the scene going north on packer avenue, police say that the driver lost
5:36 pm
control and hit a penndot construction sign, there was a huge backup for people leaving lincoln financial field and it took crews an hour to clear the crash and the driver was not seriously hurt. two families are homeless after fire tore through two properties in northampton earlier this morning. fire officials say that the blaze started in the attic and quickly spread to the row home next door, everybody got out okay. time to get a check of the traffic scene tonight as folks try to head home. matt pellman is standing by with an update. >> trying to head home or to the flyers game, not flying on the way, the eastbound side of the expressway, 39 minutes from the blue route to the vine, ideally a 14 minute right. and this fender bender is off to the side and police are on the
5:37 pm
scene. north on 95 to get to the flyers game, slow traffic from the delaware state line to the ramp to the northbound blue route, that is where we have the crash there partially restricting the ramp from 95 to 476 and a crash on east goshen, i would use paoli pike instead. bucks county one vehicle fire along pebble hill road and jamison a gas main break at stoney road and myers way. and the burlington bristol bridge closing overnight, and the closure starts at midnight and goes until 4:00 p.m. back over to you. >> thank you. still ahead we have an update on the condition of lamar odom who is fighting for his life after collapsing at a nevada brothel.
5:38 pm
and one of the top basketball programs at the top of a scandal tonight. and the chilly start to the week is in the distant past, 71 was the high in philadelphia and 80s in the midsection of the country. >> and ducis rogers has the break down of the eagles big win against the giants.
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former nba star, lamar odom continues to recover at a los angeles hospital, for the first time since he was found unconscious, his estranged wife khloe kardashian released a statement thanking fanned for their support and the hospital in las vegas. he was found at a legal brothel in nevada and was taken by private plane to the hospital in los angeles. and now one of the top basketball programs, the woman at the center of it all speaking to outside the lines, sharing
5:42 pm
accusations, elizabeth has the details. >> if they wanted to make extra money, that is what the side deal was, sex. >> shocking claims from katrina powell, against magee, former -- university of louisville cardinals hired female dancers to win over recruits and paid for the arrangements. >> andre had the money and passed out the money and paid for the deals. and made the deals. >> in an interview with inside the lines, the author of the book, breaking cardinal rules, says she attended parties from 2010 until 2014, claiming several women including three of her daughters took part in sex acts including her daughters and
5:43 pm
with some of their fathers. >> meanwhile the team's two time coach rick patino says he did not believe in cheating and did not break any rules. >> four years and a boat load of recruits and a boat load of dancers, loud music, alcohol, security, cameras, basketball players that came in at will. >> reporter: powell does say she never met or talked to patino and magee needs to do the right thing and tell the truth. snool turning to sports now how about our eagles now tied for first after beating the giants last night. ducis here with more. >> they are now 3-3 on the season and there are still things worry about. they win, and sam bradford is struggling mightily, we talk about the defense, they won the
5:44 pm
game against the giants, eli manning completed his first 10 passes before he was picked off and he sees improvement from his defensive unit. >> they are growing as a group and they, you know, when you get a group together, they are just worried about their jobs and i got this and that is all i do, and now it's looking at the overall picture. >> we want to be tops in the league in take aways, it's always about the ball, any way to get it, by strip sacks tipped balls or interest ceptions whatever. >> we are focused on taking the ball away and that correlates to winning games. >> on offense sam bradford was intercepted three times, he is second most in the nfl.
5:45 pm
the running game was just fine, demarco murray 109 yards on the ground. two solid games for murray. >> we are running the ball and more physical and running through tackles and as a whole offense, we turned the ball over a few times we have to continue to get better and execute. from the eagles current running back to a former great one, ryan westbrook got the team's highest honor, he was put into the eagles hall-of-fame. he entered the field to a rousing ovation, he was humble and overcome with emotion. >> i am trying to hold bang tears all day long, you put your tears and heart and so much of your time, and you sacrifice to get on the field and to be good at your profession you have to
5:46 pm
do that sacrifice and giving of your time and you miss so many things and all of those things and family that helped me to be in that position, comes to mind and it's emotional. to hockey, the flyers have not played in five games. the stars visit with their 4-1-0 record, steve mason gets the pass tonight while dealing with a personal issue, the flyers have been focusing on the bright side of it. >> the only positive is that we'll be more rested than them. they have a long road trip and we have to have a good first period and we should be fine. >> we worked on our systems. now we start to just do it. that is positive that we got out of this five days. >> hopefully they got more rest than rust over the past five days. >> thank you ducis. a story out of one of the
5:47 pm
most memorable figures is coming out frank rizzo, based on the book, the last big man in big city america. >> they really have captured the essence of frank rizzo and the essence of the times in which he lived and the importance of frafrpg rizzo and what he meant to the city. the show's hoping night is tomorrow and goes until february th in old city. baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something?
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meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now with the return to late summer-like warmth. >> no complaints here. >> especially from where we started yesterday, quite a turn around in 24 hours, live radar, lots of sunshine and a few high clouds but overall looking good at the present time. the acts cam in somers point at the shore. the water looks somewhat refreshing, the bay water in the mid up toer 60s and the ocean around 61 degrees and decent weather over the next couple of days if you want to hit the water. if you look at the almanac, this morning 47 degrees, that is typical for this time of year,
5:51 pm
the high well above the normal, 65 now and yesterday 66 and the high temperature today 71 degrees and the records 27 and 81 degrees, that 80 was set back in 1938, a southwesterly wind helping to pump the warmth back into the region, reading 68 and 64 in sea isle city, and 65 degrees and cooler along the immediate shore because of that wind pulling off the ocean of 61, when you take a look at yesterday compared to today, we are 16 degrees warmer, 17 degrees warmer in the lehigh valley including trenton and reading and millville, the poconos 20 degrees warmer this time today compared to yesterday. high pressure is all compliments of highs down to the south holding clouds to the north and the wins are clockwise from the southwesterly direction and turning westerly, a westerly
5:52 pm
wind pulled off the mountains in pennsylvania than is called down sloping and it warmed the air even more and wednesday and thursday we'll tag on a few more degrees from today. plenty of stars and seasonable. 40s in the suburbs and 50 in center city in the morning and your school day forecast, a light jacket needed in the morning, sunny and pleasant and by the afternoon, not needed whatsoever, just short-sleeves rounding out at 74 degrees, in the lehigh valley, high clouds and southwest wind 5 to 10 miles per hour, high temperature of 72 degrees, winds there are going to be overall a land breeze, so we'll have temperatures equally as warm as 69 degrees with a nice afternoon with just a few clouds around, the exclusive accuweather forecast, 75 tomorrow and sunny and warm and 1 degree higher than that come
5:53 pm
thursday, just 11 degrees above normal. then a cold front comes in and temperatures crash a bit, by 14 degrees, a high on friday just 62 and we'll duplicate that on saturday, before a boundary comes in late saturday and early sunday, 67 the second half of the weekend before temperatures tumble again early next week back up toer 50s for highs once tuesday rolls around with clouds and a shower as well. enjoy the big warm-up here over the next couple of days before we slide back down. >> thank you adam. check for hour by hour forecast and the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. comedian, tracy morgan, is bringing his tour to three places next year, on april 16th, only 20 miles from where the
5:54 pm
accident last year left him in a coma and killed his fellow comedian, jimmy mack mcnair and the other stops in atlanta are on february 12th. and halloween fun tonight on abc prime time, it's the great pumpkin charlie brown and 8:30, toy story of terror features the toy story favorites and marvel "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." come to the rescue and hopefuls dive into the shark tank and wraps up with "action news" at 11:00. people of the coffee-drinking world,
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5:57 pm
the reservoir dropped by 70 feet showing the sub merged church built by monks in the 1500s. the water was so low the visitors could walk inside of the church. just an incredible sight there. >> beautiful but tragic. next at 6:00, one suspect is in custody and the search continues for another in connection with a violent home invasion in kensington. and the restaurant gets the green light to open after a roach problem force its to shut down. for ducis rogers and brian taff i'm monica malpass have a good night. i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating.
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i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. for the first time ever, chelsea clinton makes an appearance at penn. but the big story "action news" tonight is the search for an armed bandit in the wake of a home invasion in philadelphia. it happened overnight in the 3100 block of f street in kensington and police say it appears to be a random attack, one suspect was apprehended and the other one got away. live now is "action news" reporter, dann cuellar. >> reporter: jim meets tell me that they have one man in custody, another one being
6:00 pm
sought, following this wild home invasion that police believe was a random attack. it happened on f street in kensington, a 46-year-old woman and her boyfriend were with sleeping in their bedroom when two men wearing masks made their way into the home, the female was purged in the face and stabbed in the hand and her boyfriend lying beside her was hit with a hammer in the head. and a woman downstairs listening to music was also assaulted. they demanded money and jewelry and tied up the man and told them to stay put. and took the 46-year-old woman and drove her to a bank. >> they drove her to the bank on allegheny avenue and made her withdraw money from the bank. >> they learned she only ha


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