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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 21, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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this is the way it looked tonight but flames attack a home in the strawberry mansion
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section of philadelphia. we do not know what caused the blaze, but we do know that two police officers, a fire fighter, and a civilian, were injured. it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is very difficult night of fire fighting on north taylor street. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live on the 1800 block, chad, what is the latest there. >> reporter: jim, police say fire officials tell me all four injured are going to be okay, they are being check out at a local hospital and they are in stable condition, and that is the building that caught fire. you do not see damage from our vantage point but there were some tense moments tonight. under cover narcotics office's arrived on the scene first, they encountered heavy smoke and flames. neighbors told them a man was inside the home, they entered and attempted a rescue. >> they were overcome by smoke. they could not see or breathe and as much as they wanted to
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get this individual out, they had to withdraw. >> reporter: fire fighters arrived and rescued the occupants, paramedics rushed him to a local hospital. other fire fighters began attacking the blaze as smoke billowed down taylor street. they got it under control in 30 minutes but one fire fighter suffered a minor injury to his face. >> communication could not be establish, wrapped intervention team was placed in service. subsequently one of those members was injured, with minor injury, as well. everybody was removed from the building. all fire fighters got out safe and we went to an exterior attack at that point. >> reporter: those who live in the 1816 taylor began arriving as fire fighters extinguish the hot spots. a few were in tears worried about their loved ones but all got out safely. their belongings are destroyed but in the end, there was no loss of life. >> it work out well. the it could have been worse.
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>> reporter: and jim, the names of the injured has not been released. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. i'm live from strawberry mansion, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim? >> thanks, chad. a 13 year-old boy is one of the victims of the double shooting tonight in the tioga nicetown section of philadelphia. police say he was shot five times, in the the legs, thighs and back. chopper six was over the scene in the 3500 block of north 18th street, and the gun fire at 7:30 also wounded a 20 year-old man. both he and the boy are in stable condition at temple university hospital, and the suspect has yet to be identified. the the the house of representatives may be closer to resolving its leadership crisis. wisconsin representative paul ryan said tonight he will run for speaker but only under certain conditions. ryan said that the various republican caucuses will to have embrace him as their consensus candidate before the end of the week.
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he said that the people deserve better from them. >> the people we serve, they do not feel that we are doing the job that they hired us to do. we have become the problem. if my collogues entrust me to be the speaker, i want to be the solution. >> another condition, ryan said he would not give up family time and would not travel around the country as much as some previous speakers. his collogues would have to accept that as well. there has been substantial negative reaction to new guidelines tonight by the american cancer society, about when women should start getting mammograms and how often they should be screened. in a line, the the new guideline advise later and less often. "action news" reporter annie in mccormack is live in center city philadelphia a tonight, annie. >> reporter: jim, these recommendations come in the middle of the breast cancer awareness month. you can see behind me the bellevue lit up in pink as
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all to bring a attention to the disease. you can see a number of the buildings also lit up. organizations like the susan g komen foundation are concerned that this would be confuse to go people especially young women. >> do you think something is wrong you keep going and keep pushing. you know, to those standard, i think that they are just, it is unfortunate and that they need to be changed. >> reporter: that is some of the reaction today from the the new recommendations from the american cancer society, jeaninne donahue began her fight against breast cancer in her 20's. she has no family history and did not have a genetic risk. now she works for susan g komen foundation. new guidelines, for ac h suggest beginning annual mammograms from 40 to 45. and at 55, it suggest screenings every other year. ac s says drops no longer give physical examinations, researchers, support this with data that said younger women undergoing unnecessary biopsy and procedures including
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mastectomies and theres not good enough evidence showing mortality rates were different in younger women who underwent more mammograms. >> guideline is not one size fits all. it is very key that a woman is able to express her beliefs, on her own values and preferences to her health care professional and making that shared and informed decision. >> reporter: critics called the new guidelines confusing. >> if i waited six more months i wouldn't be sitting here talking to you. >> i think it is a step back for not only young woman, like jeaninne, but for the the women in the under served communities. >> reporter: the komen foundation ceo says they will not be basing their funding on this latest research. >> it will just make us work harder to get the message out. we will not change how we deliver the message, we will just be stronger. >> reporter: and jim, it is important to know that researchers say in this study, it is not recommended for those women who do have the genes that it is linked to breast cancer.
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reporting live from center city, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". a new jersey police are asking for help to find a clever crook. man went in the luggage section of the wal-mart on the black horse pike in williamstown october 1st and grabbed a rolling bag. the the bold shoplifter then broke in the cell phone cabinet, and dumped 32i phones in the luggage, which he wheeled to the front, a and paid for at self check out. the detectives released the video tonight asking for tips identifying the suspect. philadelphia police are still on the hunt for a suspect in the violent home invasion, overnight, in kensington. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at east detectives headquarters in hunting park. dann, what is the status of the search. >> reporter: well, jim, it is still going on as we speak. imagine being awakened by a deep sleep, punched in the face, slashed with the knife and hit over the the head with the hammer?
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well, police say that is exactly what happened to the couple during a wild home invasion in kensington. row home in the 3100 block of f street is empty, the family decide to go stay elsewhere in the wake of the violence. most peculiar is this. >> unaudible. >> it is random. >> reporter: neighbors say scary stuff goes on around here which why is none would go on camera to talk about what happened. >> i went out with my daughter, and he had blood on his hand, stab wound, saying he needed help. >> reporter: police say it was 2:30 in the morning a 46 year-old woman and 31 year-old boyfriend were sleeping in the second floor bedroom when two men wearing masks came in. >> two males punched in the face and stabbed in the hand, and then awakened her boyfriend, lying by side her was hit in the head with the hammer. >> reporter: a 26 year-old woman downstairs listening to music was also assaulted. mandy mended money, jewelry and threat tone kill them if
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they did not cooperate. >> they took one of our female complaintants to the bank, on allegheny avenue and made her withdraw money from the bank. >> reporter: when the men learn that she only had a hundred dollars in the bank they drove her home and told her they were also going to take her car a 2012 honda accord. but when they got back to the house police were thereafter having been called by a neighbor. >> at that point in time one of our offender, escape. other one tried to make his escape. police arrested him inside the car and took him into custody. >> reporter: suspect is identified as 28 year-old edwin velez of the 4300 block of frankford avenue. he faces kidnapping, unlawful restraint, robbery and aggravated assault. the as i mentioned his cohort still being sought tonight. live from east detectives in hunting park, i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, dann. suspect we told but last night, accused of mocking a homeless woman unconscious, is
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now, facing charges of attacking an officer. twenty-five year-old ethan hunter got in the scuffle during a strip search in the atlantic county jail have after his arrest yesterday. hence is bloody and bruised mug shot. the victim in the parka tackies out of the hospital tonight. a popular main line restaurant is set to reopen tomorrow after it was shut down for weeks because of health code violations. the the owners and managers of yangming restaurant in bryn mawr, say that they have corrected all of their problems. the the restaurant was closed in august after a customer found a roach in the meal and surprised inspection revealed more roaches and sewer pipes dripping on food. restaurant has under gone a half million-dollar in renovations. >> new extermination company that came out daily, over for one month and now it is coming out once a week and will continue to come out once a a week until we are completely 150 percent sure that there is
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not a problem. >> owners and managers say the the reason for roach infestation is linked to the age of the building, it is more than 200 years old. but they say it is no excuse for unsanitary condition. dozens of men and women are ready to enter the hospitality industry tonight. sixty students graduated from opportunities inn, the hospitality training institute. their ceremonies was held at the view in north philadelphia. the graduates completed courses and culinary arts, front office operations, and guests services. still to come on "action news" tonight renewed violence in israel at a surprise visit from a world leader. we still don't know if joe biden will run for president but he has opened up a controversy stemming from the osama bin laden raid. also, why federal investigators are now on the case of the series of six church arsons. cecily. well, we're on a roller coaster ride of temperatures. yesterday high only 55. today 71.
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two more days of warm air before cool weather returns. we will have details from the accu weather forecast. plus a major beer brand is picking up your tab for allegedly charging import prices on domestic sales. "action news" continues in just a a moment. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is 1! woo-hoo! right now buy one get one at half price throughout the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! hey, any excuse for a party. and big savings.
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and a, tonight violence is in israel as is there in indication that palestinian attacks against israelis and soldiers is abating. the most of the attacks have involved stabbings and they are spreading pan ache cross israel. a against its backdrop u.n. secretary general, bank key moon made a surprise visit to jerusalem today, a appearing with israeli prime minister netanyahu. he says he is there to quote, hoping that we can work together to end the violence and ease tensions. the. the u.s. and russia have
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come to an agreement designed to avoid air collisions between their planes overseer y pentagon says that there have been several incident where russian planes have come too close to u.s. war planes. russian officials say this memorandum of understanding suggest the possibility of russia and the u.s. cooperating in a counter terrorism operation. the political world is waiting for vice-president joe biden to disclose whether he is going to run for president. but if he does he will have his first controversy, awaiting him. biden today, backtracked on his previous claim that he advised president obama to wait longer to before sending seal team six into raid the osama bin laden compound in 2011. today biden says he told obama privately that he was in fact, in favor of the the raid. meanwhile former virginia governor jim web today dropped out of the democratic race for
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president. web said that our democracy is under siege and in part because of the money that finances political parties. web says he would spend time considering a run for president, as an independent. donald trump and ben carson are firmly atop the the republican field in the latest cnn orc poll out today, each with support above 20 percent. carli fiorina has lost her debate momentum, and dropping 11 points into a tie for seventh place. meanwhile in fill at the two major candidates running for mayor will debate this friday. you can get involved, we're taking your questions for jim kenney, melissa murray bailey at join the action at six or through social media using the hashtag six abc action. we will air the full debate, including your questions, this sunday morning at 11:00. federal investigators are trying to determine if several church fires in the st. louis
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area are hate crimes. they also suspect that the same person may be responsible for all six of the blazes at predominantly black churches. the fires happened within 3 miles and ten days of each other. refund are now on tap a for drinkers of the beck's beer, in a 20 million-dollar settlement over its german heritage. the lawsuit claimed that beck's packages was misleading. since the beer sold in the you had, is now actually made in st. louis, not germany. as it had been for more than a century. the households can claim up to $50 with proof for $2 even without a receipt. another marketing lawsuit inching along for years has now come to a resolution. sun way will now measure their bread to make sure that the foot long sandwich is, in fact, a foot long. the 6-inch subs that had been shortchanging customers, and settlement won't provide the the plaintiffs any dough, just the the right amount of bread.
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>> there you go. >> amazon is putting in an order for 100,000 seasonal holiday workers this years. that is up 25 percent from last years 20,000 workers. what did i say, 20,000? i meant 80,000 workers. that is right. on line retailers say it will be hiring, a fulfillment and sorting facility across the country and amazon is opened, has opening in philadelphia, robbins villain swedesboro, new jersey and middletown and new castle delaware. amazon is hiring. meanwhile a new fitness facility in mount laurel new jersey is bringing 300 jobs to the area. a "action news" got a sneak peak tonight. what a facility this is. they cut the the ribbon on the 102,000 square foot site called lifetime athletic. it is on the 3900 block of church road, the 30 million-dollar destination, includes gymnasiums, pool,
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basketball courts, pennsylvania spa, kid programs and a restaurant and it opens to the public at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for early risers. >> got to fit it in when you can. >> yes, lets get that accu weather forecast. lets get that accu weather forecast from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> people like to go to walks for fitness will enjoy next few days. it will be beautiful. storm tracker six live double scan showing no rain out there tonight and the action cam is taking a look, at city hall on this very mild night. temperatures really not dropping, quickly at all. we have wind from the southwest. our current temperature ace above yesterday's high, yesterday's high was 55. right now we are at 58. down from 71. it is 6 degrees above normal. allentown 54. trenton 55. millville 54. wilmington 54. close to the ocean, ocean temperature 60. sea isle city very close to. that the currently 59 degrees.
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a satellite six along with the action radar showing that we have crystal clear skies this evening. thanks to high pressure to the south. what that high pressure is doing, it is doing a few things. it is bringing us wind from the southwest, bringing that warming trend. it is also keeping this stationary front well off to the north. that contains, cloud and some showers, but the wind will continue our trend of many dry days. over past 81 days, we only had seven rainy days, with more than a quarter inch of rain. but it doesn't mean we're below average in rainfall. we have had some real heavy rain days. one day more than four and a half inches of rain. rainfall since august 1st is running slightly above average. 9.59 inches. average is 9.39 inches. next several days we have a few opportunities for a couple showers. mainly we will be dry. morning rush will be dry, sunny, with a cool breeze and temperatures not that cold for this time of the year. 6:00 o'clock 50 degrees. by 7:00, 52.
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8:00 o'clock 54 degrees. maybe a light jacket in the morning. by the the afternoon you can take the jacket off this double barrel high pressure including a bermuda high which will bring us a heat wave in the summer is bringing us unseasonably warm air. 75 degrees tomorrow. that is 10 degrees above average a. could do 1 degree better than that on thursday. 76 degrees before we see high thin clouds ahead of the cold front. cold front likely will head through dry and behind it another area of high pressure builds in. this will bring us cooler flow of air. friday and saturday temperatures only in the lower 60's. so unseasonably cool weather a as we kick off the weekend. so the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow sunny and a warm. 75 degrees. short sleeves in the afternoon. thursday up to 76. high thin clouds late in the day. friday back to bright sunshine but cooler and breeze which a high of 62 degrees. we will keep that cool air on saturday 62 degrees. mostly sunny. sun take will be a trade off.
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it will be milder. 67 degrees. but more cloud and possibility ovulate day shower and cold front sweeps in behind that front, temperatures drop gannon 62 degrees for monday and tuesday, mostly cloudy and chilly with a high of 58 degrees. if you like a warm sunny weather enjoy the next few days, it will be beautiful. >> thanks, cecily. philadelphia is coming up with a new way to attract a broader audience. it is turning opening night into a opening festival starting in 2017. each september it will host a 12 day festival and number of venues across the city. oprah philadelphia expects 25 performances to attract tens of thousands of people. ticket information will be released next year. >> ♪ >> local college students put their studies on hold for night of classical music tonight. thousands attended this free performance by the philadelphia orchestra at the
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kimmel center. it kick off the eighth season of the easy see you membership program which offers full-time college students tickets at reduced costs.
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flyers back on the ice, here's ducis rodgers. >> all right. good game tonight. close one tonight. rust or rest. that was dilemma facing flyers, tonight ladder shows against dallas. steve mason back in net a after missing two games for personal reasons. most dangerous times in the hockey game are first few minutes and last few minutes of the period. last minute of the first tyler scores, four to nothing dallas. opening minute of the second period, actually 11 seconds in, jamie benn, beats mason. two to nothing stars. ape the flyers get a goal back midway through the their. sean couturier gets credit, his first of the season have the flyers close to within one but in the enough, they lose two-one. to the eagles, first place feels good, a turn over prone
2:04 am
quarterback does not. eagles beat giants last night to claim a share of the division lead but sam bradford's play leaving us feeling uneasy. he threw three more interceptions last night. he has nine on the season. second most in the nfl. this begs the the question, why is bradford so inconsistent? chip has had a night to sleep on it. >> it is in the just one thing. at times it is rushing break down, another, where we did have inconsistency where someone was not there. that puts him in a situation. he is expecting a a receiver to be there and he is not there any more. we had communication issues. >> a couple of them are on me. some we're lack ago attention to detail, things that need to be cleaned up. >> the owls are preparing for thursday's game at east carolina a notre dame comes in nine days later, but coach matt rule is not focused on that. just the game at hand. >> they are extremely well coached. they have a great plan on
2:05 am
offense. real difficult to get ready for these guys in three days. we are going down to a great a atmosphere. i think i saw they are having a blackout. we know there will be 50,000 fans. someone told me they will canceled classes a after 3:00 o'clock on thursday. we're expecting a tremendous atmosphere. we're expecting crowd noise. we're expecting a really good football game. >> cancel classes? still ahead, mets tie a post season record plus royals could soon be back in the world series.
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baseball post season mets have been riding a hot bad of daniel murphy and guess what, his bat is still hot. the mets and cubs in game three of the nlca, he homers this is third inning. he has home nerd five straight post season games, that ties major league record, only 14 home runs in the regular season. the mets win five-two to take a a three to zero series lead. kansas city looking to go up three-one on toronto in the alcs. first inning, ben, smacks a two run home run. two to nothing royals. alex rios hits a home run in the second. royals win 14 -two, they are within victory from their second straight world seer ace appearance. that is sports. thanks, ducis. philadelphia eagles and united way have teamed up, to help some local youngsters. tonight, eagles president don smolenski presented a $25,000
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hometown huddle grant to northern children services. it was part of the 17th annual hometown huddle day of service which took place on northern children services connell field and after the check presentation, volunteers, including the president, helped paint lines of their field. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest jay z and tidal x1020. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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